My Drunk Sister

My sister staggered in through the front door, giggling hysterically and reeking of alcohol. She had been to a party, but she's not like that, normally. She normally comes home sober.

She flopped onto her bed. Her head must have been spinning. I heard her boyfriend Chester drive away with his usual roar of the engine. She just lay there, so I thought I'd better get her clothes off and help her get into bed.

I turned her over, saying "I'll help you get you into bed, Poppy. You're going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning."

She smelt so strongly of alcohol, it's a wonder she wasn't paralytic. Her eyes were half-closed and she said softly "Oh Bruce, I love you."

I said "I love you too sweetie" and started unbuttoning her blouse. I knew she wouldn't remember any of this in the morning.

I helped her off with her blouse, and turned her on her side to undo her bra. Then I slipped off the bra and her gorgeous firm breasts with fleshy pinkish nipples were exposed.

Then I said "Let's get these clothes off you, and get you into bed, my precious Poppy."

She said "Oh, I love you so much, Bruce. I always have."

I undid the zip at the side of her dress and said "Can you raise your hips, so I can slide your dress off? Good girl!"

"Once again, for your panties" I said. Then I slipped them off too.

What a beautiful naked figure she has. I'm not kidding, I've never seen a figure like that even in high quality nude photography magazines!

I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. Every time I see it I get an erection, and tonight was no exception. Then I held the top sheet and blankets up for her, and said "Can you wriggle in, sweetie?"

She said, tiredly, "Fuck me, Bruce. I love you."

I said "That's just the alcohol talking, sweetie. It's Chester you love. Now wriggle across under the sheet."

She sleepily said "No, it's you I love, Bruce. Chester's just a friend. Fuck me. Let's have sex."

I began to think "Am I crazy? Here is the most beautiful girl I've ever known, completely naked, asking me to fuck her, and I'm saying no, just because she's my sister, and I've even got an erection. What kind of crazy idiot says no in these circumstances?"

I said "I'm your brother, Poppy! It wouldn't be right!"

She softly said "You love me don't you? So make love to me, Bruce."

I said "You'd regret it in the morning, Poppy."

She said, sleepily "No I won't. I'll regret it if you don't!"

God help me, I was so tempted. But I summoned my strength and said "It would be taking advantage of you, Poppy."

"So take advantage of me, Bruce."

"You won't even remember it in the morning, Poppy!"

"What do you mean? Not remember?"

I started taking my clothes off, thinking "Oh I want you so much. No, this is wrong. But it's what I need. No it's wrong. Oh I want this so much. No, I shouldn't. Oh I must. What the fuck am I doing? I'd be crazy not to. If she remembers she'll be angry with me. But I might never get this opportunity again!"

I climbed onto the bed, and she opened her legs in response. Her vagina was still very pubescent, even though she was sixteen. Just a little hair and no frills, just fleshy. Oh no, what was I doing? It's too late to back out now.

The thought that really convinced me to go ahead was that I might never get this opportunity again, because she always keeps herself sober at parties. I had no answer for that thought. It overcame all my fears and demolished all my reluctance, and I was carried forward by my need for her incredible beauty, and the fact that I had desired her for so long.

I put my erection into her, and paused, in case she screamed at me to stop. Instead she reached for me, and hugged and kissed me, and sleepily said "I love you Bruce. I have always loved you. You are the most wonderful brother any girl could ever have. I should have told you that long ago."

I knew it was the alcohol talking, but it was lovely to hear her say it. I said "I have always loved you, Poppy, and I've always wanted to make love with you."

She replied softly "Then fuck me now, my darling brother. Slide your penis into me and fuck me. Let us taste the joys of love together."

I felt a wave of erotic bliss envelope us, and unite us. I slid my penis inside her. She was warm and wet and like satin caressing my penis. Then I felt her hymen give way! I was taking her virginity! She wasn't kidding when she said Chester was just a friend!

I went deep inside her, the full way! Every part of me filled with bliss. I knew I would come soon, and I had to try to make it last as long as I could. I stayed deep and pressed the head of my penis into what I think was her G-spot! She started saying "Oh Bruce! Oh Bruce! You're wonderful!" It was the first time she hadn't sounded sleepy.

I was just about to climax. Poppy said "Oh Bruce! You're amazing! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! AaaaaaaOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh! OH! Oh, yum! Oh!" I had been climaxing at the same time as Poppy, shooting my sperm into her.

Then she paused, and said "OH, BRUCE! Oh God that was so wonderful! Oh I love you Bruce. I'll love you forever." Then she started kissing me, opening her mouth and softly caressing my tongue with hers.

I heard Mum and Dad driving up the driveway and the automatic garage door opening. I said to Poppy "Mum and Dad are home. I better go."

So I quickly tucked her in and went to my own room and got into bed, my penis still dripping sperm from having sex with my sister.

In the morning, she was up bright and early, singing softly as she took a shower. I thought "What the fuck? How did she recover so quickly? She stank like a brewery last night! Oh my God, what if she remembers what happened?"

She turned off the shower, and came into my room with a towel wrapped round her. She smiled and brightly said "Wasn't that amazing, last night! Oh I'm so in love with you! Would you like me to make you some breakfast?"

My jaw dropped open. I said "You were so drunk last night! Why are you so fresh this morning?"

She said "Oh I must have smelled drunk! I slipped on the floor at the party, and crashed into a tray of drinks someone was carrying, and they splashed all over me. I dried out in front of the fire, but the smell was still there, so I got Chester to bring me home. You know me, I never drink alcohol."

I said "Oh my God, you were completely sober? I thought you were slurring your words."

Poppy said "No, I was just tired, that's all."

"So everything you said was true?" I asked. "You really wanted sex with me? Why didn't we do it before?"

"You've never taken my clothes off before! I thought you were initiating sex with me. And I've always wanted it with you! And besides, Mum and Dad were out, so I thought it was a great opportunity."

I said "Oh my darling! You really do love me! Oh let's have sex whenever we can!"

And Poppy replied "Anytime you want it, lover-boy!"

Comment from "M", 5th Jul 2004: Your story about "My Drunk Sister" is probably the best one that has been posted, anywhere, that I can remember. Excellent! Good stuph !!

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