My Daughter Caroline

Caroline, my daughter, was the most loving little girl! She was always attentive to me, as though everything I said was very important to her.

The instant I started speaking, she would focus her attention entirely on me with an expectant smile. When I was joking she would laugh as if I'd said the funniest thing in the world. When I was sick she would fuss over me, and made sure I had everything I needed. When I was sad she would be totally concerned.

Throughout her life she's been like that. She's such a loving, good-natured little girl. When my wife and I split up, I missed her so much it felt like knives deep inside me.

One year! One long, long, year we were apart. I would have given anything to stay with my wife, just so I could still be with Caroline.

Then finally, my wife allowed her to come and stay with me. I got everything ready. Fresh sheets and blankets on the spare bed, candles in her room, a picture of her favourite rock star on the wall, cupboard and drawer space, her favourite foods. I had thought of everything. Or so I thought.

I prepared Caroline's favourite dinner, crumbed veal with cheese, and by six o'clock I was ready. Then right on six, the knock on the door told me she was there. I practically ran to open the door.

But there, standing before me, was a completely different girl to what I was expecting. This young lady had breasts and hips! Sure, the pretty face was familiar, but she wasn't the kid I knew! She looked like, and had the manner and bearing of, a young fashion model!

How in hell did she manage to develop so much in just one year? She flung herself into my arms, and sobbed "Oh Daddy, I've missed you so much! I've missed you so much!" I hugged her, then a strange thing happened.

It was subtle, but I couldn't help noticing. She sobbed "Oh Daddy, it's so good to see you!" and began rocking her pelvis against my thigh. They were subtle movements, but definitely sexual thrusts. She had never done anything sexual before but the emotional meeting, after a whole year apart, was overwhelming for both of us. She had missed me as much as I had missed her!

I got her to come inside, in case the neighbours saw the pelvic thrusts. I helped with her bags into her bedroom, and we hugged again. There was no more subtle thrusting, though, so I put it out of my mind. Dinner was ready, so I served it and we ate and talked and kissed. Now she was kissing me on the lips. Up until a year ago, it was only cheek to cheek kisses.

After dinner, Caroline said "Oh, let me wash up, Dad!" How typical of her thoughtful kindness! As she washed up, she said "Dad. Mum says she's only going to let me stay a week. Could I stay for longer? We've got a lot of catching up to do, and I don't want to start pining for you again so soon, after only a week."

"I'd like you to stay as long as possible. How long did you have in mind, honey?" I asked.

"Oh, about forever would suit me just fine, Dad!" she said, and we laughed.

I said "Well, I'll try and persuade your mum. We'll see how long she's willing to let you stay!"

After the washing-up, she said "I really need a shower after all that travelling. You have a rest in front of the TV or something, and I'll join you after I unpack and shower."

Our bedrooms were opposite each other upstairs, and the bathroom was next to her room. After her shower I heard her turn off the water, and she called out "Dad!"

"Yes, hon?"

"Could you get me a towel?"

I thought that I had thought of everything, but I had forgotten to leave a towel out for her! I got one from the cupboard upstairs, and walked towards the bathroom, ready to pass it through the door. But the door was wide open and she stood there in the doorway, stark naked, her stunningly beautiful young body complete with curves, and decorated with beautiful small shapely breasts, and a small amount of freshly-grown pubic hair on display.

I handed her the towel, feeling weak at the knees at the sight of the beautiful female nakedness of the young lady my little girl had become. I said "Er.. er.. Oh, you're so beautiful, Caroline!"

"Oh Daddy" she said "Don't tease. You've often seen me naked before, throughout my life!"

"Yes, that's true" I said, hoping to give an impression of casualness, so she wouldn't feel inhibited about being naked in front of me. She dried her face, and kissed me on the lips, saying "Thanks Daddy!" and wrapped her arms around my waist.

I began to think this could become a problem for me. I had missed her so much, throughout the whole year, and here she was, now a beautiful young teenager, kissing me on the lips and hugging me, while completely nude! Would this be a week or two of pure frustration, fighting feelings I wasn't supposed to have?

We spent the evening chatting while she was dressed in a light cotton dressing-gown with buttons down the front. She was naked underneath, because it was a hot night. Then she went to bed, and not long afterward, I did too.

I lay there thinking of her beautiful naked body, standing in the bathroom doorway, then hugging me. I softly and slowly stroked my penis as I thought of her. I knew she was lying naked on her bed, with either a sheet or nothing on top of her. I was naked too, because of the hot night.

I became aware that she was standing in the doorway. Had she seen me stroking my penis, or had she just arrived in that moment? Either way, it was fully erect. I pulled the sheet up enough to cover it. She said softly "Dad, could I hop into bed with you for a moment?"

It was something she had done frequently when she was a child. I was used to both of us being naked or semi-naked in bed together. It was mildly erotic and loving. But in the last year she had become a young woman! I wondered again if this visit would be a problem for me. I said "What is it, honey?"

She climbed into bed with me, saying "I don't want to sleep alone tonight, Daddy! I want to sleep with you! I haven't seen you for a year! Tomorrow night I'll go back to my own room."

She was still treating me like she did when she was still a little girl. Couldn't she tell I was now sexually aroused by her? She shifted closer to me, bumping her hip against my erection. "Whoops, sorry Dad! Is that what I think it is?"

I said "Honey, you're a young woman now, and..."

"Oh Dad! I've missed you so! I love you so!"

She turned on her side and faced me, hugging me around the waist, kissing me on the lips, and pressing our naked bodies together, with her thighs on either side of my erect penis. I said "Er.... honey!"

She whispered "Oh Dad, let me. Let me be close to you. You don't know how much I've missed you! Oh Dad! I want to. I want to."

I could tell from her flushed cheeks, and her breathing, and the soft pelvic thrusts that she was now giving me again, that she was feeling as sexual about me as I was about her. Oh no! What was happening? I realised I was not in control of myself or the situation! I was overcome with love and blissful sexuality. I wanted my own daughter!

Caroline took hold of my penis and held it in her hand urgently whispering "Oh Dad. Let me. Let me". Then she slid it along her genital slit, saying "Let me, Dad. Oh, let me."

I kissed her lips. As we lay side by side, she slid the head of my penis into her small wet vagina. "Oh Dad!" she said loudly. "Oh Dad!"

We both pushed forward so that I was inside her right up to the hilt. We rocked our pelvises together, so that I went in and out. We were having sex! It was so amazingly beautiful I couldn't stop. It felt like I was having sex with a small young goddess. Then we both rolled over together so that I was on top.

Caroline spread her legs wide apart, lifting them into the air on either side of my body, hugging me and kissing me. She extended her tongue into my mouth. I thrust my penis deep into her again and again.

"Oh Dad! Thank you! I love you! I need you so much! I missed you so much! We both need this, don't we!"

I realised instantly it was true. We both needed each other. We had both been broken-hearted over the separation. And we were both healing each other with sex. I was supposed to not feel such things, but it felt too good to be wrong.

"Oh yes, darling! I need you too. I've been in so much pain all year from missing you."

"Oh Daddy! So have I! So have I!"

Her vagina was rippling with gentle squeezing movements. She was about to climax. Her soft satin-like vagina caressed my penis. She called out "Oh! Wa! Wa! Oowa! Ooo! OOOOOOOOO-WAAAAAHHH! Aah! Aah! Aah!"

I could no longer contain myself either. My first jet of sperm entered her, then there was a delicious momentary pause. Then wave after overwhelming wave of pleasure engulfed me as I climaxed into my daughter.

She reached up to my chest with her lips and began kissing me all over my chest. "Oh Dad, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh I needed to be with you so badly! At last we're together again! Oh I wish we could get married! I just want to be with you forever, Dad!"

My heart was so full of love for her, I said "I want that too, darling, more than you know! I wish we could get married too. We need each other more than ever."

She said "Well, there's nothing stopping us from living together for the rest of our lives, is there? Oh Dad, I've kept you up long enough! Let's sleep now, and we can talk about it in the morning."

As she was drifting off to sleep in my arms I heard my little girl say, sleepily and softly, "Daddy, you're my true love."

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