Story: Creampie Colony

David stood before the receptionist at the outpost near the colony. He was silent while she read his letter of acceptance and studied his file. After a few moments she looked up at him and asked, "How long have you been taking the supplements we recommended?"

"Three weeks," he answered in a shaky voice. He had been looking forward to this day for over a month. While his several-day stay at the colony would be quite expensive, he figured it was an experience he did not want to miss.

The receptionist, Tracie, a young woman with a perky appearance and smartly fixed light brown hair, studied him for a moment. Her plastic framed eyeglasses looked good on her, David thought while anxiously wondering what she was thinking.

Just as he was about to ask her if there was a problem, she said, "Okay. You are well aware of the purpose of your stay here at Creampie Colony. Although you've had a chance to study the ground rules, I want your verbal acknowledgment and assent to the following statements."

Tracie had done this so often that she did not have to read the statements from a printed page.

"You will do as instructed by any of the staff here."

"I will."

"You are aware that some portions of your stay here will be arduous and possibly frustrating, but that eventually your level of satisfaction will more than make up for it."


"You consent to all the procedures you will undergo at this facility, including colonic irrigation, body shaving, and wearing a chastity device when deemed necessary by any of the staff."

He felt his erection pressing against the confines of his clothing, and wondered if Tracie knew. "Yes."

"You affirm that all statements on your application are true and correct."

"I do."

"Very well. I will now give you to Milkmaid Michelle for your initiation."

Davids's cock stirred at the word 'Milkmaid'.

Tracie pressed a few keys on her phone and said, "I have an admission for Michelle." She smiled and hung up.

A few moments later David was stunned when an attractive brown-haired woman appeared. She wore a T-shirt and a short frilly skirt. Her legs were bare, and she had white sneakers with no socks.

"Follow me, David," she said in a pleasant voice. As David walked behind Michelle he gazed at her well shaped, smooth legs. His insides fluttered and he wondered if he had gotten himself into more than he should have.

As she unlocked the gate and held it open for David to enter, she said, "I'm Michelle, one of the several milkmaids you will encounter during your stay. I'm your primary one. Our first stop will be at one of the nurse's stations. I will give you a body shaving, and a couple of enemas. Then the fun begins."

David's ears (and cock) perked up at the mention of body shaving and enemas. That implied he'd be naked for much of the time he'd be around Michelle. He followed her through a doorway into one of the three buildings in the colony, and into a prep room.

"Get completely undressed and lie face down on the examination table," Michelle instructed. She knew she'd have no resistance at this point, since most males are eager to take their clothes off for an attractive female.

She placed hot towels on David's bottom and his legs. As was usual with new admissions to the colony, David's cock was almost uncomfortably erect, and conspicuously pointed out toward the end of the table from between his legs.

After a few moments, David felt Michelle remove the towels from his bare bottom. The ambient air felt cool and moist. He heard the whirring of the lather machine, followed by the pleasant feel of feminine hands as they applied the hot lather. He could not help momentarily arching his back when her lather-coated fingers went between his nether cheeks.

"We do this the old-fashioned way," Michelle said. "With a straight razor. Just relax now, and leave everything to me."

David was pleasantly surprised at the gentleness with which the milkmaid denuded his bottom of all traces of hair. He welcomed the firm cushion that she placed under his hips when she was ready to shave the delicate area around his nether portal. The same feminine gentleness was arousing to him as she used the razor on the backs of his legs.

Michelle surreptitiously slipped off her panties before having David turn over face up.

"I'm going to start your enema now, and continue with your body shaving while you retain it," Michelle announced. Then she prepared a two quart sudsy enema and hooked a retention nozzle to the bag. After filling the two quart bag with solution, she flushed the air from the nozzle and inserted it. She smiled and looked directly in his eyes as she released the flow.

After a brief moment David felt very full.

"OH! Uhhhhhh! Oh-Ahhhh!"

Michelle lightly massaged David's abdominal area with one hand as she grasped his member with the other hand. Her attentions took his mind off the intruding enema until the two quarts were nearly all inside.

"Oh, I feel like I'm going to burst," he exclaimed.

Michelle smiled and instructed, "Now relax as much as you can. Let the enema do its work. I'm going to shave your armpits and your chest while you retain this one. Put your hands behind your head, and open up for me."

She giggled as she applied warm lather to David's underarms. Her attentive manner while using the razor there served to keep her charge's complaints of fullness to a minimum except when a particularly severe cramp invaded his consciousness.

David gazed at Milkmaid Michelle's face and eyes as she applied the razor to his chest hair.

"Okay, time to get rid of your enema," Michelle said as she deflated the retention nozzle. "Take all the time you need, but be sure you give it at least twenty minutes. Then come back here."

David hurried to the bathroom and obtained relief from the bulging pressure of his enema. Thirty minutes later he returned and Michelle had him get up on the table again. She had prepared a second enema, a little larger than the first one, and shaved his legs and pubic area while he retained it. After he got rid of the second enema and got cleaned up, he felt doubly naked. The feeling of having been body shaved was new to him, and in front of the milkmaid he became involuntarily erect.

Michelle, her eyes gleaming, snapped on a disposable glove and told David to bend over across the examination table for a prostate check.

He felt Michelle's lubricated finger penetrate him. It probed around inside him and found his prostate. He felt zings of pleasure as her sexy finger gently touched, and later massaged, his inner gland. Finally she pressed hard several times, and he twisted his hips as small spurts of pre-cum coursed through his cock.

"Now come with me," Michelle said, and led him out of the room. He was surprised that she did not have him get dressed. They went down the hall and through another doorway, into what she referred to as a princess room. It was carpeted, and nicely furnished with a sofa, chairs, a small bed, and an interesting piece of furniture.

There was a sturdy wooden bench in the center of the room. It was smaller, narrower and lower than an examination table. Its top surface was padded, and there were several metal rings attached to the sides of the structure. The most interesting aspect was the presence of riding stirrups that hung down from the sides of the bench. Two horizontal bars were suspended from the ceiling at a height that would allow the rider to hold on for stability. David's insides did a quick flip when he saw the bench. Its purpose was obvious.

Michelle giggled and said, "That bench has many names - the riding bench, the blue-balls bench, the teasing bench, and so on. I want you to lie down on it now - face up, of course - your head at this end."

David knew that there was no turning back at that point. He tried to hide his nervousness as he positioned himself on the bench. Michelle smiled and bound his wrists so that he could not interfere. She left his ankles unbound - for the moment.

"We're going to increase your reservoir of semen, so that when a Princess tests you, you'll give her some good servings."

David felt his heart race. His cock pointed straight up.

"You won't have much privacy from now on. When a Princess tests you, there will be at least one, and maybe more of us milkmaids in attendance."

David was breathing deeply. Michelle smiled and reached up to grasp the horizontal bar nearest her, and then placed one foot in a stirrup.

"When a Princess or Queen takes her pleasure, you'll be on a riding bench like you are now. She'll mount it when she's ready for you, like this."

Michelle swung her free leg over the bench and placed her other foot in the opposite stirrup. Then she straightened her legs so that her hips were well above David's midsection.

David's eyes, of course, went to Michelle's lovely knees and thighs. He quickly drew in his breath as his gaze settled between her legs and he realized she was without panties.

Oh wow, that's the most beautiful pussy I've seen! She's lovely. Talk about a cum generator, that one could have me cumming on command, time after time. I don't know what it is about her, it doesn't look that much different from others, but it's so beautiful. There's something about it that just grabs me!

Michelle was aware of David's staring at her light brown pubic mat. She knew that there must be a few glistening drops of her own cream on her pussy lips. She smiled inwardly as she saw David's cock sway with desire.

She caught sight of her charge's desperate arousal and giggled sexily. Then she dismounted the riding bench and said, "Enough of that. I'm going to edge you for a while. Over the next couple of days, the edging will be the second most grueling event of your stay."

David wondered what she meant by her statement. What will be the most grueling?

Michelle sloppily lubricated her hands and lightly stroked David's member, taking care to avoid sending him into ejaculation. Her experienced hands kept him desperately aroused, just shy of a satisfying series of spurts. At times she used both hands at once, barely touching his erection, and taking several seconds to perform one up-and-down stroke.

David groaned, twisted and writhed while Michelle worked on his seeping and excited member. The frustrating stimulation went on and on, and he lost track of time. Each minute was an eternity of sweet and tormenting desire for relief.

David suddenly heard a different voice.

"Hi Michelle, ready for a break?"

"Just about. I'll be back in about an hour."

Michelle wiped her hands as Milkmaid Dasha placed her hands on her hips and looked at her new charge. She had a slender, athletic build, and her dark brown hair was parted in the middle and tied into two tails, one on each side. Like Michelle, she was attired in a T-shirt, a short frilly skirt, and sneakers. The white skirt contrasted attractively with her olive skin.

When Michelle left, Dasha smiled and said, "Looks like you're a seeper, aren't you?"

She removed her shirt. Then, looking into David's desperate eyes, she slowly undid her short skirt and let it fall to the floor. "There. I'm almost ready to work on you. But I'm still too tense."

Dasha placed her feet in the stirrups and straddled the riding bench. With one hand gripping a horizontal bar for stability, she began to finger her pussy. She closed her eyes and used her own cream as lubricant. Stroking herself about once per second, she at first panted, then moaned. She stroked faster, and whimpered. A moment later she gritted her teeth and gasped several times as she surrendered to her climax. Finally opening her eyes, she probed her finger far inside her womanhood and withdrew it. She looked at David and smiled. Her finger was coated with her own sticky lubricant.

"Mmmm, that felt good!" she exclaimed.

David had of course looked at Dasha's performance with longing and increasing arousal. Seeing her come to orgasm made his member seep drops of translucent pre-cum.

Dasha dismounted the riding bench and inserted her creamy finger in David's mouth. He welcomed the chance to feel the slender feminine finger that caused her to orgasm, and sucked her cream.

She then oiled her hands and went to David's side. Since he was so intensely aroused, she did not need to use much stimulation to keep him on the brink of ejaculation. A light touch here and there, a couple of short strokes, a few touches on the insides of his thighs close to his balls.

Although only fifteen minutes of Dasha's attention had elapsed, it felt like an eternity to David -- an eternity that he would experience over and over during his stay at the colony.

Dasha, naked except for her sneakers, kept her hands at David's groin and straddled the riding bench by stepping up on blocks at both sides of the head of the bench. Her pussy was above David's face and she still had access to his flagpole.

Her glistening pouty labia and dark brown pubic mat were inches from David's face. He took in the beauty of her womanhood as he felt her slender fingers palpate his balls.

"You know what to do now," Dasha said, and bent her knees slightly until she felt her pussy lips make contact with David's mouth.

He did indeed know what to do. As he fervently kissed and licked Dasha's tasty pussy he reveled in the erotic scent of her sex. Her thick clear cream profusely oozed from her sweet portal as he kept going. He was spurred on by her expert handling of his frustrated and aroused boner. Several times she cooed, "Oh, that feels good!" Then, with her eyes closed and mouth wide open, she proclaimed her orgasm.

Thus relieved, over the next forty minutes Dasha touched and teased David past the point of erotic torment.

He squirmed, writhed, and groaned. He whispered his sincere desire to be allowed to ejaculate, knowing that Dasha would not permit it. Instead, she subjected him not only to her expert end light touch; she flashed him her most sexy and beguiling smiles, facial expressions and giggling. He wished his cock were inside the pussy that he had licked and kissed to climax.

When David was sure that Dasha had teased him for several hours, Michelle came back and giggled when she saw his desperate state. Dasha put her clothes on and left.

"It's time for dinner," she said, released David's bindings and had him stand up. Then she produced a cock and ball cage and locked it in place, much to his disappointment. He was unable to touch himself, as he surely would do if he had the chance. She had him put on a robe and sandals follow her to the dining hall.

They went through the serving line and each got a tray of food. Michelle led him to a small separate table. David noticed several other milkmaids paired with males at other tables.

Michelle smiled at David and said, "I know you feel like you've been through the mill. But having the males in an extremely aroused state is what it's all about. It helps you generate more semen."

David's entire midsection was hot with desire and unfulfilled arousal.

He wanted to know more about the colony, and asked Michelle to tell him about herself.

"Every woman who comes here is Creampie Queen material," she began. They start out as milkmaids, then progress to Princess. They eventually all want to be queen. The position of Queen is held for eight months and then a new one is elected by the milkmaids and princesses. I've been here about two months. It's a demanding and satisfying job."

"How did you get here in the first place?" David asked.

"The 'entrance exam' here was kind of humiliating. I'd been involved in creampie sex for some time, and I went to some 'pussy parties' where the girls get a chance to introduce a newcomer (giggle!) to creampie sex. This is done with everyone watching."

David's cock pressed against its confines.

"Well, Joy and Vickie came up with the idea of a Creampie Queen, and the idea snowballed into this elaborate plan for a colony and the hierarchy."

She took another bite of food and continued.

"They had to have some means of selecting women who would be associated with the colony. So Cassandra, Vickie, and Joy set the ground rules. Every woman who joined us had to be Queen material, and that means, among other things, having a pussy that guys go wild over."

She smiled and slightly puckered her lips.

I'd go wild inside that pussy. She'd have me cumming and cumming and willing to eat every drop from inside her. Her smile alone would make me spurt. I wish I could get relief right now.

"So when I wanted to join the colony, I had to get up on a table and take all my clothes off and show all the girls here my body, and especially my pussy. I had to hold various poses while they gathered around and put their fingers inside me. Generating lots of cream is a definite plus. Since guys always told me that I had a stunning pussy, I figured I had a chance."

I wish I had a chance with her!

"A milkmaid's duty is to keep the guy aroused and help him work up a lot of cum," she giggled. "They're not allowed to actually have creampie sex with a guy here at the colony, but as you've seen, we can get relief in other ways. We also assist the Queen and the princesses."

Michelle looked at the time.

"You'll be sleeping in my room. You've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow. Let's go."

Michelle got up and led the way to her quarters. She had a cozy apartment with one large bedroom and two beds. The medium size bed was obviously hers, and the smaller bed was for her charge. She had David take off his robe. While he was in the bathroom, she undressed completely and got on her bed.

David stopped for a moment when he saw the lovely sight. Milkmaid Michelle was on her back with her knees bent. His cock twitched inside its cage.

Michelle giggled. "What are you waiting for? Come over and satisfy me with your mouth." She put her hands on her hips.

David's insides fluttered as he walked to her bed. This was just more arousal, more unfulfilled torment. Still, the opportunity to kiss Michelle's lovely pussy was something he was not about to refuse.

He got on the bed and placed his mouth up to her labia. His cock and ball cage pressed on his midsection as he inhaled the sweet scent of the milkmaid's sex. He recalled kissing Dasha's delectable pussy just a couple of hours earlier. He applied his mouth to Michelle's pubic bush and fervently kissed, licked, and sucked her to climax.

She silently basked in the warm glow of her orgasm for a few minutes, and then said, "It's time for bed. Your bed is over there."

David took the hint and got under the covers.

How am I going to get any sleep? I can't even touch my own cock, and Michelle's in the same room.

Although greatly aroused, he admitted to himself that he was very tired after all he'd been through that day, and tried to relax. He slept restlessly, frequently dreaming about his day of being aroused and handled by milkmaids. He awoke frequently with his frustrated erection pressing against the inside of his cock cage. And, not fifteen feet away was Michelle the lovely milkmaid, sleeping in the nude.

Morning came, and while Michelle was bright and perky, David felt at the same time excited and groggy. The previous day's activity along with the visual stimulation of being around Michelle, resulted in a constant feeling of arousal and frustration. They showered together. "Don't worry about washing there," Michelle said, pointing to his cock.

They had a substantial breakfast, and David felt refreshed. Aroused, but refreshed. Afterward, Michelle led him to a room with a riding bench and had him lie back on top of it. She bound his wrists and ankles, and removed his cock cage.

"Milkmaids Bridget and Electra will be preparing you most of the day. I've got to help prepare another one." Then she left.

David waited anxiously, his cock pointing straight up. After what felt like a long while, he heard a cheerful feminine voice.

"Well, hello, David. I'm Milkmaid Bridget and you're my morning charge today."

A tall slender brunette with short hair and a standard milkmaid uniform went to his side. When she smiled, David noticed she had orthodontic braces.

Oh wow, braces! I'd like to kiss that mouth. Better yet, I'd like to have my cock in there. What a turn-on smile.

For three sessions of forty five minutes each that morning, Bridget tantalizingly took David to the stratosphere of arousal and denial. She did not talk much; she did treat David to her sexy cooing and facial expressions. David panted, groaned, and writhed under her expert handling. She was truly skilled at her milkmaid duties, and kept David just shy of ejaculating for the length of the sessions. During the fifteen minute breaks, she simply sat quietly and let David steep in his arousal.

Michelle came in, announced it was time for lunch, and released his bindings. She locked David's cock cage in place, and had him put on his robe and sandals.

David's appetite had returned by then, and he ate heartily as they talked.

"Have you ever had a creampie before?" Michelle asked directly.

"No... It's one of my biggest fantasies, but I haven't met any women who I felt like I could even bring up the subject with. So when I heard about this place..."

"Yeah, some women at first think it's kind of gross, and I guess most guys do too. They don't know what they're missing. Well, you may have your chance at your first creampie dessert this evening."

David felt a zing of pleasure course through his confined cock.

"What should I expect?"

"When you're done with your afternoon sessions today, one of the princesses here will get on the riding bench and see how you do. You realize that your eagerness to eat her pussy right after ejaculating in it might not be as strong as before. I suggest that you try hard to give her the same attention that you would before cumming inside her. If she likes it enough, you'll get to do it again."

David fidgeted.

"Always address a woman of her position as 'My Princess' and when you suck her clean, be sure to swallow. Women like that. Most of the time, the princesses and the queen will wait a few minutes after you ejaculate to see if you really are dedicated to having their creampie dessert."

Michelle knew that David's squirming was the result of his cock struggling against its cage.

They finished lunch and Michelle led him back to the riding bench and bound his wrists. A dominant-looking blonde woman came over and introduced herself as Milkmaid Electra.

Her outfit is cute on her but she looks like she's more advanced than a milkmaid. I wonder what her pussy is like. Her face is strict but lovely.

Electra said nothing as she lubricated her hands. She kept her uniform on and lightly palpated David's cock, which rose to the occasion. For nearly an hour she expertly teased his cock to a raging, throbbing state, and frequently smiled with puckered lips when her charge loudly moaned and panted in frustration.

After a short break, Electra produced a specially crafted leash and secured it around the base of David's balls. That allowed her to more firmly stroke his cock while she frequently tugged on the leash to divert his attention and keep him from crossing the finish line. Two hours later, David's entire midsection was a mass of hot and aroused desire.

Michelle and Dasha returned, and they were accompanied by another woman with a sensuously imposing presence. She had dark hair arranged in bangs, a white evening dress, and black pumps.

Michelle spoke. "Princess Shawna, this is David. He's ready to be tested."

"So I see," Shawna remarked with a smile, and went to David's side. She unfastened the ball leash and handed it to Electra. Then she lightly caressed David's oiled and aroused cock with one hand for a few seconds. A pulse of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Princess Shawna looked at David's face. His breathing was full, and his eyes showed the aroused frustration of what he had been enduring for two days.

"I like breaking in fresh cream," she quipped, and then regally undid her gown.

Michelle and Dasha went to either side of Shawna and caught the gown before it fell to the floor. She kicked off her pumps and stood, naked, for a few seconds before continuing.

Then she put her feet in the stirrups and straddled the riding bench, with one hand grasping a horizontal bar. She straightened her legs.

Oh wow, I can see why she's a princess! What a body. And those hips! She has a sensuous mystique about her, and one of the most beautiful pussies I've ever seen!

Princess Shawna was accustomed to being eyed hungrily by the males she tested, and smiled inwardly. Her dark eyes made David's head swim.

"David -- do you agree to orally extract your semen from me when I instruct you to?"

"Yes. Yes, my Princess!" he whispered hoarsely.

Shawna bent her knees and maneuvered her hips so that the tip of David's cock was at her entrance. She relaxed her legs enough to impale her womanhood with David's throbbing erection, and held him in place.

She cocked her head to one side, puckered her lips, and slowly withdrew almost all the way, and then settled in to the hilt again for a moment.

David groaned as a heavy sigh escaped him.

Shawna put her hands on her hips, and continued to pump with full, agonizingly slow strokes. She obviously enjoyed prolonging David's ascent to satisfaction. She felt his cock throb inside her sensitive pussy.

As aroused as he was, David wanted to savor the feeling of finally being inside this gorgeous pussy. His whispered "Ahhhhhh!" sounds told Shawna that he wanted to enjoy the feeling before popping inside her.

She let herself break into a smile, and pumped faster as the milkmaids watched.

David knew that he was helpless to delay the inevitable. The heat of arousal that saturated his whole body now concentrated itself at the base of his cock. An intense tingling sensation engulfed his erection, and just as he gritted his teeth and exclaimed, "Gahhhhhhhh!" he felt the first of many spurts course through his cock and shoot into Shawna's innards.

"AHH! UHH! UHHN! OHHHH!" he continued, and involuntarily pumped as much as he could while Shawna kept his full length inside her. After his lengthy ejaculation, all his frustrating tension was gone -- for the moment.

Shawna pumped her hips in short strokes, and used her vaginal muscles to squeeze her charge's cock, and milked the residual drops of semen from it.

She leaned forward and whispered, "David, get ready for a pussy cream pie. Open your mouth. This will be fun for me."

She slowly pulled out, and stepped forward onto the elevated blocks at the head of the bench. She bent her knees and her damp pussy made contact with David's open mouth.

"Now suck it!" Shawna commanded.

His tongue swiped Shawna's slippery labia as his open mouth pressed against her womanhood for his very first creampie experience. He heard a contented sigh. A few more swipes with his tongue, and then he alternately kissed, licked, and sucked her creamy pussy. He swallowed a wad of their combined cream.


"There's more, David. Keep going!"

He kissed and licked some more, occasionally sucking on Shawna's lovely pussy, to the accompaniment of her contented cooing. Once more he swallowed, and she pulled back.

"That wasn't bad for a first time," she said, and stepped back to the stirrups. "I'd like some more. Dasha?"

David was semi-erect, and wile Princess Shawna stood in the stirrups, Dasha used her hands to bring him to a fully erect state. It didn't take but a couple of minutes, and as soon as he was hard enough, Shawna inserted his cock into her pussy again.

She leaned forward and put her hands on David's chest. With her eyes only partly open, she pumped her hips, slowly at first, and then faster.

David gazed alternately at this dark-haired beauty's face and her sensuous hips.

Shawna's mouth was partly open with her lips puckered slightly. She occasionally smiled as she steadily pumped.

My gosh, this feels good. She's not going to stop until she gets another cum from me.

All the edging and teasing David had endured the past two days brought his arousal to the fore again, and after a few minutes of Shawna's pumping, he felt the gradual buildup of another orgasm. The feeling became stronger, as Shawna relentlessly pumped, he felt himself approach the inevitable.

Shawna felt his cock harden and prepare to ejaculate. A few long thrusts, and...

"Aaaaaaugh! AHHHHH! OHHHHH! Mmmmmmmm! AAAAAAAH!" David shamelessly exclaimed as his orgasm wrenched his insides and his cock spewed forth.

"Yes, yes!" Shawna whispered throughout David's lengthy ejaculation as his cock pulsed and spurted. "Give it all to me. Shoot it way up inside! All that cum. Yes!"

She kept him inside her for a few minutes and coaxed an occasional spurt of residual semen. "Are you ready, David?"

"Yes, my Princess," he whispered reverently.

Shawna pulled out and again planted her dark-haired pussy on David's mouth. He kissed, licked, and sucked on it, although a little less enthusiastically than before. He swallowed what he extracted a couple of times, and then Shawna stepped down and put on her dress and heels.

"Well, David, that wasn't bad at all. You're not ready for Queen Cassandra yet, but you're not a creampie virgin any more." Without further comment, she left with milkmaids Electra and Dasha.

Michelle giggled as she unbound her charge. "You look tired. Into the shower with you, and then we'll have dinner." Since David had ejaculated twice in the past half hour, she didn't attach his cock cage until after he had cleaned up.

On their way to the dining hall they passed a woman leading a male with a ball leash. He was clad only in sandals and she was well dressed. "What's up with that?" David asked.

"That's Princess Rebecca. She has just prepared and presented a male to Queen Cassandra for the night, and she is allowed to take her pleasure tonight with anyone of her choice. That's one of the best parts of being a princess."

"You did good the first time," Michelle told him as they ate. "We all noticed that you weren't as enthusiastic about eating her pussy the second time. Since this was your first experience with it, it's understandable, but you need more practice before you'll be allowed to be with the Creampie Queen."

Michelle further briefed him on the unwritten rules of the colony. "If a Princess or Queen takes you to her room, and doesn't bind you in place, be sure to do what she tells you. Never initiate kissing or sex unless she gives you the green light." She smiled as if she knew something that she wasn't going to tell him.

Back in Michelle's room, she had him bring her to orgasm with his mouth before letting him go to sleep. Although David's arousal had returned, he slept better than he had the night before.

The following day, Milkmaid Leesa secured David to the riding bench and mercilessly teased and edged him all morning. The tall, long-haired honey blonde milkmaid had a dizzy smile and enjoyed her various states of undress as she kept David on the edge of ejaculation.

Since he had tasted precious relief the previous day, he keenly felt the effects of his denial. That afternoon, Milkmaid Bridget worked on him. Her saucy smile coaxed several drops of pre-cum as she expertly handled him. She locked the cock cage in place when she was done and summoned Michelle.

That night Michelle was practically insatiable and demanded that David orally satisfy her twice -- once at bedtime and again during the night.

After breakfast the following morning she teased and edged him for nearly three hours, and drove him practically crazy with her touch. Also she told him how she was creamy inside and how much she enjoyed her orgasms the previous night.

They took a break for lunch, and then it was back to the riding bench for another hour of edging and denial. Milkmaid Dasha came over, spoke privately to Michelle for a moment, and then placed David's cock cage on him and took him to the nurse's station.

Dasha gave him two enemas and had him wash up afterward.

When she took him to Michelle's room, there was another woman talking to her - an attractive dishwater-blonde female with a short white evening dress. She was solidly built, firm and strong without being muscular, and her full lips formed a sensual smile.

"David, this is Princess Iona. She has just prepped and delivered a male to Queen Cassandra for the night, and the queen gave her permission to take her pleasure with anyone of her choosing. She wants to have you for the night."

Dasha, Michelle, and Princess Iona all looked at David. His mind reeled. He didn't know if the night ahead would be one of pleasure for him, or one of unending frustration and denial. He felt awkward, and didn't know what to say. He was naked except for sandals and the cock cage. After a few seconds, he knelt in front of Princess Iona and said, "Thank you, My Princess."

Princess Iona smiled and said, "Please stand and come over here."

David sprang up and stood before her. When she ran her hands up and down his legs, he felt a zing of sensual pleasure through his cock.

"A little bit of stubble, not enough to shave yet. Michelle, please remove his cage."

Iona's sweet and musical voice captivated David. Michelle, her eyes wide with excitement, unlocked his cock cage. Iona cupped his balls in one hand and lightly palpated them. She giggled as his cock came to life and swayed before her.

The Princess stood up and retrieved a ball leash. She fastened it around the base of his nuts and said, "Thank you for preparing him, Michelle and Dasha. I'll take him now."

She held the leash and walked ahead of him, leading him literally by the balls. She led him down the long corridor, outside, through the dining room, and into another building. She unlocked a door and they entered her apartment. Unlike the milkmaids' quarters, Iona's apartment was larger with more furnishings. In addition to chairs and a spacious sofa, there was a riding bench in the center of the living room.

Iona let go of the ball leash and let it hang down from David's aroused testicles. She gracefully removed her dress and shoes, leaving only her panties on. Her eyes smiled as she sat back in a comfortable chair.

"I've been working out a lot today, and I just didn't have time to take a shower," she said. Then she crossed her legs at the knee, and extended one leg almost straight.

"I'd like you to clean my feet with your tongue. Start on this one, and you may use your hands as needed."

David knelt before her and cradled her bare foot in his hands. He reverently placed his mouth up to her toes and licked. Gently, he took her sweaty toes in his mouth and swiped his tongue all around them.

Man, she's hot! There's no part of her I wouldn't lick and kiss. I don't have my cock cage on. I wonder if that means that soon -- I'd better not even think about that for a while. It feels so good to be doing this!

He licked the top of her foot, and then shifted his attention to her sole. He felt a shudder go through her leg when he swiped his tongue on the underside of her foot and licked the dampness of her foot sweat.

She withdrew her foot and presented the other one to him. "Now do this one."

He repeated his performance on her other foot, realizing that his hungry cock was throbbing.

After a few minutes Iona finally pulled back and said, "That felt good." She sat up and leaned forward, arched her back and placed her hands behind her head. "Now clean my breasts with your tongue. Get all the sweat from under them, too. You may use your hands as needed." She closed her eyes.

"Oh, My Princess," David whispered, his words full of arousal.

Still kneeling before Iona, he used both hands to gently cradle one breast. He worked his tongue under it, around the top and sides, and then around her nipple. He then did the same to her other breast.

My cock feels like it's going to burst. I hope I don't shoot on the carpet with all this stimulation. Man, she's hot! When is she going to -

"Now my underarms," Iona whispered.

Iona's light blonde underarm hair told David that she never shaved there. He tasted its salty dampness when he carefully applied his tongue there, and the scent he detected aroused him further.

She's something else. I've never done this before. I wish she'd let me in. It's such a turn-on just being with her!

David noticed that Iona's breathing was now full. Her firm breasts rose and fell with each breath she took.

"Stand up now and I'll remove your leash," she instructed.

David sprang up and stood before her. His aroused cock pointed straight out toward her breasts, and the tip was shiny with his seeping pre-cum. Iona slowly removed the ball leash.

Her fingers feel so good on my nuts. If I wasn't so ready to cum I could enjoy it more.

Iona giggled as if reading his thoughts.

Then she stood up and said, "David, I want you to lie down on the floor. Face up. Put your hands above your head and keep as still as you can."

David quickly complied, and Iona removed her panties and stood above his face with her feet apart. His gaze, of course, settled on her pelvic area. Her pussy hair matched the dishwater-blonde color of her hair.

She squatted down so that her pussy was about a foot from David's face. As she did, her labia parted and displayed several strings of sticky feminine lubricant.

"Do you see my cream, David?"

"Yes, my princess!" he panted.

"Before long your semen will be mixed with that cream. Then you'll extract as much as you can and swallow every bit of that."

Please, please let me in!

Iona stood up and stepped back. Then she straddled David's midsection in the classic woman-on-top position and slowly inserted his throbbing cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" he whispered as he felt his member penetrate the warm, smooth innards of Iona's pussy.

She leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. She knew that he desperately wanted to pump and thrust, but she held him down so that he couldn't. It was her night, her show, and she was calling the shots. She would let him thrust as he wished when he ejaculated, and not before.

She half-smiled and puckered her lips. With her sensual eyes looking directly in his, she slowly pumped once, and then kept still for a few seconds. Then another similar pump. And another. David's expressions of aroused torment sent zings of pleasure through her womanhood.

She gradually brought David up to the brink of ejaculation, and then increased the tempo of her pumping. As soon as she heard the unmistakable exclamation from her charge, she gave him room to wildly pump and thrust as he spurted uncontrollably inside her.

David thrashed about and jerked his hips as he ejaculated. Every pulse propelled itself through his cock and forcibly shot into Iona's experienced pussy.

Princess Iona smiled to herself as she felt her charge's frenzied pumping. She never got tired of the sights and sounds from a male ejaculating after long and frustrating sessions of edging and denial. Their enthusiasm was unmatched by anyone she met outside the colony.

She kept him inside her for a few minutes after his wild ejaculation subsided. When she pulled out and straddled his mouth, he eagerly went to work and kissed, licked, and sucked on her freshly sexed vaginal entrance. She kept herself from surrendering to the orgasm she felt building up. There would be time enough for her orgasms during the night. She urged him to keep sucking until she felt that there was no more semen inside.

Iona looked forward to the next segment. Without putting any clothes on, she dialed a few numbers on her phone and said that they were ready for dinner. Then she had David get up and be seated at the small table in her apartment.

A few minutes later Milkmaid Michelle entered with a tray of food and tea. Iona told her to set it on the table.

"David has already had dessert," she said. "Perhaps I'll share mine with him. Thank you, Michelle. I'll call you if I need you."

Michelle left the room. Princess Iona and David consumed the main portions of their repast and sipped tea. Neither one said anything. After that, Iona ate half of her strawberry cream pie.

Iona then picked up the plate with the remainder of the strawberry pie and told David to follow her. She got on her bed, spread her legs, and lay back.

She took a whole strawberry from the pie, dipped it in whipped cream, and inserted it partway in her pussy.

"David, you may eat the strawberry. Be sure to get all the cream, too."

He got on her bed between her legs, and felt his erection return. After lapping up the cream around the inserted strawberry, he gingerly pulled it out with his mouth and ate it. She did the same with the other three strawberries in the pie.

There was only the crust, pie filling, and whipped cream left. Iona sloppily applied the food all over her pussy area and rubbed it in. She told David to finish it.

David's cock was now hard, and his arousal had returned. He had not engaged in food play before, but the way that Iona did it made it look fun. He applied his mouth to the task of lapping up and swallowing the remnants of the strawberry pie that Iona had placed on herself. Occasionally he looked up at her face and she smiled sexily. It was obvious to him that his Princess enjoyed food play.

When he had finished, Iona kept her legs spread apart and had David lie on top of her. She felt his engorged erection throb against her front section, as if asking to come in. After they cuddled for a few minutes, she placed her hands behind her head and told him, "You may enter me now. Make love to me, and make it last a while."

David tried to conceal his impatience as he hurried to get inside her. He entered her in one long thrust, up to the hilt, and she sighed softly. He lay forward on top of her, his face close to hers, and their eyes met.

"My Princess!" he whispered, and slowly pumped.

Her eyes gleamed and she puckered her lips. For the first time since coming to the colony, David got to press his lips against another's. The sweetness of her taste whetted his arousal, and he knew that he had to go slower if he wanted to avoid popping off soon.

Several times he stopped thrusting completely to savor the feeling of being inside this lovely Creampie Princess. In spite of his attempt to make it last, he felt an occasional pulse of semen zing through his cock and spill into Iona's womanhood.

Iona, her hands still behind her head, giggled. "It's okay now -- you can go for it!"

David sped up the tempo of his thrusting. It did not take long for a massive ejaculation to build up. Closer... closer... then...

His orgasm wrenched his insides, and he began to spurt recklessly inside Iona.

"AAAAAAH! OHH! OH, PRINCESS!" he exclaimed with gritted teeth. He pumped in a frenzy until his ejaculation was spent.

Princess Iona put her arms around him and held him inside her until he slipped out on his own. She noticed that David was beginning to get sleepy, and smiled to herself. She whispered, "I'm ready, David."

He knew what she meant. Although he would have preferred to drift to sleep in her arms, he knew he was expected to perform his cleanup task. He got down between her legs and put his mouth on her steaming pussy. In spite of his tiredness, he aggressively sucked and licked.

Princess Iona moaned aloud as he extracted the creamy payload. She knew that David was getting into his task and enjoying it. The feel of his mouth on her vaginal portal told her that he enjoyed her body, her taste, her feel. She frequently pulsed her vaginal muscles to assist in getting all the creamy mixture out. And, she knew that David swallowed everything he got from her.

Her midsection steeped in arousal, she decided to surrender to her impending orgasm. She clenched her fists, closed her eyes, and with her mouth open wide, pumped her hips as she raucously proclaimed her climax.

Oh man, I love the way she comes. I love the feel of her pussy and her natural taste. I hope she'll let me in again.

They cuddled after Iona calmed down, and in a moment David was asleep in her arms.

After two hours of sleep, Iona awoke. David was still sleeping soundly. She reached down and palpated his cock and testicles until she felt him harden. Then she maneuvered herself so that David was prone on top of her, and guided his erection inside her pussy.

Barely awake, David became groggily aware of the blissful sensation of being on top of Princess Iona with his erect member inside her and her arms around him. Not fully awake, he pumped his hips against hers. The feel of her smooth vaginal muscles felt heavenly as he snaked his hard member in and out.

"Mmmm, yes, I like that, keep going," Iona cooed.

David sleepily continued pumping against Iona's firm body, and in a matter of a few minutes exclaimed aloud as a wrenching ejaculation gripped the base of his cock. He held on to Iona as he recklessly spurted inside her.

As soon as his ejaculation subsided, Iona whispered, "David - pull out and do me now!"

He withdrew his creamy sausage and got down between her legs. Her freshly creamed pussy smelled of sex, and he kissed and sucked her until she climaxed. Then he again went to sleep in her arms.

David awoke a while later to Iona's expert handling. His cock was firm in her hand, and he sleepily moaned. He really wanted to sleep. He figured, however, that he had better do everything that Princess Iona wanted, or he wouldn't have a chance to be with the Creampie Queen.

Princess Iona turned a light on and lay face down on the bed. She slightly spread her legs and said, "Massage my tail end, David."

He straddled her and placed his hands on her smooth and firm nether cheeks. As sleepy as he was, he felt a zing of arousal. He lightly rubbed her bottom, and after a while pressed harder.

Iona moaned, and told him it felt good.

"You can spread my cheeks and massage closer in," she instructed.

David parted her nether cheeks and heard a sensual moan. His hands and fingers pressed and probed close to her portals of sensuality. More contented moans from Princess Iona. He gazed at her captivating pussy as he kept working on her.

After several minutes, Iona spoke.

"Stick your finger in there, David."

He eagerly penetrated her pussy with his index finger.

"Wiggle it around. Oh, yes! More! Yes, that feels good! Keep going. Mmmmm, yes!"

The warm fleshy innards of Iona's womanhood increased his arousal.

Iona enjoyed a few minutes of David's finger probing before having him withdraw.

"Pull it out, David, and look at it. Is it creamy and sticky?"

"Yes, Princess!" he panted.

She giggled. "Put it in your mouth, and suck all that stickiness off."

She waited a moment and asked "How did it taste?"

"It's very good, my Princess!"

She smiled. "You may enter me now." She knew he would last a while before spurting. "Go as fast or slow as you like. I want you to lie down on top of me during sex."

Still face down on her bed, she subtly arched her back and presented herself for easier entry. She felt her nether cheeks being parted, and then the tip of David's cock against her vaginal portal.

A slight push, and he was inside. He lay down on top of her as he penetrated her completely. His member felt warm and cozy as it was nestled inside.

"Oh, Princess," he whispered. Then he pumped in and out.

It felt different to both of them in that position. His cock stimulated her more, and there was not as much friction for him as in the face-to-face position.

Princess Iona made approving sounds during the lengthy and enjoyable session of intercourse. She felt him start to pump harder, and knew that he was working up another serving.

"David, that feels good!" she whimpered.

"My Princess -- It feels so good to me too!"

She cooed and giggled, and the sounds seemed to resonate in David's thrusting member.

"Uhn... My Princess! Uhhhh!... Oh, Princess! AAAAAAAUH!"

David's orgasm wrenched his insides due to his previous ejaculations. The intensity increased during the first few spurts of semen, and then stayed at the same high level. He twisted and writhed throughout, and settled down, panting heavily.

After several minutes his member slipped out, and Iona turned over on her back. She spread her legs and whispered, "Okay."

David knew what he was supposed to do. He again sucked and lapped on Iona's lovely receptacle.

She closed her legs around his head to hold him in place, and released her inhibitions. At first she gently rocked her hips as David kissed and sucked on her pussy. As her arousal intensified she pumped harder and strengthened the grip with her legs.

"Gmmmmmf! Mff Pmmmsmmm!"

"AAHHHH! AHHHHHH!" Iona shouted, and kept twisting and rocking through her tumultuous climax.

David had never experienced sex with a woman whose orgasms were so pleasurable to her. He sucked passionately on Iona's pussy with his mouth pressed hard against her pussy, and had swallowed several times.

He knew that he was not likely to get more sleep since he was so excited. They cuddled in each others' arms, and he took pleasure in running his hands up and down her body and feeling her luscious presence.

Iona palpated and handled David's cock and testicles for a while, and then had him turn over face down. She straddled him and massaged his back while he made contented sounds. She moved downward and massaged his bottom for a few minutes.

She stirred, and he felt Iona's hands pry his bottom cheeks apart and quickly insert something into his nether hole. She pushed it far inside.

"It's a ginger root suppository," she explained. She giggled, and they cuddled face to face. Amid Iona's sensual kisses, David felt a warmth originating from his insides. His member involuntarily hardened as the ginger stimulated his prostate and sensitive nerve endings.

Iona giggled and nudged him on his back. With a sexy gleam in her eyes, she inserted his hard member in her pussy, and lay prone on top of him. She pressed in for kisses as she pumped her hips.

Oh my gosh, I didn't think I could fuck any more, and she's insatiable! She's going to fuck me until I cum again. Oh God.

Iona grasped his hands, interlaced her fingers with his, and spread his arms out to the side. Thus pinning him down, she resumed her frenzied pumping.

Those eyes of hers! They're wild! God, she's pumping hard. She's going to get that cum out of me no matter what. Her pussy feels good but I've come several times already.

David had not experienced a bedroom session as passionate as he had that night. Iona varied the tempo and force of her pumping, and David exclaimed aloud and kicked his legs several times. Iona kept going, and eventually David felt his body respond to the stimulation of his thorough fucking.

First a general sensual feeling spread through his midsection. Then it coursed through his balls, and settled in at the base of his cock. As if by magic, the feeling intensified until it engulfed his entire cock.

"Princess... Uhn! My Princess... MY PRINCESS! OH GOD! MY PRINCESS! AAAAAUGH!"

David thrashed wildly as the most intense ejaculation of the night gripped him. It was painful at the same time that it was pleasurable. He pumped until he was sure that every drop was spent inside Iona's pussy.

She cooed and giggled until he slipped out.

"Open up, David, I've got more for you!"

Iona straddled his mouth and rocked her hips. She had two orgasms while her charge cleaned out her pussy.

They showered together and Iona got dressed. She had him stand before her as she locked the chastity cage in place and attached the ball leash. Leash in hand, she led him to another section of the building where the other two princesses were gathering to have breakfast.

"Oh, look!" Princess Shawna exclaimed. "Iona had a romp last night!"

Iona giggled and led David to the table. "Yeah, I wanted some fresh cream this time."

"I tested him a few days ago. How did he do with Iona's yoni?" Shawna asked.

"I think he's completely drained!" They all giggled.

Breakfast came, and as everyone ate heartily the princesses talked freely, and David listened.

"Who did you present to Cassandra?" Rebecca asked.


"Tee hee! This is his third time here! Who attended them?"

"Milkmaid Dasha."

"Cassandra keeps them busy, doesn't she?"

Iona giggled. "I'm glad I don't have to stay up all night with the queen! I remember doing that as a milkmaid. By the time morning came, I was so horny all I could think about all day was cock and cream, and how I wanted to take my pleasure that way."

All night? With a milkmaid there too? Wow, and I thought last night was grueling. It sure felt good to get multiple releases, though! Iona's pussy just wouldn't quit! I wonder if she'll be the next queen.

Princess Shawna smiled. "Rumor has it that Cassandra doesn't douche any more -- at all -- not even between men, or on her days off! I wonder if it's true."

"Oh my gosh!" Rebecca exclaimed. "That would make her pretty skanky."

"Yeah -- she can get away with it. Guys go so wild over her that I guess it doesn't matter to them. If I did that, they'd boot me out of here!"

Iona laughed. "Are you telling us that you get skanky easily?"

Shawna smiled and blushed slightly as she pressed her legs together, and all three princesses looked at David for a moment.

Rebecca noted, "I haven't tested this one yet. Maybe when I do..."

Iona giggled sexily.

When breakfast was finished, Iona led David to Michelle's quarters. Before turning him over to her, she kissed him warmly and said she enjoyed last night.

Michelle giggled and led David to a prep room, where she removed his cock cage and bound him to a riding bench.

"Now that you've been drained, I can use my skills more than I could when you were ready to pop, at least for a little while."

She oiled her hands, and firmly stroked his cock until it was firm and hard.

"Yes, I like doing this," Michelle said, and continued with firm strokes until she gauged that he was close to ejaculation. He would not have spurted much, but she wanted to get the processes going so that he'd generate a reserve of semen.

In spite of having been drained throughout the previous night, David did get aroused, and when pre-ejaculation pangs squeezed the base of his cock, Michelle eased up.

"That was quick," she mused. "I must be doing something right."

She slipped her panties off and had David finger her pussy while she lightly stroked. Over the next hour he withdrew several times and sucked her pussy juice from his finger and re-inserted it.

At lunch, Michelle quizzed him thoroughly about his night with Iona.

All afternoon, David submitted to being handled by various milkmaids. Each one had him feel her pussy, her legs, and her breasts with his hands. By mealtime he was aroused as if he had not had sex for days.

"Am I going to have a chance with the queen?" David asked Michelle at dinner.

"You've got a good chance. When Princess Rebecca tests you, be sure to appear eager to clean her pussy, even if you aren't. It's vital that the princesses all agree that you'll clean the queen's pussy after you pop. Otherwise it makes them look bad."

David then confided in Michelle what he'd heard at breakfast about the queen never douching -- not even between men.

"I've heard that too," Michelle answered. "I don't know if it's true or not, but I've also heard that the skankier the pussy, the more eager the guy's cock is to spew inside it, even if his brain tells him 'yuck!'"

She looked under the table and saw that David's cock was erect and struggling in its confines.

She smiled. "I'd say it's true."

David squirmed.

"Who is next in line to be queen?" he asked.

"Either Iona or Shawna, I'd guess. Rebecca is good, but she needs to develop more finesse."

"Will one of the milkmaids be a princess when that happens?"

She nodded. "I think Electra has a good chance. Bridget might, because she's especially sexy, with her braces and all. I might have a good chance, too, if Electra doesn't get it. The outgoing queen and all the princesses are the ones who decide that."

Michelle took David to her room and had him stand for ten minutes with a one pound weight suspended from his balls. She explained that it helps produce more cum and more intense ejaculations, and encouraged him to do that every day at home. Then she put his cock cage back on him and had him give her an hour of oral servitude, during which she climaxed twice. Then they slept.

The next day, Milkmaid Leesa worked on him all morning. When the morning was over, David was half crazy with desire and frustrated arousal. Then it was ten minutes with a weight suspended from his balls. For most of the afternoon, Milkmaid Dasha used her skills to edge him until he was almost incoherent.

Michelle and Princess Rebecca arrived. Rebecca wore a tennis outfit with her hair in a ponytail.

"Well, David, I just had a workout on the tennis court, and I'm ready for a good release of tension. Let's see how you do."

She placed binding straps around his waist and upper legs to limit his movement. Then she removed her panties and straddled the bench so that her pussy was over his face.

"First, I want you to appreciate my scent. Just inhale deeply, over and over." She bent her knees so that her matted blonde bush was immediately under his nose.

David breathed in.

Ugh. What a skank! Why would anyone want to eat that pussy? She's sweaty and stinky. I bet there's some sperm in there still!

Then he remembered the conversation at breakfast with the three princesses and with Michelle that morning. His cock involuntarily pulsed once and he felt a jet of pre-cum course through his erect member and seep out.

The two milkmaids giggled, and he knew they had been watching his cock for that reaction.

Rebecca smiled. She had him take several more deep breaths, and then said, "I want you to lick it now. Nice and thorough. Kiss it, too!"

Remembering that Michelle told him that his enthusiasm was the key to having a session with the queen, he boldly swiped his tongue on Rebecca's skanky pussy. The taste of salty sweat mixed with that of pussy registered on his tongue. He licked more, and heard Rebecca moan. Then he began to kiss the puckered labia of his princess. Amid the smells and taste, he wanted one thing most of all: to be inside her and spew forth his frustrated juices.

A few more "Ahhhhh" sounds came from the skanky princess, and then she pulled back.

"Not bad, David! I liked that."

She stepped off the raised blocks and got in the stirrups. She bent her knees slightly and tantalizingly placed her pussy just out of reach of David's desperate erection. Then she lightly brushed her matted pussy hair against the tip of his cock a few times. She took great pleasure in her charge's aroused breathing and expressions.

With one hand on the horizontal bar, she spread her pussy lips with her other hand and accepted the tip of David's cock. She took in no more than half of his erection as she pumped. Since David was cunningly bound so that he could not thrust, Rebecca was the one who determined the penetration and when he would cross the line.

As Dasha and Michelle looked on, Princess Rebecca kept teasing David's cock with partial thrusts. She varied the timing so that he did not have quite the stimulation needed to ejaculate.

All three women took pleasure in David's choked moans of desperation.

Rebecca knew that soon it would not matter how she pumped. She smiled and sped up considerably, still never accepting more than half of David's member. She soon sensed its expansion, and the beginning of its pulsing.

"Aaaaaaaagh! UH! Oh! Oh! Uh!"

To Rebecca, the scene was a delicious mental trip of domination and control. To David, it was a sweet and at the same time frustrating release. His eager cock, lodged only partway in Rebecca's pussy, spewed forth. Pulse after pulse of his member sent jets of semen into the blonde Princess' womanhood while he twisted and writhed as much as his restraints allowed.

After his orgasmic convulsions subsided, Rebecca slowly withdrew and said, "Not bad, David. But the proof of the pudding is in the tasting!"

The milkmaids giggled as Rebecca took her position with her hips above David's face. His ample cum, mixed with her cream, oozed from her vaginal portal.

"Okay," she whispered as her slippery labia made contact.

David sucked Rebecca's pussy lips, and extracted a fair amount of the viscous mixture of juices. He then fervently kissed and licked as well, and gulped several wads after extracting them.

"That's good, David. Normally I'd have another go-round with you, but I'm running late and I have to deliver a male to the Queen."

She dismounted, released the binding straps, and picked up her panties. Before she put them on, she placed them over David's nose for a moment.

"Inhale now. This will be something to remember me by."

The milkmaids giggled as he breathed in Rebecca's skanky scent on her panties. Then she put them on and left with Dasha.

"I'd say you're doing well," Michelle said as they had dinner.

"What's the next step?" David inquired.

"The Princesses will have a meeting early tomorrow afternoon and rate the males they have tested. They'll forward the information to the Queen, who will set a schedule to see the ones that she chooses. She also decides which milkmaid will be in attendance for each one. The princesses who prepare the males take turns and will prep him and deliver him."

"Does the princess always get to have someone for the night then?"

"Not always. It depends on how well the princess has prepped the male. If there's any hint of sloppiness, she won't. So when a princess preps you, you'll get some good, thorough enemas, and she'll very meticulously shave you all over."


"One more thing. The queen requires a minimum of two days edging and denial before she'll see someone." She paused to let David realize the implications of that.

He immediately grasped the situation.

"Oh God. So, you mean that if she chooses someone else two days from now, it's..."

Michelle suppressed a smile as she nodded. "Yup. It's blue balls until she chooses you!"

David's disappointment showed.

Damn! And Rebecca was supposed to do me twice today.

They finished their meal silently and Michelle took David to her room. She undressed and had him endure ball weights for fifteen minutes. Then she locked his cock cage and had him perform oral servitude on her pussy.

At bedtime he begged her to let him ejaculate, and she steadfastly refused.

David endured two and a half more days of sweet and tormenting edging and arousal, interspersed with twice daily sessions with increasing weights suspended from his balls. At night he always pleaded with Michelle for relief, and was turned down.

He was pleasantly surprised after a light lunch when Princess Shawna told him to come with her to a prep room. Once there, Shawna stripped down to a bikini bathing suit, removed his cock cage, and told him to lie face down on the examination table.

Over the next hour, she carefully and meticulously shaved David's bare bottom and the backs and sides of his legs while his cock was hard and erect in anticipation. She had him turn over, and administered a two quart soapsuds enema, which he retained for ten minutes. After he got rid of it, she gave him a second enema of nearly three quarts, with some soapsuds. Another ten minute retention, and he got rid of that one. While she administered a third enema, three quarts without soap, she shaved his pubic area, underarms, and the front of his legs.

After David got rid of his third enema, Shawna joined him in the shower and thoroughly washed him, including his erect cock and his freshly shaved balls.

After drying off, she bound him in a standing position, with his hands well away from his midsection. She smiled coyly when she suspended a two pound weight from his balls and left the room for fifteen minutes.

Princess Shawna appeared in an exuberant mood when she returned, wearing an evening dress and carrying a ball leash in her hand.

David breathed a sigh of relief when Shawna removed the weights. Her slender feminine fingers around his nuts when she attached the ball leash brought him to an erect state.

Shawna, fully dressed, led David, naked except for his sandals and leashed balls, through another building, and they entered Michelle's apartment. Milkmaid Bridget was also there, wearing only a long white T-shirt, panties, and sandals. They looked at David with wide eyes.

"We're ready, let's go," Shawna said, and the assemblage, led by Shawna with leash in hand, walked through two other buildings and stopped at a secure doorway. Shawna entered a combination and they went into an anteroom. When the secure door had closed, Shawna pressed a buzzer and they waited.

A moment later there was a distinct click, and Bridget opened the door for the others. Shawna led David inside with her leash, and stopped before a woman seated in the center of the room. She had wavy dark brown hair, a flowing long dress, white gloves, and a diamond-studded tiara.

"My Queen," Princess Shawna said, "I present David to you. I have prepared him for this night." She stepped to one side, and pulled him forward.

He knelt before her and whispered, "My Queen."

"You may rise, David. Princess Shawna, please remove the leash."

Shawna did as instructed, and Queen Cassandra removed her gloves.

Then Cassandra lightly felt David's legs, after which she inspected his cock and nuts. David became hard in her hands, and seeped a few drops of pre-cum.

"Oh my," Cassandra exclaimed almost musically. "How long has it been?"

"This is the third day, My Queen," Michelle answered. "Princess Rebecca's testing was cut short."

"Oh, yes," the Queen replied with a smile. "Normally you're allowed two ejaculations on a test. I'm afraid I'm responsible for that. I needed Princess Rebecca right away that day. I'll more than make it up to you. Now turn around, David, and bend over."

It was somewhat humiliating for David to have an audience now, but he complied without complaint. He felt Queen Cassandra's hands on his legs and then on his nether cheeks. She spread his cheeks for a moment.

"Good job, Princess Shawna. You may take your pleasure with anyone of your choice tonight."

"Thank you My Queen!"

"Stand up now, and turn around."

When David was facing her, she continued. "It's customary for the first episode with the Queen to be observed by your Princess, your prefect, and the attending Milkmaid. You have probably been waiting for this to begin."

She got up, and Shawna took David's arm and led him to a riding bench in the room. It was different from the others in that there were no horizontal bars for the woman to use for stability.

"David, please get on the bench. There is no reason to bind you."

He noticed the two milkmaids smiling in anticipation as he took his position. Cassandra hiked up her long dress so that the bulk of it was above her knees, and with perfect balance, got in the stirrups.

David's erection was rock hard from the three days of edging and denial. He could not see Queen Cassandra's pussy since it was obscured by part of her long dress.

Cassandra put one hand under her dress and spread her pussy lips, and without holding on to anything, bent her knees and accepted the full length of David's cock. She released her dress and it flowed over David's midsection.

David gasped.

Oh, this feels good! I wonder if she's skanky there. Why didn't she let me see her pussy?

Cassandra looked straight out as if concentrating, and the others saw slight movement. She was using her vaginal muscles in place of pumping or thrusting.

David felt the sensual squeezing of her inner muscles ripple up and down his cock. After a few seconds, he felt his ejaculation quickly cross the finish line.

"OH MY G- Aaaaaah! OH! OOH! AAAH! UH!"

His cock eagerly and quickly pumped several hot spurts into Cassandra's sweet receptacle. She stayed in position for a few moments while her charge's cock spasmodically jerked and pumped residual spurts into her.

Milkmaid Bridget gathered Cassandra's dress in her hands in preparation for the next step. The Queen stood up in her stirrups and effortlessly moved forward and placed her pussy on David's mouth.

She smiled as her charge eagerly extracted globs of slippery semen mixed with her feminine lubricant.

God, she's hot! I didn't know I gave that much. Or is some of it hers? It wouldn't be leftovers, would it? She didn't make me sniff her cunt, so I can't tell. Mmmmm, anyway, what a hot pussy.

Cassandra got down from the bench and told David he could get up. When he was standing, with his cum-streaked cock in evidence, Cassandra thanked the others for their participation and told Bridget to stay.

When Shawna and Michelle had gone, Bridget stood by as Cassandra removed her long dress and handed it to her. She had not worn anything else underneath.

She's beautiful! No wonder she's queen. I'm turned on already.

David stared at the wondrously gorgeous woman. She had a sensual and mysterious aura about her hips and midsection. All he was aware of was that he wanted to be close to her again, and inside her attractive pussy.

Cassandra had long since become accustomed to the reaction that engulfed David. She whispered, "I'd like to get cleaned up before dinner," and then seated herself on the ottoman. "David, please clean my feet."

He knelt before her and fervently applied his tongue all over her feet, as she had done with Princess Iona. When he had thoroughly cleaned her foot sweat, she said, "Now my legs."

He developed a firm erection as he handled and tongue-cleaned her shins, calves, knees, and thighs. His arousal became stronger when he approached the sensuous grotto between her legs. He fought the urge to probe her pussy with his tongue.

Cassandra whispered, "Okay. Now over here." She leaned forward and turned to one side as she made access to her underarm available. She noticed David's aroused breathing and felt his warm breath on her.

He hungrily swiped his tongue inside and around the fine brown hair in her armpit, and tasted her natural scent and salty sweat. He did the same to her other side, and then Cassandra told him to stand up. He sported a prominent erection.

Just then the front door opened and Bridget rolled in a cart with their dinners. The three of them, in their various states of undress, sat at the round dining table and had their main course.

While Queen Cassandra and Milkmaid Bridget made small talk, Bridget frequently put one hand under the table and surreptitiously fingered and palpated David's cock and nuts, causing him to squirm.

"Perhaps David would like some dessert," Cassandra said, and Bridget took that cue to get up. She reached for 2 firm bananas and gave one to the Queen. She got a can of whipped cream and the two females seated themselves of the sofa, side by side.

Bridget removed her panties and spread her legs slightly.

David's heartbeat accelerated when he saw her delectable pussy.

She peeled her banana and squirted whipped cream all over it. With a sensuous smile, she carefully inserted it in her pussy up to two thirds of its length, using the cream as a lubricant.

"Okay David," she panted. "You may eat my banana. Carefully use your mouth to pull out a little bit at a time as you do that. When you have gotten it all, clean me good."

David's arousal was already at a peak from the scene before him. He knelt between Bridget's slender legs and wrapped his lips around the portion of the banana that protruded from her pussy. In several steps, he gradually extracted a small portion of it and took off a small bite. When he had finished, Bridget's pussy was sloppily coated with remnants of whipped cream and bits of the banana. She looked as if she had just had hard and messy sex.

Bridget moaned as David applied his mouth to her pussy. He lapped up the food around her pubic hair and her labia, and then kissed and sucked on her pussy. She rocked her hips and told him to keep going. After a few moments she cried out in orgasm. When her climax subsided she had a sensual blush about her.

Queen Cassandra, wearing only her diamond studded tiara on her head, smiled and applied the whipped cream to her pussy and on her banana.

David felt a pulse of pre-cum course through his cock when Cassandra spread her pussy lips and accepted most of the creamy banana.

Then she thrust the cream-coated banana in and out of her womanhood several times, until it began to break apart. She told David to open his mouth and fed him the pieces of banana that she had in her hand.

David could not help staring at the luscious pussy which was sloppily adorned with messy food. While Bridget stood by and watched, Cassandra got up and led David to her bed. She lay back and spread her legs.

"David, do you agree to clean up anything you ejaculate?"

"Oh, yes, my Queen!"

"Very well. You may enter me now. Thrust gently."

The way she said "thrust gently" sent another pulse of pre-cum through his cock. He got on the bed, and his trembling hands guided his erection into Cassandra's food-slopped pussy.

She opened her arms and invited him to lie down on top of her. She knew he would come to orgasm quickly, and wore a look of contented boredom.

David had not been that close, face to face, with the Creampie Queen. He looked in her eyes, at her face, her lips. He thrust once.

Oh God, this feels good!

He thrust again, once more. He thought of Cassandra's pussy -- how it looked after she worked it over with the creamed banana. Suddenly, and before he was ready, he crossed the line, and felt rapid pulses of semen shoot out from his cock into her warm pussy.

"Oh God! OH! AH! AAUGH! OHH! UNH!"

He pumped hard as he wildly ejaculated. As soon as his orgasm subsided, he whispered shakily, "I'm sorry, My Queen!"

"Don't worry about it," she said, and put her arms around him to keep him inside until she was ready. Over the next few minutes, she squeezed her vaginal muscles several times to milk every last spurt from his ejaculation.

"I'm ready," she whispered when she felt him slip out.

David got down between Queen Cassandra's legs. His immediate lust was gone, and the messy pussy before his face did not look as alluring as it had felt to his cock. The sheen of sweat, the crushed bits of banana, the melted whipped cream, and the payload from his own ejaculation -- all formed streaks of oozing milky substance over her brunette pussy hair and glistening labia. He knew there was much more inside her.

He decided to follow through, since he had committed to it, and, after all, this was the Creampie Queen whose pussy was lovely beyond words. Even with the messy stuff, it had an alluring quality.

Gingerly he swiped his tongue on her brunette mat. She stirred slightly as he lapped up the translucent mixture. Then he turned his attention to her slippery labia.

Just a few minutes ago my cock was in there, pumping between these pussy lips. It felt good. She really yanked the cum out of me.

Cassandra moaned when he probed her with his tongue. She felt several thrusts, and she knew he was getting the cream at her entrance. She felt puckered lips surround her sensuous portal, followed by gentle sucking.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, and pulsed her internal muscles to assist his extracting what he had put in. Several times she felt him pause to swallow. She twisted from side to side in her arousal.

Her arousal spurred him on. Between fervent attempts to extract what she had inside, he planted several quick sucking kisses on her labia.

"Yes," Cassandra whispered coarsely. "Yes, I like that! Keep going!"

He kept sucking and kissing her resplendent pussy, and extracted more and more of the creamy mixture. Cassandra was visibly aroused, though she did not yield to her orgasm. She did, however, want one more ejaculation from David before the three of them would sleep. She would surrender to her orgasm at that time, and every time after that during the night.

"That was good, David. Come cuddle with me."

David wondered if he should have given her an orgasm, but was glad that she wanted to cuddle. Without exchanging kisses, he explored Cassandra's body with his hands, paying particular attention to her legs and thighs. He murmured contentedly when he felt Cassandra's hands roam his body -- his smooth shaved bottom, his legs, back, and neck.

Cassandra then nudged him over on his back, and nodded to Bridget. The milkmaid took over, and ran her hands over his chest and midsection. Then she quickly inserted a ginger suppository in his nether portal, and pushed it far inside. When the warmth began to penetrate from the inside, Bridget took his cum-streaked and spent member in her mouth.

As she used her mouth and tongue to nurse his cock to an erect state, David felt an occasional zing and figured it was from contact with her orthodontic braces.

Gaaa! She's good! What's she getting me ready for? That mouth of hers is something else!

When David was sufficiently erect, Bridget pulled away and smiled. "He's ready," she whispered to Cassandra.

David looked over toward the Creampie Queen. She smiled sexily and parted her knees. "Enter me now," she commanded.

"Yes, My Queen," David said, and felt silly that he didn't have anything more profound to say at the moment.

Cassandra opened her arms as she felt David enter her. He lay prone on top of her and they were face to face. She puckered her lips, and the invitation was clear.

David lightly brushed his lips against Cassandra's, and savored the feeling. After a few moments, Cassandra grasped his head and brought him closer. With lips pressed firmly against hers, he pumped his cock inside her. Since he had ejaculated twice recently, he was able to prolong intercourse for some time, which delighted Cassandra.

I don't blame her for wanting it to last. That pussy of hers is so gorgeous that no guy can last long unless he just came. She feels so good. And since I sucked her snatch, it's not too slippery in there -- yet.

They pressed their mouths together in sensual kisses, and David kept thrusting and pumping.

She tastes good. Her lips, her body, her legs -- uh oh!

"Oh, My Queen!" David exclaimed. His insides clenched and his member powerfully ejected several jets of semen into Cassandra's irresistible pussy. The pulses were slower more distinct than those of his previous ejaculation. He twisted while keeping his member inside as far as it would go, until his intense ejaculation was over.

He knew there was not as much semen as before, and he looked into Cassandra's eyes. "Okay," she whispered.

David easily slipped out, and put his mouth near Cassandra's steamy pussy. He went immediately to work sucking on her entrance.

Cassandra's subtle body language told him that she enjoyed his oral attention. She groaned, twisted, and shook. It took scarcely a couple of minutes for her to yield to her first orgasm of the night. David struggled to keep his mouth planted on her entrance while she bucked and thrashed.

Wow, she really comes hard! Her orgasm is going on forever. I love it!

Cassandra invited David to cuddle, and in a few short minutes he fell asleep in her arms. Bridget slept in the same large bed, close to her Queen.

David groggily awoke to the feeling of feminine fingers lightly palpating his balls. Bridget, totally nude, smiled at him as he realized what she was doing. Cassandra was awake, observing the situation while lying on her back with her hands behind her head.

David sleepily moaned while Bridget kept on with her expert hands. When he became firm, she put another ginger suppository up inside him. He soon felt the warmth from it and became involuntarily erect in spite of his sleepiness.

Cassandra placed her hands on her hips, with her fingers pointing toward her sweet pussy, and smiled.

David climbed on top of her, and felt her queenly hands grasp his hard member and guide it inside her. His cock was aroused, and his mind had not caught up with that arousal. He noticed Cassandra's bright smile.

He plowed. He pumped. His cock thrust and slithered in and out of the Creampie Queen's womanhood. He didn't feel that he had any semen to give, although being inside her felt good.

Cassandra enjoyed the lengthy session of intercourse and kept David excited with varied facial expressions as he constantly pumped. While he continued to pump, Bridget lightly grasped his nuts in one hand and palpated them.

Bridget knew what she was doing, and knew that it felt good to David. He slowed his pumping, as if now getting more pleasure from it. She reached back and got a small vibrating dildo in her other hand, switched it on, and rubbed the tip of it over David's nuts.

"Ahhh!" he moaned, and twisted slightly as he continued to pump. The stimulation had its intended effect, and in due time David had a wrenching ejaculation. His internal contractions were almost painful, and he knew that his semen dribbled into Cassandra rather than in hard spurts.

Cassandra kept him inside her for several minutes, and waited a few more minutes after he slipped out before saying anything.

"David," she whispered, "Just clean the outside. Don't extract anything this time."

Uh-oh! Is she going to let her pussy get all skanky and then have me extract everything?

When he got close to her pussy he noticed that some of his semen had oozed out her vaginal hole. It was more firm and sticky than before. Her hips had a primal allure. He swiped his tongue up and down her labia, and she appeared sensitive to it.

She still tastes good. Her snatch is starting to smell like SEX.

Cassandra had him continue to stimulate her using his tongue until she had another raucous climax. David went to sleep in her arms, exhausted from all the nocturnal activity.

In the early morning hours David awoke to the feel of Queen Cassandra's hands stimulating his boner. He had developed an erection in his sleep from the handling. Bridget stood by with her legs spread and her hands on her hips.

Cassandra inserted her finger inside Bridget's aroused pussy, wiggled it, and withdrew. She spread Bridget's juicy lubricant on David's cock, and gave a few sensuous strokes with her hand.

Man alive, she knows how to get a guy turned on! Using honey juice from the milkmaid's snatch!

Cassandra leisurely stroked David's cock like that for a long while, frequently using Bridget's pussy juice. David got more aroused when Bridget began to moan every time Cassandra's fingers wiggled inside her. The Queen's sensuous giggle as she saw David's arousal further turned his thoughts to sex.

When Cassandra had worked on David's cock for about ten minutes, and it had accumulated a sloppy coating of Bridget's nectar, she was satisfied that he would stay hard for her. She straddled his cock and inserted it into her insatiable womanhood.

She leaned forward, pressed her hands on David's shoulders to pin him down, and began to pump her hips. She took long, slow strokes. She pumped, and pumped, and pumped, endlessly. David was aroused, though not to the point where he was near ejaculation.

"Auugh! Ahhhh!" David exclaimed in frustration as Cassandra relentlessly pumped. She giggled sexily, knowing that he wanted to spurt but his body wouldn't co-operate.

After what seemed an eternity to David, Cassandra lay prone on top of him and changed her position so that he was on top of her.

David vigorously pumped, and Cassandra enjoyed the ride. When she felt that her charge was nearing exhaustion, she nodded to Bridget.

David felt Bridget's slender fingers spread his nether cheeks. She inserted what felt to him like a pliant slender vibrator. She thrust it in and out a few times while he continued to pump Cassandra. It felt good every time it touched his prostate.

Bridget switched on the vibrator. David felt the vibrating action inside him, and noticed that the probe also squirmed. It made several rotations, then the inevitable happened.

"OHHHHH, GOD!" David screamed, and pumped in a frenzy as another ejaculation, so intense it was painful, consumed him. He continued his convulsive pumping until he slipped out of Cassandra's snare.

Cassandra nudged him over on his back, got on top, and rubbed his cock on her pubic mat to get all the residual cream on herself. Then she straddled his mouth. "Clean the outside with your tongue," she whispered. "Keep going until I tell you."

"Yes, My mmmfff!"

Cassandra's dark-haired pussy settled on his mouth. David licked and swiped his tongue all around her pussy hair.

Cassandra put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes as David licked her sticky snatch. She rocked her hips as her arousal increased.

David, as much as he wanted to enthusiastically kiss and suck on the pussy that had evoked such intense ejaculations from him, resisted the urge and confined his fervent attention to her external pubic area.

The Creampie Queen's arousal rapidly crested, and as she felt the first pangs of orgasm, she ground her pussy into David's mouth and exclaimed raucously. After she calmed down, she lay on top of him and kissed his lips tenderly.

"I enjoyed the night," she whispered quietly. Without waiting for a reply, she added, "What I want you to do now is clean the front side of me with your tongue. Start with my feet, work up my legs, thighs, my belly, chest, my breasts, and then my underarms." She got on her back and opened her arms.

David began to give her a tongue bath. He licked the soles of her feet, sucked on each toe, then the tops of her feet, the front and sides of her shins. He worked his way up her inner thighs.

Her sweat tastes salty. I like doing this, though.

He greatly enjoyed swiping his tongue around her breasts, and when he got to her underarms he admitted that her scent was arousing even if it was pungent.

"That was good, David. Now kiss me."

She put her arms around him as their mouths locked together for a long tender moment. David felt a throb of arousal return to his midsection.

Bridget and David cleaned up together in the shower. Bridget was visibly aroused from her role as Cassandra's attendant, which he enjoyed.

"Why didn't she have me do the extraction thing the last two times I came?" he bluntly asked.

"She wants to have some scent in her pussy for the guy who's scheduled to be with her tonight. He's been here before, and she always does that to the guys that return."


"She really enjoys it. The guys say they don't like it, but their cocks tell us it drives them wild." She giggled.

He thought of his semen still in Cassandra's pussy, and how it would be there all day.

Bridget grasped his hardening member. "I notice you like the idea," she said. "At least, your cock does."

As they dried off, Bridget said, "There'll be a new queen in a couple of months. The coronation ceremony is something to see. So if you want another night with Queen Cassandra, you should come back soon."

Cassandra was dressed when they finished cleaning up, and they had a hearty breakfast in her apartment. Melissa arrived and led David to her apartment. She asked him many questions about his stay there, and about his experiences with everyone he interacted with.

David felt overdressed when he put on his street clothes. Michelle kissed him warmly and escorted him outside the colony.

The Coronation

The final week of the Queen's eight month reign is always a busy one. Business as usual is suspended, and a new milkmaid is inducted into the colony and trained. All the males of the colony, including several outside clients allowed to see the event (only returning ones) are all mercilessly edged and teased for no less than five days prior to the coronation. There is a reason for that.

The dining hall is set up as a stage for the event, and on the day of the coronation, the Queen and Princesses decide which milkmaid will be elevated to Princess. And, all the females in the colony, including the receptionist and the current Queen, cast secret ballots to give one of the current Princesses the title and reign of Queen.

At 6 PM, everyone assembled in the dining hall. The Princesses were anxious, since one -- and only one of them -- will be chosen Creampie Queen. None of them know, and all have prepared for the possibility. All of them want the position. The milkmaids have dispensed with their uniforms, and are allowed to dress up as they wish. The males had been prepped -- enemas and body shaving -- and were all seated in two rows. They were naked, except for the ubiquitous chastity cages they wore. Tradition requires that the new Queen, in front of the entire audience, publicly take her pleasure with three of the males in succession.

Vickie, the Queen prior to Cassandra, stepped up to the podium. The level of excitement was high and permeated the atmosphere.

"Good evening, all," Vickie began. "This is an auspicious day for the colony. We have cast our ballots for the new Creampie Queen who will reign for the next eight months. Dear milkmaids, your votes each count as much as those of the Princesses and that of the current Queen. We thank everyone here for their part in the success of the Colony. Now, the first order of business is to announce the new Milkmaid to take the place of the one who has been selected to be a Princess."

She shuffled her papers, and said, "I'd like for Milkmaid Gillian to come up here. I have a little job for you."

Nervous applause accompanied a blushing, brown-haired, slender and lithe young woman as she stepped up to accompany Vickie. She stood with her legs firmly together and smiled at the audience.

"I have drawn the names of three males who will participate in the new Queen's coronation ceremony," Vickie announced. "Here is the list. I would like you to escort them on stage and position each one on a riding bench after removing their chastity cages."

Gillian took the list and walked down to the row of naked and prepped males. The audience was completely silent as she whispered at each of the three selected ones to follow her. She strode regally to the stage with the three males following her. Several excited catcalls from the females greeted the arrival of the males on stage. Using the key that Vickie had given her, she removed the cock cages from each one, and had them lie face up on the three riding benches which were arranged prominently on the large stage.

Vickie continued. "It is never easy to choose which one of the hard-working and loyal Milkmaids to elevate to the position of Princess, since all the Milkmaids are Queen material. Just as only one of the Princesses can be elected Queen, only one Milkmaid can be a new Princess. I would like to welcome Electra into the sisterhood of Princesses! Electra, please come up here."

Enthusiastic applause greeted the new Princess as the attractive Electra went up on stage, bowed to the audience, and stood by Vickie. Vickie put one arm around Electra's shoulder.

"Congratulations and well done, Electra. Now, a few words from our current Queen Cassandra. She will open the secret tally and transfer the reign to the new queen."

Queen Cassandra entered from backstage and took Vickie's place at the podium. The audience, after enthusiastic applause, quieted down. Cassandra surveyed all the faces there and reflected on the past eight months.

"This is an exciting moment in my life," she began. "The position of Creampie Queen has been at the same time exceptionally satisfying and grueling, and the new queen should expect the same. Before we greet our new Queen I wanted to give my sincere thanks to all the Milkmaids and Princesses."

She paused.

"Now. Let's get on with why we're here." She opened a sealed envelope. The audience nervously squirmed. She smiled. Every one of the Princesses wanted to be the next Queen, and everyone knew that two of them would be disappointed. Each princess had to be prepared in case she was selected.

"The new Queen of the Creampie Colony is... SHAWNA!"

An uproar of cheers erupted as Shawna stared in disbelief for a few seconds, and then stood.

"Come on up here, Shawna," Cassandra said.

Shawna, wearing a white frilly blouse and a short white skirt, made her way on stage. Her black heels nicely contrasted with her pale skin and slender legs. She stood before Cassandra.

Queen Cassandra reached up and removed the diamond studded tiara that she had proudly worn for the last eight months, and placed it on Shawna's head.

"Congratulations, Queen Shawna!" Cassandra said, and wrapped her arms around her in a welcoming manner. Shawna's lips trembled and she tried to hide the tears that ran down her face. Cassandra recalled what an emotional event her own coronation was.

Shawna, her composure regained after a few moments, faced the audience. She smiled wistfully and expressed thanks for her new appointment. She knew what she was supposed to do next to consummate acceptance of queenhood.

The lights dimmed and a bright spotlight followed Shawna as she strode across the stage to the first of three riding benches. She stepped out of her shoes and tugged her panties down and removed them. She looked at the male whose well teased cock stood straight up for her.

A good choice. I've prepped him for the Queen before. Nice large cock. It shouldn't take long to make it erupt inside me. He probably cums like a fountain.

She placed a foot in one of the stirrups.

It's a good thing I practiced the Queenly art of mounting this without holding on to anything. Oh God, he looks like he's ready to cum right now!

She swung her other leg over and stepped into the stirrup on the other side of the bench, straddling it. Standing in the stirrups and bathed in the bright spotlight, she raised her short skirt above her hips and tucked it inside her belt. Her hips naked, she opened her knees. Like a dancer, she extended her arms in front and slowly settled in. Her aim was perfect, and as soon as she felt the tip of the male's cock at her entrance she accepted its full length.

Then she put her hands on her hips. Looking straight ahead, she rode the male's cock by slightly extending her legs and settling back in. She gave several full thrusts in that manner, and felt the cock expand slightly. As soon as the male's ejaculation began, she allowed room for him to pump and thrash. Thus, the audience was able to see that the male was in the throes of a wild ejaculation even if most of them did not hear his exclamations.

When the male's passionate orgasm subsided, Shawna contracted her vaginal muscles several times to milk as much semen as she could. Then she straightened her legs and withdrew.

She gracefully stepped on to the solid blocks of the bench to straddle the male's mouth. She whispered something to him, and he opened his mouth wide. Shawna kept her hips several inches above the male's mouth, and used her hands to open her labia.

Hushed murmurs spread through the audience as the copious translucent mixture of ejaculate and feminine cream fell from Shawna's pussy into the mouth of the prone male. Afterward, she put her pussy against his mouth and he sucked her clean.

She dismounted and repeated the consummation process with the other two males, to the accompaniment of cheers, catcalls, and hushed expressions of awe.

Gillian led the three males back to their seats after reattaching their cock cages.

The milkmaids squirmed anxiously, since the night of the coronation ceremony was the one time they were all permitted to take their pleasure after being paired up with one of the males they had helped prepare for the event.

After a sumptuous banquet, all the milkmaids, princesses, and former queens randomly drew names of available males and went off to their quarters to satiate themselves with as much creampie pleasure as they could stand.

Queen Shawna, over the next three nights, had each one of the males in turn who had participated in her consummation. There were no milkmaids in attendance on those nights, since they were busy with their other duties surrounding the installation of the new Queen.

Three weeks hence, Queen Shawna eyed the male that Princess Electra brought to her. Her tiara sparkled amid her black hair and Cleopatra style bangs. Her thighs were together, her feet apart, her legs bare.

"Thank you, Princess Electra. You may take your pleasure with anyone of your choosing tonight."

Electra smiled and whispered, "Thank you, My Queen." Then she left. Milkmaid Gillian stood by and tried to suppress a smile of anticipation.

Queen Shawna slowly spread her knees, revealing a delectable dark-haired pussy framed by sensuous hips. David, his hardened cock protruding, knelt before her.

"David," she said, almost in a whisper, "Inhale my scent."

David felt a pulse of pre-cum throb through his cock as he sniffed Shawna's pungent pussy.

This story is copyright 2006 by (rick_oh at All rights reserved. No reposting without permission. Please see my other stories at //

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