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Updated 1 March 2018

  1. Ancient History, by Sarge
    Mb tt– nosex – humil
    3,750 words (7½ pages)
    Link to story
    As an example of how different life for school kids today is compared to when I was in school, I present two examples of bullying that occurred to me.
  2. The Archonshire Academy, by Cutlass
    Mt tb – cons mast oral anal – med humil
    34,000 words (68 pages)
    Link to story
    An established boarding school for teen boys only, the Archonshire Academy is a special place for boys between eleven and nineteen, where they are taught valuable lessons in bonding, empathy, and what it means to discover one's self by learning and caring about others. It has high academic standards and is run by a pair of strict disciplinarian boy lovers, the Headmaster and a doctor that, along with the teaching staff, instil obedience, loyalty, and duty in boys that otherwise would fail elsewhere. Here they excel because that is what is expected of them.
  3. Art and Jamie, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb bb bgcoerc oral analhumil bond spank ws
    25,500 words (51 pages)
    Link to story
    A young boy is raised by his uncle who used the boy for porno-photos and special clients. One night, they are robbed by a gang of boys and a girl, and with the stuff the robbers found start to blackmail the uncle and the boy finding a way to increase business.
  4. Boarding School, by Sarge
    tt tb – non-cons oral anal – tdom humil ws
    23,000 words (46 pages)
    Link to story
    Two very different brothers go to a boarding school where they learn that one group is completely dominated by the other. The brothers end up in different groups, much to the dismay of one and the happiness of the other.
  5. Boarding School, by Jason Masters
    tb – coerc mast – bond toys humil
    6,300 words (12½ pages)
    Link to story
    Tales of initiations and pranks played by students on one another at a fictional English boarding school for boys aged 11-17 years.
  6. Boarding School Boy, by Bill
    bb tbcons mast oral anal – first ws spank bond
    23,000 words (46 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6
    The sexual adventures of young boys in an American boarding school in the 1960s.
  7. Boarding School Teacher, by Bill
    Mtb – cons mast oral anal
    28,000 words (56 pages)
    Link to story
    A young teacher finds all of his boy-sex fantasies becoming a reality when he takes a job as the hall-master and wrestling coach at an American boarding school.
  8. The Boxer Rebellion, by Parrafan
    Mb – cons oral anal
    12,000 words (24 pages)
    Link to story
    The Wilkinson School for Boys gets a new principal, Mr. Parkchester, who has some very strict ideas about boys' clothing.
  9. The Boy Punisher, by Platypus
    Mtb – nosex – spank tort
    6,000 words (12 pages)
    Link to story
    At the Racine Reformatory for Boys, the old Dean of Discipline is fair but firm. Although known as "The Boy Punisher" he is respected if not feared by the young inmates, aged 12-14. But his replacement is feared, an emotion that soon overrides all other considerations.
  10. Brothers, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mtbnon-cons mast anal oral – humil med spank enema ws
    13,500 words (27 pages)
    Link to story
    A 17 year old boy gets a job as tutor of Mr. Jones 12-year-old son. He signed the contract, without reading it...
  11. The Bully and the New Boys, by Spike
    bb – non-cons mast oral – humil
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    The story involves, as the name suggests, the anti-social and unacceptable behavior of bullying of teenage boys in high school.
  12. Camp Initiations, by Treacle Tower
    bb tt – cons mast – bond
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    What started out as a makeshift placebo for Matthew's homesickness becomes an initiation ceremony repeated yearly with new challenges, bells and whistles.
  13. Camp Wanafuk, by Debonair
    bb tbcons reluc oral anal mast – humil best spank cbt ws
    16,000 words (32 pages)
    Link to story
    I was afraid of summer camp as a kid. This one is a silly exaggeration of my childhood fears. Ronald is a very innocent kid and becomes the target the older camper's cruelty, but he does a lot of growing up throughout the ordeal.
  14. Christian's School of Humility, by The Devil's Advocate
    Mt tt Ft tg – non-cons[Mt]/cons[tt] oral anal – Mdom humiliation cross-dressing piss-drinking chast med incest enem toys cbt bond spank
    209,000 words (418 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8 9-13 14-18 19-21 22-24 25
    Thirteen-year-old Jack thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand. All of that quickly changes when he gets pulled into a plot to turn him into a Humbled Girl. Will Jack be able to resist his training and all the mind games? Or, will Janice be born?
  15. Christian's School of Humility 2: The Awakening, by The Devil's Advocate
    Mt tt Ft tg – non-cons[Mt]/cons[tt] oral anal – Mdom humiliation cross-dressing chast incest toys spank bond

    124,500 words (249 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6 7-13
    Jack, now Janice, completes her initial sissy training and is allowed to leave the school's confinement area. She is far from free though. Will life get better for her or worse?
  16. Conrad Evans Family Legacy, by Robertx5sf
    Mt Mb tbcons mast oral analincest spank bond ws
    57,500 words (36 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3 4-8
    For Colt, a fourteen-year-old orphan boy, the Conrad Evans Home for Boy provides many benefits not normally available to someone like him, including lots of sex with the other orphan boys. The Price? Doing whatever the Home's rich benefactor tells him to do. Unfortunately, Colt has always found it difficult to do what he is told.
  17. Cordova's Boys Home, by Wild-bill
    FMbFdom nosex – humil spank enem
    95,000 words (190 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1A-1M 1N-1R 2 3
    A boy is sent to another reform school-like setting where bad boys are punished.
  18. Davie and David, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb tb bb FbMdom Fdom bdom nc cons oral anal – humil spank ws scat
    86,000 words (172 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3 4-9 10-12 13-14 15-18
    A young gay sadist inherits a castle in Scotland. In this castle, he establishes a boarding school for boys 10-14 year old. He runs the school himself, assisted by his sister and his adopted son, the 11 year old Davie, both just as sadistic as himself. The basic educational method, for the boys and assistant teacher, is ultra strict discipline. Breaking the strict rules causes sadistic punishments. One special boy is the victim: his nephew David.
  19. Dealing with Unwanted New Boys, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mt tt tbnc oral anal masthumil ws
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    An overcrowded orphanage sends eight boys from 11 to 17 years to a very special boarding school. They are not wanted there, so the strict school rules are even worse for them.
  20. Debating Love, by Funtails
    tt – cons mast oral anal
    46,000 words (92 pages)
    Link to story
    In an exclusive boarding school, the boys struggle with love, life and finding out who they are and what they stand for. A coming of age novel with heavy sex for seasoning.
  21. The Delacorte School, by Platypus
    MbMdom mast – humil tort (burning, needles)
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Timothy is sent to a reform school in which boys must be punished..
  22. Doug, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb – nosex – humil
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy of noble birth misbehaves himself and is punished by being reduced in age for the rest of his life.
  23. Dunn's Chronicles, by Diabloa5 & The Aconite Acolyte
    Mb – cons/non-cons mast oral anal (non-cons in later chapters)
    297,500 words (595 pages)
    Links to chapters: Part 1: 1-2 3 4 5 5½-6 7 8-9 10-11 Part 2: 12-13

    A major pandemic hits the world, killing most of the adults and bringing chaos.
    We follow Miles Dunn, a former major in the marines who just took a job at Saint Xavier Academy for boys. What will become of him and the boys he met there? What do you do when you have been a closet boylover all your life and there are no more rules and death is everywhere? That is at the heart of our tale, where you will meet many more characters, good, bad and in between. There will violence and cruelty, death. But also, hope, friendship, love, heroism.
    Come along for the ride.

  24. The Easter Holiday, by Davey
    ttcons mast oral analspank
    12,500 words (25 pages)
    Link to story
    Andy expects a boring long holiday weekend. All his pals from boarding school are gone home for the holiday weekend. Walking around school he met a local boy of his own age.
  25. Endsor Academy, by Boisterous
    Mb bbcons oral anal – first
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    John West assumed a position as teacher on the Endsor Academy, a rather isolated male-only community where most of the students were delinquent or show defiant behavior. The school was particularly demanding and strict with its students, but some students get extra attention from the all male faculty.
  26. New storyFirst Snow, by Sarge
    tt – cons oral
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    While camping by themselves, four members of a boy scout troop learn about each other while battling the first snow storm they had ever been in.
  27. Football Camp, by Bbillings
    TbTdom coer reluc oral anal – first humil bond
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    When one boy makes a bad choice in truth or dare, he learns what a boys summer camp is all about.
  28. For Your Own Good, by Paolo
    Mt eunuchoral mastmed castr null mind control interr
    81,000 words (162 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6 7-10 11-12
    Set sometime in the indeterminate future, "For Your Own Good" is the story of a boy with a rough past who faces an even rougher future when he's sent to a rehabilitation facility for delinquent boys (read "prison") to receive radical treatment that is "for his own good." Unbeknown to this boy, who thinks that there isn't anyone in the world who cares about him anymore, there is ONE person on the outside working to get him out.
  29. The Fortunate Ones, by William Rush
    Mb tb bbnc/reluc mast oral anal – I: med spank; II: spank pierc bdsm
    42,500 words (85 pages)
    Links to chapters: I II
    A series in three parts.

    I. Charlie & Calvin.
    This part follows the life a young boy named Charlie who is forced to live in a demented institution. It is intended to be a realistic look at the experience of abuse from the viewpoint of a child. It is much darker than my other stories. There are brief episodes of extreme violence and Sado-masochism, so if this offends you, then this story will not be something you'll want to read.

    II. The Lost
    This part appears to already be infamous for it's violent portrayal of the abuse of a young boy named Zack Dillon who tries to escape the clutches of the 'Home'. It is told in a third person narative and has the most graphic scenes of abuse I've ever written. If the original The Fortunate Ones disturbed you, then I highly recommend skipping this story.

    III. Pax [not published]
    This third part describes how several decades of abuse finally catches up to the 'Home'. There is a great deal of violence in this story, although no more than the average detective novel. It is meant to be the epilogue to the series.

  30. Hampdon Boys, by Eithan Cole
    Mbnon-cons anal
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Grant Richards is a math teacher and secret lover of young boys. Working at an exclusive boys only boarding school, he finally succumbs to his desires and rapes one of his students on the night of his birthday.
  31. The Hampton Club, by Daemon Way
    Mt – cons mast oral anal
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    A poor laborer and secret boylover at a local high class sports and culture club has dreams of rescuing the teenage boys attending the club from their lives with detached and uncaring but rich parents. When the boys discover his intent, he finds his dreams are no where near reality.
  32. Hedgewick Academy, by Justin Davis
    Mt Mb ttMdom nc mast oral analtort bdsm spank cbt chast humil
    26,500 words (53 pages)
    Link to story
    Fourteen year old Jimmy Swensen is out of control and his father sent to a very special school, where some of the discipline measures are quite harsh, but no permanent physical damage. However, mentally that may be a different matter. After one year, his father will get back a totally different boy.
  33. Home for Wayward Boys, by Robert V. Walker-Smith
    Mt – nc anal oral – bd humil interr spank tort toys mind-control
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    A 16 year old black boy is conditioned to a willingless sex slave.
  34. Hypnotism for Beginners, by Parrafan
    Mbcons (coerc implied) oral
    14,000 words (28 pages)
    Link to story
    What to do in a class during the last hour of the week? A teacher tries hypnotism. It didn't work out as he expected.
  35. I Will Not Cry, by Dillon
    Mb – non-cons oral anal
    9,000 words (18 pages)
    Link to story
    A young teen struggles through a sexual assault.
  36. The Institution, by Backwoodsman
    tt tb MtMdom cons nc mast oral anal – humil prost bdsm cbt
    142,000 words (284 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8 9-16 17-25 26-32
    Thirteen-and-a-half-year-old Paul Gaston lives in a society where homosexuality is not publicly tolerated. When young Paul is caught engaging in exploratory sex play with age-mate Chris, he is immediately arrested and sent to The Institution, a strange reform school where homosexual practices are not only permitted, they are part of the curriculum for boys ages 11-18 incarcerated there. Sentenced to a six-month term, Paul learns also that he is expected to work as a homosexual prostitute once released - as are all inmates at the Institution. While still serving their terms, boys are also hired out to private clients with varying tastes and proclivities. Happily, Chris, Paul's first lover, joins him at The Institution and shares the experience.
  37. Instructions, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb tbMdom oral anal – humil spank (all implied)
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Instructions to a new master at 'my school'
  38. Into Care, by Zelamir
    MbMdom Fdom anal oral – enema spank
    18,500 words (37 pages)
    Link to story
    Continuation of the Nicky series. Nicky's stepfather is accused of abusing him en Nicky is sent to Ovingdean House Secure Boys Home, where he is forced to do hard labour and become the sextoy of one of the patrons.
  39. James on Camp, by Treacle Tower
    tt – mast – bond tie-up humil
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    A prank turns into an extended campsite stay
  40. The Janitor, by Jason Masters
    Mb – cons mast – bond
    6,250 words (12½ pages)
    Link to story
    Oh, if only being a school janitor was really this much fun.
  41. Joey's Saviors, by Boy-writer
    tt – reluc oral anal – interr toy
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    Joey is one of the few white boys on a black and Hispanic school. He is bullied by most of the students. The football team offers him protection, but that has a price.
  42. Johan, by Koos Smit
    tt – Mdom cons oral anal mast – spank
    58,500 words (117 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8 9-12 13-17
    Johan de Beer, a 13-year-old white South-African boy, got busted for lifting a box of condoms and is sentenced to six months in a private correctional facility operating on a working farm in the Northern Transvaal. He has to do hard farm chores with a lot of punishment and sex with the other boys.
  43. The Letters, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb tb gb – oral – humil spank ws
    8,500 words (17 pages)
    Link to story
    After the death of his mother, his stepfather finds young David does not fit into his plans. His college roommate now runs a 'special' school and rather prim and proper finds his life changes when he is enrolled at this school. The headmaster organises the older boys to bully him but this is just a start. He learns practically what sex is all about at least what pain and sex have in common. Told in 28 letters which chart his progress.
  44. Lost in London, by Debonair
    Mb bb tbnc cons anal oral mast rim – best fist spank ws
    35,000 words (70 pages)
    Link to story
    Lost in London is set in 1815. It relates the hardships and discoveries of a young boy orphan. It is not a Charles Dickens classic. As the story unfolds things get very raw and explicit. It has many scenes of sex between young boys and between boys and adults and also features bestiality, violence, cruelty and rape.
  45. Malcolm's Emancipation, by Parrafan
    Mb tbcons oralspank
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    The 12-year old 'boy-genius' Malcolm makes an agreement with his bully classmate 15 year old Big Rod.
  46. Male Development, by Gtownboy
    M tt – cons mast oral anal – incest
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    High school boys get a course 'Male Development'. In the first lesson their teacher sits naked in front of the class. What will happen in his lessons?
  47. Memories of a Monitor in Coach Peterson's PE Class, by Deda
    Mt – nosex – humil
    3,750 words (7½ pages)
    Link to story
    Fifty years ago, my best friend, Matt Lancaster, and I were monitors for Coach Peterson's sixth period PE class. What made that particular school year unusual was the fact that the local school board had just passed some new rules giving coaches very wide latitude in how they conducted their PE classes and how they disciplined students. Additionally, the board had also decided to include some sex education lectures in the PE classes. How the coach chose to interpret those new rules was what we were to find out that year.
    This story is set in an era when coaches in junior and senior high schools were like gods. You did whatever they told you to do, no questions asked. That year Matt and I learned just what that meant.
  48. Mr. Hemming's School, by Anonymous
    Mtb tbMdom oral anal mast – bond spank electr
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    A man is invited to spend a term on a very special school for boys. Teachers are allowed to do anything, and that is anything you they like with the boys.
  49. Mr. Payne, by Anonymous
    Mbnosexspank humiliation
    5,300 words (10½ pages)
    Link to story
    11-year old David gets a tutor who has a very strict regime of education.
  50. Naïveté, by Parrafan
    Mb tb bb – cons anal oral mast
    14,000 words (28 pages)
    Link to story
    Innocent slender 11 year-old farm-boy Jeremy receives a music scholarship and goes away to boarding school where his classmates and advisors teach him about much more than just music and scholastic achievements, leading the cute, naive boy to becoming very popular, with a bright future.
  51. New Boy In Juvenile Detention, by Bill
    tt – Mdom anal oral – humil spank interr
    6,500 words (13 pages)
    Link to story
    Short story about a 14 year old boy whose life has gone a radical change after sent for 18 months to a juvenile detention facility.
  52. The New Student in the Reform School, by Classic Rider
    ttMdom anal oral rim – humil interr ws
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    Two black boys, 16 and 13 years have to strip naked and fuck in front of a class of white boys. The older one has to serve his white classmates orally in the next class.
  53. Nicky, by Zelamir
    Mb – nosex – spank
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    In the first three episodes, Nicky's New Dad, The man in the House, and Nicky's New Brother the new life of Nicky Roberts with his stepfather is described. He is beaten for every mistake he makes. Continued in Into Care.
  54. Nintenga School for Boys, by Cho
    MbMdom cons mast oral analspank diapers
    27,000 words (54 pages)
    Link to story
    The story of a strict headmaster and one of his boy pets.
  55. An Obedient Boy, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mt tt tbnc oral anal masthumil ws
    12,000 words (24 pages)
    Link to story
    A fourteen-year old boy is forced to suck Jones Junior and then blackmailed with the photos the older brother of Jones made. The rest of his schooltime he's humiliated and used as a sextoy.
  56. The Other Tom Brown's Schooldays, Eunuch version, by Pueros

    42,500 words (85 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7 8-14
    In the England of 1803, the newly orphaned ten year old Tom Brown is sent off by his uncle to a "distant and cheap" boarding school for boys ages 10 to 18. A school where uncaring parents send their boys to be "out of sight and mind" and the boys are a "perk" to keep the underpaid staff happy and loyal. Liberal corporal punishment, sexual abuse, and humiliating public nudity are all mainstays of the curriculum.
  57. The Other Tom Brown's Schooldays, Nialos version, by Pueros

    65,500 words (131 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6 7-11 12-17
    See Eunuch version.
  58. Paul Tanner's Schooldays, by Dave Manning
    Mt – Mdom oralspank
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    Story of one boy's experiences at BADBOYS, a private reformatory on an off shore island, where discipline and correction are instilled under the stern but caring supervision of its legendary headmaster, Sir Jay. It will be told through excerpts from the diaries kept by the main participants.
  59. The Pensbrooke School for Boys, by LizardGuy
    tt bb – cons mast oral
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    Two innocent brothers go to a boys school and get to know their new roommates REALLY well. Lots of boners!
  60. A Perverse Tradition, by Debonair
    bb tb – cons oral anal mast
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    A mentoring project at summer camp produces unexpected results as young boys get a thorough initiation to sex from the older campers
  61. Prisoner of the System, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb tb bb tgMdom oral anal mast – humil spank ws med
    9,500 words (19 pages)
    Link to story
    A bully, who is a prefect, bullies other schoolmates and encourages his gang to join in. He is taught a lesson, or several, before going to a new school.
  62. Reform School Boys or Thompson's Lesson, by Mark E. Dassad
    Mt – Mdom anal – spank
    2,700 words (5½ pages)
    Link to story
    Short story about a 16 year old boy being spanked and raped by the gym teacher of a reform school.
  63. School Camp, by StoTelAlex
    Mb bb bgcons mast oral
    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link to story
    A group of sixth graders go on a school camp. And as on most camps, adventures are eminent.
  64. School for Safety, by Scrub aka Simon
    Mb – oral – humil
    1,500 words (3 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy is interviewed by the school owner at his new school.
  65. Schoolkamp, by StoTelAlex
    Mb bb bgcons mast oral

    7,000 words (14 pages)
    Link naar het verhaal
    Groep acht van een school gaat op kamp. Het is onvermijdelijk dat er dan avonturen gebeuren.
  66. Shy Boy at Summer Camp, by Bill
    bbcons oral anal mast – first spank ws
    14,500 words (29 pages)
    Link to story
    A 12-year-old boy goes to summer camp for the first time and learns about sex from other campers. He discovers his desire for submissive sex when he is seduced by a dominant fellow camper.
  67. Simon's Unfinisheds, by Scrub aka Simon
    Generally: Mb – little sex – humil
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    Simon started quite a number of stories, usually English school or stepfather situations with the younger teen boy the sufferer, but never finished them. He is unlikely to continue any signifantly so if any of you wish to, feel free but offer the continuation to this site and maybe to him that way.
    I present these story beginnings as I got them from Scrub, without much editing correcting typos. And yes, really, some stories stop in the middle of a sentence!
  68. Swim Team 1956, by Deda
    Mt – nosex – humil
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    Young Dave moves to a new city and a new school where he decides to try out for the swim team. However, he had not bargained on a complete loss of his body hair as part of the process nor the sexual activities that were included.
  69. Tardies, by Quantum Fantasy
    Mt tt tgcoerc mast oral anal – humil spank cbt
    29,000 words (58 pages)
    Links to chapters: Link to story
    It is one of those days for thirteen year old Randy that everything goes wrong. He overslept, was late for school, got spanked, had to give a blow-job and was late for the next period. And that is not all. And his seven and a half inch dick makes it not easier for him as he can't find the opportunity to jack-off.
  70. This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell, by Jason Masters
    fb – femdom mast – spank
    2,000 words (4 pages)
    Link to story
    A first-year high school boy is subjected to a humiliating prank by some older boys and the result for him could be Heaven or Hell, or both at the same time.
  71. Timmy and the Travellers, by David Clarke
    tb bbbdom non-cons/coerc/cons mast oral anal – first humil interr spank bond ws
    157,500 words (315 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24
    Timmy, a quiet and introverted thirteen-year-old, falls foul of a pair of twelve-year-old travellers, who enslave him and force him to do their bidding. One of them oversteps the mark, and the other, attempting to limit the damage, soon comes to view Timmy in a completely different light, forming a positive relationship with him. Timmy then diverts the travellers' attention to a pair of bullies at his school who are much more deserving of retribution, and the story then charts the developing and changing relationships between the travellers, the bullies and their victims.
  72. Tunes, by Richard Perkins
    MbMdom anal oral mast – humil spank tort
    107,500 words (215 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8 9-13 14-18 19-23
    Anthony Llewellyn was as a boy was abused physically and sexually by his Head Master, Mr. Grade He gave evidence against him in court and Grade was sentenced to twelve years in gaol. Many years later Anthony, now a grown man, met Mr. Grade once again. This is the story of how Anthony exorcised the demons from his own past and rescued a young (and very pretty boy) from the clutches of Mr Grade and his associates.
  73. Twins, by Zelamir
    Mb – nosex – [unfinished 1st chapter only]
    4,500 words (9 pages)
    Link to story
    The two sons of a baronet appears to be illegitimate. 1st chapter of an unfinished story.
  74. Two Boys in the Reformatory, by Caliban
    Mt tt – cons mast oralspank
    30,000 words (60 pages)
    Link to story
    In this story we follow the experiences of two youths in 1935 Nebraska, Martin ('Shorty') and Terrence ('Whitey'), prisoners in a tough state penal institution for juvenile offenders.
  75. The White Rat, by David Clarke
    tt tb bbtdom bdom non-conc/coerc/cons mast oral analhumil spank cross-dressing ws interr
    261,000 words (522 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-27 28-30
    A spoiled and rather unpleasant boy takes advantage of a position of authority at school to punish several other boys, particularly those he considers to be his social inferiors, but doesn't realise that his authority is only temporary. What will happen when those he has wronged are free to take their revenge - and will he learn anything from the experience?

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