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Updated 1 March 2018

  1. The Adventures of Captain Steve Johnson I: A Souvenir from Scotland, by StoTelAlex
    Mb fbslave/cons mast oral anal – spank castr
    31,500 words (63 pages)
    Link to story
    Captain Steve Johnson is ordered to go to battle in Scotland. Unfortunately he gets injured and is relieved of duty. On his way home he encounters two orphans who he takes as slaves. But are they really orphans?
  2. Amazon Steppes, by Pueros
    Ft eunuch – nc anal mast oral – bd humil spank – castr
    8,000 words (16 pages)
    Link to story
    Alexander the Great was once supposed to have received the Queen of the Amazons in his encampment. The Queen requested that they mate, contending that the product of their union would be the greatest warrior in history. Alexander, amused and intrigued by the solicitation, obliged but, alas, their brief liaison was not fruitful. However, this three-part story attempts to describe the normal rituals carried out by the Amazons to identify suitable males for the purposes of reproduction, what the consequences were if the candidates did not meet their exacting standards and what happened when they were later deemed to have served their purpose.
  3. The Aurora School for Boys, by Zackary Dillon
    Mb – slave mast oral analcastr
    3,500 words (7 pages)
    Link to story
    The Chronicles of New Atlantis
    The story of a school for gifted artists and beautiful boys.
  4. Benin, A Roman Slave Boy, by Brianski aka Brian
    Mt Mb tb tgoral anal mast – spank bd tort humil chast castr
    51,000 words (102 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-5 6-10
    This is the story of Benin a 13 year old boy enslaved by the marauding Roman Army from his North African home, in the year 53BC. He is bought by a senator as personal slave for his 12-year-old son. The young master loves two things: sex with his slave and punishing him.
  5. Boy Vignettes, by Unikue
    Mb bb – non-cons slave oral analcastr
    66,500 words (133 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-25 26-50 51-65
    Short vignettes, mostly about boys being castrated and enslaved. - 64 stories.
  6. A Boy's Balls In Men's Hands, by My Evil Twin
    Mb – non-cons mast oralcastration spank toys
    5,500 words (11 pages)
    Link to story
    A young boy is kidnapped by a masked man and taken to a brick building in the middle of the city where an old man is waiting for them.
  7. The Brotherhood, by Pueros
    Mtb – nc anal mast oral – bd electr humil prost spank tort toys – null castr
    24,500 words (49 pages)
    Link to story;
    The Brotherhood runs runs gay sex clubs, brothels and other concerns. Service are provided on the one hand by voluntary boy prostitutes in public brothels, who were all well looked after either in terms of good pay and conditions and/or meeting their sexual needs. On the other hand there were the voluntary 'Slaves', whose specialism would be catering for gay sadists. Furthermore there were the involuntary slaves, the main stock of the pleasurecentres, established to meet the most unlawful desires, although some very rich and important members were also permitted small personal harems as long as security could be guaranteed. The story follows five boys, Andrew and Pierre as volunteer slaves, Brad and Glen involunteery slaves and Simon as a more or less volunteer slave.
  8. Buying Gavril, by Anonymous
    Mb – nosex – castr
    14,000 words (28 pages)
    Link to story
    In a parallel universe, where poor parents are sometimes forced by poverty to sell their young children, a middle-aged man buys a young houseboy…
  9. The Cage Story, by Unikue
    Mb tbslave oral anal – castr chastity incest
    3,000 words (6 pages)
    Link to story
    Two brothers get enslaved early at the Cage Store.
  10. Cai, The Slave Boy from Britannia, by CalvinC
    Mb – slave – null
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Taken by pirates and sold as a slave in the Roman province of Gaul, Cai is desperate to be free and return to his native Britannia, where he hopes, as the oldest male of the family now, to inherit his father's lands and copper mine. One day he runs away from his master, and tries to make his way home, but he had not counted on the dogs.
  11. Camillus Famulatus, by Unikue
    Mb bbslave oral anal – castration
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    Sacrificing Youth to Serve: The costs of Social Assistance.
  12. A Canadian Story, c. 2100, by StefanIsMe
    Mb bbcons analcastr prost
    5,000 words (10 pages)
    Link to story
    In an age where we don't know if governments will collapse or exert totalitarian control, nor whether they will be controlled by The People or The Church, anything becomes possible. Jeremy discovers that tolerance of differences has narrowed in his present time, but not knowing anything different, he accepts that perhaps he deserves his fate.
  13. Consiglio's Bed, by Ganymede
    Mb – cons coerc mast anal – toys castr (implied)
    32,500 words (65 pages)
    Links to chapters: Link to Story
    Two stories within one. Giulio, a boy from Venice, 1457, is made into a eunuch by Consiglio. His ghost travels with the bed upon which he was castrated. It reappears (both bed and boy) in Boston, 1999. The ghostly haunt is stopped only when another boy, mirror-image of the first, lies upon the bed.
  14. Elite Academy Programme & The Trial of Tristan 440, by CalvinC
    bbslave mast analcastr humil medical tort mod
    22,000 words (44 pages)
    Link to story
    In a future where an Elite class rules the helots and slaves, and a competition is used to choose the new rulers, one boy learns the hard way that you should never trust even your best friends.
    Followed by The Trial of Tristan 440: Tristan was a promising boy who enrolled for the prestigious but dangerous Elite Academy to better his life. But all went bad for him on the day he murdered Skippy, and he was castrated and expelled from the programme. Now he is to face trial for the murder.
  15. Empirical Companion, by Paolo
    tt eunuch – no sex, anal suggested – null mind-control
    11,500 words (23 pages)
    Link to story
    Set in the future, a human ruler's son demands an alien boy as debt payment to be his 'companion'.
  16. Flight of the Jay, by CalvinC
    alien-b – – null
    10,000 words (20 pages)
    Link to story
    A race of aliens intend to colonise Earth, wiping out the vermin of the human species. A few survivors struggle to survive - some individually, some in resistance pockets. The aliens exterminate most humans they find, but an unfortunate few are taken away, castrated and 'reassigned'. 12 year old Jason meets 22 year old Kurt in the horrors of the reassignment facility.
  17. For Want of One, by Paolo
    Mb eunuch – slavery nosex – null
    32,000 words (64 pages)
    Link to story
    Time Paradox theme - an engineer in the future working outside Time finds his existence erased when an ancestor is sold as a slaveboy and gelded.
  18. For Your Own Good, by Paolo
    Mt eunuchoral mastmed castr null mind control interr
    81,000 words (162 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-6 7-10 11-12
    Set sometime in the indeterminate future, "For Your Own Good" is the story of a boy with a rough past who faces an even rougher future when he's sent to a rehabilitation facility for delinquent boys (read "prison") to receive radical treatment that is "for his own good." Unbeknown to this boy, who thinks that there isn't anyone in the world who cares about him anymore, there is ONE person on the outside working to get him out.
  19. Heavy Collars, by Unikue
    tbslave oral analspank
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    Richie and Mike get into trouble after finding two slave-collars.
  20. The Hidden Village Secret, by Unikue
    Mb – nosex – bond castration
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    2015 Challenge story: This large town is located in the desert and looks run-down. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its beautiful park. Also, rumor has it that the inhabitants are hiding something.
  21. Hop Sing - A San Carlos Island Story, by Paolo & Slammr
    Mb tbslave anal oralprost castration & nullification
    93,000 words (186 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16
    A father who faces losing everything has only one way out financially - to sell his favorite son to brokers who are (or were) affiliated with San Carlos Island. Unbeknownst to the brokers, however, the boys father wrote the mainframe that runs San Carlos Island's security systems, and there is more to the boy than meets the eye.
  22. How to Breathe, by Cainanite
    Mb gbcons mast anal oral – incest castr humil first orgy crossdressing
    122,000 words (244 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-7 8-13 14-20 21-26
    This story follows Jason Sidney and his memories of a time when he was ten, almost eleven years old. Jason looks back to his first innocent discoveries of sex with his best friend Hanna, and where those discoveries ultimately led him. Those discoveries will lead him into the forbidden room in his family's basement, and the very adult things that go on there. They will lead Jason to a closer (and a sexual) relation with his father, and the men he knows. Those discoveries will lead to Jason's body being altered, to humiliation, pain, and ecstasy. It is a story filled with emotional hardships, and an edge of insanity. There are unusual characters, and forbidden loves.
  23. Jeremy After Football Practice, by Anonymous
    Mb – non-consensual/reluc mast oral anal – castration toy
    14,000 words (28 pages)
    Link to story
    A young footballer is kidnapped just after a prank at practice goes wrong. What does this person want with him? Will he let him go when he's done?
  24. Kyle - A San Carlos Island Story, by Slammr
    Mb bb – slave mast anal oral – prost castration & nullification
    18,500 words (37 pages)
    Link to story
    Kyle is surprised when his father sells him to become a San Carlos Island slave.
  25. A Lamb for the Lion, by Attis
    Mb – cons/non-cons mast analsuspense kidnap castration
    56,500 words (113 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-15 16-30
    A man searches the Middle East for a kidnapped boy.
  26. Livestock Show, by Unikue
    Mb bbslave oral anal – castration
    4,000 words (8 pages)
    Link to story
    This is an open ended series intended on creating a world with independent story lines converging on the same event, but not being tied to each other. I would encourage anyone who wants to write a story in this universe no matter how close or divergent, to go for it.
  27. Locked in Love, by Boys-stir-us
    Mbcons oral anal – castr
    20,500 words (41 pages)
    Link to story
    A famous and rich man falls in love with a 12-year old castrato orphan boy. But the boy doesn't want him. Or does he?
  28. Ludus: A Story of a Roman Gladiator School, by Calvinus
    Mb bbslave anal oral – null
    130,500 words (261 pages)
    Links to chapters: Book I
    Book II
    Book III
    Book IV

    It is 79AD and the Roman World is changing. The Emperor Vespasian is dead and his son is about to succeed him. But not everyone is happy to see the butcher of Jerusalem take the purple. A failed assassination attempt brings a ferocious new 12 year old boy into a small private gladiator school in Rome, but no one would have foreseen how this would kick of a chain of events that would affect the lives of all those he touches.
  29. Max: The Illustrated Boy - A San Carlos Island Story, by Paolo
    Mbslave/cons mast oral anal – castr tattoo
    44,000 words (88 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4 5-8
    Maximillian was born different from other boys – he was born without male genitals, a naturally born eunuch, and has a fetish for tattoos and other body modifications from a young age. Raised by his Godfather, a retired eunuch from San Carlos Island, Max only wants one thing in life – acceptance from others about who and what he is. When he can't find it in his overly conservative hometown, however, his 'father' flees with him to San Carlos Island where he himself grew up with a very happy childhood of being a pampered slaveboy. Will Max find the same acceptance on the Island, or will he be rejected again because he was 'born a eunuch,' and not enslaved and cut?
  30. Nate's Story - A San Carlos Island Story, by Curious Guy
    Mb bb – slave mast anal – prost castration & nullification mutilation
    11,000 words (22 pages)
    Link to story
    Eight-year-old Nate visits San Carlos Island and something unexpected happens.
  31. The Neuro-stim, by Maiocxx
    bb Mb – slave mast oral anal – med castration pierce ws non-sexual death
    16,500 words (33 pages)
    Link to story
    Tales from the World of Cody and Lucas III
    Two young brothers are kidnapped during an expedition and are trained to be slaves to be used in the development of a hideous new device for controlling human behavior.
  32. The New Neighbor Boy, by TNNB
    Mb bbMdom cons mast oral anal – castr bond spank enema toy mind-control
    140,000 words (280 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-5 6-10 11-14 15-18 19-22
    12-year-old Benny lives in an upscale neighborhood with his single mother, his nosy neighbors, and his gang of friends who are always making fun of him for having not started puberty yet. Often left home alone due to his career-minded mother, Benny soon becomes fascinated by the mysterious new neighbors who move in next door: a seemingly single father and his young son. Benny soon realizes, however, that something isn't quite right about the new neighbor boy - he doesn't go to school and he and his father are extremely reclusive. Once curiosity gets the better of him, Benny soon discovers a mystery about the pair that he can't resist solving. His sleuthing soon draws him into a fast friendship with this lonely new boy, as well as a mysterious underground lifestyle that he never even dreamed existed - and may never be able to escape from. But what Benny soon finds out will cost him more than he could ever have comprehended, as well as revealing truths about his own past.
  33. Numbered, by Unikue
    Mb bbslave oral anal – castration
    2,500 words (4 pages)
    Link to story
    Numbered takes place in Upper California where all boys are slaves.
  34. The Plantation Owner's Son, by Callum McIntosh
    Mt t-pig Ft – non-cons slave mast oral analhumil castr best
    42,000 words (84 pages)
    Link to story
    14 year old Callum McIntosh' life is turned upside down when his father sells him to slave traders to pay his bank debt, the slave traders have plans for Callum that don't include his testicles… It is a continuing saga of a white planter's son who is sold into slavery under false pretences.
  35. Princes, by Pueros
    tb – anal oral – bd hist.fact humil spank – castr
    20,500 words (41 pages)
    Link to story
    In 1483, 12 years old Edward, Prince of Wales and rightfully the new King, and his 9 years old brother Richard, Duke of York, were imprisoned in the Tower of London whilst their uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, usurped the throne, becoming Richard III. The Princes, sons of the late monarch, Edward IV, later disappeared, presumed murdered by their uncle. However, your author has read a number of contemporary 15th and 16th century sources, many postulating other explanations for the boys’ disappearance. This story presupposes a particular one of these to be correct.
  36. The Punishment and New Life Of Ethan, by Arne
    Mt ttnon-cons cons oral anal masthumil spank castr
    35,500 words (71 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy gets framed for rape by his stepbrother. Prison doctor makes things right and adopts boy, castrates brother.
  37. Recollections of a Reluctant Gelder, by Anonymous & Paolo
    Mtb – slavery nosex (yet) – castration
    103,000 words (206 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-4 5-6½ 7-10 11
    A well-to-do man recalls the first time that his father took him to see the geldings in the town square. He was just a boy then, and the first gelding he saw was his best friend's.
  38. Sander & The Basket Case - A San Carlos Island Story, by Paolo & Cutlass
    tb – slave (anal oral implied) – prost castration & nullification
    17,500 words (35 pages)
    Link to story
    On San Carlos Island, an older teenage Sander, now working on Staff, recounts the arrival of a new boy who just drives him crazy,, while three other new boys are examined and treated.
  39. Sander's Story - A San Carlos Island Story, by Timothy, with Curious Guy and Slammr
    Mb tb b-eunuch M-eunuchslave anal oralprost castration & nullification
    50,000 words (100 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-8 9-14 (Curious guy) 9-11 (Slammr)
    San Carlos is a resort like no other in the world. It is a place where wealthy men who like emasculated boys (castrated, penectomized, or nullified) may vacation to have their way with the boys. The boys, for the most part, are sold as slaves to Mr. Ben Toeber, the proprietor, who charges exorbitant fees for their sexual favors. Over time, however, Ben develops a soft spot for his young slaves, and actually pays them commissions, so that when they get older and retire, they are quite wealthy. The boys, however, have a hard time staying out of trouble! Especially Sander (our hero) and his friends Chris, Hop Sing, and several others.
  40. Sinterklaas (Santa Klaus), the Origin Story, by Maikeli
    Mb tb – slave oral analcastr (nullification) interr humil
    40,500 words (81 pages)
    Link to story
    An account, based loosely on historical facts, of how the Santa/Black Pete myth came to be.
  41. Slaveboy From New York, by Pueros
    MtMdom mast anal oral chasthist.fact bd humil interr spank toyscastr
    24,500 words (49 pages)
    Link to story
    Slaveboy series 2A This 5-part story is partly written to illustrate the fact that a certain large-scale social evil still persists into the 21st century, as well as to suggest that it is about time the world community did something to end the abhorrent practice. An adapted version is published as Slaveboys From Moscow & New York, see below.
  42. Slaves Walk Together, by Unikue
    Mb bbslave implied oral – castration
    2,500 words (5 pages)
    Link to story
    What can happen to boys that break the law.
  43. The Story of Gracchus, by Vittorio Carvelli
    Mt tt – slavery oral analchast castration hist
    320,000 words (640 pages)
    Links to chapters: I. intro 1-6 7-13 II. 14-18 19-23 III. 24-28 IV. 29-32 V. 33-34 VI. 35-37 38-40 41-42
    The Story of Gracchus' is not about one individual called Gracchus, but is rather the story of the 'House of Gracchus' during a period starting towards the end of the reign of the Emperor Nero. The story itself, however, does not begin with the House of Gracchus, but rather with events that befall Marcus, a young teenage boy. Marcus Gaius Aelius, a Roman citizen ('but not yet come of age'), born in Athens, was poor at his studies, and his Latin is spoken ungrammatically, and with a distinct Greek accent. His father was a minor Roman official. When his father is recalled to Rome, Marcus goes to Rome. The ship on which they are sailing his attacked by pirates, the ship is captured, and the boy's mother and father are killed, along with most of the crew. Marcus is sold as a slave to the House of Gracchus.
  44. Tamerlane's Boys, by Pueros
    Mb eunuch – Mdom anal oralhist.fact humil spankcastr
    235,000 words (470 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-10 11-16 17-21 22-26 27-30 31-33 34-35 36-38 39 40
    A lengthy saga relating the lives and adventures of some of the boy catamites of Tamerlane, conqueror of an Empire rivalling that of Alexander the Great.
  45. Timmy, by Brian
    Mt Mb tb tgoral anal mast – spank bd tort humil chast castr
    51,000 words (102 pages)
    Link to story
    A group of tourist on safari in Central-Africa is ambushed. The adults are killed and the children enslaved. The story follows 14yo Timmy, who becomes a sex slave for a warlord and his men.
  46. Tommy's Report, by Maikeli
    bb tb Mb – cons/coerc oral analinterr castr humil ws
    38,000 words (76 pages)
    Link to story
    Abandoned in the Middle-East by his embezzling step-father, a suburban New York boy must come to terms with the requirements of his former hosts.
  47. Tribute, by Pueros
    Mb eunuchMdom oral anal masthist.fact humil spankcastr
    72,000 words (144 pages)
    Links to chapters: 1-3 4 5
    Fifty freshly gelded beautiful 11 year-old boys were to form part of the annual tribute from Chios to the Persian king Darius I, along with a similar volume of gorgeous young virgins of the other gender. The story follows Dios, one of the Chios tributes, an unheralded hero of ancient Greece.
  48. What Money Can Buy, by Unikue
    Mb bbslave oral anal – castration
    2,000 words (4 pages)
    Link to story
    A boy wants to buy a computer. There is a way to earn quickly enough money.
  49. A White Boy Enslaved, by Sailorboy
    Mt tt – slavery anal oral – castration
    10,500 words (21 pages)
    Link to story
    This story concerns a 13 year old white boy who goes from KY to live with his father in 1857. Financially troubled from gambling debts, the father decides to sell his son to slave dealers in Memphis. The boy is later purchased as a slave by the Bishop of St. Mary's Basilica in Natchez. Thrilled with his boy soprano voice, the Bishop decides to make a 'castrato' out of him by castrating him so his voice will not change, a step taken by thousands of boys in that period until banned by the Catholic Church.
  50. Zack - A San Carlos Island Story, by Slammr
    Mb bb – slave anal oral – prost castration & nullification
    16,500 words (33 pages)
    Link to story
    Young, poor 12-year old gay boy is spotted by a 'talent scout', who does him a offer for a position in San Carlos resort.

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