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The reviews are based on my tastes, which you may know from my stories.

Title Overall
Ff inc ff inc Notes
5 Y Well written, but too psychologically twisted for me.
7 Y Vampire horror; but pretty good family inc.
6 Y Alien tentacles. Well written, but the inc sex is not a large part.
4 Y Dark sci-fi. Violent.
6 Y Y Ceasar. His style, too much mF inc.
4 Y Y Dry and mechanical, negative language, but OK Ff.
3 No actual inc, although interestingly bizarre concept.
2 No inc or ff.
5 Y Short, mostly talk. The Ff inc is barely there.
Dark Magic 6 Y Poor writing, too quick scenes, but a decent Ff and bro-sis.
Dating Service 2 Can barely find any inc, let alone ff.
5 The inc is only mf, but all the ff and nasty anal makes it a nice story anyway.
3 Creepy, no ff inc
4 Y Strange, short, barely brief ff inc.
5 ? Y Long, witty, even funny, multi-genre, but too long between action, and the inc is barely there.
Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me 6 Y Dense fantasy style, well written, ok ff inc.
Encyclopedia 7 Y Nice, gentle. Ff is only mentioned in passing at the end.
Eroticon Virus 8 Y Y Good writing, slow pacing, but very little inc.
European Vacation 4 Y Pleasant hypnosis story, but just barely a bit of FF inc at the end.
Experimental Interface 2 ? Long-winded scifi, there might be sex in there somewhere.
The Family 2 Mdom in an unpleasant way, no FF.
Family Fun 4 Y Short, full of threats but not much follow-through.
Flashes of Silver: A Garden Anthology 3 Y A writing exercise, with a brief Ff
7 Y Rather abrupt writing, but it works, Ff inc right at the end.
5 Y Short, and only brief Ff inc right at the end.
2 No ff inc.
8 Y Plenty of setup, then just one sex scene, but it's good.
7 Y Good little story, but the sex is at the end and far too short.
2 ? Weird setup with viruses, only sex seems to be f-dom.
1 ? Gave up, didn't find any sex.
3 Ok writing, but no ff.
8 Y Y Dumb, so-so writing, but effective stroke.
8 Y Good, with the exception of vampiric blood-drinking.
5 Nice story, long on the hypnosis, short on sex. The inc is only mf.
7 Good story and writing, good Mf inc scene, but no ff inc.
I Bet... 3 Y Cute, very short, no actual sex.
Immersion 4 Y Short, starts to get good then ends.
Imparting the Endowment 5 Good story. But only Mf inc.
In My Mind a Horror 1 ? Weird horror/fantasy genre. Didn't see any inc.
In the Pink 2 ? Only made it half-way, didn't find any inc.
Infernal Destiny ? ? Very long fantasy epic, skipped it.
Interrogation 2 ? All talk, no actual sex.
It's Funny 7 Y Good, and very good scene by part 4/4.
Judy & the Pussies 4 Y Silly, and not much sex.
Legend of Mystania 2 ? Nice enough fantasy story, but after 50,000 words and no inc, I gave up.
Life: The Gorland Edition 1 ? Stopped reading at the scat.
Little Taste of Me 7 Y By Ceasar, good as usual, even though the inc just adult sisters.
Lustful Thoughts 5 Y Long, and moves very slowly, some weird kink like fake snakes.
Magic Words 4 Y It's OK. But the ff is just adult sisters.
Makin Changes 6 Y Starts getting good by the last chapter.
Man of the House 2 Long and rambling and no ff inc.
Master PC: The Eclectic's Edition -- A Birthday 2 There is no inc - not much sex either.
Master PC: Two For Tango 5 Y The sex is OK but too brief.
Master PC: Version 2.0 2 Short and dumb.
Mental Pills 4 Short and silly, no ff inc, and not much mf either.
Mesmer's Daughters 6 Y Y The sex is brief, with just one good point in the second chapter.
A Mind Control Story in Mongolia 2 Poor writing, too much mF inc, and no ff.
Mona's Makeover 5 Y Sorta hot in parts, but also quite creepy and nasty in others.
The Monkey's Penis 1 Jumbled and silly, too much shouting and changing narrator. Couldn't read far enough to see if there if ff inc or not.
Mrs Scott's Triumph 2 Short and strange. No ff inc.
Mystania: Crimson Tempest 1 Weird SF/fantasy premise. After 15,000 words and no sex, I gave up.
No Two Are Alike 4 Great premise, interesting gothy clothes. But no ff or inc.
Nobody Loves You Like Family 4 OK hypnosis story, but there's no ff.
The Nude Models 6 Y Quite nice, well written, finally gets to the inc at the end.
Ode to Demonic Joy 4 Nice enough story of nuns and a demon, but no inc.
Oral Sedation Dentistry 6 Y Nice. The Ff is just kissing and touching, but it's a fun short story.
The Origin of Hootersville, USA 5 Y Cute, short and silly.
Pain For Power 4 Y The inc is aunt-niece. Writing is OK, but it's psychologically dark and disturbing, not my thing.
Pandora's Box 5 Y Sorta ff inc, because they're all children of Zeus. I guess. Well written.
4 Slow build, well written, but no real inc.
7 Y Long, 11 parts. Good Ff inc, in parts 6-8, but too much mF inc for me overall.
4 A little weird and confusing, hypnosis and too many characters.
7 Y Only 1 part, but very promising. Well written Ff in first part.
5 Y OK in parts. The inc is just sisters. A little too mdom in part III.
8 Y Y Good, but too short. Hypnosis, mFff.
4 Well written, but too much psychological mdom.
4 Ho hum. Brief, mostly bro-sis, the sex itself is not described.
3 Brief, lots of hypnosis but basically no sex.
6 Y Y Brief and simple, but decent. Interesting premise.
4 Well written scifi/fantasy, but almost no inc.
8 Y Y Original witchcraft premise. Writing is OK but dialogue in-line. Unfinished.
2 Weird and awkward, could not even read far enough to find out if there is inc.
3 Long, intellectual, witty, psychological, and nothing in it to push my buttons.
2 ? Unreadable. A thousand typos, weird fantasy themes..
2 Kinda creepy, not very sexy.
4 Y Iffy writing, a bit negative, the sex goes by too fast.
5 Y Brief, a little confusing, obsessed with breast size.
5 Starts slow, a little funny, the Ff-inc is barely mentioned in passing.
4 No inc.
6 Only mf and mF inc, but a nice enough story.
5 Only mf inc, with slow buildup and no detail.
1 WTF? violent and no sex.
7 Y Long-winded, eccentric writing, psychologically complex, only a few hot parts.
7 Y Slow start, too much silly mdom, but finally one good Ff-inc in chapter 8.
5 Y Had potential, but ends just as it's about to begin.
5 Y Nicely written, long build-up, but almost no sex.
Stonefish 7 Y Y Good, but a bit brutal on the mdom. Just one sex scene.
Stunning 5 No ff, despite claim. Writing is OK, but story seems very incomplete.
The Submission of Kim 6 Y Awkward Phil-Phantom remake, poor writing, but plenty of kink.
The Sweet Smell of Lust 8 Y Y Starts out great, but later chapters get bogged in negativity and mF inc.
A Tale of Mice and Men 7 Y Y Nice premise, but just too short and no dialog.
Teacher 3 All about using hypnosis and drugs, almost no sex, blah.
Thirteen 4 Y Far too brief and succinct.
Tim's Life 7 Y Decent, but too much mF and not enough Ff.
The Treatment (Umpire) 3 Long, no actual ff inc.
True Prophesy 1 Silly, too short, too nc.
Unlucky Seven 2 ? Too jumbled to tell what's going on.
Upper Body Conditioning 1 WTF, no inc.
Vegas Weekend 5 Y A bit too mdom, and the Ff inc is kinda incidental.
A Warlock's Toys 3 Y Twins, but not too exciting.
What Men Look For in Women 6 Y Decent, but takes a long time to start going, and the Ff inc is really brief.
What They Deserved 4 Decent, but short and no ff inc.
Whispers 5 Y Nice, lots of leather, too short.
WhoreMaker 1 WTF, no sex.
Whose Dreams 8 Y Well written, ending right at the Ff inc.

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