Welcome to Puppy's Stories

I am the author of these stories, so they reflect my own tastes in erotic fiction.
They have the things I like to read: female incest, anal sex, group sex, and plenty of dialog.
They generally don't have the things I don't like, including: pre-pubescent characters, scat, snuff, explicit male-male or heavy non-consensual scenes.
There is a little bit of character development, so you should read the stories within each series in order... but hey, this is stroke material, not literature.

Am I a sick puppy? To paraphrase another author:

"I want to speak on the nature of eroticism [...] I find many things erotic in writing, these include incest, bestiality, ass-to-mouth, young teens, watersports etc... Very few of these things would I find erotic if I was a participant. Let me state that again, not only would I not do them (for practical and moral reasons) but the thought of actually doing them turns me off like a light. Curiously, I enjoy reading about them but the thought of doing them is repellant."

With that distinction between fantasy and reality crystal-clear, you are ready to proceed to...

Puppy's Stories!

The Family McFee (2016-2018)

I really enjoyed VeryWellAged's "Jake" stories, which center on American men traveling to the Philippines and having sex with young women, so I wrote my own long story set in the same universe. The VeryWellAged author reviewed drafts of the story and made suggestions that I incorporated.

Sex Tourism: Africa (2015 - July 2016)

Continuing the international theme of my stories Mira, Singapore, and Three Countries, I finally venture into a new continent.

The Submissives (2014)

There's a "lolita bondage" story I found incredibly hot ("All Girls", by Kenna, no longer online but available via wayback machine in and ) but it was a bit outside my comfort zone, and it ended just as it was getting good. I re-wrote it to match my tastes, for example making the characters older, and making the frame a bit more believable. Basically, I lifted my favorite scene, and wrote a new story around it.

The Plot Device (June 2013)

I decided to return to my roots and write a class mcstories-style incest tale, with a humorous meta-device to drive the plot.

Genesis (July 2010)

Yes, it's the first part of Genesis from the Old Testament, the life of Adam, written as an mdom stroke story. (The Old Testament is already male dominant, I just added the stroke.) I didn't remove or change any events, I just filled in the blanks in the scriptural record with some educated guesswork. Hey, the Bible's got incest already, look it up. If like most people you know a bit about the Old Testament, you may appreciate the bits of humor in here as well.

The Ultra-Wealthy (July 2010)

A novel approach to framing female incest, with impregnation, yet set in the "real world". The theme here is how the rich live so differently from us, morals and taboos are different in their world. The billionaire's name and wealth (but little else) comes from a cyberpunk novel.

The Crunchy-Granola Girlfriend (December 2009)

A semi-realistic story set in California in the near-present, with some cultural context and a exploration of the bohemian lifestyle, complete with many of my favorite perversions.

The Sex Worker (October-December 2009)

No actual incest, but plenty of story-in-story inc. Some aspects are drawn from my actual life. As they say, write what you know.

Seven Nieces (June 2009)

Starts off as a younger brother - older sister story, then gradually involves her children as they come of age.

22nd Century (June 2009)

It's set in the future, but it isn't science fiction. It's more like the current crop of books that are set in a world that's run down - except it's got a lot of sex. Much of the sex is (warning) somewhat non-consensual, in that power is exploited for sexual ends.

The Blue Yak (May 2009)

I'd written three stories set in foreign countries, so it seemed a natural step to go further and write a fantasy-genre story with magic, adventure and a classic hero arc. It was easy and fun! My only story written in the third person. I also gave myself the odd task of avoiding all the usual vocabulary. You will find no fuck, cock, pussy, ass, tits or cum in this story - although it's fully explicit to my usual tastes.

Tangled Family Tree (January 2009)

A regular American incest story, involving three generations of a family. Somewhat unusually, the genetic risks of inbreeding are included to make the story more realistic.

Three Countries (July 2008)

This has a bit more Fm inc and Mm than I usually write, as those aren't my thing, but they made a lot of sense in the story framework, so I left them in. The story takes place in the Philippines, Cambodia, and (mostly) Sri Lanka.

Singapore (June 2008)

Just as Mira is loosely informed by my own (real life) time in Eastern Europe, this story was written after travel to a large Asian city. In the first part, I wanted to keep it as real as possible, so that meant stopping short of full Ff incest. I think it turned out plenty sexy anyways. Then I followed with a sequel that adds the Ff and Mf incest. Of note, I believe it (along with It Began On a Train) are the only stories I've written where all characters are over 18, so they that could be legally filmed as a movie.

Mira - A Story of Eastern Europe (June 2006)

I'm somewhat proud of this one. Set in the "real world", with lots of Fff incest. It's the first time I ever sketched out an entire story, characters and backstory ahead of time. The result feels more solid to me, and also allowed me to actually finish it. At one point (Snow), the writing even kinda drifts towards magical realism, although still in the context of stroke.

It Began On a Train (July-September 2004)

A "realistic" restrained incest story set in the world of amateur video pornography. I hope this story has a more solid setup and less suspension of disbelief required than the stroke material I usually write. It also marks a point in my writing in which I began to write way, way more kissing than before.

Caught in the Crossfire (begun May 2004, finished 2009)

What happens when a teenage boy is caught between two girls who are socially competing with each other? This story is loosely based on true events in my life, except with actual sex as a result (heh). The focus is on personal dynamics, not on kinkiness. It's my only story with no incest of any kind.

Hot Wife Story (April 2004?)

The "hot wife" is a staple genre of erotica: the uptight and conservative wife, who becomes more and more wild until she is ready to fuck anyone on sight. I decided to try my hand at the silly formula. I still wasn't sure how I'd feel about writing first-person incest, but tried it out in part 2, and it turned out I could compartmentalize it just fine.

Lab Experiment (September 2002)

Instead of writing a normal mc story, I tried setting some outrageous sexual behavior in a clinical environment, and giving at least some minimal attention to the characters and their relationships.

Jeff & Janet (2002)

This is the first story series I ever wrote. It's quite basic and, in retrospect, clumsy. No mc or anything supernatural - the only suspension of disbelief required is that these are very horny people in the usual fantasy-land in which porn is written. It used to be 12 small chapters, but I combined them into a single file.

About Puppy

I started writing erotica in 2002 (after being an avid reader for 10 years beforehand).
I would love to get feedback, email me please at puppy52(at)cyber-rights.net (Note: I lost all my email from before May 2015, so please send again!)
feedback appreciated - criticism, suggestions, even errors and typos.

Some Stories I've Really Enjoyed Elsewhere:

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