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Welcome to my story page

All stories on this page are the property of me, aka [email protected]. (Obviously, remove NOSPAM to email me.)

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My Stories

Second Cousins, Second Chances (MF, rom, cheat, cousins, oral, true?) (new and complete 6/26/2012)
As kids, Ed and Jen had lots of fun together. Most of it innocent, some of it a little naughty. Years later, when fate puts them back together on a cross-country road trip, will they have some more adult fun?

Take It Off (MF, oral, true?, fanfic) (posted 10/23/2007)
Groupies have been around as long as rock bands have existed. Yet there's something different about this one.

The Peanut Butter Babysitter (MF, slow, rom, cheat, solo, oral)
Part 1
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 [incomplete, and inactive -- I'll finish this story, someday!]
Jim and Aimee have a chance meeting over a jar of peanut butter. He's a married father, she's a college student. When fate throws them back together, will they resist temptation? Probably not.

The Catch (MF, slow, rom, solo, oral)
Jack has been betrayed, his heart shattered. Can a chance encounter in a fast food restaurant help him find love again? Written for Girl Friday's June 2004 "Fresh Start" Story Fest.
Nominee, 2004 Golden Clitoride Awards, "Short Story of the Year," "Best Short Story by a New Author, and "Best Heterosexual Story."
Nominee, Silver Clitoride Award, June 2004.

A "Charmed" Experience (MF, MFF, celeb, magic, oral, anal)
A story based on one of my favorite TV shows. How can you not lust after the three "Charmed Ones"???
Nominee, 2004 Golden Clitoride Awards, "Best Erotic Sci-Fi Story."

Once and Future Lovers (mf, MF, teen, first, oral, rom, mast, slow)
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
A story based on a real person, very few real events, and my active imagination, which has been working on it for four years. As of 2/20/04, this tale of Christine and Eddie is complete with Part 3.
Nominee, 2004 Golden Clitoride Awards,"Long Story of the Year," "Best Long Story by a New Author, and "Best Romantic Story."
Nominee, Silver Clitoride Award, February 2004.

Mortal City (MF, cons)
Written for Girl Friday's December 2003 Story Fest. Can Lanie and Matt keep each other warm on an icy night in the Mortal City? Based on the Dar Williams song of the same name.

Cable (MF, cons, oral, cheat)
A story about co-workers, and extracurricular activities. Sometimes, temptation is impossible to resist.

A Relaxing Massage (MF, cons, hj)
A story based again partially in reality. We all like to be rubbed the right way, don't we??

Claire's Detention (Mf, voy)
A story written for a dear dear friend after a steamy late night discussion in an AOL chat room. She's way too young for me, so this story was as far as I wanted to go!!

Caught in the Act (MF, exhib, hj)
This is the first erotic story I wrote in almost 10 years, penned in the summer of 2001. Again involves a massage parlor -- OK, so I have a bit of a fetish, admittedly.

Other People's Stories

Frank Downey
Frank writes remarkably romantic short-story erotica, and is currently publishing two serials, "Rewind," and "Naked High." His masterpiece, however, is the novel "Dance of a Lifetime." If you haven't read DoaL yet, haven't met Warren and Sophia, go. Right. Now.

Nick writes many stories, but his masterpiece is the serial novel "Summer Camp," currently in Book 3 of four projected books in the novel. How can you not like a main character named Paul?? Of course, this Paul has gotten more action in two summers than I've gotten in my entire life, but still....

Reverend Cotton Mather
The good reverend writes the "Playing the Game" series, revolving around soccer star and all-around good kid Sean Porter.

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