The Ultimate Taboo The Beginning

by Single Mom

I was sitting in my office staring out of my window at snow flakes the size of corn flakes. They were coming down so hard now that I couldn't see the building across the street from ours. My two girls were home from school for a snow day, and I was a little concerned about that. Alicia was only seven, but Eliese was almost fourteen and old enough to accept some responsibility. I hoped.

I issued my daily stream of profanities aimed at my ex-husband, who was probably home fucking his barley legal girlfriend while I sat here and worried about how I was going to get home to take care of my kids. Our kids.

I held out until lunch time, then decided that if I didn't leave then, I may not get home at all. I picked up the phone and dialed my boss's extension. "Samantha, this is Terri. My kids are home alone, and if I don't get out of here now, God knows what time I'll get home."

"Oh my God, Terri! Of course sweetheart. I thought you were gone already; get the hell out of here and take care of those two beautiful daughters of yours."

Samantha always made a big fuss over my kids whenever she saw them. Divorced and with no kids of her own, she always regretted not having kids, because she had devoted her life to running her late father's modeling agency. Much to her worthless ex-husband's chagrin.

Getting home to take care of my kids was easier said than done. The main streets in town were plowed as much as they could keep them plowed. Unfortunately, the back roads that I had to take to get home, were a mess. I don't think I ever got up to five miles an hour, and had to drive in the center of the crown top road to keep from sliding into a ditch next to the road. Not to mention that my wipers couldn't keep up with the falling snow. I literally had to drive with my legs pressed together to keep from peeing in my pants.

After I managed to work my way from the driveway to my front door, I heard the TV blaring, but no kids. I called out to the kids, but got no answer, so I walked upstairs to the girls' room. I was pissed because they were upstairs playing in their room with every light in the house on and the TV blaring. My anger had nothing to do with global warming, but with my bank account.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I noticed that the girls' door was open, but there were no sounds coming from the room. When I stepped into the room, I nearly passed out. Now there were sounds, sounds of soft moans and heavy breathing. Both girls were naked, Eliese was on top of Alicia, and they were dry fucking furiously. It's no wonder that they didn't hear me come in.

I was sure that Catholic Nuns were getting more sex than I was, and if these weren't my kids, I may have even been turned on by what was happening before my very eyes. But they were my kids, and they were both girls!

Alicia was the first to see me, and she tried gallantly to push her sister off of her. But it was obvious from her grinding hips that Eliese was on the very brink of an orgasm, and was having no part of it. Until she heard me scream.

Eliese flew off the bed like a scalded dog in heat, while a frightened Alicia simply lay there in tears. "She's just a child," I yelled at Eliese, "But you should know better. Now you get in my fucking room and don't come out until I tell you to."

Alicia remained on her back, sobbing. "I didn't wanna do it, Mommy, but Eliese tol' me to."

I sat on the edge of her bed and brushed loose strands of hair from her sweaty face. "I know, baby, it's okay, Mommy is going to have a long talk with Eliese. I glanced down at her pubic mound and noticed that it was rubbed raw.

I told her not to get up, and went to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of Gold Bond medicated body lotion.

Alicia stared wide eyed at me as I slowly applied body lotion to her red pubic mound. When she first felt the cold lotion on her pubic mound, she jumped, and then as I lightly rubbed the lotion in, her legs slowly came open in anticipation of what she hoped would follow.

I fought a losing battle with my moral sense of right and wrong as I slipped my fingers over her pubic mound and down into her vaginal crease. She made a short, jerky motion when my finger touched her small clitoris. I looked up into her distorted face and asked, "Does this feel better, baby?"

"Uh huh," she grunted, her hips moving almost imperceptibly.

Once again, I cursed my ex. I should be in my bedroom being fucked by him, not in here jilling my seven-year-old daughter.

When I slipped my finger lower and pushed it in between her labia, I could swear that I felt a torn hymen. I slipped my finger past where it should be, and into her vagina, confirming what I thought. Alicia arched her back and began to move her hips. This was not the first time that she had been fucked by a finger.

It was as if my hand took on a mind of its own. In spite of my best efforts not to, I was fucking her pussy with my finger and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

I'm not sure if it was what I was doing, or who it was that was doing it to her, but she obviously went over the top, thrusting her hips and wildly fucking my finger as I pressed my thumb hard against her clitoris. My own panties were drenched as I helped her through her orgasm.

* * * * *

I was sick to my stomach over what I'd just done, and I actually went into the bathroom and threw up over it. How could I have let this happen? I was a mother, and mothers don't masturbate their children. I was certain that Alicia would end up telling Eliese because they were that close, and how was I supposed to chastise Eliese for what she'd done, when what I'd done was even worse?

And then there was the lesbian aspect of it. Were my kids lesbians, or were they simply kids, experimenting with their sexuality. The only lesbian I knew was my boss, Samantha, and I could hardly discuss this with her.

After I'd calmed down some, I went to my room to talk to Eliese. I'd told her to stay there until I talked to her, and I couldn't delay that talk much longer, although I had no idea of what I was going to say. She was still naked, sitting on the edge of my bed with her legs clamped shut, and her arms crossed over her breast.

"It's a little late for modesty, isn't it?" I said.

"Mom, I—" she began, then dropped her arms and folded her hands on her lap. Her breasts were larger than I'd remembered, and I couldn't help noticing how she seemed to have matured.

"What the hell got into you, Eliese? Do you have any idea of how sore you made your sister? You nearly rubbed her raw."

"Mom, I'm sorry."

"And what about you? Are you sore?"

"Noooo—Well maybe just a little," she said softly.

I reached out and parted her thighs then rummaged through her pubic hair with my fingers to check for redness, and that's when that queasy feeling returned to the pit of my stomach. "You have some redness there," I told her. "Do you want to put some lotion on it, or do you want me to do it for you?"

"You—" was all she managed to get past her quivering lips.

I went into the master bathroom and retrieved a bottle of body lotion, a can of shaving cream, a razor, a pair of scissors, a large beach towel, a wash cloth, a hand mirror, and a pan of warm water. "This will be easier if we get rid of all that hair," I explained.

"I—I guess," she whispered.

I had her lie on the large beach towel and placed two pillows under her hips to get a good angle for shaving. I then used the scissors to trim the longer hair, ending up with a short brush cut. I glanced up over her pubic mound to check her reaction. Her eyes were wide and glazed, staring intently, as she chewed on her lower lip with some uncertainty.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked.

"Uh huh."

"You're sure? Because I'll understand if you're too embarrassed."

She clamped her eyes shut and gripped the bed covers with her fist. "It's okay, Mom," she managed to say.

When I placed the warm washcloth on her pussy to dampen her pubic hair, she jumped.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby. Are you okay?"

"Uh huh—uh huh."

The hair between her legs was sparse, and there was practically none around her anus, but I washed there anyway, just to get a bird's eye view of the insides of her pussy. I watched as her labia swelled with excited blood right before my eyes. Her clitoris was a small peanut peeking out, and her pussy was wet enough to drink from. I suddenly realized why Samantha was a lesbian.

I shook the shaving cream can, sprayed the foam on my left hand, and applied it to her pussy with my right.

I began to shave about a half inch at a time, rinsing the razor frequently, while Eliese bravely gripped the bed covers to get over her embarrassment and fear of being cut.

When I finished, including the few light strands of hair around her rectum, I held up the hand mirror so that she could peer into it from over her pubic mound and check my work. "See, no cuts or nicks, so I don't get to kiss it and make it all better," I teased.

I couldn't imagine what was going through her mind. She had sat in my room forever, wondering what her punishment would be, and here I was talking about kissing her pussy and making it better. I was totally conflicted, knowing that what I was doing was wrong, but God help me, I was unable to keep from doing it.

As I reached for the bottle of lotion, I realized just how wet my panties were. Should I change them, or should I simply take them off, or should I get totally naked? I decided to leave that up to Eliese. "Honey, would you be more comfortable if Mommy were naked as well?

Her eyes were like tea saucers. She looked like a thirteen-year-old child again as she nodded her head in the affirmative. "Uh huh," she whispered.

I slowly stood up and stared into her eyes as I unbuttoned my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. Her eyes were wide and riveted to the wet crotch of the white hip hugger panties that hid my hairless pussy from her view. I unbuttoned my blouse and removed it, tossing it across the room. I next reached back and unsnapped my 36C bra, then tossed to where my blouse had landed. And then, with great exhibitionism, I very slowly pushed my panties over my hips and ass, watching the look on her face as I pushed them down to expose my shaved pussy. I then shoved them down to the floor where I stepped out of them and my skirt which lay in a bundle at my feet.

I placed my right hand on my cocked right hip, struck a pose and said, "Do you like it?"

She nodded her head in the affirmative and reached down to touch her pussy. I took the bottle of lotion and squeezed it, causing a white stream of lotion to fall into a puddle on her pubic mound.

"Now rub that in good," I instructed as she began to slowly massage the lotion onto her pubic mound.

"Don't forget to apply it to the insides as well," I said, watching her every move.

She spread her legs wider, then slipped her lotion laden hand over her pubic mound and onto her clitoris. She used her left hand to fondle her right breast and pinch her right nipple, which grew in size as I watched.

I held the bottle of lotion over her pubic mound and squeezed, sending a stream of milky lotion over her mound, and running down into her pussy. The angle caused by the two pillows under her hips made it easy for her to slip her hand lower, and insert at fingers into her vagina, as she bucked her hips.

I couldn't stop myself now if you held a gun to my head. I squeezed lotion onto my right hand and began to rub it into my pussy, paying special attention to the wet folds of flesh that were my swollen labia. My eyes were locked on her finger plunging in and out of her pussy with increased speed and force. It was obvious that Eliese had been here and done this before. With her younger sister no doubt.

We were soon in sync with the other, each catching the other's rhythm, mouths open, eyes wide, the sound of fingers thrusting in wet pussies, spurred on by the expression of passion on the other's face. It soon became obvious that Eliese was on the very brink of an orgasm, legs stiffening, buttocks clenched, saliva drooling from parted lips, soft moans of passion, and yelled profanities. "Oh Fuck!" Eliese cried out, now oblivious to my presence in the room as she chased her orgasm.

She had a head start on me, but I was determined to join her in her orgasm, and I worked hard to catch up. I reached for the elusive G-spot hidden in the upper wall of my vagina, but it was the distorted look of passion on my daughter's face that carried me over the top in a strong, simultaneous orgasm that brought me to my knees.

* * * * *

How do you face your kids at the breakfast table after what we had done the previous night? The girls were as embarrassed as I was, and we all tried to pretend that nothing had happened. But it had, and in the cruel light of passion spent, I was once again sick to my stomach.

I had the difficult task of explaining to the kids that what happened should never have happened, and would never happen again. I'm sure that they were both confused by my 180 degree turn around, but the throwing up in the bathroom went a long way to convince them that I was serious. I wished that I was as convinced as they were.

Both Alicia and Eliese were delighted to hear that today would be another snow day at school because some of the roads were not clear enough to put kids on school busses. I had spent an anxious hour at the breakfast table making them both aware that what happened last night was a taboo subject, and they were not to discuss it with anyone. I also warned them both that I might come home early again today, and I did not want to find what I found yesterday. They both promised that nothing would happen, which was a little like a chocla-holic promising that she wouldn't eat the bon bons, but I had no choice but to except their word.

That day didn't go well at work. Along with my own problems, we had trouble with some of the models. Some were late to the shoot because of bad roads, and some never showed up, And then there was the almost daily problem of "Models Mommies," the mothers of some of our child models who were always unhappy about something or other. It was my job to calm people down, and make things work.

At about 11:30 that morning, Samantha came into my office and offered to help me handle the irate photographers who were left sitting in their studio with no one to shoot. When things slowed down some, Samantha asked about the girls. She wanted to know how long it took me to get home, and if everything was okay when I got there.

Since I was bursting to talk to someone, why not Samantha? she loved my kids, and being gay, she might have some idea of what would make the kids do what they did. Obviously, I would not go beyond my catching the kids in bed, and not tell her about my part in it.

"If you believe in God, then get down on your knees and thank Her," she said when I told her about the kids. "I mean after all, Terri, it doesn't mean that your kids are gay, but it's a start. Admit it Terri, didn't it turn you on when you walked in on them?"

"No!—Well maybe just a little," I admitted after a long pause. "But that doesn't mean that I'm gay."

Samantha stepped close to me and whispered, "Let's find out," and she took my face in her two hands and kissed me on the lips, softly, tenderly, several times.

What I did next was by sheer habit and without thinking. I shoved my tongue in her mouth, and she began to suck on it. Not so softly, not so tenderly. The next thing I knew, we were involved in a wild and passionate embrace, our tongues becoming heavily involved. It was the first time I'd ever kissed another woman like that, and I found it to be quite erotic.

And then, suddenly, Samantha broke off the kiss, and went to my office door and locked it.

Next: Samantha is invited to spend the weekend with Terri and the girls.

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