These stories involve the greatest of taboos, that of boys having sex with their own mothers.

Sometimes a mother seduces her son. Other times it is the other way round. Either way, even if there is some initial hesitation, these lustful mummys and their horny sons find exquisite fulfillment in fucking each other. Most importantly of all, the sex between mothers and sons is invariably unrestrained, unashamed, uninhibited, and utterly depraved. After all, if a woman and her son have broken the most profound of taboos by engaging in a sexual relationship with each other in the first place, then there is little to stop the pair of them from going all the way and indulging in every imaginable sordidness with each other; anal-sex, facials, tit-fucking, fisting, watersports, and a whole lot more besides.

Exactly how these sublime mothers and sons get together varies. Sometimes it's by accident, such as in Toyboy Son, where a horny 15-year-old boy corresponds anonymously with a thirty-something nymphomaniac via a contact magazine, only to find out, when they finally meet, that it's his own mum. On other occasions it may even be a more profound and loving attraction that brings out their latent desires, as in the romantic tale, A Maternal Affair. Some mums may simply believe in a 'hands on' approach to sex-education, such as in Anal Sex For Beginners.

More frequently it is simply out of practicality and convenience. If a frustrated single-mother spends her lonely nights masturbating in her bed and wishing she had a horny stud to fuck her senseless, and her teenaged son is in the next room jerking off and wishing he had a willing lady to fuck senseless, then it seems sensible for them to put aside their inhibitions and indulge in a bit of mutual fun. There may be a taboo against such antics, but even if it is his own mother, what perpetually horny adolescent boy could resist a beautiful mature woman should she beg him to slide his throbbing teen cock into her willing mouth, her furry cunt or her tight rectum?

If a lustful mummy has more than one son, then she can surely throw away her vibrator for good, and in the Mother/Sons and Daughters section below, she may have both sexes to vent her incestuous lusts upon.

Saucy Sue II

(Incest - mother/son, anal, oral, teen, big breasts, lingerie))

Susan and her 17-year-old son Ricky continue their wanton activities as fuck-buddies, with Susan coming up with new ideas to turn on her perpetually horny son. Ricky, in the meantime, has a big crush on a girl and the feeling seems to be mutual, so how will this potentially blossoming romance for the teenager affect his horny antics with his mother?

Lisa, Mum & Me

((Incest - mother/son, teen, group (FFm), oral, anal, chubby, facials, first, big-breasts, felching) )

After a slightly drunken girl's-night-in, a divorcee named Helen recruits her 15-year-old son Steve to satisfy her chubby, big-breasted, sex-starved friend, Lisa. Steve and 29-year-old Lisa find a great deal of mutual pleasure in fucking each other, but Helen is rather sex-starved herself, and starts having the urge to be more than just a spectator in her son and her friend's lewd trysts.

Saucy Sue

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, anal, oral, teen, big-breasts, WS)

When 37-year-old Susan finds out her horny 17-year-old son has placed an advert in a contact magazine, seeking a mature slut for some sexy fun, she decides to reply anonymously. Adopting the nickname "Saucy Sue", she pours out her sordid fantasies to her son and eventually arranges to meet him. The question is, will the boy be willing to fuck "Saucy Sue" even when he finds out that she is none other than his mum?

Anal Sex For Beginners

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, anal, oral, first, teen, facials, Fm, fm)

Tommy is a little nervous because his 17-year-old girlfriend, Helen, has proposed that they try anal-sex sometime. Tommy is only 15 and not quite the experienced stud that he has made himself out to be. He thinks that he won't know how to do it properly. Fortunately, his open-minded mother is more than happy to give Tommy a quick lesson in sodomistical techniques, and not just a theoretical lesson either.

Christmas Presents: Part II

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, teen, oral, anal, cum, lesbian, threesome (Fmf), felching)

Teenaged siblings Patrick and Tracy are happy to continue the sordid fuck sessions they first indulged in after a drunken Christmas Party. Their mother, however, is feeling guilty about fucking her son. She gets into bed with Patrick on New Year's Eve but once again it is only because she is drunk, and she regrets it in the morning. Patrick and Tracy can tell, however, that it's only a matter of time before their horny mum finally gives in to her urges and decides to join in the regular incestuous sessions her offspring enjoy.

Christmas Presents: Part I

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, teen, oral, anal, cum)

Two siblings, 17-year-old Patrick and his 15-year-old sister Tracy, fail to get lucky at a Christmas party and return home without the company of a member of the opposite sex. So, the horny pair end up fucking each other. Later, their mother comes home, drunk and horny, and Patrick's cock is put to further incestuous use.

Playing With Mummy

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, Fb, pedo, bathing, anal, oral, breasts)

At the tender age of 8, Sammy is getting very good at the games his mother likes to play with him in the bath and in bed.

Centrefold Mum

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, first, teen, oral, anal, pornography, toys)

A teenaged boy discovers that his mother has recently posed for a pornographic magazine, and in it she confessed her sexual frustration and lust for a young stud. He decides to use this information to his advantage and sets about seducing his mother and relieve both his sexual frustration and her's.

Toyboy Son

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, teen, oral, anal, WS, mild-scat)

Sixteen-year-old Daniel has been corresponding with a horny older woman he met through a contact magazine. One weekend, they decide to meet on a blind-date for a rampant sex-session that will release the pent-up sexual desires they've shared in their letters. Daniel is shocked, to say the least, when the anonymous woman he has been corresponding with turns out to be his own mother, and his mum, Lynn, is likewise a little taken aback.
However, they've already booked the hotel-room, and with them both horny and having been anticipating a day of wild fucking, Daniel and Lynn decide that a little thing like them being mother and son shouldn't force them to cancel their lustful plans.

A Maternal Affair Part II: My Mother Is My Girlfriend

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, teen, oral, anal, cum, uniform, spank, WS, enema, rom)

A year after they began their sexual relationship, sexy single mother Debbie and her 15-year-old son Jake engage in a night of steamy passion. The pair of them also begin communicating with fellow incest-lovers over the internet, the exchange of stories and pictures serving to inspire Debbie and Jake to further heights of delicious sex. However, amidst all the fun of sodomy, enemas, kinky uniforms and spanking, the mother and son do need to have a little talk about just where their relationship is going.

Suburban Slut Mother

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, slutwife, teen, 3some (Fmm), group (MFmmm), facial, d-pen, t-pen, anal)

37-year-old Lucy Sweeting can't get enough of sex, but fortunately she not only has an energetic husband, she has two teenaged sons and several neighbourhood boys who are glad to help satisfy the wanton slut. On the typical afternoon chronicled here, she is double-fucked, triple-fucked, sodomized, cummed on...and still wants more.

A Mother's Three Studs

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/sons, teen, first, oral, anal, heavy-scat, WS, group (Fmmb), triple-pen, fist)

Bethany is a beautiful and busty 36 year old divorcee who decides to make her depraved fantasies a reality. She seduces her three sons, who are aged 11, 13 and 14. A total anal-addict, Bethany has the boys fuck her up the arse as frequently as possible, her guts flooded constantly by the seemingly endless spunky outpourings from her son's tireless peckers. Soon enough, Bethany heats things up with some wild toilet-sex activity, encouraging the boys to eat her shit fresh from her gorgeous behind, and she in turn obliges the boys to shit and piss all over her, there being nothing to extreme for this ultra-kinky mother!

A Maternal Affair

Zipped text version

(Incest - mum/son, anal, WS, teen, cum, facials)

Debbie is a petite 30-year-old blonde single mother. Her son Jake is 14 and in the grip of raging hormones. In a manner that is both charmingly clumsy and refreshingly niave, mother and son begin to tentatively explore each other sexually. First off, Debbie shows her curious son her wonderful body, and then they son engage in some mutual masturbation. Things get steadily steamier until they hit their hardcore climax.

Mum's Party

Zipped text version

(Incest voyeur - son watching mum, oral, anal, buk, teen, mast, group (MMM/F)

A cock-hungry single mother named Julie regularly gets gang-banged by groups of men. One day her 13 year old son Jason asks to watch his mummy getting fucked by three guys.

Mum's 40th Birthday Present

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/sons, group FMmb, anal, T-pen, pedo, facials)

On the day of her birthday, Charlotte is feeling a bit lonely. Luckily, she's given a fantastic present - namely the hard cocks of her three young sons, Brad (aged 18), Bruce (15) and Jimmy (11). Will their libidinous attentions and heated imaginations be enough to satisfy mummy?

Masturbating in Mum's Arse

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, oral, anal, teen)

A little tale of a 13-year-old boy who's mother comes up with a mutually enjoyable method to satisfy their libidos.

Mum's Discovery

Zipped text version
(Incest - mum/son, anal, teen)

Being hung like a horse is not all it's cracked up to be, as 18-year-old James finds out when his large cock scares off a girlfriend! Luckily, mummy is prepared to take on the challenge.

Danny's Mum

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, bi (bb) group (Fbb) anal, double-pen)

Danny is only 10, but he's got a lot of nerve! When he and his 11-year-old friend Cory start fantasizing about sex, Danny just brazenly strolls down the stairs and asks his mum for a fuck. Luckily, Danny's mother is rather liberal - and horny - and so takes the boys to her bedroom to make men of them.

Mother's Whorehouse 2: Fresh Butts

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, mother/daughter, pedo, teen, anal, first, group, prostitution, drugs)

The whorehouse is still going strong, and Randy finds the time to organize a couple of exceptional birthday orgies, first for his mother, then for his teenage wife.Shortly afterwards, a whore recommends her 11-year-old daughter as a potential employee, and Randy agrees to give the pre-teen minx a 'test drive' to ensure she's as well versed in sex as her mother claims. When two more young lolitas want to become whores, Randy and his mother are only too happy to check the girl's fuck-skills too.

Mother's Whorehouse

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, teen, pedo, anal, prostitution, bi, group, interacial, drugs)

Being raised in a New York brothel by his sex-mad, neo-hippy mother, with a lot of hookers in close proximity is, for young Randy, just as fantastic as you would have thought! He's seduced at the age of 12 by Andrea, the big-breasted anarchist hooker who co-owns the whorehouse. Several years and plenty of sexual adventures later, Randy is seduced by his mum and incest joins sodomy, under-age sex, drug taking and orgies as his favorite hobbies. Just as eager to join in is Jennifer, the beautiful 15-year-old girl Randy falls in love with.

Mother/Sons & Daughters Stories

If a woman is liberated enough to fuck her own son, she is liberated enough to swing both ways and, where applicable, throw her daughter(s) into the mix. These lucky mature matrons of obscenity have a choice of cocks or pussies awaiting their attention, and for many of them, watching their sons and daughters fuck each other is just as exciting as having them fuck her.

Small Boys And Horny Women

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, brother/sister, bi (bb, FF), anal, pedo, masturbation)

Aroused by a pornographic magazine they've just discovered, 11-year-old Kevin and his friend, 12-year-old Philip, engage in a spot of mutual-masturbation which soon leads to fucking each other in the arse, just to "see what it's like". Their activities are discovered by Kevin's 21-year-old sister Kate, who decides to harness the infinite libidos of the randy rascals to satisfy her own limitless desires. She watches the pre-teen kids fuck each other's tight boy-bums then has them fuck her. It isn't long before the boy's mothers - attractive, divorced and sex-starved - are seduced into the orgies too.

Draining Danny Dry

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/daughters/son, brother/sisters, oral, anal, light-bondage, first, mast, group (FFFb))

Emma, a sex-mad divorcee, fulfils her fantasies of fucking her bisexual daughters, 22-year-old Catherine and 20-year-old Melanie. After a week of fucking, Emma decides it's time to get her youngest child, Danny, involved. The 12-year-old boy can't believe how much fun it is fucking his mum and sisters and he is soon willingly tied to a bed whilst the depraved ladies drain his balls of his sperm.

Sally: Mother, Nymphomaniac, Porn-Star and Pimp

Zipped text version

(Incest - whole family, pedo, first, teen, oral, anal, group, WS, pregnant)

A wild, full-length novel about Sally, a single, 35-year-old sex-starved nympho, and her three adolescent children.
After her two teenage sons discover their mum is an ex-porn star, Sally reacts by re-living her promiscious youth by seducing her two sons, and then their kid sister! Amidst all the subsequent incestuous orgies with her children, Sally finds the time to go back into making hardcore XXX films, with her younger two children joining her in the porn industry which leads to further opportunities of sex and depravity!The eldest son, meanwhile, becomes a gigolo, satisfying the sexual appetites of his insatiable mum as well as her wealthy, sex-starved female friends.

Jack's Christmas Present

Zipped text version

(Incest - mother/son, mother/daughter, brother/sister, sisters, oral, anal, first, teen, les, group (FFfm))

Jack, a randy 14 year old boy, is about to get the best Christmas present ever - his sex-starved mother and his two gorgeous sisters, 21 year old Chloe and 18 year old Gemma, in bed with him!

Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Eve Party

Zipped text version

(Incest - whole family, oral, anal, les, felching, group (MFFmmff), double/triple pen, facials)

A week after being seduced by his mum and two older sisters, 14 year old Jack introduces his Uncle Donald and Donald's 14 year old daughter Sarah and 13 year old son, Kevin, into the incestuous circle. The seven of them - mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and cousins - all have a hot and steamy family-fuck-party to see in 2003!


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