The yearning for the delights of a young girl's flesh beckons every man's libido, to various degrees, and what finer specimen could a man find than that of a girl that sprang from his own loins? And should a young girl wish to surrender her virginity to a strong older man, then why not dearest daddy?

In these fantasies, father/daughter relationships are intimate to an outlandish degree, and regardless of how young they are - whether eight or eighteen - these sweet Daddy's Girls are both enthusiastic and willing in draining their loving father's balls dry. Courtesy of their horny dads, these girls regularly have incestuous loads of steaming cum dumped on their faces, spurted down their throats, blasted into their tender cunts, and pumped up their tight rectums.

In some cases it is the father who, in the grip of intense desire, seduces his little girl and spirits away her maidenheads, such as in Gemma. In other cases it is the daughter herself who falls in love with her father and, with a small amount of cunning and a lot of bravado, leaps upon his libido and takes the cock that gave her life in her tight orifices, as is the plan devised by the two pre-teen minxes in Seductive Little Girls.

Any father who indulges in incest with his daughters can hardly condemn sex between brothers and sisters, and so in stories like Relative Relations a generous daddy shares his daughter(s) with his son.

Teen Slut Slaves

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(Incest - father/daughter, uncle/niece, cousins, oral, anal, teen, les (ff), 3some(Mff))

Gary is a single father with a beautiful 14-year-old daughter, Suzie. Currently he is also taking care of his 13-year-old niece, Katie, who is a bit of a mischief maker. Thanks to being sexually frustrated, Gary can't help but join in when he catches Suzie and Katie up to some rather sordid antics in bed together and he proceeds to recruit them to satisfy his lewd whims.

Pre-Teen Whores 2

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(Incest - father/daughter, brother/sister, bi (Mm), WS, pedo, teen, oral, anal, double-pen, prostitution, 3some (mgg + mmg), group (mmmggg)

The three schoolgirl whores continued to service the randy young men in their neighbourhood. Sandy and Laura even proposition Sandy's big brother, who gladly hands over some pocket change to indulge in a threesome with his own little sister and her friend, and later he has all three girls service him and his flatmates in a depraved six-way orgy.
12-year-old Karen amuses herself with two 15-year-old twins who double-fuck and then spit-roast her, and later she finds a new customer in the form of a kinky youth who likes to watch little girls piss. Amidst all this depravity, the trio of pre-teen whores fuck Karen's dad at every opportunity, and Karen even manages to find the time to get herself a boyfriend, a former client named Patrick. In fact, she even talks 13-year-old Patrick into selling his anal-cherry to a wealthy boy-lover.

Pre-Teen Whores

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(Incest - father/daughter, pedo, teen, first, prostitution, les, oral, anal, groups (Mggg, bbggg))

For the last two-years, 12-year-old Karen has been having wild sexual relations with her divorced father. Being a considerate girl, Karen shares her father with her friends, 11-year-olds Laura and Sandy, and the trio of pre-teen sluts drain the horny father's balls dry. They're still not satisfied though, and one day Karen comes up with a great plan. She, and Laura and Sandy, enjoy sex, and they also like shopping. Therefore, Karen explains to her friends, why not become hookers? They can fuck guys, have fun doing it, get paid and then hit the shopping malls.
The three pubescent nymphos whore themselves out, first to complete strangers and then, when that doesn't hold it's appeal for long, they set about servicing the randy teenaged boys in the neighbourhood.

Seductive Little Girls

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(Incest - father/daughter, pedo, oral, anal, double-pen, les (gg) group (MMgg) WS, first)

An incest story with a little twist- it's the children who instigate things! Melanie, aged 10, and her friend Jenny, 8, indulge in a spot of mutual masturbation. They become eager to learn more about sex, and promptly set about seducing their father's. The divorced dads unable to resist their little girls, who they deflower and proceed to fuck in everyway possible in a string of wild, hard-core orgies.


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(Incest - brother/sister, mum/dad/daughter, threesome (MFg) pedo, first, anal, oral, facial, fist,)

Ted and Carol are a brother and sister who live as man and wife. Their incestuous relationship has given them an adorable little girl, 10 year old Gemma. The child discovers her parents fucking one night and soon goes from being an enthusiastic spectator to a willing participant in her mum and dad's sex life.

My Daughters

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(Incest - father/daughters, sisters, heavy-scat, anal, teen, pedo, first, WS, group)

A sexually-frustrated divorcee, Steve spends his time on 'lolita' and incest sites on the internet, his initial sexual-interest in his two young daughters soon blooming into full-blown desire for them. When his elder daughter, 16-year-old Helen, discovers the sort of sites daddy visits, she eagerly satisfies his incestuous ambitions. It isn't long before Helen's 12-year-old sister Melissa joins in, and soon the three of them ascend to the most wild and depraved orgies.

Sinful Daughters

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(Incest - sisters, father/daughters, teen, pedo, first, WS, anal, toys, les (Ff fg) group (Mfg MMFf))

A very conservative and religious man, Jesse is still having difficulty accepting the fact that his 19-year-old daughter, Alice, is a lesbian. He is horrified when he catches Alice having sex with her 12-year-old sister, Hannah. Celibate since the death of his wife a decade ago, Jesse's libido is very frustrated and his outrage hides his latent arousal. Alice and Hannah, wicked young ladies that they are, set about manipulating and seducing their father into the pleasures of the flesh.

Relative Relations

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(Incest - father/daughters, brother/sisters, teen, first, oral, anal, WS, light-scat)

A single parent, Craig Stephenson makes a fresh start by moving to a big house in the country with his three children; 22-year-old Laura, 15-year-old Ricky and Jennifer, aged 13.
Soon, the father and his eldest daughter are drawn closer together, and whilst Craig and Laura consumate their passion, Ricky and Jennifer meanwhile turn to each other to satisfy their adolescent curiosity about the facts of life.


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