Buying a Toilet Slave

Jenny had been naked for 8 years. She didn't even own cloths; she didn't need to. Maybe in that time she had worn some sort of lingerie, something skimpy and revealing, for her master, but other than that, nothing. Collars, cuffs, and piercing jewelry didn't count, of course. And after 8 years, things had not changed now, even though she was out of the house and in a van.

She had been out before - this wasn't the first time in 8 years, but it was a rarity. Sometimes she and the other girls were transported from the house to somewhere else to entertain and to serve. They were often taken out to swinger clubs and S&M bars and the like, but they were not clothed for such outings. Every so often, the master would take them into the yard, down to the park, or even out onto the streets, but the point of this was to show off there nakedness and humiliate them with it.

So Jenny sat naked, a little embarrassed as cars stopped next to the van at stoplights. There was a lot of pointing, so hoots and hollers, some degrading comments. It was amazing how many people either didn't notice or pretended that they didn't. She was silent, a little forlorn - she knew exactly why she was being taken from the house and it upset her, though she would not let it show.

The van pulled into the motel parking lot. It was a little shitty hole-in-the-wall place, the kind most people pay by the hour, and they don't pay much. The sort of motel no one ever slept in cause the beds where cheap, the bed-dressings never clean, the heater or AC broken, and if you weren't covered by the sheets when you slept, you would probably feel all kinds of things crawling over you during the night.

This is where cheap whores fucked drug dealers for crack; sometimes they didn't even get a room, like the couple in the parking lot. The strung out blonde - she probably wasn't even eighteen, but the years on the streets had withered her youth already - was bent over the trunk of a rusty Cadillac, her saggy tits hanging out of her top and flopping in the wind while some big black dude fucked not-so-gently her from behind. He had a couple friends standing around the car, probably waiting their turn with her.

The van parked about as far from the actual motel building as could be. "Room 14," the driver said and handed Jenny the key.

She took it and hopped out of the car, trying to seem brave. Hesitation would have been punished harshly, and she did not want to displease. She made her way across the parking lot, the pavement cold on her bare feet; her path took her past the little gangbang, and the men called after her, saying they could use another bitch, but she shook her head and declined. She was worried they would come after her, but they seemed content with the women they had. As she walked by, Jenny noted that the blond was taking it up her ass, and on her face was not an expression of pleasure. Jenny could relate.

Jenny walked up to the motel, only to find that she was nowhere near room fourteen, and she had to walk around most of the building, which left her exposed to the highway on the other side. It was late, but not that late, and with the floor lights on, she was clearly visible to everyone driving by. She could tell from the honks. Also, she had to walk past the main lobby door in full few of the two fourteen year olds nervously renting a room and the scurvy old man who worked the counter; he stopped leering at the young girl at the counter long enough to stare at Jenny the entire time she was in view. She kept her head high, though, and acted like none of it bothered her, but she was shaking inside.

Room fourteen, here is was. She unlocked the door and stepped inside. The room was dark with the shades drawn and one light on, a small, dim table light right by the door. The rest of the room was simple blackness.

"Lock the door," a voice said from the shadows in the far corner. Jenny was started that someone was already there since the door had been locked, but she quickly complied. She was used to doing exactly what she was told when she was told.

"You know why you are here?"

Jenny nodded. "My master is selling me and you are a potential buyer."

"Yes. I am here to test you." The voice was deep, a man's voice, but that was to be expected. It seemed commanding, almost regal. This was either an important person, or someone who thought he was. Of course, in Jenny's experience, most people who own slaves think they are important. But this one demanded obedience, and that was a trait she liked in a master, not that she had a choice. She had met some masters who were weak but whose slaves did what they said because that's what the slave actually wanted to do. The slave held the power in those relationships. Jenny would hate such an arrangement. "You understand that?"


"And if I am not pleased, I will not be buying you."

"I understand."

"You don't want to leave your master do you?"

"No, sir. I love him very much. I have served him faithfully for many years. I am sad that he is selling me, but I knew that it was coming."

"So you will perform poorly so that I don't take you."

"No, sir!" She was actually insulted that he had said that. "I was told to come here and do my best to please you, and I will do exactly that! It would be disrespectful to you and my master to do less. I may not want to be bought, but what I want doesn't matter to anyone. If you do not buy me, I am sure my master will punish me severely, whether I did everything you wanted or not."

"I'm sure he would, too," the voice replied. There was amusement in it; Jenny could hear the smile. "You understand your position exactly. I'm glad. Tell me about yourself."

"About myself?" That had surprised Jenny. Most people didn't care much about the person, just the flesh.

"Yes. I want to know about the girl I am purchasing. It won't affect my decision, but I am curious. It's part of my voyeuristic nature I suppose."

"Okay. Um, I'm twenty-four. I have been a slave for 8 years now. When I was six, my parent's died in a car accident. I didn't have much family: a grandmother who lived in a home and could not take me. I think I had an aunt and uncle in Europe somewhere that my grandmother wanted me to be sent too, but instead I was shipped off to an estranged aunt. My grandmother, I recall, cried a lot at that decision, saying that my aunt had married a worthless bum and my life would be ruined.

"I guess it was. My aunt and uncle got the inheritance and insurance money, but they were supposed to spend it on my up keeping, and I would get the rest when I was eighteen. They never quite followed that. They had a son, Joey, who was ten years older than me. When I turned eight, Joey decided it would be cool to have his own little sex toy, and I fit the bill. At first, it wasn't so bad, he'd come into my room most nights and fucking me in my bed or when my aunt and uncle were drunk and drugged up, we'd fuck in our rooms just to pass the time and stay out of their way. I used to think that it meant that he loved and would protect me - my uncle was rather abusive when drunk, and my aunt was only a little better. But Joey never did - in fact he would go out of his way to get me in trouble or deflect his own beating on to me.

"Then, a couple months after we started, Joey started to use me to pay off his drug dealers. A few times a week, after school, he'd take me around to this other guy's house and I'd have to fuck him. Sometime they would do me together. First time I had anal sex was the first time they decided to do that. Double penetration. Hurt like hell. Soon, more guys were joining in, doing whatever they wanted to me. I was just a toy. I realized Joey didn't love me, he just liked fucking me. I would still be fucking him most nights, even after doing three or four guys after school. It became a chore - it was horrible. I wanted to tell my aunt, but I knew I would end up getting beaten for it. From Joey, too. And they wouldn't believe me. It would just make everything worse.

"It wasn't long, though, until we were found out. I remember it; five guy gangbang, and I was almost 9 years old. One up ass, one in my pussy, a third in my mouth, and one in each hand. We had been going for a while and most of the guys were close to cumming. I was just hoping they would hurry up and finish. Uncle came bursting in drunk and hollering, yelling at the guys, throwing them out of his house. I thought I was saved.

"Then he yanked off his pants and decided to fuck me. He and Joey both. He said something about Joey being an idiot for letting other guys do me for free. After that day, I was there whore. Joey and his father fucked me whenever they want - my aunt knew it was going on, but she didn't care. They would make me suck and fuck them in the living room while they watched TV right in front of her. Joey's dealer and my uncle's were free, too, but everyone else had to pay. Of course, I didn't see a dollar of it, but I there were plenty of men who came a long way to fuck a little nine-year old. Businessmen, too, rich ones who paid a lot of money.

"I got pulled from school and registered as a home-school child. I got my own little shack out of it, too, a shed in the back yard with a big bed. My uncle had plumbing installed, which actually surprised me, but I guess clients would want a clean girl. When a client was coming over, they leave an envelope for my uncle and come to my shed and fuck me. I probably got fucked for free a few times, but I didn't really care. A man would show up at m door, I would get naked and let them do whatever they wanted to me. Every day, same thing. Three, four time a day, sometimes more. Sometimes more than one guy at a time. A few times, I even had women.

"And a few months after I turned nine, I got pregnant. None of the clients used condoms; no one did. I never even had a first period. I didn't know what was happened, I just started vomiting when I woke up, and then my belly started to swell. I got a sound beating when my uncle finalized realized. Thought he would loose all of his customers. He lost some, but gained more. And he could charge more, too, the more pregnant I got. Seems that fucking a pregnant little girl is in demand.

"They fucked me thought the pregnancy. I went into labor while I was with a client. I never saw the baby - don't even know what sex it was. I don't know how he did it, but somehow my uncle was able to sell my child. The family doctor who did the delivery at our house was once of my clients. He came around the more when I was pregnant. By the end, the last two months, he was doing me just about every day. I wondered if he had a hard-on through every delivery at seeing the pregnant woman. Whatever.

"Not much really changed. I was back in my shack a week after delivery. I was pregnant again three months later. I never gained much during my pregnancies and always lost it quickly, so my body wasn't too wrecked. Uncle made sure I had a nice figure. Protected his profits. As I got older, my uncle made less and less money off of me. People didn't pay as much for a twelve year old, and even less for a fourteen year old. By sixteen, I was nothing special and had had six children, all of them sold off. So, not able to make any money whoring me out anymore, he sold me off, too.

"I still remember the day he told me he had sold me. Quick a bit of money he made, he said, though why anyone would want to buy a used, stretched cunt like me, he would never know. He told me how he would tell the police I had run away - and a few of the cops had been clients when I was younger - they would back him and investigate and very find me. When I was eighteen and not around, he would get the rest of my inheritance. All the money that was supposed to go to me would be his. From prostituting me off for eight years, selling my babies, then selling me, and getting all of my parent's money - well, he must have been fucking rich!

"My current master bought me then. When he came to pick me up, I had one bag of stuff to take with me. He told me to leave it all, even had me strip naked. Told me I wouldn't need cloths as long as I was with him. He lived two days a way, but he had tinted windows, so it wasn't too bad to be naked in his car. I sucked him off a couple of times during that trip - first time I ever gave road head. We stayed in a cheap motel that first night, little bit better than this one, though. He made me book the room naked. Sucked off the manager to get the room for free. He fucked me for hours then made me sleep on the floor.

"He told me what he wanted from. He was a slave dealer, and he was going to train me to be an obedient slave girl. I was young enough for him and the fact that I had had so many children was a plus. He bought slaves like me and bred us. I was the oldest he would breed; he wished he got me much younger. He would have done what my uncle had done but made a lot more money off of it. He said he would get me pregnant until I produced a daughter. Sons would be sold off. My daughter would grow up a slave, like me, and she would learn from me and the other slaves how please men. On her eighth birthday, he would fuck her and make her his. He would then sell me off and keep the girl, breeding her until she was sixteen. At that point, she would be where I was: when she produced a daughter, that daughter would be raised as a slave until she was eight and then the mother would be sold. He did this with all of his slaves.

"My daughter turned 8 a month ago. She had grown up naked, like all the women, watching us fuck men, learning how to fuck a man. We were all very happy, like a little family. A lot of girls of all ages, always some in various stages of pregnancy. She was happy and loved, but Master was always to be obeyed. Girls were raised to want sex and to look forward to their eighth birthday when they would finally join Master's little harem. My daughter was so excited on her birthday. Master had her lie on my stomach, sucking my tit, and he fucked her from behind. She was so happy. It's always a big deal when a girl turns eight - it was her day.

"But now that my daughter had gotten used to fucking Master, I am no longer needed, so he's selling me. I always knew he would - I've seen him do it before, plenty of times. And now I'm here."

There was silence for a few minutes, and then the voice echoed out from the darkness. "I liked that story. You may have hated your uncle, but you finally found a family and someone to love. A master who was harsh and unmoving. I think you will fit in with me, Jenny.

"Let me tell you a little about me. I do not keep as many slaves as your master, and I don't breed them. All of my girls are fixed. When I want a pregnant girl to play with, I get one from your master for a short while then return them. It's a nice little arrangement we have. I keep four slaves, always four. Each has a different primary function in my house - I have a pain slut. Not to say that I don't inflict pain on all of my girls, but she gets the brunt of it. When I want a nice, long session hurting someone, hurting them badly, I normally use her.

"Right now I'm looking for a toilet slave." Jenny stiffened at the words. "Do you know what that is?"

"Um, yes. You would . . . piss and shit on me from time to time for your enjoyment."

There was a soft chuckle. "Close. The other girls would shit and piss on your from time to time for my amusement. You would, however, serve me a bit differently. I don't use the toilet much. When I need to piss or shit, you will be my toilet. Normally this means you eat and drink it, but not always. Sometimes I will decide to play, and when I play, it will be something similar to what we are about to do now. It's a much longer session. It will not usually be like this. And you shall be given a daily antibiotic to keep the bacteria in the shit from poisoning you. Do you have any experience with scat?"

"No, sir. I don't." Jenny was extremely nervous about this now, especially the bit about being poisoned. "I had clients who would fuck my ass and then make me suck them off, but there wasn't much in the way of shit involved. Maybe a little something."

"That's a good start, actually. My last toilet had never done anything like it, not even that. It took some time, but she was eventually trained. She served me well for many years. She had a death wish, though, and I made a pact with her that while she served me, we would play some scenarios in which she could easily die. When she was really ready to go, we would device a scheme that would not fail to kill her. She finally died, quite happily and satisfied, last week.

"The plan was this: she would eat nothing but shit, drink nothing but piss. Mine, her own, all the other girls', she could have as much as she could handle, but that was all she was allowed. Each day, she was given her antibiotic and a full dose of all the essential nutrients she needed. That was it. In the end, though she was eating her fill every day, she starved to death from lack of food. She was so skinny at the end, anorexic, like a skeleton. You could see every bone in her body, but she was horny as hell for those last few months, and I did her the favor of fucking her as much as she wanted and letting her use the other girls for the same. We all miss her very much, but she was very happy.

"I'm telling you this to inform you of two things. First, we are all a family. I am a brute, to say the least, and I will hurt you, torture you, and use you for my sole pleasure, but you are not alone. Second, you will have your own satisfaction, in a way. When I am pleased with you, you will be rewarded, and well. Most of the girls learn that my pleasure is their pleasure. If you have a secret desire, let me know. You will still need to satisfy me, but if you do that well, I will work to satisfy you as well. I will also tell you this: I am good friends with your master, and should I be the one who buys you, we may be able to arrange it that you can see your daughter from time to time." Jenny perked up at that. She had thought that, after being sold, she would never see her child again. "Very few others can make such a claim.

"Now, I instructed your master to feed you only a light lunch and a light dinner, that should have been some time ago. Yes?"

"Yes," she replied, a nervous nausea sweeping through her stomach. She could see where this was going, and she was scared. While she would have tried to please him before, the fact that should he choose her to be his toilet slave, she might be able to see her daughter spurred her own. She swore then and there that she would do everything in her power to be bought by this master.

"Good. Then we shall begin." The light came on, revealing the man. He was very handsome, though older than her. Later thirties, maybe, Jenny guessed. His hair was dark brown and very neat. He was shaved, too, very well groomed. He wore a black t-shirt, but one of those really nice ones; it did not look out of place at all with his grey suit-pants and black leather dress shoes. He looked like a business man, so respectable CEO of some multi-million dollar company, though young enough to be relaxed about it. His barrel chest and thick, muscular arms shone through his shirt, giving him a look of great strength and power. He could easily overwhelm her, and that was a turn on. His eyes, beautiful and attentive, were very cold and commanding. She knew a glare from him would be chilling, and his rage would be a fearsome thing indeed. Jenny felt herself moved by this man - her first thought was that she wanted to be dominated by him, wanted him to use that strength and over-baring power on her. Just looking at him, these thoughts filling her head, was turning her on. His blue-grey eyes leveled directly at hers. "Strip me."

She responded instantly, rushing to his and pulling his shirt over his head. She quickly folded it a dropped it onto the bed. She knelt at his feet and removed his shoes one at a time, setting them neatly next to the bed, side by side. She removed each sock, move more folding these and setting them carefully next to his shirt. She fumbled briefly with his belt and pants, but got them undone. She didn't let them drop to the floor, but rather slowly peeled them down his muscular legs. When he stepped out of them, these too were folded carefully and laid down. His boxer-briefs were left, and she slipped her fingers into the waist band and slowly slid them down, being gentle and caressing his skin. His cock was already starting to rise, which she took as a good sign. Already it promised to be long and thick. She wanted to just take it into her mouth and begin sucking, but she knew restraint. If she wasn't told to do it, she didn't. She folded up his underwear and set it next to his pants.

"Excellently done. Your master has taught you well."

That was telling. While she had only ever had one master, Jenny had known and interacted with many. Some saw women as objects for sex - well, they all saw them that way, but that wasn't a bad thing. Jenny saw herself that way, and honestly, she viewed women and men as equals: all were objects for sex. But some masters just wanted sex, and their slaves only mattered when they wanted that gratification. Her master had not been like that, and this one wasn't like that, either. Women served him. That's what he wanted. To be served by her fully and completely. Many masters were like her uncle, a bully who ordered her around and beat her because he could, so hurt her so that she would fear him. Not this man; he was feared and respected, but not because he would hit her, but because he demanded it.

If he hurt her it was because he wanted to, not because he needed to. If he kept her naked like her current master, than her nakedness did not make her lower than him. She already was lower than him, and even if he was naked and she fully clothed, he would still be strong and commanding - her superior. She would be kept naked because that is what he wanted displayed before him. His clothes were held esteem than she and should be treated with that kind of respect. That is why she folded and why he approved of her doing so. He did not need her to make himself feel strong and powerful like a bully needed to someone weaker to push around. This is who he was, and as his slave, she would have to worship that, for he commanded nothing less. She could feel it.

He was more powerful in that way then her current master, and, as bad as it was for her to think such things, she already saw this man as superior to the one she served. He had said that his girls will do anything to please him because it is there pleasure to serve. She had no doubt, that if he bought her in time, she, too, would do anything just for the pleasure of seeming him smile at her and tell her she did a good job. Already, she felt an incredible to satisfy him, to show him that she would do everything to satisfy his needs. She was nervous about it and knew she would have a difficult time with what he was asking, but she would do it. She felt a need to be bought by him and possessed by him. She had never known such a feeling before.

She was sure the look of awe, lust, and total amazement was obvious to him. Her eyes wondered along the ridges and curves of his body, impressed by the strength and size of him. He was all muscle but hulking bodybuilder type, like the men on fitness magazines. He had wonderful six-pack abs, and just beautiful structure to every curve of his body. Jenny wanted to reach out and run her fingers across every dip and ridge of his muscles, to run her tongue across his flesh. God, she was horny, damned horny, just from looking at him.

He reached out and picked her up, easily tossing her over his shoulder like a sack. He hauled her effortlessly into the bathroom, and lowered her to the toilet, setting her on her hands and knees in front of the porcelain throne, her head hovering above the seat. He could have ordered her in there and down, but he didn't. He moved her by force of hands, and she never even batted an eye. He wanted to show her his strength that he could physically force her to do what he wanted. She showed him, in return, that she would let him do as he wished without resisting, without flinching.

"Lick the seat."

Jenny shuddered at the thought. Who knew when these seats had been cleaned last. It seemed quite apparent that it was not today. There were brown specks across the back and yellow stains around the rim, but she lowered her face and slowly tongued the seat, lathering it up with her tongue. There was little taste to it, just that of plastic, but it was the knowledge of the grossness that made this so revolting.

She tongued it all the way around once, making sure to hit every surface. He lifted the seat up then, and pointed to the porcelain rim, which was actually in much worse condition, covered with dust, short curly hairs, and dried piss. She face showed her disgust, which made his chuckle, but she did as he indicated. The flavor was much stronger, the salty taste of old urine, and she collected the hairs on her tongue. When she had licked away all the dirt and foulness he grabbed her chin and turned her face towards his. Her tongue was still hanging out, covered in the bits that had been on the toilet.

"Come now. Swallow that all down."

She wanted to please him, but she found it hard, physically, to do as he asked. Every muscle in her body resisted her brain's commands, and she sat there for a few seconds, unable to draw her tongue into her mouth.

"I will say this now," he started, and Jenny shrunk a little from him, afraid she had already upset him. "You may grimace, you may gab, you may hesitate, and you can, for now, even protest a little, I will not hold that against you. But you must obey."

She nodded, realizing her was saying she could take her time to get control, just don't take all day. And she didn't. It did take some time to collect herself, but she finally was able to swallow it down; or she tried anyway, finding the dust and hair catching in her throat.

"If you need to wash that down," he said, "you have all the water you need." He pointed into the toilet.

Jenny was appalled, but she did need something to drink and she knew he would like to see her drinking from the bowl. She lowered her face down and dipped her lips into the water, sucking up a few deep gulps to wash it down. Again, there was no flavor, but she knew this was not clean water, not in any sense.

After a few swallows, she had managed to get it all down. She looked up at the man, silently awaiting his next command.

"Now that my seat is clean," he said, closing the seat to the toilet and stepping over her. He sat down on the toilet, his legs spread to surround her body as she knelt before him. He laid his hand on the back of her head and drew her face down to his cock. She opened her mouth and accepted his member into her, sucking at his flaccid unit.

She felt him tense a bit, and his cock jerked in her mouth from his muscles tightening. The smell assaulted her nose, making her eyes water and her face shrink up tight, but she resisted the urge to pull away and continued to suck. He was shitting into the toilet while she sucked him off.

"It's been a long time since I had to use a real toilet," he mumbled. His shit splashed into the tub, some of the water droplets splashing up onto her chin. She continued to suck away, determined not to let the smell get to her. Her stomach was a bit queasy, thought, from it and the knowledge that she was so close to his shit. She steadied herself, knowing this was only the beginning.

Her mouth was full, just like that, with the salty, warmth of his piss. He had given her no warning, and the first stream shot into the back of her throat so fast, she nearly gagged. The flavor wasn't too bad, not as potent as she had thought it would be - very watered down. She swallowed as fast as she could, gulping it down rapidly. She felt that he was going slow to accommodate her newness to the act and that he could spew it out much faster if he wanted.

"Don't swallow this last mouth full," her said, starting stand. Jenny had a hard time rising up on her knees to keep her mouth around his cock as he shifted. "Open."

She did so, opening her mouth as wide as she could and still keep the entire contents between her lips. She was displaying the golden pool her had created in her mouth, and his piss continue to spray from his cock between her lips like a fountain. She could feel the pool building, and then it overflowed her lips, rushing out the corner of her mouth, down her neck and across her body. It was warm against her skin, and the dirtiness of it turned her on.

His stream stopped, and soon the overflow did as well. He looked down into her open mouth, watching with obvious amusement as she knelt there, totally still, showing off her full mouth.

"You may swallow that now." She did so, some of it escaping as she closed her mouth around it. He retuned to seating, and she immediately went back to sucking his cock, which was now mostly hard. It was big in her mouth, and as she sucked, it only grew thicker and longer, reaching to the back of her throat when she tried to take the whole thing. She couldn't last long at this, not scraping with her teeth, without her jaw getting sore.

He began shitting again, grunting softly as he pushed several long turds from his ass into the toilet bowl. He shat for a while; Jenny was amazed at how much he was expelling. He must have been holding it for some time. She couldn't see it very well, but the smell was amazingly strong.

Finally, he pushed her off of him and stood. Jenny fell back on her ass, unprepared for his shove.

"Here's where we have some fun," he told her, a sadistic grin on his face. "Grab some of that shit and rub it on your tits. Get them nice and brown."

Jenny was quick to obey, sliding up quickly to the toilet and reaching in. His shit was immersed in water, but it was still very firm. She grabbed up a hand full, her stomach twisting in knots at the foulness of the deed. She slapped the shit against her chest and started to rub it in.

"Slower," he ordered. "Use both hands and massage it in."

Jenny nodded. She sunk her other hand into the muddy mess and became to smear herself with his shit, rubbing it in like she would lotion. She picked and pulled at her nipples, too, getting them nice and hard for him. Her hands completely coated, she spread the muck around more, sliding her shit-coated palms across her stomach, too, painting her torso brown. It was disgusting, knowing that she was covering herself in shit, but somehow exciting too. His eyes devoured her body hungrily and his cock was jutting out from his groin something fierce. He was very excited and it showed.

"Very good. Keep going. Cover yourself more."

Jenny reached into the toilet and scooped up more of his shit in both hands. There was still a lot in the toilet, and her hands had broken it up a bit, turning the water a dark brown and sending small pieces floating about. This shit was a bit more juicy and slimy, and it covered her even easier, a slick wet mud coating. She lay back on the ground and began just sliding her hands across her skin, painting her entire body with his crap. She coated each arm, and her flanks, even sliding her hands up through her armpits. She was lathering up, like she would with soap in the shower, making sure to cover every bit of exposed flesh. She covered her thighs and legs, down to her feet. When she needed it, she would reach for more shit to complete the process. She reached behind herself and smeared her ass, even filling her ass crack. The only places she had neglected were her face and her crotch.

She didn't receive any orders to the contrary, so Jenny continued to rub and massage her shit covered body. She squeezed her tits and played with her nipples, moaning in pleasure at the caress. It felt strange to her, to be feeling herself and touching herself like a gentle lover. She was oddly aroused by her own hands - it was as though she was touching someone else, and this other person was in turn touching her, as though her hands were not her own. The smell around her was foul, and she was gag a bit when she breathed in, but she fought for control. So far, she was winning.

"Very good," he said, and she was happy to hear such praise from him. "You are doing very well indeed. Now, lick you finger."

She looked up at him, a little horrified at the thought, but she brought her shitty finger to her mouth and lapped at it with the tip of her tongue. She only got a faint taste, but it was still a strong bitterness.

"More," he said. "Get a little bit on your tongue and show me."

She licked again, licking with the flat of her tongue and scooping off a small morsel of shit. Her entire tongue exploded with the flavor; she was sure it much be streaked with brown, and the small nugget needed to be dissolving and spreading the taste around. It was very bitter, like old, strong coffee. Earthy like dirt, but even the muddy consistency was disgusting. Her body shook with revulsions of the act, but she held her tongue out, letting his watch.

"Close your mouth."

She did so, and the flavor spread around to her cheeks and through her entire mouth. It was fading a bit as it dispersed, but it was still very strong.

"Excellent. Now, my ass is still dirty. Lick it clean." He turned and spread is cheeks with his hands, revealing his brown stained asshole. Jenny took a deep breath and leaned in, burying her face in his ass, her tongue lapping quickly across his anus. It was a bit dry at first, and the taste faint, but as her saliva soaked into it, the flavor became more potent. She was licking his ass up and down, drawing the gooey crap into her mouth. It was a thick, slimy paste when she sucked it down, but still the taste was not as bad as it had been on her hands; it was much more watered down.

She could tell that he was enjoying having his ass licked. She focused her attention on his hole, tonguing it and even pushing into his puckered lips, driving her tongue as deep as she could manage.

She rimmed him for a good while, getting him clean before he turned back around to her. She looked up at him, waiting for her next command.

"Coat your face, now, you slut. Get yourself nice and shitting for me."

Jenny's hands immediately went to her face, wiping his shit across her cheeks and forehead, getting herself completely covered, just like a face mask.

"Get a big handful." She scooped out another handful. There were only a few left in the bowl. She was surprised by how much she was wearing. "Now slap that whole thing against your cunt and rub it in really good."

She hesitated for a moment, just for one second, before she leaned back, spreading her legs to display her pussy for him, her wet, juicy pussy. She raised her hand and slapped it hard against her crotch, splattering the shit all over. She felt some of the slimy mess slide up into her hole, and she cringed in disgust of the feeling, and yet somehow the cool, wet mush felt nice against her hot flesh. She began to rub hard with her palm, smearing the handful all over her cunt in a thick layer and pressing more and more of it into herself. Her eyes were on his face, letting his lust and enjoyment distract her from the defilement of her body.

She had never felt so utterly filthy and abused in her entire life - there was something so degrading about smearing this man's shit all over her body and up into her cunt. He was a stranger and yet she was filling her body with his waste, the filth of his body. She was debasing herself completely for his own amusement. And she found herself enjoying it, especially the way he was looking at her now. It made her want to do more for him, and she began to rub her cunt harder, shoving more shit into her pussy. Her fingers slid across her clit and she shuddered with pleasure and moaned.

"Now spread your cunt open and push it all out."

She took hold of her cunt lips in both hands and pulled them apart, revealing her most inner folds, coated brown by his shit. She squeezed hard, pushing his shit out. The pieces emerged from inside and fell to the bathroom.

"Shove it all back in and do it again."

She scooped it up and pressed the lumps of shit back into her hot hole, moaning as she slid it deep into herself. She packed it in as deep as her fingers could reach, then pushed it all back out again. He had her repeated this a few times, and each time, it made her hot and wet, the feeling just wonderful.

She scooped it back up, ready to pack her cunt with shit again, but his command was different this time. "Shove it in your mouth."

Those words filled her with dread. Filling her cunt with shit had disgusted her, but in the end, it had felt very good. She still had a bitter taste in her mouth, and it scared her to think how much worse it would be. But she did so, opening her mouth and dumping it handful in with a shaky hand.

"Give your cunt a good rubbing, now. Really try to make yourself cum."

Her eyes were wide with terror and utter disgust as the foul taste ran rampant through her mouth, far worse than before. She kept her mouth open to display the pile of shit for him and her fingers returned to her pussy. She began to rub her clit with her shitty finger tips. It was an amazing feeling, the pleasure rippling through her like hot flashed of lightning. Her body shook with the touch, even as she shuddered at the vile taste. She gagged and moaned, heaved and grunted with desire. Her body was completely confused by the pleasure and horror of her act.

She felt her orgasm mounting, and then explode, a scream emitting from deep in her throat, though it was muffled by the shit in her mouth.

"Chew it up!" he ordered, his voice booming in her ears even as she came.

She closed her lips around the pile in her mouth and began to chew it quickly, turning the firm lumps into thick paste in her mouth. It filled her taste buds like never before, becoming the most bitter and foul taste she had ever experiences. Her body shook, repulsed by the flavor and texture, but her orgasm exploded all the more from this disgust, sending her higher than she had ever been. She was gagging again, but her body jerked violently from the climax that rocked her.

"Swallow it!" She barely heard his words through the orgasmic din around her; it was more like she knew what he wanted rather than that he had understood his command, and she immediately swallowed down the thick, viscous mess in her mouth. It took a couple gulps to get it all down, and she felt it sliding down her throat. Her stomach seemed to reject it immediately and she felt incredibly ill in an instant, but her cum double once more, hitting her hard again with an even stronger orgasm.

She was crying out, now that her mouth was empty, and she felt the hot wetness against her fingers. Maybe she was pissing herself or maybe she was ejaculating, she had no idea, but it felt wonderful as her orgasm blasted her being with ecstasy.

And as soon as her climax began to fade, she puked up the entire contents of her stomach, spewing a thick, black mess all over her tits. The combined smell of her bile and his crap was worse than the shit alone, and she gagged, heaved, and puked again. Her stomach and boobs where coated in the vile slime, but her body still shook with the fading pleasure of her orgasm.

"Rub it all over yourself," he commanded his voice hoarse with lust. His eyes were wild with desire. Jenny had thought that vomiting would ruin her chances at becoming his slave, but it seemed her had enjoyed seeing it.

Her hands went back to her body, spreading the thick, acidic mess all over her flesh once more. She tingled all over, her desire not slated by the massive cum she had experienced. If anything, she found herself even more turned on, which disgusted her in and of itself.

"Excellent. Take another handful and pack your mouth with it."

She didn't want to, but she did it without pause, filling her mouth as full as she could with his thick, watery crap. She couldn't quite close her mouth on it, but that seemed to be the point.

He sat back down on the toilet seat and told her to stand up. He spun her body so she was facing away from him, and yanked her down hard into his lap. His rigid cock struck hard against her asshole, spearing the tight orifice with one stroke. It hurt and she cried out, but her voice was barely audible through the shit muffle in her mouth. He clutched her hips in his hands and began to lift up off his cock and pulled her back down, hard. Tears streaked her cheeks from the sharp pain of his rough anal sex, but she was used to be taken forcibly like this. It always hurt, but it wasn't bad. The pain was somehow sexy and comforting to her, and she murmured in pleasure.

A sudden shot of heat lanced up her bowels. He was pissing up inside of her! After all of the golden fluid she had drunk down, he still had more. Even more amazing, he was hard inside her and she was bouncing quickly in his lap, and he was able to maintain the flow up inside of her. It felt really good, and she once more felt overwhelmed with pleasure and desire.

His flow was short-lived, he hadn't had much, but somehow she felt very full as he continued to fuck her ass. She could feel it sloshing inside of her, a completely new and unique pleasure. She wanted more than anything was to touch herself, to squeeze and tweak her tits as she frig her pussy to another wonderful cum, but she did not have permission to do so.

He lifted her off his cock and held her body there, just a few inches above his hard cock. His piss rushed out of her, her anus was too relaxed and open from his fuck to close right away, and along with all of his piss was the contents of her bowels. It came rushing out in a flood, splattering across his cock and pelvis with force. She felt horrible embarrassed, spraying her potential master with her piss enema, but she heard him moan and huff in pleasure.

"Start chewing," he said as her rectum emptied on his body, and she did so, her mouth once more being assaulted by the foul taste. Some of the shit fell out between her lips as she closed around it. It wasn't so bad, just holding it in there, but the combination of the taste and the feel of it made her want to vomit again.

A few minutes after her ass was emptied on him, he spun her again, to face him, and pushed her down to her knees. He ordered for her to show him her mouth, and she did so, displaying the thick swamp of shit she held between her gums. She closed it again, and he pushed her face down on his cock, spearing her lips with his tool. Some of the liquid leaked out of lips, steaming down his shaft and across his balls, but she held most of it.

Holding her head between his hands, he began to pump her face up and down on his cock, fucking himself with her lips. He would pull her up until she was almost off, then shove her roughly down until his cock was stabbing the back of her throat. She kept her lips tight, trying to contain the vile soup in her mouth.

His cock was hitting her gag relax, and the first few times she heaved, but she kept control. She was forced to swallow some of his shit while sucking in, it had been ploughed down her throat by his rough pistoning, and her stomach was once again fighting it rid itself of the sickening stuff. She could control it no more and puked around his cock.

He didn't stop fucking his cock with her mouth, and every time her forced her mouth down and hit the back of her throat, she gagged and vomited on him. There was little coming out, but each time a small bit flooded up from her stomach and sloshed against his cock. It was slick, now, in her mouth, coated with a thick slimy mucus of bile and shit, but still he fucked her.

It was another few minutes of near constant vomiting - her mouth was sore from his cock and her stomach acid - before he withdrew his cock and released her face. He stood from the toilet and moved behind her, forcing her onto her hands and knees, her face pushed down into the toilet bowl full of shit and vomit. He slid is puke-slicked cock into her dripping, shit-coated cunt, driving it fully inside of her with one thrust. She cried out in pleasure - it felt wonderful!

He fucked her harder than anyone before, smashing his thick cock deep inside of her with every bit of his strength and weight. His fucking slammed her against the porcelain seat, crushing her tits hard with every thrust. Her cunt tingled, she guessed from the stomach acid that covered his cock. He used her body like she was nothing more than a fuck-toy; to him, that's exactly what she was, and she loved being used that way. He was pushing her face down into the muck in the toilet with one of his hands.

"Might as well start eating now," he said between grunts as he fucked her. "You're not leaving here until that toilet is complete empty and licked clean."

His words stabbed her heart with despair, but at the same time, her cunt rippled with pleasure, and her second orgasm exploded through her body. As her lips opened with cried of joy, he pushed her face down into the vile mess, filling her mouth with the shit-vomit mixture. She chewed and swallowed, chewed and swallowed as her climax filled her body, rippling through her with more force than she had ever felt. She was out of air and her lungs burned with the need to breath; he was asphyxiating her, and the loss of breathe only heightened her pleasure. He pulled her head up by her hair letting her breath, and then pushed her back down again so she could feed on the slop once more.

He did this for some time, letting her breath and then forcing her face back in until she could barely stand to be without breath any longer. Sometimes, when he pulled her head back out, everything she had forced down exploded out of her stomach once more, filling the bowl back up, and he merely pushed her back down into her vomit once she was down spewing.

Jenny could not fathom how long he had been fucking her, nor did she know how many times she had cum from his abuse and degradation of her body, only that it was a long time and her entire body hurt from the near constant spasming of climaxes shaking her body. Then she heard his shout and felt her cunt fill with jet after jet of his hot cum. He pumped his seed into her, the blasts of cum shooting deep inside. His orgasm sounded quite powerful, and Jenny was shocked by the amount of his jism that was being dumped into her.

When is spunk finally ceased, he withdrew. A thick trickle poured out of her onto to the shit-stained tile floor. He stood and stretched. "You are doing very well, slut. I enjoyed that." She was filled with pride, glad for his pleasure. "But, I wasn't kidding. You need to clean that whole toilet. And the floor, too. Look at the mess you made."

She looked around at the bathroom - most of the floor was brown with shit and the toilet was a complete disgusting mess. And thick soup of shit-filled water with turd and vomit chunks. She took a deep breath and shoved her face back down into the muck, drinking it down as quickly as she could.

He watched her draining the toilet, and sometimes Jenny would look back up at him as she chewed up some of the large pieces and swallowed them down: his cock was solid and ready for more. She would vomit back up some of the mess, ruining her progress a bit, but after a while, she found that it was easier to keep it down.

She had been devouring the gook for over and hour, and most of it was gone, when he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. "You are doing well," he said, which made her smile, once more feeling very proud. "But we are running out of time for this room. You are going to need another couple of hours to clean all this up and for us to finish."

In his hands he was holding a couple of bills folded. "This is more than enough. Go to the counter and tell them we need the room for a little longer. Tell the man you will have it clean for him, but it's going to take you a little longer to eat it all."

Jenny's eyes were wide with fear. He wanted her to go outside naked, covered in shit and vomit, and go tell the man at the counter exactly what she was doing. She couldn't believe it! Her legs were shaking. She would be completely exposed to the street and anyone in the parking lot, too.

She took the money and walked out the door. She had hoped that maybe he would stop her and tell her he was kidding, but she knew in her heart she wasn't. She took a deep breath and steeled herself. She walked talk, upright, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. There were a few people around, entering rooms or leaving them. A few guys started at her when they saw she was naked, but their looks soon changed to disgust when they realized exactly what coated her skin.

Fortunately the gangbang in the parking lot had ended or moved to one of the rooms, so she did not attract attention from that crowd. She entered the lounge, glad to see there was no one there except the old man. He beamed a huge grin at her when she entered, but as the smell struck him he took a step back and covered his nose with his sleeve.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked.

"I need room fourteen for a couple more hours."

"What the fuck for? Ruining to some more? You covered in shit? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Yes, I am. I need to clean the room for you before we leave, but it's going to take me a while to eat the rest of it." Her legs were quaking with fear and her stomach was so twisted up in knots she thought she would vomit again. She would probably need to eat that up, too, she though, right in front of this man. She placed the bills down on the counter.

He hesitated before taking the money, but when he flipped through it, he realized there was much more here than would cover the room. The bitch before him was one sick whore, and her client was seriously fucked up, too, but he was getting extra money and it sounded like he wouldn't need to clean anything. What the fuck, he figured. Let them do whatever the hell they wanted.

"Fine. You got the room for a while longer. Get out of her before you make me sick, you dumb bitch."

"Thank you," she said, and turned and left the room. She hurried back to fourteen; a thought had struck her as she talked to the old guy - a sudden fear that maybe she had been left by the man and was now stuck here. When she opened the door, her fear vanished. He was still in the room.

"That was quick. Now get back to work."

It did take her another hour to finish draining the toilet - she had to drink everything down until there was no water in the bowl, and then lick the entire porcelain bucket clean. He then made her lick the entire floor until every trace of his shit was removed.

He watched her the whole time, his cock hard and ready for action. When she was down, he put her in the tub and pissed on her, spraying her body and wetting down the dried, caked on shit. She rubbed the mush across her body, becoming hot again from the muddy massage.

He turned on the shower next, and had her clean herself with soap he had brought. She scrubbed her skin clean, making sure to wash out her cunt several times until the water was clear. She showered for nearly an hour, cleaning herself very thoroughly as instructed. Then he got in the shower with her and she cleaned his body, though he was far less filth than she was. He fucked her in the shower, fucked her once more up the ass, plowing her tight, sore anus with powerful strokes until he filled her ass with his cum. He had her suck his cock clean right from her ass, but compared to the foulness she had already eaten, the faint taste of shit on his shaft was nothing.

He gave her another half hour to clean up and let herself cum again should she desire it. She did, and stroked herself to a couple of quick orgasms in the time, finally alleviating the heat and lust in her loins.

When she got out of the shower, he was on the phone. She couldn't hear much of the conversation, and she didn't want to pry, so she dried her self off as best she could then joined him in the main room. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited for any more instructions.

He hung up soon after she came in. "That was your old master I was talking to. The deal is done. You belong to me now. We have a lot of work getting you use to eating shit. You'll get the hang of it though, and quickly. The other girls will see to that."

Jenny's heart fluttered with excitement. She was so happy to be bought by this man, her new master. She was surprised by the elation she felt, and tears of joy actually sprang to her eyes. She was still a bit distressed by her new position as a toilet slave, but nothing could compare to the shear pleasure of being dominated and controlled by a man such as this. She would spend the rest of her time with him, catering to his every whim, no matter what that might be, happy just to have her body used for his pleasure.

"Come on now. My car is outside. It's not a long trip home, but you may want to nap on the way if you can. I'm sure the other girls will be excited to greet you properly. They've been in their cages for a long time now, and I'm sure each of them his eager to use their new toilet."

His words scared her even as they delighted her - her cunt was getting hot and wet once again, her lust spurred by her fear.. He clamped his collar around her throat and led her out of the room by the leash. He took her to the front desk where he had her return the key and thank the old man for the extension. Then he took her to his car and started the drive home.

Jenny did manage to slip into pleasant dreams for a few hours on the way. Soon she would wake at her new home and her new life as a human toilet. She had never been so happy in her life.

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