Chapter 3 – Trance Gemini (MF MFF Anal)

Harper looked up from being sandwiched between two gorgeous female bodies, all three covered in a sheen of sweat from their previous play time. As Harper untangles himself from between Rommie and Beka, a hologram of Rommie appears, looks to her naked Android double, admiring the view, then turns toward Harper.

“The new canisters are ready master.”

“Good locate Trance.”

“She is in Hydroponics right now, she is working with her plants so should be there for a bit longer”

“Alright,” answers Harper, “let's all get dressed and meet her down there. Just remember I get first thrust.” he states with a slight twinkle in his eye.

Harper manually opens the door to the Hydroponics lab and enters quietly, Trance Gemini never looked up. Harper places the canister of modified Nanobots on a planter and activates it. He hears a slight hiss and Trance looks up. She turns around and sees Harper, he stands up thinking that it didn't work for some reason. But as Trance starts to approach her features turn softer and lust seems to fill her eyes.

As Trance reaches Harper she moves in and places her lips against Harper's. He opens his lips and before he can move his tounge, Trance thrusts her tounge in his mouth and as their tounges entangle Trance's hands move around Harper's back, they move down and cup his ass. Harper moves his hands to do the same, placing one hand around the base of her tail, the other resting across her crack.

Harper, with his hand on the base of Trance's tail, felt the muscle tighten and her tail moved up her back and found the zipper of her outfit, her tail grabbed a hold of it and pulled it down past her ass. Harper moved his hand to the inside and again cupped her ass, his finger moving inside and rubbing along her rosebud. Trance moaned into his mouth and deepened the kiss.

They parted quickly to finish removing their clothes, Trance pulling the sleeves off her arms, and the rest out of her legs. Standing naked, they came back together in a deep passionate kiss. Harper's cock resting against Trance's stomach, his hands back on her ass. Trance moved one of her hands around and grabbed a hold of his cock, she just held it tightly as Harper moved his finger back to her rosebud. She broke the kiss long enough to hiss, “Stick your finger in my ass.” Harper moved his hand slightly and his finger slid in to the knuckle. Trance hissed in pleasure and her tail moved around and cupped Harper's ass.

As Harper continued to finger her ass his other hand moved up and grabbed her breast, massaging it . Trance's hand on his cock started to move up and down and Harper moaned loudly and deepened the kiss. At the same time Trance's tail moved in and spread his ass cheeks and moved slightly in his ass hole. Harper groaned from the pleasure and continued to massage her breast while fingering her ass. Trance took his cock and lowered it till the head was at the entrance, she played it along her clit, shuddering, then stepped in and swallowed his cock with her pussy.

Trance started to rock her hips moving Harper's cock in and out of her pussy, and causing his finger to move in and out of her ass. With a grunt Harper's cock erupted and started to fill her with his cum, but Trance kept moving and started her own orgasm.

Removing her tail and stepping back, Trance moved Harper to the floor and took his deflating cock in her mouth. As she cleaned his cock, Harper's hands moved to her breasts and found the nipples, rolling and pinching them between his fingers. As Harper's cock slowly began to grow in size again, Trance got up, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks and sat on Harper's now hard cock.

As Harper's cock was engulfed in Trance's ass his hands reached to her hips and held on. Meanwhile her tail was moving in front of her and rubbing her clit while she used her own hands to balance herself.

Trance looks up as the door to the Hydroponics Lab opens and Rommie and Beka walk in, still naked and sweaty from their earlier fun. They walk over and Beka moves her pussy over Harper's mouth, his tounge darts out and starts to lick around her pink lips, going in and quickly darting into her clit. Rommie moves in front of Trance and she lowers her tail from her pussy as Rommie places her mouth over her pussy. As Rommie starts to center on Trance's clit, Trance's tail moves out and the tip rubs against Rommie's pussy, occasionally darting inside her pussy and going up deep inside her.

Beka, her hands on her tit's and Harper's mouth on her pussy, screams as she has her orgasm. At the same time Rommie starts to cum from Trance's ministrations on her clit and her tail fucking her cunt. Beka falls off Harper with a grunt and Harper starts to cum, filling Trance's ass with cum. Between Harper's cum in her ass and Rommie's tounge in her cunt Trance start screaming her own orgasm.

As everyone rolls off everyone else they lay side by side, with Trance and Harper in the middle. Harper turns his head and gives Beka a deep kiss, while Trance does the same on the other side with Rommie. As they break up, Harper lays in a pile of three beautiful women and slowly drifts off to sleep a contented smile on his face. Meanwhile Trance looks up and motions Rommie and Beka off to the side.

“So who wants to be fucked up the ass now?” She asks the other two women with a smile on her face, and her tail swinging behind her.

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