Mg8-14, oral, anal, cons, ped, 1st

An eight-year-old storm-of-a-girl enters the life of a professional thief and completely overwhelms him.
Originally published August 12, 2012 | Wordcount 17,969

THE ROCK LEDGE WAS no wider than an inch, maybe less, and my fingertips ached from holding onto it, forearms trembling with the strain of supporting my body's weight. A surge of fear hit me, my left foot losing its purchase on the marble-sized bump of rock I'd been using to stabilize my body. With my right foot now desperately seeking a small crack I'd noticed, I could feel my fingertips begin to slip, the climbing chalk losing its absorbency from a burst of fear-induced sweat. Fuck! My fingertips were sweating! Glancing down, panting, I looked at the cliff face that fell twelve hundred odd feet below, a sense of vertigo overcoming me.

Salty sweat slipped into my eyes stinging me and I couldn't let go to wipe them. Blinking rapidly, with my right foot scrabbling around in increasing panic trying to find purchase, the left trying to regain that tiny bump of rock, I tamped down the fear, breathed deeply, adrenaline pouring through my body. The tip of my climbing shoe caught on the crack, a small one inch crack in the granite wall that ran at a forty-five degree angle up to my right. Twisting my ankle, I lodged toes into the crack, groaned loudly and hauled myself up, right forearm slapping onto the top of the cliff, almost there, thank God.

"Need a hand, old man?"

Looking up, two honey-brown eyes twinkled in merriment at me. "I damned well don't, Kara!" I gasped, panting, and resting for just a moment, T-shirt sticking uncomfortably to my sweat-soaked back, head on my aching outstretched arm. Jesus I was tired. Free soloing seemed to get harder every year. Either that or I was just getting old. No, it was getting harder. The cliff faces were more... vertical I decided with a grin to myself.

"Should I call the paramedics?" Kara asked with a pretend sympathetic smile, as if she felt sorry for me. "You're looking a bit grey."

"Christ, Kara."

"I was beginning to worry, old man. You took so long I had time to sunbathe."


With the last of my strength, I hauled my aching body up over the lip of the cliff, rolling and collapsing onto my back, the hard rock under me feeling so good, nice and solid, immutable. Kara crouched beside me, soft eyes peering at me, short, burnt umber hair ruffled by the cooling breeze. Her face didn't even have the decency to show signs of sweat and exertion. When she smiled, my heart contracted. It always did. It was a familiar feeling I'd grown to like.

"You were actually faster this time, Shane," she said encouragingly. "Five and a half minutes faster, in case you're interested."

"I'm not," I grumped, although I was unreasonably pleased. This free solo climb was a grade IV, X rated climb, no safety ropes, pins or pitons. The endorphin rush that comes from being one slip away from death was addictive, especially when I was on my back, resting, safely at the top; not so much when hanging by fingertips.

"Sure you're interested. Can't fool me, old man. You hate losing." Kara smiled again, my heart contracting again, warmth flushing through me.

Fuck. I hated losing.

Kara settled next to me quietly as I finally rose onto my elbows, adrenaline fading, stressed muscles still trembling slightly. Her hand found my shoulder, rubbing it absentmindedly, more like a familiar caress. The view was spectacular, late afternoon sun casting a yellowish light over rows of green-topped Rocky Mountains, the verdant valley shadowed, our truck just a small dark rectangle below. The Black Canyon was stunning, bare, stratified rock-faced cliffs almost vertical, a small winding stream at the base, and rock spires jutting up like soldiers at attention.

"How long were you waiting?" I asked reluctantly. She was a damned monkey on these climbs. Then again, she only had to haul ninety-five pounds up the cliff face. I had at least twice that.

"About fifteen minutes," she answered absentmindedly as she took in the view.

Fuck. She'd well and truly outclassed me now. I shouldn't have taught her so well, I thought maliciously. Damn I hate losing, especially to Kara.

Turning my head from the spectacular view, I looked at her profile as she stared off at the horizon, a fist squeezing my heart. God I loved her. I felt so privileged she'd graced my life, allowed me to be with her. I just couldn't believe she really loved me, the concept still strange to me, even after six years. At fourteen, her aggressive physical regimen had kept her whip thin. Yet it couldn't hide how spectacular adolescence was on her, the small mounds on her chest looked perfectly proportioned, her long, lithe bare legs burnished golden brown from the sun, so slender yet toned. I even liked her small ankles. I was stupid in love with her.

She turned to look at me. Jesus, so pretty. With her small aquiline nose, sharp chin, and a generous, classically shaped mouth that seemed perpetually on the verge of bursting into a smile, Kara was pretty. What made her gorgeous was her personality; she was full of life, a storm that raged around me. Occasionally, when she looked at me in just the right way, the adoration that showed in her beautiful eyes would lance into my soul.

Somehow, she made me want to move heaven and earth to please her, to make her happy, watch her smile grace me with its warmth and radiance. It took a superhuman effort not to let her see how completely besotted I was. If she ever knew, she'd rule me completely; as if she didn't already.

"Ready to head down, Shane?" she asked, looking back at the view, her lips curling into another smile.


I groaned as I stood, muscles complaining from being stressed beyond their capabilities. I felt much older than thirty-three. "Hungry?" I asked holding out my hand to help her up.

"Yup." Kara grinned, jumping up with far too much energy. "Your turn to cook."

Shit. "Hotdogs, then."

"I don't think so, old man."

"Stop calling me old. I'm not old," I grumped, despite feeling ancient at that particular moment.

Following her down the back side of the cliff, a meandering steep path that wended back and forth between large boulders, with evaporating sweat pleasantly cooling my heated body, I was mesmerized by her compact little buttocks as they undulated beneath purple Lycra climbing shorts. Despite my exhaustion, I felt an all too familiar tingle in my groin from the way her shorts hugged her butt crack. Was she wearing underwear? The pleasant tingle strengthened when I spotted the dark stain of perspiration at her crotch.

"Stop staring," Kara said, grinning without looking behind.

How did she know? "I wasn't," I claimed.

"Yes you were." She laughed; light, sweet music to my ears. "You always do."

"I don't." I tried for indignation, but couldn't stop my smile from ruining the effect. Of course I stared at her ass. I mean, Lordy. It was more spectacular than the magnificent park around us, definitely nature's finest creation, and mine, all mine . . . when she let me at it, that is.

I had a sudden urge to grope those glorious glutes. "How bout a kiss and a grope?" I inquired hopefully.

"In your dreams, old man," Kara laughed, giving me an extra 'look at me' twitch of her firm sexy posterior before picking up her pace. "Come on, Shane, don't dawdle."

"A reward? Five and a half minutes faster, you know."

Her peal of laughter gave me my answer.


Four hours later we pulled into our drive, gravel crunching under the tires as we followed the long curving lane through pines. Home appeared, a large Frank Lloyd Wright style house, all glass, stone and wood, angles and projections, planters with bright-colored flowers tumbling to the ground, and the promise of a refreshing shower within.

I didn't appreciate the energetic way Kara jumped from the pick-up; my muscles were definitely in full revolt, one shoulder letting me know I might have done some damage.

"Stop muttering, old man!" Kara yelled as she disappeared through the wide front door. Easy for her to say. I hurt, damn it. Jeez, even my fingertips ached.

I didn't appreciate her shoving me away when I tried to follow her bum into the shower, either. "But I need my sore muscles massaged, honey," I pleaded, lying through my teeth, staring at a glorious fourteen year old ass. Man, I really wanted to grope that thing of beauty, a Godly rear of endless pleasure I could easily worship for hours. In fact . . .

"Later, Shane. I'm hungry. Go cook."


Dinner was not hotdogs. Despite my fatigue, I found cooking to be quite relaxing. With a glass of red wine next to me, Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing softly, I conjured up veal a la crème flambé, homemade pasta, a Boston leaf salad with a Dijon vinaigrette dressing, freshly baked dinner buns, and another glass of red wine; a completely indulgent meal without a shred of healthiness; my reward for being five and a half minutes faster.

All my lascivious plans for the night came to naught. Fatigue overcame me when Kara cuddled up to my side in bed, her scent and warm presence sending me under faster than an accomplished anesthesiologist late for a game of golf. Even my hand finally holding a delicious buttock couldn't prevent exhaustion from storming in. I think I might have achieved a soft grope before I fell asleep.

KARA LAY NEXT TO Shane, listening to his gentle breathing. He always fell asleep first unless it was after sex, then it was her that passed out. With her hand on his bare chest feeling its reassuring rise and fall, and pressed to his side, she inhaled deeply, drawing his sexy male scent deep. Smiling, she remembered his grumpiness at losing to her. He was so competitive she knew it really bothered him. Maybe she'd let him beat her next time. Hmmm. Nope. He never let her beat him at Jeet Kune Do. He'd just have to try harder.

"Night, Shane. Don't forget you love me," she whispered to him, something she reminded him of every single night.

She wondered if he knew how much she adored him, how deep and resolute her love was. Glancing up, she studied his face in the moonlight, a face she knew so well, one she'd memorized from hours upon hours of studying every curve and plane. It was a bit long with an aristocratic nose, heavy eyebrows, and a sensuous mouth, his lips so kissable. She knew people were frightened when he'd grin; he projected a raw, unrestrained power that seemed to threaten and, when angered, he was truly frightening.

But she'd seen his soul through his eyes, the way he looked at her. Shane had the softest, kindest eyes she'd ever seen, pools of chocolate brown that wrapped her in warmth and security, drowned her in love, eyes that made her heart ache. She never understood why others didn't see it. She'd do anything for him, anything. She could hardly wait to have a child with him; four more years, he'd promised. How good would that be?

She knew he loved her and liked how he tried to hide the depth of his feelings, grumping and growling to cover the tenderness that slipped out. But she wondered if his love was as immediate and all consuming as hers had been. He kept denying it, telling her she was a "pain in the butt, Kara, you're a pain", but she suspected it was.

Her mind flew back to that day, the day she first saw him, so fierce, moving soundlessly like a wraith from Hell, sowing death and destruction. Six years ago. A little shiver shook her. God, what if he hadn't appeared? She cuddled closer to him wishing she could climb inside.

Kara cowered in the corner of the damp, musty basement, shivering not from the cold, but fear. At eight, she knew why she'd been given to these men, taken from the state home for girls. It was in their eyes, dirty hunger. It was in their mouths, sly sordid smirks. And it was in their pants, both of them with erections.

They wanted her to do what her Uncle had made her do before they took him away; they wanted her to suck their cocks. But she thought these two wanted to do more and that scared her. They'd laughed at her struggles as she tried to stop them undressing her. They'd laughed when the big one had slapped her face. They'd laughed when silent tears fell. It wasn't the first time she'd been slapped, but it was harder than Uncle Dave's drunken slaps.

Cowering in the corner with only panties left, she watched them ogle her, their expressions so ugly. Yet, if she'd seen them in the street, she'd never have guessed they were so bad. They looked so ordinary.

One of them, the tall one, looked at his watch.

"Phil will be here soon."

"Do we have time for a blow job?"

"Nah. We better get the room ready."

Who was Phil? What room? Ready for what? What were they going to do with her? She watched the door close, relief coursing through her, heard the echo of the lock click. She looked for escape, the tiny window too high for her to reach. The walls were bare, the floor concrete. Crouching, she worried. Sounds drew her to the door, her ear at the crack. Quietly she listened, straining to hear distant comments, furniture scraping across a floor, the occasional thump.

"Get the camera set up Bill."

"Is he really going to make a snuff movie? I mean, is he really going to kill her?"

"That's what he said."

"Can you imagine fucking a child that young, Pete? Do you think he'll let us fuck her too?"

"I don't know. Jesus Bill, put the camera over there! It needs to cover the table, not the whole fucking room."

Hearing someone approach, she scrambled back to the far corner. Kill her? Tears fell silently.

Her fear grew as the door was unlocked, grew more as it opened. She tried to kick and scream when the shorter one grabbed her and got slapped really hard, so hard she saw stars. When he dragged her into the other room, a big room with lots of lights, she saw an older man in a suit sitting in a chair, grey hair, small. He looked like a grandfather might, except for his hard face.

"Over there," he said, pointing to a table. He stared at her, she saw his lecherous hunger. "Tie her down."

Tears fell as they stretched her on the table, tied her to the corners with ropes, legs spread, arms pulled tight over her head. Scared, so scared.

"Cut her underwear off."

One man tore her panties off, the elastic burning where it was stretched. They laughed at her cry of pain. So scared.

"Jesus, Bill. You scared her so much she pissed herself!"

"Enough! Start the camera."

She watched the old man's expression change, become ugly. She knew that look, dirty hunger. She'd seen it in Uncle Dave's face.

She watched the old man put a mask on, a clown face. It didn't look funny. Scared, so scared. She heard him undo his belt, saw his pants fall. When he dropped his underwear his cock stood out erect. But then he bent and pulled out a rope from the pocket of his pants, formed a loop and moved to her, slipping it around her neck. Reality left, her heart pounding, close to bursting, sound fled, reality fled. Her bladder released, peeing herself again, her mind desperately seeking to escape the mounting horror coursing through her, incapable of processing what they were going to do.

Lost in her own little world she didn't feel the old man grope between her outstretched legs. Her face was turned away. She watched dispassionately as the door opened slowly, watched a man slip into the room; a slender man, youngish with shaggy light brown hair, darker roots. The other three turned to stare at him. She watched him grin and it scared her, vicious, like a lion contemplating fresh prey. A shiver ran down her spine. But when he looked right at her she saw his eyes, she saw him pause, saw his eyes wince in pain. Warmth flooded through her, peace descending. She saw safety and concern in his eyes, kind eyes, gentle eyes. He'll save me. She knew it deep in her soul. She saw warm caring eyes, dark chocolate eyes that told her not to worry. She watched his eyes as they suddenly changed, fascinated at how they hardened, anger growing, soft becoming flinty, then dark, huh, look at that, almost jet black, scary.

Tied to the table unable to move, she watched him grin again as he looked at the three men, vicious, really scary. Was this a dream? He moved suddenly, moved silently with blinding speed like a wraith from Hell. She watched in fascination as he used his hands to break arms, flip bodies, turn heads, and break necks, beat and pummel. She watched him kill, moving gracefully like he was in a ballet, liking it, pretty movements. He was saving her, hurting them. She knew she'd be safe. He was her savior, his eyes had promised.

When three bodies lay on the floor, he disappeared silently through the door like a wisp of smoke. She didn't worry. He'd be back. She knew he'd be back. It was in his eyes, a promise his eyes had made, a promise to protect her. Exhausted from the fear-induced stress, she closed her eyes, her eyelids too heavy, too heavy. He'd save her, keep her safe.

Released from fear, her head fell back on the table, body inert.

She woke slowly; she was dressed, being carried in strong arms. Soft, caring chocolate eyes looked down at her, kindness shining. Safe. Her eyelids felt heavy, so tired, can't keep them open, eyes closing.

She woke slowly, warm, soft sheets over her, a bedside light on. Tired, so tired. Looking around without moving, too tired, she saw him sitting in a chair watching her, soft eyes, kindness warming her, kindness she'd never experienced before, like a warm blanket surrounding her. She tried to smile, tried to thank her wraith. Her eyelids felt heavy, closing.

She woke again, window dark, body aching and sore. Without moving, she studied what she could see of the room lit by the small lamp; small dresser, blue walls, dark blue carpet. Her heart thumped when she saw the chair empty. Her protector wasn't there! He'd gone! Her heart thumped.

Aches made her wince as she slipped out of bed, unmindful of being naked, needing to find him, needing him near, safety, he'd protect her. Wandering down the hall, she felt panic return, hard wood under her bare feet feeling cold. Where was he? Shivering, she peeked into the bathroom then, in the next room, saw his outline in bed. Quietly she slipped into his bed, slipped between his arms, pulling them around her, safe, warm and safe. Her eyelids felt heavy, closing. She smiled, now I'm safe.

MORNING SUN WOKE ME, confusion settling in. Before I could open my eyes a small bundle in my arms wriggled. When I looked, two honey-brown eyes stared at me, a cute pixyish face smiled at me, light in the room intensified. Something hit me like a bullet between my eyebrows, completely involuntary, totally uncontrollable. It was a deeply disturbing experience, as if she reached inside me and twisted something. It felt like a tectonic shift, gut-wrenching.

I prided myself on my self control. Yet those eyes stole into me, that smile tore through me like a raging storm sowing destruction. It was unbelievable. I had no control, none. I was helpless and, never having experienced it in my life, whatever this was, it deeply disturbed me.

"Thank you," she whispered, smiling so sweetly.

Her soft little voice crashed into me, a hurricane laying waste to my tightly controlled emotions, mocking my dispassion, tearing away emotional distance I'd cultivated so carefully. I felt like I was being assaulted, a storm raging through me. Definitely uncomfortable, I thought, bewildered.

She kissed my cheek, bestowed another lovely smile on me, turned and snuggled back against me pulling my arms around her. Somehow, with her small warm body pressed back against me, the storm waned. I felt like I'd entered the eye of the storm. Complete peace descended over me, a peacefulness I'd never experienced before, different, calming, quiet, satisfied. What did she do? What had just happened?

I lay in bed holding the child to me, surprised at how she felt, even more surprised at how I felt. I could smell her, the slight lingering acrid scent of fear and urine, and a stronger aroma of sleeping child. Remembering I'd undressed her last night, that she was now snuggled to me naked, made me move and roll out of bed, wondering why I felt as if I'd just lost something when I stood.

"Sweetheart, there's a shower in there," I said, pointing. "You'll find a towel there, too. I'll find something for you to wear and leave it on the bed."

Big honey-brown eyes glinted, a smile crashing into me. "Kay." My heart thumped loudly, unpleasantly.

I set the breakfast table to the sound of a shower in the background, Muesli cereal, milk, fruit, and yoghurt. The coffee-maker started, aroma of rich dark roast Columbian permeating the kitchen as I pulled a carton of orange juice from the fridge.

Last night had not gone as planned; no, not at all. The Finister mansion was supposed to be vacant. I'd taken my time, planned carefully, stolen the architectural drawings, even broken into the security company to copy the alarm system they'd installed. I'd had a good chuckle at that. Their security was worse than their clients.

Picking the Yale locks on the front door, the ghostly dark mansion screaming silent emptiness, I'd stepped inside, turned to the right and opened the alarm pad as it beeped, a small red LED flashing its threat; identify yourself or else. With four screws removed I had quickly attached two alligator clips to the motherboard. Using a small self-built electronic scanner, I'd run my custom number analyzer, found the combination and deactivated the alarm, all within the planned twenty-eight seconds, rewarded with a constant green LED light. Checking, I'd seen the blinking red light in the motion detector, set high in the corner of the ceiling, become constant; its dormant state.

I'd had high expectations for the Finister place. He was a wealthy sixty-seven year old financier with several ex-wives half his age. I'd seen the latest trophy wife in newspapers and on the Internet, sporting stunning jewels as they attended society events. I also knew Jack Finister was an avid numismatist and I planned on relieving him of his coin collection; especially the large collection of gold sovereigns he was known to have.

I was a thief, a very accomplished thief. I'd never been caught, never detained. The police had never heard of me. My father had taught me everything he'd known from when I was a child, starting with lock-picking, then combination locks, and onward. I was eight when I went on my first job with him. I was good. Dad was better. His heart wasn't, though, giving out when he was forty-eight, which was probably why I was a health and fitness nut.

Placing plates and bowls on the breakfast table, I heard the shower stop.

Last night had gone completely awry. Passing a darkened security room, my attention was drawn by motion on a glowing monitor inside. On the monitor I could see a small child being dragged along a hall, a child naked except for underwear, clearly crying and wrestling with a man, trying to escape his grip. There was something deeply wrong with the image. One look at the man told me he wasn't the father, not with the lascivious leer on his face.

I'd been confused. The mansion was supposed to be empty; it felt empty. Who the hell was that? And where were they?

Despite what people think, I am a placid and gentle guy. It takes a lot to rouse strong emotions in me, a lot. I have some immutable rules, one of which is never, never harm a child. So, when I found them in the expansive basement, and saw what they'd done to that child, tied to the table, a fucking noose around her neck, and her eyes crying out for help, my anger had stirred, blossomed and exploded.


Glancing to the doorway I saw the girl standing, looking lost in my T-shirt, short dark hair still wet. Her honey-brown eyes tore through me, her smile caused damage. What the hell? How did she do it?

"Hey," I answered with a tentative smile. I'd become reluctant to smile over the years. Somehow it made children cry when I did. "Uh, what's your name?"

"Kara," she said brightly giving me a high-watt smile that hurt.

"Breakfast?" I asked indicating the table.

"Kay. What's your name?" she asked as she settled into the chair, reaching for the cereal box. I watched a frown form on her face as she looked at the front of the box. "What's this? Don't you have Frosted Flakes?"

"Uh . . . Shane."

Eyes glanced up at me, a smile graced me. "Do you have Frosted Flakes?" she asked.

"Uh . . . No."

"Kay," she said as she poured Muesli into her bowl peering at the cereal intently. "We'll get some when we go shopping. You were scary, you know," she added as milk was poured, eyes glancing up, a smile gracing me again.

I felt so odd. Exactly when did the universe change? Yesterday I was a master of my own destiny. Today I was actually contemplating shopping for this child, feeling bad I didn't have Frosted Flakes for her. I'd never had Frosted Flakes in my home.

"What are these funny bits?" Kara asked pointing to a bunch of stuff stuck together in a ball on her spoon. She'd never seen cereal with nuts in it. Looking over at Shane, she wondered why he was staring. "Did I do something?"

"Huh? Oh. No. That ball is honey and oats."


Maybe I was in the twilight zone. Could this be a dream? Kara seemed so comfortable, as if yesterday didn't exist. But it did. She had angry red welts around her wrists. Looking down, I saw them around her tiny ankles, too, her feet swinging back and forth several inches off the floor. Actually, she was behaving as if she belonged here. "Okay, Kara. We need . . ."

"Your coffee machine's beeping. Are you going to have coffee?" Reaching across the table, without waiting for my answer, she asked, "Can you pass the orange juice, please."

I did, automatically obeying. What the hell? Standing, I poured a cup of coffee, black, strong.

"I need clothes," Kara stated between mouthfuls of Muesli. "It's good, but not as good as Frosted Flakes," she informed me, gracing me with another smile, reaching for her glass of orange juice.

Maybe I'd go back to bed. Try waking up again and see if the world would go back to normal.

"You don't talk much, do you?" she said, reaching for some strawberries.

"I do. It's just . . ."

"Aren't you going to eat breakfast?" she interrupted, a questioning look in her eyes.

I grinned. Maybe that would stop her. Scare her a bit. Return control of the situation back to me. I watched her pause, strawberry halfway to her small mouth, honey-brown eyes studying my grin intently. Good, it was working.

"You have really nice eyes, Shane." She graced me with a smile and went back to eating.

I chuckled. This new universe was weird but, in a perverse way, fun. I sort of liked the pleasure I felt at her smile. Actually, come to think of it, I'd never had anyone smile at me like that; not even the occasional girlfriends I'd had. The last one had had me practicing how to smile nicely and gave up, suggesting I never smile again. She left me shortly thereafter, too.

"I need underwear . . . and more clothes. What time is it? Are the stores open yet?"

I chuckled again when I automatically looked at the wall clock. So weird. And Kara didn't cry when I smiled. She seemed to like my smile. Huh.

"Over here, Shane."

I grinned as she tugged my hand insistently, leading me to the children's underwear section in Macy's. This twilight zone was fascinating, a completely new experience. Kara had, in the twenty-odd mile ride in my pick-up, calmly told me she was staying with me forever, she had been in a state home for girls, I was her protector, she liked being with me more than the home, she knew I'd save her as soon as she'd seen me, advising me seriously, "You'll like me, Shane", we needed to grocery shop "after buying clothes, Shane," and, "Remember we need Frosted Flakes, maybe Honey Nut Cheerios too, what do you think?"

As her short hair dried from the warm summer breeze blowing in through the open truck window, I noticed it had a very unusual color; burnt umber that, in sunlight, reflected streaks of deep burgundy. If she wasn't a child, I would have sworn it was high-end salon job.

"Here," she said, handing me a pair of panties. "These are nice. I like roses, don't you?" She didn't wait for an answer, moving over to another display. The sudden look of fear that passed across the sales lady's face made me realize I was smiling broadly. I stopped. Reverted to a safe frown.

"Here," Kara said, handing me two pairs of white cotton panties. "I need at least seven, Shane. How often do you wash clothes? Should I buy more?"

"Um, Kara . . ."

"Oooh, can I get these?" she asked, not waiting for an answer, selecting three pairs of tiny cotton things that looked like they might just stretch over my hand; pink with white elastic. "Come on, Shane," she said, taking my hand again and heading towards the T-shirts.

Every time I tried to speak, Kara graced me with a smile that tore through me, a high-watt smile that hit hard. And it left me speechless each time. I finally gave up and let her lead me around as she selected a wardrobe, chuckling as she asked for my opinion on everything but never giving me time to comment. This odd universe was absolutely foreign and fascinating. Much to my surprise, Kara was filling the universe with her personality and I found myself waiting expectantly for her to smile at me. There was no question I was in the twilight zone.

Loaded with bags, the storm that was Kara finally stopped when we hit the food court. Some sanity returned.

"Listen, Kara," I started as she ate McD's with childish enthusiasm, "I need to get you back to the home."

She paused, mid-bite. Honey-brown eyes studied me intently. The burger lowered. "No you don't. I'm staying with you forever. I told you that, Shane. Don't worry, you'll like me." She took a large bite, discussion closed, honey-brown eyes twinkling as she chewed.

The problem was, in this world of Kara, I did like her. It was refreshing to have someone, even if it was a child, be so completely relaxed around me. That had never happened before. And inside, deep inside, I sort of hungered for her smiles, liked her grins, and really enjoyed looking into her honey-brown eyes. She made me feel like I was in the eye of a storm. Step away from her and Hell would be let loose. Stay close and calm would descend. The twilight zone. Weird.

As soon as we were in the front door, Kara grabbed my hand, tugged me to bend down and kissed my cheek. "Thanks, Shane. Come on," she added pulling me by my hand. "Time to try them on."

I sat on my bed bemused as Kara first unpacked her new clothes, sorting and matching things, occasionally holding an item up asking me if I liked it, and never waiting for an answer. Things got weirder when she proceeded to strip her old clothes off. I'd forgotten she had no underwear and, as she tugged her dirty T-shirt over her head, I studied her small body. Skinny, sort of waif-like, pretty typical of what I'd imagine a child would be. The two biggest features were her rear, which stood out prominently, and her pubis, a bare mound that seemed to fill her groin.

There was nothing sexual about her; a beanpole. At least there wasn't until she started trying on panties. Those two features took on a completely different appearance when nestled in cotton. They became uncomfortably hypnotic when cosseted by tiny pink cotton with white elastic. In fact, her pubis, with the small camel toe was unreasonably large for her small body.

Kara proceeded to wiggle in and out of clothes, pause, pose, "Like?" She hit me with her smile before I could answer and yanked clothes off, her panties slipping down slightly to give me a peek at a bum crack, or as she bent to pick up another item, her pubis pushing out between slender little legs. She was a whirlwind and, sitting admiring this force of nature, I felt a strong attraction to her. She was a loveable little girl. I really liked her.

KARA WAS THRILLED WITH her new clothes. She hadn't had new clothes in so long. "Look," she said smiling happily, holding up a purple T-shirt, "Purple, my favorite color. Like?" As she pulled it over her head, she wondered why Shane was staring so hard. Then she noticed his erection.

"It's okay. I've seen them before," she tried to reassure him, nodding to his crotch. She was surprised when he looked down, blushed hard, gave her a fierce look, rose and left the bedroom. She'd never seen a guy blush from an erection. At least Uncle Dave never did, nor those three creeps.

I WAS FEELING RATHER disoriented. Sitting in the living room, staring at the black TV screen, I tried to bring rational thought back, now I wasn't in the storm that was Kara. It wasn't an erection that embarrassed me, although it had surprised the hell out of me, not realizing I had one. No, it was the power of her personality, that little thing seemed to fill the room. It was the magnetic attraction I'd felt that embarrassed me. Jesus, I'd never experienced such a strong draw to anyone. She was a storm raging over me and I seemed utterly unable to control the impact she had. Where the hell did she come from?

"You okay, Shane?" a light voice asked.

Looking over, Kara stood dressed in jeans, a purple T-shirt and dainty bare feet. She looked at me with hesitation in her eyes, those intriguing eyes.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Um... Perhaps you should change in the other room, or when I'm not there, okay?"

"Kay." She graced me with a smile that seared into me. Damn.

That night she crawled into my bed. "You have a bed, Kara."

"I'm sleeping with you." When she smiled at me, kissed my cheek and snuggled back against me, I felt peace again, total calm, and satisfied! What was with this feeling of satisfaction? Damned weird, I thought. How does she do it? I tried to remember we'd need to buy her pajamas. When I offered another one of my T-shirts, she declined and snuggled back against me harder; silky bare skin and pink cotton panties.

I lay in bed holding a little girl, her soft clean, soapy and shampoo scent wafting up at me, a warm comforting bundle in my arms, wondering just what had happened to me. When I woke yesterday morning, my world seemed normal, everything under control, everything in its place. I was the master of my domain. Somehow, in the space of thirty-six hours, life as I knew it had vanished. What totally confused me was how helpless I was in the whole thing.

Except for Dad, I'd never allowed anyone to influence me, never. I'd never allowed anyone to get close to my feelings, never. I was smart, had a high IQ, was resourceful and had a challenging and interesting career, albeit illegal. Helplessness was as strange to me as experiencing a menstrual period.

Yet here I was, in the twilight zone, a young practically naked girl in my bed, a small child that seemed to completely demolish all my carefully constructed defenses without any effort. It was just damned weird.

A massive wave of pleasure tore through my body, so strong I saw stars; my penis exploding. I felt myself ejaculate even harder, pure ecstasy pounding me. Opening my eyes, a third wave hit, my erection swelling even more, semen charging up my straining shaft to explode into Kara's mouth, her lips sealed around the pee hole, small hands stroking my shaft. My hips heaved up, shoving my crown between her small lips, forcing her mouth open wide, my crown disappearing, semen spurting painfully into her small mouth, her cheeks puffing out. What the fuck? I exploded again, stomach cramping in pain as I ejaculated, bliss coursing through my body.

Unbelievably, Kara stroked and swallowed as she brought me off in a mind bending climax, one so strong I couldn't stop her, helpless from the intense pleasure she was giving me.

"All better?" she asked when I collapsed, my penis shrinking, two beautiful honey-brown eyes twinkling, her smile crashing into me, a small drop of white semen at the edge of her lips.

"We're going to talk, young lady," I gasped, trying to frown, feeling bewildered, still under the influence of a hard orgasm.

"Kay. Need to brush my teeth." Kara scrambled out of bed and scampered to the bathroom, smiling.

"Okay. Just what did you do? Why? Where the hell did you learn something like that? You're far too young to be doing that. Just how old are you anyway? Huh? Speak up," I demanded as Kara walked back towards the bed. I tried my most fearsome frown, too, even though I was still feeling the pleasure of an intense orgasm.

She giggled at me as if I wasn't serious. I was deadly serious. "Almost nine!" she announced proudly.

Eight?!! An eight-year-old had just given me the best blow job I'd ever experienced?!! "And the rest?" I asked firmly as she crawled onto the bed.

"What rest?"

"Why? Where did you learn . . .? Why? And . . . Why?"

"You had blue balls and I didn't want you to hurt."

"I had . . . Explain yourself, young lady," I ordered, although I was fairly certain she'd only do what she wanted, not what I demanded.

"When you get an erection, your balls turn blue and you hurt. When you cum you feel better. Don't cha?" she asked.

"They do not . . . Wait. Who the hell told you that load of bull sh . . . rubbish?"

"Uncle Dave," she said, then grinning at me, she added, "I didn't like doing it for him. He forced me to do it. But you I like! You're cute. And besides, we're going to be together forever and I don't want you to hurt."

"Jesu . . . Um, Kara," I said firmly, waiting for her to look me in the eyes instead of studying the outline of my flaccid penis under the sheet, "Your Uncle lied to you. I don't hurt and you should not do . . . um, you know, that, what you did, um, just now, again. Don't do it again, okay? You're too young."

Honey-brown eyes widened, a cute face questioned, "Even if you hurt?"

Jesus. "I don't hurt, Kara. Just don't do it again, okay?"

"Kay." Her smile slammed into me.

KARA TOOK A BITE of her sandwich, chewed and swallowed. "So what do you do?" she asked. At first, Shane had looked angry this morning when she'd sucked him off. But the erection that had poked her bum and woke her up had gone, so he must have felt better. Maybe he didn't like waking up in the morning. Some people didn't.

"I rob people."

"Really? Why?" She liked his sandy hair with the darker roots, sort of boyish, nice.


"Like Robin Hood?"

I SMILED AT HER QUESTION. "Nope. I don't give to the poor."

"How come?"

"Good question. Because I don't."

"You should," she said, taking another bite of her PB&J.

Kara followed me around all day, peppering me with questions, hurting me with her smile, and buffeting me with her personality. By the time I started my Jeet Kune Do routine in the basement gym, I was already feeling tired. Kara plunked herself on the bottom step, sat and watched me.

INTRIGUED AT HOW SHANE seemed to move like a ballet dancer, but so fast, Kara asked, "Is that like Kung Fu or something?" Without his shirt on he looked really muscular, but not big muscles, just all muscles, nothing but muscles.

"How long have you been doing it? Is it hard?" Kara thought it looked pretty easy, like dancing and kicking.

She sat, chin in her hand, elbow on her knee, watching Shane's muscles start to glisten with sweat, puffs of breath emphasizing jabs and kicks. It looked fun. "Can you teach me?"

Another moment passed as she studied Shane. "It's sorta like ballet, isn't it? Did you do ballet when you were young? I did once. I didn't like it. Is this the stuff you used to kill those creeps? Maybe you should teach me so next time I can kill them," adding after a pause, "in case you're not there to protect me."

I FINALLY GAVE UP on my routine, grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat on my face. I'd done a third of my program and was breathless from trying not to laugh at Kara. She stared at me with those damned honey-brown eyes and didn't care one whit that I wasn't answering her. I was completely charmed by her. I'd never experienced anything like her.

While wiping my neck, I was brought up short, stunned, absolutely floored. I realized I wasn't even contemplating getting rid of Kara. She seemed to have imprinted herself on me. Even weirder, I'd been debating if she was too young to learn Jeet Kune Do. Just when did she move into my life? When did I become such a softie?

I woke just as a massive climax took my breath away. Eyes popping open, I saw Kara laying on top of me, burnt umber hair on my chest, a small body rubbing my spurting erection, her soft tummy wriggling seductively, and small legs gripping my sides, arms hugging my chest. In the grip of a huge climax, I held her small body, her cheek on my chest, and humped, sliding my erection up her tummy and spurting to a stunningly powerful orgasm, hot thick semen jetting out between us, Kara rubbing against my straining, swelling erection. I came hard, the pleasure pounding my body leaving me gasping.

Two honey-brown eyes peered at me when I stopped spurting, a big grin slamming into me. "All better?"

Jesus Murphy! Who was this child?

She giggled. "Yup, all better," she decided as my penis deflated between us.

"Kara . . ." I started with a firm tone, frowning.

"I didn't suck it," she said, interrupting me. "But you hurt. You had an erection again."

"Jesus, Kara. I didn't hurt!"

"You mean you don't feel better?"

"Of course I . . . Now listen here. You are not to make me feel better any more. Got that?"

I did not trust her for one second when she grinned, "Kay."

KARA WONDERED WHAT THE big deal was. Shane had an erection, he hurt, she could make him feel better. What was wrong with that? Besides, it was sorta fun watching the surprise in his nice eyes. His frown was really funny, too.

CONCENTRATING ON THE FRONT door lock while keeping an ear out for neighbors, Kara distracted me, asking loudly, "How do you do that?"


"How do you do that?" Kara whispered almost as loudly as I picked the Yale lock. "Will you teach me?"

Kara had taken over my life in the last two weeks, completely dominated me. I actually caught her feeling my erection the third morning and had to threaten her with never sleeping in my bed before she realized I was serious. It hadn't stopped her in the slightest; the next morning she was rubbing her bum against me. At least I found I could stop her before it got too far.

"Yes, I'll teach you," I whispered, beginning to regret bringing her on this little break and enter. "Just keep quiet."


Inside the front door I dispatched the useless AlarmForce security alarm with a jumper on the motherboard, a design flaw they were too lazy to fix.

"How did you learn this stuff?"

"Shhh! Try to keep quiet, Kara."


She followed me into the Master bedroom. I moved to the walk-in closet, large, suiting this one-year-old mansion. Poor Peter, stockbroker and high flyer. He wasn't going to be happy when he came home.

Kneeling, I removed a shoe rack, revealing a floor safe.

"How did you know it was there, Shane? Are you going to . . ."

"Kara!" I whispered harshly, "You have to keep quiet."


Grinning, I mentally counted, one . . . two . . . three . . .

"Can you really open that?" Kara asked, leaning over my shoulder.

Damn but she was a pest, and I loved it. I couldn't stop grinning as I turned the combination lock. "I need to listen, Kara."

"Oops. Sorry."

I found Peter's bearer bonds neatly folded inside a brown manila envelope. For a moment I was tempted to take the custom made jewelry as well, but that wasn't what I'd come for. Discipline was the rule that kept me out of the law's radar.

Back home, my ears buzzing from Kara's enthusiastic questions and commentary, my body exhausted from her personality, I fed her a snack, a healthy granola bar which she inspected closely before tasting. It was three am. I was tired.

"So will you teach me? How old were you when you learned this stuff, Shane? Who taught you? Is it hard? It doesn't look hard."

She was just too cute. I couldn't resist. I grabbed her, and carrying her into the bedroom, gave her a hug, and shoved her towards the bathroom. "Brush your teeth, Kara. I'm going to bed."

My bed felt empty until she crawled in. I smiled to myself when she kissed my cheek, something she did every night, something I was finding very enjoyable.

"Night, sweetheart," I mumbled.

"Night, Shane. Don't forget you love me," she said softly before cuddling.

The problem was, I was actually beginning to love her. This was complicating my life no end.

I woke to Kara cuddled back against me. Sun was just brightening the window and Kara was undulating her little bum against my erection, again. Damn but it felt good. She had such a sweet little bottom, tiny firm buttocks.

"Don't," I ordered, rather reluctantly. It was quite arousing having her in my arms.

I heard a small giggle, felt her body shake, and the little minx squeezed her buttocks around my penis.

"Kara, stop. If you don't I'll spank you."

She giggled again. "No you won't. You'd never hurt me," she said with complete conviction.

I rolled out of bed and headed to the shower with a stupid grin on my face. I loved her sass, absolutely loved it. It didn't surprise me in the least when she entered the shower and proceeded to wash herself. My flagging erection returned as I studied how she soaped her pussy staring at my erection.

"Are you sure it doesn't hurt? It looks really angry. Red."

"It really doesn't, Kara. So don't get any ideas."


The frown on her face was cute. Her total concentration on the two lock-picks in her hands was impressive.

"Do you feel the tumblers?" I asked.

She'd hounded me for the last month to teach her and I'd finally given in. It was as we sat together on the couch watching TV one evening that I realized I really liked her, maybe even loved her. She completely, completely dominated my life. She even guilted me into donating money to a kid's charity after I'd cashed in the bearer bonds.

"Shhh. I'm trying to concentrate," she informed me seriously. Now the tip of her tongue was sticking out the side of her mouth, her concentration total.

I'd discovered immeasurable peace and calm. It descended every night when she'd cuddle to me on the couch or in bed. Her determination and commitment was something to behold. Without fail, and despite my stern admonishments, threats and pleas, she found ways to rub my morning erections. And she knew I wasn't hurting, she was just having fun.

"Damn! I can't."

"Kara, relax. You need to feel it through your fingertips," I said putting my hands over hers, guiding them as she practiced on one of my locks. "There, feel that?"


"That's the first one. Now we move it in slightly. There, feel that?"


"Okay, now keep going, two more tumblers and then turn both picks."


The storm that was Kara battered me every day, exhausting me. She was relentless, with endless energy, never seeming to slow down. She talked about her trauma as if it was just a day at the park and, when I'd asked her if she ever got sad, she seriously informed me, "Not when I'm with you, Shane."

"Look! I did it!" Kara burst with excitement, grinning when the lock opened.

TURNING, SMILING, KARA STOPPED cold. The pride in Shane's expression made her heart patter. She threw herself at him, kissing him on his lips and froze. Gee, that feels good. Nice shivers. Mmmm. Yup, staying with Shane forever.

"You have nice lips, Shane," she told him. "Let's try another lock!"

THE STORM THAT WAS Kara gradually eroded my resolve. Like the river creating the Grand Canyon, Kara wormed her way through my defenses, slowly, without me realizing just how far she'd gone. It was after her first Jeet Kune Do lesson that I found out how far she'd traveled, how deeply she'd burrowed.

I'd pushed her hard, hoping it might discourage her. Yet she was fiercely determined; abnormally so for an eight-year-old. "I've got to be able to protect myself, Shane," she'd said with conviction, a cute frown and determined stare.

I'd stressed her small body by forcing her into positions that, even with the flexibility of a child, strained her muscles and joints. And that night I paid the price as she complained about aches and pains, "That was mean, Shane, you're mean," she stated forcefully and instantly apologized. I fetched some massage oil and, as Kara lay face down on the bed in nothing but panties, pink with white elastic, I massaged her small body.

"Wait," she said suddenly, wiggling and stripping her panties off, flopping back down on her front. "Okay, go ahead. Don't want oil on my underwear, Shane."

I'd seen Kara naked countless times. But, until that moment, I really hadn't laid a hand on her other than to hold her. This was completely different, gently massaging silky skin, and feeling my hands glide over her small naked body. I actually developed an erection when I felt the incredible, incredible upsweep of her pert little bum and two handfuls of rounded sexy little buttocks. Touching her reinforced how small she was, yet surprisingly sexy. My erection was rock hard as I sat on the bed next to her, completely absorbed in the amazing sensuousness of massaging her. I really liked it.

KARA MOANED QUIETLY. SHANE'S hands felt so good on her achy muscles. He'd been so mean! Oh. She felt his hands glide up the back of her legs, his thumbs inside her thighs. The spark of pleasure that hit when his hands slipped over her bum, thumbs glancing off her pussy felt strange, but goooood.

Another spark of pleasure hit when her bum cheeks separated, making her pussy rub her little button. A little shiver went through her from his warm hands sliding up her back. Shane was making her feel really good, sorta warm, nice.

"Now the front," she said rolling onto her back, studying Shane's face. She was intrigued by his expression, his eyes so soft, so intent. Little shivers of pleasure hit when his big hands massaged her chest, her nipples tingling, how odd. Nice. She saw his erection. He must like doing this.

His hands distracted her as they swept down her legs, felt them start back up, so warm. A sharp jab of pleasure pulsed through her when his thumbs rubbed up over her pussy, his palms at her sides. When he did it again, she suddenly felt pressure in her pussy.

"Gotta pee," Kara announced, rolling off the bed and running to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet waiting to pee. Nothing happened. But her pussy still throbbed and she felt like she needed to pee. Strange.

She crawled into bed, forgetting she didn't have panties on. Tired, still a bit sore, she kissed Shane. "Night Shane. Don't forget you love me," she reminded him.

Little sparks of pleasure woke her up; sparks in her pussy. It was still night, dark, Shane holding her tight. Then she felt it, Shane's erection between her thighs, throbbing, big and warm. The sparks happened every time she squeezed her legs together, nice tingles, really nice tingles. When her bum jerked from a strong spark, a whole new sensation hit, her pussy rubbing on Shane's erection, oooh, gooooood. She tried it again. Oh! Nice. Feels good. Again.

Reaching down, she held his erection, the head poking out between her legs, pulling it tight to her pussy. Oh! Big tingles, pressure. This was very interesting. Squeeze, rub. Oh yes! She felt the wetness at the tip of his erection, slippery, warm and silky. Moving her bottom cautiously, holding his erection tight to her aching pussy, she felt the big end slip along her pussy, big, big tingles. Oh Shane! Now her nipples ached too! This was gooood!

She felt a strong pressure in her pussy, tingles, little sparks of pleasure, pressure as if she needed to pee. Was this like blue balls? It didn't hurt so much as feel . . . tight, tense, pressure. Really nice.

Holding his big erection tight to her pussy, everything now slippery, rubbing, hunching, she felt a spark of pleasure in her little button making her jerk. Gotta be careful not to wake Shane. A little hunch, a little rub, oh gooood! Another hunch, another rub. Gotta pee, gotta pee. Oh Gawd!

Stars exploded, breath whooshed out, pleasure tore through her little body, bliss Shane, bliss! Her bottom jerked, jerked again, heart pounding, so good, so good. Hot wetness flooded her hand, Shane spurting, rubbing his cock on her, pure bliss!

Kara cried out loudly, her small body jerking spasmodically as Shane ejaculated against her pussy, her hand still holding the tip pressed to her pulsing pussy, hot cum exploding.

I CAME AWAKE SUDDENLY to the feeling of ejaculating, spurting powerfully, dizzy, pleasure hammering me. I had Kara's tiny hip in my hand, my erection slipping between tiny thighs, spurting. I heard little yips, felt her jerk, rubbing her tiny pussy on my crown as I ejaculated hard, blinding pleasure, blinding pleasure. I came uncontrollably, came hard, drowning in the sensation of spurting against her little pussy, drowning in the sweet sound of Kara climaxing.

I was panting by the time my orgasm released me. Kara, so small, was twitching lightly, my erection wilting. We were soaked in my cum, the scent strong.

My first reaction was to yell at her, but I didn't. There was something so sweet, so damned arousing about her climax. An eight-year-old having an orgasm in my arms! Unbelievably erotic.

A small bundle suddenly wriggled in my arms, turning to face me, small impish face beaming with pleasure. How could I admonish that face?

"Is that what you feel?" she asked excitedly. Not waiting for my answer she wriggled again, reached down to hold my soft wet penis, "Can we do it again, Shane? It's amazing. Are you angry? It felt like I had to pee real bad and then everything exploded!"

All I could do was smile.

"And then," she said breathlessly, "stars! I saw stars, Shane. Big explosion. Is that what happens to you? Do you see stars too?"

I felt like I was being buffeted by her enthusiasm, the storm that was Kara. I also felt something else, something that had been coalescing for a while. It took shape, became defined, and blew me away. I felt love, total, uncontrollable, unconditional, involuntary love. Jesus, I was in love with this storm called Kara! It made my heart ache and felt wonderful.

I wrapped the little ball of enthusiasm in my arms, pulled her to me, kissed her small lips to shut her up. Soft honey-brown eyes grew huge. A smile played across her lips as I kissed them.

She broke away, stared, grinned at me. "Told ya you love me."

Fuck, I did. Head over fucking heels! An eight-year-old!

That event changed everything. Kara's storm still raged around me, buffeting me and tiring me. Her endless energy and enthusiasm took me hostage and I had to fight hard not to let her know how completely lost I was. But I knew. I was stupid in love with her.

I think Kara suspected she had the advantage. We'd both finally fallen asleep without cleaning ourselves. Not surprisingly, I woke to morning sun and a small hand playing gently with my erection. I tried to pretend I was still asleep, just enjoying how gently Kara touched me, her fingers exploring, tracing the shape of my urethra up the shaft, rubbing the crown. I felt precum ooze, Kara using a fingertip to spread it. I tried to pretend I was asleep.

"Are you awake?" she whispered. "Let's do it again. Come on, wake up, Shane."

I grabbed her suddenly, tossing the sheet aside to her delightful giggles, rolling her petite body onto her back. Rising over her I actually grinned without worrying I'd scare her, bent and kissed her small mouth, her giggles slowly dying.

Kara was so tiny, so excitingly petite. I shuddered when her tongue touched mine, tips gently caressing each other. She had her magnetic, expressive eyes open as we kissed and I watched in fascination the emotions that played through them; a little twinkle of amusement, playful mischief when she thrust her tongue at me, the softness of arousal when I let her small hot tongue into my mouth. I watched those magnetic eyes close slowly when I sucked her tongue, caressing her flat chest, rubbing tiny hard nipples. It was so, so erotic. My hand almost spanned her chest.

I broke our kiss, moved to her chest and kissed and sucked her nipples, relishing the sharp intake of breath when my hand cupped her sexy small pussy. I discovered something very interesting as I gently caressed her, tracing her seductive short cleft. Kara, when aroused, was no longer a storm battering me. She was calm and gentle, soft and sexy, a completely different girl, one I found very, very attractive, too.

I watched her sexy eyes open. She looked at me with a strange expression as I gently caressed her small pussy, felt how it mounded up from her tummy so beautifully, so erotically. Her expression had me mesmerized as I caressed her short cleft, tracing my finger down lightly, shuddering when I felt moisture, Kara's silken arousal. I watched passion flow into her honey-brown eyes when I carefully slipped my fingertip between silky soft labia, curling my finger to draw her moisture up. She had an intense expression, staring right into my eyes. I saw them flicker slightly right as I felt the tiny bump of her clit, nestled deep between warm lips, soft satiny lips.

Kara's eyes hypnotized me, her expression so unusual, intense, with no smile on her face, raptly staring at me. I felt a small tremor in her body when I caressed her clit gently, her expression unchanged. She parted her legs more when I dipped my finger down, collecting more of her silky moisture, rubbing her tiny, tiny vaginal entrance gently. Her pelvis twitched when I drew the moisture up to her hard little clit, but her expression, so intently studying me, didn't change. I wondered what was going through her mind as I caressed her pussy.

Then, as I squeezed her whole pussy in my palm, my body shaking from arousal, the sun broke on her face, a smile growing, slowly broadening into a grin, honey-brown eyes twinkling. It was phenomenal to watch. Kara had made some decision, I thought. Her grin was lighting up my heart.

""You love me, Shane," she said with total, total conviction.

"No I don't," I claimed, my heart constricting.

I moved down, lay between her legs, studying the magnificence of her immature pussy, a bald peach that filled her groin, rising from her tummy majestically, sweeping down seductively, full, plump labia only slightly parted. Kara's long clitoral hood nestled gently between soft labia, filling her short cleft. Below, her sexy cleft had peeled apart to expose her inner pink and undeveloped inner labia. The sight of a dark shadow, a tiny, tiny dark shadow, the entrance to her eight-year-old vagina, had me aching with desire, my erection drooling, dampening the sheet.

It was impossibly small, and yet in my aroused state, I wanted to feel it, and wondered what it might be like to slip into her, feel her wrapped around my erection. I had no concept, just knew it was an intensely erotic vision.

Bending close, I inhaled the scent that was Kara, a very delicate scent, as yet unripe, pure, innocent, immature. I detected the lingering scent of my semen. Bending closer, I tasted Kara, the tip of my tongue touching that tiny dark shadow, shuddering as I felt her silkiness, felt the little opening. My body was trembling, senses overwhelmed.

Kara proceeded to stun me. Her slender legs rose and curled around the back of my neck. Her pelvis curled up, my tongue slipping down across her perineum to her little rosebud, and small hands combed through my hair, held me and pulled, forcing my mouth against her. I started slipping my tongue through her hot moist slit, tickling her hard little clit, and sucking it gently. I loved how I could get her whole little cleft in my mouth, so small, so damned sexy.

I was humping my weeping erection against the soft cotton sheet as Kara curled her pelvis, rhythmically humping my mouth, emitting small sighs, her little gasps of breath and quiet moans filling the air. She came quite suddenly, no notice, no warning. Suddenly her bum jerked off the sheet, she squeaked first, then cried out in joy, her small body heaving, hands gripping my hair as she scrubbed her pussy on my face, spreading her moisture, cumming hard. I rode her climax with my lips and tongue, thrilled at her pleasure, just thrilled; it was so sexy. I caressed and eased off as she collapsed, her legs falling to the bed, knees bent to the side.

When I looked, Kara had the sweetest smile on her face, perspiration on her upper lip, so sexy, and eyes closed, her chest still heaving. Despite a painful need for release, my erection throbbing, despite the amazingly erotic vision of Kara laid splayed on my bed, legs apart, plump little pussy reddened and flushed open, I left her and went to take a shower, replaying her sweet climax over and over.

I knew how luxurious it felt to relax after an intense climax. I wanted Kara to enjoy it. As I showered, I knew one thing. I wanted to keep Kara in my life. I was besotted, addicted. It didn't even cross my mind that she was eight years old. I'd fallen for her personality, the storm that was Kara, and now, for her sexy little body as well.

Rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, a cold draft announced Kara's arrival. I was still erect, throbbing and horny from Kara's orgasm, her taste still with me. Please, I thought. I needed release I was so, so aroused.

A sigh escaped when I felt her small hand wrap around my shaft. I looked down, blood pounding at the sight. At no more than three-foot eight, Kara didn't have to bend far to kiss the flared head. Sexy honey-brown eyes looked up at me, pure mischief flitting through them, a soft sexy smile curling her small lips.

"Do you hurt?"

I nodded. Yes, I hurt rather badly at that moment.

Short, burnt umber hair darkened as the shower dampened it, rivulets of water running over her sweet face. I moved slightly blocking the spray and watched her hold my shaft gently, fingers not meeting. I paid rapt attention as she licked the shaft, bottom to top, shuddering at the intense charge that went through me, the sight of her small tongue probing the slit so sexy.

My erection was swelling and pulsing in her small hand and all I could think was, 'please, please put it in your mouth, please suck it.' I was in that feverish state of arousal where rational thought had long since left and nothing, nothing at all distracted me from the erotic sight of Kara holding my erection. I felt her other hand cup my balls, watched as she smiled up at me, so sweet, so sexy, and groaned loudly when she slipped her soft lips over the crown, honey-brown eyes looking up at me from under long lashes.

My body was trembling as Kara opened her mouth wide, squeezed my crown in, sucked, her small hand stroking my shaft, milking me. When she started moving her mouth, the flared ridge oozing out between her stretched lips, reversing, sliding me in, her tongue swiping across the crown, and sucking slightly, I was gone, it was too much, my constant arousal too painful, so painful I had a headache. I reached out and held her head carefully, thrust into her mouth gently, and let ecstasy wash over me.

The release of pressure was sweet agony, my erection swelling hugely, her lips stretched around my shaft. Semen burned up my shaft and I saw stars, pleasure exploding. I came, jetting semen into her small mouth, her cheeks puffing out. I came, semen charging up, spurting with exquisite pleasure, thick white semen flowing out between her sweet lips. I came, harder than I could ever remember, Kara stroking my jerking erection, jetting semen into her warm mouth, sexy eyes watching my face. I came until I had nothing left, my knees going weak. Heaven descended.

"All better?" she asked, eyes twinkling as I panted, holding onto the wall, trying not to collapse.

Jesus Christ. Wherever she had come from, I was never letting her go back.

The storm that was Kara took over my life. She dominated me, ignoring me whenever it didn't suit her, impervious to my frowns, grumbling or growls. She'd just look at me with those magnetic honey-brown eyes, consider me for a second or two, as if she could see into me, then she'd grin, "Nice eyes, Shane," and that was that. I was stopped dead in my tracks, hit a ten-foot thick concrete wall called Kara and left reeling, dazed and bemused.

I was struggling to maintain some level of dispassion, the dispassion that let better sense guide my actions, my thoughts. I was trying to be a responsible, in charge adult. But, in truth, I was pretty much gone, far, far too charmed by the raging storm of her personality, far, far too addicted to the calm, peace, and satisfaction I felt when she'd cuddle to me.

Two things changed us forever. The first was without my knowledge or approval, the second, I'll admit, was all my fault. I had no excuse, none.

Kara was bursting with pride when we returned from my third burglary of the year, Kara's second. I planned four per year; sometimes five if the pickings were slim. She'd opened her first real lock and was excited.

I'd selected a safe target, one where the front door was hidden from the street, two acres of carefully tended lawn and a tall thick hedge providing privacy from the street and neighbors. She took a long time, and I was glad I had picked a house so isolated as she screeched in glee when it opened, "I did it! Look, Shane, I opened it!"


"Ooops. Sorry."

I wasn't listening to her endless, excited chatter as I gave her a snack that night. My mind was on the intense pride I'd felt when she unlocked that door. It was unreasonable how proud of her I'd felt. I wondered if Dad had felt that way about me. We'd checked through the sprawling bungalow to confirm it was empty, with Kara providing a running commentary about how she'd felt every tumbler, "It was easy, Shane," following me around, ignoring my repeated urging for her to be quiet. Yes, it was very fortunate the house was isolated and empty.

We'd discovered the wall safe hidden behind a painting in the study, a stupid place to put a safe. After shushing Kara up twice, I finally managed to crack it with the help of a silenced electric drill, took the diamond jewelry, gold tennis bracelets and a couple of bricks of currency, checking first to make sure they had random serial numbers. My guess was about one hundred and eighty thousand once everything was sold and laundered.

"How much, Shane?" she asked as we sat at the kitchen table. Three-thirty in the morning and she was fired up, excited, eyes sparkling, totally cute. I told her.

"Don't forget to give some to the poor," she advised seriously, small legs swinging back and forth on the kitchen chair. Then she grinned, "I'm not tired yet. Do you hurt?"

An immediate erection formed. Kara didn't like 'horny', always talking about how I hurt. 'Horny' was something she felt, not me, for some reason; a reason only her childish logic seemed to understand. After our shower episode, Kara had started asking me for 'blow jobs', at first confusing me until I understood with a huge laugh; she meant me giving her oral sex. She didn't like 'oral sex' ether, insisting, since she could feel my breath, it was a blow job, "And why, when I suck is it called a blow job, Shane?" she'd asked inquisitively, earnestly.

It turned out to be my loss that night. Kara had started getting quite moist when I ate her delectable pussy, very sweet, totally arousing. That night her moisture had slipped down through her seductive little butt cheeks. I felt it on my fingers as I held her bottom, mouth firmly planted on her tiny pussy, tongue teasing, damned sexy. As my fingertips slipped through her tight little valley, I rubbed her anus. Kara's body jerked, she moaned and pushed down just as I sucked a hard little clit, the tip of my finger slipping into her bum slightly, lubricated from her arousal.

She climaxed like a rocket, small warm thighs snapping against my ears so hard I heard ringing. I rejoiced in her delightful sounds of ecstasy, gasps, groans, and, at the height, what sounded like little yips of pleasure timed to each contraction of her small body, my fingertip penetrating her bum with each gyration.

By the time she'd calmed and I'd hugged her to my side, her body tremors finally fading, I heard soft breathing. Despite the hard erection I was sporting, I had to smile. Kara, the storm, had fallen asleep, a satisfied smile curling her sweet lips.

Somewhat regretfully I kissed the crown of her head, rolled to my side and hugged her to me, sleep washing over me, horny but, incredibly, at peace as I slid my erection between silky thighs.

KARA WOKE TO SHANE'S erection poking her in her bum, already slippery, nestled between her buttocks. She pushed back slightly and felt the big head squeeze between her buttocks, a sudden memory of feeling his finger in her bum last night popping into mind. It had felt weird having his finger in her bum, but so, so good. So good she'd almost passed out when those good feelings hit her, a 'climax' according to Shane.

Pushing back a little harder, his penis slipped across her pussy and popped out between her thighs, tingles, nice Shane. Reaching down, she pushed it back, lifting her knee slightly, the big head sliding between her bum cheeks again, hot, slippery. A little tremble of excitement passed through her. Would it fit? Should she try? It was a lot bigger than his finger. Would that make it a lot nicer?

With her hand between her legs, fingertips holding his penis to stop it slipping, she pushed her bottom back, felt his erection at her bum hole. It felt big, really big. Could she? Would it make him feel good? He felt so big. He must hurt a lot, she thought. Holding the tip so it wouldn't slip, she pushed back, felt it press against her bum hole. She pressed harder and tried to relax, suddenly feeling her bum hole stretch, tingles in her pussy, nice tingles.

Slowly, slowly she pushed, her bum beginning to hurt, twinges of pain. It's okay. He needs it, Shane hurts. A gasp escaped when it popped in, no pain, big, so big, her bum stretched. Rubbing her pussy she tried pushing back again, cheeks spread apart, shuddering when his erection slipped up inside, so full. She pulled off slightly, pushed back, suddenly really slippery, sliding in, so full. Oh, big tingles. Her little finger started diddling her clit. This is goooood.

I WOKE TO A PAINFUL, painful grip on my erection. Eye's snapped open at a groan of pain, my groan! I pushed, feeling my erection slide up into a hot, tight grasp. Jesus Christ! I had my erection up Kara's ass and she was pushing back against me! 'Pull out! Pull out!' screamed though my mind as I pushed in, sinking deeper into her hot, tight rectum, my erection swelling, pure desire storming me with the immensity of how good it felt.

The fog of arousal settled in my sleepy brain.

Reaching, I hugged Kara's tiny body to me, groaning again when she curled her bum back against me, my erection sinking deep, half of it buried in her. Oh God it felt good. My hand displaced hers at her pussy. I rubbed her hard little clit. Kara moved her sweet little bottom, pulling off slightly, pushing back. I had no control, none. Caressing her clit, I thrust up into her tiny bottom, groaned at the exquisite tightness, and, unable to stop myself, started fucking her sexy ass, clutching her small body to me, hunching, thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting, every shove slipping slightly deeper into her sexy little bottom.

In the fog of arousal I heard little moans, panting, a tiny body jerking. I fucked her tiny bum, the tight, tight ring of her anus massaging my shaft, so painfully tight. Little yips filled the air, her petite body twitching in my arms. Kara climaxed, shoving back, shoving my erection deep. I withdrew once, thrust deeply, erection swelled and heaven descended, semen exploding into her tight, tight bum. Pure bliss addled my mind. I withdrew, thrust and, to the sounds of her climax, spurted deep up her rear, hot semen flooding her. The dam burst. I held Kara to me, hunched and came, fucking hard, spurting again and again in glorious bliss, her sweet little body so sexy in my arms. I came, completely, drained, exhausted, utterly exhausted.

"All better?" she asked in a whisper holding my arms around her.

I gave in. "Yes, Kara. All better," I admitted before falling asleep, exhausted, my penis still buried in her delectable bum.

Grabbing Kara, I lifted her as the alarm went off. Carrying her, I hoofed it, racing across the well-manicured lawn, slipping through the thick hedge, down the street and round a corner, heading for the pick-up parked two hundred yards away.

"What happened? Did I do it wrong?" she asked, as if the alarm wasn't a sure sign.

Panting, heart racing, I peeled away from the curb, smiling at her, adrenaline coursing through my veins. Very exciting.

"You said put it on that wire, Shane."

Looking at her frown, I laughed. "No. I said don't put it on that wire."


"Yeah. I did. If you hadn't been yakking away, you'd have heard me properly."

"I was not yakking! I was telling you that there were lots of wires," Kara claimed indignantly. Then grinning, she added, "That was exciting. Let's try again."

I felt the force of her grin like a physical punch. "Okay," I answered, trying to think of another possible target. I'd have to work on it. "In the meantime, until we find a new house, you need to practice," I told her.

"Kay." She grinned in excitement, honey-brown eyes twinkling in the passing streetlamps.

Damn I was besotted, completely charmed.

Having anal sex with Kara had changed things again. Kara decided she liked it and, with her wonky logic, since it made both of us feel good, "Strong climaxes, Shane," she advised now she knew what they were called, wanted repeats, exhaustingly frequently, every morning. The most exciting had been when, holding her in the shower, she'd grinned, slid her small legs around me and suggested, "You still hurt, don't 'cha?"

If I hadn't, I certainly did at that point. So, holding Kara, I let her guide herself down onto my erection, squeezing it into her tight bum, so hot, so damned arousing. We'd fucked like that, holding her tiny buttocks, lifting and dropping her, tight, so tight, until, seeing double, I exploded in her rear, semen jetting into her bum, pleasure making my knees weak.

But it was my fault, all my fault when things changed again.

We were in the kitchen after our failed attempt at breaking in, Kara munching on a granola bar. It was two-fifteen in the morning, unusually early for our break-in nights.

"You have to learn, Kara. You really need to listen to me carefully when we do these things. We can't take risks like that too often," I was explaining.

She watched me with those damned eyes, chewing slowly. I felt her eyes burrowing into me. She swallowed. "Kay. I'll try." A grin slammed into me. "I'm not tired. Are you? Do you hurt?"

Damn it! Now I did; have an erection that is.

"Wanna play?" she asked with an impish grin.

Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to do. I grinned my fiercest grin and reached for her. She screamed in laughter and took off out of the kitchen like a bullet, tiny bum exciting me. By the time I got to the bedroom, Kara was flinging off clothes.

"Come on, Shane. You're slow!"

It was as Kara ran and dived onto the bed that I made my first mistake. Up to this point, every single sexual interaction had been at her instigation. I simply followed her lead like a little lamb, acceding to her, unable to stop her. But seeing her sweet little bottom moving so, so seductively, I wanted to see. I wanted to actually see my erection slipping into that delectable bum and penetrating her. That was the genesis of my mistake. I asked for something for the first time.

"Uh, Kara. Do you think we could, uh, do it so I can see?" I asked heatedly, my erection pulsing rapidly at the thought.

"You mean see you put it in my bum? Yeah, okay. How? Will I be able to see too?"

For an adult, I had some rather shameless thoughts cascade through my befuddled brain; Kara bent over the edge of the bed, Kara on all fours, maybe a pillow under her hips, Kara . . . Yup. That was it.

With a firm erection leading the way, I crawled onto the bed, Kara's eyes twinkling at me as she alternately looked at me and my erection.

"Wow. You hurt a lot, Shane," she said staring now at my erection. It bobbed up and down as I laughed, her quick grin at me as she lay back and spread her small legs taking my breath away. Leaning over her, I kissed her absolutely loving how she smiled while I kissed her. The smile faded when I sucked her plump lower lip, her warm moist tongue appearing. But the surge of passion in me, the pounding need that fogged my brain, grew when I felt her small legs wrap around me, her knees hooking over my thighs.

As I rose upright, I saw her sexy little pussy, plump, full, cleft parted, flushed, legs hanging over my thighs. My throbbing erection pointed high, a bead of precum glistening. Kara, on her back, suddenly had shape, form, a sexy form, the swell of her bottom pressed against the sheet giving her an alluring, more mature look.

But, it was the small dark opening of her vagina, how it glistened with arousal, how small it looked, tiny undeveloped inner labia above; it was the sight of her vagina that changed me. I had no rational control, none. Suddenly I wanted to feel myself inside her, see myself penetrate her. There was absolutely no rational thought left in my body.

Touching her pussy, touching her silky arousal, slippery moisture that I drew up to her tiny clitoris with my thumb, I looked at her face. Kara had that enigmatic look again, quiet, thoughtful, studying my eyes intently. I wondered what she saw. Did she see my thoughts? Did she see how much I wanted to have sex with her? Did she see how completely besotted I was?

KARA STUDIED SHANE'S EYES carefully, looking for that look, that dirty hunger she'd seen in others. She saw his excitement as he looked at her between her legs, felt a surge of arousal when he rubbed her pussy, but he had something in his eyes she had caught glimpses of before. She wanted to know what it was. She trusted Shane completely. He could do whatever he wanted. But that look, what was it?

Then he smiled and she knew. He loved her! She saw it in those dark chocolate eyes, eyes that stood out so well from his sandy hair. He loved her. Told him! I told him! She grinned.

Reaching down between her legs, she held his penis, guiding it to her, twitching when it rubbed her clit, nice. She watched Shane's eyes, reading him, saw them open as she rubbed the tip at her opening, saw them soften when she pushed it down to her bum. Interesting.

She drew it up, letting it rest against the entrance to her vagina, saw his eyes open again, sexy excitement shining. Gee, he wants to put it in. If that's what he wants, if that makes him happy, why not? She moved the tip around, nestling it close to her opening.

Watching Shane's eyes closely, she wiggled her bum, grinned, "Like?"

"Jesus, Kara," he gasped, "Do you have any idea . . .?"

She felt his erection swell really, really big in her hand. Boy, he really likes. "Wanna?"

I HAD TO TAKE a deep, calming breath. That grin, the impishness, her eyes sparkling, the sight of my crown nestled to her small pussy, little cleft spread, clitoris flushed and hard, had me ready to climax and I could have with absolutely no effort. I could feel the heaviness in my groin. But, God I wanted to press in, push, feel her, to actually penetrate her.

"Are you sure, Kara? I'm rather big. I don't want to hurt you."

"It fit in my bum, didn't it? So it'll fit here too." Kara emphasized her opinion by pushing her pussy against my erection slightly, plump labia bulging out. Fuck. "Wanna?" she asked again.

Yes. In fact, rather badly. I nodded, smiled as I held my shaft and then let myself drown in her. I watched as my crown flattened, pushing gently but insistently against her opening. I watched as her labia pressed in, and caught my breath when they slowly, seductively oozed out and over my crown. I watched as a small ring of blood formed halfway down the flared tip, Kara's innocence, her purity melting. I heard her sharp breath.

Looking into her face I saw a frown and watched it fade, honey-brown eyes brighten and start to twinkle.

"That didn't hurt as much as my bum, Shane," she said, a smile curling her lips, pushing her groin against me.

I turned back to the sight of my erection pressed against her small pussy, the crown partially penetrating her. Holding her narrow waist with one hand, my shaft with another, I pressed forward, shuddering as the crown oozed into her, little slit stretched, a tight, tight vise holding me. Jesus, I was in her. I was penetrating her. Backing off, the flared ridge slid out, exquisite pleasure. I reversed, gasping as I felt two, then three inches slid in, Kara's pussy a velvet vise, hot, tight, so damned tight. I couldn't go any further, too scared. But it was more than enough.

With my erection firmly lodged in her little pussy, I let my shaft go, looking up into Kara's face. Bending, I caressed her cheek. "Thank you," I whispered, my erection rhythmically swelling inside her.

Kara gave me the sexiest look, shy, soft, excited. She smiled. "Like?" she whispered.

"God, yes, Kara."

Holding her slender waist, I pulled out, pushed back, tight, incredibly tight. I did it again, looking down, watching as her small flushed clitoris dipped and rubbed against my shaft, felt her twitch. I did it again, pulling back, reversing, slipping in, velvet gripping my erection. I'd never seen anything so erotic, so sexy. Kara looked so small, far too small to be taking me, and yet my rigid erection was sliding in, tight, so damned tight.

"I feel you," Kara whispered, her hand reaching down, pressing on her pussy mound.

A strong pulse went through my erection. Suddenly everything was very slippery. My withdrawals silky smooth, erection gliding in, tight pussy gripping me and, just like that, we were fucking, unbelievably, we were fucking. Suddenly Kara jerked slightly and, as I slipped deeper, she cried out, a little yelp. I'd hit her end, her deepest part, and I was having a terrible time trying to hold off my orgasm. She felt too good. I couldn't believe how exciting it was to feel myself having sex with her, penetrating an eight-year-old. I held her slender waist, fucking her tight pussy, pressure building, penis swelling, fucking in smooth rhythmic strokes, my eyes fastened to the sight of my thick erection thrusting into her, her labia pushed in, pussy almost inverting as it held on to me when I withdrew.

Kara started using her legs over my thighs to pull herself, forcing me deep, four inches, four glorious inches. Pressure built. I was on the precipice, tipping over the edge, penis hard and aching, swollen and pulsing.

"Shane! It's . . . It's . . ."

Her hips heaved off the sheet, she screeched as she slammed me into her end. A flash of pain hit me when her pussy cramped. I exploded, semen flashing up my shaft, bursting into her. She screeched again, hips jerking hard. I thrust into her, held her small waist, swelled painfully, "Oh God, Kara!" A hard, hard explosion hit, exquisite pain, ecstasy, bliss, hot semen flooding her little pussy. I exploded again, pulled back, shoved, exploded, white semen leaking from her. Kara writhed, small fists clenching the sheet, eyes tightly shut. I came hard, fucking, spurting, spurting, chasing my orgasm, chasing pleasure, chasing, God, cumming.

A small hand shaking my shoulder woke me. The bedroom was still dark. I had been in a coma-like sleep.

"Shane. Shane."

I felt her breath on my cheek. Opening my eyes I saw Kara peering at me in the moonlight, big smile, big smile.

"Wanna do it again? Please?"

Jesus. I was exhausted, utterly exhausted and couldn't believe it when, with small fingers fondling me, I felt an erection grow. So did Kara, her eyes sparkling as she felt it. She scrambled over me, legs astride, sat on my stomach and bent over, peering at me. "Again? Please?"

Her hand burrowed under her body, grabbing my renewed erection. I felt her wiggle and move down my body, the slick warmth of her pussy touching my erection.

"You're hurting. Good!" she stated, squeezing my shaft.

Fuck. She was going to kill me. I reached down and held two sexy little buttocks, small perfect little handfuls, unbelievably arousing.

KARA HELD SHANE'S THICK erection, aiming it for the spot. She was still shocked and excited at how her climax had hurt so beautifully, every muscle in her body straining as pleasure punished her. She'd felt Shane pulsing inside her and it had made her dizzy. Her climax had been so strong, she'd fallen asleep. But when she woke up, still night-time, her first thought was she wanted it again, wanted to feel that painful pleasure. It was amazing.

Holding his erection, she wiggled her bum, little sparks of arousal jabbing her as his penis spread her slit. She wiggled some more, sighing when Shane held her bottom, nice Shane. Still wet from his semen, she felt his erection stretch her pussy, stretch it more, more, just a twinge of discomfort hitting before it slipped in. Oh yes. Good, so good.

Hunching back, she shuddered as it slipped into her pussy, stretching and filling her, so good. She felt every exciting inch, felt it go deep, almost up to her tummy. Yet she still had her hand around his shaft. She didn't have all of him! She wanted all of him, all of it!

"Deeper, Shane," she moaned, pushing back. It wouldn't go. Frustrated, she wanted it all, Kara pushed herself off his chest, rising, kneeling astride him, full, really full. Glancing down between her wide stretched legs, in the moonlight she could see how much was left. Rising, his erection slipped out smoothly, feeling empty. She pushed back down, curling her bum.

"Oh!" Again! Had to get it all. She rose, shoved down, pain blossoming, almost there, deep, so deep Shane. She shoved again, crying out suddenly, so stretched, so stretched. Looking, feeling stuffed, she saw he was in, all the way. Yes. I have all of Shane!

Pulses of pleasure stormed her body, every shove sending sharp stabs of pleasure to her clit, "Help, Shane," she gasped, rising, shoving down, need building, pressure. She felt Shane hold her bottom, help her rise. Almost there, almost there.

It exploded, exquisite agony tore through her, stars burst, yes, yes. She felt wetness, Shane spurting, her pussy cramping. Collapsing on his chest, Kara bounced her bottom chasing her orgasm, beautiful pain, Shane spurting, wet, hot. Bliss, utter bliss crashed into her. She cried out, came hard, muscles cramping, body cramping, yes, yes. Kara collapsed, body limp, muscles like water, so good Shane, so good, so tired Shane, so tired, so . . .

IF I THOUGHT KARA was a storm before, after intercourse she became a hurricane in my life. Her enthusiasm was irrepressible, not just for sex, but everything. Kara became fascinated when she saw me climbing the side of a two-story house, the Baxter mansion, Mrs. Baxter a compulsive buyer of jewels that she thought would help her fill the emptiness of a loveless marriage.

"How can you climb a wall like that?"

"I use the bumps," I explained.

"How? There aren't any."

Thus, at not quite nine years old, I introduced Kara to rock climbing. She took to it like a monkey, pissed at me that I insisted on ropes and harnesses. She liked rock climbing more than Jeet Kune Do, a lot more. It became a passion very quickly.

The storm that was Kara dominated my life, ordering me around, deciding what was best for me, and insisting she learn everything about breaking and entering. We celebrated her ninth birthday, "September fourth, Shane," she'd reminded me endlessly, adding, "Remember to buy me a present, Shane," by taking a trip to Colorado to rock climb, her present. It was our first visit to the Black Canyon and I fell in love with the area. So did Kara.

"We'll move here, Shane," Kara advised me seriously, "It's prettier than New York and no one knows us." She then turned, slapped me with a smile, "And we'll get married here someday! Yes? Wanna?"

We moved seven months later, bought a beautiful large home, thank you Mrs. Baxter; a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house hidden in dense pines at the end of a long gravel drive outside Durango. It provided access to new territory, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City and others, all with some very interesting wealthy targets.

I began to forget what LBK was like, Life Before Kara, that dark and lonely era in my past. Kara filled my world so much, so fully, I had no time for anything but her and plying my trade. I was stupid in love with her, struggling to be the adult, set rules, force schooling, and trying desperately not to let her see how she had me completely wrapped around her little finger.

But it was hard. It was a knee-jerk reaction to want to please her. She'd nail me with those damned honey-brown eyes, let loose with a smile, and I wanted to do anything for her, anything in the world, no matter how unreasonable. She was my biggest challenge.

This different universe, the one Kara created and filled, wasn't without benefits. She had an insatiable curiosity with sex, a strong libido, and a wildly adventurous streak.

Kara knew exactly what buttons to push for me to sprout an erection, be it fondling my crotch lightly as we watched TV, looking up at me, "Do you hurt?" or flashing the bottom of her sexy little naked buttocks under a dress deliberately, she'd get me hard and stupid in no time. To my delight and pleasure she discovered I liked her bum, at least until she developed boobs at eleven years old. Having seen the magical power her bum had on me, she wielded it relentlessly.

That first time, I came out of the shower to the sight of Kara on all fours on the bed, wiggling her butt at me. "Like?" she asked looking over her shoulder, grinning. Her grin slammed into me and, despite our having had sex just that morning, her sweet little bum, gorgeous small buttocks, and her plump pussy nestled between sexy thighs had me hard again.

"Do you hurt, Shane?"

Damn right I did.

"Wanna?" she asked with a sexy wiggle.


Kneeling behind her, I caressed her sexy little ass, so petite and compact. I loved feeling her buttocks, slipping my fingertips through her ass crack, touching her pussy, and never stopped being amazed at how quickly Kara became moist. I was addicted to her small sexy body, shapeless except for her sensual little bottom.

My erection jutted from my groin, pointing towards her perfect tiny bum. I shuddered when the tip nestled between her small buttocks, touching her rosebud.

"Lower, Shane," she whispered, pulling away slightly. Kara's pussy oozed out between her thighs, large, plump, cleft tightly closed, knees together making it seem fuller. I saw the small depression where her labia ended, the road to heaven.

Grasping my rigid shaft, I aimed, arousal storming me when the tip touched her soft, soft skin. Kara's head dropped and she pushed back. The sight of her pussy bulging around my crown had me breathing heavily, wanting to grasp her tiny waist and slam into her. Gradually, Kara, with quiet moans, worked herself onto my erection, little back and forth motions as I held myself, pussy bulging. When the crown popped into her tight moist grip, it was too much, too much. I held her slender waist and guided her back, pulling gently but firmly and, in one long smooth stroke, my erection disappeared into her sweet pussy, buried, surrounded in a silky hot grasp. Heaven, I was in heaven.

Pulling out, I slid in, Kara gasping, "Again, Shane, do it again."

I did, fucking her slowly, long incredibly sensual strokes penetrating her tiny body. I listened carefully to Kara, her moans, hard breaths, heard her arousal. I pulled out completely, Kara groaning. Holding my hard erection, I slipped it between her buttocks, pressed against her rosebud, pushed, holding her slender waist. Kara groaned, pushed back and I watched my crown compress, squeezed by her bum as it slowly slipped down, pressure suddenly released when it popped in, Kara's sexy buttocks spread wide around my shaft.

Pushing firmly, I sank into her rear, a tight ring sliding down my slick shaft. God I was horny. I shoved, burying myself completely in her bum, sexy buttocks nestled to my groin, slender waist in my hands. I fucked Kara's ass, moving her off and on me, her groans sweet music, letting my climax build, build, erection swelling. Kara complained loudly when I pulled out completely, cool air on my penis, and cried out loudly when I slipped back into her silky pussy, fucking her harder, now urgent, climax close.

"Shane!" she cried out, her small body jerking, her arms collapsing, shoulders hitting the bed. I held her bum up, fucking her harder, shorter strokes, shoving, climax close. Kara twitched, pussy tight, moaning, gasping through her climax.

Oh God, oh God. "Cumming, Kara," I moaned, erection swelling, bursting, glorious release, semen exploding, oh God, oh God, spurting hard, yanking her bum to me, exploding, pleasure pounding, cumming, cumming.

The storm that was Kara completely satisfied me, emotionally and physically. And every night, every single night, Kara would whisper, "Night, Shane. Don't forget you love me." I was completely besotted with Kara, stupid in love. When she turned fourteen, she started talking about having children with me. The storm that was Kara almost had her way, too. But the last bit of saneness left in me managed to defer that until she was eighteen. I had plans for her to go to university, perhaps pushing it off further. But one could never plan with Kara. You lived in her world, not the real one.

A full bladder dragged me out of my sleep, muscles complaining from yesterday's climb. Standing at the toilet I wondered why I still tried to beat Kara. She'd outclassed me and was getting better all the time. At fourteen, I'd lost the battle; she'd only get better, me worse. Damn, it wasn't fair. She was making me feel old.

I brushed my teeth and, as I exited the bathroom, paused, an erection forming. Kara was splayed out on her front, the quilt off to one side, her arms up under the pillow, hair mussed. God she was a sexy girl. Asleep, her face looked so young and innocent, her mouth so sensual. The morning light played with her short, spiky burnt umber hair, giving it reddish highlights. The sweeping curve of her spine naturally drew my eyes down her slim back to the magnificent swell of her bottom, two gorgeous, sexy buttocks that rose and flared gently, curving in to merge seamlessly with slender thighs. Relaxed, her buttocks had a deep seductive valley between them, shadowed, alluring. One long leg was cocked at the knee and, from the foot of the bed, I could see her plump pussy filling her groin.

Bending slightly I studied her sexy pubis, how the delicate dusting of dark umber pubic hair on her labia seemed denser where they overlapped at her closed cleft, outlining it, emphasizing how tightly closed it was. Below, I could see the swell of her mons, rounded and full, and above, where her plump labia met, a small dark smudge, the indent that led to her vagina, tiny and closed, very, very sexy. I knew her clitoris would emerge from between her slit when aroused, but now, in repose, her cleft was one uninterrupted line that stirred my blood.

My erection stiffened, remembering what it felt like to sink into her warm embrace, feel her tight grip. Damn, I wanted sex, morning sex. Kneeling on the end of the bed, I carefully crawled up between her long slender legs, leaned over her compact body, bent and inhaled her enticing sleepy aroma.

"Kara," I whispered. "Kara."

I watched a smile grow on her sexy lips, eyes still closed. "Jeez, Shane. I'm sleeping. Leave me alone," she said softly, betraying her instructions with a sexy wiggle of her gorgeous butt.

I let the tip of my erection touch her butt crack. "But Kara my love, its morning. I'm horny."

"I'm tired," she replied, eyes still closed, a smile on her pretty face, "and sore."

"So don't move," I suggested, my erection throbbing. "I'll do all the work."

She giggled lightly, squeezed her sexy buttocks against the tip of my penis.

"You won't have to do a thing, just lay there," I pleaded. "Besides, I bet I can make your muscles feel better."

She laughed gently and wiggled her bum against the tip of my erection, spreading slippery precum.

"Don't want to," she claimed, her legs parting, bottom curling up to slide the tip of my crown through her sweet crack.

"But, sweetheart," I pleaded, "I hurt."

She laughed again, her bottom moving, caressing my weeping erection.

"Not interested, Shane. I want to sleep. Go away." Her grin was charming.

I resorted to the big guns, bending slightly to kiss her earlobe and kiss her neck, inhaling her seductive scent deeply. "Please? Pretty please?" I liked her sexy little murmur.

"Nope," she said, still grinning. Her bottom curled up, the tip of my erection slipping down. Somehow she maneuvered so it slid down through her cleft. I shuddered as a trail of slippery precum was laid down, my erection throbbing hard. It was the only part of my body touching her. It was thrilling.

"Just a quickie? You can sleep. I won't disturb you. Promise," I said, grinning.

She giggled. Damn I loved that sound. "It's always a quickie. You're old," she said, her bottom now moving in seductive little circles, the tip of my pulsing erection leaking precum and burrowing into the sexy indent, seeking heaven.

"It isn't, Kara, and I am not," I protested, pushing slightly, nudging between soft labia, my erection painfully hard.

Kara sighed and curled her bum back, her silky labia spreading over my crown, her eyes still closed. "Yes you are," she said in a softer voice.

I let the tip of my penis slip up against the moist entrance to her vagina, pushed very slightly to feel her dilate and pulled back, feeling unappreciated. And mischievous. "Fine. If you feel like that, I'll go and play with myself."

"If that's what you want, Shane." She groaned softly, shoving back trying to push me in.

I teased her with another slight push. "So . . . I think I'll go make breakfast. How do fried eggs sound?" I pulled away from her, raising my hips and breaking contact.

Her eyes opened. A honey-brown eye peeked at me, a sexy grin formed. "You sure you don't wanna?" she asked, wiggling her sexy bottom.

"Yup," I said with pretend indignation, rising to my knees, my erection jutting out. "If you don't have compassion for my pain and suffering, I might as well eat. You'll make me fat, you know."

Her grin grew wider, her butt wiggling sensuously. "You mean you'd rather eat then . . . Oh, Jeez."

My hard erection nestled back against the now slippery indent of her undulating bum, gliding in, her tiny vaginal opening dilating so seductively as I pressed forward. Holding myself up on straight arms, I felt the tip of my penis squeeze into her silky warmth.

"All the way, please," she whimpered, her bum curling up.

As I let my weight down onto her small body, my erection slipped into heaven, a hot velvet sheath surrounding me, gripping me tightly as it slid down my shaft. Twin, firm buttocks nestled into my groin, so sexy. Reaching under her, Kara raised her chest for me and let my hands hold her petite breasts, her nipples turgid, wonderfully sexy, firm, adolescent breasts.

She sighed. "You're an asshole, Shane," she said lovingly with a squeeze of her pussy and a clench of her gorgeous buttocks.

"Yes, I am," I whispered, erection throbbing in her warm snug pussy pleasantly.

There was silence in the bedroom as I slowly withdrew from her tight hold, pulled out slowly until I felt the ridge of my crown emerge. Reversing, with a groan of pure pleasure, I sank into Kara's silky pussy, feeling her insides caress me as they parted so erotically around my burrowing crown. I gently played with her firm little breasts, squeezing her nipples between my middle and ring fingers. She moaned softly, pushing her bottom back against me, pressing me deeper.

I withdrew from her velvet grip and sank back in, pleasure coursing through me at the caress of her young pussy, my erection throbbing. One arm moved as she pulled her hand from under the pillow. When her hips lifted from the bed, I knew she was reaching down to play with herself.

I withdrew and thrust a little faster, sweet little buttocks pushing against me, my aching erection surrounded by moist heat, two petite breasts in my hands. I kissed her soft cheek. This was heaven, pure heaven.

The sound of heavy breathing was all that could be heard as Kara and I started to fuck. Little moans joined in. Moisture from arousal, from my plunging erection started to make slapping and squishing sounds. Panting could be heard. Our pace increased, harder, more determined thrusts, bouncing on sweet buttocks, Kara curling her bottom up to get me deep. I felt my climax stir, balls tighten, heaviness in my groin, pressure inside me. So good. God I loved fucking her.

Kara started purring, her bum moving faster, purring, little grunts. "Hurry Shane, almost there."

I fucked faster, deeper, long pleasurable strokes, her pussy caressing my straining erection, tight, silky, so good. Pressure built, so close. Suddenly I was there.

"God, cumming Kara." My erection swelled painfully. I shoved hard, deep, and froze. Semen tore up my shaft, spurting into her, beautiful pleasure.

"Oh Gawd, cumming Shane!" Kara gasped with a tight clench of her pussy.

Kara jerked under me, her sweet bottom thrusting back at me. I shoved hard, deep. A more intense surge hit me, semen charging up, exploding deep into her pussy. Holding her firmly I hunched and erupted into her petite, jerking body, cumming hard, sweet bliss. I ejaculated painfully, filling her, spuring, ecstasy washing over me, cumming, God cumming, so good Kara, so good.

Sweating, I rolled off her to the side. Honey-brown eyes peered at me, soft smile curling seductive lips. "All better?" she asked.

God, I loved her.


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