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A story about a daughter's sexual adventures with her father. A story with no literary value whatsoever and absolutely no redeeming qualities. A story for the fun of it. Pure erotic entertainment just because I felt like it!

Part 1 - Education is So Important

What do you do when your child is fearless, independent, and opinionated? Either you battle with them and sour the relationship, sacrificing your future peace, or, like the willow tree, you bend with the wind to avoid breaking.

Leila, my daughter, was that sort of challenge. From the get-go, she'd politely listen to the wise words of a caring father, and then do whatever she wanted - damn the torpedoes. When challenged why, she'd shrug her small shoulders and answer, "I dunno;" her standard response to almost everything I asked.

Before she was six years old, I knew I had a monumental challenge on my hands and made a choice. I would guide her, teach her, warn her of consequences, and be there to heal her hurts, physical or emotional. It seemed to me that, with an approach such as this - considerate and thoughtful - without any "I told you so" recriminations, Leila would eventually grow to trust my judgment.

She didn't.

As a single father, she tested my resolve with astonishing regularity and brought me silent angst and utter frustration I kept well hidden. Over time, I adjusted. I had to; otherwise, my sanity would have left like rats from a sinking ship.

At seven years old Leila changed. She still did whatever she wanted but, when she failed (like riding a skateboard or trying to skip rope), after I'd bandaged her scrapes and treated her bruises, she started her "Show me, Daddy," phase. So, I dutifully showed her how to ride, how to climb a tree without falling out, how to fry an egg without shells, and anything else that caught her fancy. She was incredibly dedicated, too. More often than not she'd succeed on her own, announcing her success with a "Watch this, Daddy!" or a "Look what I can do, Daddy!" my chest swelling with pride. But for those tricky things, after failing, she'd demand a demonstration and observe with total concentration. She was a very quick study, too.

We breezed along in our lopsided relationship and I adjusted (not that I had any choice). At ten years old, blissfully unaware of her body, I noticed small buds emerging on her chest as she walked from the shower to her room wearing cotton panties and nothing else.

Aside from pride at her emerging pubescence, I decided a lecture on the birds and bees was in order. Fortunately for me, Leila exhibited no interest; not in reproduction, in sexuality, or boys, so she calmly nodded her head in what I hoped was understanding and asked if she could have some ice cream.

At twelve years old, boys became a species of interest to her. I lived in fear that she'd decide to investigate them. My fears were unfounded. Aside from giggling with her girlfriends over this boy or that, and much whispering with heads bent together, and furious texting, Leila appeared to be adjusting quite normally. Foolish me!

Which brings me to now.

My daughter had flourished and matured. Now five months shy of fourteen years old, she was on her way through the journey of adolescence, albeit not overly so. Like her mother and me, Leila was quite slender. Her hair, from very curly pale blonde with a habit of frizzing in high humidity, had matured into long soft, tumbling waves of pale blonde that fell thick and shimmering to the middle of her back. It suited her light-hazel eyes rather nicely. The embarrassment of acne had passed leaving a blemish-free skin that tanned bronze in the sun. Braces had also been left behind this year, much to her relief, and she now smiled broadly and frequently without hiding her mouth behind her hand, revealing white, even, and expensive teeth.

She'd lost none of her stubbornness, was still opinionated, brooked no stupidity, and was developing a confidence that would serve her well as an adult. I was a proud father.

However, today, sitting at the kitchen table, she tested every fatherly instinct I'd ever had. It was probably my fault. I'd raised her, after all. But, as we ate dinner - a delectable cannelloni I was enjoying enormously - she spoke and gave me a heart attack.

"Dad, I thought sex was supposed to feel good."

I didn't choke exactly, more like a cough, or gag. Was this a hypothetical observation or an experienced-based one? I knew what I wanted it to be - the former - but somehow I worried it might be the latter.

"Why do you ask?" I inquired, hoping for an innocent reply.

"I've read all these books where sex was great, but it isn't. Not really."

Damn! Damn! Damn!

My hand shook only slightly when I placed the fork back on the plate. "So you've . . ." My voice trailed off, afraid to utter the words.



"With whom?" I asked, keeping myself calm on the surface, but like a duck's feet underwater, my pulse was racing.

"Jeremy. My ex boyfriend," she pleasantly informed me, emphasis on the "ex."

I wasn't aware she even had a boyfriend!

Lost in thought, I didn't answer her first question right away. Sure, I knew she'd eventually have sex. She was a beautiful and popular girl. And I'd girded myself to accept her decision when it was made - it's her body after all. But, I'd hoped it would be two or three years from now; not at thirteen years old.


When I refocused on her, she added, "You're not disappointed in me, are you?"

"Did he use protection?"


"In that case, no. I might have liked it if you'd waited, but I'm glad you had the good sense to be safe," I said. It was the truth. But I felt like I'd just lost my little girl and that's hard on any father.

"So why didn't it feel good?" Leila asked, eating again.

"Not all first times are good, honey," I clarified, pushing my plate away, my appetite lost. "Maybe it was too soon?"

"I don't think so. Lots of girls in my class have had sex. But, it just seemed, like, clinical and painful."

"I gather you didn't love Jeremy."

Leila snorted. "Not any more!"

"Maybe . . ." I hesitated. Did I even want to go there?

"Maybe what?" she prompted.

"It's possible Jeremy was too inexperienced; like you. Sex isn't a simple "put rod A into slot B" process.

Leila grinned. "Funny, Dad. I know that."

"Um. Well . . ." How was I supposed to handle this? Honest and open? Or, preferably, tritely, with a suggestion she wait another few years before trying again? Damn!

"Well what?"

I knew Leila wasn't going to let this go. It wasn't in her nature. Taking a deep breath, I asked, "Tell me what happened." I really, really didn't want to know, but a father's duty isn't optional.

"We kissed and stuff. Then we got undressed. Then we, well, you know, had sex." With a shameless grin, Leila added, "Put rod A into slot B. It wasn't much fun."

Lord help me!

"Were you both aroused before putting . . . um, well, doing it?"

"Jeremy had an erection, so yeah."

"Leila," I sighed, "Boys will get an erection from staring at the wall for too long."

My daughter laughed. "It wasn't like that."

Rising from the table, I went to the fridge for some liquid strength, a Beck's Lager. After a long, long swig, I asked, "Presumably there was foreplay involved. What did that involve? I don't want details, honey, just the gist."

"We kissed for a while. He said sex was supposed to be the best feeling in the world. I decided he was nice, sorta cute, and I sorta loved him, so I suggested he show me sometime. He told me his parents were out, so we went to his bedroom and tried it."


This was extremely uncomfortable for me. "Were you aroused?"


How could she be sort of aroused? "What does sorta mean?"

Leila tilted her head and thought for a moment. "I was a bit horny."

"What's a bit horny?"

"Well . . . you know."

"No. I actually don't know, sweetheart. It's not quite the same for a guy. Girls are different." I added, "And I'm not a girl."

Leila studied me. She smiled with amusement, light hazel eyes alight. "You're definitely not a girl, Dad. Did you know Julia thinks you're the cat's meow?"

"Who's Jul . . . Never mind. What does a bit horny mean?"

"I was excited and stuff and wanted to try it."

Clearly my daughter wasn't climbing the walls with horniness at the time. I had two options: first, suggest next time she try more foreplay; or second, arm her with knowledge. For all her life I'd chosen the second option but, this time, it was a harder choice. I couldn't hide in obscure references if I was to educate her. I felt the tendrils of embarrassment. A discussion of intimacy with Leila wasn't anything I'd prepared for. Oh well. Here we go.

"Don't get embarrassed or shy about what I'm about to say," I said.

"I don't get embarrassed, Dad," she pointed out quite seriously, and rightly. "Go ahead."

"When you were kissing Jeremy, did you use tongues?"

She shook her head.

"Did your body react, at least? Your breasts or, um, below?"

"A bit."

Thinking for a moment, I continued. "Did your body feel like when you masturbate? You do masturbate, don't you?" Heat rose in my face. I took another swig of beer to hide it.

Leila nodded. She considered my question for a moment and answered, "It wasn't the same. Not as, um, strong a feeling."

"There's part of the answer. Kissing, especially French kissing someone you really like, should make you horny, almost as much as when you masturbate, maybe even more."

"Really?" Leila exclaimed.

I nodded.

"Huh." My daughter glanced away, deep in thought, then she scared me again. "Show me."

"I don't think so!"

"Why not? I love you a lot more than I ever did Jeremy, and no one will ever know."

"Don't be ridiculous!" I countered.

Leila stared at me. "You always show me how to do things. Why not this?"

"You know damned well why not!"

"Daaaad, it's not like I'm asking you to go to bed with me, or us have kids or anything. It's just kissing. You kiss me all the time."

"Not that way!" I assured her.

An all too-familiar look emerged in her eyes; determination, obstinacy. "No," I reasserted.

Leila stood and walked around the kitchen table. She sat in my lap and used her weapon of last resort; that most powerful plea in a daughter armory.

"Please, Daddy. For me?"

Before I could object or shove her off my lap, Leila kissed me. Her lips were warm and silken. Her gentle kiss washed though me like an addictive drug and, disoriented by the unfair assault, I wrapped my arms around her.

Her eyes smiled at me, twinkling with success before closing. She tilted her head and I lost the short skirmish. In fact, I lost the war. Closing my eyes, I kissed my thirteen-year-old daughter, her lips so sweet. I drowned in her kiss and finally understood why incest is such a popular erotic fantasy; something I'd never given much thought to. Lost beyond rescue, I touched her lips with my tongue and Leila responded with a murmur of pleasure, the tip of her tongue brushing against mine in a shy "hello." Blood flowed south. An erection formed. Then Leila opened her mouth wider and I fell into an intense, utterly sensual kiss.

I was light-headed when the kiss ended with small pecks and light sucking of lush lips, my pulse racing.

Leila opened her eyes, smiled and said, "Wow! Jeremy's a terrible kisser."

Before I could agree, Leila kissed me again, a deep kiss with surprising skill, reinforcing what a fast learner she was. I had a solid erection, tight in my jeans, and suffered the same disorientation, like drowning - swirling and dizzy.

When it was over, I had no words. None. I didn't know what to think, let alone say. I think my brain had been tasered by her kiss. I couldn't for the life of me remember a better, hotter, sexier kiss.

Leila grinned. "That," she asserted, "is the best kiss I've ever had!" She dove in for another.

For what seemed like hours but was probably a few minutes, we kissed each other, deep, very sexy kisses. Leila stopped suddenly. She looked deeply into my eyes and gave me a Cheshire cat smile.

With a wiggle of her butt, she commented, "Were you staring at the wall for too long?" then laughed brightly at my physical condition.

I couldn't help grinning. "It's a great shade of white."

Leila laughed. She stood up and commented, "Maybe I'll teach Jeremy how to kiss."

A flush of jealousy hit me. "You don't have enough experience yet," I blurted out without thinking. In all fairness, all my blood was currently diverted from my brain to my crotch.

My daughter's tinkle of laughter as she left the kitchen made me smile. Damn! Now I was in real trouble!

I'd like to say that things between us returned to normal, led by my fine fatherly skills; those same skills that had guided my daughter through life so successfully. But, that would be a lie.

You can't kiss someone with that much passion, stir up that much emotion and ignore it. Her kiss was the type that changes the world, alters the course of history. Okay, maybe not, but it sure as hell changes perspectives. It did mine.

Sexual attraction has a strange impact on people and an even stranger impact on fathers . . . apparently. From blithe acknowledgement in passing that Leila was a daughter, I now saw her as a female, and a very attractive one at that. My observational skills had evolved, now capable of seeing how beautiful she is. And blissful ignorance of her adolescence had forever gone up in smoke.

Now I noticed how her blouse draped on her as she sat watching TV. It wasn't innocent observation, either. I actually found myself trying to picture her small breasts, and wondered what her areolae were like. Did she have large or small nipples? Were her breasts firm enough to stand proud? They certainly looked like they did! What shape were they?

When she went to the kitchen to refill her glass of soda, I admired the shape of her jean-clad derrière; a work of art in process - a very slender developing teardrop. I admired her long legs and the gap at the top of her thighs. When she returned and I saw how tightly and suggestively her jeans coddled her crotch, my mind drifted into speculation on what her pussy might look like. Did my daughter have a pubic bush or did she shave? What would it feel like to cup the crotch of her jeans and cop a feel?

Shifting in the chair to ease my discomfort, uncrossing my legs, Leila smiled at me as if she knew. She couldn't. Could she? I know females have mystical talents, but is mindreading one of them?

Time for honesty. A state of horniness in a guy, unlike females, is a serious medical condition. We can't ignore it. It could be detrimental to our health. So, in fairness to the truth, I'll admit to masturbating in bed that night to memories of my daughter's sexy kisses, the feel of her young body in my arms, and, through the remarkable imagination only guys have, to vivid images of me stripping her to reveal her small breasts. I stroked my aching erection to detailed visions of opening her jeans; unzipping her. She wore pale yellow cotton panties. Stroking my impressive erection, I mentally tugged her jeans down and cupped a suggestive, plump, young pubis, warm and exciting.

Again, in all fairness to honesty, I didn't actually get my hand inside her panties, unfortunately cumming as my fingertips were toying with the mental elastic waist of that sexy yellow cotton undergarment. Nevertheless, it was a fine orgasm, releasing dangerous tension and bringing much-needed relief.

I felt no guilt. I'd discovered the intense eroticism of incest and it resonated within me with astonishing appeal. Besides, it had only been a few kisses, nothing serious, right?

Satisfied with my only slightly dented fatherly mien, I slept very soundly.

If you think fathers are in control in any family, you're sorely mistaken. We're given a false sense of authority; females only pretend to obey us. They do it out of love, with kindness in their hearts for their poor, clueless fathers . . . maybe pity at our sad ignorance.

My lack of authority was gradually revealed over the course of the weekend.

Saturday morning, while sipping coffee and reading the paper (I know what you're thinking; the Internet has all the news for free, but I happen to like the tactile experience of newspapers!), Leila wandered in, her pale blonde hair attractively sleep-mussed, wearing a pink, soft cotton nightshirt, and red and white horizontal-striped socks that brought, for some reason, The Cat in the Hat images to mind. She yawned, her arms rising above her head in a stretch, and I floundered, arousal rushing in like a rogue tsunami. The nightshirt formed to her very small breasts outlining them perfectly and the front hem rose giving me a peek of her baby blue cotton-pantied crotch, a remarkably sexy, small but plump mound, the seam of the gusset showing, above it, a slight camel toe, and below, between her thighs, the shape of her full vulva.

"Morning, Dad."

She walked over to the fridge and pulled out a carton of OJ, opening it. She drank deeply from the carton, sighed, burped delicately, and replaced it in the fridge.

Smiling, Leila crossed back to me, shoved my chair with her hip and sat in my lap.

"I've been wondering," she said, "how many ways there are to kiss. Is it only lips pressed together and French kissing? I thought about what you said and you're right. I should have more experience before I teach Jeremy."

"I don't remember saying anything about teaching Jeremy!"

Leila smiled. "Well, you did. Trust me. So, show me."

She drew my arms around her and bent, her hazel eyes watching me. With a slight smile and twinkling eyes, her lips touched mine. I could have stopped . . . No. Who am I kidding? I couldn't help myself. I kissed her gently, lips pressed together, then lightly sucked her plump lower lip, touching it with the tip of my tongue and tasting orange juice and mint toothpaste; a very nice combination. Easing back, I brushed her warm, silken lips with mine and paused, inhaling her sweet breath. Another soft brush of lips and Leila sighed. Her mouth settled gently on mine. Her tongue came out to play. And there we were, back to passionate, sensual kissing. She opened her mouth and I meandered in, tongues touching and caressing. She followed my retreat and probed into mine. Disorientation set in again. An erection formed underneath her cute butt and, when she felt it and wiggled against it, my hand almost cupped her breast over her nightshirt.

I managed to exert superhuman control and settled instead for her hip - safe territory. Or so I thought. It wasn't safe. Not really. In fact, not at all. Leila's hip was bony and small. It reinforced how young she really was; no longer a child and not yet a woman. As she kissed me into my stupid state - horniness - I discovered another fortunate truth; Leila's youth was very, very arousing.

Adolescence - early puberty - seemed such a perfect age, sweet yet sexy, innocent yet aware, enticing, almost mature but still illicit. I quite liked it.

When she stopped emptying my brain, she smiled with success, wiggled her scrumptious little ass and observed with a laugh, "You really like our white walls, don't you?"

With bright, sparkling eyes, she stood up and went to serve herself breakfast - Kellogg's Raisin Bran.

Saturday is chore day. Chores in our house consisted of me working around the house (after working all week) and Leila heading out to hang with her BFFs at Starbucks, hunt through clothes stores - H & M being a current favorite, and catch up on the mountain of gossip that had developed since yesterday at school.

While I'd normally complain at her not contributing to the running of our household, today was different.

Armed with a new appreciation for the sexuality of my no longer little girl, and still somewhat tumescent from her kisses, I found a new hobby; a very arousing hobby.

Let me explain.

Everyday items are just that; normal things that you don't pay attention to. They're in the background, a part of life, and common enough you don't consciously notice them. Then something changes and you notice. Perspectives change, awareness arrives (like me and my daughter's boobs). From that point on you see things differently.

My journey of awareness started in the laundry room. Yup! Panties! Previously known as underwear or undergarments, they magically transformed into panties. Panties are sexy, underwear not. Panties are feminine, underwear not. Panties are arousing, underwear . . . you get the idea.

As I sorted dirty laundry, I became distracted. My sorting into whites, colors, and blacks took a detour when I picked up a pair of her little white cotton panties.

They were semi-bikini, plain, and quite modest to most eyes. However, to mine . . . well, to mine they were the luckiest panties in the world. That soft cotton had been privileged to cuddle against my daughter's pussy, to feel her intimately, hold the shape of her sexy privates. They were soft in my hands and, as I rubbed them between my fingers, I noticed a smudge in the gusset. Studying it, I could tell it wasn't pee, but whitish and dry. Bringing it to my nose, I inhaled and caught a slight hint of earthiness that traveled directly to my penis.

Suddenly, sorting laundry was forgotten. I found another hobby - archeology. Fishing through the pile of dirty clothes, I found panties galore. Leila had cute white cotton panties printed with blue and yellow daisies. She had a sexy white string bikini panty with little red hearts all over them. I excavated silky-feeling, shimmering sky blue panties, and panties with sexy see-through lace on the front panel, and high-cut lavender panties that felt slinky, and a tiny black g-string. It was a cornucopia of sexy, arousing, imagination-fueling young girl's lingerie, and my cock strained and drooled in my shorts in appreciation.

Okay. Time for some more honesty. Befuddled and horny - my stupid state - I lost some restraint and succumbed to more basal needs (it was a medical emergency). Grabbing those first panties, the plain white cotton ones with the whitish stain in the gusset, I took my newly unearthed treasure to the bedroom, stripped, lay on the bed, and brought it to my nose, inhaling my daughter's intimate scent while stroking myself. Arousal built, cock strained, and any shred of fatherly restraint fled.

With mounting excitement, I imagined my daughter aroused, pussy damp, panties sticking to her vulva. What had turned her on? What was she doing when she'd been wearing these panties?

Stroking myself, my erection straining and precum oozing, I wondered if she'd worn these panties yesterday? Did my little girl get horny kissing me? Had feeling her father's erection under her cute bottom excited her? Had she played with herself last night? Masturbated to dreams of Daddy?

Erection throbbing, I wrapped her white cotton panties around my shaft with the tip nestled into the gusset against the whitish stain. To a deluge of erotic images and thoughts, I came, spurting hard, adding my white semen to her white stains. My cock swelled and spurted, each glorious explosion bringing a new intensity to my orgasm. Stroking my cock with her panties, I came hard, soaking the gusset, spurting, cumming, sweet release washing through me.

When calm returned, I noticed I'd made a right old mess of her panties. I'd successfully dealt with the physical condition that had beset me, but, damn! I was still excited by this new aspect to my erotic fantasies.

Even better, what harm had been done? Some cum-covered panties? They were going into the washer anyway (as soon as I'd recovered). Leila would never know. She'd never find out. In fact, she had so many sexy panties, I decided I'd borrow a pair every night; preferably the ones she'd worn all day! Yup. A champion idea!

Household chores went by in a flash. There was a new bounce to my steps and the promise of erotic exploration tonight! What panties was she wearing inside those tight jeans?

All in all, life was good!

We men are rather simple. We think we're strong and valiant. We fool ourselves with remarkable ease and actually believe ourselves when we make irrevocable decisions, assured in our belief in our strength of character, in our resolve.

You know how I know?

I fooled myself. Yup. Me. I was absolutely convinced I had the moral fortitude to steer my relationship with Leila through these troubled waters without making further transgressions.

Sure, I'd uncovered some exciting, slightly kinky aspects to my sexuality; namely incest fantasies and young girl's panties. But, like all males, I was convinced I was in control. I would gently guide my daughter away from kissing me so sensually . . . maybe after trying once more . . . just so I could have some memories to treasure. But then, back to a fatherly role; disciplined, a role model dad, firm, the voice of reason.

Ignorance is dangerous. It's even more dangerous when it's ignorance about yourself.

When my daughter returned mid-afternoon, full of bounce and enthusiasm, bright eyes and smiles, and enthusiastic about some fashion find she absolutely had to have, and when I stupidly resisted, she sat sideways on my lap and took advantage of me. She did! Honest! And without one shred of guilt!

"Daddy, please?" she begged.

I was strong.

Leila smiled, light hazel eyes twinkling, wrapped one arm around my neck, and smooched me.

I resisted. I really did. I didn't move my lips until, unfortunately, her small, moist tongue assaulted the gates of my resistance. She unfairly smiled as she kissed me, giggled, and then moaned when she breached my lips.

‘Of course she should have that skirt she wanted,' I suddenly decided. It was a reasonable request. It became an even more reasonable request when our tongues flirted.

When the kiss ended, my curious daughter said, "Yesterday you said something about foreplay and touching. Like, how it's an important part of arousal. Show me."

"I don't think so!" I exclaimed. Kissing was one thing, but touching was way, way beyond the pale.

"Please, Daddy," Leila urged. "No one needs to know. And besides, it's not like we're naked together or going to have sex."

Remember how I told you men are simple? We are. We're weak. I'll tell you how I know this. My delightful and stubborn daughter kissed me; a full-on sensual kiss that muddled my thoughts and distracted my simple brain.

It was an unconscious act. I promise. A natural, uncontrollable male response. Totally normal. So, despite it being my young thirteen-year-old daughter, my hand cupped her small breast in my palm. I knew it wasn't my fault - at least that's what my lower brain was assuring me, nodding furiously in my shorts. I believed him. Reassured, I fondled her delightfully diminutive boob.

Man, but she had a delectable breast! It was so firm, yet supple, yielding sensuously to my caress and not quite large enough to cover my palm - very petite indeed. I was thrilled to discover it was also unfettered by a bra, so damned sexy. With only a cotton T-shirt between my hand and erotic perfection, I explored and discovered her nipple, a firm bump against my thumb. Rubbing it seemed to make Leila's kisses more ardent for some reason, so I rubbed and teased, all for her benefit. Below, my erection was straining, trying to break free to join the party, and weeping in frustration.

When the kiss ended, my heart was racing and I had no moral restraint left in me. None! I did, however, still have a delightful little boob in my hand.

Leila's eyes opened. I was please to see she was breathing rather hard, and flushed, too. I liked the aroused heat in her eyes, and I definitely loved her boob.

She glanced down at my hand and smiled. Placing her hand on the back of mine, she said, "I like how you touch me, Dad. Jeremy just squeezed it painfully. Now I know what you meant by foreplay making me horny."

Okay. That isn't fair! My daughter horny? Now I had to know what that entailed.

"Are you sure? What are the symptoms?" I asked, trying for subtlety.

Yes, I kept a straight face!

Leila laughed and stood up. "Maybe I'll tell you later."

"Tell me now. You might forget what they are later," I logically reasoned.

She laughed. "Don't worry. If I do, you'll just have to kiss me to remind me."

With that, she headed out of the living room. "I'm taking a shower. Don't flush the toilets."

A hard, demanding erection dampened my pants. I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the image of my daughter naked in the shower, her soapy hand washing her pert breasts, gliding over her succulent buttocks, and washing her pussy. Do girls masturbate in the shower? Damn! From very recent experience, I knew what her delightful boob would feel like and could imagine my soapy hand caressing each of them. Would she let me?

"Leila!" I shouted, with a fatherly offer of assistance in mind.

The sound of running water started. Double damn!

With an insistent and weeping erection directing my brain, I thought some more petting might be in order. After dinner, maybe. Leila had two boobs and I'd only introduced myself to one. The twin should get some loving fondling, too . . . so it wouldn't feel left out, as it were.

See how befuddled I'd become?

As Robert Burns once said, "The best laid plans of mice and men" - and mine were detailed and remarkably well laid out – often go awry.

A state of constant arousal is bad for a guy's heart. It's a serious medical condition that, if left untreated, might just leave a daughter orphaned, and I didn't want her to suffer. So, clean or not, a lacy powder-blue, sexy little panty provided much-needed medical care that night. I made a mess of them, and found delightful relief as I replayed fondling her sexy little boob.

On Sunday, Leila breezed out of the house in green shorts, a blue and green cotton top, and sandals, advising me she'd be home soon, "Just a quick trip to Starbucks to meet Julia."

She'd braided her pale blonde hair into a cute French twist that bounced and shimmered with youthful vitality. She bounced, too; light on her feet, bright and happy, and distracted me no end. Perky breasts jiggled slightly in happiness, too. I was quite happy at the sight. Then quite aroused at her parting smooch. For a moment I was tempted to check if she was wearing a bra, but by then, she had the front door open and neighbors abounded; trimming hedges, mowing lawns, and other duties demanded by fine summer weather.

Without an ounce of shame, I retreated to the bedroom and had a word with my erection. Actually, I sympathized and stroked it. Release was delightful.

For the rest of the afternoon I puttered around, and then I got bored.

You're expecting me to tell you I wrestled with demons, aren't you? Well I didn't. Leila seemed happy enough and her happiness was my only concern. Okay, maybe my happiness was a concern, too. So . . . we'd both be happy! Why not? Besides, I really did want to play with her breasts . . . and her ass . . . and her . . . Oh-oh, another erection.

Being considerate for my daughter, and with a newfound appreciation for young, adolescent girls, I decided to head to the mall and give her a ride home. Man, was I a cool dad or what!

I didn't find her there. But. Have you ever noticed how summer brings out the best in people? No, not the guys. The girls!

Without the need for warm coats and scarves and boots, young girls blossom into very attractive females. Everywhere I looked I saw shapely bare legs, tight jeans or snug shorts, beauteous bottoms abounding! In summer, girls gather, chatting, the different groups all birds of a feather; tall ones here, cuddly ones over there, late developers over there, and well-developed ones strutting their stuff. No matter how they look, their obvious joy makes them beautiful. I quite enjoyed the visit, appreciating them all. But none could hold a candle to Leila.

Speaking of Leila, where is she?

I discovered why I couldn't find her. She was at home when I returned.

"Dad! Come meet Julia!" she exclaimed.

I did.

Did I mention my theory about birds of a feather? Julia was a twin of Leila . . . except she had straight, glossy, raven hair, and was slightly shorter, and slightly less developed, and her eyes were dark brown, not hazel. Oh, and she was Asian. Aside from those little niggles, they were twins!

"Hi, Mr. Fellows," she said brightly with a big smile. That's me, by the way, Mr. Fellows.

"Hey, Julia. Pleased to meet you. Have you recently moved here? I don't remember seeing you before."

"She moved here four months ago," Leila told me. "Don't you remember? I told you about her."

"That was this Julia?" I asked, trying to cover my ignorance.

Leila laughed. "He doesn't remember at all," she informed her friend. "Senility, I think." Turning back to me, my daughter asked, "Can Julia stay for dinner?"


"Is there enough food?"

I scratched my head. "I dunno. What were we having for dinner. I forgot." Grinning, I added, "Senility, you know."

Now, let me let you in on a secret. If you've never had two teenage girls who are BFFs around the house, find a way to engineer it. There is nothing so delightful as two pretty girls having fun at your expense. But, and this is important, make sure you've had some sort of intimacy with one of them first.

I'll tell you why.

Thirteen-year-olds are at the stage where they flirt just for the fun of it; to see if they can befuddle guys, even those they don't like. But, when they like the guy, flirting becomes an art form. Leila was an accomplished artiste. With looks and smiles and batting eyes, with humor and jokes at my expense, with subtle body brushes and deliberately invading personal space, I was left reeling and dazed and horny. Even Julia joined in the sport, laughing and egging my daughter on.

By the time Julia left, my mental processes had eroded, narrowed, and focused. Leila. A kiss and a grope were the first order of business. My sweet daughter, mind reader that she is, laughed and danced out of reach when I made my move.

I wasn't deterred. When it comes to kisses and boobs, we guys have remarkable determination. However, my thirteen-year-old daughter sure can move fast! She multi-tasked, too, laughing at me and dissing my mobility, "You're sooooo slow, Dad!"

When she decided I'd demonstrated enough enthusiasm, she let me catch her, emitting a giggle that warmed my heart. And then she went all soft and everything, a deliberate attack on my affection. She leaned against me, smiled softly, looking up at me with twinkling hazel eyes. Her arms slipped around my waist. She stood up on tiptoes, and we kissed. Damn but she could kiss! Soft lips pressed, tongues met, a quiet moan, and another erection formed. How could it not? I cupped her delightful boob and caressed, loving how petite yet real it was.

Leila rubbed her crotch against my bulge and I think I lost time. I must have, because the next thing I know I had her gorgeous little ass in my hand, encouraging her slinky movements against me.

With plans rattling around in my head, mostly focused on how to get my hand inside her shorts, Leila ended the kiss, smiling.

"Yup. Great kisser. Night Dad."

Muttering to myself about the unfairness of the situation and my delightful daughter's lack of consideration for her dear father's condition, I took that condition to bed . . . along with a sexy pair of her panties (the soft cotton pastel green ones with little blue stars printed on them), and, to mental images of Leila in the shower, all naked and everything, I relieved the physical stress that had beset me.

There comes a point when frustration builds and, when coupled with persistent horniness and a flirtatious young girl stealing kisses far too frequently, restraint simply melts away.

A week of kisses and sparkling eyes and groping delectable small boobs broke my restraint.

On Thursday evening, I selfishly inquired, "Did I mention how romance can heighten arousal?"

My smart daughter smiled. "You wanna show me?"

I nodded rather fiercely. "Tomorrow night. I'm taking you to the movies."

"Kay! Sounds like fun! What movie?"

Being no fool, I suggested she pick one she wanted to see. I also knew if I picked the movie, it would be an action movie and, as usual, I'd become involved in it. I needed to be bored.

Friday night, loaded with popcorn and sodas, we sat in a dark theater and watched . . . I forget what. It was a romantic comedy, I think. In fairness, my mind was distracted.

I enjoyed pressing my knee against Leila's. I liked putting my arm around her shoulder, too. These new chairs with movable armrests were quite an inspired idea by the theater.

By the way, if you're planning on illicit and intimate contact with your young daughter in a theater, take my advice and go to a different town where no one knows you. It might be awkward when some friend spots your hand on her leg.

But, my-oh-my, did Leila have a slender thigh. It was so nice I caressed my appreciation. Her hand settled on the back of mine and didn't resist as I caressed upwards. My youth came to mind as the edge of my hand nudged into her crotch; the excitement of touching a girl in her most private place for the first time, the arousal, pulse racing. In the intervening years, my body had lost none of its sensitivity. An erection formed.

Despite Leila wearing jeans, I explored the sexy shape of her pussy, mounded and full between her thighs. I rubbed softly and imagined my daughter getting aroused, moist, panties damp. Man, I was horny!

While happily distracted, I inhaled sharply when Leila's hand settled on my thigh. Would she?

Yes, dear Lord! Yes!

A small hand carefully fondled the lump that was my erection, tracing it, rubbing it. It wept in joy. Enamored, aroused, and slowly becoming stupid, I rubbed my daughter's pussy harder. Despite her jeans, her crotch felt warm. It might have been my hand that was warm, though.

Now, I might have experienced arousal before when kissing her and fondling her lovely breasts, but this was arousal on a whole new level. This was my young daughter fondling me, arousing me, my cock straining. She matched the pressure of my hand on her pussy, pressing harder, then lighter, gently rubbing me.

Extreme arousal is a wonderful thing. It demolishes societal barriers, crumbles restraint, and makes the unacceptable seem perfectly wonderful. Maybe a better person than I could have resisted, but I didn't want to!

A flood of lascivious ideas tumbled through my mind, all seeming perfectly acceptable; something any loving father would, in fact, should do.

With Leila leaning against my shoulder, with an almost empty theater, I edged my hand up to the waist of her jeans and played with the button holding them closed, my excitement mounting.

Leila didn't stop me when the button popped open. My body actually trembled slightly; I was going to cop a feel! Unfortunately, despite loving tight jeans on sexy young girls for their ability to hug developing curves, I found a fatal flaw in their design; I couldn't get my hand inside them. I touched the waist of soft panties, sighed with disappointment, and went back to rubbing her crotch.

By the time we were driving home, I was in a serious medical emergency. My shorts were damp. I was still hard, and I was still stupid, my lower brain in charge.

When I inquired how my smiling daughter was feeling, she answered, "Now I know what you mean about touching and stuff. Jeremy wasn't very good at it."

Still discombobulated, I asked, "How do you deal with it when you're, you know, horny?"

Leila shrugged. "I play with myself. What do you do, Dad?"

"The same."

"How?" my inquisitive young daughter asked.

Did I mention I'm pretty dumb when I'm horny? I am. Without thinking, I responded, "Most recently with a pair of your panties."

There was a shocked silence broken by Leila laughing. "My panties?"

"Well, I don't wear panties, so yeah. Yours."

Nothing else was said, but I could see my daughter thinking. Did I feel embarrassment at my confession? Nope. I was still hard and horny, and remember what I said about when I'm . . . You get the idea.

The evening passed with a few sexy kisses and, on my part, a friendly grope or two. But, that night pride made me swell, emotionally and physically. Climbing into bed, under the sheet, I discovered a delightful pair of powder-blue cotton panties; chaste little panties. Discovering the gift from Leila, I swelled. Wouldn't you?

Even better, like much, much better, was the still-damp spot in the gusset! I brought it to my nose and inhaled the erotic perfume of my daughter's arousal; a heady blend of sweetness, youthfully clean, and a delicate, intoxicating earthier fragrance. My erection bobbed in agreement.

With her scent filling my nose, a mind carefully putting the pieces of Leila together - her succulent little breasts, her shapely bottom, and the shape of her pussy inside jeans - I stroked myself back into health and temporary sanity, my orgasm powerful and euphoric, semen spurting hard, heart racing, bliss flooding me.

I slept like a baby. Okay, not like a baby. A baby isn't capable of feeling the sweet post-orgasmic calm that I did. Let's see. I slept soundly, trying to think of a way I could thank Leila for such thoughtfulness for her dear, suffering father. Would she like my boxers in return?

Our life didn't change as dramatically or quickly as my libido wanted. I wanted to strip my girl and haul her off to bed for some sexy exploration, a nuzzle or two, and some tasting of interesting places. But what little sanity remained in me cautioned me not to rush her. It was in my own best interests, too. I didn't want to do anything that would spoil her pleasure. . . Who are we kidding? I didn't want to spoil my pleasure!

Through the weekend and following week, I demonstrated my devotion by grabbing her and kissing her at odd moments, enjoying her bright laughter at being desired. I loved how she'd rise on her tiptoes for a kiss. I didn't grope her boob. I caressed and teased with subtle brushes, and complemented her on a marvelous tush. Leila positively glowed and rewarded me with a new freshly-worn pair of panties every night.

She didn't grope me in return. I think she liked the chase, being the object of my desire. She laughed frequently at my complaints when she'd dance away from my octopus-like hands.

We both had fun. But.

Panties only take you so far. I admit, it was a joyous journey, but it only aggravated my desire for more. The male species is blessed with a wondrous and vivid imagination. Mine was in overdrive.

Thus, I suggested to my daughter another Friday night movie might be in order. This time, I made some fashion suggestions - something I'd never done before.

"Sweetness," I suggested with a nice, innocent smile, "this time why don't you wear a skirt to the movies?" I thought I was subtle. Clearly not.

Leila laughed. "In your dreams, Dad."

"Exactly," I assured her.

She laughed again and ignored me.

Oh well. I tried.

Friday evening, when she finally emerged from her bedroom, fashionably half an hour late, her pale blonde hair braided into a long, thick rope, I admired her sense of fashion . . . or maybe ogled a bit.

In a large orange and white top that draped suggestively and fell to mid-thigh, she looked fresh and cute. I was mildly disappointed at the blue yoga pants underneath, but appreciated how they formed to her nice legs. Open-toed sandals completed her outfit, her Smartphone in one hand.

We left for the forty-minute drive to the movie theater in the next town, my new favorit-est entertainment venue.

By now you're frowning in disapproval, aren't you? You're thinking I'm a self-serving cad with only my best interests at heart and a woefully weak set of morals who's taking advantage of a sweet, innocent daughter. I know you are. Admit it!

So let me waylay your concerns.

On the long drive, I had a chat with Leila. It went something like this. I told her I wanted sex with her and she had no choice in the matter. Actually, I didn't. It really went like this:

"Are you sure you're okay with what we're doing?" I asked.

Leila thought for a moment and nodded. "Uh-huh." After another brief pause, she added, "You're much more fun than Jeremy was. I get really turned on with what we do, too. I like it! Do you?"

Grinning, I answered, "I do. Especially your nightly gifts!"

Leila laughed. "Thought you might."

In a more serious tone, I reminded her, "Just remember you're in charge. Okay? We only do what you're comfortable with."


"So what are you comfortable with?" I asked. "Don't spare your father any details!"

With a laugh and a smirk, she teased me. "You'll see."

Somehow her T-shirt rode up in her lap during the drive. My pulse jumped. I almost lost control of the car. Glancing into her lap, I saw a remarkably plump, delta-shaped pussy with a camel toe and bulging labia clearly outlined by her tight yoga pants. Praise yoga!

Leila giggled and pulled her T-shirt down her thighs.

Did you know that yoga pants are stretchy? I'd never given them much thought, except for admiring how asses are so beautifully presented in them. They're actually very stretchy. I discovered this incredible feature in the cinema. It took me a while, though. I was initially sidetracked by my daughter's delightful young boobs.

It happened like this. In a flush of fatherly love, as we watched another romantic comedy, I placed my arm over her slender shoulders. We shared a bucket of popcorn. It was sweet . . . until my hand missed the bucket and accidentally settled over her sexy little breast. Now, under normal conditions I'd have removed my hand; but, you see, Leila wasn't wearing a bra. Worried that gravity might adversely affect her boob, I supported it with my palm. It was very nice. Sweet and very petite, it had resilience, firm, yet supple when caressed. And when her nipple woke up, I became very distracted indeed.

Happily fondling her, an erection formed. I shifted uncomfortably and, Leila being the considerate daughter she was, reached down into my lap and petted the monster stirring within. It didn't help matters at all.

However, it did give me an idea. Releasing her perfectly lovely breast, I caressed her thigh, edging my hand higher. I wasn't in a rush. The journey is almost as erotic as the destination. Almost.

When the side of my hand touched her pussy, Leila casually parted her legs and, Lordy, Lordy! I cupped my daughter's pubis. It was a dichotomy; small and young, yet full and plump. I could feel the shape of her labia, the camel toe, and the lush mons above. When I rubbed her cleft, Leila started shifting in her seat just like me. My darling daughter was aroused!

This is where I discovered the stretchy aspect to yoga pants. With great care, I inched my hand up under her T-shirt and touched the waist. Thank goodness there weren't any other moviegoers near us because I had to contort my hand to get my fingertips inside those pants.

But, Holy moly! Those pants stretched! First I touched her panties, a silky material. Then I eased my hand deeper and touched her mons over her panties, then deeper and, hallelujah! I was cupping her sexy pussy over silky material and fondling her. Damn it was exciting!

My erection strained and complained at being left out, throbbing and crying. Leila's gentle petting and stroking only made my condition worse. I was in serious medical jeopardy.

Then it got worse. At the tip of my finger, the one stroking her cleft, I discovered dampness; my daughter leaking, aroused. The combination of too many stimuli - fondling my young, thirteen-year-old daughter's panties, her caressing and squeezing my erection over my jeans, me touching and rubbing her dampness - was just too powerful. Much to my surprise, I lost control. My cock swelled and I came in my pants, thick semen spurting as Leila rubbed me. I came hard, making a mess in my shorts, my orgasm short but intensely pleasurable, endorphins cascading through me.

It wasn't clear if Leila was aware that I'd cum. She didn't mention it. Let me tell you, a forty-minute drive with semen-wet shorts is no fun at all!

At home, she disappeared into her room. I showered and changed into soft sweat pants and a well-loved cotton Tee. Leila didn't emerge for a while, but when she did, she was my twin; barefoot, with soft, pink sweats and a clashing purple T-shirt. She had a lovely flush to her cheeks. Had she masturbated? Played with her damp pussy? Would she leave those panties in my bed tonight?

Oh-oh! Another erection!

This time, jeans couldn't hide my condition. Leila took one look and grinned.

"Maybe we should repaint the house to some other color. Would that help?" she observed.

With my brain back in my crotch, I blurted, "Not while you're in the house!"

Leila laughed.

On the positive side, it brought our intimacy out into the open; a very nice turn of events I couldn't have planned better. As I prepared the automatic coffee machine to make coffee tomorrow morning, my darling daughter somehow kept getting in my way, her body or hand brushing against my tented sweats. It only increased my agony. Then she smiled up at me, rose on tiptoes, and kissed me, pressing her slender body against my pain.

As the kiss ended, she smiled slyly and rubbed my erection with her hand, a brief teasing touch. "Night, Dad."

Well, Hell!

There was one saving grace. In my bed was a very, very damp pair of royal-blue slinky panties. The cotton gusset held a wondrous scent and was soon very, very wet with semen, my orgasm quick and explosive.

Guys have shifting guidelines that change depending on the circumstances, a flexibility that allows us to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Girls tend to be firm and decisive; unshifting in their beliefs. My guidelines shifted, not by a little, but by a lot.

I thought it unfair to restrict Leila's education on the finer points of romance and titillation to just kissing and fondling. I felt sure she'd thank me if I expanded her repertoire.

With only her interests at heart, I decided anything goes except for intercourse; that most intimate of acts. This way, we could retain some semblance of a father-daughter relationship. I should mention, at the time I made this decision, I happened to be horny, so maybe it wasn't entirely rational. It was all Leila's fault.

On Saturday morning, Leila arrived in the kitchen wearing her nightshirt, yawning, her blonde hair nicely mussed, and gave me one of her dazzling smiles; those smiles that seemed connected to my heart. You know the ones; a daughter expressing pleasure, love, light hazel eyes twinkling with a secret only you and she have - a pulse-quickening smile.

She settled herself in my lap. "Morning, Dad." With that same pleased smile, she studied my mouth and kissed me. It started slow, lips touching, moving, sensual and nice. Then she pressed her mouth to mine and the tip of her tongue tasted my lips. I might have been able to resist (if I'd actually wanted to) but she used that murmur thing and I was lost. We slowly fell into a sexy, sexy kiss.

My body responded in fine Pavlovian style, an erection forming.

I'd done the guy fashion thing. Since the sweats I'd worn yesterday hadn't been worn for a full day, they were legitimately clean enough for today.

Let me tell you, sweat pants don't hide nothing!

Leila wiggled her little bum on my lap, teasing my erection. In mid-kiss, her hand reached between us, fished around, and closed on my shaft over the sweats. A gentle squeeze and I was fully stupid again.

My hand caressed up her bare thigh and under the hem of her nightshirt, and Lord Almighty, I cupped her sweet pussy. Her panties felt like silk, slipping and sliding under my touch as I explored the shape within. Leila explored my erection and let her thighs part enough to give me maneuvering room.

Hot Damn!

I felt every detail. I felt the steep sides from her thighs up over her vulva and the crease of her cleft. I discovered a small nub, her clit, and rubbed it gently. With the heel of my palm, I rubbed her remarkably soft, plump mons, and my middle finger teased down her cleft to push her slinky panties between her labia. Her pussy was soft and supple, bulging sensually along my finger, nestling it in warmth.

Leila's kiss became ardent, tongue frisky, and she let out sexy little sounds that drove my desire higher; murmurs and sighs and moans when I caressed her clit.

It quite excited me - intimately fondling a thirteen-year-old, my cock aching and throbbing. Then she stroked me, still over my sweats. Her grip was gentle, her stroke arousing, not quite confident. Dampness emerged, my cock excited and crying for joy at the stimulation, Hallelujah!

At this point, all control was gone. All of it!

Leila started humping her pussy against my hand, hips moving slightly, a small but sexy movement. Her warm breath washed over my cheek, little moans of pleasure sending shivers through me. Still caressing her pussy and rubbing her clit, my daughter broke the kiss, gasped quietly, "Daddy," buried her face against my neck, and climaxed, her body twitching with pleasure.

She squeezed my erection, fist tight as if holding on for dear life, and I came, a massive pulse of pleasure, hot, thick semen exploding in my sweats. Leila, gasping and humping, held onto my pulsing shaft and I came again, cum erupting, pleasure washing over me. It felt like eternal ecstasy; cock swelling, aching, spurting hard, hard, sweet bliss slamming into me, her young body shaking with her own climax. And through it all, her quiet gasp, "Daddy," echoed through my mind.

Eventually we stilled, pleasure peaking and passing. I could feel sexy moisture on the gusset of her panties, her crotch warm. She explored the wetness spreading in my sweats, holding my waning erection gently.

Hearts stilled. Breathing settled. Silence.

Damn! It had been an incredible orgasm. One of the best! The fact that it was my young daughter that gave it to me seemed to intensify it by a magnitude of one hundred. It was an experience you could only have with a young, budding girl exploring her sexuality; completely illicit, absolutely thrilling!

Did I regret it? Not for one nanosecond. I loved it!

Eventually, Leila brought out the big guns and slaughtered me. She raised her head and, blushing, smiled shyly! God, did she look sweet!

"That was incredible, Dad. I've never felt anything like it." With her blush intensifying into red, she added, "I felt you cum."

I avoid mushiness like the plague. It's too often used under false pretenses; fake sympathy for someone who's been wronged and who you're secretly pleased suffered, sad expressions to woeful tales of misfortune to show empathy when you don't feel it, and other annoying situations. However.

Sometimes love brings on emotions that threaten to explode from your chest and overwhelm you. Leila, with her shy smile (a very, very rare event) and her blush (another event as rare as man landing on the moon), made me suffer.

Hugging her tightly, love and adoration mixing in with desire for her, I whispered, "It was incredible." We men aren't verbose, you know.

I quite liked Leila shy and sweet.

It didn't last.

By lunch, as she informed me she had to meet Julia at Starbucks (after half an hour on her Smartphone texting like a secretary high on speed), she set the phone aside and calmly informed me, "I like messing around with you more than Jeremy, Dad. Can I watch next time, you know, when you play with yourself? I've always wondered what it looks like in real life."

Now, there are two problems with her comment. First, sexy play with my daughter is one thing, but putting on a show sounded embarrassing! Second, and more important, what did she mean 'looks like in real life'?

Did I ask? Of course I did!

"Daaaad," she said with exasperation, "I've seen guys masturbate on the Internet lots of times! It's the twenty-first century!"

Okay. More troubling questions popped into mind.

"Why would you watch them?" I asked.

"I like to watch when I play with myself at night," she calmly informed me with a smile, eyes twinkling.

Aside from an immediate visual jumping into mind - Leila in bed watching her Smartphone, hand inside her sexy little panties, diddling herself, knees bent and spread - her comment provided an elegant solution to my potential embarrassment, if not an exciting solution. Oh-oh. Another erection!

"Maybe, if you're interested," I suggested with false calm, "we could do it together. I wouldn't mind seeing how you masturbate either. I might even have some pointers," I offered helpfully, trying to hide my enthusiasm.

Leila burst into laughter. It wasn't funny. I was serious!

She stopped laughing and smiled softly, eyes bright and charming. "Kay. Tonight?"

My erection, jailed inside jeans, strained to nod agreement. I did instead, grinning a bit. "Tonight works for me." Actually, anytime would work for me, but I didn't tell her that.

Saturday afternoon passed sloooooowly, very very sloooooowly! The minute hand on the wall clock seemed to be stuck. The hour hand refused to budge. I was so involved with wondering if the clock was broken, I didn't do any chores.

It gave me far too much time for my imagination to run wild. My shorts became uncomfortably damp. When changing them, I studied my erection and almost felt sorry enough to stroke him. I didn't. You know why?

Simple. When I came tonight, I wanted it to be impressive, not simply drool out my joy. You know what I'm talking about! It's a manly thing. Right?

Unfortunately, my daughter seemed to have forgotten our sexy plans when she finally returned home. She was full of bounce and enthusiasm over some low-fat Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. I think it must have had espresso in it judging by her energy level.

I'm nobody's fool, and I'm also entirely self-serving when it comes to carnal pleasure. With extensive experience in my repertoire, I set about seducing my thirteen-year-old.

I was subtle, too - or so I thought. With light touches, a brushing of hands, a caress of her hair, and other small moves, I tried to get her in the mood. This challenge went on all afternoon and through dinner. By after dinner, when cleaning up the dishes, I slipped, accidentally groping her spectacular, cute little butt. Leila laughed and danced away.

"Daaaad! What's the matter with you? You've been groping me all night."

Yup. Subtle is my middle name!

"I thought you might have forgotten our plans for tonight."

Leila laughed. "Nope."

Being considerate, given it was Saturday night and after eight, I said, "I'm so relieved to hear it. Actually, I'm not so relieved . . . yet. But I will be. What time did you have in mind, honey?"

She laughed.

Tossing aside subtlety, while we watched television together, I made a play for her small boob. She giggled and crossed her arms, denying me. Did I mention I was erect? I was. Logical cogitation had migrated south and become illogical.

Girls are such strange aliens. They have an internal gauge that measures your enthusiasm, judges your efforts, and waits until the dial has reached 'Satisfactory'.

If you try to understand it, you'll die an ignorant man. However, the sign that the dial has reached that critical point is obvious. Girls become cuddly and soft and they snuggle closer. They emit signs that we men recognize instinctually; pleased little smiles, resistance slowly diminishing, and finally they let us (me) gently touch a young breast.

If you're smart, and I am, you take it slow. Cupping her petite breast was an exercise in erotic. This time I actually felt a soft cotton bra, and that was very exciting - I'd recently acquired an appreciation for young girls' lingerie. I teased her nipple into hardness, and caressed her gently.

More signs of approval emerged; her sweet eyes turning to look up at me, expectant, warm. I kissed Leila lightly, a brush of lips. She smiled slightly, so I did it again, this time lingering just a tad. Her light hazel eyes twinkled. When I kissed her again, Leila sighed, her eyes closed, and the tip of her tongue emerged.

The slide into a sexy, sensual kiss was quick. Suddenly we were dueling with tongues and sucking plump lips. My caress of her delightful boob became more intense, the teasing of her nipple more obvious.

Below, my best friend was aching to join the party, and almost exploded with joy when Leila's hand gently caressed me over my jeans.

Time was moving fast . . . or I was impatient.

Breaking the kiss, I announced, "It's late. I can't wait any longer, sweetheart."

Leila, eyes twinkling with excitement - or was it arousal? - agreed. "Kay."

You'd imagine, given my mind-numbing aroused state, we'd tumble onto a bed, strip each other and get down to some sexy, exciting business. It doesn't work that way.

First time intimacy is full of nerves and hesitation and unfamiliar actions. How exactly do you transition from sexy groping and kissing a young girl to the intimacy of being naked together? It's a dilemma.

Think about it. Do you strip and show your thirteen-year-old daughter your fine erection, parade it around with pride and let her inspect it? I know my erection thought that was a fine concept, but I didn't. It seemed . . . cheesy. When you've never been swimming before, you don't dive in the deep end. You work your way there.

Horny as heck, without a plan, I stood and took Leila's hand, pulling her up from the couch, and led her to my bedroom. She giggled.

Turning, I hugged her. Her arms slipped around my waist and hugged me back. Her pretty face turned up to me. She smiled slightly, eyes bright.

Rising on her tiptoes, we kissed, a soft sensual kiss. Leila did her murmur thing and rubbed herself against the bulge at my crotch.

"Let's get in bed," I suggested, thinking it might make her feel more at ease being hidden by sheets.

"Kay," she agreed softly.

There is a moment in intimacy that's so underrated. That moment is when you first set eyes on a girl's intimates; her panties and bra. It sets off a wild ride of imagination and speculation, giving rise to desire in every sense of the word.

Without obviously staring at each other, Leila watched me pull my Polo shirt off.

I watched her undress. Damn, but watching a young girl undress is an exercise in erotic.

Leila pulled her arms through the armholes of her T-shirt and then tugged the Tee up over her head revealing a sexy, plain white cotton bra. You know the ones; those that have no cups, no underwire support, just soft triangles of cotton conforming to succulent little breasts, the cotton thin enough to let the alluring shadow of her areolae show. The edges of her bra were white satin with a cute little white bow between her boobs. A flush of pride hit me, and a strong pulse of excitement.

She popped her jean brass button open and the loud sound of a zipper had my pulse racing. I'd forgotten about undressing, my hand idle on my jeans.

With the cutest damned ass wiggle, my daughter lowered her jeans. I saw a satisfied smile on her face. She knew I was staring! But, who wouldn't?

Naked skin was slowly revealed. I held my breath. What panties was she wearing? With a sexy wiggle, the back of the jeans squeezed down over her bottom revealing white satiny material. My erection strained, crying for release. As her jeans fell to her ankles, the full impact hit me. Jesus! Leila wore bikini style panties with two strings across her hips connecting the front to the back. The material was shimmery, her bum crack peeking above the waist, her small buttocks forming an intensely sexy shape. When she straightened, kicking off her jeans, I saw the full beauty of her and it took my breath away and made my pulse race.

Leila was so slender, her body curves only beginning the transition to maturity. She had narrow, prominent hips, long gorgeous legs that looked slightly too long for her. Her stomach was flat with just a hint of a feminine curve below her navel. It looked like the waist of those panties stretched from hip to hip like a suspension bridge and, below, the shimmery material swelled suggestively, pressing out from her remarkably plump mons.

She glanced at me, smiling slightly. Lord, but she was a sexy young thing! Almost naked, a small chaste white cotton bra gently covering petite breasts, and skimpy panties that teased with the delights hidden inside, her blonde hair pulled and tied at the back of her neck forming a thick tail that fell to below her shoulder blades, Leila was a young goddess!

"Well?" she asked.


"Jeans, Dad," she said, pointing at me.

"Oh! Right!"

I shucked them, all thoughts of modesty or embarrassment forgotten, horniness fogging my brain. I didn't even mind when my jeans hit the floor and my proud erection tented my boxers. I had a magnificent erection!

Leila studied it, eyes shiny with excitement.

I moved onto the bed. She followed, lying next to me, her eyes finally leaving my tented boxers to look at me, a small smile playing across her lips.

Unable to resist, I leaned over her and brushed her mouth with my lips, inhaling her clean breath. She smiled while kissing me, light hazel eyes sparkling.

Erection straining and throbbing, I deepened the kiss. Lips were the only part of our bodies touching, but, damn! It was so arousing to be almost naked with my daughter on my bed. It was intense, on the cusp of intimacy, the future full of erotic possibilities. Tongues teased. Leila's mouth opened and I fell into a sensual, intense kiss. She did her little moaning thing that sent shivers through me.

My cock strained, suddenly feeling cooler. When the kiss ended, I leaned back slightly. Leila looked down and gasped quietly. I looked down and did the same!

My erection had slipped though the fly, exposed, large, rigid, the crown red and swollen. Leila's hand was at her crotch gently caressing her pussy over her panties. Shimmering material scrunched and moved as she teased herself.

Still on my side, Leila on her back, with her staring at my cock, I reached down and held my shaft, watching how her fingers pressed against her soft mons, rubbed down and played with herself.

I stroked myself slowly. I needed to be careful. I was already close, cock straining. Clear precum leaked.

To the sight of my thirteen-year-old watching me, she rubbed her sexy panties, her legs parted slightly, and her hand moved lower to cup herself. I noticed her middle finger moving. She was stroking her cleft!

We masturbated slowly, each watching the other. I heard Leila's breathing deepen. My cock swelled, aching it was so hard. Precum spread and my strokes lengthened, spreading the slippery liquid, pulse racing.

Then Leila eased her hand up off her sexy pussy, slipped her fingertips inside the waist of her panties and down, panties stretching, her hand disappearing. Through the material I watched her fingers moving as she diddled herself, her breath now faster and harder. Stroking my erection, I watched the incredible sight of my daughter masturbate, her finger moving faster.

Barely in control, I lost it completely when squishing sounds started; Leila wet!

"Jeezuus!" I gasped and, unable to control my reaction to the intensely erotic sight, my cock swelled and, with a groan of pleasure, semen raced up the shaft and exploded. A rope of thick white cum launched over Leila to decorate her stomach. Another huge wave of ecstasy hit me at the sight of cum on my little girl's body and I spurted again, another hard explosion, semen hitting her arm. Stroking my pulsing cock, I came again, hot cum exploding onto her panties. Jesus the sight was incredible! Unable to control myself, I came hard, spurts of white semen splashing down on her.

Leila gasped, "Daddy."

Her hand moved in a blur. She held her breath then snorted, her body heaving, legs clamping closed. I came again, cum spurting onto her panties, a massive wave of pleasure slamming into me. To the sight of semen splattered over her young body, her hand inside her sexy panties, and my daughter shuddering in her climax, I came completely, fully, riding my orgasm up and over the crest, and collapsed, pulses weakening then stopping. I was drained, sated, and still I stared at the amazing sight of cum on my little girl. My penis was soft but thick and I was still aroused.

Leila withdrew her hand from inside her panties. She touched my semen, rubbing it around on her skin, then between her fingers. My attention was still locked on the incredible sight of her panties; my young girl's panties covered in her father's thick, white cum. It was, without a doubt, one of the most erotic sights I'd ever seen!

"It's warm," she said softy. "Slippery, too."

Finally, I looked at her. Leila smiled slightly, eyes bright. Damn she was gorgeous!

"That's just about the most exciting thing I've ever experienced," I informed her.

Her smile broadened. "It's much sexier in real life." She waited a beat and added, "I really liked it!"

"Me, too."

Fingers swirling semen on her body, Leila advised me, "I came really hard this time. We've gotta do this again."

I grinned. "I'm available for your pleasure at any time, honey. Anytime."

She laughed.

Sunday was the hardest day of my life. I couldn't concentrate on anything. In my mind, the image of Leila's panties covered in cum wouldn't leave me. I suffered from constant arousal. It was difficult not to grab my daughter and cart her off to bed; something I desperately wanted to do. I was constantly hard, my cock clamoring for attention.

When Leila emerged in the morning, all sexy and mussed, when she smiled with her 'we've got a secret' smile full of pleasure, her enchanting eyes bright, and sat in my lap, I almost caved.

Leila brushed her lips against mine, her breath minty clean.

"Morning, Dad."

Then she wiggled her sexy ass in my lap, pressing against the bulge, and added, "Been staring at the walls for too long?"

With a bright laugh, she stood and made herself breakfast.

It was a hard day. Lascivious thoughts plagued me, each more erotic and adventurous. I'd discovered the intoxicating, illicit allure of incest and the powerful attraction of sexy play with a newly adolescent girl.

I'd changed. It was irreversible. It was far too exciting; more so than anything I'd ever experienced before.

Leila, after another furious bout of texting, announced she had to meet Julia again, and, after assuring me she'd be home early, left me alone with my horniness. It was painful.

Unable to concentrate on anything, I diverted myself by exploring.

Leila's dresser drawer was a treasure trove of sexy intimates. I spent some time admiring her panties, touching and caressing, inspecting, my mind mentally picturing her wearing them. I loved the soft cotton gusset in each pair, envious that they'd been privileged to touch her small pussy. Smelling them, they were clean, no scent.

I was tempted to take a pair and dirty them for her. My cock throbbed in agreement. But her small bras distracted me. She had a wonderful selection. They were all so cute, small and sexy, with a variety of colors and prints, some soft cotton, a couple with small cups and padding. Each reinforced how petite her breasts were; very, very arousing.

It didn't occur to me I was invading her privacy. My lower brain was firmly in control.

In a side drawer next to her twin bed, I noticed jewelry; bracelets, rings, and two watches - neither working. I also discovered a battery-powered toothbrush. What was it doing there?

Now hornier than ever, I hunted and found those skimpy bikini panties she'd worn last night. My semen had dried on them, but with a wonky logic, when noticing the gusset lightly stained with a whitish residue, I decided they were destined for the laundry anyway, so some more cum couldn't hurt, could it?

Feeling daring, I stretched out on her bed and inhaled the scent of her; soap and fruity shampoo and lemons and cucumbers. Fishing my erection out, I wrapped her sexy panties around my cock and stroked myself, loving the silky softness of them. Closing my eyes, I replayed the sight of my cum - her daddy's semen - spurting onto her slender, young body, pooling in her navel, and splashing on her arm. And as I replayed the sight of my adult semen spurting onto her panties, I came, cum racing up my straining shaft to pulse into the cotton gusset, a wave of bliss hitting me. Another harder pulse hit, cock swelling, and I came again, a strong spurt, hot semen covering my crown. Stroking my erection with her panties, I came hard, soaking them, cumming, cumming, Jesus, cumming!

In case you haven't noticed by now, I was hopelessly lost. I'd experienced something rare and illicit, and I was addicted; and very happy, too!

Have I mentioned how unfathomable young girls are? They're complex creatures. Sunday didn't go as I'd planned - a progressive escalation of our newfound intimacy ending in another wonderful orgasm in my bed.

In fact, Leila giggled at my subtle gropes and grasps, avoiding my kisses, smiling brightly at my efforts. She eluded me all night leaving me to handle my renewed medical emergency alone in bed.

The mystery of female emotions continued through the week, much to my frustration. I decided at one point that, since I hadn't actually seen her naked (and, boy, I now wanted to), she should strip and leap into my bed with enthusiasm, flash her naked ass at me and hide under the sheet so I could slowly reveal my present. It was my birthday, after all . . . in seven months.

Leila laughed at me when I informed her about my birthday present. When she didn't get naked and into my bed, I assumed my powerful argument wasn't taken seriously.

But, remember that internal monitor girls have? The one I told you about? The one that measures your enthusiasm, judges your efforts, and waits until the dial has reached 'satisfactory'? Apparently it doesn't always react as fast as males do. We're simple. A smile and smooch and we're there, dial firmly into the red zone, aroused to the stupid level.

It wasn't until Thursday evening when she finally let me touch her bust. She giggled when, with a deep sigh, I proclaimed, "Thank God they're still there."

She let me caress gently but no more. Thursday night was shaping up into a night of agony until my darling, considerate daughter, understanding her father's precarious close-to-death condition, left me a warm pair of used pale pink, perfectly innocent-looking cotton panties - the very, very sexy ones that only young girls wear. Release was wonderful. I was feeling much better when I fell asleep, and idly wondered why I'd never noticed how sexy young girl's panties are years ago.

But then came Friday. Oh Friday. Wonderful Friday. My new favorite day of the week!

Returning home from work, I was greeted by a very happy daughter and her friend, Julia. She, Julia that is, was thrilled I'd invited her over for a Saturday swim in the pool followed by a BBQ dinner.

About to open my mouth and ask when I'd done that, I was smart enough to adapt, smile, and tell her how pleased I was. Who knew what I'd agreed to in my stupid horny state these past few days?

Leila was happy, all smiles and stuff. By the time Julia left to go home, I was looking forward to being happy and stuff, too.

Over dinner, my daughter enthused about summer break, which had now started, providing a bucket list of things she was going to try; none of which included intimacy, I noted with some disappointment.

But, on the positive side, when I suggested the television show we were watching was boring and suggested we might find something interesting to do in my bedroom, wiggling my eyebrows and grinning, my daughter laughed and, with bright eyes, agreed!

"Let's!" she said with enthusiasm. "I'm gonna shower first."

No slouch in the opportunity recognition department, I immediately responded, "I should shower, too. Since we're under a water conservation advisory, maybe we should share the shower."

Leila laughed brightly. "There's no water conservation advisory, Dad!"

"Did you see our last utility bill?" I asked. "I've proclaimed a water conservation effort in the Fellows household!"

Leila laughed and left the living room. I followed, watching her scrumptious ass move beautifully. She laughed harder when I followed her into her bedroom.

"You're serious!" she exclaimed, eyes twinkling, her hand reaching for the elastic holding her hair in a tail. She tilted her head and pulled it off, her blonde hair expanding.

"I'm most serious," I claimed. "And very dirty."

"Kay," she agreed, grinning at me. "So strip, Dad."

"You first," I suggested. "You've seen pretty much all of me. Now it's my turn to see you. And, let me tell you, honey, I'm very excited at the prospect."

Her eyes dropped to my groin. She spotted my condition despite jeans, and giggled. "Have you been staring at the wall all day?"

I nodded. "Strip! Take em off! Git naked!" I suggested subtly, and parked my butt on her bed.

I have an admission. I've actually been to a few strip clubs in my time - all before I got married, of course. Watching mature women strip professionally is somewhat clinical. You know what's underneath their skimpy clothes (fake boobs and shaved pussies) and they've done it so many times, I'm sure they're mentally running through their shopping list as they do it. They're about as erotic and hot as a flat tire on a lonely deserted road in the middle of a snow storm.

Young girls, however . . . Well, young girls, especially when it's your daughter, don't have that hardened dispassion. Not at all!

Leila smiled, slightly embarrassed, and slowly raised her T-shirt up, revealing her flat stomach, then the edge of her pale lavender bra - the one with almost flat cups. She pulled the Tee over her head, her pale blonde hair cascading down her back. I loved her hair. It's thick and heavy, the top straight from its weight, the bottom half soft waves.

She watched me, still smiling, as she opened the button of her jeans. She did it slowly, too. Two fingertips held the zipper, her other hand holding her jeans, and that sexy sound of a lowering zipper sounded; a long, drawn-out zzzzzziiiiiiiippppp, to reveal the top of pale lemon yellow cotton panties, chaste things, little girl things. My cock strained, demanding to see, too.

Once again, I appreciated tight jeans when she slowly wiggled her butt, easing the jeans down at the back, her panties slipping just enough to let her bum crack peek out. Before the jeans had made their journey over her glorious glutes, she tugged her panties up, wiggled some more, and her jeans fell to her ankles.

"Leila, honey," I groaned at the sight of her plump pussy coddled by cotton, "Let me just say how proud I am of my achievement."


"I made an angel. A very, very sexy one, too," I told her, my eyes locked onto how her vulva filled the gap at the top of her thighs so erotically.

Leila laughed and kicked off her jeans. "Your turn, Dad."

"But you're not nekkid," I complained.

"I take my underwear off in the bathroom."

"Fine. But," I clarified as I pulled my shirt off, "let's get one thing clear. It's not underwear when it's on you. It's lingeree."

"Lingeree?" she asked. "Don't you mean lingerie?" pronouncing it properly; lahn-zhuh-ree.

"Nope. It lingers on you all suggestive and stuff," I clarified, tugging my jeans down.

Leila stared at the tent in my boxers and smiled as if she'd been responsible for my condition. Come to think of it, she was!

My daughter turned and left her bedroom, heading for the bathroom; the only bathroom in our two-bedroom bungalow. I followed.

My, but her buttocks moved with sensual seductiveness, each in counterpoint, up and down, up and down, her bum crack highlighted by a fold in soft yellow cotton. Long bare legs and bare feet distracted me only briefly until her hands reached behind in a move no guy could possibly manage (unless double-jointed), and unhooked her lavender bra.

My pulse jumped when said bra dropped to the floor.

She entered the bathroom. We might have only had one bathroom, but it was spacious enough to accommodate a bathtub, a separate glassed-in shower, two side-by-side sinks, a toilet, and plenty of cupboards and drawers.

Like all men, I was the proud owner of one drawer and one third of one cupboard. All other space had been claimed by Leila.

At this moment, I wasn't bothered by that. I was more bothered (in the 'hot and bothered' way) by Leila still with her back to me. She reached into the shower and turned the water on.

I held my breath. She turned.

Oh momma! My darling daughter was the proud owner of beautiful little breasts. They were just small mounds rising from her chest, the upper slopes mirrors of the underneath slopes, with gorgeous pink areolae and delightful little nipples. Her boobs were gentle hillocks. Her areolae completed the peaks, not flat but conical tips.

My erection bobbed violently. Leila smiled.

"So you like them?" she asked, not one shred of shyness in her.

"Like might not be strong enough," I assured her. "Love, adore, admire, be-still-my-poor-heart fantastic might be more accurate."

Leila laughed. "Thanks!"

"No. Thank you!"

Before I could inhale, she slipped her fingers inside her yellow cotton panties and eased them down.

Fuck me!

My heart felt like it was about to burst! But, Jesus Christ! Leila's pussy was stunning!

She was a true blonde! Soft, uncurled, very pale blonde pubic hairs dusted her mons and the edges of her plump labia. Her pussy swelled out erotically from her lower body forming a sensual delta, her cleft tightly closed so only the very tip of her clitoris showed. In her crotch, her plump labia formed a seductive vulva that looked lush and mouth-watering. And behind, I could see the bottom swell of her buttocks!

Jesus, but Leila was stunning and sexier than even my active imagination had envisioned. Not a mature woman, no longer a child, she was some magical, magnificent, exotic creature in-between; perhaps the sexiest female I'd ever laid eyes on!

"Leila, honey," I groaned, "I've never seen anyone . . . You're gorgeous!"

Bright eyes twinkled. "Thanks!"

She turned to step into the shower and I groaned again, a deep groan of appreciation. My daughter's buttocks were small, round and proud, her bum crack deep and alluring. Sexy creases formed at the pear-shape bottom of each cheek where they met slender thighs. Her ass was perfection, shapely, hinting at the full beauty that would emerge in a few years.

My erection strained for a look. Shucking my shorts, it bobbed up and nodded at my assessment. I glanced down. I was intimately familiar with my cock. What guy isn't? I liked it, too, often petting or stroking it in appreciation. It usually, when erect, led my body like a narwhal's tusk. But now, the impact of my daughter showed. My erection jutted up at a fine forty-five-degree-angle, pulsing and proud. Damn but I was turned on like never before!

Following my daughter into the shower, she smiled at me while soaking her hair, then turned and reached for the shampoo.

"Let me," I suggested.

Washing Leila's hair was a wonderful experience. I was close enough to her back that my erection, still throbbing, knocked gently against her naked body.

"Turn and rinse," I instructed.

She turned to face me, her head tilted back under the spray. I thought her eyes were closed, but clearly not. Leila's hand gently closed around my straining erection and squeezed gently. I responded with a hard throb.

With her hair rinsed, I ordered her to turn again and washed her hair for the second time. When she rinsed, her hand returned to my erection, this time gently and slowly stroking it. Jesus it felt good!

"Conditioner now, Dad," she instructed. "And massage it in well."

"Yes, ma'am," I answered with a grin.

Rubbing conditioner through her long hair, I studied the twin swells of her buttock. Damn, but they were
sexy! From above, they looked so round and proud, lovely globes with a deep, sexy valley between them. My cock agreed, nodding in appreciation. I pictured my erection sliding through that valley, cradled by two butt cheeks, all slippery and slidey, caressing me as I humped her gorgeous ass, my little girl prone on my bed, her slender body underneath me, my hand cupping her little boob. A dangerous throb hit me!

Breathing deeply, I finished rubbing conditioner into her hair.

She turned to face me and tilted her head back, rinsing the conditioner, her eyes closed. Man, she was pretty.

When she finished, light hazel eyes opened. She smiled slightly, eyes twinkling, and closed her hand around my shaft.

"Yours is much bigger than Jeremy's," she commented. "And thicker." With a stroke, she added, "And longer."

Feeling spiteful and jealous for the first time, I asked, "How old is Jeremy?"


"That's a shame. He'll never get any bigger."

Leila looked up at me with surprise. "Really?"

"Yup. He's destined to be a weenie."

My daughter laughed. "Maybe I won't teach him to kiss better."

"That's a great . . ."

Thoughts seemed to vanish. Leila started stroking my erection, studying it. I watched a sexy, naked thirteen-year-old fisting an adult erection, one that was already excited beyond belief, and, unable to stop myself, I gasped, "Jesus, Leila!" and came.

My erection swelled, semen pulsed up the shaft and, in an explosion of bliss, thick cum spurted onto her chest. She stroked again and another huge spurt launched out to hit her neck, pleasure crashing into me. Leila giggled and stroked me, each stroke causing a hard, hard eruption of cum, utter bliss flooding me. I came hard and fast, my eyes locked on the sight of viscous semen slowly running down her body, between her boobs, to collect on the dusting of her pale blonde pubes, my body shaking with sweet release.

Eventually the pulses weakened and stopped, white semen oozing from the tip. My cock softened slightly, drooping with fatigue. I was a bit disoriented, a bit tired, and suffered from post-orgasmic lassitude; a typical male reaction.

Leila turned and rinsed my cum off, then washed herself. I, on the other hand, stood and caught my breath, then studied the erotic sight of a young girl washing.

I enjoyed how she washed her boobs. They seemed so supple under her soapy hands. I loved how the edge of her hand washed deep into her bum crack, and felt envy when she parted her legs and washed her cute, sexy pussy.

I might not have been erect, but I was mentally horny again!

"Let me," I offered, turning her, around. She laughed and leaned back against me. I soaped up my hands and went to work.

"Are you feeling dirty?" I asked, washing her spectacular little boobs.

"No. I already washed," she advised me.

"You missed a spot here," I advised her, rubbing her areola, then tweaking her small nipple. "And here," I added, rubbing her other areola. "You did a poor job here," I pointed out, my hand sliding down her stomach to cup her sexy little pussy.

Leila giggled at first. But, when I caressed her cleft, she sighed. With a soapy finger, I explored her cleft. It was deep and soft and warm. Her clit felt like a small bead under my finger pad, and seemed to get harder as I caressed.

Leila sighed again and leaned back against me even more.

Water rinsed the soap off but I didn't stop. Nope. I was a kind and considerate father. Holding her around her slender waist, I fondled her pussy, slipping my finger deep into her cleft until the tip of my finger touched the entrance to her vagina, and probed gently.

A warm, tight hold gripped me to my first knuckle. She shuddered. Withdrawing my fingertip, I cupped her pussy and squeezed gently, then holding it, used my middle finger to strum her clit.

Leila moaned. Her body shook. With the water running, I diddled her, her sexy bum pressed back against my groin. I felt her climax; her body shaking, her hands grippingly my forearm wrapped around her waist. I heard her climax; breath held, a sudden gasp. Then Leila fell into her orgasm. "Daddy," she gasped, and her body shook and shivered, legs closing. She mewled, head falling forward, hips twitching. Suddenly she cried out, went limp, and I was supporting her full weight. Her body twitched and shook through an intense climax, her bottom rubbing against me. Gradually she calmed, still limp. I stopped caressing her clit and cupped her pussy.

It might have been a minute or two before she stirred, standing up and turning to face me. Rosy flushed cheeks made her very beautiful. She smiled shyly and blushed, my heart tripping.

"That was amazing, Dad," she said softy, her arms slipping around my waist. She rested her cheek on my chest and gave me a hug.

Well, Hell! Now I was feeling all mushy and stuff! My heart sorta thumped in my chest.

Love is a strange emotion. Like a diamond, it has many facets. But the one I was feeling at this particular moment I hadn't felt before, not even with my wife. This love was intense; a mix of adoration and pride and desire, dusted with the excitement of incest. It was intense.

I woke up suddenly on Saturday morning. Miraculously, a full plan had formed while I was asleep. I woke up with a raging erection, too, so it must have been a great plan!

Today I was going to chase my sweet daughter, grope and behave with unbridled lust; make her feel more desired than she ever had! Yup. And not only that, I was going to be adventurous, too! My plan included fondling underneath her top, touching bare breasts. I was going to fish inside her pants and panties and fondle her sexy pussy. I was going to drive her insane with arousal!

It was a champion plan, no doubt brought on by my hard erection. It was an exciting plan, too. Because, at some point I was going to taste my daughter, kiss her naked boobs, suck and lick. It was a detailed plan. It would lead to her being nekkid at some point in the evening with me, her daddy, face buried between her legs, tasting her arousal, kissing her pussy, sucking on her clit.

Yup, it was a champion plan!

However . . .

You've guessed it. "The best laid plans of . . ."

Who the Hell ever invited Julia over for the day? What idiot did that?

Leila, when I mentioned it, laughed loudly. "You did, Dad!"

Well, heck!

Okay, so the day didn't go quite according to plan. However, it wasn't that bad after all. Who am I kidding? It was freaking fantastic.

Let me explain.

When you have a new appreciation for young girls, the world opens up and becomes full of imagination and wistful thoughts. It's an exciting place to be in. Young girls are so sweetly innocent yet aware of their emerging power over the male species. And, if you're the guinea pig they've selected to test their new-found powers on, well . . . life is indeed good!

By eleven in the morning, with the June summer sun hot, and the swimming pool crystal clean and inviting thanks to my early morning vacuuming, I was treated to not one, but two lovely thirteen-year-old girls emerging through the sliding glass doors from the kitchen.

Birds of a feather.

Both long-haired. Both slender. Both young. Both blossoming with pubescence. And both wearing skimpy bikinis!!!

"What's the temperature, Dad?" Leila asked, smiling at me.

"Hot. And getting hotter," I informed her, crossing one knee over the other.

She laughed brightly. "Daaad! The pool temperature!"

I grinned and said, "Eighty-three." Then I concentrated.

Leila's bikini was small, yellow and green patterns, the bra two small triangles of cloth with string holding it up. The cloth coddled her lovely petite breasts. The matching bottoms consisted of a small triangle in front and a larger triangle in the back, both joined by bow-tied strings. She had lovely expanses of bare skin, and a great, great tush!

Julia was physically identical to Leila. Actually, she wasn't. Her bikini was sky blue without strings, just skimpy. She was very slender, reed-like, without gentle curves you'd associate with pubescence. Her butt was smaller than my daughter's, her breasts the same size, but more conical. The thing about Julia was her smile. It was as if she turned on a million watt flashlight, powerful and beautiful. Dark brown eyes looked large relative to her delicate features, her long raven hair glinting in the sunlight.

Watching them, it was clear their personalities fit, both bright, outgoing, easy with laughter, with mischief and fun gleaming in their eyes.

They swam and splashed yelling at me: "Come in, Dad!" and "Yeah! Come in Mr. Fellows!"

I didn't. Jeans were needed to protect Julia's innocence and prevent embarrassment. Jeans were even more critical when those bikinis became wet! But, Holy Cow! I almost drooled at the sight of two newly minted teens with bikinis plastered to sexy young bodies, camel toes and butt cracks galore! I was in serious jeopardy!

My discomfort increased when the girls flopped front first over an inflatable raft. They chatted away, drifting slowly. When it rotated away from me, I lost time. Both their bottoms had gained sensual shape. But, dear God, two pussies oozed out from between their legs, full and pouty, the bathing suits snug, outlining their bum cracks and clefts! A flood of lascivious ideas hit me. I groaned a bit too loudly.

Leila glanced over her shoulder. "What's wrong, Dad?"

"I'm hot," I explained, recrossing my knees.

Leila laughed and bent her head, whispering to Julia. Julia glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled.

When they stretched out to sunbathe, I couldn't help but admire how young boobs remained upright, how small hips became prominent, how bikini bottoms stretched from hip to hip giving me a teasing gap I strained to see into, and, Jesus, remarkably lush mons rising to press against cloth, plunging down, cleft outlined.

Shifting uncomfortably under the sun umbrella, I reached for my beer and sipped. Leila, seeing my shifting, laughed at me again. She knew what my problem was, the little minx!


I headed to the pool shed, found my Nerf Super-Soaker with the extra large reservoir (all real guys have one, don't they?) and, hiding it, hit the kitchen. With glee, I filled that sucker up with ice water from the fridge, pumped the handle, and feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger, put sunglasses on and strode out onto the patio.

The girls were deep in conversation, laughing and yakking. Grinning, I let loose.

An icy cold stream of water hit their sun-heated bodies. As if they'd been hit by an electric eel, they screamed and shot up. They tried to escape, racing around the pool. I was much too smart for them. Running after them, I kept a constant stream of ice water dousing them.

"Daaaad!" Leila screamed, giggling.

"Stoooop!" Julia screamed, also giggling.

I had a ball, pumping the soaker and firing until, unexpectedly, the stream slowed into a dribble. The girls, spotting my suddenly weak situation, immediately went on the attack.

I was confident. I was bigger. Much bigger. They didn't have water guns. I laughed at them, thoroughly enjoying myself.

However, I'd once again underestimated the cunning of the female species. Leila charged around the pool one way, Julia the other. About to give up to them, they lunged at me!

Suddenly my arms were cart wheeling as I balanced precariously on the edge of the pool. Like vengeful sprites, the two girls grinned and, as one, shoved me in.

Damn, but the pool was cold after the heat of the sun! Fully dressed, I floundered briefly, rising to the surface, only to be assaulted by two girls jumping in.

War was declared! They dunked me, working like a pack of lionesses, and screamed when I took revenge, shoving both their heads down. It only encouraged them and once again I was underwater.

In the struggles, I accidentally groped a crotch, brushed a boob or two, and suddenly found myself having some exciting fun.

When I surfaced for air, Julia's deep blush let me know hers was the crotch I'd groped. Oops!

The afternoon passed too quickly with laughter and giggles and both girls whispering to each other, heads bent together. Dinner was a manly dinner; delicious baby back ribs crusted with barbecue sauce, slightly charred chicken wings, a fresh coleslaw, and for me, several beers.

At one point, as I was cooking, I caught both of them stealing a wing off the barbecue and grabbed them in headlocks, informing them a barbecue was a man's sacred altar and they shouldn't tempt me.

Both giggling like crazy, dared me with, "Oh yeah? What'cha going to do?"

I tossed them both into the pool! Their screams brought a broad smile to my face.

By the time Julia left, Leila was exhausted and I was tipsy, tired, and relaxed. My champion plan for the day was forgotten in the pleasure I'd had from just being with two teen girls.

Sunday, Leila went out to meet Julia at Starbucks. When I suggested Julia could meet her here, at home, Leila looked at me as if I was thick.

"Then we can't have Caramel Macchiatos and gossip," my daughter informed me as if it was obvious.

Oh well. I'd get my revenge. I'd ignore her like she was ignoring me. Let's see how she likes being on the receiving end!

So . . . Ignoring her didn't work. Is it possible to ignore a young daughter in short shorts and silky top? Nope.

When she returned late afternoon, all I could concentrate on was the way the bottom of her buttocks were exposed in those tight baby blue terry shorts, and how they hugged her pussy so tightly, outlining its wonderful ripeness, and knowing what it looked like naked, it only caused anxiety.

Ignoring her was harder on me than her. So, heck! I grabbed her and, to the sound of giggles of delight, groped her exquisite little ass.

Leila's eyes sparkled with amusement. She rose on tiptoes, pressing herself against me, and I kissed her, mentally sighing at the illicit pleasure of kissing my daughter. I drowned as I held two succulent little terry-covered cheeks, an erection forming. Leila's tongue teased and withdrew when I tried to meet it, her eyes open and smiling. She closed her lips when I tried to follow her tongue into her mouth and giggled at me.

Like Microsoft Windows 8, my mental processing capabilities slowly stalled, overwhelmed, horniness taking over, logical reasoning drifting south to my lower, basal-driven brain. When Leila's tongue brushed my lips and darted away again, I'd had enough.

Hefting her over my shoulder, to the sound of bright laughter, I took my sexy present to the bedroom.

"What are you doing, Dad?" Leila asked, her hands groping my ass. "Nice butt!"

"I'm hungry."

"The kitchen's the other way," she pointed out.

Tossing her onto my bed, Leila bounced once and sprawled, laughing hard. Her laughter faded away when I crawled onto the bed and hovered over her. Her eyes twinkled. She smiled as if she'd achieved something.

"What'cha gonna do?" she asked.

"Show you the joy of tactile arousal," I informed her.

"What's that?"

"You're about to find out." Bending, I kissed my daughter's soft lips gently, a brush, slight pressure. She smiled.

So did I before kissing her cheek, then her chin, then nuzzling her neck, inhaling the scent of my daughter deeply; cucumbers and lemons, sweet and innocent.

Moving lower, over her silky top, I brushed my lips across the top of her petite breast, feeling her bra underneath. Its twin received a brush, too, before I eased lower. Leila's eyes watched me intently, a small smile playing across her lips.

Easing her top up, I exposed her stomach, kissed soft, warm skin, and moved lower. Baby blue terry shorts hugged her pubis tightly, folds outlining the sexy shape of her pussy, a beautiful mound of pure sex. When I kissed her mons, pressing my lips into the soft pad, I caught her scent, just a faint hint of earthy, sweet arousal. My cock surged, tight and uncomfortable in my jeans.

Glancing up, Leila's eyes were bright and watchful. I smiled. She returned the smile, so damned gorgeous!

Still hovering over her, I studied her, loving how young and slender she was, so intensely arousing. With one hand, I edged her top higher to expose her bra and sighed deeply. Leila wore a white bra, small, with lace covering the cups. Through the lace I could see her darker pink areolae. I loved how firm her young breasts were, rising in gentle hillocks, widely spaced.

Bending close, I kissed one peak, then the other, pressing my mouth down. Her boob yielded, soft and supple.

The clasp was in the center. Opening it, her bra fell to each side exposing her gorgeous breasts, her nipples small and beaded.

"What'cha doing?" she asked softly with a slight smile.

"I told you. I'm hungry. You're my appetizer."

Leila sighed, "Kay."

With a straining erection, my mouth settled on one lovely bare boob. Opening my mouth, I took it in, my tongue exploring the stippling of her areola and the hardness of her nipple, caressing, then sucking gently. Leila's breast was remarkably resilient, surprisingly firm, yet soft and erotic.

With a wet pop, I sat up. Leila's areola had plumped up and darkened, flush with blood, aroused, sexy.

"Lift," I instructed, edging her top up.

Now naked from the waist up, I took a moment to appreciate her. This new aspect to my sexuality was thrilling; the intense attraction of incest and the raw appeal of her youth were powerful, intense.

Leaning over her, I kissed her breast, and then nibbled her nipple, murmuring, "Delicious."

Moving higher, Leila's eyes met mine. I kissed her gently and reached down to cup her pussy. Leila inhaled sharply through her nose. Her arms almost wrapped around my neck, but I broke the kiss and sat upright.

"You're just gorgeous, honey," I informed her.

She smiled.


Her smile broadened.

With a grin, I added, "I'm really horny. Are you?"

Leila laughed and nodded. "Uh-huh. Like really horny."

"Are you sure? What are the symptoms?" I asked, still grinning.

"My . . ." her voice faded away as I cupped her delightful boobs. When I caressed, she groaned quietly, her eyes narrowing.

"Your what?" I asked, rubbing her areolae and nipples. "Do your boobs feel sensitive?"

She nodded. "Uh-huh."

Grinning and excited, I asked, "Are your panties damp?"

Leila nodded, smiling.

"I'm so pleased to hear it. It's so exciting to know."

My daughter laughed lightly. "Are your shorts damp, Dad?"

"Yup. You turn me on like no one else."

Leila smiled. "I know. I like turning you on! It's fun!"

"I love turning you on. I love knowing you're horny. I can't tell you how exciting I find it."

Leila smiled brightly. "I know. I can see it in your eyes. And in your pants!" she added with a laugh.

Shuffling down, I straddled her shins and admired her sexy shorts. "I'm going to take your shorts off," I advised her, rubbing my palm over her remarkable mons. "Then I'm going to fondle your panties. Did I mention I love your panties?"

Leila giggled.

"Then I'm going to take your panties off and touch you. If you think you're horny now, you're wrong. I'm going to make you so horny you'll beg me to cum."

Leila laughed. "Ya think?"

I nodded. "I'm going to play with your pussy and tease your clit and enjoy myself." Looking into her eyes, I grinned. "Then I'm going to eat you out, use my mouth, and make you climax so hard you'll beg me to stop." Grinning harder, my cock straining and begging for release, I added, "I'm going to town!"

Leila giggled softly. "Kay. Show me."

I reached for the waist of her baby blue terry shorts and tugged. Leila rolled her bum. The shorts slipped down, pulling the waist of her panties slightly; just enough to give me a peek of soft, downy pale blonde pubes. My cock surged. Hot damn!

Slowly, my daughter's panties were exposed; plain white with lace side panels, the front silken, shimmery. They matched her bra.

Shuffling down, I pulled her shorts off and tossed them to the floor, moving back up to straddle her shins.

Lord Almighty, the sight was sexy! Her panties, so sensual, contrasted with her young, budding body. The shape of her mound had my pulse racing, so full yet small. The peek of her sparse pubes over the waist just added to her appeal. In the gap between her thighs, I could see her full, rounded vulva and, shuddering slightly, a small damp spot deep in the gusset! Fuck it was erotic!

"Leila, honey, it's impossible to put into words how sexy you are. But let me try . . . Yum!"

Leila laughed. "You're nuts! Hey! Get undressed, Dad. I want to see you, too!"

Grinning, I asked, "Does seeing me naked turn you on?"


I set a record undressing. I also tore buttons off my shirt and, as I hopped around trying to kick off my jeans, got caught and tumbled to my ass.

Leila laughed loudly. "That's not a sexy striptease!" she exclaimed.

Smiling, I stood, shucked my shorts, my erection once again in fine form, jutting up admirably. I straddled her shins again. Leila stared at my erection. It nodded a greeting, "Hi! I'm baaaack!"

Unable to resist, I massaged the sensual shape of my daughter's mons. I loved how full yet soft it was. Underneath, I could feel her sparse pubes. Her pussy was warm and exciting.

Teasing myself, I edged the waist down to expose more of her pubes; such a pale blonde, almost lighter than her skin. Bending, I kissed her pussy and inhaled deeply, drawing her distinctive scent in; subtle yet intense, clean with a hint of depth.

Easing her panties lower, I exposed Leila's full pussy, the gusset sticking to her vulva before releasing. With white panties around her knees, I bent in again and kissed her mons, then the top of her cleft. Halfway down, the tip of her clit peeked out. I kissed it gently.

Leila moaned softly, an "Mmmmm."

My erection pulsed. Clear precum oozed out and dripped coolly over my flared head. Jesus I was horny!

Leila suddenly shuffled her legs. I rose onto my knees and she shoved her panties down. They ended up hanging from one ankle. Excited to no end, I bent her knees up and spread her legs. Leila's pussy was spectacular. Sparse pubic hair hid nothing. Plump labia formed a sexy cleft that seemed to merge with her bum crack, her buttocks swelling out where they pressed to the bed.

At the base of her cleft, she had a slight indent - the location of her entrance, and at that spot, the glisten of her arousal. Leila was leaking! Lord help me!

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded, her eyes bright and watchful. I settled between her raised thighs, my cock pressing against the bed, hard and aching and damp.

This was it. I was going to eat my daughter's pussy! I was going to taste a thirteen-year-old! Hot damn!

The first touch of my lips brought on shudders of joy. Leila's lush labia were soft and supple. I probed the base of her slit with my tongue, tasting her. God, she tasted fantastic, silky moisture, light and clean. Probing, her labia oozed apart cradling my tongue and deep in her cleft I touched the velvety entrance to her vagina. Drawing my tongue up through her slit, I found her small clit and kissed it.

Leila sighed.

With gentle movements, I tongued her, then sucked her clit, my fingertip easing between her labia to touch her vagina, warm and moist and silken.

Leila moaned. Her hips twitched. I sucked and teased her clit, slowly increasing the speed until her hips undulated, rubbing her pussy against my mouth and nose. My fingertip penetrated her slightly; tight, so damned tight.

Leila gasped and trembled.

Concentrating, my cock aching and leaking precum onto the bed, the tip sliding as I humped slightly, I strummed her clitoris and watched over her mons. My daughter's eyes were closed. A frown knitted her brows.

Suddenly she jerked. She gasped, "Daddy!" and fell into her climax, hips surging and scrubbing against my mouth. Sweet cries of pleasure broke the quiet. Her vagina contracted on my fingertip, and Leila came hard. She humped my mouth, thighs trembling, gasping and crying out her pleasure. Suddenly she became very wet, a flood of moisture, pure ambrosia, and with a final, almost agonizing body cramp, she collapsed, panting, trembling.

Rising, I leaned over her and watched as her breath slowed. Her cheeks were flushed. Her upper chest was rosy red. Perspiration coated her brow. Her eyes opened slowly. A smile danced across her lips.

"Wow, Dad. Like, wow!"

I was close to a medical emergency, my cock straining. I needed release badly. My daughter's climax, her sexy pussy, her taste, the silken feel of her vagina, her sparse pale blonde pubic hair, and her youthful slenderness were too much for me.

Rising, kneeling between her raised knees, my cock jutting out, I stroked myself staring at her perfect naked body. My erection was thick and rigid, aching.

Leila watched me. A smile emerged, sexy and sweet. "You can cum on me if you want, Dad," she encouraged.

Fuuuuck me!

It had been too much. With a deep groan, my cock swelled. I stroked my shaft faster. Pressure built to the point of pain and, with another deep groan, my orgasm hit. Semen raced up my pulsing cock. White cum spurted out landing on my daughter's pubes, thick and viscous. Another wave of bliss slammed into me, cock pulsing, and a long rope of cum erupted, splattering onto her stomach. My orgasm took control. Stroking my cock, I came hard, spurting cum over her, thick white semen covering her pubes and dripping down, following her cleft to pool between her buttocks. Unable to stop myself, I aimed lower and another agonizing, blissful spurt hit her cleft. I came hard, the sight of my semen covered little girl intensifying my pleasure.

Too soon, the wave of ecstasy peaked and passed, cock softening, pulses weakening, then stopping. My heart was racing.

Satiated, drained, love and adoration flooding me, I leaned over and lay down on Leila. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me. Warm, slippery semen spread between us. Her thighs cradled my hips. She felt so slender and young underneath me, so wonderful.

My face found her neck. I hugged her and inhaled her distinctive aroma. I'd found heaven.

The problem with sexual intimacy with a daughter is it's just about the most addictive drug in the world. It is! Trust me!

Guys have the ability to focus with intensity to the exclusion of all else. Females claim we have a one-track mind. Nope. We just have the ability to focus. We don't multitask like them. We concentrate and give it our all.

I did.

Sexy play with Leila was all I could think about. It was all I wanted, too. I explained this to my daughter and she laughed with pleasure and possibly pride. I explained how precarious my health was, how I needed her or she might become an orphan, and she laughed even harder.

I explained how just looking at her I'd get excited and how frequent erections were not only distracting, but annoying. Chores were going to fall behind. Shopping was being jeopardized. We were threatened with starvation. We'd die and the police would wonder, when they found me, why I died with an erection.

My sweet daughter laughed harder, tears arriving. "Dad! Dad!" she gasped, "You're nuts!"

I nodded. "Very astute, Leila. It's nuts we're talking about. My nuts, sweetheart."

Leila, while amused no end, didn't respond as I'd hoped.

"Go get a pair of my panties," she suggested.

"We're way past the panty point. That's old school now," I assured her, grinning when she laughed at me again.

Nevertheless, since direct honesty wasn't working, I went to my backup plan. It was an exciting and arousing backup plan, too.

When shopping in the drug store, I checked for cameras, found an unobserved area and, as we passed, I carefully groped my daughter's sexy little boob.

"Dad!" she exclaimed, covering her chest with her arm and looking around.

With no one near, I grinned and groped her ass.

"Dad!" she exclaimed even louder, dancing away from me.


"People might see!"

Grinning like a fool, I agreed. Exhibitionism was quite thrilling. "Exciting, isn't it?"

Leila laughed.

Back in our Ford Focus, while heading towards the grocery store, I reached across and stroked Leila's leg. She smiled at me. Her tan cargo shorts left her legs bare and I caressed. She had soft baby hair on her legs, her pale blonde color not showing. It brought images of her soft, pale blonde pussy hair to mind.

Oh-oh. Another erection!

Maybe guys can multitask after all. Driving, I caressed my hand up the inside of her thigh and eased the edge of my hand inside the leg opening. My pinky touched her panties. Damn, but it was arousing! With careful, subtle movements, I felt the remarkable shape of my daughter's pussy, tracing the bulge up over her vulva.

Leila looked down at my hand then at me, grinning. "Having fun?"

"Yup! Don't you love car rides?"

When the car inadvertently wandered across lanes, I stopped. Okay, so we can't multitask! But, at the grocery store I parked far from the door, checked the area and, satisfied we were in the clear, bent and kissed Leila. She smiled into my kiss, eyes twinkling with amusement. Her lips were soft and warm and liquid in their movement. Tongues touched. Somehow, my hand settled on her thigh and edged up. Lordy Lordy!

Fondling Leila's panties, kissing her sensually, with awareness that this was my daughter, me her father, just appealed to me beyond reason. When Leila's hand settled on my groin and groped, I moaned and ended the kiss.

"Jesus, I'm so turned on right now," I informed her.

Leila smiled. "I can tell, Dad." She groped my erection. Mischief stole into her light hazel eyes. "There's a park not far from here. Wanna go there?"

With my lower brain firmly in control, I nodded and grinned. Ten minutes later we were parked in a deserted parking lot down in the tree-covered park.

"Where were we?" I asked.

Leila must have seen my agony. She smiled and reached for my pants. I occupied myself by tugging the hem of her T-shirt up and slipping my hand underneath. I sighed when I cupped her beautiful boob, her bra one of those soft cotton ones. Happily fondling her, I let her unbutton my pants. She unzipped me and reached inside.

A bit of struggling and pleasure washed over me, Leila pulling my erection. She straightened it and stroked.

"You're really hard, Dad." She rubbed the tip and added, "And leaking!"

Lord love a duck!

I moved in for a kiss. Leila responded, her mouth active, lips soft. She stroked my erection faster. I fondled her lovely breast. This illicit intimacy in broad daylight where we could be discovered, added to my excitement.

I didn't really think. I couldn't. To a sexy, sensual kiss, the feel of my daughter's small breast, and her hand stroking me inside my pants, I snorted and came, semen pulsing out with an exquisite flush of pleasure. The kiss ended. Leila stroked me into a fine, fine orgasm, hot, wet semen flooding my shorts. I groaned and came, spurting hard, her fist spreading slippery semen. I came beautifully, the peak passing, sweet relief arriving.

Finally, I was relaxed!

"Where's the Kleenex?" Leila asked, withdrawing her hand.

"Glove compartment."

For a moment I did nothing. The peace from a good orgasm felt wonderful. Then I noticed how damp my shorts were. Shoot! Grocery shopping would have to wait!

Later that evening, as we ate a delivered hot pizza slathered with cheese, I had a flash of brilliance.

"Leila, my love," I started.

Leila giggled. "What?"

"I'm worried you might have a nightmare tonight."

Leila looked puzzled. "Why?"

"It doesn't matter why, just that my concern is so great I think maybe you'd be safer sleeping in my bed."

She laughed!

"I'm serious!" I claimed. Then I added logic to my persuasive skills. "You'll have fun. Trust me."

Leila's expression turned sly. "Like how?"

"We'll play cribbage."

Leila hooted with laughter. "I don't know how to play cribbage!"

Neither did I. "Then I'll find something else to play with."

Still laughing, she asked, "Me?"

"A fine idea! Are you tired?" Floating through my heated mind was feeling a naked Leila against me, and how damned erotic it was, so sweet and young. I wanted a repeat.

"Wait till this show is finished," she said.

"How much longer?"

Leila giggled.

Five minutes later, I asked, "How much longer?"

"Daaaad! Just wait!"

Five minutes later, I asked, "How much longer?" We guys are persistent when it comes to sexy play.

Leila giggled quietly and ignored me. When I started, "How much . . ." my daughter laughed.

"Enough, Dad! If you don't wait, I'm not sleeping in your bed."

Well, shit! That was unfair! I pouted. Leila laughed.

A long, long forty minutes later, the TV show ended. Ten minutes after that I was in bed, excited, waiting.

Going to bed is a simple process. You strip, brush your teeth, pee and done. Five minutes. So what the heck do girls do? Why does it take them thirty-five minutes?

"Where are you?" I yelled.

Did girls take longer to pee? Did they have some strange ritual in the bathroom? Maybe creams and ointments needed to be applied with judicious care, faces checked for acne or spots?

"Where are you?" I yelled again. Mr. Patience, that's my name.

"Stop it, Dad! I'll be there in a minute!" echoed in to the bedroom.

"What are you doing?" I yelled. "You don't have to wax you legs for me!"


The slight tumescence I'd brought to bed had fled. Bored, I turned on the television and found Battleship, a real movie.

Eventually my tardy daughter appeared. I studied her to discover what had taken so long.

Her pale blonde hair was tied back at the nape of her neck. She looked the same; her light hazel eyes twinkling, a nice smile. A violet nightshirt fell to mid thigh. Lime green and white striped socks completed her outfit. Why did she need socks?

She sat on the edge of the bed, removed her socks, and slipped under the covers, smiling at me. When I reached for her, her smile broadened. She moved close. We hugged.

"You're naked," she observed.

"You're not," I countered.

Leila smiled. "Not yet, anyway. What'cha gonna do about it?"

Facing her, arms around her, and loving how petite she felt against me (it excited me so damned much), I caressed down her back, over the sexy swell of her rump, and touched silken thighs. Drawing my hand up, pulling her nightshirt up, I discovered cool, naked buttocks! Jesus, my daughter had the sexiest ass! Round, firm cheeks, each a wonderfully erotic handful, they formed a sensual valley. Fingertips teased up and down that valley. The memory of seeing her in the shower and dreaming of my erection nestled into it made my cock surge back into full hardness.

I could picture it so vividly: Leila stretched out naked on her front; me admiring the sight of a naked daughter prone and ready for my pleasure; me, cock jutting up, and leaning over her slim body; the sensation of nestling my erection between her buttocks, the tip at her lower back; the pressure of her small buttocks against my groin; the sensation of humping her bum; that first release of slippery precum . . .



Leila smiled. "Where'd ya go? It must have been good. You're hard!"

I was! Rigid and stupid again. With a smile, I informed my daughter, "We guys have a remarkable imagination. We can have all sorts of fun in our mind."

Leila's hand fished down between us and closed around my shaft. Her eyes sparkled. "But it can be much more fun with someone," she observed.

"Take your nightshirt off," I suggested.

A bit of wiggling and the violet nightshirt was tossed to the foot of the bed. A warm, naked, sexy little girl cuddled up to me. She smiled. I kissed her.

It's amazing how a kiss can bamboozle me. Soft lips teased mine, a smile playing through her light hazel eyes. The tip of her tongue brushed against my lips and retreated, her arm slipping around my chest. Leila, proving what a quick study she is, bit my lower lip and pressed her body against my erection, giggled quietly when it strained and I groaned with desire, and softly touched my closed lips with her tongue again.

When I parted my lips, her tongue probed in, eyes closing, and I was lost in a deeply sexual kiss; the thrill of incest, of kissing my little girl, slamming into me. Yup. I was horny and stupid.

My daughter, kissing me deeply, started writhing against me, her body caressing my cock. Precum leaked when I throbbed strongly and we were slippery, my crown sliding up and down her silky skin.

Reaching behind her, I fondled her sweet buttocks, traced my fingertips through her bum crack, and probed lower, lower, down into the sexy gap. Soft, sparse pubes tickled my fingertips. A wave of pleasure hit me when I touched silken moisture; my little girl was horny! Why did it excite me so? Why was finding my daughter aroused such a powerful turn on? But, hot damn!

Kissing, tongues caressing, Leila's labia cradled my fingertip when I probed in. More moisture, warm. Exploring deeper, I felt the velvety smoothness of her entrance, slippery, so freakin' erotic! And then, well, and then my fingertip eased into her vagina.

Fuck I was horny!

So was Leila! She moaned into my mouth and writhed all sexy and everything, her body rubbing my erection.

In me, extreme arousal is a disorienting experience. I really get stupid quick and forget restraint. I had reached that selfish stage.

Leila lifted her leg, hooking it over my thigh. I rolled, drawing her on top of me and caressed her back and the sides of her slim body. My erection was thick and firm, her body pressing against it.

A fleeting scrap of fatherly restraint made me end the kiss and breathe deeply. Jesus! I'd come so close to intercourse!

Leila's eyes opened and studied me. She smiled. "This is so much fun, Dad. I love being with you like this."

"Me, too," I admitted, curling a stray lock of pale blonde hair behind her ear.

My daughter's smile softened, attacking my heart unfairly. "Do you think we could go all the way?"

"I don't think so," I answered.

"Why? Don't you want to?"

"Honey, I'd love to. But it's a step too far. There's no going back afterwards. It can't be reversed. One day you'll regret it." At the sight of disagreement rising in her expression, I continued. "There are so many things we can do to have fun."

My lower brain was screaming at me. "Are you fucking kidding me?!!! Are you really that stupid?!!"

I dismissed him, even though his argument was rational and well thought out. It was Leila lying on top of me that brought home how young she really was and I couldn't, I just couldn't convince myself she was ready for full sex with her father. Everything up to now had been fun exploration - sexy fun. But intercourse was the final, irreversible step and I loved Leila too much to take the risk that she'd regret it later in life.


Leila looked genuinely disappointed.

"Sit up," I instructed.

With her knees to my side, Leila sat up. Lord she was a vision. Astride me, she had a slender waist. Her small breasts sat proud. Below, her pubes were so pale they were almost invisible. And, God Almighty, the way her pussy bulged, labia parted, cradling my erection, was so erotic! Have you ever seen a young pussy pressed against an adult erection? It's an amazing sight. You should try it sometime!

Reaching up, I cupped her breasts and teased her nipples. Leila smiled, then the smile faded. Her eyes lost focus.

With her hands on my stomach, she moved slightly, rubbing her pussy on my shaft. "Wow, Dad. This feels good," she murmured.

"Yes it does."

Dropping my hands to her hips, I guided her, moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy along my shaft. We both stared at her crotch. The sight was incredible.

Clear precum oozed from the inflamed tip of my cock. Leila's pussy looked plump, lush, fuller. The sight of her cleft gently stroking my thick, adult erection drove up my arousal. On the back stroke her clit emerged, tiny and red, my crown rising off my stomach, a string of glistening precum connected to my stomach. On her forward stroke, Leila's clit disappeared, her pussy slowly slipping up to cover my crown. Reversing, my cock emerged again, straining, inflamed, glistening.

Leila took control, humping my shaft slowly. Suddenly I felt her arousal, her pussy gliding smoothly, my little girl wet. She sighed quietly, hips humping back and forth, both of us watching the sexy sight.

Through my hands on her waist, I felt small tremors in her body. Her areolae darkened, flushed with blood, tiny bumps, as if cold, her nipples becoming turgid, larger.

Leila humped me with long sexy strokes.

"Does this feel good, Daddy?" she whispered. "Do I feel good?"

"Unbelievably good," I assured her in a whisper. "I love this."

"Me, too."

Her strokes grew longer, moving back until she was almost on my testicles, cock rising, tip leaking, then forward in a sensual stroke, my tip disappearing. Precum was collected by her pussy and she stroked backwards, my tip emerging between her labia, a soft, sexy caress. My cock flexed, straining. Jesus, the sight was so fucking erotic!

Leila trembled slightly and stroked up, my tip disappearing. I felt her tilt her pelvis. I felt the head of my erection press into her cleft and knew what she was doing. She was trying to take me inside!

"No, honey," I whispered, moving her hips back.

"Why not? I really want to."

"No, honey. Just enjoy it like this." It was the hardest thing I'd ever said. My body was aching. Lust raced through me. God I wanted her!

For several minutes my daughter humped my erection, each stroke bringing me closer to cumming. She trembled, her thighs twitching, head bent staring at my erection emerging from underneath her then disappearing. We were very slippery, her pussy a silken caress, warm, soft, lips so plump, young pubes lightly dusting them.

Slowly, incredibly slowly, Leila's climax stirred. I could tell. Her breathing deepened. Her body trembled. A rosy flush emerged above her breasts. Yet, the pace of her strokes remained the same, slow and languorous, a sexy massage, back and forth.

Holding my orgasm back was becoming increasingly hard. Desire assaulted me, need raging. My grip on control was tenuous. Then . . .

Leila whispered, "Daddy." Her slender body shook. The rosy flush on her chest spread to her neck and cheeks. With a quiet gasp, my daughter climaxed, body shaking. A cute grunt set me off.

With a firm grip on her hips, I moved my little girl back and forth along my erection, inhaled, cock swelling, and came, a pulse of white semen spurting. Before I could breathe, a hard, hard explosion of ecstasy hit me. Semen raced up and erupted, a massive spurt of thick cum launching up to my chest. Leila gasped, head bent watching me cum, her body twitching, and scrubbed her pussy up and down my shaft, each stroke bringing massive pleasure, semen spurting, exquisite relief. Pulse racing, I came hard, swelling and spurting, bliss, straining and cumming, semen erupting. My body strained to the point of pain, stomach muscles cramping. I moved Leila's hips, almost masturbating myself with her and came completely, my orgasm peaking and passing.

It ended suddenly; peace and pleasure flowing through me. Leila's fading tremors caressed my softening erection and, with a sigh of satisfaction, my daughter slowly laid down on me, hot semen slippery between us.

Her breath slowed. Small remnants of her climax sent light tremors through her body. I hugged my naked daughter and inhaled her scent; cucumbers and lemon - sweet, clean, intoxicating.

She sighed deeply. "That was amazing, Dad," she whispered.

"Incredible," I agreed.

Everyone is different when sleeping. My wife, Leila's mother, had been a sprawler; stretched out and hogging the bed and covers when sleeping. It was a constant battle to claim space and warmth with her. Leila is a cuddler. Through the night, she snuggled to my side. When I turned away, she'd cuddle to my back. When I turned towards her, she'd turn and press her back against me like a spoon. She needed contact, all in her sleep, an unconscious expression of affection that I adored.

I was very conscious of her in bed with me. I was very aware of her silky, warm naked body against me and I loved it, absolutely loved it. Perhaps that's why I slept so badly. I didn't want to miss a minute of her. But eventually, well past midnight, I dropped into a coma-like sleep.

Dreams filled my sleep. Dreams of my daughter, of cuddling naked together, of kissing and loving, affection. I dreamed of us pressed together, my erection strong, and how she guided it between her thighs, trapping me against her small pussy. I dreamed of us kissing gently, soft loving, and of her moving, her hips undulating to stroke my erection with her pussy. I dreamed of that exquisite moment where precum is released and slipperiness is introduced, suddenly sliding my erection smoothly through her thighs. I dreamed of her murmur of pleasure, her warmth and kissing her bare shoulder. Aroused beyond restraint, I dreamed of Leila easing back, tilting her pelvis, and my crown sliding into her cleft. I dreamed of the exquisite sensation of the tip of my erection pressing deep, lodged at the small entrance to her vagina, the excitement of almost penetrating my little girl; on the cusp of ecstasy, intercourse, fucking my darling.

I dreamed of the amazing sensation of pressing, urgency, desire, wanting to bury myself in her young body, take her, and the incredible feeling of her pressing back at me, encouraging her daddy, little murmurs of pleasure, sighs. I dreamed of that perfect moment; the exact moment where her entrance yields, reluctantly stretching, her vagina slipping over my crown to hug me in a warm, moist, tight sexy hug.

It was a powerful dream, almost real. And as I felt my orgasm blossom, I woke up. The sight slammed into me.

Leila, kneeling at my side, had my cock in her mouth, sucking gently. The sight of my thirteen-year-old daughter taking her father's adult erection in her mouth was too much to take. When she eased her mouth down, taking part of my shaft into her mouth, tongue caressing, I came explosively. I couldn't help it. Semen erupted into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and semen leaked from her lips to run down my shaft, over her hand stroking me. Another gut-wrenching pulse tore through me, cum exploding. Her cheeks bulged again, semen spurting from her lips. She choked and pulled her mouth off as another hard spurt erupted, white cum hitting her nose. Coughing, Leila stroked my spurting erection, bring me off in a powerful orgasm, pleasure thundering through me. She stroked me until the spurts slowed and stopped, my cock softening slightly.

"Jesus, Leila," I gasped.

She looked at me, eyes bright and twinkling, with semen on her lips and chin. With a pleased smile, she asked, "Did I do it right? Did it feel good? Did you like it?"

Fuck me! I nodded.

"Good. I thought it would be sorta dirty, but it's fun." With a light giggle, she added, "Your eyes crossed!"

"No kidding!"

Leila wiped her face with the sheet then cleaned the semen off me before moving up to cuddle.

"I used to think oral sex with a guy would be disgusting. But it isn't. I liked feeling you in my mouth. I could feel you swelling, like your penis is alive."

She looked at me, smiling. "I liked feeling you cum in my mouth, Dad. It made me horny."

Lord help me!

"Let me check," I suggested, reaching down. She eased her leg up and I cupped her pussy. My middle finger discovered a very wet daughter! God, I loved it!

With Leila cuddled to me, I started caressing her cleft, up and down, her labia so soft and supple, sparse pubes silken.

Leila sighed. "This feels so good, Dad."

Slipping my finger lower, I probed into her, her vagina slippery, velvety, so tight, and eased out, returning to her clit, rubbing gently.

She inhaled and relaxed against me, her hand rubbing my arm.

Without horniness driving my thoughts - my usual condition, I realized a raw truth. I wanted to make love to her. I wanted to go all the way, experience the closest intimacy possible with her. I wanted to have sex with my daughter, the illicit thrill of incest so damned powerful a draw.

As Leila sighed again and started moving her pussy, letting out a sexy, "Mmmm," her cleft slippery and warm, I made a selfish decision. I would. I was going to make love to her.

That decision freed me.

Relaxed and drowning in fondling my sweet little girl, I slowly brought her higher. Leila hunched her pussy against my touch and gradually started breathing deeper. Her hand gripped my arm.

With a soft whisper, "Daddy," my daughter climaxed, a soft, trembling orgasm, panting quietly, hips twitching. She groaned and came, her body pausing at the peak of her pleasure and relaxed, body liquid and warm pressed against me.

We cuddled in the warm morning light streaming through the bedroom window, her aroma of cucumbers and lemon muted by the lingering scent of sex, arousal, semen.

I didn't announce my intentions through the week. Leila didn't clamor to sleep in my bed. I didn't encourage it, either. I didn't grope her or make advances. Instead, I kept my kisses soft and almost chaste. I had a plan and I stuck to it.

By Thursday, Leila clearly thought something was wrong. Over dinner, as she picked at her meal, she asked, "Is there something wrong, Dad?"

I nodded. "Yup."

Worry stole into her light hazel eyes. "What? Is it something I did?"

I nodded again. "Yup," and took another bite of oven roasted chicken.

"What did I do? Are you angry with me?"

The worry in her expression made me feel a bit guilty. Smiling, I informed her, "I've changed my mind."

"About what? Us?"

"Uh-huh." Looking at her, so damned pretty, I added, "I don't think our sexy play is enough any more."

Leila's eyes bore into mine, her breath held.

Setting the fork down, I smiled again. "I think I want to make love with you. Go all the way, honey."

A beautiful, pleased smile blossomed on her face. "Really?"

"Yeah. Really."

Remember when I told you about all that mushy stuff? How it wasn't my style? Well, when my daughter blushed with pleasure, I got all mushy and everything. Adoration filled my chest to bursting.

With small, pleased glances at me, Leila grinned and started eating in earnest. It was utterly charming to watch.

Plate clean, she set her fork and knife down and smiled. "So, Dad, when are you gonna show me what sex is supposed to feel like? Tonight?"

"Nope. Saturday night. That way we have all day Saturday to anticipate it and can sleep in on Sunday."

"Kay." After a brief pause, she said, "I think you should romance me, Dad. Take me out for dinner. A girl needs romancing to get her in the mood . . . At least that's what I've heard."

"I'll think about it."

Grinning, eyes full of mischief, she replied, "Think hard, Dad."

"I don't need to think hard. I am hard," I answered.

Leila laughed brightly.

Okay. So. I know what you're thinking. What sort of idiot waits? Why not haul Leila off to bed immediately?

If I had, I would have missed something incredible. Anticipation intensifies desire. Knowing you're going to have sex with your daughter is thrilling and worth cherishing like a fine wine. Time is your friend. It lets you admire her, lets your imagination set your pulse racing, and causes constant erections.

On Friday, I returned from work to find Julia visiting. My daughter was all bright and energetic, full of laughter and smiles. She bounced with energy. So did her cute boobs, confirming they were unfettered by a bra.

Julia and Leila were loud and boisterous. Then they'd go quiet, heads together, whispering and giggling. I hoped to Hell my daughter wasn't talking about the sexy intimacy we were sharing, or our plans for Saturday!

The rewards for patience are truly phenomenal. Leila changed. On our own on Saturday, she looked at me with sweet shyness, eyes bright and excited. Foreplay spanned the whole day. I went back to grabbing and chasing her, groping her when she'd allow it, her bright, pleased laughter at being desired shining through.

She was no slouch herself. She'd grope me and giggle at my condition, saying, "Stop staring at the walls, Dad!"

Even better was, when I insisted we had to do our weekly grocery shopping, Leila emerged from her bedroom dressed in a short, flouncy, pink and white cotton skirt, a pink cotton top, and open-toed sandals, her pale blonde hair braided into a long tail. The cotton top had a wide neck that slipped off one shoulder revealing a pink bra strap. It immediately made me wonder what panties she was wearing, would I get a flash? She looked edible.

Oh-oh. Another erection!

Repositioning it, Leila laughed brightly.

"What's the matter, Dad?"

Did I ever mention that my sweet daughter is a world class flirt? She is!

On the drive to the grocery store, I caught a peek of panties when wind blew through the open window and fluffed her skirt. Soft, matching pink cotton panties coddled her pussy tightly - a remarkably erotic sight, then she smoothed her skirt down.

The car swerved dangerously. Leila giggled and pointed. "Watch the road, Dad!"

I had to sit in the hot car for a few minutes until my cock softened before heading into Safeway. It didn't help. Shopping up and down the aisles, I studied Leila. At just over five feet tall, she was petite, slender, almost coltish. I noticed she'd painted her toenails and fingernails pink to match her outfit. I loved her narrow-hipped body, cute ass, bare legs. The cotton top draped enough to hint at her small breasts, widely spaced and very, very appealing.

I had to keep the shopping cart in front of me to hide my physical reaction.

Leila wandered back and forth, picking things up, turning, asking with bright eyes, "How about this?"

I nodded or shook my head and she'd meander over to the next thing that caught her attention. I adored her.

I adored her awareness of what we'd be doing together tonight; intimacy between a father and daughter, forbidden, illicit, and utterly thrilling.

I adored the sparkle of excitement in her light hazel eyes and her knowing smile; how she loved my undivided attention. Damn, I was a lucky bastard!

And lucky for me, I had not one shred of doubt or hesitancy, not one iota of guilt in me.

By mid afternoon, I was feeling the strain of a constant hard on. It was becoming difficult to restrain myself, too. At one point, when Leila gave me a drive-by grope and giggle, I growled and gave chase. To the sounds of her giggles, I caught her behind the couch, bent her forward over the back of the couch and flipped her skirt up.

My-oh-my! Pink cotton stretched over her gorgeous bum. Her pussy squeezed out below, a camel toe outlining her cleft.

Holding her in place, with an evil grin, I caressed her pussy.

"Not fair, Dad!" she yelled, laughing. She struggled to escape.

With a final caress, I let her go, grinning from ear to ear.

Leila rounded on me and tried unsuccessfully to frown. "You'll pay for that!"

"How?" I inquired.

She grinned suddenly. "I'm gonna get you back!"

"How?" I asked politely.

Her grin broadened. "I'm not playing with you any more!"

"Aw. C'mon, honey," I pleaded. "Play with me. I'm your toy. Do what you want with me. I'll play nice," I promised.

My daughter laughed and sashayed away.

Maybe I'd overplayed my hand?

At dinnertime, I drove her to Burger King. She stared at me in awe. No. Actually, that expression was more like stunned amazement.

"You're romancing me with Burger King?" she asked, astonished. "Really?"

"Flame grilled burgers, hot fries, crispy onion rings; now that's true romance," I told her.

She frowned, eyebrows narrowing. "This is NOT how to romance a girl, Dad!"

With a laugh, I pulled out of the Burger King parking lot and headed downtown.

Jade Garden is a classy Thai restaurant. Leila loves Thai food. The decor is intricate and comfortable, the air replete with exotic spices. Dishes are delicious and large.

Still dressed in her lovely pink and white skirt, nice top, and sandals, Leila had added tiny gold studs in her earlobes and a simple gold chain with interlocking hearts around her neck. She glowed, so damned pretty.

Green and red tablecloths draped on the tables. Small candles flickered. The waitress, wearing a luminous deep green sarong took our order. Leila smiled.

"This is more like it. There's hope for you yet, Dad."

Her eyes opened wide at the touch of my sock on her leg. I caressed up, smiling innocently at her, the long tablecloths hiding my foot.

She giggled quietly and closed her knees. "Behave!"

I didn't. It was far too much fun teasing her, and she glowed from my actions, laughing, giggling, alive and vibrant.

Through my enjoyment, a thought kept rattling through my brain. I was going to make love with this beautiful girl! I was going to have sex with her, my thirteen-year-old daughter. My imagination was active, detailed, and exciting.

It's a guy thing. It turns out we can multitask after all - as long as one of those tasks involves sex. So, I multitasked away, a stubborn erection tight in my pants. I won't bore you with the visuals dancing through my mind, but trust me, they were very, very exciting.

Intimacy is a funny thing. Leila was bright and funny and vivacious through dinner, but somehow, as we pulled into the drive at home, she'd quieted.

Was it worry about what we were about to do? Was she having second thoughts? Had I pushed her one step too far? See? I had minor doubts, too! It was, after all, a significant step in our relationship.

I wondered if, perhaps, I should sit her down and discuss intimacy again. Give her an out.

I could've taken that route. It was reasonable. It's what a caring father would do. So did I?


As we approached the front door, I glanced around, then reached under her skirt and groped her fine ass.

"Dad!" she squealed, jumping away.

"What?" I asked, all innocent and stuff.

Leila giggled. "Someone could see!"

"I know. Exciting, isn't it?" I reached for another grope of her glorious glute.

Leila danced away, laughing, eyes twinkling. All hesitancy gone.

As soon as the front door was closed, I grabbed her, lifting her. She was so light, so easy to pick up. Leila smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We kissed. Soft lips pressed to mine. Her eyes smiled and winked out, head tilting. Tongues teased.

Kissing her, I carried her towards the bedroom. The kiss broke in the living room.

"I have to brush my teeth," she informed me, trying to wiggle out of my arms.

"No you don't."

With a laugh, she said, "I have to get changed."

"No you don't."

"Daaad. I have to go to the bathroom!"

"No you don't."

"I do!!" she laughed. "If I don't, I'm gonna pee on you!"

I stopped suddenly. This was interesting! Why did it excite me? I shrugged. Who knew? "Go ahead," I suggested, now fascinated by the concept.

Leila giggled furiously. Then she stopped. "Damn! Let go!" She wrestled herself out of my hold, stood and dashed.

"Did you just pee?" I yelled after her, excited at the thought. How weird!

Her muffled response was unintelligible.

It took five minutes for me to get in bed, naked, excited. It took my daughter fifteen! Why?

She entered the bedroom wearing a simple white cotton camisole with matching white cotton panties, sweetly innocent and sexy as heck. She also wore blue and white horizontal striped socks. What was it with her and socks?

"Did you really pee your panties?" I asked.

Astonishing me, Leila blushed! She nodded. "A bit."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she removed her socks, then slipped under the covers. Her eyes studied me. "You liked it!" she accused.

I nodded and confessed. "I did. It's kinky. Very exciting."

"Really? Why?"

"I don't know. Come here." Reaching for her, I drew her to me. She smiled, sweet and beautiful, young and forbidden; intensely attractive.

Kisses were light. They slowly intensified, especially when I caressed her lovely boobs. The camisole was shucked and kisses ended. Instead, I paid tribute to her perky breasts, loving how her areolae stippled after a good suck and her nipples tightened after a light nibble. Her murmurs of pleasure encouraged me, driving up my arousal.

My hand had a mind of its own, gliding down over her stomach, taking a detour over her hip, and caressing the soft baby hair on her thigh. The inside of her thigh was soft, too. But better, much better, was her small, cotton-clad pussy. I couldn't get over how exciting it was to touch my little girl intimately. Her pussy, despite being small, was so full and lush, a padded mound of sexuality fitting my palm so beautifully.

Caressing, I mapped the sensual rise of her mons. I traced the steep sides down between her thighs, and loved the fullness of her vulva, how warm it was. Leila drew my face up for a kiss when I traced her cleft, pressing soft white cotton between supple labia. She murmured, her tongue probing, her hands touching my body in a loving caress.

What is it about a young girl's panties? Why are they so damned erotic? And why is slipping fingertips under the waist, poised to touch your child intimately, such a strong turn on? It's much more intense than doing it with a girlfriend. Perhaps it's because it's my daughter. Perhaps it's because she's only thirteen. Whatever it is, my erection strained, thick and rigid, when I eased my fingers inside soft cotton.

I felt the rise of her mons first, Then the tickle of very soft pubic hairs, silken, sparse, utterly fantastic.

Soft cotton eased down the back of my hand. Leila moved her legs apart and I was cupping her pussy. Our kiss intensified, tongues dueling. My daughter's pussy was warm, small, and sexy beyond belief. Along my middle finger I felt her cleft and, at the tip of my finger, a hint of arousal.

Tongue probing into her mouth, I curled my middle finger, shuddering as supple labia parted. Inside her slit, her skin was smooth, glassy, and slippery. Probing deeper, my cock straining and leaking precum, I brushed against the entrance of her vagina.

A wave of arousal hit me. I was going to penetrate her! I was going to feel my erection inside her! I was going to have sex with Leila!

Desire and need slammed into me. I couldn't remember being so excited. How tight would she be? What would sex with a thirteen-year-old feel like? How deep could I penetrate her? All the way?

Drawing her moist arousal up, I caressed her small clit. Leila murmured into my mouth, her hips twitching, hands holding me tighter.

What would it feel like to cum inside my daughter? Fill her with my semen?

Leila's hand eased between us and held my erection. I throbbed, so fucking hard! She squeezed in response. Extreme arousal threatened to take control; selfish desire, the need to rut, fuck, take her.

With a deep inhalation, I ended the kiss and withdrew my hand from inside her panties. Leila's eyes opened, studying me. She returned my smile, her eyes aroused. Edging the waist of her panties down one hip, she rolled her bum. I eased the other side down when she rolled the other way and pushed her panties down to her thighs. She brought her legs up and I slipped her panties off.

Bending, I kissed her gorgeous little breasts, sucking gently and nibbling her hard nipples. Leila sighed with pleasure.

I moved without thought, lifting myself over her slender body. Leila, still smiling, brought her knees up to rest against my hips.

That first touch, that first moment when my erection settled on top of her mons, was beautiful. But even better was the sensation of slowly lowering my body onto her naked body. Skin against skin, cock pressed between our bodies, throbbing and leaking precum, and now underneath me, Leila seemed even younger, intensely exciting.

Nothing had felt so good. Nothing! I loved holding her. I loved her soft, excited smile. I loved how her eyes were alight with pleasure. I loved how warm she was against me. I loved this; on the cusp of full intimacy, intercourse, sex with my beautiful daughter.

Calm settled over me. Peace washed through me. This time, this first time, was for Leila, to show her how intense intercourse could be, how beautiful, how satisfying, and that made it even more intense for me.

"Now?" I asked.

Leila nodded, staring at me. I kissed her lightly, brushing my lips against hers, inhaling her scent of cucumbers and lemons; pure sweetness.

Reaching down, lifting my hips, I held my erection and edged back, the tip rubbing over her mons, through her sparse pubic hair, and down, slipping along her cleft. Precum spread making her slippery. With gentle strokes, I rubbed her slit with the tip of my cock, slowly adding pressure. Supple, warm labia slowly parted to hug my crown. I felt her clit and rubbed against it, Leila's eyes narrowing slightly at the stimulation. With gentle pressure, I eased the tip deeper into her cleft, up and down until it caught at the base of her slit, poised at her entrance.

Kissing her gently, lips silken, I pressed forward. Her labia hugged my helmet, moist warmth against the tip. Leila didn't move, her eyes watching me. I smiled. She returned my smile.

With careful pressure, I tried to penetrate her, her vagina resisting. My cock swelled, now so damned hard. Excitement pulsed through me; the realization I was going to penetrate her suddenly ever more powerful. Easing back, I pressed into her again.

Sensations bombarded me. Leila's eyes narrowed slightly. Her vagina dilated reluctantly. Then, with exquisite slowness, the tip of my erection eased into her, her entrance a tight ring edging down over my crown. I couldn't stop my groan of pleasure when, suddenly, her vagina yielded, hugging the head of my cock in a tight, incredibly tight grip.

Leila winced.

My cock throbbed, feeling thicker, bigger, so damned hard.

"How does it feel?" I whispered.

"Give me a sec," she replied, her hands on my back, knees cradling my hips.

I smiled and brushed my lips against hers. For a few wonderful moments we didn't move, the top of my erection lodged inside her.

Leila smiled. Her hands caressed my back. We kissed, lips pressing, mouths opening, tongues brushing lovingly. Still, I didn't move. I waited, erection throbbing.

Releasing my shaft, I brought my hand up to cover her small breast, rubbing her nipple. Leila moaned quietly into the kiss. She tested where we were joined with a clench, shuddered slightly, and pressed her pussy up at me.

A whole other world opened up to me. Incapable of waiting, with small back and forth movements, my erection eased into her, her vagina a tight, almost too tight sheath. Leila's eyes closed. Our kiss intensified, tongues playing. Slowly, exquisitely slowly, my erection penetrated my daughter deeper, now halfway inside her, throbbing, hard, feeling so thick. Small back and forth strokes stimulated my cock, her pussy so damned tight.

But then, well then, as if Leila's pussy became accustomed to the huge intrusion, I slipped into her, a hot sheath surrounding my shaft. I was buried in her, her pussy pressed to my groin, the tip of my cock touching her end, swelling rhythmically with each pulse of pleasure assaulting me. My body trembled.

Letting my full weight down on her slender body, I broke the kiss and sighed deeply.

I whispered, "God, you feel so good, honey. How does it feel to you?"

Leila smiled at me. "It feels really good, Dad. It didn't hurt at all." With a broader smile, she added, "You're much bigger than Jeremy." She tightened her pussy and relaxed. "I like you much more."

"I can't believe we're actually doing this," I murmured, kissing her cheek, erection throbbing in her tight pussy.

"I'm glad we are, Dad," Leila whispered.

Desire raged through me, a fire of need and want, lust mixed with love and adoration. Nothing in my life had excited me as much; sex with my daughter so intense.

Cradling her body, I eased my erection back. Leila's pussy refused to release me, too snug, her entrance a tight ring around the base of my shaft. I pulsed inside her and tried again. It felt as if we were locked together, her vagina too tight, so damned good!

With small not-quite-thrusts, we moved together. Leila pulled me into another kiss, her pelvis moving in the motions of love underneath me. Slowly, as if precum was lubricating her, the crown of my cock started sliding deep inside her, her vagina caressing me. Our kiss intensified. With exquisite slowness, my strokes grew longer. I felt every millimeter of her. Then suddenly, as if released, Leila's pussy was slippery yet still wonderfully tight, a warm, velvet caress. My shaft emerged, air cool against it, my crown lodged inside her. Reversing, I experienced that incredible feeling of penetrating her again, all the way, deep, my tip touching her end.

Leila moaned into my mouth, her breath puffing through her nose against my cheek, pussy clenching. I withdrew again, reversed, and penetrated her small body fully, buried in a velvet heaven. She gasped, breaking the kiss, eyes closed.

Nestling my face to her neck, I started fucking my little girl; exquisite slow strokes, long strokes, my erection massaged by her tight, tight pussy. God she felt good!

Leila joined in, curling her hips up at me as I stroked into her, curling her hips away as I withdrew. My thrusts were very slow. I wanted to burn the feeling of penetrating her into my mind, to remember how beautifully tight she was, the feeling of her young body underneath me, her thighs cradling me, fucking my little girl.

Leila's hands caressed my back. Her slender body undulated sensually beneath me. We fucked slowly, her young pussy snug and exciting, my cock hard and thick. And gradually the pace increased, never hurried, but full strokes, exquisite strokes, fucking her gently, her hips moving.

Sounds intruded into our lovemaking; her breath now small pants, the wet sounds of love, soft moans of pleasure. My erection expanded even more, now feeling like it might burst, Leila's small pussy making me feel bigger. We fucked gently, my groin brushing against her pussy, stimulating her clit.

Leila moaned louder. Her arms started clutching me, holding me, hips undulating. Her moans changed into whispers, "Daddy, Daddy," and, with a quiet grunt, her pussy clamped down on my cock. Her hips surged up. She trembled, thighs tightening against my hips.

As Leila fell into her climax, I fucked her gently, thrusting into her deeply, nudging against her end. I fucked her listening to the sweet sounds of her ecstasy, her gasps, and loved how her vagina massaged me, tightening and relaxing, milking my cock, her hips undulating beneath me.

It was so hard to wait, my need for release now powerful. But I waited, fucking her gently; beautiful, sensual, glorious. And, as I felt her climax peak, her breath panting, arms clutching, I finally let myself go.

"Leila, honey," I whispered, holding her tightly. With gentle thrusts, my orgasm arrived. My erection swelled massively, painfully. A moment of aching arrived. Suddenly I was released, semen racing up my shaft and, with a gasp of utter pleasure, I came, spurting deep inside her, bliss, bliss. Another wave slammed into me when I thrust again, cock swelling, cum exploding, pleasure wracking my straining body. Fucking her gently enhanced every sensation; penetrating her tight pussy, cock swelling, spurting gloriously, cumming in my little girl, such sweet ecstasy, my warm semen making her slippery. I came hard, pulsing, releasing everything I had, emptying myself inside my lover, fucking my daughter, until, with a final deep groan, my orgasm faded.

Slowing, pulses weakening, I settled on her, stilled, heart racing. My body was drained, satiated. Inside Leila, my erection softened. Peace permeated me. Love smothered me. I lay on top of her, cradling her in my arms, and let the beautiful joy of making love with her fill me. I'd never experienced anything like sex with my daughter.

Part Two - A Daughter's Fun

LEILA LAY QUIETLY, LOVING the weight of Dad on top of her. Her body felt different. Muscles were almost liquid and she could still feel tingling in her toes. Warm, wet semen seeped out and down through her buttocks. Inside her, she felt Dad's erection softening. She was wet.

Smiling to herself, she decided she liked it! She liked feeling Dad's cum inside her. But, maybe best of all, she adored how hard she'd climaxed. Nothing she'd read came close to the reality she'd just experienced. Sex with Dad was so much better than she'd thought it would be!

Before, with Jeremy, it had hurt, not brought any pleasure, and it was over almost before she could blink! But with Dad . . .

Maybe it was everything they'd done together before; all the flirting and sexy play. She couldn't get over how funny Dad was at times and absolutely loved that she could turn him on so easily. It made her proud, made her feel mature. She loved being pursued by him, too! She liked being desired so much!

But, tonight was totally different. Tonight Dad had loved her, made love to her, all soft and sexy and considerate; a completely different Dad. And she adored this Dad too.

Smiling to herself, Leila replayed Dad cumming, the way he whispered her name right at the height of her climax, right when she was floating on a cloud of bliss, and feeling him swell inside her, feeling even bigger, stretching her, and the sudden flood of wetness, Dad cumming! She loved it!

Squeezing her pussy, she moaned in disappointment when his penis slipped out, a flush of semen following. He moved to her side. Finally, she opened her eyes to see Dad smiling at her.

"How was it?" he asked.

Rolling towards him, she smiled. "Amazing, Dad. Do you think we could do it again sometime?"

A twinkle emerged in his dark brown eyes. He grinned. "As much as you want, honey. I promise I'll never refuse you."

She giggled. He reached up and curled a stray tress of hair away from her face and behind her ear, a loving gesture. "How about now?" she asked, despite feeling sore.

He frowned. "I can't."

"I thought you'd never refuse me," she commented, grinning.

"It's a guy thing. Should I buy some Viagra to keep you satisfied?" he asked, grinning.


With a sigh of pleasure, she let Dad pull her close, wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you, Leila."

"Me, too," she whispered, feeling sleepy all of a sudden. The scent of Dad filled her nose; spicy, warm, and comforting.

Morning sun woke her up. Dad was passed out, sprawling next to her, his dark hair a mess, face partially buried beneath the pillow. She glanced at the clock; eight thirty-five. She smiled with pleasure. It was nice waking up in Dad's bed.

Stretching, she felt a twinge of pain, her pussy sore. With a giggle, she knew why. Dad's erection's much, much bigger than Jeremy's! She remembered the twinge of pain just as Dad penetrated her. It was a good pain, exciting, arousing. And, Gawd, the way he filled her, so thick, stretching her! She'd felt like she was stuffed to bursting and he'd gone so deep! Way deeper than Jeremy!

Rolling, she sat on the edge of his bed and reached down for her socks, pulling them on. With her nightshirt in hand, she headed for the shower.

Forty-five minutes later, dressed, she received a text on her cell; Julia.

'Need to meet. Important'

Leila responded, 'k. When. Where?'

A few minutes later her cell buzzed with a text reply. 'Starbucks? 10?'

'k. C-ya'

She meandered into Dad's bedroom, leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I'm going out to meet Julia," she said softly.

Dad grunted something, still sound asleep. Grinning, Leila headed out.

Julia was waiting for her in front of Starbucks. She smiled slightly and Leila hugged her.

Entering Starbucks, the aroma of roasted coffee beans and the sounds of frothing milk hit them.

"So, what's up?" Leila asked. "Two Caramel Macchiatos please," she said to the server.

"Your names?"

"Leila and Julia," Leila informed her, swiping her Smartphone to her Starbucks app. Scanning the barcode, she paid.

Three minutes later they were sitting at a small table, leaning in.

"So, what's up?" Leila asked again.

Julia, in a quiet voice, said, "Ron came over last night."

"I thought your aunt didn't like Ron?"

Julia smiled. "She was out on a date. She doesn't know he came over."

Grinning, Leila asked, "So what did you two do? Come on. I want all the details!"

Leaning forward, Julia whispered, "We tried sex."

"No!" Leila gushed.

Julia nodded.

"How was it?" Leila asked her best friend.

"It was horrible. It hurt," Julia admitted, adding with a blush of embarrassment, "and he couldn't get all the way in. He came before he did."

"No!" Leila exclaimed breathlessly. "Really?"

"Uh-huh." After a slight pause, Julia asked, "You did it with Jeremy. How was it for you?"

Leila shrugged. "I thought it was, like, okay. Not much fun. But now I know he was really, really bad at sex."

"So he didn't have trouble, um, getting it in?"

"Yeah. It took some time and hurt, but we did it eventually. It was really quick," Leila admitted.

Sipping their drinks, Julia paused. "Wait! How do you know Jeremy is really bad at sex? Wasn't it your first time?"

Leila shut her mouth. Oops!

Julia bored in. "Come on. Spill!"

"It was my first time," Leila reassured.

"Then what? Was it better the next time with him?" When Leila didn't respond fast enough, Julia gushed, "Oh m'God! You've done it with someone else! That's how you know! Who?"

"I can't tell you," Leila answered, hoping Julia would drop it.

"Was it Richard Keys? He's always ogling you. Or Luke Hillman! He's cute! Or . . ."

"Stop it, Julia! I'm not telling," Leila insisted.

Julia's eyes narrowed. She studied Leila. "You always share. It's not fair. It must be serious." On a lighter note, after sipping her drink, Julia grinned, "If I was going to do it again, I'd want to do it with your dad. He's like, so cute."

Leila, unable to stop herself, choked on her Macchiato, coughing hard.

Julia, grinning, said, "What? He's cute! Besides, I bet he knows how to make love properly!" After a slight pause, Julia continued, "Why are you blushing? You never blush!"

"I'm NOT blushing. I'm just hot," Leila responded, waving her hand in front of her face.

Julia, eyes sparkling, leaned in. "So have you ever seen your dad's penis? Is it big? Ron's was sorta skinny."

"Julia!" Leila exclaimed loudly enough a few people looked over at them. Quieter, she asked, "Ron's was small?"

"Not small. Skinny. How big was Jeremy's?"

"Not very big, either. Are you gonna try it again with Ron?"

"I don't think so. I want someone with experience next time. Sex is supposed to feel good. Or, maybe I'm a lesbian!"

Both girls laughed.

Walking home, Leila thought about Dad. She compared him to Jeremy. It was no competition. She loved Dad, loved his silliness, and loved how he'd become all soft and sexy, as if he truly adored her.

Entering home, it was quiet. "Dad?" She went to his bedroom. Empty. Maybe he was making lunch.

The kitchen was empty, too. But through the sliding glass door, she spotted him vacuuming the pool in shorts and an old, chlorine-stained Tee. Smiling, she went out, surprised when he didn't hear her. Then she noticed the ear buds in his ears. She remembered him chasing her and Julia around the pool, then tossing them both in after they stole a chicken wing each.

Grinning to herself. She sneaked up behind him and shoved.

Arms windmilling, he tumbled into the pool making a huge splash. Leila giggled. When he surfaced, a spark of mischief displaced the surprise.

He grinned. "War it is, my little minx!"

"What'cha gonna do?" Leila taunted with a laugh. When Dad lunged to the side of the pool, hauling himself out, she screamed and took off, racing towards the kitchen. As she struggled to open the sliding door, Dad grabbed her, making her scream again.

He carried her back to the pool.

"No! Don't!" she laughed. "I promise I'll never do it again!"

"I don't believe you," he announced, and tossed her.

Leila flew up in the air laughing hard, and dropped with a huge splash, cool water covering her. Choking, she surfaced, still trying to stop laughing. A massive wave slapped into her face; Dad cannon balling right in front of her.

Struggling to float with all her clothes on, Dad surfaced smiling.

"I'm wearing clothes, Dad! How could you?"

"So am I," he pointed out, grinning, hair plastered to his forehead, and treading water.

"You've got shorts and a Tee. I'm wearing jeans and shoes and everything!" Leila informed him, swimming towards the edge.

He caught her ankle and pulled her back.

"Let me go!"

"No way, José!"

Leila laughed. "I'll drown!"

"So strip."

Leila's eyes opened wide. "Here? Everyone can see me!"

Dad grinned again. "Exciting, isn't it?"

"Not! Let go!" she yelled, tugging her ankle, splashing to stay afloat.

Dad slowly drew her back to the center of the pool despite her best efforts. Then he took her sneaker off, and tugged her sock off, too.

"What are you doing?" she yelled again, trying to hide her smile.

"Saving my daughter," he claimed, his hand suddenly at the button on her jeans.

It popped open.


The zipper opened. Leila struggled harder, now laughing, which wasn't helping anything. When he grabbed her other ankle and removed her sneaker and sock, Leila almost drowned from laughter.

Suddenly she felt her jeans being tugged off by the legs. "Daaad!" Her panties slipped half way down her bum.

"Nice ass," Dad commented.

Leila giggled again, reaching behind to pull them up. The jeans floated away. FINE! Turning, she swam to Dad, dove, and tugged his shorts down.

A flurry of wrestling ensued, Leila giggling hard. Somehow, she ended up in her bra and panties, and Dad still had his old Tee on!

"Okay! I give up!"

"Nuh-uh, my little sweet," he answered, reaching.

When her bra popped open, she crossed her arm over her boobs, laughing so hard tears formed, stomach almost cramping. "Stooooop!"

Less than thirty seconds later, she was naked, her panties floating away.

"Much better," Dad observed, smiling sneakily.

Leila quit struggling. Treading water, she asked, "Are you sure the neighbors can't see me?"

"Nope." He floated towards her, grinning. "But I can, and let me just say, you are a beautiful naked nymph."

Leila floated against him, wrapping her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. "You don't play fair, Dad." Reaching down, she fished into his boxers and fondled him. In her hand, he slowly became erect. Jeez she loved feeling him get excited!

Actually, she liked skinny dipping, too. It felt totally different, sorta liberating, the soft caress of water on her privates very nice.

When he cupped her breast and caressed, Leila felt the first stirring of horniness and reacted, shoving his boxers down. He kicked them off, still smiling at her, his dark brown eyes twinkling with amusement. She pressed herself against him, liking how he wrapped his arm around her.

Leila studied his mouth, the shape of his lips, so kissable. Smiling, she tilted her head and kissed him, pressing her lips against his. With the tip of her tongue, she teased him, loving his reaction, a quiet groan, almost a growl.

His erection pressed against her pussy and stomach. She humped, caressing it with her pussy, earning another low groan. Jeez, she loved how she could turn him on!

What would sex in the pool feel like?

"Leila! Are you home!"

Julia? What was she doing here?

Dad reacted. "Oh shit!" In a flurry of movement, he dragged her to the steps. "Run!" he whispered, grabbing his floating boxers and pulling them on.

Leila dashed to the kitchen sliding door, tugged it aside and ran in, now giggling. In her room, she dried off as fast as she could and threw on a skirt and a Tee.

When she returned to the back yard, Dad was trying to distract Julia, pointing to the fence. Why?

". . . and those climbing roses are supposed to be named after Cleopatra. Over there, those are weeds. They're not supposed to be there but . . . Leila! Where are you? Julia's here!"

Leila grinned and caught sight of the pool. Oh heck! Her jeans, top, panties and bra were floating in the pool!

"Julia! Hi! Come in," she said, smiling.

Following Leila, Julia asked, "Were you swimming?"

"Yeah." Leila led Julia to her bedroom. "How come you're here?"

"I live down the street! Why wouldn't I drop by? Anyway, I'm supposed to buy milk and bread." Julia sat on the edge of the bed. "So you were swimming with your Dad?"


"How come he's in his boxers and your clothes are floating in the pool? What were you doing?"

Oh rats! "Dad caught me skinny dipping."

Julia looked puzzled. "Don't you take your clothes off before you go skinny dipping?" She studied Leila, an expression of amazement emerging. "Oh m'God! You were skinny dipping with your Dad!"

"No I wasn't!"

Julia grinned. "Yes you were!" And without missing a beat, asked, "How big's his penis?"

"I don't know!" Leila exclaimed, hoping the warmth on her face didn't show.

"C'mon, Leila! We're best friends. We tell each other everything. I'll tell you about giving Ron a blow job if you tell me."

"You didn't! Did you really?" Leila asked.


"What did it taste like," Leila asked. Do all guys taste the same? she wondered.

Julia shrugged. "I don't know. I made him wear a condom." With a big grin, she added, "He came really fast! So, were you skinny dipping with your dad?"

Leila nodded. She explained how it had started and Dad's reaction. Both girls giggled.

"Sounds like so much fun," Julia mused, wistfully. "Did you get to touch him? Did he get an erection?"

Leila, about to deny, her mouth open, was stopped by Julia.

"Wait! You said you know how bad Jeremy is at sex!" A look of astonishment emerged, dark brown eyes wide. "You had sex with your Dad! That's how you know!"

Leila immediately countered, "I never said any such thing!"

"Yes you did! This morning at Starbucks!"

Shoot! Leila studied her best friend. "You can't tell anyone!"

Grinning, Julia nodded. "I promise. So tell me everything!"

For half an hour the girls whispered, giggled, Julia gasping at points. Leila found the conversation exciting, too. A plan emerged.

After Julia left, Leila, feeling horny despite being a bit sore, decide to tease Dad and see what happened. With a grin, she reached under her short skirt and tugged her panties off, noticing the gusset was already a bit damp. She could feel it, too; a slippery sensation in her slit as she moved. Cool air on her pussy felt good, exciting, and really naughty!

"Dad! What's for dinner?" she asked, strolling out onto the patio.

"Oh shoot! I forgot about dinner!" He grinned. "You distracted me!"

"Wanna go out for a burger?" Leila knew full well Dad was a junk food addict.


Fifteen minutes later they were heading to In-N-Out Burger. "Let's do the drive-through. We can eat in the park," Leila suggested.

Loaded with burgers, fries, and drinks, Leila settled onto the grass and opened her burger, watching Dad take a huge bite of his.

"How is it?" she asked, shifting to cross her legs, her skirt briefly riding up her thighs.

He mumbled something, mouth full. Leila watched him, his eyes studying her. She tried not to giggle. Then, as she shifted slightly, mid-chew, his eyes almost bugged out. He came close to choking. So funny!

"Jesus Christ, Leila! You forgot your panties! Someone might see!" he exclaimed, quickly looking around.

"Yup! Exciting, huh?" she asked with a giggle.

Dad, satisfied there was no one near them, turned back and stared.

Feeling so naughty and turned on, she gave him another flash of her pussy.

"Jesus, you have a gorgeous pussy," he sighed.

"So, I guess you're turned on," Leila observed, grinning broadly, loving Dad's expression.

"Like you have no idea. Seeing up a girl's skirt is one of the sexiest things ever! But don't flash me any more."


Finally, he looked way from her skirt, grinning. "I get kinda stupid when I'm horny."

"Really? How?"

"I do things I shouldn't."

"Like what, Dad?" Leila asked.

"Well, you for a start!"

Leila burst into laughter. "Did I mention I'm horny, too?"

Dad groaned deeply and shifted position. "You're killing me!"

Leila laughed and resumed eating. Something occurred to her. If Dad gets stupid when he's horny, it might solve the problem she and Julia were wrestling with! Ideas floated through her mind.

"What are you smiling at?" Dad asked.

"Nothing." After another bite of her burger, she asked, "Have you ever messed around in a car? I haven't. Wanna show me?"

She burst into laughter when Dad dropped his burger.

"That's it! I'm full! Let's go!" he exclaimed.

"I haven't finished," Leila observed.

"Yes you have!"

She giggled when he stood, grabbed her hand and yanked her up. Food left on the grass, she let him pull her along, loving how she could turn him on. Dad really did get silly when he was horny!

"Where are we going?" she asked, closing the car door.

"Somewhere private."

Unfortunately, after twenty minutes of driving around, they couldn't find anywhere private enough; too many people out on a Sunday evening.

"Oh well," Leila sighed. "Maybe next weekend," she added, when they got home.

"What are you talking about? I'm still horny," Dad said.

"I'm not any more," Leila told him, stepping through the front door.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Dad exclaimed, reaching for her. "You caused this, so fix it!"

With a giggle, Leila took off, running to her bedroom. Behind her, the front door slammed shut. She heard Dad racing after her.

Running into her bedroom, giggling hard, before she could turn and shut the door, Dad shoved her back. Leila fell face down on the bed. His hand held her pressed to the bed. Her furious giggles faded at the touch of his hand on the back of her thigh. He caressed up. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched him slowly lift her skirt up over her bum and sigh.

"Leila my dear, you have a lovely bum," he informed her, his hand caressing her naked, exposed buttocks. "Glorious glutes," he announced, "And a really sexy ass crack."

She giggled quietly, then quieted, Dad's hand slipping down to caress the inside of her thigh. A pulse of excitement hit her. She could feel the air cool on her pussy, right where she was wet.

Head falling to the bed, Leila trembled, her nipples sensitive when Dad gently, so gently, cupped her pussy. She eased her legs apart further. The gentle squeeze felt wonderful. But, his finger teasing her slit drove her nuts. Not quite a caress, just a light brush full of promises. She wanted him to touch her harder, her clit tingling.

Ever so slowly, Dad eased the tip of his finger between her labia. Then he touched her clit. Leila groaned quietly, a wave of pleasure hitting her. She groaned again when his finger left to rub the sides of her pussy, then shuddered when it returned to her clit, rubbing carefully.

"Gawd, that feels good," she murmured. Below, she could feel herself getting wet, her pussy pulsing, so horny now.

The bed dipped. She opened her eyes and watched Dad lie down next to her, smile, his fingers caressing her pussy. She smiled and murmured, "Mmmm," lost in the sensations bombarding her, his smile so wonderful.

Then, shuddering, Dad's fingertip probed into her. Her hips twitched. His finger slipped deeper, so good. Somehow, she felt him rubbing her clit at the same time, his finger moving in and out of her pussy. She clenched as a wave of pleasure washed through her, her pulse racing. Closing her eyes, gripping the blanket, she let herself fall into the sensations washing over her like gentle waves; clit swelling, sensitive, radiating pleasure, her pussy full then empty, full, empty. Slowly her arousal grew stronger, body tensing. She couldn't stop moving her hips, fucking back at Dad's fingers.

Breathing faster, eyes tightly shut, she tensed, muscles taut, stomach trembling; on the cusp, almost painful. With a gasp, "Oh God, Daddy," her climax hit. A wave of bliss slammed into her, her pussy clenching, buttocks tightening. He rubbed her clit harder, added a second finger inside her and she exploded, her body heaving, ecstasy pounding her. Sweet bliss consumed her. She came, body trembling, in an intense climax, pussy pulsing, pleasure radiating though her, heat, bliss.

When she could breathe, when her heart slowed, she felt Dad rubbing her back, she opened her eyes. He smiled at her.

"How're you feeling?" he asked, reaching up to brush a stray lock of hair from her face.

Leila sighed. Her body was liquid and warm and relaxed. "Good. Really good."

She liked his gentle kiss on her cheek. She liked how he touched her, a soft caress, gentle, loving. And she adored his dark brown eyes. Then he smiled.

"So, why do you have a toothbrush in your side drawer?" he asked.

"It vibrates."

She watched understanding rise in his eyes. His smile broadened. "When did you discover that way of using it?"

"Last year." Leila remembered the first time she'd used it to masturbate, and the intensity of her climax. It had come as such a shock and felt so incredibly good.

"Maybe we should get you a real vibrator."

Leila grinned. "I don't need one. I have you."

She loved Dad's laugh.

Throughout the next week, she met with Julia every day and planned. Every day she grew more excited. And every day, when Dad came home from work, she deliberately didn't tease him. She had plans; exciting plans.

Part 3 - Waving the White Flag

MY DAUGHTER APPEARED TO settle through the week. She let me grope her occasionally, but didn't seek out sex, or ask to sleep in my bed.

I was only mildly disappointed. No. Not true. I was very disappointed. Obviously her randiness barometer didn't work like a guy's. When she stared off at the wall, deep in thought, she didn't get horny.

She was bright and bouncy, as were her small breasts, and more often than not, I'd come home to find Julia visiting.

Through her visits, I discovered she lived with her aunt; both parents passed away. I was also informed her aunt was of the lesbian persuasion, which Julia explained with a grin, was why she'd go out with 'the girls' on weekend evenings. According to Julia, her aunt thought Julia didn't know she was a lesbian.

I don't know about you, but when one has had a feast of sexy play with a young girl, and is then starved of said goodies, desire tends to take over and cloud your brain; the upper one that is.

On a hot, sweltering Friday, when I returned home, I found Leila alone. I was a bit randy . . . no, I was very randy, and I'd given up on trying to understand the cycle of arousal in girls. Having lived with some wonderful, sexy memories all week, I decided to take the initiative. I was worried about my health.

With subterfuge, I announced we'd barbecue dinner; chicken pieces in a chipotle honey BBQ sauce, a fresh (read store-bought fresh) coleslaw, and beer.

Leila was excited about the beer until I informed her, hers was of the root variety. She wasn't fazed in the slightest, though. I found out why when she emerged from the house. As I was setting charcoal aflame with newspapers and lighter fluid (despite the charcoal being self-starting), the pile of charcoal erupting with a whoosh into a ten-foot-high inferno that sucked the oxygen from around me, Leila, in blue shorts and a red tank top, handed me a beer.

The beauty of the towering inferno distracted me. Eventually, I noticed Leila sucking on a bottle of beer.

"Who said you could have beer?" I asked.

"Did you tell me I couldn't?" she countered.

"Yes. I told you, you could have root beer."

"But, you didn't tell me not to have real beer," my lovely daughter argued, taking a huge gulp.

About to set the record straight, she burped, a burp worth of a guy, deep and full. I laughed instead. So what? One beer couldn't hurt.

It was two. How do I know? Because she told me when I informed her she was allowed only one.

"So I shouldn't have had this one, too?" she asked, grinning.

Oh well.

On the bright side, she got tipsy. A thirteen-year-old is hilarious when tipsy. And, much to my joy, Leila became all frisky and everything, groping my ass, moving in for a kiss, and dancing away with a giggle when I tried to massage her buttocks.

We had a lot of fun. But . . .

You see, heat, alcohol, a frisky teenage daughter, and the arousing aroma of burning charcoal does something to fathers. It really does!

The combination is a perfect aphrodisiac.

So, a bit bamboozled and back in my stupid state - horny - with the heat of a blast furnace barbecue adding to the late afternoon sun, I decided my charming daughter must be too hot. I mean, I was, so shouldn't she?

With her comfort in mind, when she pinched my ass once too many times, giggling and tipsy, I grabbed her, lifted her and ran, leaping into the pool. We made a huge splash.

Leila screamed and went under. When she struggled to the surface she was laughing, pale hazel eyes twinkling, her hair a matted mess; so damned cute.

I lunged towards her. She screamed again, trying to swim away. It was no match. Grabbing her ankle, I drew her back until I could wrap my arm around her waist, pulling her back against me.

"Stop, Dad!" she laughed.

I groped a petite boob making her giggle, then tried to lift her tank top up.

She responded immediately, crossing her arms over her boobs, still giggling. Being a master at misdirection, it was the exact response I'd wanted, my hand dropping suddenly to fish into her shorts.

Leila burst into laughter and reached down to pull my burrowing hand out. She couldn't. We guys are quite determined when it comes to a grope inside a young daughter's panties!

With Leila now struggling and laughing, I fished down, eased my fingers inside her panties and cupped her small pussy.

"Daaad!" she yelled. "Let go!"


"I have to pee!" she exclaimed.

Being no fool, having used that line on me before, I refused to let her go.

"I really have to go!"

Grinning, I said, "So go."

Her laughter and struggles intensified. Then she stilled suddenly.

"Damn!" she exclaimed.

I got an immediate erection when warmth flooded my hand. Leila was peeing! God knows why, but it aroused me like crazy! I couldn't believe how sexy it was to feel the warmth on my hand, knowing I was holding my daughter's pussy as she peed. I really didn't understand it, but Lordy!

Leila eventually spoke. "I can't believe I peed my panties again! It's all your fault!"

With her back to me, no longer struggling, I pulled her against me, my hand now fondling her pussy inside her panties.

"I am so turned on right now," I told her.

"Really?" she asked, surprised.

"You better believe it!"

My middle finger stroked her cleft and settled on her clit. I caressed her. Leila relaxed against me and sighed.

"Now I'm horny, too," she murmured.

I kissed her neck, withdrew my hand, and unbuttoned her shorts, unzipping them, then pushing them down. Leila kicked them off. I pushed her panties down and she kicked them off. As she did, I shoved my sweat shorts and boxers off, my erection springing up, happy to be released. It nestled between her thighs.

Moving gently, I guided us to the side of the pool. Leila crossed her arms on the edge.

Kissing her shoulder, I whispered, "I want you like this. Right here," my cock agreeing with a throb.

"Kay," she sighed.

Reaching down, grasping my shaft, I guided the tip to her cleft, rubbing it up and down. Leila moved her bottom back and forth. With mounting excitement, I pressed the tip against her labia, pressing, worming it in, the tip hugged by warm lips. Finally, lodged at her entrance, I pressed forward.

I was back in my stupid state. Arousal and desire raged through me. Somehow, being outside in the pool made everything more erotic. Sex with my daughter in the open was so damned exciting.

With small thrusts, my cock rigid and aching, the tip almost oozed into her, the entrance to her vagina a tight, tight ring slipping over the inflamed head.

Leila gasped quietly as my crown popped in, her buttocks clenching briefly.

Now lodged inside her, with slow thrusts, I edged my cock deeper and deeper, the journey slow and exquisite, her pussy so damned snug. Then her buttocks pressed to my groin. I was as deep as I could go and damn if it didn't feel fantastic!

The sensation of my shaft being gripped by her velvety pussy was unbelievable. I didn't move, just enjoying the experience, my cock throbbing. Eventually I moved, withdrawing slightly, then reversing, sinking into her, warm, tight, her bottom pressed to my groin. Fuck, it felt good! I did it again and Leila murmured with pleasure.

Suddenly the sound of our neighbor's back door slammed. John Higgins yelled, "Hey, Bob! Are you there?"


"Shhh," I whispered to Leila. "He can't see over the fence."

Leila giggled silently, her pussy clenching on my erection.


We didn't move, holding our breath. A minute later the sound of his lawn mower started.

Grinning, I withdrew slightly and stroked back into Leila. She giggled. I stroked into her again, then again, the sensation of fucking her in the water simply amazing. With Leila hanging onto the edge of the pool, with John mowing his lawn, I fucked my daughter slowly, each stroke longer, harder, thrusting into her, her buttocks shaking.

My erection was so hard it felt as if it would split, and the feeling of burying myself inside her slender body was intoxicating. I couldn't believe how exciting incest was. It added to every sensation!

Reaching around, I found the small, hard bead of her clit and caressed it. Leila gasped. One hand dropped to settle on the back of mine, pressing my palm to her pussy.

I fucked her harder, full withdrawals, hard thrusts, her pussy now slippery and tight. Leila moaned and shoved her sweet buttocks back at me. Water splashed between us and still I fucked her, thrusting in, beautiful tightness, withdrawing, thrusting, faster, need building; God I loved fucking her!

Inside me, pressure built, body tensing, straining for release. With my finger rubbing my daughter's clit, her hand over mine pressing it against her small pussy, with deep, hard thrusts into her snug vagina, my cock thick and rigid and aching, I hit that moment; the first exquisite pulse.

Groaning, "Cumming, honey," my cock surged. I thrust deep into my little girl. Semen raced up my shaft and heaven arrived in an explosion of bliss, hot cum spurting deep into her. Leila grunted. Her body cramped and I thrust and exploded again, a massive spurt, cum flooding her.

Suddenly the lawn mower went silent at the exact moment Leila cried out her climax. My cock swelled and I came again, hard, semen pulsing into her.

"Is that you, Leila? Are you hurt?" John called out.

We stopped moving. It was exquisite agony, my cock pulsing and spurting, lodged deep inside Leila's pussy. In silence, Leila's body trembled, her vagina clenching with each wave of her climax.

I hit the peak and, with a groan of pleasure, exploded inside her, hot cum pulsing out in a wave of pure ecstasy. Without moving, the pulses slowed, weakened, Leila trembling against me. Too soon the waves of pleasure passed leaving me drained and very happy.

"Leila? Are you okay?" John called out again.

Leila yelled, "Yeah. I stubbed my toe!"

Then she giggled furiously, her pussy clamping down so hard it expelled my softened erection.

John yelled, "Are you burning something? I smell smoke."

Shit! The chicken was on fire, flames leaping high into the air!

"Don't worry," I yelled. "Just charring dinner!"

We waited. The mower started again.

Leila turned around, laughing, her light hazel eyes bright with amusement. I hugged her, then, because I wanted to, I kissed her, our lips touching, moving, her tongue emerging, frisky and playful.

Dinner was ruined. On the bright side, I'd got me some great sex! I was feeling very relaxed. And I got to study my partially naked little girl when she got out of the pool. Man, but Leila had one of the all-time great asses. And, wet, her pale, pale blonde pubic hair was almost invisible, her lush little pussy looking almost hairless, cleft closed, water and semen dripping from her vulva.

It reminded me of her peeing and I felt a tingle in my groin. What was it about her peeing?

Over dinner of bologna sandwiches and coleslaw - Leila, now dressed - informed me:

"Julia's coming over tomorrow for a sleep over. Her aunt is going to be out late."

"You could have asked me first," I commented, ruing the loss of our renewed intimacy.

"I did!" she claimed.


"Last week when she was here for the barbecue."

"I must have been in my stupid state," I commented.

Leila grinned. "You were!"

That night, Leila slept with me. Oddly enough, we didn't have sex. Maybe I was drained from our swim (all that exercise and excitement and everything). But I did get to cuddle and kiss and hold her, inhaling the calming scent of cucumbers and lemon, and it put me to sleep rather quickly.

Actually, I always fall asleep quickly. Never had a problem sleeping. But it was better with my thirteen-year-old daughter in bed, I can assure you!

I woke up to an empty bed in the morning. After rising, scratching my groin, peeing and brushing my teeth, I found Leila fully dressed at the kitchen table, furiously texting, thumbs-a-blur.

"Morning," I said, scratching my head.

Leila glanced up and grinned at me. She lifted her phone and took a photo.

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying to remember what I was going to do. Oh. Right. Coffee.

"You look funny," my daughter claimed. "Your hair's all spiky. You've got stubble on your face, and you look wrinkled from sleep."

"I haven't showered."

"No kidding!"

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I leaned back on the counter and scratched my crotch again. Leila was texting. She giggled suddenly.

"What's so funny?"

Glancing up at me, Leila said, "Julia thinks you're really cute in your boxers. She says you've got a great bod."

"You sent my photo to Julia?" I asked, astonished.

"Uh-huh." She went back to texting.

"Hold on a minute, Leila. Are you trying to get me arrested?"

"Daaad! Chill! It's Snapchat. The picture is erased after she looks at it!"

The kettle distracted me. I made coffee, then thought about scrambled eggs and toast, and, happily distracted and hungry, I forgot about my daughter.

Julia arrived at noon. I'd vacuumed the pool, dumped some chemicals into it, and back washed the filter. All done. Everything else could wait till tomorrow. Chores successfully deferred, I planned on relaxing for the rest of the day.

My loving daughter had a different perspective, demanding BBQ steaks for dinner and baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon and butter and spring onions and cheddar cheese . . . "With Rocky Road ice cream for dessert, Dad!"

Julia nodded in agreement, her dark eyes shining.

There was only one minor hitch in Leila's plan. Actually, several hitches. We didn't have steaks, didn't have potatoes, didn't have sour cream . . . Actually, we had none of it.

I offered canned spaghetti instead.

To sounds of derisive laughter from both of them, I went shopping. It was hot! Did I mention the day was hot? It was stinking hot. The kind of hot that makes you feel lethargic, which is why chores were deferred to tomorrow.

Men have a shopping gene that's programmed for efficiency. We head to one spot and buy anything, regardless of price or quality. The only time we browse is when we're in a tool store or an automotive accessory store. Grocery stores are speed shopping destinations.

Except when things don't go as planned and you can't find steaks, so you have to go to another supermarket, which, as it turns out, was out of stock on ice cream, which meant another supermarket was needed. Job finally done, and only mildly overheated and frustrated, I was half way home when I remembered sour cream! Fudge! Damn!

I wasn't in the finest mood when I got home.

Entering, I was greeted with ominous silence. At first, worried Leila and Julia had left without informing me (something Leila never did), as I dumped shopping bags on the kitchen table, a burst of laughter caught my attention and interest.

I followed the echoing sound down the hall. It came from Leila's bedroom. Since the door was partially open (and I'd demonstrated a while ago I had no qualms about invading her privacy) I silently approached and peeked in.

Fuck me!!

My daughter was lying on top of Julia, on her twin bed. But, Jeeezzuus! Both girls were, except for panties, naked and kissing each other, and I mean kissing! Tongues played, lips moved, heads turned this way and that. Julia's knee was bent, her thigh pressed between Leila's legs and my daughter appeared to be undulating, rubbing her crotch on her friend.

My mind was swamped with stimuli; the sounds of moist kisses, small cute moans, and the sight of Leila's small breasts rubbing against Julia's slightly smaller but conical breasts. I suffered an immediate and hard, hard erection that just about split my pants, and horniness that once again made me stupid in no time flat!

The kiss ended.

Julia spoke. "Wow! And your dad taught you that?"

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

"Uh-huh. Let's try soft this time. Remember to suck my lip, too," my considerate daughter suggested.

When they kissed each other and Leila's hand started caressing Julia's bare back, my erection complained, straining and begging for escape!

I was speechless!

The kiss ended and Julia exclaimed, "That kiss is sooo much better than Ron's!"

Leila grinned. "It's not nearly as good as Dad kisses!"

"No way!" Julia said breathlessly. "Really?"

"Uh-huh." A gleam came into Leila's eyes. "Maybe we can make him kiss you, too."

Both girls giggled.

Fuuuuck me!

I turned away, heading to the bedroom, a critical medical condition now needing attention. At the sound of Leila exclaiming, "Show me!" and a suspicious hiss followed by my daughter bursting into laughter exclaiming, "It's cold!" I paused.

Curiosity overcame my health concerns. I turned back and edged up to the door crack.

God help me!

Kneeling on the bed facing each other, Julia had a can of aerosol whipped cream in one hand, my daughter's small breast topped by a snowy peak. Julia decorated the tip Leila's other boob, Leila giggling.

"Ready?" Julia asked.


I unconsciously grabbed my crotch and groaned silently when Julia bent and ate the whipped cream off Leila's breast. Leila used her hands to pull Julia's mouth onto her boob. When cleaned, Julia turned her attention to the other boob. My daughter's nipple was hard and beaded, her areola flushed darker pink.

Julia slurped, cleaned, and straightened, whipped cream on the side of her mouth. "See?"

"You've got whipped cream on your face," Leila pointed out, then leaned in and ate it off Julia's mouth. Tongues played as they French kissed each other!

My cock strained, now weeping at missing the action.

"My turn!" Leila claimed, grabbing the can. Concentrating, she decorated the tip of Julia's petite, conical boob, Julia shuddering at the temperature. Leila decorated the twin, bent, and sucked Julia's breast, quiet "Mmmm" sounds breaking the silence. She turned to the twin and sucked for what seemed like a long, long time.

Grinning, Leila straightened. Julia's areolae were dark, almost brown, slightly raised in arousal, her nipples hard.

"Did I do it right?" my daughter asked, slipping her arms around Julia's waist. They edged together, still on their knees. Small boobs pressed together, bulging sensually at the sides.


When they kissed, tongues and all, I'd finally had too much. Retreating to my bedroom, I fished for my damp erection, stroked twice, and came hard before even pulling my cock out of my pants, sweet bliss hitting me, hot semen flooding my shorts, my eyes closed replaying their sexy kissing. Damn but it was arousing!

I know I said earlier that having two newly teenage girls exploring their sexuality on guys is fun, and you should try it. I was wrong. As it happens, two thirteen-year-olds are pure agony. I know this now from experience. The afternoon was a major challenge for me.

Two nubile nymphs emerged from Leila's bedroom in delightful bikinis, ones I recognized from before. Sitting under the patio umbrella sipping beer, I was treated to the agonizing show of those two sylphs swimming, splashing, and floating. My eyes must have bugged out. They both giggled and whispered. But, honest to God, what virile male wouldn't react?

For an hour and a half I was treated to sexy camel toes on succulent little pussies, gorgeous asses, an occasional flash of beautiful bare buttocks when the bikini bottom would slip into a bum crack, and then watch as said sexy little ass was wiggled, a finger pulling the bikini out. I was treated to wet bikini tops that hugged developing boobs sensually, leaving very little to the imagination (and my imagination superimposed what I'd seen in Leila's bedroom on them to great effect), and the stunningly arousing sight of young boobs so firm they hardly moved as the girls ran around. On top of that, those two seemed to be incapable of crouching down to pick things up, instead, bending at the waist, always facing away from me, and I suffered from the sight of plump little pussy mounds framed by slender thighs and sweet asses.

I suffered. I really did! A constant erection eventually becomes painful, trust me! It starts as an ache in your groin and grows. And precum, when horny, only added to my excitement. I was shifting around as if I had fire ants in my pants or a bad case of heat rash in my groin – which I probably did!

Leila and Julia were most kind, though, full of suggestions:

"Mr. Fellows?" Julia called out.

"Call me Phillip," I responded.

Leila laughed. "Dad's name isn't Phillip!" she informed Julia. "It's Robert. Call him Bob."

"Okay. Bob, why don't you come and swim with us? It's really nice in here."

"No thanks. I'm fine here," I assured them. Besides, it would be impossible for me to hide an erection in a bathing suit.

Leila and Julia whispered furtively and both burst into laughter. I doubt Leila was telling a joke.

This time, the barbecue was great, nothing burnt. The girls ate it up as we enjoyed the evening on the patio. When offered dessert, they announced they were going to shower and change first.

To understand how befuddled I was, and horny, and stupid, it wasn't until I was washing dishes that it hit me.

What hit me? you're asking.

Let me repeat; the two girls announced they were going to shower and change. My imagination took flight and immediately wondered if two sexy young girls were showering together, all naked and everything. A quick detour to Leila's bedroom and, yup! Both were in the bathroom.

Think about it. Go on. Picture it; two naked girls in the shower, washing, soapy, maybe washing each other, rubbing each other's breasts, maybe touching each other's pussy, caressing. Of course, that would lead to kissing, sweet little girls pressing naked bodies together, each playing with the other's pussy, moaning, tongues wrestling. You can picture it, can't you? Can you see how their slender hips start moving as they get aroused? Humping each other's hand, breath panting, shower running, and their soft gasps as they climax together, pussies humping, pulses racing, sweet orgasmic bliss shared together?

Damn! I could!

As I said, an agonizing afternoon! I was horny and firmly into the stupid camp. Restraint no longer existed. It can't. Not when teased so mercilessly.

Leila, all showered and clean and cute, and wearing a grey and yellow nightshirt, hair damp and braided, looking fresh and edible, entered the kitchen, alone. She smiled, her eyes full of awareness, moved close and slipped her arms around my waist. Looking up, with light hazel eyes sparkling, and smiling at me, she rose onto tiptoes.

Stupid me. I held her slender hips, bent and kissed my daughter. Soft lips brushed against mine, pressure increasing. Then, with a sexy, sexy murmur, Leila's tongue came out to play, brushing my lips. Moaning myself from too much teasing, I parted my lips and met her tongue, our kiss dissolving into an intense, sensual kiss. Leila rubbed her body against the bulge in my jeans and mild disorientation set in.

The kiss ended with Leila murmuring, "Mmmm," and sucking my lower lip. Damn I was horny!

That's when I noticed Julia standing in the doorway watching, a small smile on her face. In a pretty, lemon yellow ribbed nightshirt, her long black hair collected at the nape of her neck and legs bare, she looked very sweet.

My daughter leaned back from me. "Julia wants to feel what a real kiss is like. Just like that one."

"I really do," Julia said, a small blush emerging on her cheeks.

"Her ex boyfriend, Ron, was a really bad kisser like Jeremy," Leila informed me.

Okay. So. Had I not been hornier than a damned goat, I might have tried to steer things back to . . .

Who am I kidding? I wanted to kiss Julia. "Okay," I agreed rather brightly.

Julia walked over to me, slow and shy. Smiling, I held her hips and brought her close, Leila watching like an eagle. "You're sure?" I asked.

She nodded.

Bending, Julia rose on her toes, her hands lightly settling on my sides. With her dark, dark eyes watching me, I kissed her lips gently, a small brush, then did it again, this time with slightly more pressure.

At the same time, I pulled her slender body against me. It was now that I realized Julia was even more slender than my daughter, her hips very narrow, her body more petite. With care, I pressed my lips to hers. Julia's eyes closed. Her head tilted. I tasted her lips.

She moaned almost silently, but her arms slipped around my waist. Then her tongue brushed the tip of mine, retreated and emerged again, this time caressing mine. She murmured and pressed her body against me. Mouths opened and tongues played. Suddenly I was kissing her sensually, intensely, my tongue following her retreat into her mouth, then backing out only to be followed, her little tongue edging into my mouth. I sucked it. Without thought, my hands dropped from her small hips to cup her petite ass. God it was sexy!

Julia responded, pressing herself against the bulge of my erection, her tongue frisky. Then the kiss ended with me sucking her plump lower lip. Her eyes opened.

Julia smiled. "Gawd, that's like better than a Caramel Macchiato! Thanks!"

"Told ya so!" Leila exclaimed.

At this point, it finally hit home. I was doomed. One thirteen-year-old was a handful, but two were a challenge!

Thankfully, Julia didn't demand a repeat and my daughter seemed happy enough to chat and laugh and not tease me.

Nevertheless, I went to bed with another damned erection. Disappointment at losing my sex partner was brief. It lasted until I got into bed, the girls screaming in fear at some horror movie in the living room.

Under the sheet, I discovered two pairs of panties waiting for me! One I recognized; a white cotton pair with cute red hearts all over it. The other I didn't. It was cotton, too, white with some big-eyed cat-like cartoonish print and "Hello Kitty" printed on the bum.

Fully erect and aroused, I inspected both. They were fresh, with slight damp spots in the cotton gussets! Bringing Leila's to my nose, I inhaled the familiar scent of her, then switched and inhaled the new scent of Julia's arousal; just the slightest trace of earthiness, clean, almost sweet. Fuck me!

My cock shook and trembled in eagerness. With Leila's panties wrapped around my erection, stroking myself with the soft, soft cotton, I inhaled Julia's aroma and tasted, picturing the panties coddling her pussy; lucky panties!

Eyes closed, visions of little boobs, puffy and aroused areolae, firm nipples, and dreaming of taking one of Julia's breasts entirely into my mouth, I came, cock swelling, semen spurting hard into my daughter's panties. Hips surged. Another powerful wave of pleasure hit and hot cum flooded her panties. With pure ecstasy hitting, I came again and again, making a wet mess in her panties, heart racing, until, finally, my orgasm passed. Sweet peace settled over me.

Damn but I loved their panties!

Part Four - Game Over

Time for a confession or two. My moral restraint had snapped under the assault of a charming, adventurous, and sexy daughter. As in, I had none. Nada. Rien (that's French, by the way).

I lusted after Leila, which explains my behavior (we'll get to that in a minute).

I suffered no guilt, doubts, worries, or regrets, largely because I was horny most of the time. But even in those post-orgasmic moments of calm, I still didn't suffer. I'd uncovered the remarkable erotic world of incest and young love, and damn if it wasn't the best thing ever!

There were a few bumps in the road. One of which occurred on Monday morning. My sexy, increasingly talented teasing daughter announced she'd got her menses.

Despite a minor heart attack at what might have transpired, we promptly got her on the pill. As for why it took so long for her periods to start, ask a doctor. I did. Apparently, boobs and sparse pubic hair and underarm hair don't automatically signal fertility. Much to my surprise, periods can happen from as young as eight (that's right, eight!) to sixteen years old, the average about thirteen. So, Leila was average.

Actually, she wasn't. Not by any measure.

By Wednesday, I was feeling randy and needy. With male subterfuge, I complained about a lack of sex, how it jeopardized my health, and made me grumpy.

Leila laughed and ignored me. She did accept my invitation to sleep in my bed, which led to Thursday morning.

I was late to work.

Here's why.

A five-day drought of sex had manifested itself in a morning erection. Actually, come to think of it, a twelve-hour drought could do the same! Where was I?

Waking up to find Leila in bed with me was a pleasant surprise. Usually she was up and gone by the time my eyes cracked open. So, with her sleeping so quietly next to me, on her front, arm under the pillow, her face turned away from me, I thought she wouldn't mind a caress. Her lovely bum seemed so interesting in how it shaped the covers.

Reaching underneath, I touched her ass, a lovely piece of architecture. Unfortunately, it was covered by a nightshirt. Being no slouch, I eased it up only to be thwarted by panties. A gentle rub, hello, and I eased my fingertips under the waist, being careful not to disturb her beauty sleep.

With a glorious buttock in hand, I quite lost myself, fondling and admiring the shape of her small cheek, teasing myself by tracing her bum crack, then fondling her other perky cheek. An erection provided guidance to thought processes, as it normally does, so I traced her butt crack down.

Leila wiggled her ass, commenting, "What are you doing, Dad?"

"Leila, my sweet, I'm horny," I admitted.

"My period hasn't finished," she observed.

Rolling towards her, I nuzzled her neck and inhaled her morning scent. "No problem," I assured her. "I have another idea."

She turned her head. Light hazel eyes studied me, a small smile on her face. "Like, what?"

"I just need to borrow your ass," I said.

Leila giggled. "I'm not letting you put it in my butt," she observed.

Somewhat disappointed, I responded, "No problemo! I can still solve my condition. You don't have to do a thing." I groped her succulent ass.

Grinning, she asked, "What are you thinking?"

"It would be easier to understand if I demonstrate, honey," I assured, slowly easing the back of her cotton panties down. "You don't even have to move."

Her eyes watched me, a small smile of amusement on her lips. I managed to get her panties down to her knees and, with mounting excitement, shoved my boxers off, releasing my erection, and mounted her.

Rolling over her, I settled my cock along her butt crack, her sweet buttocks cradling me. Lowering my body, her bum pressed to my groin and I was sandwiched beautifully, my legs outside hers.

I kissed her cheek, the upper one. "See? Now, don't move."

Leila giggled lightly. "You mean, don't do this?" she asked, wiggling her bum.

"Okay, feel free to move as much as you want."

I adored how petite she was underneath me. I loved how her bottom swelled up, and how it pressed so sensually against me. I loved the feel of my throbbing erection pressed along her crack, and I loved teasing the sides of her small breasts where they pressed against the bed.

Already horny, I nuzzled her neck and rocked my hips slightly, waiting for that incredible moment when precum emerges. It was a lazy movement, one I relished. When Leila clenched her buttocks, my cock swelled and pulsed.

Suddenly a drop of precum leaked and my crown spread it, silky and slippery. With the shaft dry, just the tip was caressed, her bottom a wonderful mound. I rode it with hip movements and more precum leaked. Gradually it spread along my shaft and, almost magically, my whole erection became slippery, aided in no small measure by my daughter's clenching bottom.

Now really, really hard, I tried to ease my hand underneath her. "Lift," I suggested, bringing my body up off hers.

Glancing down between us, I sighed at the sight of my erection nestled between her buttocks. It was a stunningly arousing sight; large adult erection, cute young buttocks, sexy ass.

Easing my hand underneath her, I cupped her pussy, caressed her cleft, and found her clit, still stroking my erection between her cheeks, still watching the inflamed tip slide back and forth, clear precum leaking.

Leila did her murmur thing, "Mmmm," and clenched her buttocks.

Settling my full weight on her, rubbing her clit, I fucked her buttocks lazily, enjoying the sensation, cock throbbing. It was very, very good. I wasn't in a rush. In fact, I wanted to prolong the experience it felt that good.

For a few minutes I fucked my daughter's butt crack, every so often rewarded by a butt clench. Leila's arousal was obvious. She added to her little, "Mmmm," sounds, moving her bum up and down, her slit becoming slippery, moist, my finger strumming. I fucked her bottom, cock swelling, now very slippery. Inside, I felt the stir of my orgasm, the promise of sweet ecstasy.

I hadn't planned to wait for Leila. I was firmly self-centered in my chase for release. But Leila beat me to it. With a quiet snort, my daughter climaxed, hips humping, my finger strumming. She snorted again, her body writhing, eyes closed, breathing hard. As her climax washed through her, my orgasm arrived.

Pressure built. Lifting myself up, I stared down between us and watched as my inflamed tip emerged from between her buttocks. It swelled. A wave of pleasure slammed into me and thick white semen spurted out onto her lower back. Pulling back, I thrust forward and another beautiful wave of pleasure hit, cum exploding in a long rope up to her shoulder blades. Overcome with pleasure, I settled on her, cum slippery between us, and came, loving the feel of warm semen between us, my cock gliding through her sweet buttocks, pulsing, spurting to a wonderful, draining, satisfying orgasm.

As we calmed, I understood a truth. I absolutely adored Leila's climaxes. They thrilled me; strong and hurting, or soft and sexy, her grunts and snorts of pleasure so erotic. Her pleasure brought on my orgasms almost every time, as if I have no control.

I was late for work on Thursday. However, while working and distracted by how wonderful morning sex with my daughter was (something I was determined to make a routine of!) I realized this was the first time I'd sought out sex with her. Until now, it had been me teasing and arousing her to the point where she wanted sex. And Leila had welcomed it!

Well, hot damn!

Oops! Another erection!

Bright news greeted me when I returned home.

"Dad! Guess what? My period's finished!" my excited daughter proclaimed before giving me a mind-emptying smooch.

"And Julia agreed to come over for another sleep over on Saturday!"

Damn! I wanted a weekend of endless sex! I'd had this vision of teaching her a PhD-level sex Ed class, sacrificing myself for her benefit. Before I could complain, Leila smooched me again, distracting me temporarily.

"And you're taking us to see a movie!" Leila exclaimed.

I waited for the smooch. It didn't happen. Leila was grinning at me for some strange reason.

"Are you excited?" she asked.

Not really. "Thrilled," I assured her, somewhat half-heartedly.

My very smart daughter giggled. "You'll have fun. I promise!"

Right. But not as much fun as we'd have if we were alone. I didn't say that, though.

I changed into comfy sweat shorts and a Tee and made dinner. Leila, between texting, gave me a list of movies we could see, rolled her eyes when I suggested Captain America, and continued texting, giggling at the responses.

At one point, sitting at the kitchen table, my daughter set the Smartphone aside and asked, "Dad, when you're, like, having sex, does dirty talk turn you on?"

"Sure. Why?"

"Just wondering."

Plating dinner, a pork loin roast stuffed with porcini, garlic butter, and asparagus tips, along with roasted potatoes and caramelized carrots, I clarified. "When it's a private thing between two people, when they're being intimate, there's nothing wrong with some raunchy talk. It's fun and exciting. When it's in public, it's just plain rude."

"That's what I thought."

I gave it no further consideration, my stomach taking precedence, as it does with all men.

Later, slouched on the couch watching The Game of Thrones, and feeling a stir of arousal at a naked love scene, admiring some nice, natural breasts and sexy asses (have I mentioned I love asses?), Leila, my shy and retiring daughter, stunned me senseless. Maybe not senseless, but stupid.

"Dad," she said calmly, "Wanna watch some porn together?"

Now let me tell you, hand on my heart, I love porn as much as the next guy. I've lived without a wife long enough to consider porn the most meaningful and committed relationship in my life. I even used to watch it with my wife way back when and we'd get off to it together.

But, watch porn with my daughter? Hell yes!

"Sure," I answered suavely. "Why not?"

Leila flicked her finger on her iPhone. "Put the TV on Apple TV."

With mounting excitement and an erection emerging, I wondered what type of porn my daughter liked. What did young girls find arousing?

I found out to furious giggles. A video of a Pagani Zonda being put through its paces on the Nürburgring racetrack played.

"See? Autoerotica!" my charming daughter announced with another giggle.

"Very funny," I commented. My partial erection waned, but man that's a good looking car!

The video cut off. "Hey! Don't stop it yet! I want to see the track time!"

Leila laughed.

Another video started. "This is one of my favorites," Leila informed me.

It was a Met-Art video; a guy and good looking blonde girl in what appeared to be a villa, white gossamer curtains wafting in the breeze, white bed sheets, a blue pool outside the open glass doors.

They kissed and fondled, the girl wearing panties, the guy in pants, bare-chested. He fondled her ass. She fondled his groin, caressing the growing bulge. Soft music played. This was very sexy!

Then I got distracted. Leila had slouched down slightly, her hand under her short skirt. I could see it moving. Hot damn! Leila was playing with herself!

I confirmed a lesser known fact about guys, we can multi-task with the best of them! With one eye on the TV, another on my daughter, I rubbed my erection over the sweat shorts growing very hard.

"Leila, honey. How about you remove your panties and turn my way?" I asked sweetly, with my pleasure in mind.

"Kay. You take your shorts off, too!"

I noticed she put the video on pause. How interesting! Then became distracted when silky looking royal-blue panties slipped down her legs. She kicked them off and turned to lean back against the arm of the couch.

No slouch myself, I shucked my shorts and boxers, displaying a fine erection to my daughter. Leila studied it, grinned, and started the video again.

I forgot about the video. Leila was much more interesting, as in, hot damn!

With her skirt rucked up, her feet on the couch, knees up and parted, my daughter's pussy appeared ripe and plump. The dusting of pale, pale blonde pubic hair covered nothing, yet looked so sexy. Gorgeous labia formed a tightly closed cleft, the tip of her clit peeking out, and at the base of her slit, a small indentation, a slight opening, showed where the entrance to her vagina could be found. Succulent buttocks pressed against the couch, bulging sensually.

Completely distracted, even my surging erection was ignored. Leila, watching porn, reached down and cupped her pussy. She rubbed slowly, first up and down, then side to side, her pussy bulging and yielding, all soft and squishy. Her index finger took over moving from side to side and slowly easing in, her labia hugging her finger.

I took my shaft and held it, cock throbbing.

Leila rubbed her clit lightly, then her finger slipped down through her slit, curled in, and disappeared inside her.

I stroked myself, erection swelling, tight, and heavy. This was fascinating! When my daughter withdrew her finger, she brought it up to her clit, rubbed softly, then, still staring at the TV, brought her index finger to her mouth and sucked it!

Fuck me!

Covered in saliva, her finger started rubbing her clit, a bit faster this time. I stroked myself. A pleasing pulse of arousal hitting me. Precum leaked. I spread it, still absorbed by the sight of Leila masturbating.

Glancing at the TV, I saw the girl on her hands and knees, sucking the guy's cock. Returning to Leila, her finger was now moving very quickly in a side-to-side motion, diddling herself.

A clear liquid oozed out of her slit at that indentation, my little girl aroused, horny, so erotic.

I stroked my erection faster, precum weeping, shaft slippery. Leila turned her eyes away from the television and watched me, her gaze intent, locked on my cock. There was no visible expression on her face but she was breathing deeper, her finger almost a blur.

Her free hand settled on her breast. Her finger slipped down suddenly, penetrating her pussy. She moaned, her hips now moving. Damn I was close!

Masturbating in the open in front of my little girl was intensely erotic. Too arousing.

When she went back to diddling her clit, her finger glistening, her cleft shiny with moisture, I couldn't hold back.

With a groan, stroking my erection faster, my crown swelled, red, thick, and a rush of pleasure hit. Pressure released suddenly, semen pulsing up my shaft to spurt onto the air and splash down on my stomach and hand.

Leila gasped, a frown emerging on her brow, whispered, "Daddy," and climaxed.

Another huge surge hit me, thick cum launching up in an arc and splattering down, hot and wet on me. Leila grunted, still staring at my spurting erection, rubbing her clit, her thighs shaking, and I exploded again, another blissful surge of cum. To the sounds of my daughter's climax, I came, spurting with each stroke, Leila's hips humping, legs trembling. I came completely, cock stiffening with each beautiful release, cumming wonderfully, the peak arriving as Leila shoved her finger deep into her pussy, hips undulating, panting, staring at my cock.

I slipped down the backside of my orgasm, pulses weakening, heart racing, sweet relief flooding me. Leila slowed, her finger withdrawing, giving her clit a gentle caress.

Damn! That was intense!

I couldn't pull my eyes away from her pussy. It was gorgeous, now damp and glistening with her arousal, the labia slightly inflamed, redder, her clit more prominent. I loved the dusting of pubic hair, so young, on the cusp of maturity, intensely attractive.

Leila was the first to speak. "It's so much better than watching on my phone, Dad."

I smiled. "No kidding. I like this almost as much as real sex. Almost."

Leila laughed. "Me too. As in almost."

Guess what? We didn't have sex when she came to my bed that night. Dressed in another of her nightshirts and panties, we cuddled and kissed gently and fell asleep.

Friday morning, waking up, my first thought was of morning sex. It didn't happen. Leila was up and gone. Work beckoned. I was grumpy all day for some reason. One more night before Julia would be here, no intimacy, no sex. Bugger!

Julia was with Leila when I returned from work. Both were chatting in the cool air conditioned living room. Both said "Hi" and went back to chatting.

I changed and, with a beer in hand, went out onto the patio. Another hot day was giving way to slightly cooler temperatures and a light breeze. I sipped cold beer and studied the back yard, planning weekend chores. Next door, John started his lawn mower and I caught the scent of fresh-cut grass. This was very relaxing.

Twenty minutes later, while on my second beer, Leila stepped out, smiling, her pale blonde hair pulled back in a cute ponytail. She was barefoot in another short, flowery cotton skirt, with a matching cotton top; very cute.

"Is Julia feeling well?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why?"

"She's not feeling under the weather? I wouldn't want her infecting you and ruining your summer holidays."

I thought I'd been remarkably subtle. Clearly not.

Leila laughed. "Aw, are you worried about being left out?"

"Maybe a bit," I admitted.

Leila smiled, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "You won't be bored. I promise."

She was so cute! With one knee turned in, she smiled, her hands playing with the hem of her short skirt, all shy and everything.

"Look, Dad," she said, inching the hem of her skirt up.

Baby-blue panties appeared, cotton stretched across her mons, elastic deep at the sides shaping a perfect plump pussy. Warmth coursed through me. What was it about seeing my little girl's panties?

Suddenly, a dark stain spread.

"Oops," she exclaimed.

Fuck me! Leila just peed her panties! The lower brain perked up and I descended into a fog of stupid, arousal slamming into me.

Leila, smiling, walked over to me and straddled my lap. "I think I peed a bit, Dad. See?" she said, lifting the front of her skirt.

Looking down, baby blue had darkened in the gusset. Already horny, I watched as the stain spread. Warmth flowed into my crotch, through my shorts, and onto my erection. Jesus Christ! She was peeing on me!

I became as a dumb as a post; that state where anything and everything is perfectly acceptable. Why in the Hell did my daughter peeing turn me on so much? But, fuck it did!

As warm wetness spread, Leila grinning at me, she asked, "Does this turn you on? Do you like seeing me pee my panties, Dad? Are you horny?"


Wrapping my arms around her, with Leila giggling furiously, I stood, carrying her.

"Where we going?" she asked, wrapping her legs around my waist.

I might have muttered. Leila asked, "What did you say?"

My bedroom was further away. Leila's was closer. I carried her there, Leila still giggling at me. Shoving her door open, I dropped her on her bed, grinned, and reached under her short skirt, grabbing her panties and yanking them off.

Leila laughed, bright eyes twinkling. She didn't resist at all. I shoved my wet shorts and boxers off, my erection springing up, straining like never before.

With a flick, Leila's skirt flipped up exposing her gorgeous pussy. Leila grinned at my obvious stress, glanced at my erection, and laughed. She put her feet on the bed, knees up and bent, and reached for me as I settled on her, her thighs cradling me.

I had little control. Raw desire raged through me, a flame of need burning me. I wanted her, now! Reaching down, grasping my cock, I guided it, the tip kissing her closed cleft.

Leila's arms hugged me. She smiled, amusement dancing through her beautiful eyes. Then they narrowed as I rubbed the tip of my cock on her slit, side to side, easing it between plump labia, finding warm moisture. Sliding it up, I felt her clit, then her pubic bone, and slipped the tip down, burrowing in until it caught at the base of her slit, lodged, poised to penetrate her.

Still disoriented by raging arousal, without foreplay, without kissing her, I thrust.

Leila gasped, my crown penetrating her tight little pussy. Unable to stop, I eased back and thrust again, half my erection sliding in, her vagina gripping me in a velvet hug. Damn! So good!

Withdrawing slightly, I thrust again, selfishly, and buried my thick erection inside her. Leila gasped again, her legs rising to circle my waist, ankles crossing.

Holding her in my arms, so sweet and sexy, so petite and young, so damned appealing, I withdrew and fucked into her, the tip of my cock nudging her end.

Leila inhaled sharply, watching me.

My cock swelled, so freakin' rigid. I was lost, gone. I fucked my daughter, pulling out, thrusting in, burying myself in her slender body. I fucked her harder, consumed by a fog of arousal. Leila started undulating, pressing her pussy up at my thrusts. She murmured, "Daddy," with each thrust, and it drove me insane.

Pulling out completely, I turned Leila over, reaching around her waist to raise her onto all fours, her ass rounding, succulent pussy oozing out between her thighs. Grasping my erection, I guided it back, slipping between soft labia, finding her entrance and thrusting into her, her pussy so fucking tight.

Leila moaned.

Gripping her narrow hips, I fucked her, watching my thick erection withdraw, shiny with our arousal, her vagina gripping my shaft as if unwilling to let me go, and thrust into her, her labia stretching, caressing my cock, my tip nudging deep into her, erection swelling. I fucked her faster, her body moving, buttocks shaking with each slap against my groin.

Leila moaned, her head drooping. She collapsed onto her elbows, and still I fucked her.

Pulling out, I turned her onto her back, pulled her legs up, feet at my shoulder. Leila watched me. Guiding my erection, I penetrated her tight, tight pussy in one thrust, our groins meeting. Leaning over her, I curled her legs back, knees almost to her shoulders, and fucked her deeper, much deeper, the tip of my cock thumping into her end. I fucked her faster, reaching down to rub her reddened clit.

Leila gasped and writhed, her eyes closing. She pulled her legs apart and down, wrapping them around my waist. Fucking her with deep thrusts, my erection straining, I gathered her in my arms, all my weight on her.

Leila wrapped her arms around me, thrusting her pussy up at me. I was lost in a storm raging around me, fucking my little girl. An ache emerged in my gut, strain, a need for release, and still I fucked her, holding her tightly, my face now pressed to her neck, her scent of cucumbers and lemon filling my nose.

Then Leila launched me over the top in spectacular fashion.

She groaned, "Oh Gawd! Fuck me Daddy."

My orgasm slammed into me, erection swelling, painful agony in my gut. My body strained as if I couldn't cum, still fucking my little girl hard. I groaned in agony, gasped, "Jesus Christ!" and exploded.

Like a bomb, my erection swelled, semen raced up and erupted into my daughter, a massive wave of pleasure crashing into me taking my breath away. Fucking her, thrusting hard, I came, each stroke bringing ecstasy and relief, cum exploding, exquisite bliss. Thrusting into her tight, tight pussy, I came, semen flooding her making her slick, and still I fucked her, almost desperately, aching, the sweet release not enough. Cumming hard, I chased my orgasm until I had nothing left. A final, aching heave and I collapsed on her. Back damp with perspiration, heart racing, panting, hugging my lover tightly.

I had no idea if Leila had cum. All I knew was every, absolutely every muscle in my body felt like I'd feel after a grueling workout. Blood flowed, skin tingling.

Leila caressed my back, her legs dropping from my waist to the bed. Still I hugged her tightly, unwilling to let her go.

When she shifted underneath me, I rolled off her to the side. Opening my eyes was hard. I felt drugged and needed to sleep, my body drained.

Leila, her hair a mess, smiled at me, eyes twinkling. "I guess seeing me pee my panties turns you on a lot, huh?"

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! I adored her!

Saturday, I slept in and woke up still in Leila's bed. She was gone. Inhaling the scent of her in her bed, I went back to sleep. For some reason I was still tired.

The sound of Leila and Julia's laughter woke me. Getting out of my daughter's bed, I noticed I was still wearing my old Tee and nothing else. Grabbing my shorts and boxers from the floor, I sneaked to my bedroom.

When I emerged, dressed and presentable, Leila was laughing, Julia giggling. They went ominously silent when they saw me, Julia grinning behind her hand.

"Morning, Dad. You look tired. How come?" my sweet daughter inquired.

Julia giggled.

Smiling, I started making coffee. It was hard not to stare at Leila. I still couldn't believe the hardest orgasm I'd ever experienced in my life had been with my little girl. Was she sore now? I'd been so friggin' selfish. But, Holy cow!

Oh-oh. Another erection!

Turning away, I tried to concentrate on anything else.

I know you're curious about what happened today, Saturday, and I don't want you to worry about me. So let me just alleviate your concerns. I actually enjoyed myself. I enjoyed Julia and Leila. They seemed to feed off each other; peas in a pod.

Despite the intimacy I now shared with my daughter, I couldn't help but find joy in how she behaved. Young girls are wonderful to observe. They have such innocent enthusiasm for small things, sometimes being silly, other times secretive, and every so often they test their sexual appeal. They are sweet and delightful and worthy of being cherished.

I'm not getting all mushy and stuff. But, if you ever feel down and life's hard, try applying a dose of thirteen-year-olds. They'll lift your spirits. Trust me.

Those two entertained me with bright laughter. They were merciless in having fun at my expense and Leila's comments were full of double entendres, alluding to some rather adventurous erotic games we'd experienced. Julia giggled, as if she understood, too!

Let me give you some examples.

My sweet child, out of the blue, would inform me, "I've gotta pee, Dad," her eyes glinting as she left the room. She never used to tell me.

She'd fidget on her seat and tell Julia, "I'm all sore today. I think I did too much yesterday. How are you feeling, Dad?"

Lazing around on the patio, stretched out on chaise longues, wearing very sexy bikinis that I tried to ignore (unsuccessfully), Leila, with a giggle, showed Julia her Smartphone, commenting, "Look. Apparently guys name their penises. Hey! Dad! Is it true? Do you have a name for yours?"

I was tempted to tell her I did, 'The Hulk', but didn't. Besides, my cock wasn't really called 'The Hulk'. . . That was its name only when erect! The rest of the time it was called Bruce.

Saturday afternoon passed. The two girls disappeared to change for the movies, laughing when I suggested their bikinis would be fine.

Eventually, appropriately twenty minutes late, they both emerged, and looking quite lovely, too.

That birds of a feather effect was on full display. Leila was dressed in an off-white skirt with lace and an uneven hem (sort of bohemian-like) paired with a buttoned pale turquoise guy-style shirt, untucked, sleeves rolled up, open-toed sandals on her feet. Julia matched her, except she wore a short blue and white cotton skirt with matching cotton top, the neck wide enough to fall off one shoulder, and Keds on her feet.

The two were excited. Full of smiles, they bounced, their skirts flounced, their ponytails swished. Smartphones were firmly gripped in one hand. And they both smiled broadly when I complimented them.

"You two look absolutely fabulous," I declared. "Hold on while I get my gun."

They laughed with pleasure, Leila dropping a comment, "You've already got a gun with you, Dad!"

Julia giggled. Leila laughed. Both bounced out the front door. And I grinned from ear to ear.

When I pulled into the local mall, Leila exclaimed, "What are we doing here? The film's playing in the other cinema! The one we went to last time!"

Immediately suspicious, I drove to the next town. My suspicions were confirmed when, after the girls insisting they wanted to watch 'The Conjuring 2', a thriller, they maneuvered me to sit between them.

Did I mind? Nope.

Armrests were shoved up and, at the first scary part, they both screamed. I did the comforting thing and put my arms around their shoulders, one lovely teen on each side. I felt rather lucky.

Between eating popcorn, Leila and Julia texted each other. God knows why. They could have talked. With few other moviegoers in the theater, I didn't care.

And, like polished synchronized swimmers, they both took one of my hands and, while watching the movie, moved, calmly guided it to cover a small breast! Both of them!

Well, I descended into my stupid state in no time flat. In the dark of the theater, I gently groped two gorgeous, petite boobs . . . and got an erection!

Simultaneously fondling the two delectable boobs was quite thrilling. It let me explore how different Leila's was to Julia's; both very, very sexy.

Julia's boob was definitely more conical, the sides steeper, yet still very small. My daughter's was more hillock-like, gently mounded, slightly larger but not as prominent.

Even better was the discovery that neither was wearing a bra!

With excitement mounting, I fondled and teased, rubbing their tips, loving how small nipples responded, perking up and hardening. I loved stroking the sides, too, mapping their delicate shape, adoring their youthful firmness.

A flurry of texting ensued between them accompanied by giggles. Then, again, like synchronized swimmers, they removed my hands.

My disappointment was short lived. Somehow, the buttons on Leila's shirt had opened just enough for her to guide my hand inside and I was fondling a bare breast, warm and silky, her nipple hard. Jeeezus!

Julia eased my hand up and into the wide neck of her cotton top, guiding it down and, fuck!, I was cupping her pert, bare little breast, soft skin, larger nipple.

My erection was complete, straining, begging for release, desperate to participate, throbbing and pulsing.

With a pulse rate elevated to dangerous levels, I glanced around to make sure no one would see me fondling two thirteen-year-old girls, while gently caressing two stupendously sexy breasts.

Let me take just a moment to try to explain the joy I was feeling. Young girls' breasts are a marvel of engineering. Unaffected by gravity, they feel firm and full, yet so petite. They're soft, supple, and yield to a gentle caress so beautifully. They're responsive, too, their nipples reacting to a soft caress, an almost teasing touch of my finger pads, becoming nicely taut. Under my touch, Leila's areola stippled and Julia's areola actually plumped up, rising slightly, flushed, aroused. I was very happy and very, very horny.

Life was good! Then it got better!

Both girls texted each other. Once again, in a coordinated move, their hand settled on each of my thighs. For a minute or two their hands didn't move. I loved it anyway. You should experience it sometime. Two young girls' hands resting mid thigh, an intimate touch, is very erotic. Trust me.

I had no idea what was going on in the movie. My attention was drawn to Leila's hand as she reached across and took Julia's hand.

Were they going to hold hands? Did I care? Nope. With a couple of delectable naked boobs to fondle, I was in heaven.

However, with mounting excitement, I watched my daughter guide Julia's hand up and press it to the prominent lump of my erection! She guided Julia's hand along my cock. Fuck me!

I became as dumb as a post, as smart as an amoeba, my mental processing capabilities shutting down. Julia, in a stupendously arousing move, gently explored the shape of my erection with fingertips and it pulsed in delight, now drooling. I was so damned hard, so damned aroused; cock flexing, pleasure and excitement flooding me.

Julia's touch was soft and gentle, and it thrilled me no end! She traced the shaft and explored the tip, then rubbed the length with her palm, adding pressure. Jesus! I could easily cum it was so erotic!

Glancing at their faces, I noticed they were both watching the movie. But Julia had a rosy flush and soft smile. Leila was grinning. She glanced at me, her light hazel eyes sparkling with excitement. I wanted to kiss her. Showing remarkable restraint, I didn't, only because I couldn't find a way to kiss Julia too.

Time seems to fly. Before I knew it, the movie credits started. I wasn't pleased at all.

With people standing, I had to let go of their gorgeous boobs. Their hands retreated leaving my erection crying with disappointment, my shorts very damp.

On the drive home, Leila and Julia sat in the back seat, whispering furiously, giggling together. And I was hornier than ever. A bathroom visit and chat with 'The Hulk' was the first order of business when we'd get home!

Okay. Time for some more honesty. Extreme arousal bamboozles and befuddles me. All mental activity had dropped to my lower brain. When a guy gets into this dangerous state, he cannot be held responsible for his actions!

I tried to resist. I really did! I tried to make for the bedroom to handle my problem and restore common sense, of which I had none, not a trace.

But . . .

Leila, as soon as the front door closed, slinked up to me, wrapping her arms around my waist, her face upturned, eyes shining, smiling; a full-on frontal assault.

She said, "Thanks for taking us to the movies, Dad," and rose up on tiptoes to kiss me.

My hands started on her back. Lips touched. She tilted her head, such a sexy move, and her tongue distracted me. In a full, sensual kiss, tongues playing, lips warm and silky and soft, I forgot about Julia. My hands dropped to cup Leila's gorgeous buttocks, then, with a mind of their own, they pulled the back of her skirt up and I fondled a sexy, panty-covered ass. Leila did that murmur thing and pressed herself against my erection.

Fuck me!

Before I fished inside her panties, Leila ended the kiss, smiling, stepping back.

"Your turn," she informed Julia.

Fully into my stupid stage, with Julia smiling shyly, her dark eyes bright, I reached for her hand, drew her to me, and wrapped my arms around her slender body. Julia looked up at me, smiled, her arms reaching around my waist. She rose up on tiptoes. Her beautiful eyes closed as our lips touched. Her head tilted, soft lips parted, and the tip of her small tongue touched my lips. I moaned quietly and kissed her, my tongue greeting hers. Unconsciously, my hands dropped to cup her bottom, then eased her skirt up.

Kissing her deeply, I touched silky panties and fondled her spectacular petite bottom. Julia did a murmur thing and melted against me, pressing herself against my erection.

I was lost. I'd passed the point of sanity and restraint and left it behind in the dust. Easing my hands up, I felt for the waist of her panties, slipped my fingers inside, and, with a tremor of excitement, I fondled cool, petite, sexy naked buttocks, her panties caressing the back of my hands.

My cock wept in joy, positively thrilled, twitching in excitement.

It took everything I had to end the kiss and pull my hands from inside her panties. My pulse was racing and I was breathing harder.

Julia let me go, smiling broadly before turning to Leila. "You're right," she said. "Better than a double Caramel Macchiato!"

"Told ya," Leila answered, grinning. She looked at me and added, "See? I told you you'd have fun, Dad!"

Fun it was! But, I now had an ache in my groin and an erection that was potentially capable of bursting my jeans.

"Come on," Leila said to Julia. "Let's go to bed. It's late."

I was of two minds: on one hand, I was disappointed our sexy teasing was over; on the other hand, I had a medical emergency that needed my attention and, for that, I wanted the girls to leave me a present in my bed to relieve myself with. How damp would their panties be? Would their scent be stronger?

Turning to the kitchen, I went for a beer and prepared the coffee maker for brewing tomorrow morning. I gave them time to reward me for taking them to the movies.

Sipping beer, I did the guy thing; let my imagination free and fantasized a bit. Julia's buttocks were slightly smaller than my daughter's, beautifully shaped, just narrower; very exciting.

I imagined having two thirteen-year-olds as lovers. In my state of arousal, I thought I finally knew what Paradise might be. It was a great fantasy, but it only made my groin ache even more.

Leila, in a simple, white, ribbed cotton nightshirt that fell softly to mid thigh, with horizontal striped purple and white socks on, entered the kitchen, smiling gently. She sat in my lap, her arm around my neck and, studying my eyes, bent and kissed me softly.

"Julia wants you to make love with her," she said. "I told her what it was like; how much better it was than with Jeremy - like, way better. She wants to feel it. When she tried with Ron, it wasn't very good."

I rubbed her back. "I don't think so, honey. Anything else is fine, but not intercourse."

My lower brain was screaming at me, "Are you fucking kidding me?!!"

I felt for him. I really did.

"It's one thing for us to have a relationship, Leila. I trust you. But it's a whole different kettle of fish to have sex with Julia. It's just too dangerous."

Leila disagreed. Why didn't that surprise me?

"Julia will never tell, Dad. I promise." She added, "And I don't mind, either!"

"I don't think so," I reiterated.

My manipulative daughter wiggled her ass on my erection and grinned, "You want to. C'mon, Dad, admit it!"

In this one thing I was firm, resolute, the Rock of Gibraltar. It was my future freedom at risk.

"Okay," I agreed.

Have I mentioned how dumb as a stump I get when I'm horny? My traitorous erection swelled with joy. Leila grinned and smooched me.

She leaned back and said, "Good! Julia's already in your bed!" Then shocking me, she added, "Can I watch? Julia says it's okay if I do."

Well, fuck a duck! Two young, newly pubescent girls in my bed? Do you think I said no? If you do, you don't know me very well!

"Wonderful! Fantastic! Let's go!" I agreed, trying not to grin too hard. I was a bit lightheaded when I stood up - too much blood diverted to my groin, I think.

Leila ran off. "He said yes," she yelled, charging through the living room, past her bedroom door, past the bathroom and turning into my room.

I followed at a more sedate pace, adjusting my erection so it wasn't bent at an uncomfortable angle, giving him a friendly pet, too. He was very excited. So was I.

Leila was just finishing pulling her socks off when I entered the bedroom. She rolled under the covers. Julia, with that million watt smile, was next to her.

"You're in the middle," Leila ordered. "But, strip first, Dad! Give us a show!"

Julia nodded in agreement, still smiling, dark eyes bright. She really was very pretty; exotic, large eyes, raven hair.

Okay. Why not?

I started my infamous Chippendales routine. By the time my shirt was off, two girls were laughing their little asses off. I'm not sure they appreciated my routine.

Shoes came off with a flourish, tossed to the side. However, when I hopped around and tumbled to the floor removing my socks, Leila and Julia were screaming with laughter, tears in their eyes.

The old erection shrank away, annoyed at me. I tried to recover with some sexy hip movements, unbuttoning my pants, but nope. Those two howled with laughter, and their laughter, though music to my ears, was a mortal enemy of erections.

Shucking my jeans in a more dignified way, I crawled into bed, Leila giving me room between them.

Both were giggling, such a cute sound it made me grin. I gathered them in my arms and rolled them into my side, Leila on the right, Julia on the left.

"That was sooo funny," Julia announced.

"I told you he gets silly at times," Leila said.

Looking at her, a flush of love hit me. Bending my head, I kissed her gently, smiled and asked in a whisper, "Are you sure about this?"

Leila nodded, smiling.

Turning to Julia, her large eyes bright and watching me, a small smile played across her lips when I smiled at her. Her small lips looked almost lush. Her eyes twinkled, dark and exotic, when I moved to kiss her.

Soft, warm lips greeted me, moving against mine. Her eyes closed. The tip of her tongue touched my lips and, twisting away from my daughter, I rolled towards Julia, wrapping my arms around her wonderfully slender, young body. Julia murmured into the kiss. My tongue touched hers and, as moist tongues caressed, as her warm, clean breath washed against my cheek, and as my hand stroked down her back to cup a gorgeous little ass, an erection formed, cock awakening, growing, thickening.

Julia, almost as tall as my daughter, felt fragile in my arms. It excited me, her youth and reed slenderness hugely arousing. I relished the erotic shape of her buttocks, and slowly drew her pale green nightshirt up.

The act alone was erotic to me. Poised to touch a young girl intimately was a powerful turn on. And, Lord Almighty, discovering bare buttocks underneath her nightshirt had me fully stupid; erection throbbing, desire and excitement racing through me.

Julia's buttocks were silky soft, slightly cooler than the rest of her body, with that shape that's not quite mature, not quite immature, but stupendously sexy; gentle, rounded cheeks, each a perfect handful - sweet and petite.

The quiet groan was mine. Desire for her intensified. Kissing her and fondling her intimately was an experience like no other; illicit and forbidden.

Easing back from the brink, I pushed my boxers down and edged Julia's nightshirt up.

Julia rolled away from me and helped, tossing it to the foot of the bed.

In the weak bedside light, I studied an exotic, Asian angel. Covers hid her lower body from the waist down, teasing me with what she'd look like. But, Jesus, above the waist she was gorgeous. Twin small breasts, almost conical yet small, stood proud on her chest. Julia was very slender. I could see the shape of her ribs, her stomach flat and slightly concave.

Dark, mysterious eyes studied me, her expression neutral, waiting. With a smile, I told her, "You have a beautiful body," and bent to kiss the dark areola topping her boob.

Against my lips I felt her nipple respond, awakening. Opening my mouth, with great care, I gently sucked the tip of her breast, taking her areola and part of her breast, swirling my tongue, teasing her nipple, tasting a slight saltiness.

Julia was silent but her hands talked, rising to touch my head, her eyes watching me, intense, dark. I sucked her breast again, this time slightly harder, taking more of her into my mouth, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

With a pop, I let it go and studied it. Her areola had plumped up, a distinct second mound topping her small breast, her nipple dark brown and turgid, larger than my daughter's.

Moving up, leaning over her, I whispered, "I love your breasts. They're spectacular."

Julia smiled. "Kay."

Kissing her again, loving how soft and responsive her lips were, loving how exciting it was to kiss a young girl - so different from kissing a woman, I caught the scent of her; floral with a trace of warm cinnamon. It went right to my brain, my erection straining where it touched the bare skin of her thigh, precum spreading.

"You're beautiful," I whispered.

Julia's smile broadened into a million watts. Jesus, her smile was gorgeous!

With my pulse raised, I bent to kiss her other breast, drawing it into my mouth, sucking gently and loving how small yet succulent it was; youthfully firm, almost bursting, yet supple and sexy. Under my tongue, I felt her areola plump up and nipple respond. Just perfect.

With growing excitement at the prospect of seeing Julia's naked body, wondering what her pussy would look like, I kissed down her silken stomach, easing the bed covers down. I took my time. The first time seeing a naked girl is so exciting. Narrow hips, prominent and small were revealed.

I held my breath and eased the covers lower. Fuck me!

Julia's pussy was hairless, a small plump mons rising spectacularly from her body, lush, ripe. At the peak, her cleft formed and plunged down between her thighs. Easing myself down, I shuddered at the sight of five small, straight, jet-black pubic hairs on her gorgeous labia, her slit tightly closed protecting her intimate treasures.

Julia's pubis narrowed, her vulva rounded and succulent between her thighs, the gap wide, sweet buttocks swelling below. Closing my eyes, I kissed her mons, pressing my mouth against the soft, yielding pad, and caught the seductive aroma of her, a faint hint of something earthier, basal. My cock surged.

Moving back up, kissing my way up her body, pausing at her incredible breasts, then continuing up, I kissed her cheek softly, murmuring, "You have a spectacular body."

Julia smiled, a pleased yet shy smile, her eyes sparkling with pleasure. I kissed her again, lips moving, parting, tongues teasing.

Her tongue paused when I cupped her incredible, small pussy, then became active when I caressed her, discovering the shape and feel of a bare pubis.

Her arms finally came up to hug me. My hand trembled as I fondled her, loving how sexy her pussy felt, silken skin, sexy labia forming a tight cleft, so young.

Our kiss deepened, tongues frisky and adventurous.

The groan that broke the silence was mine, a deep, heartfelt groan. Under my middle finger, soft, soft labia eased apart to hug me and I touched her small clit. Julia murmured into my mouth when I caressed her, her arms tightening around me. Slipping my fingertip down, with an erection surging and weeping precum against her thigh, I discovered silky moisture deep at the base of her slit, warm, slippery; Julia horny!

Probing, the tip of my finger touched the tiny entrance to her vagina and my arousal surged, a wave of horniness assaulting me. She was so small. What would it feel like to penetrate her? To see my adult erection stretching her? Could she even take me? How tight would she be? My imagination set fire to me, cock aching, pulsing.

I pressed it to her side and just about came when her hand reached down to touch me, fingers exploring. Easing my body away from her side, I groaned when she gently held my shaft. The kiss ended.

"Jesus that feels good," I whispered.

Julia smiled and nodded. "It does," she whispered. "It's so thick." Then her smile faded, eyes narrowing. She shuddered as I eased the tip of my finger into her vagina. Christ she was tight! Her small vagina gripped my finger.

Easing it out, I reached down to my cock and collected precum, spreading it along her cleft, slippery, sexy. Her lips eased apart, my finger once again rubbing her small clitoris.

Julia sighed, her hand squeezing my cock. Rubbing her clit, I kissed her cheek. Her hips twitched. Caressing her clit, her hips twitched again and, kissing her lips gently, her breath warm and clean, Julia slowly started humping my finger, undulating her pelvis slowly, rubbing her pussy against my hand. Her breath panted. Her hand squeezed my erection tightly, precum leaking. As I kissed her softly, Julia's movements gained urgency, hips undulating. She broke the kiss, inhaling deeply. Her eyes closed, a frown knitting her brow.

I loved seeing her aroused. I loved seeing her building towards ecstasy. There was something so beautiful about a young girl experiencing sexual pleasure, so different, so illicit, and it made me even hornier.

Julia humped her pussy against my hand, her fist gripping my cock as if holding on. Caressing her clit, her hairless slit now very slippery, I studied her, waiting, watching. What would her climax be like?

I found out.

With areolae raised, flushed, nipples firm, her slender body undulating, hips moving, my finger slipping through her cleft, a frown deepened on her face, lips parting, breathing harder. She inhaled sharply. Her body paused, and with the sweetest moan, she climaxed, small tremors shaking her body, legs closing on my hand, her fist gripping my erection. Panting, she moaned and trembled, hips humping, pussy rubbing against my hand, and with a final shudder, she relaxed, body limp. Small tremors shook her, legs twitching, and slowly she calmed.

Eventually her eyes opened. She smiled shyly. "That was amazing," she said.

"Didn't I tell you?" Leila piped up, leaning over me from behind.

"You didn't say it was that good," Julia claimed, releasing my erection.

"I'm not done," I advised her, edging down.

Leila grinned. "Just wait!" she exclaimed, watching me.

Moving Julia's legs apart, I settled on the bed between them. Julia's eyes watched, a slight smile on her face with no trace of embarrassment. Her knees rose, soles of her feet on the bed. I smiled, then looked at her pussy.

Lord help me! Even with her thighs parted, Julia's slit remained closed, her cleft flowing down to merge with her butt crack. Her buttocks swelled against the bed.

Up close, I could see those five pubic hairs clearly; almost straight, individual, three on one lip, two on the other, the rest of her pussy hairless, sexy. Somehow, those five pubic hairs excited me. Julia's pussy was immature and I was seeing it right at the moment of blossoming; intensely arousing.

Her pussy was small and I had an image of my adult erection penetrating her. A wave of arousal hit.

Closing my eyes, I kissed her slit, her skin like warm silk. This close, her scent filled my nose, a wonderful, heady aroma of delicate arousal. My cock surged, precum dampening the sheet and slippery against my crown. I tasted her, a light lick - ambrosia, delicious. Excitement thrumming through me, I eased my tongue into her cleft, soft labia parting. Inside, her skin was glassy smooth, warm. Probing, I found the entrance to her vagina and pressed. She hardly yielded, so incredibly tiny, so incredibly exciting. Cupping her beautiful buttocks, I eased my tongue up, slipping though her cleft to touch her clit, a small bead.

A muffled moan made me open my eyes. Fuck me! Leila and Julia were kissing, my daughter fondling Julia's breasts.

Watching them kiss, I strummed Julia's clit with my tongue, pleased when she moved her pussy against my mouth. Desire and need were pounding me. I wanted her. God how I wanted her!

Rising, resting on my heels, I drew her knees over my thighs, my cock jutting up, glistening with precum, bobbing with excitement. The sight almost made me cum. My cock was thick, almost as wide as her hairless pussy, so damned erotic. The thought that I was going to penetrate her, make love to her, feel myself buried inside her slender, young body shook me deeply.

A fog of selfishness almost took control. Breathing deeply, I waited, trying to calm the forming storm inside me. Watching them kiss was so sexy. Watching my daughter fondle Julia's small breasts was thrilling.

I couldn't wait. I didn't have the strength.

Gripping my shaft, I eased the precum-wet tip to her cleft, admiring how large I was, how small her cleft was. Pressing, the spectacular sight of labia bulging had my heart racing. Stroking the tip up and down, Julia's labia reluctantly oozed apart, my tip hugged. Damn she was small!

Her clit emerged between her lips, a sexy little bead, red and inflamed. Rubbing it with my tip excited me even more, the huge size difference astonishingly erotic. With great care, I guided my tip up and down, each stroke sinking deeper, cock swelling and throbbing, precum making her slit glisten. Slowly, ever so slowly, the crown was hugged by soft, bulging, hairless labia, and I felt it. I felt the base of her cleft. I was poised to penetrate her, her small pussy stretched. Shudders shook me and I had to stop, inhale, calm myself.

Their kiss ended. Both girls looked down at where Julia and I were almost joined. I smiled at Julia. She returned my smile, now shy, blushing slightly at the way she was exposed to me, naked, open.

Shyness and embarrassment were the wrong emotions. While I wanted to see myself penetrate her, experience the sight of her adolescent pussy stretched by an adult erection, I wanted her to enjoy the experience more.

Leaning over, smiling, I settled on her slim body. Julia wrapped her arms around me, her dark exotic eyes bright, thighs cradling my hips.

I confessed, "I'm so aroused right now, I'm afraid I might cum too fast."

Julia's smile broadened as if pleased. "S'okay," she whispered. "I don't mind."

With my cock lodged at her pussy, throbbing and aching, I tried a gentle push and made no progress. Even so, it felt fantastic. I tried again, my shaft rigid, so damned hard, and made no progress. Julia smiled and joined me, moving her pussy slightly, pressing against my tip.

It felt like an impossible task; Julia was just too small, too tight - me far, far too big. Yet, each movement against each other felt wonderful. I thought I'd be just as happy to cum like this, shooting my semen into her without actually penetrating her, the thought very exciting indeed.

My cock swelled. A pulse of pleasure. Precum leaked and, suddenly, almost smoothly, Julia's vagina yielded, stretched beautifully, and my crown was squeezed inside her, her pussy so fucking tight!

We stopped moving, my erection throbbing. Julia's eyes lost focus for a moment. I felt her gentle clench on my cock. Her eyes regained focus and she smiled sweetly.

"That didn't hurt at all," she said. "It feels good, too."

She gave me another gentle clench and I groaned, the sensation exquisite, and, unable to stop my reaction, I pressed into her. Stunning me, my erection glided in, her pussy slippery, her entrance a tight ring slipping down my shaft. I eased into her tight, exquisitely tight pussy in one stroke, her hairless labia nestling to my groin.

Fuck she felt good!

My cock swelled and pulsed, pleasure washing through me. Penetrating Julia was fantastic! I adored how slight a girl she was. It enhanced the pleasure, so deliciously illicit; sex with a young girl.

For a few moments we remained still, my cock pulsing. I kissed her gently, her arms tightening as they hugged me. With one hand, I caressed her breast, teasing her nipple, squeezing gently, and I waited for her.

Julia kissed me, lips brushing, then pressing against mine. With a tilt of her head, she deepened the kiss, lips parting. Our tongues touched and caressed. She moaned into my mouth and moved her pelvis. I stayed still. She did it again, massaging my cock with her pussy. I was deep inside her, her pussy a snug, velvet, warm sheath.

I waited.

Slowly, as we kissed, Julia started fucking me at her own pace, turning her hips, pulling off me just a bit, reversing, fucking me gently. I'd never experienced anything like it; a young girl fucking me.

I waited, kissing her passionately, erection straining, so fucking hard it felt like it might burst. It was exquisite agony, perfect, beautiful.

With Julia fucking me slowly, undulating underneath me, my hand caressing her beautiful petite breast and teasing her nipple, she finally gasped for breath, ending the kiss.

Lowering my full weight onto her, my face finding her neck and inhaling her scent, I finally gave in and eased my cock out of her, the withdrawal slow and endless.

Julia groaned.

Reversing, I penetrated her, her pussy so damned tight, sinking in, burying my aching erection inside her, her mons pressed against me, the tip of my cock nudging against her deepest part. I swelled, a strong pulse. Julia groaned quietly and squeezed me with her pussy. Jesus it felt incredible!

Withdrawing slowly, her vagina desperately gripping me to hold me in, Julia sighed and pressed at me as I thrust, curling her pussy up at me. And, without consciously trying, we were fucking. I was finally fucking Julia! Sex with my daughter's thirteen-year-old friend! Damn!

With Julia hugging me, we fucked slowly, each stroke exquisitely pleasurable. A quiet moan caught my ear - a different moan. Glancing to the side, I gasped. Leila, watching me having sex with her best friend, had her nightshirt rucked up, masturbating, her hand moving at her crotch, legs parted. Our eyes met. She smiled, light hazel eyes twinkling, then watched where I was penetrating Julia.

Julia's quiet gasp drew me back. Her eyes were closed. Her hips moved faster, fucking me. I stroked into her faster, reaching down to cup her sexy buttocks, pulling her against my thrusts, cock swelling, pleasure washing through me. Curling my hips, I fucked her with gentle, full strokes, her pussy so tight but now wet. I could picture my thick erection stretching her hairless labia, plunging into her young body, and the image brought me dangerously close.

Then Julia let out a long groan, "Oh Gaaaawd," and her pussy clamped down so hard it was almost painful.

Her legs trapped my hips, tightening against me, and that incredible moment arrived when pleasure intensifies and your body tenses in a prelude to ecstasy. Fucking Julia, knowing I was going to cum in her adolescent body, my erection stiffened, thick and rigid beyond belief. Julia panted, her pussy thrusting up at me, gripping me tightly. Pressure built, an ache in my groin emerging.

I reached the tipping point, that moment beyond which there was no going back. Fucking Julia, thrusting, plunging into her pussy, my cock swelled massively. Balls tightened. Pain arrived and, with a massive explosion of utter bliss, I came, semen racing up to erupt deep inside her, beautiful pleasure swamping me. Another firm stroke and I exploded, cock expanding, cum bursting into her, sweet relief slamming into me. The full storm of my orgasm rushed in and, with firm, deep thrusts, I came hard, cum spurting, body clenching. I came so damned hard, semen flooding her, thrusting, rutting, cumming, each pulse exquisite, utter joy washing over me in a perfect climax, chasing it all the way down, thrusting until I was drained, empty, satiated.

We slowed. Perspiration coated my back. My erection softened but remained thick, engorged, Julia's pussy gently clenching me as final tendrils of her climax faded. We stopped moving, my chest heaving, body drained of energy. Lethargy set in; that feeling of utter peace.

Eventually, I rolled off her to her side, away from my daughter. I had nothing left except the memory, a memory I was going to cherish. So drained, I didn't stir until I heard Leila talking.

"So, how was it?" she asked Julia.

"Like . . . Like, amazing!" Julia replied. "I came twice! Would you let me do it again with your dad sometime?"

Leila laughed lightly. "Maybe. But it's my turn next. I'm still horny."

I felt Julia turn on her side and opened my eyes. She was facing away from me towards my daughter.

"How long does it take for guys to recover?" Julia asked. "Could I watch you next time? What did it look like?"

Leila grinned. "It looks really, really sexy! I got so horny I had to masturbate while you guys were doing it!"

"So how long does your dad take to recover?"

"It depends. Maybe we can both make him horny together. You should try sucking him. It's so much fun. When he cums his eyes go crossed and he cums, like, a ton!"

Julia laughed brightly. "I know! I'm leaking like crazy!"

Suddenly, ominous whispers started.

"Hey, Dad! Are you awake? Julia and I want to try to turn you on again. I'm horny! Wanna play?"

Jeeezus!! What had I started?

Glancing down, I asked, "What do you think, Bruce?" My lower brain was sleeping like a baby; not a stir, not a twinge.

"Who's Bruce?" Julia asked.

"Bruce Banner."

Both girls looked puzzled. I explained about my good friend currently sleeping - Bruce Banner, and his alter ego The Hulk.

Damn, I adored their giggles! Life was very good indeed!


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