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Giving a daughter away can be very traumatic for a loving father.

She turned slightly to look up at her father, adoration in her expression, her warm cerulean blue eyes riveting. The gossamer white veil couldn't hide the love that burned so brightly, her beauty so clear despite the lace.

He felt her hand tighten on his arm as he escorted her down the aisle, the heat of her burning gaze felt physically. The aisle stretched out before him, seeming longer and more daunting than what he remembered from rehearsal. With guests eyes on his daughter he felt her tremor, the hesitation in her steps, and felt the unspoken cry of anguish in the intensity of grip on his arm. A war raged inside him. It was the right thing to do, but God it hurt.

Unable to stop himself he glanced down at her. Her eyes, such pretty eyes, glistened with unshed tears, eyes of love looking up at him. All in white, her simple wedding gown made of delicate lace and silk, took him back - a flash of memory - Claire at seven years old standing at his bedroom door wearing her favourite white nightshirt with white lace at the neck . . .


"What's up, Claire?" he asked from his bed as she stood at the door, her cute face so pretty, adorable blue eyes wide.

"Had a nightmare, Daddy. Can I sleep with you?"

He melted at his daughter's fear, his heart constricting. "Of course you can," he said, lifting the quilt, inviting her in. He'd do anything, anything at all for his Claire.

"Thanks," she said, dashing to the bed and throwing herself under the quilt. She cuddled close, shivering from the cool winter night. He heard her inhale deeply and sigh. Her body relaxed, thigh muscles easing. "Love you Daddy," she whispered.

He hugged his little girl to his side and smiled with amusement when her arm reached over his chest. His heart thudded when she murmured and cuddled closer, as if she was trying to get closer than physically possible. "I love you, too, Princess," he answered in a whisper; too late. Claire started snoring softly; cute little snores that brought images of a kitten purring to mind.

He woke to her giggle. "Stop poking, Daddy."

Embarrassed, he rolled onto his back, his morning erection strong. "Sorry, sweetheart."

"What was it?" she asked, turning to look at him.

He felt his blush. "No, please don't," he said, gently pulling her searching hand back up to his chest.

"But, Daddy . . ."

"No, Love. Not there."

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God - and in the face of this company - to . . ."

He studied his daughter's willowy body as she stood at the altar, looking resplendent in her white silk gown, delicate lace intricately blended with solid white patterns, a long train cascading from her head. She sensed his gaze and turned, glancing at him, her eyes probing and questioning.

A flash of memory stormed in at him; Claire at seven and a half . . .


She charged uninvited into his bedroom as if her butt was on fire, naked except for plain white cotton panties. "Scared, Daddy!"

She launched herself onto the bed, a small bundle of energy reacting to the peals of a summer thunderstorm shaking the house vigorously. He welcomed her, suspicious at the smile on her face and distracted by the soft kiss she gave him on his cheek. "Love you, Daddy," she claimed eroding his suspicion, his heart melting when his little girl snuggled to his side, reached for his arm and pulled it around her to be hugged. He smiled as she sighed loudly with satisfaction, turned and wiggled back against him pushing her bum onto him.

She was an imp, a cute, loveable imp, he decided, pride making him smile.

A probing little hand woke him, a hand moving so gently and carefully. For just a moment he pretended to sleep, her delicate exploration feeling remarkably good. With his eyes still closed he could feel her warm breath against his side, her face close to his chest. The way she carefully traced his erection over his boxers felt nice, gently arousing him, something that he hadn't felt in far too long. When her small hand circled his shaft, he throbbed with desire and reluctantly reached down, carefully pulling it away.

"No, sweetheart. Don't touch me there."

"But, Daddy, it's so big. Why?"

"It gets like that, Claire. You mustn't touch it."

"Does it hurt?"

He chuckled at the innocence of her question. It did hurt, just not how she thought. Rolling onto his side he wrapped his little girl in his large arms, hugging an inquisitive child. Suddenly he remembered her smile from the night before.

"You weren't scared of the thunder, were you?" he asked, kissing her crown, smelling her sleepy aroma, an intensely calming, attractive, easily addictive scent.

She shook as she giggled quietly at her ruse. "Nope." Wiggling out of his arms, she rose on her elbows, startling cerulean eyes peering at him, her blonde hair messy from sleep. "Can I tell you a secret?" she asked impishly in a hushed tone. "I just wanted to sleep in your bed. Are you angry with me?"

He smiled, loving the impish grin she graced him with, his heart constricting. He loved her so much, so much. "How about breakfast?" he said with a squeeze of her little bum, his heart swelling at her giggle.

"Kay," she said, groping his erection quickly before scrambling out of bed. With a peal of laughter she yelled, "It's big again, Daddy!"

He smiled as she disappeared through the bedroom door, her busy little bum jiggling under white cotton panties that were way too loose in the back, sagging slightly, cotton thin enough to drape over petite rounded buttocks.

". . . join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony . . ."

Claire smiled at him softly, almost ruefully, her eyes glistening from under the veil. He felt like she was reading his mind, a talent he'd long believed she had. She was seeking something in him, a shadow of sadness passing through them when she didn't find what she'd looked for. She turned to look at her fiancé. He saw her long blonde hair catch a ray of sun streaming through the stained glass window making it shimmer like threads of gold. His heart ached. A memory flashed before his eyes.

Claire, eight years old, charging out of the school doors, running towards him, blonde hair streaming and bouncing, spun gold in the sunlight . . .


"Daddy! Daddy! Look!" she yelled, waving a piece of paper in the air, her sweet face glowing with the pride of accomplishment. "I got an A, Daddy!" exclaimed breathlessly with awe and pride of achievement.

She slammed into him so hard it rocked him on his feet, his arms flying out to maintain a precarious balance before folding them around her. "Well, well. It's about time," he said with mock sternness and a fake frown. Two cerulean eyes beamed with pleasure, her grin piercing him, so pretty he almost hurt.

"Daddy!" Claire exclaimed loudly in mock sternness, "I've had A's before!"

"But this was in math. I'm very proud of you," he said, lifting her up and wrapping her in a hug, her body still so slender and light.

She nestled her face into his neck and inhaled deeply. She sighed. "Can I have ice cream?"

He smiled with pleasure, at peace from his daughter's hug, a peace only Claire could provide. "Yup. An 'A' deserves ice cream."

That evening she sat next to him on the sofa, her attention riveted to Home Improvement, her body shaking in laughter. Reaching out, he pulled her tight, his little girl, his whole world, his life. He thanked God for her.

She turned and looked up at him, her pretty face smiling. He saw the smile fade from her sweet face, cerulean blue sparkling; such a pretty girl. His chest ached. Her obvious adoration hurt. He couldn't stop himself. Memories of her gentle hand probing, her soft kisses and heartfelt hugs, pulled at him with a mystical force. He kissed his daughter softly, lips closed, an earthquake shaking him when her soft lips touched his. "I love you, Princess," he whispered, his little girl's eyes widening in awe.

Claire visibly shivered, eyes wide with wonder. "Again?" she whispered almost reverently.

"Love you, Daddy," she whispered when the kiss ended. Turning back to the TV she snuggled close.

He sat quietly and replayed the touch of her silky soft lips against his, so small, so arousing. His erection throbbed gently.

When his little girl appeared at his bedroom door, naked with loose white cotton panties that drooped, too well worn, washed so many times they'd lost elasticity, his heart tripped. He watched a glorious smile grow on her pretty face when he raised the edge of the quilt, inviting her into his bed, ceding to his need, to his desire to have Claire close, his heart singing as she dashed and jumped onto the bed, scrambling in a flurry of movement to get underneath, to get to warmth, to get to Daddy.

"Need a goodnight kiss, Daddy," she said as she snuggled close.

For a moment he drowned in her crystal clear blue eyes and pretty, pretty face.

"Kiss?" she asked again when he didn't move.

The adoration in her face had hurt. It made his chest tighten, his little girl so pretty in his eyes. She was mesmerizing, intoxicating. He felt it, powerful, a primal and uncontrollable sensation, love and desire, a strong combination. God I love her and want her, he admitted. He wrapped her in his arms, so slight, so little, my little girl. Pulling her up, he kissed her gently, touched her soft closed lips, an erection stirring.

Her look of awe, eyes wide, her soft whispered order, "Again, Daddy. Kiss me again," completed his erection, filled his heart, and when she wiggled against his erection she gently demolished any remaining defences. Caressing her petite white cotton-clad bottom, he kissed her again, his eyelids falling, drowning, drowning in the gentle kiss of his child. With his heart beating hard and loud he tasted her lips, soft, so silky. A moan started deep in his chest, a rumble felt physically when his little girl's lips yielded, her mouth opening, her tongue greeting his. Precum stained his boxers as he French kissed his sweet daughter, the mist of arousal, of desire, descending over him.

"That's a nice kiss, Daddy," she sighed when it ended. "Love you," she added softly, her hand moving down between them, reaching. "Can I feel it?" she asked.

His erection jerked. He caressed her sweet bottom, her seductive little bottom. "Yes, Love. You can feel it," he said with a smile, now wanting to feel her gentle touch.

His little girl fumbled around and explored. She smiled when she finally touched him, the palm of her little hand caressing it. He shuddered.

"It's so big, Daddy."

He physically shook. Moving his hand off her sexy little panties, he slipped it inside and cupped her bare bum, dizziness overwhelming him at his first touch, this first time touching his child sexually. She imitated his action, her hand burrowing into his boxers to carefully hold his rigid shaft.

His tenuous hold on morality snapped when she rubbed precum over his crown, her hand gliding down to squeeze his thick shaft. A tsunami of arousal hit him, his little girl's gentle grip sending pulses of pleasure through him.

Exploring carefully, he traced the seductive curve of her small buttock, his fingertips tracing the sensual valley, feeling the amazing shape of an eight-year-old bottom, his little girl's naked bottom! It was so sexy in its smallness, cool to the touch, a perfect handful sculpted by God.

"That feels good, Daddy," Claire sighed, resting her face on his broad chest. She moved her bottom against his probing finger, pushing back, encouraging his touch, sighing again loudly, her little body trembling.

Probing, he finally touched his daughter's small, perfectly hairless pussy, feeling her tiny, sensual cleft slightly moist. His heart thumped harder when, as he probed carefully, silky soft labia parted to hug the tip of his finger in a moist embrace.

"I love your touch, Sweetie," he murmured. "Does this make you feel good?" he asked, stroking her short cleft.

Claire jumped when he rubbed her tiny clit.

"Do that again," she whispered.

He probed, touched her deep, rubbed, drowning in the eroticism of fondling his little girl, his erection thick and pulsing with need. He groaned when she gripped his penis tightly, squeezing more precum from him. As if she could sense his pleasure, she stroked him, her hands slippery.

The rage of need stormed his body, his erection straining at her gentle stimulation. Arousal fogged his mind, desire drumming a strong beat.

"Let's get these off," he said, pushing her loose cotton panties down. She wiggled out of them while he shucked his boxers, desire coursing through him. Bringing her on top, holding her sweet little bottom, he kissed his little girl again slightly harder, slightly more insistently. Her legs naturally fell to his sides. Their tongues touched. His finger stroked her tiny slit from behind, feeling how it had parted, her silky moisture so slippery, so erotic, so exciting.

Tongue carefully probing her mouth, his erection swelled against her soft tummy, the weight of her making it feel so good. Claire moaned and wiggled on his penis, precum spreading, suddenly everything slippery. Combing his fingers through her silken hair, his desire intensified, her little tongue teasing his. The kiss ended.

"I need you, honey," he said softly, pulling her up by her bottom, the tip of his erection slipping and pressing against her small pussy. "Daddy needs you."

Two cerulean eyes looked at him, beautiful eyes. She moved her bum in a circle, worming herself against the tip of his erection, testing.

"Kay," she whispered, resting her cheek on his chest.

Holding two gorgeous little buttocks in each hand, he spread them carefully, his body automatically hunching in the motion of sex, the tip pressing against her tiny pussy, easing, pressing, precum oozing out to lubricate. She became slick, her labia forced apart to hug the tip of his erection. His darling felt so good on top of him. She felt so petite, so light, so excitingly small. His erection pulsed, painfully stiff, so thick, desire to experience sex with his little girl storming his body and mind.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," she sighed, reinforcing her readiness with a push back, her little pussy spreading tightly over his crown.

He pressed her bottom down and hunched up, his erection oozing deeper millimeter by millimeter and felt her twitch, felt his child give him her virginity, her body jerking in pain.

She cried out, "It hurts, Daddy."

A war raged inside him. He struggled to hold still, his crown gripped in the tightest hold he'd ever felt, warm velvet, pulsing, clenching, almost painful to him. His body cried out for him to thrust, to fully penetrate, go deeper.

"Relax, sweetheart," he whispered, hugging her trembling body. He kissed her crown, caressed her bare back, rubbed her sensual little buttocks and the back of her silky thighs. Minutes passed, exquisite minutes of anticipation, excitement, on the cusp of bliss.

Eventually his little lover, his child, his Claire, raised her head from his chest. Two tearful cerulean eyes looked at him, a soft smile on her beautiful face. "It feels better now. Does it feel good, Daddy?"

His heart swelled. "It feels wonderful, baby. You're so beautiful," he smiled back.

She rested her cheek on his chest again. "I love you, Daddy," she whispered. She pressed back against his erection carefully.

He held his daughter's small body against him, one hand on her back, the other on her little bottom. Need and desire was punishing him. He felt lightheaded. His little girl's pussy was so tight, squeezing his crown so hard. Each pulse of his erection released more precum. She felt so good in his arms, naked together, the tip of his erection penetrating her tight little pussy.

When she moved slightly, his crown slipped in deeper, her entrance now gripping his shaft. Panting, unable to hold himself back any more, he started hunching, pushing gently and pulling back, holding her sexy little bottom, holding her slender small body. The feeling of penetrating her, of feeling his erection sink deeper and held in a tight, tight sheath brought dizziness and arousal and excitement. His heart strained. He was having sex with his little girl! He was loving his daughter! And she felt so, so good, so perfectly petite, so beautiful.

They moved together softly with short, exquisitely gentle strokes, just the crown rubbing deep inside her tight sheath.

"Better now, Daddy," Claire whispered, her bum moving with him, sweet buttocks flexing sexily.

They fucked gently, short strokes, loving each other, breathing slightly harder from hearts racing. He closed his eyes, held his loving child tight and fucked her gently, small strokes, crown massaged deep inside her, pure delight, so good. This was heaven.

Claire twitched, her hug tightening. She twitched again, hunching her bottom down, pressing him deep. As if something broke inside her surprising her, she gasped loudly "Daddy!" her body trembling, twitching and jerking, her little pussy clenching. She gasped and cried out again.

At the sound of his child climaxing his orgasm stormed in, erection swelling. Hunching up, he pressed her small bottom down and buried his erection deep, so amazingly deep it pressed against the entrance to her immature womb. Semen released and charged up his shaft. "Cumming, baby," he gasped. His erection exploded, hot wet cum jetting out into his little darling and flooding his crown. He heaved uncontrollably again, semen erupting, stars in his eyes as pleasure pounded his body. With his little girl jerking and trembling on top of him, he came hard, spurting his semen deep into her, filling her little womb, filling his little girl, thrusting gently, crown swelling, cumming hard, cumming in his eight-year-old darling.

". . . to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honourable among all men; and therefore - is not by any - to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly . . ."

His attention returned, Claire standing at the altar, an angel all in white. He wondered if she'd be happy in marriage, a little voice inside yelling at him she wouldn't. He admired her willowy body, the wedding gown following her shape so beautifully. She'd matured into such a stunningly gorgeous lady. He smiled, a memory flashing through his mind . . .


"Daddy, look!" she exclaimed with excitement running through the bedroom, eleven years old, and as slender as a reed. "I've got boobs!"

He looked at her standing in the door of the bathroom as he shaved. She was naked, a nymph, gorgeous, her face glowing with pride, her chest thrust out. "See?" she said, pointing to two bumps. "Here, feel."

When he carefully felt the firm nubs he began to grow erect.

Claire giggled. "Wow. I think you like them," she said with a grin, reaching out to take his penis in her small hand and fondling it gently. It swelled, thickened, and extended. She smiled up at him and squeezed it. "Don't you want to kiss them?" she asked playfully thrusting her chest out.

Rinsing the shaving cream from his face, he reached for her. His little girl laughed and ran. He followed her bouncing sexy bum, grabbing her as she was about to dive over the bed. Holding her, he turned her and pushed her back onto the bed, legs hanging over the side. Grinning and holding her writhing body as she laughed hard, he bent and kissed her tiny boobs. Her laughter died when he sucked gently.

"Wow. That felt really nice, Daddy."

Her legs rose as he sucked her newly emerging boobs, hooking around his waist. She tightened her legs slowly, tugging at him. "I'm horny, Daddy," she said, her eyes softening.

Under his ministrations her responsive little nipples stiffened into beads. He shuddered when she reached down between them and held his erection with familiarity. He increased his lips' suction and let her tugging hand draw his erection closer, her legs adding to her urgency by tightening around his waist.

It was one of his favorite moments, sexier and more erotic than so many others. It was that first touch when the tip of his erection touch her sexy little cleft. He moaned into her budding breast when her labia parted to welcome him. His little girl rubbed the tip up through her slit, over the bump of her clitoris and her pubic bone and back down nestling it against her pussy. Satisfied, she applied pressure with her legs slowly drawing her Daddy's erection in. A familiar and erotic sensation hit him, his little lover's pussy yielding slowly, oozing over him, welcoming his erection with a silky moist kiss.

"Hurry, Daddy. Really horny now," she moaned, her hands holding his neck, tugging, urging him. He felt her opening stretch slowly, exquisitely. "Hurry!" she gasped, now tugging hard. His erection suddenly penetrated with a flare of pure pleasure. It plunged into her tight velvet grip. His little darling was wet and slippery and warm, so exquisitely tight. His erection thumped against her cervix, buried completely, ensconced in a snug, erotic grip.

"Yessss, just like that," she sighed, tugging his neck, pulling him for a kiss. Her mouth opened against his, her tongue pushing forcefully into his mouth. He withdrew his erection slowly knowing how she'd react. She didn't disappoint, yanking him back with her legs, pulling him deep, all the way. "Yessss," she hissed in pleasure.

Rising, he held his daughter's narrow hips, withdrew and thrust into her. Her body jerked up on the bed. She grinned, cerulean eyes burning with arousal. "Like my boobs?" she asked with a giggle, her hands pressed to her nubs. Looking down, he watched his thick, glistening erection plow into her, her labia pressing in, clitoris dipping to kiss his shaft. God he loved the sight. He withdrew, her pussy gripping him, reluctant to let him escape, her small cleft stretched around his shaft. As happened every time, the sight drove him crazy, his erection plunging into his little girl.

She grunted with each forceful thrust, her body moving on the bed. He thrust into her hard, staring feverishly at his thick erection plowing into her little pussy. He fucked his beautiful little girl, balls growing heavy.

"Uh! Yes! Cumming, Daddy," she cried out, her body suddenly thrashing.

With a roar, vision narrowing to his erection pounding into his little lover, he climaxed, shoving deep, freezing, semen exploding. He pulled back and shoved, froze, semen jetting out, pleasure, pleasure. Groaning with the overwhelmingly exquisite feel of cumming in his daughter, he thrust into her with short strokes, semen spurting, cumming, spurting, gripping her small hips, shoving, spurting gloriously, cumming hard in his princess.

". . . to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly - but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons . . ."

He saw her glance at him, her eyes burning. He knew what she was thinking. She'd always been brutally honest with him, loving and tender, but honest. He remembered her fierce determination with a smile . . .


"Dad," she said firmly, fists on her slim hips, long blonde silky hair shaking. At fourteen she was simply spectacular. Small breasts poked at her T-shirt. Her compact rear was beautifully outlined by tight jeans. But her face, that gorgeous face with eyebrows drawn together in anger, a frown making her mouth pout seductively, and cerulean eyes flashing anger and stubbornness made his heart break. God, he loved her so much it hurt.

"No, Claire. It's not going to happen. You're keeping the IUD." Even arguing his point he felt a special thrill, the idea that his darling wanted to carry his child was surprisingly erotic. "One day, perhaps. But never at your age."

"When, then?" she asked forcefully.

"Maybe some day."

"No, Dad. That's not good enough. I want a commitment, a promise. I want a baby, your baby. When?"

It tore at his heart seeing her so determined, so beautifully angry. It was wrong, fraught with danger, and yet it excited him; Claire, his little girl pregnant with his child. The concept gave him an erection. But no, the danger too great.

He stood and strode across the room, gathering her in his arms, his baby, his stormy girl. "I love you, Claire, you know that. But this, this is asking too much. You've got to see that."

"But, Daddy," she complained. "I love you. I want us to have a baby."

He pulled back slightly, lifting her chin, trembling when he saw unshed tears in her eyes. He kissed her lips gently and kissed each eye. "Honey, I'll talk about it seriously after you've graduated university."

Her eyes studied him intently. "You will? You promise?"

"I promise, sweetheart."

She smiled at him and reached up, tilting her head and drawing him down into another kiss, her soft lips moving against his, parting slightly to let her tongue out. Their kiss grew passionate, Claire pressing against him.

He slipped his hand between their bodies popping open the button on her jeans. Pulling her slender body to him, his hands slipped down her back and inside the waist, touching her panties, burrowing down until he held her spectacular bare bum in his hands. She moaned into his mouth, pressing her groin against his erection, rubbing him.

Releasing him, she stepped back, her lips swollen. "Come, Dad," she said with a shy smile, taking his hand. She led him down the hall, past his bedroom, pulling him into her bedroom. She hadn't slept there in over six years, her room still exactly as it was as a little girl, pink bedspread on the single bed, stuffed animals on the bed and shelves, her small desk still covered with her childhood books.

"We've never made love here," she said. "I'd like to. It makes me feel like a little girl again."

"You'll always be my little girl," he said softly, lovingly.

Claire undressed slowly under his watchful eyes, smiling when she saw his thick erection throb inside his pants. When she kicked off her jeans she stood up. "You do the rest, Daddy," she said. She knew how he liked to undress her.

He studied his daughter's pubescent body, her small white thin cotton bra cupping her petite breasts, white cotton panties outlining her tender young pubis, her pussy pushing against the cotton, seductively mounded, elastic digging deep at the sides. She took his breath away, so pretty, so coltishly sexy.

Moving close, he caressed her firm little breasts over her bra, finding her nipples, pinching them gently, an action he knew aroused her. Her eyes, staring up at him intently, lost focus. So beautiful. Bending, he brushed her silky blonde hair away from the side of her face, leaned close, and kissed her slender neck, smiling when she murmured. He nibbled her ear lobe, caressing her sexy breasts. She melted, trying to press herself against him. He backed off.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered in her ear. "I love you so much, my Princess."

His hand lightly caressed her side, moving down gradually. When he felt her cotton panties, he slipped his fingers across her hip, and slowly moved his hand towards her pouty mons.

Claire trembled like a frightened fawn, breathing deeply. She moaned when he cupped her pussy gently over her panties. She reached up, her arms circling his neck, pulling insistently, needing a kiss, needing contact, needing love. Her body trembled against him when his finger traced her cleft, his tongue on her lips mimicking his finger below. Moaning, she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue, her body shaking.

"God, Daddy. I'm so horny," she moaned, her lips seeking his for another kiss. "I need you."

He felt his darling tremble, felt himself respond to her passionate kiss and probing tongue. His erection was pulsing and bobbing when he touched a damp spot in the gusset of her cotton panties, the same reaction he always had to her arousal. Moving his hand up, trailing his fingers up along her cleft, he slipped his hand inside the tight waistband, felt the remarkable rise of her mons, the tickle of her new small pubic bush still silky soft, pubic hairs barely curled and almost as blonde as the hair on her head. He shuddered when she unzipped him, reached in and drew his erection out, holding it, squeezing it. Burrowing deep, he pushed his hand down to cup her seductive little pussy, loving how slippery her moisture was, how aroused his little girl would get for him.

"Daddy," she sighed.

His need was sudden and urgent. Pulling back from her hold on his aching erection, he unhooked her bra, slipped her panties down, stood back and stared at his sexy, gorgeous young daughter. Her succulent breasts were small, gravity having no impact, areolae pink, nipples beaded. With a narrow waist, her hips flared slightly, seductively, and nestled in her groin was her perfect little pussy dusted with a blonde bush, so thin he could see her labia, her clitoral hood, God, even her arousal glistening.

His clothes were shed. On her childhood bed Claire kissed his chest, her hand gently holding his erection. She rose, straddling him easily, her eyes intense and burning with arousal. Reaching down she held his thick erection pressing the shaft against her warm, damp pussy. Impishness emerged in those enchanting cerulean blue eyes. She grinned, rubbed herself along his thick, rigid shaft and asked cheekily, "How does this feel?" She caressed his shaft with a single exquisite stroke. "Does your little girl's pussy feel good? Does it, Daddy?"

He reached up and cupped her small, perky breasts, teasing the nipples with his thumbs..

"Yes. I love your pussy, Princess," he replied. Caressing her breasts, so firm, so utterly delectable, he watched his little girl rise to her knees, slip the crown of his erection through her sexy cleft, pressing it back with practiced ease till it was nestled at her opening.

"Ready, Daddy?" she whispered.

She moaned when he squeezed her aching breasts and pressed down onto his erection. As if he was too thick for her she lifted and tried again, pressing down, almost forcing it in, forcing her pussy to stretch to take Daddy in. She sighed when the crown slipped in, her opening sealed over his thick shaft. She paused, eyes closed as if relishing the sensation of being penetrated. Blonde hair cascaded over her front and back. She smiled with pride. Her eyes opened and bent, kissing him lightly.

In one smooth movement, she sank down, stuffing herself with his erection. He felt every inch penetrate her. Her labia touched his groin and plumped out when she pressed down. He was buried in her sensual pussy, held snugly.

She rubbed her clit against him by hunching her pelvis and moaned, rising to sit tall.

In a deeply erotic motion, his daughter placed the palm of her hand over her lower tummy. To him it looked like she was imagining her Daddy giving her his baby, cumming in her unprotected womb, impregnating her. It was, despite the danger, a deeply arousing sight that almost had him changing his mind.

He slipped his hands to his daughter's narrow hips, lifting her, her vagina caressing his erection as she rose. He guided his little girl back down, erection slipping deep, velvet heat surrounding him in utter pleasure. They moved slowly, fucking slowly, gently, long strokes, beautiful strokes, his little girl's pussy so moist. He loved the sensation of her vagina clenching and relaxing, fascinated at how she held her lower stomach, almost as if she was caressing him inside her, an intensely loving gesture. Their dance of love gradually picked up speed and urgency, arousal driving long penetrating strokes. He felt his climax build slowly, pressure, heaviness, his little girl loving him, caressing his erection with her velvety vagina, rising, lowering, fucking him.

Suddenly she changed her motion, no longer rising and falling. She started scrubbing her pussy back and forth, rubbing her clit on him. An amazing sensation hit him; the feeling of his thick crown being massaged and the very tip rubbing against her cervix.

She moved faster watching his eyes, aware of the signs of his pleasure, knowing that his climax was approaching. She squeezed her pussy tightly on him, moving back and forth, back and forth. She panted, held her breath, panted, a rosy flush emerging above her little breasts. He recognized the onset of her orgasm, a thrilling sight.

The moment arrived, his favorite moment, Claire's pleasure.

She gasped, eyes squeezed shut, hair shaking like a golden curtain. "Daddy!"

"God, cumming, baby," he gasped.

He swelled inside her. Hot wetness flood into her.

"Oh God, Daddy!" she cried out, her climax upon her, her body shaking with ecstasy. She fell forward onto his chest, her body twitching and jerking uncontrollably.

He hugged his little girl hard, erection swelling, spurting hot, thick semen into her womb, utter pleasure coursing through him. His erection swelled painfully, semen bursting. With tiny movements, he fucked his darling, thrusting, ejaculating beautifully with every clench of her tight pussy, his little princess jerking in his arms. He came hard, spurting, beautiful bliss, semen surging, cumming, cumming, so good, so good baby.

". . . Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined . . ."

Claire felt tightness in her chest. She looked at her fiancé, handsome in his tux, his face so proud. It brought her no joy. Her heart was heavy, "It's not what I want, Daddy, it's not," she said to herself, glancing at Dad. She saw sorrow and determination in his sexy blue eyes. It hurt she loved him so much. Sounds faded. She smiled remembering her little revolt. Would she ever tell him?

He saw his daughter smile at him, radiant, glowing, all in white. He felt her. She was a part of him, joined to his soul. He felt his heart ache and the prickling of tears as he stood, locked in a ceremony he had forced on her, a ceremony that was taking his little girl away from him. What choice did he have? He hurt he loved her so, so much. Suddenly he wanted to leave, run from the church and escape from the pain of giving his child away. Sweat broke out, panic flooded in.

". . . . If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

"No!!!" It was out of his mouth before he realized it. Claire turned sharply, cerulean eyes wide, hope blossoming in her beautiful face.

"Daddy?" she asked, her voice questioning, her heart pounding. "Daddy?"

He felt it. It hurt. Intense love hurt. It felt like a heart attack, his breath short, his body trembling. "I can't, sweetheart," he said, agony in his voice. "I can't let you . . . I can't."

Her smile radiated joy. It seared him. She walked over to him, took him in her arms and drew him close. "I knew you wouldn't let me go, Daddy," she whispered, her body shaking. Happiness flooded her. Now she'd be able to tell him she was pregnant and carrying his child, her little revolt.


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