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Welcome! I am an American male erotica writer with a focus on stories that use geeky themes, especially ones from anime, manga, and hentai.
My stories are available in many places, but I consider this the best site for reading them as I have maximum control over presentation and formatting here.
Please enjoy the stories and feel free to send a comment.

Move your mouse cursor over chapter titles to see the individual chapter descriptions and story codes, but beware spoilers! (Phone/tablet users look here for those instead.)

Completed stories are also available as PDF downloads in regular and "e-book" size, which is perfect for mini tablets and smart phones!

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The Stories

Interview With The Tentacle Demon cover thumbnail Interview With The Tentacle Demon
A tentacle rape demon is captured and brought to a government lab, but studying him leads Dr. Claire Thompson through challenges she never could have imagined.

Chapter 1: Arrival web txt pdf pdf e-book
Chapter 2: Feeding web txt
Chapter 3: Surrender web txt
Chapter 4: Sample web txt
Chapter 5: Sorority web txt
Chapter 6: Rumors web txt
Chapter 7: Report web txt
Chapter 8: Convict web txt
Chapter 9: Anticipation web txt
Chapter 10: Threesome web txt
Chapter 11: Counselor web txt
Chapter 12: Cat web txt
Chapter 13: Senator web txt
Chapter 14: Wolf web txt
Chapter 15: Houseguest web txt
Chapter 16: Finale web txt

The Five Forms of Kimber cover thumbnail The Five Forms of Kimber
Kimber and her companion use her medallion's shapeshifting magic to hunt for a set of lost relics.

Chapter 1: Fire Stone web txt pdf pdf e-book
Chapter 2: Earth Stone web txt
Chapter 3: Water Stone web txt
Chapter 4: Air Stone web txt
Chapter 5: Stones of Sekenig web txt

Gotham Sirens: Poison Ivy's Rapevine cover thumbnail Gotham Sirens: Poison Ivy's Rapevine
Poison Ivy's new creation gives Catwoman and Batgirl more than they bargained for, and then Harley Quinn joins in the fun.

Gotham Sirens: Poison Ivy's Rapevine web txt pdf pdf e-book

( by DoktorMidnite, used wtih permission)

A Fantasy Too Far cover thumbnail A Fantasy Too Far
She lives her rape fantasies online, but now they are invading her real life.

Chapter 1 web txt pdf pdf e-book
Chapter 2 web txt
Chapter 3 web txt

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther cover thumbnail Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther
A magical girl defends her town with the help of a giant robot in this anime-inspired adventure series.

Episode 1 web txt pdf pdf e-book
Episode 2 web txt
Episode 3 web txt
Episode 4 web txt
Episode 5 web txt
Episode 6 web txt
Episode 7 web txt
Episode 8 web txt
Episode 9 web txt
Episode 10 web txt
Episode 11 web txt
Episode 12 web txt
Episode 13 web txt

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: Cold Front cover thumbnail Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: Cold Front
The magical girl and giant robot team faces a new threat in a feature-length anime-inspired adventure sequel.

Cold Front web txt pdf pdf e-book

King Dong cover thumbnail King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody
A tentacle monster retelling of King Kong.

Act I web txt
Act II web txt
Act III web txt
Act IV web txt
Act V web txt
Act VI new web txt

Cyborganic Bioroid Chronicles cover thumbnail Cyborganic Bioroid Chronicles
An anthology series about robotic, artificial people, so realistic you can even have sex with them. They can be simple servants or fulfill your every fetish…

"The Nyanny"
New parents purchase a robot catgirl nanny and have some fun with her themselves.
web txt
"Open Late"
A young fast food worker is seduced by his dream girl, a robot coworker.
web txt
"All Girls Want a Pony"
A horny woman sates her need at a robot brothel.
web txt
"The Nyanny, Part 2"
Amanda attacks the robot catgirl nanny in a fit of jealous rage.
web txt
"Bikini Ski Bunnies"
Three guys go on a ski trip with robot bunny girls.
web txt
"Open Late, Part 2"
A young fast food worker faces the consequences of sex with his robot coworker.
web txt

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