Fantasy Fiction by "Pedo Phil"


This collection includes only entirely fictional but explicit fantasies of adults and children enjoying sex. If that offends you, please go elsewhere.

These stories describe only consensual encounters, mutually enjoyed by all parties. The author strongly believes in the literal meaning of pedophilia, which is "love of children."

Newest stories appear LAST in the list below.

Short story in one chapter -- 50k)
Cruising rural America in a borrowed RV, a man unexpectedly meets an 8-year-old girl who surprises him... but not as much as he surprises her. (cons, M/g 8)

Short story in one chapter -- 47k)
Exhausted after weeks of work rescuing and treating homeless pets after a devastating hurricane, a volunteer veterinarian finds an unexpected reward for his altruism in a lonely, roadside motel. (Note: No bestiality, only M/g 8 kiddie sex)

Short story in one chapter -- 63k)
Imagine your surprise to find a little child porn star show up on your porch in a cute costume on Halloween.
(cons, M/g 8)

(Chapter 1 of 3 -- 50k)
An 8th-grade teacher with no special training is asked to take over a Special Ed 2nd-grade class for a day. He unexpectedly gets some "special education" himself from a little student. (cons, M/g 7)

(Chapter 2 of 3 -- 61k)
Later that same day...

(Chapter 3 of 3 -- 51k)
Later that same evening...

(Story in one chapter -- 40k)
A reporter stops in a small town where he meets a blowsy diner waitress who comes on to him over lunch. But he's far more interested in her shy little daughter -- a child who turns out to be completely innocent, but not completely inexperienced. (cons, M/g 8)

(Short story in one chapter -- 32k)
This story is told from a woman's point of view. Possibly a bad idea, because I am not a woman. But I have an active imagination, and I like to experiment. I'd be curious to hear a woman's opinion of it. (cons, M/g 7, F solo)

(Chapter 1 of ? -- 20k)
Returning from a trip to Japan, Max visits his sister for a few days. When his precocious little niece finds some surprising things in his suitcase, surprising events follow. (
cons, M/g 8)

(Chapter 2 of ? -- 39k)
Later that same evening...

(Chapter 3 of ? -- 48k)
The next day...

(Chapter 1 of 3 -- 24k)
A devout priest manages to repress his secret longing for the children of the Catholic girl's school next door, until a temporary assignment in Bolivia forces him to face the most difficult moral dilemma of his life.
(cons, M/g 7)

(Chapter 2 of 3 -- 23k)
One thing leads to another...

(Chapter 3 of 3 -- 20k)
And another...

(Chapter 1 of ? -- 8k)
A very different story, in two ways. For one thing, the child is the predator, rather than the adult. Nasty little Amanda just loves to seek out "special" men who like little girls, and tease them unmercifully before giving them what they desperately desire. Also, there is absolutely NO dialogue. The entire story is told in explicit visual images.
This is an experiment, unlike anything I've written before, and I'm curious to know what you think of it. (cons, M/g 8)

(Chapter 2 of ? -- 32k)
On Saturday morning, Amanda eagerly pedals her little bicycle to the local shopping mall. It doesn't take her long to find what she's shopping for...

(Chapter 3 of ? -- 23k)
At the local public pool, Amanda lets a stranger do things that should never be done in public. When she suggests going for a ride in his car, she finds an unexpected new opportunity to tease him, in a very different way...

(Chapter 4 of ? -- 27k)
Bored with the childish games at her friend's 9th birthday party, Amanda sneaks away to find a more fun game to play. For the first time in her young life, she's truly shocked by what she finds. And when she returns, she gives her friend the most surprising birthday gift of all...

(Chapter 5 of ? -- 33k)
Playing in the attic, Amanda finds a private girls' school uniform her mom once wore at her age. Which gives her a naughty idea. By the next day, the crisp little school uniform badly needs laundering...

(Chapter 6 of ? -- 44k)
Mommy's new fiance is okay, but Amanda can't stand the thought of moving in with his smug, prissy little daughter. During a weekend trip, the clever little kid finds a way to resolve her problem in an obscenely satisfying way...

(Chapter 1 of 2 -- 27k)
After a wrenching divorce
, an emotionally drained man leaves for a month-long cruise, blissfully alone in his little sailboat. Even that doesn't go well, until a chance meeting with a pretty little girl compensates for his pain, in more ways than one. (cons, Mg 8)

(Chapter 2 of 2 -- 38k)
Chapter 1 continued and expanded, as the lonely man and his new little friend share more intimate secrets in privacy...

(Chapter 1 of 2 -- 59k)
A frustrated lawyer's only chance to win a big case depends on coaxing testimony from a mute, autistic orphan who just turned 8 years old last week, and looks no older than 6. But he unexpectedly coaxes far more from the shy little girl than he could ever have imagined.
(cons, Mg 8)

(Chapter 2 of 2 -- 27k)
After obtaining the testimony he needs, the lawyer celebrates by giving the sulky, whimpering little kid what she needs, to a very deeply satisfying conclusion for both man and child...

(Epilogue -- 71k)
I never intended to write a third chapter of this story, but I got so many requests that I wrote an epilogue instead. It turns out that autistic little Cathy is a very clever child. And life is unfair.

(Short story in one chapter -- 48k)
Imagine what you could say to a willing and eager little girl who doesn't speak your language. Imagine what she could say to you as you play with her, if she's taught the words, but doesn't understand what they mean. (cons, M/g 8)

(Episode 1 -- 42k)
The year is 2162, and virtual reality has come a long way. Devices like the "holodeck" of 20th century Star Trek episodes allow anyone to indulge their most depraved fantasies in the privacy of their homes, with no harm done. (cons, M/F/g 6)

(Episode 2 -- 72k)
New technology takes virtual reality one step further. With completely unexpected consequences for all concerned. Even me. I never expected this story to turn out as it did. It just... happened. (cons, M/F/g 7)

(Chapter 1 of ? -- 73k)
I once wrote a story from a woman's point of view, which I was nervous about. Now I'm edging even further out on that perilous limb by attempting to describe the thoughts of a little girl, who loves her Daddy very much.
As always, criticism is welcome. (cons, M/g 6)

(Chapter 2 of ? -- 74k)
Father and daughter have a wonderful time together during Trevor's month-long sexual sabbatical from work
. Until another problem suddenly crops up. But this time it's Trevor's problem -- and it's considerably more serious than Megan's little problems. (cons, M/F/g 6)

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