Heiress to Villainy - Role Reversal

(mf oral piv anal ScFi) (meaning?)
by Maracorby, 2015-11-16

One of the perks that comes from an evil scientist father is all the fun toys. For example, Elyssa has a button on her motorcycle that causes the cars in front of her to move out of her way. I guess it hacks the cars' computers and takes over their brakes and throttle. Elyssa mostly only uses it when people stopped at a light in front of her aren't paying attention.

And when some of the boys at school kept giving girls trouble about the size of their chests, Elyssa borrowed her dad's X-ray goggles (officially, his Multi-Phase Occlusion Bypass Imaging Device), and let any girl who wanted to look at the guys naked. Some of the guys didn't mind, but most of them were insecure enough to shut up quickly.

Sometimes things get weird. Elyssa and Nick had been a couple for a half of a year when we discovered that Dr. Sykora had forgotten to lock his Simulacrum Chamber. After poking around at the control panel briefly, Nick thought it would be fun to try out a copy of Elyssa's body. We strapped him into control chair #1, adjusted the settings, and pressed the button. After two minutes of whirring, bubbling noises, Elyssa's clone emerged naked from the body tube.

The clone was perfect, but not quite the same. Both had hourglass figures and sculpted abs. Both had covergirl lips and shining-abyss eyes. The clone's chocolate-black hair stopped a few inches below its shoulders, though, while Elyssa's fell further down her back. The clone's pussy sported a neatly-groomed landing strip instead of the full Brazilian that I knew Elyssa had under her clothes. And its fingernails were plain, contrasted with the real Elyssa's French manicure. The first thing Nick did in his new body, of course, was play with his enviable tits.

"Hey baby," Nick said as he walked with inexpert femininity up to Elyssa. "What would you think about fucking yourself?" They stood face to face, bizarre reflections of each other, engaged in sexual negotiations.

"Why should I?" Elyssa chortled. "If I wanted to lick pussy any time, I could just snap my fingers and Gretchen would spread her legs for me. Isn't that right?"

"In a heartbeat, ma'am!" I responded.

"Come on baby! When am I going to get another chance like this?" Nick persisted, wrapping his arms around Elyssa's neck. "Think of how much closer it'll bring us for me to know what you feel when we make love!" He touched her shoulder in a way that he knew would turn her on.

Elyssa contemplated the idea for a while. "Okay," she said. "But I will expect reciprocity."

"Absolutely!" Nick agreed.

Elyssa pointed the Nick-controlled-clone toward the couch, and then whispered in my ear, sending me on an errand to her bedroom. When I returned to the Simulacrum Chamber, both Elyssa and her clone were naked on the couch, kissing fiercely and running their hands all over each others tits, hips, and thighs..

Elyssa dropped to her knees in front of the couch. "Scoot up," she said. Nick, in the clone body he was controlling, did as asked and sat on the edge of the couch, legs spread wide. Elyssa began with some sloppy kisses covering Nick's whole outer pussy; then she switched to licks along the slit, teasing but not quite penetrating Nick's inner lips. Nick's body twitched as Elyssa's fingers stroked the edges of his pussy, and he moaned when she pushed her tongue deeper, past one more layer of his clone-body's folds of skin protecting his sensitive clit.

After giving Nick just enough time to get used to the new foreign sensations so far, Elyssa slid a finger deep into Nick's borrowed pussy, causing his clone-body to shake. She worked it slowly in and out while Nick moaned and bit his lip. Elyssa added a second finger and Nick's thighs began to quiver.

"I can't believe you're this wet," Elyssa remarked.

"Mrrflegl," was all Nick could muster as a reply.

Nick's puppet body was clearly about ready to explode, but Elyssa wasn't content to coast. She wrapped her left arm around Nick's waist, anchoring her mouth to Nick's clit while she furiously thrust her fingers in and out of Nick's drenched hole. His hips stayed still, locked in place by Elyssa's arm, but the rest of the clone body thrashed around like a Muppet on speed as it exploded into orgasm. Nick let out a shockingly girlie scream when it hit. Elyssa never relented, but kept lapping at Nick's clit, pumping Nick's hole, and laughing, while the orgasm went on and on. After a few minutes, the clone body was spent, and Elyssa joined the copy of herself on the couch.

"Wow," Nick said after a moment of rest, still in his borrowed body. "I don't know if I can top that, but I'm ready to try. Are you ready to be licked, babe?"

"No no," Elyssa said indignantly. "That's not what I meant by 'reciprocity'. So, Nick - whose cock do you want to suck?"

Nick's surprise was delicious. "You expect me to do you as a dude?!?"

"Fair is fair."

Nick sighed. "Okay, fine. Just make a copy of my body, I guess."

"No can do, lover," Elyssa explained. "It has to be someone that the machine already has a profile set up for. There are 204 of them: world leaders, actors, athletes, boy bands. So like I said - whose cock do you want to suck?"

"I don't know. Just pick someone good looking that I won't't recognize, okay?" Nick said, his voice full of resignation.

"So why does your dad have a profile set up to clone you, Elyssa?" I wondered out loud.

"I don't know. Creepy, right?" Elyssa adjusted the settings for the machine. I noticed that she selected male enhancement from the extras menu. She climbed into control chair #2, and the machine began to whir and bubble again.

Nick looked nervous while we waited for the second clone to emerge. I guessed that this whole situation had been a trap Elyssa had set for Nick to confront his double-standards about sexuality. "Don't worry," I said reassuringly. "Blowjobs are easy. You'll be a pro in no time."

Elyssa emerged from the body tube wearing the body of a twenty-something man with golden hair, sky blue eyes, and six-pack abs. It's dick was flaccid but large. Not porno large, but certainly will-it-fit-in-my-mouth large. From what Elyssa had told me, it was definitely bigger than the one on Nick's real body. Elyssa sat on the edge of the couch, leaning back with her arms behind her head and her eyes closed. Her cock twitched, beginning to grow with anticipation. "Suck it," she commanded without opening her eyes.

Nick brought his clone-body down between Elyssa's clone-body's legs, approaching her cock with his estrogen-etched lips. He held the shaft confidently in his hand - that much was familiar to him. As he began to lick the head, though, his long hair kept getting in the way. I walked up behind him and pulled Nick's hair into a ponytail. Nick looked at me with a mix of helplessness and gratitude.

"Come on, bitch, suck it," Elyssa commanded. Nick affixed his mouth to Elyssa's cock, sucking and swirling, while wanking the shaft back and forth.

"Don't forget the balls!" I said, helpfully. Nick dedicated his free hand to Elyssa's scrotum in response.

Elyssa groaned here and there, wordlessly instructing Nick in the art of blowjobs as his technique evolved. Elyssa was clearly well on her way to an orgasm, and Nick was slurping hard and wanking fast, when Elyssa decided it was time for a change. "Okay, now, take the whole thing in," she instructed. Elyssa put her clone hands on the back of Nick's clone-body's head and pushed her cock into his throat. The thing really was big - I wasn't sure I could have taken that much, and I've had way more practice.

Nick gagged, of course, and the blowjob halted while he recovered. Once he had caught his breath, though, Elyssa once again pushed Nick's head down on her cock and groaned. After surprisingly few attempts, Nick was able to keep Elyssa's cock down his throat and swallow her toward ecstasy. Sweat was beading on Elyssa's manly chest, which rose and fell quickly with frequent groans. Finally, both bodies jerked as Elyssa pumped gobs of hot goo into Nick's clone mouth, his head held firmly in place by Elyssa's strong clone hands.

The two lovers took a moment to rest, but only just, because Elyssa's puppet body was still hard. "You want it in the twat, don't you, slut?" Elyssa said to Nick.

He didn't answer at first. She raised an eyebrow to silently ask again. "Yes," he replied meekly.

Elyssa pushed Nick's gorgeous borrowed body - a copy of her own - face down on the ottoman, the glistening clamshell of its sex bulging beneath its beautiful firm ass. She stopped to admire the view. "This is so weird. This is what guys see before they fuck you." A drop of liquid leaked from the tip of the flesh rod in front of her.

Elyssa drove her cock, slowly but surely, balls-deep in Nick's pussy. She fucked him steadily; immediately he was moaning - a woman's moans for a woman's body.

"How does it feel?" Elyssa asked as she fucked him from behind, her hands on his hips. He let out a long slow moan in answer.

"I said how does it feel?" Elyssa insisted, pulling his ponytail with one hand this time.

"It feels great. Don't stop fucking me!" Nick answered. They kept at it and shortly Nick's orgasm popped. It wasn't a big one, but it was unmistakable. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Elyssa grinned, still thrusting, as she let her boyfriend come with his temporary body; then she revealed the rest of her plan. "I think I'm going to fuck you in the ass now," she said. Recognizing my cue, I tossed Elyssa the bottle of lube she had sent me to retrieve earlier.

"Hey now, wait a second..." Nick began to protest.

Elyssa echoed his earlier words back at him: "Think of how much closer it'll bring us for me to know what you feel when we make love!" Nick had no answer.

Elyssa kept fucking Nick's pussy while she wiggled a lubed finger into his butthole and he learned to relax his sphincter. She added a second finger, and then a third, to help prepare him for what was about to happen. Then she pulled her giant glistening cock out of Nick's pussy, covered it with lube, and pushed her way steadily deeper and deeper into his ass.

"Oh god!" Nick grunted as he was being impaled. His beautiful clone mouth hung open.

Elyssa fucked him slowly at first, but soon he was wailing in pleasure. She fucked him hard, right up to the edge of orgasm, biting her own lip in her man's body trying to delay herself just a little bit longer.

"Hey Nick," Elyssa said through panting breath. "You're getting butt-fucked, and you like it. This cock up your ass is about to make you come - in 3, 2, 1..." Right on schedule, Nick let out a womanly shriek of pleasure as his orgasm took hold. At the same time, Elyssa tensed up and groaned as she pushed several spurts of come into Nick's clone's ass.

Elyssa collapsed on top of Nick, and they stayed like that for a minute, her cock still hard inside of him.

"So are we done here?" Elyssa asked.

"Yeah," Nick said. I sorta hoped that someone would volunteer to fuck me - one way or another - but nobody offered.

Elyssa and Nick returned the clones back to the body tube for reclamation, and evacuated the control chairs. In the month and a half that they kept dating after that, Elyssa told me that Nick was a changed lover - but she would never elaborate what that meant.

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