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Kaitlin - by Steve - A writer with a love for the earth meets a lonely young girl who shares that love. Together, they explore a forbidden love. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, rom)

Kammi Learns How - by Beating Off Bob - Lonnie is a beautiful woman who runs a ranch and her crew respects her. But when her 15 year old sister shows up for the summer, the men get restless. Follow Kammi's exploits as Bob, the foreman, teaches her what she wants to learn and Lonnie tries to keep her from getting a swelled head... and belly. (MFf-teen, 1st, reluc, voy, oral, preg)

Karen And Laci - by Letoria - A 30-something recently out lesbian, and her estranged daughter's 14 year old best friend, begin a passionate love affair. (M/f-teen, 1st, oral, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Karen's First Time - by Karen D - Judy and I had been friends since we were little girls. We hung around together, double dated, and shared our experiences with each other. We had apartments in the same building. One Saturday I walked down the hall to Judy's place to spend time with her. (FF, 1st-lesbian expr)

Kathie, The Teenage Neighbor - by NiteWriter - A guy makes the acquaintance of the teenage girl next door. (M/F-teen, ped, oral, anal, 1st)

Kathy - by Aquarius - A young girl's experience with three different men: A neighbor, a stranger, her uncle, all in the same day, all in a weekend. (MMg, ped, inc, 1st, rom)

Kathy - by Rich H - A college guy puts the moves on his girlfriend's visiting younger sister while everyone is out. (M/f-teen, 1st, cheat, oral, bd)

Kathy's First Orgasm - by Anon NixPixer - Daughter can't get satisfaction, so turns to her father for help. (Mf, ped, inc)

Kathy's First Train Trip - by Lisa Cohn - Two children discover the pleasure of the opposite sex on a train ride at night. A coming of age story. (mf, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Kathy's Island - by Hebe - A girl who was filling out at 12, first watches a couple rutting on the beach, then asks her parents about sex. (MFg, ped, 1st, inc)

Katie At The BBQ - by Sir_edward - I was at my Uncle Bill's Labor Day BBQ. I had my eye in my hot older cousin Annie, but little cousin Katie had her eye on me. (mf-teens, youths, voy, 1st, oral)

Katie Becomes A Woman - by Lisa and Sharon - For those who enjoyed our story of Melissa (Melissa's Special Afternoon), we offer this story about Melissa's friend Katie and the advent of her womanhood. (M/f-teen, 1st, ped)

Katie, Focus for My Pain - by Ayreous - When someone has humiliated you, could you turn away from a chance at revenge? A bullied young teenage boy finally learns to release his built up frustrations. Great for him, not quite so great for the girl who takes the brunt of it. (mf-teens, nc, rp, 1st)

Katie Thinks She's Fat - by Anon - She thinks she's fat but Katie is just a little plump. (mf-teens, cpls, inc, 1st)

Katy Comes To Stay - by Logman - My daughter's best friend comes to stay with us and becomes my lover. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, rom)

Kay, My Cousin - by Balmain - A sailor discovers a long lost cousin, and her family. (MF, inc, 1st, mast)

Kayla And Her Daddy - by Durango Dan Kayla's daddy never meant to do what he did with his daughter -- but after his wife died -- his 12 year old daughter began to ask some tough questions. He figured the best way to answer them was to show her. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Kay's First Experience - by Kitty - This is a story about my first time was with a handsome young Air Force man, when I was 12. (M/g, ped, 1st, military, preg)

Keeping It In The Fmaily - by Ham - Grandpas need loving and Holly soon found out that fact as she went through life. She found that a grandpa can bring out the woman in a girl. And Grandpa found that his granddaughter would be able to make him her total slave. (M/f-teen, nc, inc, 1st, oral, anal, ws)

Kelly and Kelly - by brody - Ninth grade was a turning point for this awkward, geeky boy. He got a girlfriend. Then by the end of the year he had a different girlfriend. Both of them were named Kelly. This story is how that boy, Dwight, and those two girls interacted and, as Fate would have it, intertwine their lives together one snowy, snowed in night. (mff-teens, youths, 1st, oral, rom) Part 2

Kelly's Pleasure - by WelshKF A teenage girl delves into a world of sex and pleasure. (Mf-teen, ped, bg-youths, 1st, bi, anal, bd)

Kevin's Story - by Anon - Fourteen year-old Kevin leans invaluable lessons about life from his caring, horny and understanding mom. (F/m, ped, inc, 1st)

Kids Next Door, The - by PeeWee - A story about pesky kids that take me on their youthful sexual journey through preteen curiosity, experimentation and exuberance. (m-teen/bg, youths, exh, 1st, mast, oral)

Kim - by FOXI - A husband and wife have a very sexual relationship and finally realize that their tastes are running toward kinky. They know they've gone too far when their daughter Kim comes into the picture. (MF/g, ped, inc, voy, 1st, oral, anal, sleepy)

Kimberly - by Oyster50 - Tim's got a new job and a new apartment. He meets Kimberly, a gifted sixteen year old who's living with her lesbian aunt. Kimberly finds a friend, then more, and Tim finds a lover, and then much more. (MF/f-teen, underage, 1st, bi, oral, rom)

Kimi Stays Out Late - by Sweet Irish - Kimi discovers what happens when a fifteen-year-old girl stays out late, drinking a lot of booze for the first time. (M+/f, nc, rp, v, 1st, inc)

Kimmy Gets An Education - by Nigela Lamont - A schoolgirl expands her horizons. (MF, FF, 1st, bi, voy) Part 2

Kindergarden Blues - by Beating Off Bob - Lillie Thompson is starting her very first day as a teacher - a Kindergarten teacher. Buddy is starting his very first day of court-ordered community service - as a teacher's aide. What can they both learn as they try to stay afloat in the education pool? And when did they start teaching sex ed in Kindergarten? (MF, 1st, rom)

Kindred Connection - by Sticky Mess - Walking through the hallway Jason tries not to make a sound so as not to wake anybody in the house. He stops thinking he has heard a noise. Jason looks around, he doesn't see anyone so he continues tip-toeing down the hall. (FFM, inc, 1st, voy)

King Dong - by Beating Off Bob - Kathy's idea was to jerk her uncle's shorts down at the family reunion and embarrass him. It didn't occur to her that he might not be wearing underwear. So, when she yelled "GOTCHA!", everyone saw the secret no one had known before. Uncle Bob wad a monster! Well part of him was monstrous anyway. And Kathy wasn't the only one to notice. (MF, Mf-teen, reluc, inc, 1st, mast, oral, size, preg)

Kissin Cousins - Zipper Bird - Terry was 15 when he introduced his young 10-year-old cousin to gay sex. - (Mm, 1st-gay exper)

Kissing Cousins - by Demetrius - Sarah's first holiday away from her parents proves to be a voyage of self-discovery and liberation, with a little help from her cousins. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, bi, mast, oral, anal, rom)

Kissing Cousins On The Farm - by Beating Off Bob - Muffy visits her cousins on the farm every summer, but this year something's different. Her cousins are hiding something. When she finds out what it is, she wants to join in. Then they all find out there's much more to their ancestry than anyone would have thought. What they learn brings new meaning to "It's a family affair". (MF-teen, voy, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Kneeling For A Stranger - by Drummer - A high school boy submits to and adult male and fulfill his fantasy of sucking a man's cock. (Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Knocking Up My Niece - by Beating Off Bob - Mandy finally gets to babysit for her Uncle Bob and Aunt Julie. When they come home tipsy, Aunt Julie's horny, and Uncle Bob would like to solve her problem, but he's had enough to drink that he needs a little help. Now if Mandy would just do this one little thing. (MFf, ped, bi, inc, voy, 1st, preg)

Knocking Up Sister's Friend - by Beating Off Bob - Brad can't keep his mind off Elizabeth, his sister's best friend and. In a fit of frustration he shows her just what happens when he thinks about her. That leads them down a path that makes her belly swell. But the story isn't over there. What will sister do to the man who ruined her friend? (MF-teens, reluc, rough, inc, 1st, preg)

Kory's Fun Time - by Cuzinfred - A girl finds more than she was looking for on a chat site. (mf-teens, mm-bi, 1st, mast, oral, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Kristen and Tina - by Dastardly Dave - Mike strikes up a friendship with his neighbor's thirteen year old daughter that eventually turns into an affair. (M/ff-teens, ped, bi, 1st, mast, oral, anal)

Kristene Comes Home - by Kristen - Kristene Comes Home - by Kristen Kathleen Becker - This one is about Kristene who lives in Lebanon for years, then comes home to the US, and has to try to fit in. (mf-teens, ff, 1st-lesbian exper)

Kristen's New Talent - by Chopra - Did you ever teach someone a new sexual skill? Kristen had never received nor given head until we met. She learned well!! (MF, oral, 1st)

Kristie's Desire - Kristiedahoe - Kristie was a stay-at-home Stepmom that was becoming a tad bit bored with regular everyday life. But when she saw her step-son undressing one day, her life took a turn for the better. (F/m-teen, exh, 1st, oral, anal, size)

Kristie's Thanksgiving Day - by Gina Marie Wylie - Geeky cousin Glennis has a transformation that takes Kristie's breath away, literally. (ff, teens, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Kyle's Special Birthday Treat - by Robnlanda - Kyle's twin sister has planned a special present for their sixteenth birthday. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Lace Panties - by TimberWolf - A short story about an accidental introduction to incest and the fun that can be had at home. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, anal, bi) Part 2

Lady Next Door, The - by John Anais - A fifteen year old boy is seduced by the lady next door. (F/m-teen, 1st)

Lana And Darrin - by Eager46 - While on a short holiday with her Uncle and Aunt, horny 18 year old Lana is so sexually frustrated that she seduces her 14 year old virgin male cousin Darren. (Fm-teens, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Lana And Denise - by Lanka Cream - Two young girls pleasure each other for almost a year but eventually they yearn to experience the next phase of sex. One of their father's becomes the subject of their lust and they hatch a plan of seduction. He is no match for these little temptresses. (Mff, inc, ped, 1st, bi, preg)

Lara: A Weekend To Remember - by Dawn1958 - Lara was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever. At 24, she was babysitting when the most dramatic thing happened to her. Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking. (FFm, nc, 1st, mc, orgy)

Late Admission - by Marcia R. Hooper - Stacy comes to the realization that perhaps her mama's right: there's more to her relationship with her best friend Robin than simple friendship. Problem is, does Robin understand this? (FF, bi, rom, 1st)

Late Bloomer - by Callista - Making up for losing my virginity later than most. (MF, 1st) Part 2

Late Picking-Up DeDe - by Fog Horn - Being Late, and the Events that occurred, end in anonymous oral sex. (M/m+f+-teens, ped, 1st, oral, glory)

Latex Vine - by Vine - If the hottest girl in your high school offered you sex you'd take it right? Things may have gotten kinky that night but the after effects were worth it. (MF-teens, M/plant, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, mc, sci-fi, preg)

Latisha Goes White - by Rammbo - A 14 year old black girl seduces an older white man to take her virginity, but gets more than she bargains for in her young life. (M/f-teen, ped 1st, oral, anal, intr, spank, rom, ws)

Laundry Room - by Marlin - Little sister gets creative... (m-teen/g+, inc, 1st, ped)

Laura - by Aquarius - An Army Platoon Sergeant meets a young underage girl on a west bound bus out of Louisville, Kentucky. He soon learns the girl is a runaway and no real place to go. He takes her home and they eventually fall in love with each other, but legal issues threaten to ensnare their maturing love for each other. (Mf, ped, 1st, rom, military)

Laura And The Old Guy - by Laura Woods - Most girls "lose it" eventually. I did, but not in the way every young girl fantasizes about. It happened in the mountains with a guy old enough to be my grandpa. (M/f-teen, 1st)

Laura's First Blowjob - by Anon - As long as she could remember Laura had lusted after men's cocks. It wasn't men that she liked, it was their cocks. A quick glimpse of a bulge in some man's pants was all it took to get her daydreaming about wrapping her full lips around his big, stiff dick, gently and lovingly coaxing a first taste of pre-cum from his warm round balls. Then with increasing excitement, sucking with abandon until volumes of his hot cum filled her mouth. (M+/F, teens, 1st, oral, slut)

Leaf House - by Iivecchio - When Greg was in sixth grade and Cindy in fifth, they received as a birthday present, a tree house. Built by their daddy's, it was as solid and as safe as two fathers could make it. It had two small rooms with a tower room on top, which for years was the castle tower in many of their games. (mf, youths, 1st, rom)

Leaky Pipes - by Matchead - Broken pipes in a winter vacation rental forces siblings to share a bed. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral)

Leane's First Fuck - by Leane - A story about how a schoolgirl loses her virginity at boarding school to her best friend and their gym teacher. (Mff, youths, voy, reluc, 1st, bd)

Learning About Sex In 1959 - by Unknown Author - It was 1959 -- and information for teenagers about sex was really hard to come by. The first Playboy magazines that came out featured centerfolds with certain patches of hair discretely hidden. (ffm, inc, 1st)

Learning More Than Music From Teacher - by Netman169 - A teacher teaches more than just music to the high school students in her classes. It is based on a true incident. (F/mf-teens, ped, 1st, mast, oral)

Learning The Family Secret - by Beating Off Bob - Sue Ellen is unhappy that her very first train ride is going to be spoiled because her brother Tom has to chaperone her. But Sue Ellen's garden is lush and fertile and needs seeding. And Tom is from sturdy farmer stock and has plenty of seed. Who'd have thought a simple train ride could result in such a bumper crop? (mf-yteens, rom, 1st, inc, voy, preg)

Learning To Love Cock - by Jimbob - Early in life I needed to look at and suck cock. My story starts when I was 13, and tells the story of why, today at age 75, I still like to suck cock and stare at cocks. (mm-teens, M/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Learning To Orgasm - by Master_Bater - I must have been around nine or so, when a close friend first showed me how to masturbate. I grew up in a real protective environment and had absolutely no idea of what he was showing me. When the orgasm hit - I was unprepared. (bb, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast)

Leave It To Beaver: Beaver's Adventure - by PeeWee - The Beaver stays home from school because he is sick about Miss Landers getting married. But when she visits the Cleavers, she gets more than she bargained for from Wally and the Beaver. (Fmb, ped, nd, 1st, oral, anal, sitcom-parody)

Leave It to Cole - by OldFashionedOne - June's Son Cole has been emancipated by his father and been given control of his father's assets. June soon realizes that she has to keep her son pleased to be able to obtain the lifestyle that has always been denied her. (F/m-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, oral) Part 2 - Part 3

Left For The Weekend With The Babysitter - by Lonelyhusbandtom - My parents leave for the weekend and they have a girl a couple years older than me stay with me for the weekend and she ends up taking my virginity. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, mast, oral, voy)

Lennie's First Date - by Daydreamer - Lennie and Ricky are loving sister and brother who live on a farm 12 miles outside of Lubbock Texas. They discover sex at the drive-in with each other and then decide to continue their new special relationship during the coming weekend while their parents are away. (MF, bro/sis, inc, mast, 1st) Part 2

Leslie And Michael - by Jasmine - Leslie, a beautiful eleven-year-old girl experiences sex for the first time with her neighbor, Michael. He is fifty-six and a world traveler and he loves young girls. (M/g, ped, 1st) Part 2

Lesson, The - by Realoldbill - A young man is sent to teach a nubile girl about man-woman relations. (M/f-teen, underage, 1st)

Lessons On His Birthday - by Triple Delta - Tyler's brother, Mark, just turned fifteen, and his parents are renting him a secluded cabin in Colorado. Tyler is worried about his brother, however - specifically, worried about his sex skills. Nobody's taught the kids the moves of the real world, and their all-guys boarding-school education isn't exactly providing them with a lot of learning experiences. So Tyler and his friend Carl take it upon themselves to 'procure' some hands-on teaching supplies. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, 1st, v, bd, oral, anal, ws)

Lessons Out Of School - by Frank Jackson - Monica discovers her brother's hidden videotape, and invites her best friend to watch it with her. The adult movie gets the girls very worked up. (gg, 1st-lesbian exper, rom, mast)

Lessons With Emily - by P. Mitchem - I learn life lessons as a girl named Emily helps me to explore my sexuality and about myself. (mf-teens, ped, 1st, mast, oral, voy)

Letting Lisa In On Our Secret - by Signa - Father's daughter let's her youngest sister in on their incestuous secret. (Mff, ped, 1st, inc, beast)

Library Of Love - by Alta - A fantasy, a lark, wishful thinking, a first time... (MF, rom, voy, 1st)

Life Drawing - by ABADONE - Jackie Tomas, like all students was running low on cash, and despite her reservations of stripping in front of strangers, she took a risk at posing naked for artists. (MF+F, reluc, 1st, forced, gb, bd, oral, mast, orgy, size, exh)

Life Story Of A Boy Lover, The - by James Q - I am 82 years old. Looking back through the decades, I see that I have lived a very satisfying and full life. This is the story of my sexual adventures as a boy, and as a man who has loved many boys. I have changed certain names and geographic references in order to protect my privacy and that of others, but I assure you that these memories are all 100% true. (Mb, ped, 1st, oral, anal)

Life The Afgan Way - by Lancho - A UN worker is offered a child wife and to avoid an international incident, he takes her. (Mg, ped, 1st, preg)

Life With My Sister - by Legoman - My sister Megan is so sexy and nice, I just had to have her. And she wanted me too. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Lifetime of Guilt - by LaPetiteMort - An outcast at 16, Craig knew he could never disclose his secret. Now pushing 50, success, money and the internet had changed his attitudes. Chloe would change his life. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral) Part 2

Light It Up: Sabrina Learns to Fuck - by DakotaMidnight - She was a high school senior but she'd never had any kind of sexual experience until she met Elmo who had enough experience for both of them. (MF, teens, 1st, drugs)

Like A Brother - by JustWrong - Brother and sister see each other naked for the first time since childhood, sparking startling feelings that lead to an encounter. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, mast)

Like Falther, Like Son - by Beating Off Bob - Brad asks Dad what to do on his first date, and Dad demonstrates on his daughter, Christy. Then she suggests that her brother might want to practice, and by the time they get done he's somehow not all that interested in the other girls any more. (M/f, mf-teens, nc, inc, 1st, preg)

Lil Bear And Wolf - by Sumddy - Lil Bear and Wolf, an innocent young vampire girl and a young Lycan, live together alone in a cave on the prehistoric tundra, and discover sex together as a delicious way to pass the time through the long dark winter. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, f/beast, rom)

Lilo and Stitch - by Stitch - Stitch sees Lilo masturbating in the shower, and decides to join in. (mf-teens, ped, 1st, sci-fi)

Lily - by Sumddy - A young girl masturbates in front of her father, arousing herself, and him int a frenzy of incestuous sex. (Mg, ped, voy, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Linda And Rob - by Eager46 - Thirteen year old Rob and his twin sister Lina are doing their homework together in Rob's room one hot afternoon. They're in their underwear and Lina catches a glimpse of her brother's cock, which sets of her hormones to humming, which leads to them masturbating each other. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, mast)

Linda Gets a Summer Job - by Johndough - Linda has just graduated middle school and anticipates high school and finally being able to date. She is asked by a neighbor to work as his assistant at the local interstate rest stop for the summer and soon learns that an enterprising girl may be just what the truckers need and she will do her best to ease their over the road loneliness. (M+/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, exh) Part 2 - Part 3

Linda Prepares - by Old Bill - A young girl is not sure she can take an offered and lucrative job so she gets ready with the help of her brother and his friends. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Lisa And Mary Jane - by Stam - Lisa and Mary-Jane are life-long friends who become a little more than just friends. Mary-Jane who is deeply in love with Lisa, comforts her friend when their plan for Lisa to lose her cherry to Johnny goes awry. (ff-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, rom, smoking)

Lisa Knows Better - by Dawn1958 - Lisa starts reading erotic stories and finds them very stimulating. She fantasizes about sex with a young man who is dating her daughter and then she finds out that fantasy quickly becomes reality. (MF, nc, 1st, oral, mc)

Lisa's First Time - by Taakal - A young girl accidentally sees her parents doing sex and wants to try it herself. Because she has no other partner she tries it with the family dog. (g/beast, extreme-ped, voy, 1st, ws)

Little Beth - by Xochipilli - Story of the sexual relationship between a young boyfriend and girlfriend. The young girl looses her virginity to a different man, and learns some surprising things about her friends and neighbors. This story will have more parts coming. (mf, Mf, M+/f, ff, ped, 1st, bi, inc, cuck, exb, voy, bd)

Little Blonde Cousin - by Tom Strutt - Cute teenage Karen doesn't know what to think when her biker cousin actually pays some attention to her. (M/f-teen, inc, reluc, 1st)

Little Buddy - Short But Sweet - by Cybersex - Wendy was pissed at her girl friends at school. They could talk sex, but she couldn't -- not yet. (Fteen/beast, 1st)

Little Debbie 1 - School Entrepreneur - by Netman169 - Little ten-year-old Debbie had a unique way of making money at school, until, that is, she got busted by her teacher. (gb, Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, voy)

Little Debbie 2 - Slut of Middle School - by Netman169 - This is the first sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now twelve years old, is a seventh grader in Middle School. Still suffering from a low self-esteem, from being poor, she uses her sexual knowledge and skills to try to become popular. (mmff-teens, youths, nc, bi, 1st, mast, oral)

Little Debbie 3 - Truck Stop Hooker - by Netman169 - This is the second sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now fourteen years old, is a Freshman in High School. Debbie learns that sex alone, is not enough to keep her popularity going in High School. She must also maintain a certain level economic/social status. To achieve this, Debbie resorts to turning tricks at the local truck stop after school and at night. (M/f-teen, mf-teens, ped, nc, 1st, oral)

Little Debbie 4 - Ultimate Webcam Girl - by Netman169 - This is the third and final sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, was now fifteen years old, and had been expelled from High School. In order to earn money, she becomes a webcam girl. (M/f-teen, ped, mf, ff, bi, 1st, mast, oral)

Little Flower and Mahon - by Anon - Little Flower and Mahon are American Indians who made love by the river. (MF, rom, exh, 1st, oral, bd)

Little Girls Love Cum - by Springer - Man fantasizes about little girls drinking his cum and finds way to fulfill his fantasy. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st)

Little Heather - by Jay - A 6-year-old girl proves she knows about sex. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, voy)

Little House On The Prairie - by Twoshoes - Laura quailed at what lay ahead. Ma mentioned that it would hurt terribly but there was no help for it, that was how babies were made. Laura's tongue was so dry in her mouth. (MF, 1st time, TV parody)

Little Jamie Wants Daddy's Cock - by Jones - Little Jamie is a beautiful 12 year young girl, looks like her mother. As her hormones kick in she becomes aware of her daddy's big cock. (Mg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, oral, mast)

Little Jimmy - by Jones - Nature has given little Jimmy a horrific sex drive and a man sized cock at a very early age. By the time he is 10-years-old he has found the joy of jacking off, but soon wants so much more. (m-teen/b, ped, voy, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast, ws) Part 2 - Part 3

Little Nicole Gets Punished - by TheBigLove126 - Mr. Stevens is in the kitchen while his nine year old daughter April and her ten year old friend Nicole were playing. Suddenly a crash came from the room. He ran in to find something expensive broken and he decides to punish the guilty girl. (M/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st)

Little Red Bike, The - by Beating Off Bob - This story tells of a boy, his Aunts, his cousin and two closets. Oh yes, and a red bike. It's amazing what a twisted imagination can come up with when staring at a pile of junk. (F+/m-teen, reluc, inc, voy, 1st, oral)

Little Red Riding Pants - by Beating Off Bob - The updated (adult) version of Little Red Riding Hood, wherein she is saved from the Big Bad Wolf by her brother, but only after the Wolf has gotten her going, and she needs some relief. (FM-teens, reluc, inc, v, 1st, rough, humor, preg)

Little Rich Girl - by Lanka Cream - Julia is a voluptuous young girl who reached puberty early. She becomes infatuated with the thought of masturbating a man's cock but she is afraid. However, life springs a surprise and she finds herself indulging in a lustful incestuous encounter exceeding her wildest imagination. (MF/f-teen, inc, 1st, oral, preg)

Little Sister - by Durango Dan - Stacy is caught by her 12 year old sister while masturbating. Her little sister wants to know what it's like so Stacy teaches her how to do it to herself. Then with the help of Stacy's boyfriend they teach her a whole lot her more. (mf-teens/g-pre-teen, inc, bi, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal-play)

Little Sister - by hogwash - Boy molests then rapes his younger sister in unconscious state. (bgg, ped, inc, rp, 1st)

Little Sister Squirt - by El Guaton - When Carla stopped putting out, I had to move on to her little sister Squirt. (Mf, ped, 1st, exh, oral)

Little Sister's Sculpture Project - by Beating Off Bob - Lori's brother ruins her art project so she demands he model for its replacement. What she ends up with is useful as well as beautiful, but it's still not as good as the real thing. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, size, mast, oral, preg)

Little Tammy - by Alex - A teenage boy gets tired of a teasing pre-teen girl and decides to teach her a lesson. (M-teen/g, ped, cons, 1st)

Living Out Some Fantasies - by Fanta Sis - The capture of a mother and daughter brings a rare chance to indulge a couple of my deeper and more sordid fantasies. (MFf, ped, nc, rp, 1st, bd)

Living The Dream - by Alex Hawk - A girl becomes interested in her brother after hearing from her best friend about how good he is in bed. (mff-teen, inc, 1st)

Living With Leon - by Scummy Rum - A runaway boy meets the big black nigga' like he's always dreamed of and then he sucks his first big black nigga cock in the front seat of a car. (Mb, ped, 1st, oral, anal, intr) Part 2

Lizzie McQuire Hates Sex - by Upstaged - Lizzie McQuire has a rough time with sex. Her first dating experience was boring. The next one becomes a wrestling match. The next day she is raped by a dog and nearly raped by two young boys. It only gets worse until she meets the dogs owner, Doctor Hanson. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, 1st, mast, oral, anal, beast)

Loan Shark, The - by NBC - Not my first blow job in a parking lot just the best... After pumping, choking her, and blowing a huge load in her mouth, it was inevitable that she would vomit all over my lap, with my cum running out her nose. But it being her first time she didn't know I was done and I kept pushing her head down and she kept going, which blew my fucking mind. I swear I blew another nut full all over her face not 60 seconds later. Yeah! (M/g, extreme-ped, reluc, 1st, oral)

Locker Room Nymphs - by Beating Off Bob - Two young girls get caught spying on two teachers, and get inducted into a secret club that is sure to broaden the girls' horizons... to say nothing of their waistlines. (MFmf, ped, reluc, voy, 1st, preg)

Lonely Billy In A Wheelchair - by Ironsides - Fourteen year old Billy, who is in a wheelchair, and moved to a new nursing home, discovers the joys of sexuality in a most unusual way. (MF/m-teen, nc, ped, bi, 1st, mast)

Looking For A Lodger - by Rivkeh - When I took a holiday in London at the age of 22 I was a virgin. But I met a man who brought out the whore in me and before long I was auditioning well-hung black men to decide who should be my live-in lover. (M+/F, 1st, exh, dom, cuck, intr, fetish, prost, beast)

Lord Of Lies - by Nesfdancer - Traditional vampire story with two young female victims. (MFF, nc, rp, v, 1st, bi, mc, bd, vampire)

Lori Drives Alone - by Buttercup - At eighteen Lori was at the height of her life. Her father had bought her a Mustang GT and she was driving it to cheerleader camp because she had made the team and would begin when college started in the fall. The virgin girl found traveling with her father rewarding, for both of them as it turned out. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st, rom)

Losing Her Virgina But Gaining A Vagina - by Johndough - A young girl creates the name virgina out of virgin and vagina and insists she doesn't yet have a vagina. This creates problems when she takes sex ed in school and refuses to admit she has a vagina until some staff members teach her the error of her ways. (MM/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, preg)

Losing It On Holiday - by Paddy Toute - A teenage boy on holiday with his parents has an unexpected encounter with a hotel made while jacking off in his room. (F/m-teen, 1st)

Losing My Virginity To An Older Woman - by RS - How at 17 I lost my virginity an older woman. (F/M-teen, 1st, oral)

Louise And Her Young Lovers - by Anon - A widowed mother has an adventuresome weekend with her young son and three of his classmates. (F/b+, extreme-ped, 1st, inc, orgy)

Love by the Side of the Laks - by Douglas Fox - Sixteen year old Will Henry returns to Algonquin Provincial Park with his girlfriend Abby and two other teenaged couples on a primitive canoeing and camping trip. This travelogue chronicles their physical emotional and sexual challenges on the two week trip. (MF-teens, rom, 1st, oral, group)

Love of a Friend - by A Random Aspie - She was more gorgeous of a best friend than I truly deserved. No matter; she still cared about me. One night on my birthday, she surprised me in a big way. (MF-teens, youths, 1st, oral, rom)

Love On Four Wheels - by Otto Erotic - A shy, wheelchair-bound teenager finds love. (mf-teens, 1st, rom)

Love On The Range - by Beating Off Bob - A cowboy stumbles on a run down ranch run by a woman and her three daughters. He learns there is a need for a good man on the ranch, but that they have no money to pay him. Mom has something to trade, though - her daughters. (Mfff, voy, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy, preg)

Lovely Elise - by Carlypax - The night I discovered what voyeurism is all about, and that real life is better than any porno! (Ff-teen, ped, bi, voy, 1st, oral)

Loving Cheerleader - by J.J. Cure - A father and daughter compete for the affection of a high school cheerleader. (M/ff-teens, ped, bi, inc, 1st, rom)

Loving Leslie - by Sir_edward - I have been in love with my older sister, Leslie, my entire life. I have loved my cousin, Leslie-Anne for nearly as long. My heart has always been torn between them. (mf-teens, youths, inc. 1st, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Loving Mom And Sis - by Eros - What starts out as a foot massage for a teen's mom, turns into full blown sex of an incestual nature. (F/fm-teen, ped, inc, bi, 1st)

Loving Siblings - by 37 Happy Memories - A brother and sister discover the joys of sex together at a young age and even when they get older. (bg, youths, inc, 1st)

Loving Sister - by Anon - A story about how two young teenagers find out about sex. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Lucky - by Realoldbill - A brother has two sisters who love him, really love him. (mff-teens, inc, 1st)

Lucky Sister - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby walks onto the most losing team in school history and discovers a flair for winning games. The cheerleaders are so ecstatic about it that they reward him after each won game with a prize worth winning for. There are fifteen games and fifteen cheerleaders. The only problem is, one of them is his sister. Will they make the playoffs? Will he make his sister? (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, preg)

Lusting For My Beauty - by Anon - A high school teacher and her beloved student can no longer ignore prolonged sexual tension. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, rom)

Lyn and Kate - by GMW - Two high school girls are disappointed in the boys they have been dating and find that they are better company for each other than any boy. (FF-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Lynn and Eric - by Jack831 - A brother and sister's incestuous adventure. (mf-teens, Mf, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Lynne's Fantasy - by Eastern Rose - Lynne was just an ordinary mother but when her son's fifteenth birthday arrived things changed. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom)

Madeleine - by Wendy G. - Madeleine has been working late with her new boss. They have at last got up to date - time for a celebration but not the way that Madeleine expects. (FF, 1st-lesbian exper)

Maggie - by BlueHat - Two children, a boy Jason and a girl Maggie, grow up and come of age together. But neither realizes what commitment really means until they begin experimenting with sex later as they grow older. (teens, rom, reluc, 1st, preg)

Maggie, The Little Punker - by H. Henry - A thirty year old man sees a teenage punker girl behind his house with her friends and becomes infatuated with her, so much so that the next time he sees her he invites her in to his house. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral)

Mail Love - by Anon - A girl comes to collect the mail from the house her family had recently moved away from and ends up sleeping with the new occupant's attractive son. (MF-teens, youths, 1st, oral, rom)

Making Babies: Alyssa Milano - by Geminiguy - My 18th "Making Babies" entry. I run into a young starlet in the mall, who recognizes me. Things could get interesting... (Mf, 1st, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Amanda Bynes - by Geminiguy - This is my 3rd "Making Babies" entry. I hardly know one of my neighbors but she asks me to watch her daughter then hightails it out of there. I soon find out why she was in such a hurry to get away from her daughter. (M/f, ped, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Britney Spears - by Geminiguy - This is my 1st "Making Babies" entry. A mother wants her daughter's star to rise faster, so sends her to me for photo shoots. (M/f, ped, voy, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Christina Ricci - by Geminiguy - My 14th "Making Babies" entry. I'm an agent and one of my clients seemed to be having some kind of problem behind-the-scenes on the sequel of her hit movie. What's an agent to do but solve her problem, whatever it may be. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, fetish, titty-fuck, facial, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Constance Marie - by Geminiguy -This is my 20th "Making Babies" entry. After fucking this hot Mexican Chica, I meet her hot daughter. I want her too. (M/f, ped, 1st, voy, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Demi Moore - by Geminiguy - My 12th "Making Babies" entry. My daughter brought a friend to my beach house, and did I like what I saw. (M/f, ped, reluc, 1st, oral, drugs)

Making Babies: Emma Watson - by Geminiguy - This is my 2nd "Making Babies" entry. I'm a personal assistant to many celebrities. But there's one that's my favorite and a very close friend. (M/f, ped, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Gloria Estefan - by Geminiguy - My 24th "Making Babies" entry. A somewhat traumatized Irish teen come to America in 1970 for his sister's wedding. The things he sees in America may be a bit much for him. (mf, 1st, oral, huspanic, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Hayden Panettiere - by Geminiguy - My 32nd "Making Babies" entry. Hayden was a good girl. Everything about her was good. She was a good daughter. She was a good friend. Everybody loved Hayden. (fm-teens, youths, 1st, mast, size, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Jada Pinkett - by Geminiguy - My 8th "Making Babies" entry. I had an unexpected visitor on Halloween. Unexpected, but most definitely welcome. (M/f, ped, oral, intr, supernatural, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Jennifer Aniston - by Geminiguy - My 13th "Making Babies" entry. I like photograph and I'm good at it. But what's a boy to do when his sister is naked and asks you to takes pictures of her? (mf-teens, inc, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Hayden Panettiere - by Geminiguy - My 32nd "Making Babies" entry. Hayden was a good girl. Everything about her was good. She was a good daughter. She was a good friend. Everybody loved Hayden. (fm-teens, youths, 1st, mast, size, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Kelly Hu - by Geminiguy - My 16th "Making Babies" entry. While in Hawaii, I come upon a gang attacking a girl who seems to have some martial arts. What was I to do? Well, I am a martial arts expert myself, so... (M/f, ped, 1st, asian, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Kim Fields - by Geminiguy - This is my 5th "Making Babies" entry. Getting friendly with my neighbors' daughter. (M/f, ped, 1st, cheating, intr, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Lori Loughlin - by Geminiguy - My 23rd "Making Babies" entry. I save a girl from getting hit by a speeding car. She falls for me, and you won't believe what happens next. (M/f, ped, mast, 1st, exh, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Lucy Lui - My 30th "Making Babies" entry. I was staying with my grandparents in New York City for the Summer after my first year of College. It was a hot Summer. And when the fire hydrant was opened, I saw a lot more of that cute Asian girl than I expected, and she saw something she hadn't expected either. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, facial, asian, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Marina Sirtis - by Geminiguy - My 19th "Making Babies" entry. After College, I take a trip to London, and find more than I expected. (M/f, ped, oral, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Mila Kunis - by Geminiguy - My 9th "Making Babies" entry. The girl next door had always been close to me. When I housesit during the Summer she tags along, and I was about to find out how close we really were. (M/f, ped, 1st, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Miley Cyrus - by Geminiguy - This is my 4th "Making Babies" entry. As a "big wig" at Disney, I'd heard about a new young starlet and wanted to get to know her firsthand. (M/f, ped, 1st, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Nancy Travis - by Geminiguy - My 25th "Making Babies" entry. I'm a teacher. Nancy is one of my students. She wasn't the hottest student, or the smartest, but there was just something about that smile. Other stories in this series may be found in directory 82.(Mf, ped, reluc, 1st, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Nicki Minaj - by Geminiguy - My 35th "Making Babies" entry. Nicki was two years younger than me but had been skipped two grades so we were in the same grade. We'd always been close, I just never knew Nicki had the hots for me as I did her. (fm, youths, oral, intr, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Ola Ray - by Geminiguy - My 10th "Making Babies" entry. I'd been a teacher a long time, but I never met a student quite like her. (M/f, ped, reluc, cheat, intr, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Oprah Winfrey - by Geminiguy - My 31st "Making Babies" entry. She knew she wasn't a "classic" beauty. She was more than that. And so did the rich White men she tended to encounter from time-to-time. (Mf, ped, facial, intr, mast, exh, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Rachel Weisz - My 29th "Making Babies" entry. She was an exchange student. He was a voyeur he took and interest in her. But there was more to her than meets the eye. (M/f, m/f, ped, oral, cheat, voy, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Roselyn Sanchez - by Geminiguy - My 7th "Making Babies" entry. While on vacation with my family in Puerto Rico, we end up going in separate directions. I end up on a secluded beach and meet a very caliente girl. (M/f, ped, Hispanic, cheat, public, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Rudy Huxable - by GeminiguyMy 26th "Making Babies" entry, and my first based on a fictional character. Rudy finally was the only Huxtable child still it home. And she was home alone. Time to satisfy her curiosity... Other stories in this series may be found in directory 82. (f/M, ped, 1st, intr, Sitcom-parody)

Making Babies: Sarah Michelle Gellar - by Geminiguy - My 17th "Making Babies" entry. I let my sister catch me jerking off. Why? You'll see... (mf, youths, inc, handjob, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Shirley Jones - by Geminiguy - My 28th "Making Babies" entry. I grew up with Paul and was Best Man when he married. When his daughter Shirley was born he asked me to be her Godfather. Shirley is thirteen now, and proving to be QUITE the exhibitionist. (Mf, ped, oral, 1st, exh, celeb-parody

Making Babies: Shirley Temple - by Geminiguy - My 21st "Making Babies" entry. Shirley Temple is now a teenager, entering a new phase of her career. Which will involve doing pinup photos. As her photographer, I do my best to ease her through the transition, in more ways than one. (MF, oral, 1st, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Taylor Swift - by Geminiguy - My 11th "Making Babies" entry. It was my granddaughter's 13th birthday, and I wanted to do something special, just the two of us. (Mf, ped, 1st, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Tiffani-Amber Theissen - by Geminiguy - This is my 6th "Making Babies" entry. She was my cousin. She was family. But I never treated her right. But I wanted to set things right between us. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Tina Yothers - by Geminiguy - My 22nd "Making Babies" entry. After living out my Alyssa Milano fantasy, I decide to make my Tina Yothers fantasy come true too. (M/f, reluc, 1st, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Tori Spelling - by Geminiguy - My 34th "Making Babies" entry. I'd always wanted to write for television or movies. And when I met Aaron Spelling I knew I was about to get my shot. But I had to admit I was a lot more interested in his daughter Victoria. (Mf, 1st, cheating, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Whitney Houston - by Geminiguy - My 15th "Making Babies" entry. To her family and church members, she was a good girl. But she loved to party, and one night of clubbing leads to a night of hotter sex - just the way she loved it. (M/f-teen, intr, celeb-parody)

Making Babies: Winona Ryder - by Geminiguy - My 33rd "Making Babies" entry. I was still new to the California scene. I found the Goth community very interesting, not that I personally would want to go Goth. Then one day she walked into the music store where I worked and nothing was ever the same. (M/f, ped, 1st, fetish, celeb-parody)

Making Beth Jorgans - by Anon - Two teenage boys abduct a preteen girl to have their way with her. Low and behold she ends up liking it and becomes one of the boy's steady girlfriend. (mmf-teens, nc, rp, 1st)

Making Mom My Woman - by JChames - Stopping an assault from his uncle on his mother, a fourteen year-old boy takes the lead to rescue his lost widowed mother. Her need to be dominated leads them on a journey that bring them closer together in a strong and lasting bond. (F/m-teen, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, oral, anal, rom)

Making Noise - by Pink Neon - A girl comes of age and finds a way to accept her gayness with the help of a friend. (ff-teens, youths, 1st-lesbian-expr, rom)

Making of a Bikini Model, The - by Aquarius - Amber Dawn Hadley wanted to grow up to be a fashion model. She got her wish at an early age and then some. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom)

Making Of A Cocksman - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby earned a reputation for going only as far as a curious girl wanted to go, and it served him well. Then his sister and her friends entered the full blush of puberty and got... curious. To Bobby's constant surprise, it turned out that being a cocksman was a lot harder than he thought it would be. (mf-teens, youths, voy, inc, 1st, cheat, group, rom, preg)

Making Of A Fighter Pilot's Whore, The - by Muff Diver - An Air Force fighter Pilot's wife begins her adult life as a very conventional typical house wife and home maker and is transformed into a sophisticated high class and very epensive whore with the approval and eager collaboration of her husband. (MMF, bi, inc, 1st, swing, military)

Making Out With Mom - by Chunks - A sixteen year old boy gets to know his mom a lot better and in more ways than he ever expected to. (F/m-teen, ped, exh, inc, 1st)

Making The Grade - by Peter Pan - Just a matter of teaching the right class! (Mf, ped, 1st, mast)

Mall Story - by Dorvis Slaughter - A gay encounter between an adult and a winsome teenager at the mall. (Mm, ped, 1st-gay-expr)

Mandy and Brandy - by Little Dreamer - I was 12 when it all started. My older sister. Brandy was 14. We weren't that close, but we did share a bedroom at the time, so she knew everything I did and I knew every thing she did. (ff, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Mandy's First Hair - by Beating Off Bob - Mandy is excited when she finds she's grown her very first pubic hair. She shows it to her Daddy, and he says when she has 500 of them, an inch long, she'll be a real woman. So naturally he has to count them every so often... right? (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, preg?)

Mandy's Holiday - by Robnlinda - Mandy takes her two teenage daughters and her nephew on holiday. Things develop and he ends up screwing them all. (ffm-teens, youths, bi, inc, 1st, mast, voy) Part 2 - Part 3

Mara - by Maussie - A man is being plagued by nightmares for weeks on end. Every night again and again. It drains him from his energy. His doctor doesn't know what to do, as he appears healthy, and therapy doesn't work. Eventually he ends up looking into old European folklore for a remedy. He tries some of the suggestions he finds, and goes to bed. The following day he finds a surprise such as he could never have suspected. (Mf, nc, rp, 1st)

Maranda - by Desert Bandit - This is a story about sexual tension. The protagonist is an 18 year old college freshman who is still a virgin, and an ultra hot, brown haired girl he can't stand named Miranda. He's a freshman, and she's a junior; although she feels a powerful sexual attraction towards him, she makes it a point to repress it and never act on it. The end result is constant anger with no outlet because, well, that energy has to go somewhere. (MF, nc, 1st, rom)

Marci Gets A Pussy Bath - by Beating Off Bob - Marci loved to baby-sit for her Uncle Bob because she made a little money and had fun playing with Randy, her cousin. Now she has another reason to love getting a call from her Uncle. (M/f-teen, 1st, inc, mast, oral, preg)

Marcy's Daddy - by Marcy - Marcy wakes up one night to a strange sound and discovers what her daddy and older sister do when everyone is asleep. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, bd)

Margaret At The Antique Mall - by Obmuj - Navy wife, Margaret, at forty-six, has her first sex with someone other than her husband, to be with an eighteen-year-old sailor. A sex club at the officer's club almost ensnares Margaret and her friend Kitty, but they escape to a bitter end. (MMF, ped, voy, bi, inc, 1st, anal, military)

Maria - by Anon - I don't know why she became attracted to me, unless my hormones were sending out messages, which would not have surprised me at all. The bastards were having hormone rodeos in my bed every night! It may have been because she was a classmate of my younger sister. For whatever reason, Maria was attracted to me. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, rom)

Maria Louise Goes To The Festival - by Buttercup - As a pretty teenage girl with breasts already cupping out in a size 36, Maria Louise wants romance. Her encounters at fourteen included her father. (Mf, mf-teens, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, ws, rom)

Mariana - by TigerChild - A woman and her bi-curious friend get drunk and end up doing a lot more than they thought. (FF, bi, oral, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Marie's Party - by Newman - A party that I will never forget. (F+/M, teens, 1st, oral, exh, rom)

Mary - by Chunks - A young boy tells about his first time. (mff-teens, 1st)

Mary Beth - by Snake - When I was growing up, we lived in a very small three bedroom, two-story house. My parents occupied the bedroom downstairs, my two brothers shared the one bedroom upstairs, and I, being the only girl, had the other bedroom to myself. (Mf, mf, inc, ped, 1st)

Maryann, My Amish Girl - by Aquarius - A love story of an widower who buys a farm in Amish country Ohio and meets a young Amish girl. They fall in love despite the differences of their backgrounds. Two people who come from different social upbringings and cultures. Their love for each other transcends all else in their lives. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, rom)

Mary's First Blow Job - by Wile E - An eighteen year old asks her neighbor to teach her about sex because she doesn't want to go to her impending marriage with no experience. (M/F-teen, voy, 1st, mast, oral)

Master And Pet - by Arlene Ice - She was entirely too young, innocent, and a bit naďeve when she first came to him... (Mf, ped, 1st, furry-fantasy)

Mating With Mom - by Hornymother - Let me tell you a little dirty story. It happened a few years back now and has been my dark little secret. No one else, but my mother and I, you now too I guess since you're reading this. (Fm, inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Matt Learns a Lesson - by Wayne Gibbous - Matt likes his porn with big boobs, but his sister Maddie, shows him that real is better... and a lot more. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Matt, Suze And Kerry Too - by Chunks - A young boy tells about his first time. (mff-teens, youths, 1st, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

Max And Sara - by Rock - A boy rapes a friend who doesn't know how to respond to what is happening to her, did she enjoys it or not? All the while her friend watches and plays on her own. (M-teen/f-teen, youths, nc, rp, 1st, f-voy, bd)

May Grows Up - by Kathleen - A series about May and her summer vacation with aunt and uncle, and nephew and niece. (MF/m/f/ff, 1st, inc, ped, voy) Part 2 - Part 3
Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Me And Lucy - by Sexy Love - Two fifteen year old girls have a first lesbian experience. (ff-teens, mast, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Me And Mrs. Miller - by Mark - About a boys sexual encounter with an older woman who lived down the street: This is an account of my earliest, and most vivid, sexual experience. Although intercourse never occurred, it was, for a just-13 year old boy, very sexually exciting. I can remember it as if it happened yesterday, because of how it affected me. (mF, ped, 1st)

Me And My Sister Stephanie - by Kacey - Stephanie is the youngest sister in the family who meets her 23 year old brother in the playhouse. (M/g, ped, inc, 1st)

Meagan - by Durango Dan - Twelve year old Megan gets her dad to show her all about sex. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Meet the Stevens - by David Jannsen - A story of what happened to a boy when an older, married, couple get a hold of him. Or how a boy learns about sex and how it can never really let go once learned. The good, the bad and the absolutely fabulous times fucking an older couple. (MF/m-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, bi, swingers)

Meeting Her Master - by Slave Kimura - A shy young college girl meets the unexpected Master of her dreams when she gathers her courage and meets the man behind the online name that has fueled her desires for BDSM. (Mdom/F, 1st, bd, dream)

Meeting Kath - by Geminiguy - This story takes place during the summer of 1983 in Illinois. A teen's chance meeting with a teen star outside of Niles North High School where unknown to him scenes for her latest movie are being shot. (fm-teens, 1st, oral, celeb-parody)

Meeting Lexi - by Rick - A travelling businessman meets a teen as a storm gathers. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, rom)

Megan Begins To Date - by Vwrite - Megan, Chrissy's daughter, has her first date and quickly loses her virginity. (MM/f, inc, reluc, 1st, ped, preg)

Megan Escapade, The - by The Rogue - This is the story of a young girl that moved in next door to me. She was only eleven, but to my delight and that of my wife, she was ready to experiment with sex. It starts innocently enough, but when I get my wife involved we plan out how we can both have her. (MF/g, extreme-ped, bi, mast, oral, 1st)

Megan Makes Her Move - by Beating Off Bob - Megan lives with her uncle and has almost her whole life. When another woman takes an interest in him, she decides he's HER man and sets out to convince him of that. Can he resist her plan of attack? He thinks so... well maybe... OK, maybe not. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Melanie - by The Monk - I recall my first time, a passionate encounter with a girl who undoubtedly must have been some kind of nymphomaniac. (teens, exh, 1st)

Melissa - by Anon - A story of a coming of age and discovery of sensual awakening of a submissive young white girl who was used by a much older black man. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, voy, 1st, intr)

Melissa An Adult Virgin - by Jimbo - A new high school teacher (who happens to still be a virgin) is almost raped in the school field when she's saves by the P.E. teacher, who ends up taking her to his home and things progress from there, romantically speaking. (MF, v, 1st, rom)

Melissa's Holiday Education - by The Ratt in the Hat - An English teenager teaches his 13 year old cousin some things they certainly don't teach at school whilst on holiday in southern France. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, mast, anal)

Melissa's Special Afternoon - by Lisa & Sharon - A young girl is caught masturbating after school by her Father. (mf, inc, 1st)

Mentor - by Allgoo19 - A sexual awakening of a 12 years old boy and the mother of his friend who becomes an unexpected teacher showing him the way. She too learns a lot from the boy. Excitement of the first time for the boy, excitement of the posibility of being caught committing such a crime for the mother. (Fm, 1st, ped) Part 2 - Part 3

Mentoring Cindy - by Anon - A teacher and a mentor finds a playmate. (Mg, ped, 1st, oral)

Menu, The - by bad2bone - Jeremy is given an extreme sex education. (FFM, 1st, oral, anal, bd)

Merciful Breeding - by Tannim - A night of swimming, turns into a lot more for Mercy. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, beast, sci-fi)

Merry Christmas Bobby - by Just Plain Bob - The holidays suck man; they suck big time. Everything bad that has ever happened to me has happened during the period that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Years. (F/m-teen, 1st, oral)

Meryl - by Beating Off Bob - A guy falls into an affair with a beautiful neighbor lady who takes his virginity. (MF, 1st)

Messed-up Childhood - by Anon - Crazy sex crazed parents raise a really lucky lad. (FF/m-teen, ped, 1st, swingers)

Messing Around - by Anon - Shelly and her brother start an incestuous relationship after she catches him masturbating and calling out her name. (mff-teens, ff, 1st, threesome)

Met On The Net - by Net Runner - A guy finds his perfect girl in a chat-room then fucks her in a hotel room! (Mf, extreme-ped, 1st)

Miami - by Raiderboy - Candi was a flight attendant recovering from a broken relationship. Bart was male teenage model in search of losing his virginity to a girl, not one of the gay models that dominated his profession. They came together poolside at a hotel in Miami Beach, where both were able to fulfill their desires. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st)

Midnight - by Obmuj - Two sisters, one 18 and the other 16, discover sex in ways that are surprising, yet enjoyable. Consider the story to be somewhat on the realistic side when you enjoy this tale of sex. (MF-teens, nc, rp, 1st, voy, mast, anal, ws)

Midnight Guilt - by Anon - A mother and son fall into a sexual relationship that is based upon guilt and forgiveness. (F/mg, ped, inc, 1st)

Midnight Mass - by Peter Pan - During this festive and family orientated period, a tale of incest may appear less than appropriate, especially as it interweaves traditional religious values and texts. I intend no offense to any readers and would hope there are those who can divine its true intent. A celebration above all else, of a man's all-consuming love for his daughter no matter how he (or they) are eventually judged. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, mast)

Midnight Visitor - by Raiderboy - Matt and Carol had to wait until she got her first car before they had the opportunity to lose their virginity. (MF-teens, 1st)

Miley and Me - by The Old Sarg - How did Miley become so wild? (Mg, Mf, ped, cons, 1st, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Milking Me - by Wowser - I was around 13 years old when I went to stay with my grandparents on there small farm. Looking back I realize that my folks had kept me completely innocent about sex and the world, but my grandpa soon brought me up to speed. (Mm-teen. 1st-gay-expr, ped, inc)

Milkmaid's Tale - by Luvverman - A teenage girl is given the responsibility by her father to milk the cows. She gets carried away with the milk, driven on by her raging hormones until her older brother stops by the cow shed to see if she needs any help. (mf-teens, f/beast, inc, 1st)

Millennium Party - by Leigh Clyde - Nicole Bramwell-Douglas had never wanted for anything. She lived with her two doting parents in a large detached house in a picturesque village in Surrey, England. Attendance at one of the many local private schools was the done thing. Her image of the world was very much molded by her school and her parents. (FF, reluc, alcohol, 1st-lesbian exper)

Minister And Me, The - by Anonmyous Author - I'm not sure young girls today can afford to have early sexual experiences. Not with all the crazy people around. People don't seem to be as nice as they used to be. It just isn't safe anymore. (Mf, ped, 1st)

Minotaur - by Grumpy - A young girl must endure a mating with the Minotaur in order to assume the throne in a matriarchal society. (MMf, 1st, orgy, beast, fantasy)

Mirror, Mirror - by RomeoWriter - A desperate housewife fails to win the sexual affection of a stranger, and so turns her sinful desire to even more forbidden fruit. (Fm, inc, 1st)

Miss Lucy - by Anon - In 1950, when I was 12, we moved across town into a nicer rental house. It was an older 2-bedroom house, with a small house in the back yard. This back yard house was rented by an lady who was about 55 years old. Her name was Miss Lucy... (F/b, 1st, ped)

Miss Sepetmber Is His Niece - by Beating Off Bob - What do you do when you're leafing through your favorite Girlie magazine and you see somebody you know? What do you do when the pictures you're staring at are of your niece? Don't worry - it's a normal reaction. But what do you do when she finds out about it? (M/F-teen, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

Missionary's Daughter, The - by Author Obscure - A missionary's daughter is kidnapped and forced, only to end up "going native" for at least a little while. Who could blame her, after all she was under duress. (Mdom/F, nc, intr, 1st, oral, anal, huml)

Misty Meets Mikey - by Mikey - Mikey and Misty meet in high school and lots of nypho-sex follows. (mf-teens, 1st)

Mitzi's - by Paula - The awakening of a young girl as she seduced and introduced to sex. (mf-teens, rom, 1st)

Model Behaviour - by Demetrius - The Photographer, the Photographer's Assistant and a fourteen year old beauty. Hmm, what could possibly happen? Pretty well anything, as it turns out. (MFf, nc, ped, 1st, oral)

Moderator, The - by Johndough - Striking up a dialogue with a father and daughter who have joined his incest website without eath other knowing, a moderator can't resist inviting the two to a "role playing" session where they can act out their fantasies anonymously. Wearing masks the father takes the daughters virginity. (MMf-teen, ped, inc, 1st, voy)

Molly Gets Her Community Service Merit Badge - by Johndough - A young girl scout visits an older couple to help the wife recover from a stroke and gets a good "stroking" herself. (MFf, underage, reluc, 1st, preg?)

Mom Allows Her Young Son To Have Sex With Teen - by Terra Lays - Jamie wants to have sex with her older friend's son, but feels she needs permission. (Fm, ped, 1st, mast, oral)

Mom Exploits Dad's Erectile Dysfunction - by Johndough - A young girl's family fall on hard times and the stress causes her father to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Mom hits on a plan to create a father daughter blog and post simulated sex videos since the 14 year old could pass for 18. But things don't work out quite as planned. (M/f-teen, ped, family-inc, 1st, preg)

Mom Gives Me My Sex Talk - by Woodyne777 - I trick my mother into giving be a sex talk with a full hands on demonstration. (m-teen/F, inc, 1st)

Mom Goes For The Boys - by Hornymother - A mother allows her son and his friends to have a party at her house and the party ends up being inside her. (F/m+, ped, 1st, inc)

Mom, Kids And A New Life - by Anon - A mother develops a kinky new bond with her son and daughter after the death of her husband. (Fbg, extreme-ped, 1st, voy, oral, beast, ws)

Mom Peeping - by Silver Fox - Mother hears son masturbating, and can't resist watching. Then she ends up helping him. (Fm, voy, 1st, oral, mast)

Mom Plays Nurse - by BLUEgoblin - After braking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, a teenager has to rely on his mother to help him in everyday things including bathing and going to the toilet, but gets extras in the process. (F/m-teen, ped, voy, inc, 1st, mast)

Mom, Sister and Me - by Anon - A 17 year old boy learns from his mom. (F/Mf-teen, ped, 1st, inc)

Momma Licks Best - by Eros - A daughter finds out from her best friend that her mother is a lesbian and is upset about it... At first... (F/FF-teens, inc, 1st-lesbian-exp)

Mommy's Little Helper - by Penname01 - A mother blames her daughter for the break-up of her marriage and decides it's time the young girl started taking on some extra chores. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, nc, rp)

Mom's Bath - by Silver Fox - A young boy gets bath from his Mother, and much, much more. (Fm, inc, 1st, oral, mast, ped)

Mom's Boyfriend - by BigStudlyDude - This 'first time' story was told to me by a friend. She helped me write it. Her mother has an older boyfriend but he seems much more interested in the virginal hot bodied Jessica. Jessica likes the attention he gives her but will it go to far? (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, oral)

Mom's Day Job - by Hornymother - Moms a prostitute by day and after her son finds out, she decides it's time for him to become a man. (Fm, exh, inc, ped, 1st)

Mom's Mistake - by Sakka - Horny mother watches son masturbating then uses him for sex, knowing he is too young to ejaculate and make her pregnant. She gets a surprise, however, and disaster ensues for the family. (Fm, inc, 1st, ped, preg)

Mom's Sex Education - by FOXI - A daughter seeks the advice of her mother about boys and sex. Still in high school she is tempted to go all the way. But mom has a teaching method that doesn't require the impregnating danger of a boy. (F/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, anal)

Mom's Vibrator - by Cozwell - There wasn't anything different about this particular night. Being the older sister in the house I was babysitting my kid brother Tommy, again. He was ten; I'd just turned fourteen, and ever since mom and dad split up it seemed like I'd spent more time with him than I did with my friends. (f-teen/m-pre, inc, 1s, ped)

More Fun With Dick And Jane - by Beating Off Bob - A humorous look at the way we wish Dick and Jane stories would have been written when we were kids. Written in the style of Dick and Jane, we get to see them in their teenage years, when hormones flow. This is satire, not stroke. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, humor, preg)

More Than Meets The Eye - by KTD - I was young, innocent and a closet gay when I rented a room from a married couple, Dave and Peggy. One day, when I was alone and jerking off naked in my room... I didn't hear someone enter... (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

More Than She Bagrianed For - by Sweet Irish - Life was boring for the 41 year old housewife. Her husband had stopped relations with her - so Rene dressed her small but stacked body in a dress that revealed her beauty. Meeting three former football linemen started her on a sexual track that took her around the world. (Fb, bg, ped, 1st, inc, orgy)

Morgan, Tall And Quiet - by Thall - Morgan had an affliction. It began when she was twelve years old; she began to grow at an alarming rate. Now her mother and father were of normal height, there were not any strange growth stories in their family. (teens, rom, 1st, size)

Morgan's First Blowjob - by Kip Hawk - A fourteen-year-old boy gets his first blow job, and it's from his dad. (Mm, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Mother Knows Best - by Art S Healing - A mother with a mental illness has her kids taken away for a time. She finally gets them back once she is declared psychologically stable again, but when she stops taking her medications, the entire family is drawn into her kinky web of sexual perversions. Her 12 year old daughter seems to be taking the brunt of it, so what's a little girl to do? (MMF/g, bg, ped, nc, rp, inc, bi, 1st, gb, mc, bd, voy, ws, v, huml, tor)

Mother Loves To Fuck - by Anon NixPixer - A horny librarian catches a teenage boy jacking off in the stacks. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st)

Mother's Little Helper - by FOXI2 - Little Billy knows that his mom's a whore and invites men and women to their apartment late in the evening. He's learning more about sex than any textbook could ever teach him. One evening he gets a nice surprise, one that will change his relationship with his mother forever. (MMMFb, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, voy)

Mother's Thighs - by Obmuj - Jeff was a handsome 17-year-old virgin. He's a true one, as he has never even given in to the act of masturbation. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom)

Motorbike Girl, The - by Ace 2000 - A hot young hip woman takes over a middle age man's life when she gives him what he wants, sex. (MFF, 1st, preg)

Movie, The - by Best Boy - The story begins with a boy named Allen, he had his thirteenth birthday a week before and was maturing well. Masturbating for a year now, his thoughts were now, only of his long time girl friend named Tina (thirteen) and what he would like to do with her. (mf-teens, youths, voy, bi, 1st, mast, oral, anal, ws) Part 2

Moving Day - by BassettHound - A young woman excitedly awaits her wedding day. As she's finishing up the packing of her old apartment and is just about ready to lock the place up and drive over to her best friend's house to stay the night before her wedding, she hears a noise coming from the bedroom. (M/F-virgin, rp, v)

Moving Into The Dorms - by Andrea Hacker - A young college student gets some help moving into the dorms at school from her mother's boyfriend. (M/F-teen, 1st, college)

Mowing The Lawn - by OddManOut - A middle-age husband stumbles into an affair with his pretty young neighbor. (MF, 1st, oral, cheat)

Mr. Black And Marshall - by dale10 - Mr. Black pays a surprise visit to a boy who is younger than he pretends to be. (Mb, ped, nc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, huml, blkmail, ws)

Mr. Gilling And Me - by Dean Rogers Fuller - A sexually maturing small town teenager gets a major surprise from an old teacher. (Mm, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Mr. Gosford's Dilemma - by Bert Hart - In the spring of 1813, Mr. Gosford rides to Dallylong to see his beloved Elizabeth Carleton. His longstanding fantasies are fulfilled. (MF, 1st, humor, rom)

Mr. Wilson's Lessons - by Beating Off Bob - Sixteen year old Cindy has some questions for her neighbor, Bob, that he'd like to answer, if only it wouldn't end him up in jail. So he takes her home to her mom, who decides that She and Bob can demonstrate a few things so Cindy will understand. But watching's not enough for this hot teen, and she decides to try it out for herself. (MFf, ped, 1st, preg)

Mrs. Feinman Steps Out - by Marcia R. Hooper - Ellen unexpectedly discovers herself in a sauna with her son's best friend. Embarrassment, missteps and indecision escalate the situation until Ellen must make a decision: go with her better judgment and back out while she still can, or succumb to her body's demands. (Fm, reluc, 1st, oral, rom)

Mrs. Murphy's Going Away Present - by SquidTickle - When Mrs. Murphy finds a 15-year old neighbor boy dozing in bed in his underwear, she gives him a treat that he can't get out of his mind. He has to see her again. And when he does, she gives him even more to remember her by. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, anal)

Mrs. Tillman's Closet - by Blackzilla - His older white neighbor lady tricks a young black boy into sexual relations... (Fm, rom, intr, 1st)

Mrs. Wilson Cures My Stomach Ache - by David - Mrs. Wilson cures my stomach cramps. (FF/m-teen, ped, voy, MILF, 1st)

Multiplication - by Charles Dickin - Adolescent Paul has fantasised for years over his voluptuous older cousin Rosemary. Then she offers to give him math lessons. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

Mum's The Word - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby was a fourteen year old boy, who still took baths with his mother. He was used to it, and didn't think a thing about it. But the boys at school talked about things he didn't understand, and, when he asked his mother about them... bath time changed. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Munich 1957 - by Varangian - Delightful little story about an American student living in Germany back in 1957 and his friendship with a German man and his sister. (MF, 1st, rom, prost)

Mutual Masturbation - by Anon - Pete is embarrassed when his sister Amy catches him jacking off, but she tells him masturbation is natural and she does it too. He asks how that works, she offers to show him, and they end up stroking off together. This becomes a regular habit and the siblings soon graduate to oral sex, but Amy says they can never fuck. Can she stick to that promise after she realizes that her brother is in love with her? (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, reluc, mast, oral, rom)

My Adventure At A Boy's Camp - by Romeodt69 - My parent's sent me to a Boy's camp when I was 10 years old. I sure learned a lot at that camp... like how to suck cock. My counselor trained me real good! Throughout the week I was there he made me suck on the other counselor's to show them how good I was! For doing such a good job, they let me have sex with a girl before I went home. Pretty cool. (MMb, Fb, extreme-ped, bi, 1st, exh, oral)

My Aunt Lisa - by Kasper - A boy helps his newly divorced aunt out in many ways. She also directs him to do some things that lead to fun for them both. (F/m, ped, inc, 1st, exh) Part 2

My Aunt Lizzie - by The Tall Man - A story about a teenage boy in love with his aunt, and how he begins to discover sexual joy with her. It is partly based on actual events. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, inc, mast)

My Aunt Was The Answer To All My Sexual Desires - by Ken - When a boy starts puberty, his curiosity and desire become very strong. He could think of nothing else but sex. Then one day his aunt became the answer to all of his questions and desires. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, inc, mast, oral, ws)

My Babysitter Cindy - by Stephanie Boyd - A young girl catches her babysitter watching porn. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr)

My Best Friend Christina - by Wooden Wings - Two teenagers, the closest of friends for years, suddenly become a lot closer. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, oral, anal)

My Best Friend's Mother - by Merv Saylor - A boy is entrapped by his friend's mother into an indiscretion that becomes a reluctant affair that becomes a full-blown with two neighbor women with him their plaything. (FFdom/m-teen, ped, 1st, d/s, blkmail, oral, anal, panty-fetish, huml, threesome)

My Birthday Present - by Geminiguy - I first met Selena Gomez back in High School when she was a Freshman and I was a Senior. We remained friends all these years. I didn't know Selena as well as I thought, though, but I found out when she gave me my birthday present. (M/f-teen, 1st, underage, oral, drugged, celeb-parody)

My Birthday Surprise - by DrPssy - For my 13th birthday my aunt arranged for a wake up call by her Chinese maid that would change my life. I was to be the man of the house with all the rights and priveledges. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, voy, ws, intr, asian)

My Boyfriend; And All Those Other Guys - by Vulgus - A couple of young teenagers in love take advantage of an offer of a place to consummate their relationship. It turns out to be a mistake and they are blackmailed and sexually abused and even sold for sex. (MF, 1st, reluc, rom, blkmail)

My Brother, My Lover - by Sistergirl - A naughty younger sister seduces her older brother. (MF, bro/sis, inc, 1st)

My Brother's Friend - by Oberon80220 - Thirteen-year-old Molly's brother has some friends visiting from college. She ends up giving her first blowjob that night to one of them. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral)

My Cherry - by Dyanesbush - This story is dedicated in memory of my cherry. (teen-couple, 1st time)

My College Adventures – by Netman169 - My name is Jake Trenton. I am in my fifties now. This is the story of my sex life while at college. In part 1 I describe how I lost my virginity to a sixteen-year old high school girl while at college. (M/f-teen, underage, 1st) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12

My Cousin And The Swimsuit - by Mickeyandminney72 - A young boy's first experience with his cousin and anal sex. Left to their own devices his much older cousin takes advantage of a night of privacy to use the young boys rear end as an experimental replacement for pussy. (Mm-teens, ped, youths, 1st-gay-expr, cd, mast, anal)

My Cousin Becky - by Aquarius - Sometimes family can be a real pain in the neck, then there are times you can't help but love those who need it most; my cousin Becky was one who I took a liking to when she needed it most. Love is the answer. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, rom)

My Cousin Dagmar - by Maussie - At a family picnic, I'm looking for my cousin Dagmar. Finally I find her by the water's edge. She's sunbathing, nude. And she's fallen asleep. I cannot control myself and have my way with her, and from there everything goes from bad to worse. (Mf, nc, rp, inc, 1st)

My Cousin John And His Cock Tricks - by Cynthia Brakendoorfer - A girl hangs out during the summer with her older cousin and learns some new tricks. (M/f-teen, inc, 1st, exh)

My Cousin Kelli - by Silverliner - This is a true story about an experience I had with my cousin when I was 12 and she was 6. As I was to find out, she was not as innocent as I would have expected a child her age to be. She was full of surprises for me that evening. (bg, ped, inc, 1st) Part 2

My Cousin Kristie - by Dave Nichols - When Kristie found out that I often wrote sex stories, she wouldn't leave me alone. I'm almost 30 and Kristie is my cousin, barely 19 when this relationship began, petite and quite a doll. I guess most people would call her "cute" because of her looks. But she has always been a precocious kid, graduating at the top of her high school class, getting scholarship offers galore. (MFMF, inc, intr, oral, anal, 1st, swingers, orgy)

My Cousin's Cherry - by Anon - My cousin Tammy is a beautiful woman, but she's shy around men and was still a virgin at 25. When she asked me to be her first lover, I couldn't say no. But I didn't expect to fall in love with her. (MF, inc, 1st, rom)

My Cousin's Infatuation - by Anon - My cousin's infatuation with me began when we were kids. Hadley's parents were constantly busy -- working late, going on trips, socializing -- and they didn't want to leave Hadley and her little brother Brian home alone. My family lived just down the block, so I was enlisted to keep an eye on them. I was the sitter. (MF-teens, inc, 1st)

My Dad, My Pimp - by PRose1222 - His parents catch a teenage boy cross-dressing and their solution to the problem is to make his body conform to his choice of clothing. Since the family make the money by prostituting the daughter, now they had another child they could offer gay johns. (Mm-teen, underage, 1st-gay-expr, inc, cd, tg, huml, prost)

My Daddy Is An Asshole - by Jaz - My father's an asshole-but nobody knows it. My problem is that my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time last night. Good news right? Wrong! It was fine when we were just friends. My fucking father'll go balistic when he finds out, because he wants me for himself. (MF, rom, voy, inc, rp, v, ped, 1st)

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My Daughter and Me - by Anon - Dad is seduced by innocent teenage daughter into doing something he knows in wrong. (M/F-teen, underage, inc, 1st)

My Daughter's First Time - by Petein Wales - I watch while my daughter loses her cherry. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, voy)

My Daughter's Teacher - by Daddy4girls55 - A Dad teaches his young daughter how to love him. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

My Early Years - by Tinman - Six year old Roger is introduced to sex by two cute little farm girl cousins. From the memoirs of the life and times of Tinman, in multiple parts. (bg, youths, 1st, oral) Part 2

My Fascination - by Bigman1986 - My little sister and I tease each other until bursting point. (Mf-teens, inc, 1st, mast)

My Father And I: A True Story - by DMercator - This is a true story about what happened between my step father and I. (Mm, ped, inc, mast, 1st-gay-expr)

My Father's Best Friend - by Anon - A young daughter discovers her sexuality with her father's best friend. The story is told through the eyes of the daughter and father (M+/f-teen, ped, voy, cons, 1st, preg)

My Favorite Fare - by LWM - A young girl who doesn't have enough money to pay for a cab ride offers sex as payment. (M/g, ped, 1st)

My First Bi Experience - by Tryitall - A high school guy ends up in a circle-jerk with some of his friends and finds out that he enjoys it. (MM-teens, 1st-bi-expr, mast, oral, anal)

My First Blow Job - by Livdnsouth - My sister and I gave each other our virginity, and we loved to pleasure each other as we grew up. One Sunday afternoon she came into my bedroom and as she checked the top bunk to make sure our younger brother was asleep, her robe opened up and she was naked... (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

My First Button Fly - by Anon - The reason one shouldn't wear underwear. (M/m-teen, 1st-gay-expr, inc)

My First Cock - by Onionjack - A young man's first love is someone he never would have imagined. (M/M-teen, 1st-gay-expr, rom)

My First Cum - by Dave's Friend - A boy's first experimentation and first orgasm. (bb, 1st, mast, oral)

My First Experience With Sex - by Ken - When I was 13 years old, I wanted to see what a woman looked like between her legs, so one day I spied on an older woman who lived near our farm and she caught me. Instead of being punished for doing that, it turned out that we spent the whole afternoon together, with her teaching me all about sex. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, oral)

My First Gay Experience - by jimmyjfenwick - A guy helps another guy with his sexual problems. (Mm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

My First Girlfriend Gives In - by Old Dreamer - My girl friend was a real old fashioned girl and would not let me get far except necking until one magic evening on the couch in her front room. (MF, reluc, 1st)

My First Handjob By A Girl - by Anon - A teenage boy talks his way into a handjob by the girl next door. (mf-teens, mast, 1st)

My First Harley Ride - by Samantha Pratt - An 18 year old girl gets taken for a ride by her dad's best friend. (M/F-teen, 1st)

My First Love - by Bakeboss - A high school boy falls head over heels with a girl that is out of his league. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, huml, cuck, rom)

My First Naturist Holiday - by Rose Eastmann - A family's first naturist holiday, the wife has many new sexual experiences and the daughters have some too. (MMFg, ped, inc, 1st, voy)

My First Orgasm - by Jenny - I was breathing so fast, wanting whatever was going to happen to just happen. A sort of heat began to build between my legs, and my thighs began to shake. (F-solo, 1st-mast)

My First Sexual Experience - by Angel - I still remember my first experience very well. I was a 14 year-old kid, and it was a hot day in the middle of summer. (f/dog, 1st orgasm)

My First Sexual Experience - by Tom - Two teenage boys explore each other's bodies for the first time. (mm, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

My First Steady Girlfriend - by Stefanwolf - I was 12 and Cheryl was almost a year younger. I was in our garage when she appeared in the doorway. That day we had our first sexual experience. (bg, youths, mast, 1st)

My First Summer Camp Adventure - by Julian - In the late morning of the middle of the second week I was returning from free swimming and stepped into the dark cabin. There was handsome Derrick seated in a chair, legs outspread, holding the base of his large hard cock. It was breathtaking! (M/mm+-teens, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, orgy)

My First Taste Of Cock - by Drummer - How I happened to get my first taste of cock. (Mm-teen, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

My First Taste Of Real Sex - by Allen - This is a true story that really happened to me as I was going through puberty. It started with my sister and then involved my grand mother. And I'm so grateful to mom for helping me to satisfy my curiosity through my adolescent years. (Fb, bg, ped, inc, 1st)

My First Time - by Beth T. - I recall how I lost my virginity to a wonderful man twice my age. (M/F-teen, 1st, rom)

My First Time - by BigStudlyDude - A case of mistaken identity at a gloryhole gives young David the thrill of his life. (Fm, nc, 1st, school, mexican)

My First Time - by Heather Cambel - A true first time sexual encounter. (mf-yteens, 1st time)

My First Time - by Ice - At sixteen, I was ashamed to admit that I was a virgin. Like most teenage males, I put up a macho front. When I was with my best friend Chuck, we would swap stories of our "past sexual experiences. Then the day came when Chuck told me that he'd gotten lucky, and I knew he was telling me the truth!" (mf-teens, 1st)

My First Time - by Laddie - When I was 16, I lost my virginity to a hooker. I was an Army brat and my father was then stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. (F/m-teen, 1st, prost)

My First Time - by LadyBug - My first sexual experience. (mf-teens, youths, 1st)

My First Time - by Pigboy - A coming of Age story about a young lad and a few older men. (MM/m, 1st-gay-expr, bd, fisting)

My First Time - by Recently Bold - This is the story of an event that happened to me when I was young. My first sexual experience was being touched by my grandfather. I've decided to post it as the anonymity makes me feel safe and the thought that this story might excite someone excites me in turn. (Mb, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr)

My First Time - by Rowdy - A boy is caught in a movie theater restroom and forced to do something he'd never imagined himself doing. (Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral) Part 2

My First Time - by Seaman This is the story of my first sexual experience, it's true. Although things didn't work out for a permanent relationship, I will always remember my first lover. (MF, 1st, true)

My First Time - by SuzyQ - A true story about my first time. (MF-teens, inc, 1st)

My First Time - by Sweet Alice - This is a true story of my first few times. I was an ugly child that blossomed late into a beautiful girl and I get revenge on the girl that bullied me by using my newfound curves. (Mf-teen, voy, 1st, oral)

My First Time - by Voodoo Chile - This story isn't as sexy as the other stories around here, but it's true. It's the story about my first few tries at getting laid, and then finally, about the big moment. (mf-teens, mast, 1st)

My First Time Was in a Pool Shop - by Ex Aussie Paul - This is the true story about how I was drawn into a sexual relationship with an older man in 1976, that continued for about 4 years until I moved to the UK. It was my only time with another man. (Mm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast) Part 2 - Part 3

My First Time Was With Another Guy - by Anon - One teenage boy talks another teenage boy into having sex with him. (mm-teens, 1st-gay-expr, true)

My First Time With A Woman - by H.Wolf & Kathy - A boy becomes a good friend with the girl next door. Over the years they become best friends, but what happens between her mother and him changes everything. (m/F, 1st, ped)

My First Time With My Sister - by JAX - First sexual experience for young girl, with her brother. "The first time I had sex was with my sister at age 13. She was 18 at the time." (mf-teens, 1st, inc)

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My Georgia Peaches 3: Unskinned - by Peter Pan - In April 2004, erotic author "BVRETR" submitted an excellent story to another website entitled "My Georgia Peaches," which was followed-up in the short-term by a second chapter. In the absence of any further submission, not only did I subsequently wonder myself what became of these girls, several readers of the "Harper Valley" series, actually contacted me and asked if I would write a further episode for them privately. (Mf, ped, 1st) My Girlfriend The Babysitter - by Suppy - An young teen girl has to babysit a younger girl when her older boyfriend comes over. Sex lessons begin after the kid walks in. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, bi, mast, oral) Part 2

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My Girls, Julie And Mom - by Woodyne77 - A view of a teenage male's desire to control the two women closest to him and learn the ways of the female body from a non-consenting sister and a lonely mom. Mom is only too eager to teach her son when the opportunity presents itself. (m-teen/Ff-teen, nc, rp, inc, 1st, drugs, preg) Part 2

My Gloryhole Experience - by Dan W. - This is a true story of the summer I spent at my grandmother's house in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was 16 at the time. During my walks around the area, I had noticed an adult book store on Washington Street (aka US Highway 40). I finally worked up the nerve to enter the store, figuring the worst that could happen was that I'd be promptly kicked out. I wasn't! (MM/m-teen, underage, 1st-gay-expr, oral, voy, glory)

My Grownup And Me - by Tinman - As a nine year old, I was already a sex addict. When a grownup played with me at the movie theatre, I not only enjoyed it I wanted more. (MM, Mb, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast)

My High School Sweetheart - by Bigguy006 - This is a multi-part story about my high school girlfriend and her younger sister. Then again twenty five years later. (MF-teens, youths, 1st, rom)

My Husband Watched - by William DuPain - Her husband arranged her seduction and watched the instrument of her adultery take her! (F/m-teen, voy, 1st, bd) Part 2 - Part 3

My Intro To Men - by Kaypee - My first experience with a pedophile at a football match. (M/m-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr)

My Jeff - by Anon - This is a true story of my teen years and the relationship I developed with a close family friend. The activity between myself and "Jeff" was consensual and I was in no way forced into any sexual situation. Some may call this abuse, but I call it love. All I ask of any reader is to finish the whole story before making any hasty conclusions. (Mb, ped, 1st-gay-expr, cons)

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My Little Girl Becomes A Woman - by Albert - At 19 years old, I forcefully took the virginity of my youngest brother's best friend, she was 13 at the time, and she had no clue what was happening to her or why. I saw her the other day and I realized that it's about time that I came out with the truth. (Mf, teens, nc, rp, v, 1st)

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My Mother Said I Never Should - by White Rabbit - In a nineteenth century village, a girl is saved by a handsome gypsy from being raped and murdered. A mutual attraction grows between them, leading to a day of unbridled passion and sexual awakening. (Mf, ped, 1st)

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My Next Door Neighbor - by Wandering Dave - Some neighbors can be quite educational. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, oral, anal)

My Niece Maria - by Netman169 - Twenty-nine year old Vanessa fantasied about her young niece Maria, for many years. She finally got to act on these fantasies and more during a trip to Rio for a journalism conference. This is a story I wrote for a reader from South America. It was based on her fantasies about her niece. (MF/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, voy, ws, latina)

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My Obsession - by Gungadick - A wife discovers her husband's obsession, then surprises him in the manner she decides to deal with it. (MFg, ped, bi, inc, exh, 1st) Part 2 - Part 3

My Older Sister - by Jonathan Fairbanks - An older brother has always been attracted to his younger sister. (MF-teens, inc, oral, 1st)

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My Post College Adventures – by Netman169 - My name is Jake Trenton. I am in my fifties now. This is a continuation of my sexual adventures in the years after college. Part 1, tells how I discovered the true identity of the thirteen-year old middle-schooler I had been having sex with. (M/f, ped, inc, 1st, mast) (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, oral) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

My Private Camwhore - by AnonyMPC - Sixteen-year-old Andrew finds his 12-year old sister showing her bra on a webcam chat site. He decides to anonymously blackmail her to scare her off that path, only to fall victim to his own lust as he realizes he can get her to do anything he wants on camera... and some off camera too. As Andrew walks this path he finds himself torn between lust and guilt and something he never expected... growing feelings of romantic love for his little sister. (M-teen/g, reluc, ped, inc, voy/exh, 1st, mast, oral, blkmail)

My Roommates - by Munawaruddin Ali - Two guys are looking for digs while attending college. They find two girls who are looking for people to share the rent with, and don't really care about gender. So all four live in a platonic relationship. That is until one of the guys drop out and the other fellow finds that the fringe benefits of having to female roommates out weighs the savings of a forth. (MFF, FF, 1st lesbian exper, college)

My Secret Lover - by Anon - A young girl comes of age a little sooner than most when she's caught spying on her parent's boarder one summer afternoon. (M/f-teen, 1st, oral, mast, ped)

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Naive Virgin - by Ickric - A teenage girl goes on a camping trip with a group of other youngsters. Her strict upbringing has made her naive but that all changes overnight. But she still has much to learn. (MF-teens, 1st, preg?)

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Naughty Angel - by Kristen Marie - When Angel was 10, she knew she had a special power over men. Not boys... MEN! Now, four years later, she tells her story about this gift and the rewards it has reaped upon her. Not all Angels are nice! (MMf-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, oral, mast)

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New Best Friend - by Shelby Brettin - Tina and Shelby had become best friends the day they had met in 12th grade. It was Tina's first day at a new school and Shelby's best friend had moved away during that summer. Both girls had been inseparable for the first part of the school year, but this was the first night that Tina was to stay overnight at Shelby's house. (ff-teens, 1st-lesbian exper)

New Lesbians - by Mickie Bee - A Somewhat Reluctant Confession by Mickey Bee... (FF, exh, 1st-lesbian exper)

New Paper Boy, The - by Eager46 - A 35 year old married man notices a new paper boy on the round one winter's morning, while walking his dog. Every morning the young boy smiles at him in a peculiar way. Then one day the man decides to strike up a conversation with the boy, which this leads to more than a chat down a darkened driveway. (Mm-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, anal)

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Nina Does A Favor - by Realoldbill - A sexy youth does a big favor for her friends. A really big favor. (mf-teens, 1st)

Nineteen Years-Old - by Bob - first time - you never forget your first experience, especially one as wild as that one was. I hated waiting until I was 19 but in hindsight, it was well worth it! The message? Don't discount older women. Their capacity to please can be overwhelming and their capacity to give can be bottomless. (MF, 1st)

No Longer Sleepless in Seattle - by Starfighter - Apparently an unfinished story about a true cross county Internet story. It's about two lovers experiencing physical touching and sexual gratification for the first. (MF, 1st)

No School Today - by Anon - I remember an October morning, years ago when I was 15. My parents were off at work, and my 14-year-old sister, Ellen had stayed home from school sick. I headed for School, but decided to play sick as well, and headed back home... (bro/sis, inc, 1st)

No Use Crying Over Spilt Spaghetti - by Anon - Jason's mom accidentally drops a plate of spaghetti on one of Jason's friend's lap. What happens after that starts out innocently enough, until she finds herself at the mercy of a group of 16-year old boys that are no longer hungry for just spaghetti. (M+-teens/F-adult, nc, inc, MILF, blkmail, exh, 1st, oral, anal, beast)

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Nobody Killed This Little Kenny - by Laura Woods - It was time for me to depart the Big-Smoke for a weekend of self-indulgence alone in the mountains. It was cold but I really prepared to warm myself up. Why did a dumb little boy scout have to mess up my plans? (Fm, 1st, ped, mast)

Not a Slut - by Bingo Flannigan - After a teenage girl's younger sister has a sexual awakening, she finds it difficult to remain innocent. When she starts finding mysterious stains on her panties, her pervy father makes it doubly so. (Mmff, ped, reluc, inc, bi, 1st, mast, oral, preg)

Not Like This - by Sidewinder 70 - Sexual patterns seem to change with each generation. One of the latest changes is how female teachers are now the ones molesting students. Gee, how strange or is it just now coming to light that boys have become pussies? (MF, 1st, inc)

Not Living With Fran Anymore - by Mad Bohemian.txt"> - A parody of the television show Living With Fran in which Josh finally snaps and wreaks havoc upon his family. (MFff, ped, nc, rp, bi, inc, 1st, oral, bd, humor, v, sn, parody)

Nothing To Do - by Durango Dan - Sue and her best friend Jenny are bored 11 year olds. They decided experiment with each other. To keep from being bored again they did some crazy things at the mall and with Sue's brother. (ff, fm, youths, inc, 1st)

November Rain - Geminiguy - Stephanie Seymour gives her son an early birthday present: a trip to St. Bart's, just the two of them. Unexpected weather conditions change things up more than expected. (F/m, inc, 1st, oral, mast, celeb-parody)

Novice, The - by Wollstonecraft - A Novice offers a little Christian charity to a young homeless boy. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, reluc, sacrilegious, preg)

Nudist Town USA - by Tiger Kitten - This story is the first installment of what I hope will be a long-running series of stories about the unique lives and lesbian loves of nudist family who are invited to live in a secluded town in which every citizen is a practicing nudist. (Ffg, ped, exh, mast, oral, anal, 1st-lesbian-expr, orgy)

Observation - by Kevin - It all started when I was given a telescope for my fourteenth birthday, I had been doing a science project on astronomy and wanted to look at the planets. (F/m-teen, voy, mast, 1st)

Odds - by Stork - Back in the 60s, I somehow landed the hottest girl in school. But even hotter was the fling I had on the side... with her little sister. Would I get burned? (MF-teens, 1st, mast, oral, cheat, rom)

Oedipus in Pakistan - by UR Null - According to Freud the Oedipus complex is a subconscious sexual desire of a boy for his mother. My name is Q and this is my version of this desire. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, voy)

Oh Derek - by Raiderboy - First time adolescent sex at the beach in San Clemente. A local boy's dream comes true in the bed of a visiting tourist girl. (mf-teens, 1st, oral) - Part 2

Oh My God, Daddy - by J.E. Ashbourne - Fifteen-year-old Daughter bumps into her Dad when he's nipping to the toilet one night. They are both naked and he's been masturbating and is still hard. She's fascinated. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Oh Swell - by Old Bill - A randy high school girl and her geeky brother find ways to entertain each other on a camping trip. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st)

Old Fart's Second Chance - by LaPetiteMort - An older man befriends a young mother and her daughter to the great pleasure of them all. (MFg, ped, 1st, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 Part 4

Old Swimming Hole - Lisa and Sharon - Betsy and Trisha were thoroughly enjoying their mid- summer break from their brothers. For two whole weeks the boys were off to camp, and Betsy and Trisha were relishing the air of freedom that prevailed. Not that things were all that different. And yet it seemed as though they were. (gg, 1st-lesbian exper)

Older Women Make Wonderful Sex Teachers - by Ken - Most boys need to be taught about the pleasures of sex. And it takes an older woman to do that for them. This story describes how I learned from a wonderful teacher who was an older woman. I'll always be grateful to her for being my first lover. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st, oral)

On DVD - by Redcrow - A story of incest between a 13 year old boy and his 15 year old sister and when a friend makes them do. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, exh)

On The Banks Of The Ohio - by Peter Pan - Memories, both fond and otherwise, can be recalled by the least expected of external stimuli. A snatch of conversation, the scent of a Spring blossom, a few bars of a tune long since in vogue. Many things. (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, rom)

On The Couch - by Alex Hawk - A thirteen year old boy finds his sister passed out on the couch minus her panties. (mf-yteens, nc, inc, 1st)

On The Job Experience - by LaffWithMe - High school student Brad gets a job at the mall to pay his car insurance. It turns out that the only place hiring is at Victoria's Secret, and the lady boss is infatuated by young Brad. (mF, voy, exh, 1st)

On The Job Training - by David Weingart - A guy has to show the ropes to one of the boss's kids. In this case the kid turns out to be a very willing young woman who is EAGAR to learn. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, anal, mast, work)

On The Lam - by Emerald - A brother and sister are fed up with their parent's violently dysfunctional relationship and run away for a weekend in nature to get away from it all. Here they learn a lot about each other and each other's desires and urges. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Once In A Lifetime - by Steve - Teenage love, at least teenage sex, and in his bedroom with the whole family at home, and her mother visiting and only a room or two away. (MF-teens, youths, 1st)

Once Upon A Childhood - by Peter Pan - Completely true in every detail, I remember after all these years, how she sat, the little silver bracelet she wore on her left wrist – even the charm that hung off it – a small fish. I can describe her dress, her shoes... slip-ons actually, smell her hair, hear her soft voice – tell you what the weather was like. I don't have to imagine the tears which come to my eyes as I write this either. She was so ethereally beautiful and I would give anything to be able to go back to her and that time so long ago. I never ever wanted to grow up. It was the cruellest thing ever happened to me. (mf-teens, rom, 1st)

One Big Happy Family - by Durango Dan - The experiences of a man who meets and marries a woman from a very open family. (MF/bg, ped, inc, 1st, family, orgy)

One Hot Summer - by Bossman - This story is about a sister, her brother and her brother's friend. About an unexpected first time during a camping trip. (mm-teens/g, ped, youths, inc, 1st, orgy)

One In The Same - by Brian Francis Ferguson - Maggie would do anything for her brother, and her Georgie wanted it all. (MF, reluc, inc, 1st, oral, anal)

One Lucky Babysitter - by Mandy C. - A babysitter is in charge of two young teens for the summer. Little does she know she'll end up having sex with the kids she's in charge of. (M-teen/mf, ped, 1st)

One On One With Uncle Bob - by Beating Off Bob - Bob was good at basketball, but could his sister beat him at one on one? She could if she played the game by her own rules. The story of how Bob became an uncle. (mf-teen, inc, youths, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, preg)

One to Grow On - by Realoldbill - His girlfriend's little sister just had a birthday and he claims some kisses and a bit more, to celebrate. (mf-teens, reluc, youths, 1st)

Orphanage - by Durango Dan - Life at the orphange changed when my new roommate arrived. (mf, bi, inc, mast, oral, anal, 1st)

Orphanage Blues - by Beating Off Bob - An E-Novel: A troubled orphan boy is punished by being sent to the Dante's Inferno of orphanages, but a glitch in the paperwork lands him in a place full of love and concern for his welfare. It changes his life completely, and that of the women who run the small orphanage in Mid America during WW II. (MFm-teen, ped, 1st, reluc, cheat, mast, oral, preg)

Other - by Tom - A man is mysteriously transported back to his childhood, with the full knowledge of a 45 year old adult. (bbg, youths, bi, 1st, sci-fi)

Our First Penetration - by Scott S. Stevens - With my younger sister and I being as competitive as we were, romance and seduction was not usually the way one got the other interested in sex. We usually made a wager with sex as the payment. One such incident resulted in our first attempt at intercourse. (mf, teens, inc, anal 1st)

Our First Time - by Amy K - My eyes went wide with surprise and I held back an exclamation as my cousin drew out something I had never seen for real before. It was an eight-inch long dildo, with a handgrip near the bottom that added a few extra inches, making it seem all the more imposing. (ff-teens, youths, 1st, toys, rom)

Our First Time - By Ourpussies - Homework with his girlfriend and the parents out of the house leads to a lot more than just book study. (mf-teens, 1st)

Our Holiday - by Daddysslut - A young girl is on vacation with her family and the fun begins. (MF+/bg, extreme-ped, bi, family-inc, oral, anal, 1st)

Our Introduction to Swinging - by srj - A married couple joins a swingers group for fun and games. (MF+/MF/mf-teens, ped, 1st, exh, orgy, swingers, preg) Part 2

Our New Neighbor Takes Over - by Vulgus - A man buys the house next door and stumbles upon information which he uses to blackmail sixteen year old Lisa and her lovely mother into sexual servitude. (Mm+/Ff, dom/sub, nc, orgy, bi, inc, 1st)

Our New Neighbors - by Mredfox - New neighbors move in and waste no time in getting me and my Mom in their bed. (FFff-teens, ped, dom, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Our Parent's Couch - by DH Lawrence - Two kids, a brother and sister discover the pleasure of sex from each other, on their parent's couch. (f-teen/m-pre-teen, inc, 1st)

Our Secret Picnic - by Dae Xantha - Michelle pays the price for forgetting her brother's bag with his pajamas on a weekend outing at the family cabin. (mf-teens, 1st, inc, oral)

Our Story - by WillIAm - In this novel length story a man becomes the guardian of a precocious teenage girl and is reluctantly drawn into an affair that changes his outlook on life. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc, bi, M-reluc, oral, anal, 1st, orgy, asian)

Owning Mom - by Jack Chames - A teenage boy uses massage to seduce his mother in an attempt to own her, only to discover that there is more to ownership when love is involved. (FFm, ped, inc, d/s, 1st, oral, anal)

Out Of Bounds - by Demetrius - Simon and his sister Megan, cross more boundaries than one during a skiing expedition. (MF-teens, 1st, inc, mast, oral, anal, rom)

Outside The Curriculum - by Peter Pan -At a girl's sleepover, not necessarily everyone's asleep! (M/f-teen, ped, mast, 1st) Part 2

P Factor - by UR Null This is a nasty little novella about a boy, his mother and their perversities that include a lot of pissing, another boy and another girl. And that's not all! A dog and a father also appear to play their role during the course of events. (Fm, mf, ped, 1st, inc, anal, beast, ws)

Pale Blue Swimsuit - by Lake Zuric - Rick, a boy away at summer camp, catches a glimpse of campmate Claire that he shouldn’t have. But later on she shows him more then he ever thought he’d see of her. (mf-yteens, voy, 1st)

Panty Man, the - by Johndough - A single mom holds things together for herself and her 14 year old daughter during the 1935 Dust Bowl by not keeping her thighs together. She has shielded her daughter from what she does for a living but Emmy Lou spies on her mother with the regular traveling panty salesman. One Saturday her mother is gone and Emmy Lou offers him the same deal her mother gave him. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, preg?)

Papa - by Rex - A farmer loves his granddaughter. (Mmf-teens, ped, inc, 1st)

Paperboy, The - by Cutter - A teenage boy discovers the side benefits of an afternoon job and realizes that there are more than just wages to be earned. (F/m, ped, 1st)

Papergirl, The - by Bugman - Opening the door to the cute young paper girl leads to more than just having the paper delivered. The end results brought even her mother onto the scene, but not in the way one would expect. (M/gF, extreme-ped, 1st, anal, ws)

Paramount Rule, The - by Tanya Simmonds - The first installment of an intended trilogy, concerning the female domination of teenaged boys by the headmistress and her staff in a 1950's public school, where masturbation is forbidden and severely punished, orgasm denial torture is commonplace and forced cunnilingus usually follows punishment. (FF/M-teen, dom, 1st, mast, oral, whips, school) Part 2 - Part 3

Parent's Evening - by MasochisticBitch - This is a story I was requested to write for a good friend of mine. It is about a high school rebel. Her two teachers have had the eye for her and she runs into school late at night after parents evening. The two teachers finally get what they want. (MM/f-teen, nc, rp, v, 1st, tor, bd, sn)

Parker's Present - by Alex Hawk - A teenage girl comes up with an interesting notion of what to give her little brother for his birthday. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Party Animal - by Damage37 - A story about a 15-year-old boy roped into baby-sitting for the kid of a single mom on New Years Eve. He's reluctant at first, but when Miss Gordon comes home after midnight very drunk he has the time of his life. (F/b, alcohol, 1st time, nc)

Passing 7th Grade - by Durango Dan - Jenny feared flunking 7th Grade so her mom asked her teacher to tutor her after class. (MF/ff-teens, ped, inc, bi, 1st, oral, anal)

Pastor Bob's Halloween House Of Whores - by Johndough - Instead of being at risk outdoors on Halloween, a church's Pastor throws a little Halloween party for 8 of his flocks most fertile and ovulating teens where their costumes are barely non-existent and they play out four stories from the Bible. His 12 to 15 year old charges get to know the Pastor quite biblically and they find the enjoy begetting. (M/ff, ped, 1st, orgy, voy)

Pastor's Wife - by Pastor - A thirty-eight year old wife, and a wife of a Southern Baptist pastor finds sex when she shouldn't. But two young boys enjoy an afternoon with the pastor's attractive wife. (F/mm, ped, oral, 1st)

Patty: A Big Brother's Obligation - Aquarius - My little sister, Patricia – Patty, is fifteen years my junior: mom and dad's unexpected surprise in mid-life. However, Patty turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them. She was Mom's little angel, Dad's little princess, my lover. (Mf, underage, inc, 1st, rom)

Patty In The Field With Her Brother's Friends - by Netman169 - A young girl helps her and some boys learn about sex and loses her virginity to her brother's friends in a field by her house in the early 1980's. It is based on a true incident. (m+/g, ped-all-youths, 1st, oral)

Patty's Dad Loses on Poker Night - by Johndough - Middle schooler Patty, lives in a trailer park with her single parent dad who barely makes ends meet. His one enjoyment is Poker Night with his friends but lately he has been losing. One night he thinks he has a winning hand but he has nothing left for the pot, so he puts up his daughter's virginity and everyone's life changes. (M+/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Paul - by NSJ - Paul is primarily a mind control story. A young man of seventeen awakens after months of being on life support to find he has the unique ability to give people commands they must obey. He soon comes to find his ability is not as unique as he hoped and that he is being hunted by two organizations who wish either to recruit him or kill him. (mf-teens, nc, rp, 1st, anal, orgy, mc) Part 2 - Part 3

Paula and Jennifer - by PL - Paula comes out to her older sister Jennifer. (ff, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Paulette's Sweet Sixteen - by Anon - A 14 year old Puerto Rican girl's mother Maria, meets a man named Joe and lives with him. He turns her mother mentally unstable and is waiting for her to turn sixteen before going after her. (Mdom/f, ff-teens, nc, 1st, oral, sn)

Pedophile Experience of my Childhood - by Anon - An account of the gardener who molested me when I was a little girl. (Mf, rom, ped, 1st, mast)

Pedophile's Lament - by Peter Pan - I never wanted to hurt her. I just couldn't hack never knowing what it felt like. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, 1st)

Peeking At Sister's Tattoo - by Beating Off Bob - Joey peeks at his sister and her friends and finds out about his sister's new tattoo. He gets caught with a boner and the girls want to see it. Turnaround is fair play, but when the girls get bare, Joey can't control himself and he takes them all. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc, 1st, voy, rough sex, preg)

Peeper - by Anon - A boy's coming of age story. It all started one day when he found out about the pleasure of masturbation and then shared that knowledge with the boys and girls in his neighborhood. (mff, youths, bi, voy, 1st, orgy)

Peepers Treat - by Sunset - A randy teenager begins a routine of peeping at a neighbor when he gets more than he bargained for as she flashes him and gives him a special treat. (m-teen/F, voy, 1st, oral)

Peer Pressure - by Wolfstonecraft - Terri's tired of being unpopular, she's willing to go along with what her boyfriend wants, because if she doesn't she'll be considered a loser. No body in high school wants to be considered a loser do they? (mf-teens, 1st)

Peggy Losses Her Virginity One Snow Day - by Netman169 - A fifteen year old high school girl loses her virginity to her next door neighbor during one cold snowy day. It is based on a true incident. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, oral, size)

Penny, Todd And Me - by The Ratt in the Hat - An English boy living in America is sent to stay with his mothers' best friend whilst his parents jet off on a second honeymoon. However, his temporary guardian and her son have special ideas. (M/mf-teens, ped, reluc, 1st, bi)

Perfect Day, The - by Obmuj - Jake wins the lottery, then has the most interesting time of his life when he finds an eleven-year-old pixie who has a flat tire on her bike. They both have a first that day. (Mg, ped, exh, 1st)

Perfect Lover - by Cheryl - Cheryl notices a young woman sitting on a bench in the mall. She's drawn to the younger woman. A romantic lesbian encounter ensues. (FF, 1st-lesbian exper)

Perfect Storm, The - by J.E.Ashbourne - A Mom and son are stranded in a car in a blizzard have to conserve heat. One thing leads to another... (F/m-teen, ped, 1st)

Perfect Thighs - by Buttercup - Suellen Lynn was an attractive middle aged woman who found love in different ways and her one enjoyment was showing the next door neighbor her perfect thighs. (F/m-teen, mf-teens, ped, exh, 1st, rom)

Permission To Love - by Joshua Allen - A fifteen-year-old daughter of his mother's friend introduces a thirteen-year-old boy to sex. (mf-teens, exh, 1st, oral)

Pervert Neighbour - by John Eastmann - A father gets a shock, he's been too busy climbing the corporate ladder to notice his family. Then a chance encounter on the internet starts his climb down into perversion with the assistance of the Pervert Neighbour, a master of perversion and corruption. (M/f-teen, ped, intr, exh, voy, v, 1st)

Pete And Stan Play Hide And Seek - by Eager46 - Two 14 year old boys are playing hide and seek in the garden of one of their homes, one summer Saturday afternoon, when accidentally they discover that they have more than a normal friendship to play with. (mm-teens, youths, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

Peter Pan - by dale10 - An erotic version of the Peter Pan fantasy. (mm/f-teens, exh, ped, 1st, bi, fantasy)

Peter Pan - by Jack Rabbit - Wendy and her brothers go with Peter Pan to Never Never Land for a romantic adventure, where she discovers that Peter enjoys sexual games with the Mermaids and Indian Princesses. Tinkerbell, Peter's tiny little fairy, not only is jealous of other girls who Peter is friendly with, she plays her own erotic games with Wendy's brother John. (mf-teens, youths, m/fairy, nc, v, voy, mast, 1st, rom, movie-parody, fant, bd)

Photographer, The - by Logman - A fashion photographer has his way with a young girl and her mother. (M/Ff-teen, voy, 1st, ped)

Photographic Memories - by Timberwolf - A young boy finds a camera in the garage, and asks his father to show him how it works. Suddenly, a whole new world opens up for him, and his adventures begin! Look for the twist at the end! (MF/mf-teens, ped, 1st, inc, bi, oral, anal, exh, orgy)

Physical Therapist, The - by Durango Dan - When pretty little 11 year old Heather went to physical therapy for a muscle strain, her therapist Mike, stretched her in all sorts of ways. (Mg, ped, 1st, oral, anal)

Picnicking - by Alex Hawk - Three siblings go out on a picnic. The youngest one goes to gather some rocks but comes back sooner than expected, surprising the other two who are... occupied. Based upon a true story. (mf-yteens, inc, 1st)

Pink Bow, The - by Unlucky - At a Christmas party Jack meet's the hosts' young daughter. (M/f-teen, 1st)

Pinocchio - by Jack Rabbit - In this parody of the movie, the Blue Fairy's effort to change Pinocchio into a live boy look at the puppet's dealing with new experience of sexual arousal. In addition, the Blue Fairy also answered another one of Geppeto's wishes, to overcome his ED disability. (MFmf-teens, ped, 1st, voy, fant, rom, movie-parody)

Playing Around - by Alex Hawk - A brother and sister find out just how life-changing "playing around" can be. (mf-teens, inc, 1st)

Playing Around With My Niece - by Beating Off Bob - Lori asks her Uncle Bob to teach her to play golf so she can get the attention of the man she attracted to. Little does Uncle Bob know that HE's the man she is into. She shows off her skills and he scores a hole in one. (M/F-teen, inc, reluc, ech, 1st, preg)

Playing Doctor - by Digger - A young boy and his sister discover sex in the 50s. (mf-yteens, inc, 1st, oral, mast)

Playing Doctor - by Scott S. Stevens - I look back, with dissonance, at those times when my sister and I engaged in what is now called incest. It is a taboo, immoral and dangerous, but we were children, innocent and impulsive. The memories are very stimulating to me, even with minimal embellishments. (m/g, inc, 1st, youths, cons)

Playing Hooky, 1963 - by Pegboy - A fourteen-year-old boy is seduced by Alan, a soldier, and introduced to a group of horny film buffs. (MM/m-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal) Part 2

Please Fuck My Daughter - by Drue Craig - A former employee sends her teenage daughter to her ex-boss to get her first fuck. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, anal, rom)

Please Mister - by Dudester - Chris heads off to Los Angeles to photograph naked college girls, wanting to make some bucks, and maybe a little exposure, so to speak. As the week is about to end, a very unexpected and willing model shows up, with a proposition. (Mg, ped, exh, 1st, mexican)

Pleasure With A Boy Of Thirteen - by Sweet Irish - Katlin is pushing forty, and had only known one other man, before marrying. Bored in a dead marriage, she tries out two twenty-something males in a threesome. Divorced, she finds Joey, a 13-year-old boy, who hasn't been cut. Katlin's desires take them both to new heights of sex. (FMM, F/m-teen, ped, 1st, cheat, oral)

Plowing the Furrow - by Wandering Dave - Lunch time on the farm can be interesting. (fm-teens, underage, 1st)

Plus One - by Secret DC Guy - The nicest guy ever helps a high school lesbian get exactly what she wants; the most beautiful girl in school. However, it starts a journey that shows happy endings do not always turn out the way you expect them to. (ff-teens, FF, MF, 1st, rom)

Poem - by Ximenes - Such a lot of depravity in so few words. And why not try a story in verse? (mf-teens, inc, nc, 1st)

Port O'Call - by Lorali - It's the 1800's and a beautiful young lady finds that she's restless. She's tired of needlepoint, and reading all day. Finally she takes a stroll down to the docks to see how the riffraff live. She meets a handsome young man, then finds that she is blackmailed into an affair with him. (MF, 1st, reluc)

Power, The - by Logman - A young girl is taught the power of her sexuality when she is sexually wakened by The Trainer. (MM/f, F/f, ped, 1st, oral, mast)

Practice, Practice - by Realoldbill - I young man meets a lovely young lady and finds her eager for love. (M/F-teen, 1st, oral)

Preacher's Wife - by JW - Here's another installment in spite of the fact that I don't think anyone is paying attention. In this chapter: How the preacher's wife got her stripes dovetailed with peer bonding for Rachel. (Earlier parts available in directory 54.) (ff-teens, youths, voy, 1st, oral, anal) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Precocious Puberty - by danwoodsversion1 - Basically, about a year ago, Max hit puberty. He would have gone through the whole thing, but he started hormone treatment a few months ago to prevent it. And it worked. Except for one thing. His big dick. (mf, youths, ped, exh, 1st)

Pregnant - by S. L. Virgin - An 18 year old girl enters the Air Force a straight-laced virgin. During tech school she has sex for the first time, and then several more times. Then she gets leave between tech school and her first assignment. Somewhere along the way from loosing her cherry to her first tour of duty, she stops having periods for a round reason. (MF-teens, reluc, 1st, anal, military, oreg)

Pregnant At Seventeen - by Lracson - Pretty and traveling in Europe with members of her private school class, Esther, named after the woman in the Bible, met an older Frenchman. Romance followed and her virginity was left in a hotel bed in Paris. She returned to the US with twins growing in her belly. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, preg)

Pregnant Pause - by Preggofan - I'd never had sex with another woman, but I found myself attracted to my pregnant friend. (FF, 1st-lesbian expr)

Preparation Of Louise - by Author on Africa - A pretty white teenager in Africa answers the door when her parents are away... she really shouldn't have... (MMF, intr, 1st, orgy)

Preteen Fun - by Durango Dan - Beth learns from her best friend, brother and mother and then spreads the joy around. (MF/gb, ped, inc, bi, 1st, oral, anal, mast)

Pretending - by Lanka Cream - Precocious youngest daughter started off with some not so innocent fun with her father when mom and older siblings were away that leads to both more than she anticipated, but also what she (and daddy) subconsciously wanted. (M/f-teen, inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Price I Paid, The - by Alex Hawk - A young boy pays the price for losing his virginity. Based on a true story. (mf-teens, 1st)

Prime Price, The - by Slave to Magick - The law was clear, a teacher must always be repaid, and for the young mage Bennet, the price for magick lessons would prove to be painful. (MF-teens, reluc, 1st, anal, bd, sci-fi)

Princess Kaitlin and Our First Time - by Teeman2000 - My 14-year-old step-daughter and I begin a deep and loving relationship. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral) Part 2

Private Sex Education with Teacher Rita - by Robert - A newly qualified teacher takes a private teaching post to try to help overcome her clinical nymphomania. Her 14-year-old pupil quickly reminds her of what she is trying to forget and its not long before she reverts to her old ways and lets him pleasure her body. Pleasure that she can still not do without. (Fm, 1st, ped)

Probing Christopher - by Kip Hawk - A man helps his thirteen-year-old son find out if he is gay. (Mm-teen, ped, nc, 1st, anal)

Prodigy - by Aule - An isolated and lonely young genius is given the Christmas gift of his life by the only woman who understands and accepts him. (MF, teen, cons, rom, 1st)

Professional Hazard - by Pasego - Babysitters are traditionally the focal point of many a male fantasy. For Bob and his equally inebriated cohort David however, it was just a case of "Let the games begin!" Shame young Emma had never expected to be doing this much overtime! (MM/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, 1st, mast, anal)

Prom Night - by Kick Boxer - A brother and sister who have made a pact to stay virgins until Prom night, but are disappointed by their respective dates end up in each other's arms. (MF-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Prom Night - by Monique D - On Prom Night, a lesbian student finds herself seduced by a male gym teacher. It's a fucking she'll never forget. (M/f-teen, 1st, bi, anal, school)

Prom Night - by Zarathos - An improbable story about a father waiting up for his virgin daughter to come home from the prom and her unloading on him what a bad time she'd had with her "grabby" boyfriend. Of course, the best way to recover from that experience like that is to make love to your daughter to show her how a real man should treat a woman. Well written. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, 1st)

Prom Night Orgasm - by Author Obscure - The joy and pain of my first orgasm. (MF-teens, 1st, spank)

Prom Night Terror - by Ynyn - Two teenage girls have "special" plans for prom night, but two intruders spoil their fun. (MMFF-teens, nc, rp, 1st, v, oral, anal, bd)

Proposition, The - by David Jannsen - Ana is 14 years old girl who wants to go to medical school. She knows she is good enough, but she is living on the hard edge of poverty. Then an opportunity appears, so how can she snare it? (MFFf, ped, inc, 1st, bi, oral)

Pumping Niece - by Beating Off Bob - Chrissy works for Uncle Bob at his gas station, where she takes care of the customer's needs. She'd like to date, but doesn't know how to act around boys, so she enlists Bob's aid to show her what boys might want to do and gets her own needs taken care of as Bob pumps her instead of gas. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, oral, preg)

Pumpkin Patch - by Anon - A father takes his daughter to a pumpkin patch to get a jack o' lantern for Halloween, only to get sidetracked once they get home. (Mg, ped, 1st, oral)

Purity Games - by Daemos - Three teens playing a computer game. (mff-teens, underage, oral, 1st)

Pythagoras Was Nowhere In The Picture - by Peter Pan - Not always easy to "keep it professional" when your student is a beautiful and desirable young lady. I never mastered the art myself! (M/F-teen, 1st, rom)

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