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Hello there! I'm a college student, a poet, and an aspiring physicist. I write because I'm horny and I've become annoyed at trying to find anything extreme enough to get me off, since I love reading porn as much as watching it! So instead of just thinking about previous sexual experiences when I'm horny, I can write about them and recapture it (not to mention getting all you kinky bastards off on it too). I may also write some fantasies when I get the time.

I am not into the whole master/slave relationship in real life, since my lifestyle makes it practically impossible, and because there always seems to be a lot of pretense and acting which makes it feel less genuine. That is not to say master/slave relationships are not in my fantasies.

I write mostly stories with extreme s/m about my own sexual experiences, predominantly of a gay male/male variety(though I am bisexual). My friends often laugh when I enthusiastically pronounce this, but I collect fetishes like stamps!

Read my filth if you dare!

Story categories: torture, bondage, golden showers, gay, leather, humiliation, twinks, sm, anal play, enemas


- This is my very first actual porn story and based on a real encounter! I've exaggerated a little to make it more horny in retrospect, of course;).

Also, feel free to send me any feedback or comments ^_^.


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