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Audrey's New Life

Summary: Audrey is adjusting to her new life in the hall with three rooms. Every day is the same, wake, get strapped to a bench, get fucked for hours, get showered, go to sleep. And repeat. Her cherry-blonde hair has been bleached bright yellow and she has learned how to say and do all the right things.

Why is her ex-boyfriend, her new owner, leading her to the end of the hall now?

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Claire at the Store - Free Fuck with Every Purchase

Summary: Claire, a hot, skinny, bubble-butted blonde works at a store that offers free sex with every purchase to the customers. She loves her job and is ready to get her firm, round ass fucked by a series of men after ringing up their purchases.

What's Mr. Addams, her boss, up to with Emily in HR? Could this lead to a surprise for Claire before the day is over?

(Finally getting around to some requests)

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Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 04

Summary: Abigail Greere, the 27 year old Dean of Psychology, had managed to escape being the guest of Dormitory D during the last few days of Surprise Anal Sex Week, by allowing them to take Molly Debrier as their guest instead. Now, she's just getting into the swing of Deep Throat Memorial week and thinking it'll be a breeze compared to the four days of constant anal sex the week before.

However, she wonders why she still dreams of being used by young men over and over. She can't help but explore the feelings her first week of participating in the special events have released. And last, but not least, who's this young man walking down the hall towards her and what does he have in store for her? It's only Monday and there's a long way to the weekend.

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Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 03

Summary: Lupe managed to escape the weekend of anal sex that so many of the other girls at the college were treated to, so her perfect, large tits had a chance to heal from the use and abuse they'd seen over Surprise Anal Sex Week. However, now it's the Monday of Deep Throat Memorial Week and there are men who have been waiting for the chance to grope her large, brown tits while slamming their cocks down her throat. Looks like she'll be all tied up with her responsibilities before she even makes it past the front door.

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Morgan's Mansion

Summary: Morgan is a powerful, rich young woman who collects pets, but not the kind of pets that you and I are used to - Morgan collects pretty young men, who she keeps at her estate, to be used by her, as she chooses, at any time. We join her as she surveys her property and her pets while having her newest, and possibly brightest, pet serve her desires and passions.

First female dominant story here. If you like it, there may be more chapters.

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Abbey and Mackenzie - Dinner and the Deep Throat Special

Summary: Abbey is a curvy blonde with a petite, brunette, impish girl named Mackenzie for a best friend. She goes to meet Mackenzie at a small restaurant to catch dinner. However, the restaurant has something on special that Mackenzie just can't resist ordering for her good friend. The girls are mischievous, fun, and Abbey gets a brutal face fuck at a major discount. Will they ever actually order dinner?

It's a world where businesses sell the sexual services of their employees on a regular basis. Most places cater to men, but a few are in place to serve women as well.

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Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 02

Summary: We follow Kate as she starts out a week of getting her face fucked by random men at the college. Deep Throat Memorial Week follows right on the tails of Surprise Anal Sex Week and is a week long celebration of the efforts of one CIA agent who released top secret information that changed the world. Will Kate ever actually get to listen to the lectures in her classes or will she have to learn to listen with a cock between her lips? How are the faculty adjusting to being able to fuck their students while giving lectures? Find out in this chapter.

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Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 01

Summary: Deep Throat Memorial Week follows right on the tails of Surprise Anal Sex Week and thanks to the new policy that let the guys take their favorite girls home for the weekend, almost every girl at the college got more ass fucking than ever and they were all treated to a special midnight event. We pick up with Betty at the end of her weekend. Will her asshole ever recover from the repeated double fistings? Will there be any surprises in store for her this week when she returns to the campus? What has her friend Kate been telling her new apparent boyfriend?

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Kinky College - Water Conservation Week 01

2014-12-14 by Broken Arrow, tagged as blonde, blow job, human urinal, kinky college, oral, piss, piss drinking, sara, urinal, wcw

Summary: We skip ahead to Water Conservation Week at the college, a week in which every woman on campus serves as a urinal for any and all the men who need to take a piss. The savings in fresh water by cycling urine through women first, since they'll piss it out later anyway, instead of using urinals is well worth it, at least to the men. They're just doing their duty to help protect Mother Earth. We join "Super Model Sara," that long legged blonde who spent the last half of Surprise Anal Sex Week with at least two cocks in her ass at once, as she struggles to swallow streams of piss rushing from cocks and also relieves any sexual tension she causes in the process.

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Brooke Is Destined To Worship Cock

2014-11-02 by Broken Arrow, tagged as anal, brooke, city, cock slave, cock worship, drugged, drugs, dynglobe, factory made, love slave, mystery, oral

Summary: Brooke has moved to the city, been dumped by the boyfriend that brought her there, and is wandering through life aimlessly, until she comes to a message on the sidewalk seemingly written to her. Will she regret following the instructions? She is on the path to finding her destiny, but what does destiny have in store for her?

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