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Betty's Birthday Surprise and Lessons Continue

Summary: It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen has just learned that instead of a party and presents, she's getting fucked and knocked up by Mr. Addams, one of her dad's friends.

However, just because he's cum up her tight, little, teen cunt, it doesn't mean he's done with her. Can she take his thick cock up her ass? Why is he following her into the bathroom? He just made her drink what?

Betty is about to learn that being 18 means a girl has to become a woman who serves men, however those men want her to serve.

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Betty Learns What Being 18 Is All About On Her Birthday

2016-08-11 by Broken Arrow, tagged as 18, betty, birthday, blonde, father's friends, freeuse, huge cock, impregnation, teen, teenage, teenager, vaginal

Summary: It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen is excited about the big surprised her daddy said he was going to get her. She's spent all day at home, never suspecting that her father's friend, her best friend's dad, would be the one to give her the surprise she was promised.

Mr. Addams has been wanting to knock up a hot, little eighteen-year-old on her birthday for years and he is finally going to get the chance, by knocking up his daughter's best friend. Betty's hopes for a new car, her plans for a romantic date with her boyfriend, and her own desires are put on hold, because she lives in a world where all women must let men fuck them any way they like!

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Being 18 is Really Rough on April

Summary: Her father's friends from work are coming over and even though she has plans with her boyfriend, April and her mother simply have to entertain their guests. They wouldn't want to be rude, after all. Of course, being a polite hostess means making yourself available to the men that visit you in every and any ways they desire.

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Claire at the Store - Free Fuck with Every Purchase

Summary: Claire, a hot, skinny, bubble-butted blonde works at a store that offers free sex with every purchase to the customers. She loves her job and is ready to get her firm, round ass fucked by a series of men after ringing up their purchases.

What's Mr. Addams, her boss, up to with Emily in HR? Could this lead to a surprise for Claire before the day is over?

(Finally getting around to some requests)

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Free Use (a poem about freeuse)

2015-12-25 by Broken Arrow, tagged as free use, freeuse, poem, poetry, slut, sluts, submissive women
In the world of free use, any woman must bow
to a man who insists that her holes he must plow.
Such is law, such is life, women must service men,
every whim, each demand, so perverse, there and then.

Should he want to make use of a young and hot lass,
with her mouth to his cock, while her sis' licks her ass,
they will not, they cannot, refuse his hard trade,
for they know, in their hearts, they exist to get laid.

All these women have worked long and hard for this right,
of magnificent cocks using them day and night.
So men honor their struggle with cocks hard as stone
for these men there is honor in making sluts moan

So, come all and join in, every wonderful slut,
service men of all sorts and find peace in the rut.
Know this act is the end of the ennui you feel,
in your service of men, at last life will seem real.

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