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I am Elite

Summary: The Elite are a group of people elevated to a status above every other person on the planet. They have complete, total, and absolute sexual authority over everyone else. Their word is law- stronger than law. They sit above both the laws of the common man and the laws of nature. They are tasked with acting on their desires and commanding others to act as they see fit.

This is the story of a man who finds himself newly granted Elite status, how he comes to terms with the power and responsibility, and what he does to change the lives of those around him. It all starts in a restaurant, with a hot waitress under the table.

I'm just a normal guy. I wake up. I put on my clothes. I go to work. I come home. There's nothing particularly special about me. Even my car is average, that losing it in the parking lot is easier than losing a quarter to a gumball machine. I'm basically the same as you or any other man. Just a guy wandering through life, trying to make sense of it, and trying not to drown in his own worries.

At least, that's what I was, until the day I became one of The Elite. No one seems to know exactly what the selection process is, but once you've been designated, that's it, you're in control. Everyone around you has to do exactly what you way when it comes to sex. Even if it's with people other than yourself. Even if it's something for them to do long after you've left.

But you see, I just didn't know if this was something I could do, being one of the Elite. I mean, I'd fantasized about it, everyone has, but the responsibility, the weight of it - I didn't really think about that. You see, I'm in charge of literally everyone I see. I have to make a decision, even if that decision is to just let them go about their own business, but it's always a decision.

I was really worried about it, but that was before I met Cynthia. She was a waitress at the local greasy spoon. She must have painted her jeans on in the morning. Her tight, little bubble-butt seemed to push the boundaries of physics and her perky tits don't need a bra, which she wasn't wearing anyway. She kept her light-brown hair in a ponytail and her pink lips looked as soft as the rest of her alabaster skin.

I knew the minute I walked in, I'd be using my authority as one of The Elite to have my cock up her ass and my hands on her tits. After all, no man with complete sexual authority over everyone would let the chance to fuck her perfect, round, tight bubble-butt pass him by.

So, I ordered my coffee, my waffles, and then showed her my ring. It was a fairly simple design. A titanium ring, fitted to my right ring finger, with a wolf's head and an Elite ID code embossed on it.

"You- You're one of The Elite?" she asked.

"Just got my ring yesterday," I told her. "Haven't used my new status yet, though."

"Oh. I guess I can see how it might take some time to adjust. I'll- I'll be right back with your order," she said and walked back to the kitchen.

I could have told her to stay, to get under the table and suck my cock, but I wanted my coffee and waffles. So, it was fine for her to go about her job for the time being.

I looked around the fairly empty restaurant and took note of the rest of the customers. There was a thin girl with thick glasses studying a thick, college level Algebra textbook while drinking her way through an entire pot of coffee, a young man and his girlfriend talking about their plans to go on vacation, and an old man reading the newspaper.

Of course, one other waitress was on duty. Thicker than Cynthia, but not overweight in the least. She had a round, soft face framed by her blonde hair and an even softer body.

Cynthia came out of the kitchen just a few moments later with my plate of waffles, a cup of coffee, and a little basket of sugars and syrups

"Here's your order, sir. Is there anything else you'd like?" Cynthia asked.

"Not as a customer, but as an Elite, I'd like you to get under the table and start sucking my cock," I said.

"I- um- I... ye- Yes sir," she stammered out before slowly getting on her hands and knees.

She crawled under my table, stopped for a moment, then I felt her slender fingers unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping my fly, and tugging my pants down. I lifted my weight a little to make it easier for her and in a minute, I was naked from the waist down in a restaurant about to have my dick sucked by a hot waitress.

"You can start slow, just sucking on the tip. I want to enjoy my coffee and waffles, so try not to make too much noise," I said, wondering if I already sounded like one of The Elite or if I'd have to work on sounding more authoritarian.

"Yes sir, I'll- I'll try my best," she said from under the table.

"Good girl."

I started with a sip of my coffee, which had cooled a bit while I'd been getting Cynthia into place, then took a bite of the buttery, syrup-laden waffles. At that same moment, I felt her lips, so cool, wrap around my rigid cock, and then the warmth of her mouth around the tip. I sighed, reached under the table with one hand, and patted her head, to let her know she was doing well, then went back to eating my breakfast.

I let her suck on the tip, enjoying the way she twirled her tongue around and flicked it under the head of my cock for a few minutes, before I reached down and guided pulled her head forward, driving my cock deeper into her mouth and throat. She choked a little, but managed to get her gag reflex under control and was soon working her mouth up and down the length of my rod while caressing my balls with one hand and gripping my waist with the other.

The other waitress watched for the first few seconds, but then shrugged and went back to waiting on tables. The old man packed up and left just after Cynthia starting deep-throating my dick, and the young couple stared, wordlessly transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of them. The thin, nerdy girl was the only one who seemed to not notice or not care what was happening.

I finished the last bite of my waffles, splashed the end of my cold coffee down my throat, and turned my full attention to Cynthia. With both hands, I took hold of her hair and started rocking her head back and forth on my cock, tilting my hips forward, to drive my cock down her throat as hard and fast as I could. She gasped, coughed, gagged, and choked around my dick, while I used her like little more than a toy. Even the thin girl with the glasses started to watch and I thought I saw her smile.

When I'd made Cynthia drool on my cock what I figured was enough, I stood up, pulled her from under my table, and threw her over the thin girl's table. I undid her tight jeans, yanked them down to her ankles and ripped her thin, pink panties off.

"Here," I said and crammed Cynthia's pink panties into the thin girl's mouth. "Keep those there until I tell you different."

The thin girl glared at me but kept Cynthia's dirty panties in her mouth. I winked back at her.

Then I lined my thick, red cock up with Cynthia's tiny asshole, placed the tip against it and waited for a moment.

"Are... are you going to put your dick in there?" Cynthia asked.

"Been my plan since I walked in here," I said.

"I've... I've never been fucked there before..."

"Well," I said, driving my cock into her ass halfway. "Now, you have."

She let out a loud yelp, then started breathing hard and fast while letting out little whimpers and moans as I started ramming my cock into her once virgin asshole as far as it would go with each stroke, deeper each time, faster and harder with each second. Soon, I was pistoning in and out of her ass so fast I could barely see my cock as anything but a blur. The feel of my balls slapping against her soaking wet pussy drove my to plunge into her ass even harder.

While she cussed, screamed, moaned, and cried, I pulled the thin girl's face close to mine and pulled Cynthia's torn panties out of her mouth with my teeth, letting them drop onto Cynthia's arcing back.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"It's Mollie... sir." the thin girl said.

"Nice name. Mollie, I want you to sit there with your mouth wide open. Just like that. Good."

Mollie was great at following directions, it seemed.

As I grew nearer to cumming I looked into Mollie's green eyes and thought about what I was planning next. She might hate it, but as an Elite, it's my responsibility to follow through on my desire. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled free of Cynthia's ass, letting her slouch to the tile floor, and shoved my cock deep into Mollie's wide open mouth. her eyebrows shot up, then knitted together as the full realization of what I was having her do hit her. Then, the bitter taste of Cynthia's ass was joined by the savory, salty flavor of my cum. She screwed up her eyes, scrunched up her pug-nose and started to swallow.

She sucked every last drop of cum from my twitching cock, then sucked and licked my rod until it was cleaner than it had been before I fucked Cynthia's asshole.

I stuck around for a while after that. Fucked Cynthia and Mollie in every single hole, fucked the girl with the boyfriend while he watched, then made sure she sucked him off before they left. Even had Mollie, Cynthia, and the other waitress eat each other out while some guys from a construction site fucked their assholes.

I took Mollie and Cynthia home with me that day. There was nothing like having a couple of young, hot girls to fuck anyway I liked at anytime I liked without leaving the house. I even sent them to go get other women for me to fuck. of course, I got bored with them after a couple weeks and sent them back to their own homes, their own lives, but with some new orders.

Cynthia was to offer blowjobs to every single one of her customers, explaining that an Elite had given her the command. Then she was to thank them after they came. I figured that would make the world a better and brighter place.

Mollie? I made sure she was more fun for people than she had been. She was only allowed to get fucked in the ass and mouth, in that order, until I or another Elite said differently, and she was to beg a new man once a week to fuck her ass and cum in her mouth.

Of course, they might stray from their orders from time to time, but most people don't. the orders of The Elite are considered unbreakable, immutable by any but other Elite, and stronger than all laws of man or nature.

Now that I think about it, I'm not a normal man. A normal man would never have been chosen to be one of The Elite. I am the best person for the job. Of course I am.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a bar and I'm going to get an orgy going. The dance floor will be covered in jism and every woman at the bar will be drinking shots of cum.

It's important that I make my desires reality.

After all, I am Elite.

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