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Audrey's New Life

Summary: Audrey is adjusting to her new life in the hall with three rooms. Every day is the same, wake, get strapped to a bench, get fucked for hours, get showered, go to sleep. And repeat. Her cherry-blonde hair has been bleached bright yellow and she has learned how to say and do all the right things.

Why is her ex-boyfriend, her new owner, leading her to the end of the hall now?

Audrey tried not to cry as the twentieth cock that day was shoved up her aching, over-fucked asshole. She used to think that there was no way she'd ever let even a single man put even his pinkie finger into her ass. She'd told a girl who claimed to love anal that she thought it was disgusting and degrading.

Her long blonde hair was matted to her head with sweat, cum, and spit. Her blue eyes were only half open most of the time, unless a guy was really big or really rough. Then her eyed would flare open, before scrunching shut.

"Man, she's still got a real tight ass, even after all the cocks that have been trying to wreck it all week," the man currently fucking her ass said. "Need to hose the slut down soon though."

"Yeah, she's pretty well covered in jizz."

The man fucking her ass pulled out and stood above her. She felt the hot rush of his piss land on her bare back and the tickling sensation of old cum being washed aside.

"I'm... I'm thirsty," she said.

Her ex-boyfriend walked around her trembling body, while the man above her finished pissing and shook the last few drops onto her prone body. She heard her ex-boyfriend unzip his pants and looked up to see his half-hard cock pointed at her face.

"You're thirsty?"

"Yes," she rasped.

He pushed his cock between her dry lips and she started sucking gently, waiting for what she knew would come next. A sudden rush of hot, acrid, stinking piss erupted in her dry mouth and she swallowed eagerly, in a fever of need for anything to quench her thirst. The first few times, she'd gagged, spit it out, and told him she'd never drink his piss, but when cum and piss were all she was allowed to drink, the need to survive took over and overcame her disgust.

"Good little slut. You love that hot piss, don't you. Drink it all down," he said.

After his piss stopped and she'd swallowed the last mouthful, he left his hardening cock between her lips. The slow, ever forward, slide of his cock down her throat as it became hard was almost maddening.

He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth, what little spit she had and his own piss easing the way. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock when he pulled it out, near her lips and her throat relaxed wide when he drove it in and left his halls resting on her chin. She could breathe around almost any cock, thanks to all the abuse her throat had seen that week.

"That's a good slut. Your mouth is for sucking cock and drinking piss. Don't you forget that for an instant," he said.

He fucked her face, cum from the countless men you had fucked her before dripping down from her hair and face, coating his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She couldn't remember what anything else tasted like, only the seemingly endless variety of flavors, all savory but all different, that the cum and piss of men came in.

"What was it like when I used to eat ice-cream and drink coffee?" she wondered. "I'm sure it sweet, but what is sweet?"

He pulled his cock free and aimed for her mouth, which she kept open with tongue out, waiting for his load to land, so she could swallow and assuage her hunger a little.

She was rewarded with most of his cum landing on her tongue and in her mouth. A bit landed on her cheeks, but most she was able to swallow.

"Thank you for letting me have a drink and for letting me eat your cum, sir," she said, looking up into his eyes.

"I'm too good to you, aren't I?"

"Yes, you're too kind, too good, to nice to this slut," she said.

Thanking him for being "allowed" to drink his piss and swallow his cum, telling him how kind and good he was, and begging to be fucked by him were all things that came naturally to her now. The training was working and she barely even thought about how she never would have said or done those things before.

Her ex-boyfriend untied her from the bench she spent endless hours on each day. He'd told her that she was strapped to it at least eighteen hours a day, but she had no way to keep track of how long she was there. Each time felt like forever, as if she'd never been anywhere else.

She stood, her legs weak with hours of being kept in the same position. With her ex-boyfriend and the man who had been fucking her ass close behind, she walked down a long grey hall to one of three rooms that had become her entire world. The tiny room was concrete all around, with a single shower-head pointed straight down and a metal grate for the water to drain down. The men closed the door and left her, standing alone, cum dripping out of her ass and off her body, shivering in the pale light one fluorescent bulb provided.

A torrent of barely warm water rushed out of the shower-head and shocked her back from daydreams of her old life. First came a blast of water that smelled of soap and peroxide. She closed her eyes and let it wash over her, taking away the grime of her day. Her hair, once cherry-blonde, was now bright peroxide yellow. After the shower of cool soap and peroxide laden water, the shower head paused a moment and then spat out a storm of water just hot enough to make her squeal, but not hot enough to burn her. Her pale skin turned bright red as she ran her hands over her body, rinsing every last bit of filth and cum away as she could. She even shoved her fingers up her painfully gaping ass and let the cum flow out to be washed down the drain below.

After the water turned off, she was left to dry in the empty room, the heat leeching away into the concrete around her fast. She was shivering and her teeth clattering together by the time her ex-boyfriend opened the door and called her back into the hall.

He let her step past him and walk towards the last room she'd see that day. They called it her "bedroom" but there wasn't really a bed in there. She moved through the open door, looked around at the concrete block walls and down at the pile of blankets, old and worn, that she slept on.

The heavy door closed behind her, the sound echoing down the hall and into her bedroom. A single, dim, three-led light lit the room just enough for everything to look like shadows. She stumbled towards her "bed" and collapsed, exhausted from another day of her new life.

She fell asleep before her ex-boyfriend's footsteps reached the door at the other end of the hall. Naked and wondering what the next cock up her ass would feel like.

She wasn't sure how long she'd actually been asleep, but the light coming in from the open door and her ex-boyfriend's voice made her sit up straight and kneel with her mouth open before she had a chance to realize she'd woken up.

"Good slut. You know how to greet a man when he comes to get you," he said.

"May I suck your cock or drink your piss? Please sir?" she begged. It had only taken her two days to learn that this was the proper way for her to wake up and the right thing to ask her ex-boyfriend, her new owner.

"Not today. Stand up," he said.

Audrey stood up and waited for him to give her another command.

"We're going for a walk."

She stepped past him into the hall and began walking towards the room with the bench. When she stopped and reached for the handle, he slapped her hand away.

"Not that door. The one down there," he said, pointing to the door that she had entered her new world through.

"Sir?" she asked, hesitating to hope.

"That one, slut." he said.

She trembled with excitement, with fear of what might be waiting for her on the other side of the door. Would she be given to a new owner? Would she be sent home to her family? Would she just be pushed out into the world, naked, afraid, and crying like a newborn?

She stood in front of the door, her slender fingers wrapped around the handle, shaking as if she was still covered in cold water, and paused.

"Sir, I-"

"Open it," he said.

Audrey swung open the door, the bright light that flooded the grey hallway made her eyes ache and burn with it's brilliance. She looked to the side for a moment, closed her eyes, and then slowly squinted them open again, to peer into the world beyond the door.

"I- I don't know if I can step through," she said and waited for him to give her once last command.

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