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Betty's Birthday Surprise and Lessons Continue

Summary: It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen has just learned that instead of a party and presents, she's getting fucked and knocked up by Mr. Addams, one of her dad's friends.

However, just because he's cum up her tight, little, teen cunt, it doesn't mean he's done with her. Can she take his thick cock up her ass? Why is he following her into the bathroom? He just made her drink what?

Betty is about to learn that being 18 means a girl has to become a woman who serves men, however those men want her to serve.

Mr. Addams snuggled up to Betty in her bed. His arms were thick, strong, and comforting in a way that even her boyfriend's weren't.

As she felt his cum trickle out of her brutally fucked cunt, she wondered if she'd have to change and clean the sheets more often. She figured it wouldn't be too much more, since most men would probably just fuck her in the living room, like they did to her friends who had already turned eighteen before her.

She pushed her firm ass back and rocked it up and down, nestling Mr. Addams thick cock between the silky cheeks of her teen ass. The soft skin of his cock and the bumpy veins, sent new sensations up through her body as her tender asshole slipped up and down the length of his cock.

"Mr.- Mr. Addams. Do you have any lube?" she asked.

As if in response, he rammed his thick cock up her still dripping cunt a few times, then pulled out. She felt the thick head of his cock line up with her virgin asshole, a moment of panic passed through her mind, but too late as he shoved forward, burying the first few inches of his cock up her ass.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It hurts! Please, please go slow, Mr. Addams! Oh god, it feels like... like your cock is fucking huge, so much fucking bigger than it was in my pussy."

"Going easy on you today won't do you any favors in the long run, slut," Mr. Addams said, then thrust his massive rod a few more inches up her tiny ass.

Betty bite down on her covers and stifled a scream she was sure would have brought the walls down in her bedroom. She felt his tongue lick a tear from her cheek and then a soft kiss on her neck.

She needed to pee. She hadn't been sure of it before. It had been just a little worrying sensation, but now that she had a cock in her ass, pressing into her, she knew that she definitely needed to pee.

"I've got to go to the bathroom real quick, Mr. Addams. I'll be right back. I promise,"she launched herself off of his cock and her bed, her asshole surprising her with a popping sound, like a finger popping out of a mouth. Then she ran down the hall to the bathroom.

She knew it was rude to leave a man who came to visit her while he was still fucking her, but she figured he'd be fine with it as long as she apologized. She figured she'd even have a chance to lube up her ass with something from the bathroom, so it'd go a little easier.

After all, everyone has to piss, even sluts like me," she thought.

Mr. Addams was right behind her, standing in the bathroom door, his thick cock bouncing in front of him, as if he'd just stopped running.

"I'm not done with your ass," he said and followed Betty into the bathroom.

Since we're here, I'll make it a little

He grabbed a bottle of conditioner from the shower, squeezed some onto his cock and grabbed hold of the petite teen, spinning her around and bending her over the toilet. He moved so fast, she lost her thoughts just trying to keep up with what he was doing.

In a moment, she was bent over, her hands gripping the toilet lid for support, trying to keep from being knocked over by his thrusts and trying not to piss herself.

That's when she remembered why she'd come into the bathroom to begin with. She needed to piss and Mr. Addams was making it nearly impossible not to have an accident.

"Mr. Addams! I really need to go to pee! Can't you fuck my ass after? Please," Betty begged as Mr. Addams fucked her ass.

"Go ahead and piss. I'm not stopping you. I'll just make you lap it up with that little, slutty, teen tongue after. Probably while I'm still fucking your ass," Mr. Addams said.

"Please, just let me use the toilet," she begged.

"Okay," he said and pulled out of her aching ass.

She stayed bent over for a second, but realized it was her best chance to go to the bathroom without having to lap her own piss off the floor afterwards. She spun around, lifted the lid and sat down on the toilet before he had a chance to shove his cock back up her ass.

She let out a sigh of relief which was cut short by Mr. Addams' thick cock thrusting into her open mouth. The taste and smell of her own ass combined with the soapy flavor of the sea-breeze conditioner covered the length of of his rod and her nose curled at the realization, but she dutifully twirled her tongue around the girth of his cock, knowing he meant for her to clean it completely.

Then, something new happened. His cock seemed to vibrate with a rushing pressure and suddenly, an acrid, hot liquid flooded her mouth. She almost inhaled it, but started swallowing it in huge, noisy gulps. It took her a second, in fact almost until the moment he pulled his cock from her mouth and shook a few drops on her face, to realize she'd just been drinking his piss.

"Oh my god! Mr. Addams! I can't believe you just did tha-"

His thick cock rocketed down her throat again, cutting off her words in mid-sentence. He even slapped her cheek, just a little. It didn't hurt, not really, it just made a sound and shocked her back into submission.

"Shut up. You'll get used any way a man wants and that includes being used as his piss bucket," he said.

Betty relaxed her throat let him pound into her mouth with only a few gags and gurgles while she finished pissing into the toilet.

"He's right, after all. I'm eighteen now and I just have to get used to this sort of thing happening. I'm sure plenty of other men will want me to clean their cocks after they've fucked my ass or some other slut's ass. I'll probably have to drink piss and whatever a lot too," she thought.

After a few seconds of fucking her drooling mouth, he picked her up off the toilet, spun her around, and bent her over again, thrusting his cock up hr battered asshole and forcing her to look down at the yellow water in the toilet bowl.

"Well, you'd better get lapping up that piss-water, slut. I want to hear your tongue tapping the water while I fuck this tight ass!"

"Mr. Add- Fuck! My ass hurts! Mr. Addams, how often will you come over and fuck me, now that I'm eighteen?"

"Oh, I have to fuck a lot of little, teen sluts. You won't get to be my toy more than once or twice a month, but don't worry, there are a ton of men waiting to fuck the shit out of you. I just made sure I got you to myself today. Everyone agreed that knocking you up should be my reward for how well I've raised April. Now, lap up that piss," he said and pushed her face down into the toilet, so her nose touched the filthy water.

She did her best to lap at the water while Mr. Addams seemed to do everything he could to ruin her tight little ass. The toilet water was at least less salty and bitter than Mr. Addams' piss had been, she was almost glad for that.

"It's probably just because it's mixed in with a lot of fresh water," she thought.

"I will never get tired of how tight you teen slut's assholes are," Mr. Addams said. He thrust in hard and fast a few times, panting and grunting with each thrust. "Like goddamn vices of pleasure. You've never had a cock in your ass before, have you?"

"No- FUCK! It hurts so much! No, Mr. Addams. This is the first time," she said, then went back to lapping at the piss-water between little moans, squeals, and gasps as Mr. Addams fucked her aching ass.

"That's good to know. Not only do I get to knock you up on your birthday, I also get to destroy your ass for the very first time."

He thrust into her ass once more hard and fast making her scream out, his balls slapped against her cunt, then she felt his thighs tense.

As his cock twitched and spasmed in her tight, little, teen ass, he pushed her face down into the pale yellow water of the toilet bowl.

She watched the reflection of her blue eyes grow wide and then he pulled her up, tossed her into the shower and stepped in with her.

She was kneeling in front of his thick, half-hard cock as he bent over her and turned on the shower. The rush of cold water was soon replaced with warmth.

"I want those lips kept on my cock while I clean up," he said and pushed her head towards his still stinking rod.

"Yes sir," Betty said, then wrapped her lips around his cock, hoping it would be clean quick.

"Maybe if I do a really good job, he'll visit me more often," she thought to herself. "Either way, I can't wait to see what the next guy who comes over to fuck me does to me."

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