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Betty Learns What Being 18 Is All About On Her Birthday

2016-08-11 by Broken Arrow, tagged as 18, betty, birthday, blonde, father's friends, freeuse, huge cock, impregnation, teen, teenage, teenager, vaginal

Summary: It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen is excited about the big surprised her daddy said he was going to get her. She's spent all day at home, never suspecting that her father's friend, her best friend's dad, would be the one to give her the surprise she was promised.

Mr. Addams has been wanting to knock up a hot, little eighteen-year-old on her birthday for years and he is finally going to get the chance, by knocking up his daughter's best friend. Betty's hopes for a new car, her plans for a romantic date with her boyfriend, and her own desires are put on hold, because she lives in a world where all women must let men fuck them any way they like!

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Betty put on her favorite quirky hat and spun around to look at herself in the mirror. Her long blonde hair reached to the middle of her slender back. Her white t-shirt was tight and so thin her nipples were practically popping through the material. She'd picked out her favorite pair of bright blue booty shorts and was trying to decide on which pair of knee-high socks to wear. Her father had let her stay home from school that day since it was her eighteenth birthday. He'd promised her a surprise that afternoon, one that she'd never forget.

"I wonder if he's getting me a car or maybe it's a trip to Paris! I bet there's a really big birthday party planned for me at least. All my friends over to wish me a happy eighteenth! Daddy always has the best surprises."

She heard the front door open and bounded down the stairs.

"Daddy, I've been waiting all d- Oh, sorry Mr. Addams. I thought you were my dad getting home from work."

"That's okay. That's a real cute outfit you've got. Really shows off your tits and ass, like a proper young woman," he said, looking her up and down.

Mr. Addams was her best friend April's father. He was about six feet tall, maybe a bit taller, and just getting into his mid-thirties. Betty had always been impressed with how fit he stayed, despite working at an office all day.

"Are you here to see my dad? Or... my mom is at some company retreat all week, so..."

"No, that's all fine. I'm actually here to see you. It's your birthday, right? Just turned eighteen. It really shows. Happy birthday," he said while walking up the stairs to stand face to face with the teen girl.

"Oh, well... um.. thank you, Mr. Addams. Was... was there anything else you wanted... or um..."

Mr. Addams picked Betty up and threw her over one shoulder. Before she really knew what was happening, he'd carried her back up the stairs and she felt a brief moment of flying through the air. When she looked around, she was sitting on her bed, dazed and wondering what was going to come next.

Mr. Addams undid the buttons of his shirt, unbuckled his pants, and within a few minutes was standing in front of the fresh eighteen-year-old, his muscles rippling while he stroked a cock nearly as thick as Betty's upper arm.

She knew men would start fucking her whenever they wanted when she turned eighteen, but she hadn't expected it to be this sudden or for the first one to be April's dad.

"Oh god! Mr. Addams, that thing is so much bigger than my boyfriend's. Holy fucking cow," she said, her blue eyes growing wide and transfixed on the older man's cock.

"I bet it is. And you know what, little girl? This great big cock is going right up your hot, tight, little snatch," he said while walking towards her bed.

She felt his hands grab hold of the sheer fabric of her t-shirt and heard the tearing of fabric, then her favorite booty-shorts, torn completely in half and tossed to the far corner of her room. She shivered with both the cool air on her bare skin and the anticipation of what he'd do to her next. She reached to take off her hat, but he held her hand and kissed it gently.

"No, leave the hat on. I like it," he said.

Mr. Addams climbed onto her bed and sat next to her. With one of his strong arms resting on her slender shoulders, he let his hand drape over and started stroking her hardening nipples. The other pushed her legs apart and his fingers felt like an electric shock as he stroked her dripping cunt and flicked her tender clit.

"Fuck! Oh, fucking hell! That feels so good, Mr. Addams. Fuck!" she instinctively reached over and stroked his rock hard cock with one hand, then lowered her head and started sucking on the tip while he continued to play with her small breasts and wet cunt.

She flicked her pink tongue under the head of his cock, heard him moan with approval, and wondered if he'd only want a blowjob. He pushed her head down on his cock and forced the rod as deep into her throat as it would go, making her gag and choke around his cock for a moment.

"Maybe I can get him to cum in my mouth and still have time to get ready for Daddy's surprise and my date with Andy tonight," she thought.

When he let go of her head, she pulled away from his massive cock and looked up into his eyes. "Do... do you want to cum in my mouth, Mr. Addams?"

"We'll get to your mouth eventually, but I'm planning on fucking this hot, tight, little cunt of yours first," he said, laying back on the bed and pulling her up so she was straddling his cock.

He let her work her dripping cunt up and down the length of his cock without taking it in for a moment.

"But... but I'm not on birth control, Mr. Addams," she said, and ground harder against his cock.

"That's the idea," he said, then lifted her up just enough to line his cock up with her young, dripping pussy, before pulling her back down, driving every last inch of his thick cock into her.

"Fuck! Oh shit! Oh, fuck! But... but Mr. Addams-"

"I've been waiting for this day, Betty. Goddamn, you have one tight cunt, you fucking dirty, filthy, little slut," Mr. Addams said while driving his thick cock up her newly eighteen-year-old cunt as hard as he could.

"Fuck! Mr. Addams! Fucking hell, you're huge! It's my eighteenth birthday, can't you wait a little bit longer to-"

"No, I fucking can't wait, you little slut. I've been wanting to knock up a hot piece of ass on her eighteenth forever and you are getting knocked up today. Sure, I'll fuck your ass, mouth, and tits too, but I'll be sure to cum up your little teen cunt as much as possible."

"Do you- Fucking hell, your cock feels great! Do you know where my dad is, Mr. Addams? He told he had a surprise for me today."

"The surprise is that he's over at my place fucking the hell out of April's tight little ass while I’m over here making sure you get knocked up for your birthday," Mr. Addams said.

"I... I- fuck that feels so good! I have a date with my boyfriend- fuck! Yes, fuck me hard, Mr. Addams! I have a date with my boyfriend tonight."

"Your dad already called and canceled for you. I've got you as my own little personal slut to fuck for the rest of the night. I'm going to knock you up, ruin your ass, make your throat so sore you can't talk for a week, and cum on your tits 'til you can't see 'em anymore," he said.

His thick fingers were wrapped around her slender waist and he guided her so that she lowered her cunt down while he thrust up into her. Her legs and arms ached from the strain, but the feel of his thick cock stretching her tiny cunt drove her onward.

"Yeah, fuck my cock just like that, you eighteen-year-old slut. You like that? You like having a big, thick, man's cock up your little cunt and ready to cum inside of you?"

"Ye- yes! Yes, Mr. Addams. Your- your cock is so fucking good! Please, please fuck my little cunt. Please, make me pregnant and then fuck the hell out of my whore ass and make me suck your cock! You're so hot, Mr. Addams! I want you to wreck every last inch of my body!" she screamed out, driving her aching cunt onto his thick vein covered cock, and grinding her ass back, hoping she looked as good as his cock made her feel.

He rammed his cock up into her and grunted and moaned, She felt his large hands grip her tiny breasts and dig into her soft flesh. She knew her tits would be bruised for days, but she didn't care, as long as she could make him cum. As his cock spasmed deeper inside of her than anything had ever been, she tipped over the edge and screamed into the air, cumming with him.

Mr. Addams rolled them both over, spooning against her, his softening cock still in her gripping cunt. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, as he panted and whispered to her.

"Happy eighteenth birthday, Betty. That was a really good start, but I can't wait to take this hot little ass of yours for a ride next," he said.

Betty felt his cock start to stiffen again before it had even finished flagging, and wondered if he'd taken a couple pills so he'd be able to fuck her even more.

"Mr. Addams. Thank you for coming over to fuck me. I've been a bit jealous that April gets to get fucked by my dad all the time, but that I've never been fucked by her dad, by you. You think you'll come over here to fuck me as often as he goes to fuck her?"

"You can count on it, my cute little slut," Mr. Addams said and kissed the back of her neck.

(Betty's 18th birthday lessons continue) Next>>

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