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Being 18 is Really Rough on April

Summary: Her father's friends from work are coming over and even though she has plans with her boyfriend, April and her mother simply have to entertain their guests. They wouldn't want to be rude, after all. Of course, being a polite hostess means making yourself available to the men that visit you in every and any ways they desire.

April brushed her long blonde hair, braided it, rolled it into a cute little bun, and set her bangs so they'd highlight her sparkling blue eyes. Just a touch of lipstick, some no-run eyeliner and mascara, and a bit of blush finished the look.

She'd decided to wear a white sundress with pale yellow flowers that would show off her black underwear when the light hit her just right. Her slender body, taught skin, and perky little breasts were on all display in the sexy little number. Her boyfriend would absolutely love it!

She ran down the stairs, ready to head over to see her boyfriend for a quiet afternoon at his place, watching movies, eating pizza, and fooling around. However, just as her fingers touched the doorknob, her mother called out from the kitchen.

"Sweetie, don't run off anywhere. Your father's friends from work are coming over to visit and they're looking forward to seeing you."

"What? Mom, I have plans. I told you I'm going to hang out with my boyfriend this afternoon."

"Now, look here. Your father's friends are going out of their way to come over to visit us and it would be rude for you to gone when they get here. I'm sure I raised a better daughter than that," her mother chided. "Ugh! Fine! You win, Mom. I'll just never see my boyfriend!"

"Sweetie, I'm sure there will be time to visit Harold after your father's friends are done with us. You just call him up and explain that you'll be late."

April pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed her boyfriend's number. "Hey. Yeah. I love you too. Look, my dad's friends are coming over, so- Awe, you're so sweet. I knew you'd understand. I'll come over right after they leave."

The three sharp, loud knocks at the front door came at almost the exact moment April hung up her cell phone. She rolled her blue eyes and slouched on the couch while her mother went to answer the door.

Ever since she turned 18, it was extra rough on April whenever her dad's friends came over. She wondered which of her dad's friends and how many had come over.

"Not that it really matters, since they all treat me about the same," she thought.

April heard her mother open the door, a bit of the normal small talk and then footsteps as the two men stepped into the house and followed Andrea, April's Mother, into the living room.

"April, sweetie, Mr. Sanders and Mr. Jefferies are here to see us. Isn't that a nice?" her mother asked.

"Hi, Mr. Jefferies. Mr. Sanders. Just the two of you?" April asked.

"Hoping for more attention than that?" Mr. Jefferies asked.

April figured Mr. Jefferies was in his early forties. His black hair was still pretty thick, but grey was scattered through it. He wasn't too muscular, but he looked a bit like someone who used to play baseball would look.

Mr. Sanders, on the other hand, had a bit of a beer belly and was just barely taller than April. His bald head seemed to constantly glisten with sweat and his beady brown eyes seemed to look everywhere at once.

"Of course, she's hoping for more attention. She's a hot, little, horny, teen slut," Mr. Sanders said. "Not happy to get whatever cock men decide to give her, like her milf mother."

Mr. Sanders picked Andrea up and tossed her into a recliner. In a moment he had the thirty-six-year-old woman's blouse and bra torn apart and her skirt rolled up to her waist, revealing her crotchless panties. Mr. Sanders pulled his thick cock from his pants and shoved it into Andrea's dripping cunt, pulling a soft squeal of pleasure from her lips.

"Well, if little teen slut needs the attention, I'll just have to make sure she really gets it," Mr. Jefferies said.

He took off his shirt and stepped out of his pants, revealing a rock hard, nine-inch cock about as thick as a can of soda.

He leaned over April as she looked up from the couch and then his two, large strong hands took hold of her sundress from the top and tore it apart like it was little more than a piece of paper. Next, her bra and black lace panties were shredded and thrown to some distant corner of the room. Before she had a chance to adjust to the cool air hitting her bare skin, he flipped her over, pushed her feet up to her small, round ass and then pulled her hands down to her feet.

"Keep a hold of those ankles," he said.

She felt the warmth of his spit hit her tiny, puckered asshole a few times, then heard him add a few globs to his cock as well. Then she felt the tip of his massive cock press against her barely lubed asshole. He spent about a minute working the tip of his cock in, then thrust in hard and fast, driving all nine inches up her tender, young ass.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! It hurts!"

"You have one tight ass, Anna," Mr. Jefferies said.

"It's- Oof! Fuck, your cock is huge! It's April, not Anna, Mr. Jefferies. You- Fucking hell! It fucking hurts! You get my name wrong every time," she said.

"Do I? Not that it really matters. I mean, you're just a nice set of holes for men to fuck. I sometimes wonder why you women even have names," Mr. Jefferies said.

"It's so we know which one you want bent over and ready to take your cock up her ass and which one you want kneeling nearby, ready to clean and lube your cock," her mother said.

Mr. Sanders had her mother's legs pressed up over her head and was grinding his thick cock up her soaking wet cunt.

"That's right, Andrea. We wouldn't want you sluts getting confused," Mr. Sanders said.

"Where- Fucking hell, Mr. Jefferies! My goddamn ass! Where's my dad?" April asked.

"He's over at your friend's house. Betty, I think. Anyway, the one that's turning 18 today. I think he plans to knock her up," her mother said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Dad's gonna knock up Betty? But her and her boyfriend are supposed to go on a double date with me and Harold tonight to celebrate her birthd- FUCK! Are you trying to ruin my goddamn ass, Mr. Jefferies?"

"I'd say I'm succeeding, but since you can still talk and complain, I think it's time I really start fucking your little ass."

"If this is you going eas-" April started to ask, but the pain from her ass turned her words into one long scream, then a squeal and at last a moan.

Mr. Jefferies began pulling his cock almost completely free of her gripping, tight ass and then thrusting it back in as hard as he could. Faster and faster he rammed his soda-can-thick cock up her obscenely stretched ass. The ache in her legs and arms, pinned behind her, added to the sense of endless pain coursing through her body while Mr. Jefferies drove her slender body into the couch cushions.

"That's it, you little slut. Take every fucking last inch of that cock. That's a good slut. Moan just like that."

"You're daughter is a hot piece of ass, Andrea. I mean, I prefer a nice piece, aged to perfection, like you, but I just might have to fuck that little slut sometime too," Mr. Sanders said.

April felt her world slip away around her. For a while, it seemed like she was nothing but a tiny asshole stretched around a massive cock. She wasn't sure when she passed out, or how long she was unconscious.

When she came to, she peered groggily over the back of the couch. At the front door, she saw her mother kissing the cocks of the nearly fully dressed two men just before they zipped up and said their goodbyes.

"You know, I'm thinking we should fuck that hot little teen at the same time, next time. I'll take her cunt and you can fuck her ass again," April heard Mr. Sanders say just before the door closed.

April's mother went upstairs to shower while April collected her thoughts and looked at what was left of her cute sundress.

"Well, I guess I'm not wearing that to visit Harold," she mumbled. "I better call him."

Anna stumbled over to her purse, every step feeling like a knife stabbing up her decimated asshole, and pulled out her cell phone.

"Hey, it's me. Yeah, no. They've left. You still want me to come over? Great! I'll just get some shorts and a t-shirt on. Hmm? Yeah, he fucked my ass pretty good. Well, I guess you can fuck it too while we watch a movie. It's pretty loose now, though. Oh, you kinky boy. Sure. I won't clean up, I'll just put on some shorts and stuff and I'll be there in fifteen. Yeah, our plans with Betty and her boyfriend are probably off tonight. My dad, my fucking dad, is knocking her up tonight. Sure, I can give her boyfriend a blowjob while you fuck my ass. He'll probably need it to cheer him up."

She hung up and made her way upstairs to find some clothes to put on.

"At least I only got fucked until I passed out once today."

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