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Shaina Earns an A

2016-07-31 by Broken Arrow, tagged as a2m, anal, ass to mouth, blonde, college, freshman, painal, professor, sex for grades, shaina, student, teacher

Summary: Colleges have begun allowing young women to leverage their physical talents when taking final exams instead of taking written tests. They can choose to allow their professors to fuck them for an 'A' on any final. Women fought long and hard for the right to leverage all of their natural advantages and Shaina prefers to use her body to get the best grade possible.

Will she be able to handle the way Mr. Connor uses her tight, freshman body? She was the last one to make it to his house, so he's keeping her for the weekend? He wants her to clean his cock, which had just been up her ass, with what? It's going to be a hard earned 'A' for Shaina this time around.

When Shaina offered to let her professor fuck her instead of taking the final exam, she figured she'd give him a few blowjobs, let him bury his cock in her pussy for a night, and get an 'A' for her final grade.

She'd heard that there was a time when sexual service wasn't an option for girls in college to make the grade, but that had been years before she'd ever been born. Thanks to all the protests, marches, and lobbying, women had won the right to be tested on their sexual prowess. It was usually a great system and let a girl use her potential to the fullest.

Part of her wished she'd just taken the final exam. It might have been easier. Instead, she went to his house after her Friday classes were over and waited on his front porch, at the end of a long line of girls taking the same option.

Shaina wondered how long Mr. Connor been drilling his cock up her tiny asshole. The pain moving through her body, like tendrils of fire, from her aching asshole made it seem like hours and, with the pills he'd popped, maybe it had been.

Her legs ached. Mr. Connor had pushed them so far back that her heels were behind her head. The position she was in made it impossible for her to see anything other than Mr. Connor's face or his cock driving into her aching hole. He was in his forties, not really tall, but not short, with feathered salt-and-pepper hair that was thinning at the top. He didn't look very strong, he had thin arms and a slight gut, but the way his hands gripped her ankles and the force of his thrusts into her ass made it clear he was stronger than he looked.

Her blonde hair had long since been drenched with sweat, almost all of the curls had been lost, and her eyes were barely open. She gasped and moaned with every one of his thrusts into her overworked asshole.

"How much longer until I get an A?" she asked, in a voice between a moan and a whisper.

"I'm going to fuck your ass so long and hard, you'll feel it until the next time you need an A. Then I'm going to fuck it all over again," he said.

"Oh fuck," she said as her eyes rolled back.

"I'll never get tired of the way you freshmen girls squirm and shake while you've got a cock up your asshole," he said, then laughed, pausing his strokes in and out of her tortured ass for a moment.

"Haven't you had enough today? I mean, there were all those girls before me."

"There's never enough when it comes to college freshmen girls. Especially you. I've been hoping you'd take the sexual service option instead of the final exam. This is going to be the best weekend I've had all year," he said.

"Wee- Fuck that hurts! Weekend? I thought you'd just fuck me a few times tonight and-"

"Just tonight? No. I always keep the last girl in line on Friday at the end of the semester for the entire weekend. I'm just lucky you were so late. Now I get to have your ass for three nights."

"But.. the other girls-"

"Were here early and on time. Of course, if you'd prefer to fail the class, you can always choose to go home after I cum up your ass tonight."

"I... I... no, I'll stay," she said.

"I knew you'd make the right choice, Shaina. You were always one of the brighter students in class."

"Thank you, Mr. Connor," she said and blushed an even deeper shade of red than she already had been.

Mr. Connor chuckled and shook his head.

"Good manners, even with a cock up your ass and your feet behind your head. Your parents must have really raised you right," he said.

"Yes sir, they did," she said.

The innocence in her voice played against the obscenity of the situation made Mr. Connor's cock swell up even harder and thicker than before.

"Good girl. Now, brace yourself, because I'm ready to really start fucking this tight ass!"

He started pistoning his thick cock in and out of Shaina's tight, tortured asshole faster and harder with each stroke. His body shined with a layer of sweat and a few drops rained down onto her face and bare breasts.

The aching of her legs, still pushed back, mingled with the tendrils of pain that seemed to burn up through her entire body from her ass. The tiny part of her that could still think wondered if she would ever be the same after a weekend with Mr. Connor.

She felt something dig into her dripping cunt and looked down to see that Mr. Connor had hooked a couple of fingers into her pussy while his thumb hung over her clit for a moment before pushing down and twirling in tight circles.

"Holy fucking God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit!" she screamed out as the sharp pleasure erupting from her tiny clit seemed to dance with the pain of her ass and twist her thoughts into meaningless sensations.

One of her slender legs slipped down and wrapped around Mr. Connor's waist, pulling him close. At first, Shaina had been just fucking him for the grade, but her body, the aching need in her cunt, wanted him close. She heard her voice, like some distant sound disconnected from herself, begging him to fuck her harder.

His thrusts grew more erratic, his cock almost slipping from her ass at times, only to plunge in recklessly again. His thumb, somehow still controlled and strong, swirled on her clit, sliding away only long enough to pull her hot juices up from the folds of her cunt.

Even the filthy, begging words erupting from her petite mouth faded into bestial grunts, moans, and squeals as he took his pleasure from her. She had become little more than a body, a piece of mindless meat responding only to the cock in her ass and the hand working her cunt.

She felt his thighs tense, his back stiffen, and his hands dig into her flesh as he threw one last powerful thrust up her burning ass. A moment later, his twitching cock set off a thousand tiny nerves as it shot load after load into her bowels.

She felt herself tip over the edge, grinding into his hips, and began moaning as a wave of orgasm overtook her fragile senses. Shaina was lost in her own world of pleasure. The world around her became nothing more than a collection of vague shapes, colors, and sounds without meaning.

As her mind pieced itself back together, she became aware of Mr. Connor's soft panting breath on her neck and the empty feeling his slowly softening cock was leaving in her overworked asshole. She wondered how long it would be before he was ready for more. After all, he'd taken more than a few 'supplement pills' just before they'd started.

He pulled free of her gripping ass and rolled over next to her, letting her finally put both legs down. Then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, so that they were face to face. The slight stubble, grey here and there on his face added to the sharp edges of his jaw line, and Shaina marveled at how manly he seemed now, despite only thinking about it once or twice that semester.

"That was a good start to earning an 'A' on your final," he said, reaching down and squeezing her supple ass with one hand while brushing back a stray lock of her hair with the other.

"Now, why don't you get to work one cleaning my cock before I take another stab at your ass. If you do a really good job, maybe I'll even fuck your cunt this time," he said.

Shaina started to get up, but he pushed her back down onto the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"To- to get a washcloth to clean your cock with?"

"No. Clean my cock with that filthy little mouth of yours," he said and began pushing her face down to his crotch.

The musky scent of his cum, mingled with the scent of her own ass filled her nostrils she slid down to his mostly languid cock. She looked up, into his eyes, and blinked in shock.

"With- with my- my mouth? I've never... I mean... that's too dirty!"

"Do you want that 'A' or do you want to fail the final?"

"I need to pass!" she said.

"Then you'd better do as you're told," he said, taking hold of the back of her neck and pushing her towards his filthy cock.

She licked the tip of his cock and crinkled her pug nose at the bitter taste of her own asshole, before sucking the length of it in between her full, pink lips. The acrid taste of her ass, mixed with the musky flavor of his cum and the juice of her pussy mingled in her mouth for a moment, before fading. She swallowed back the bile that rose in her throat, held back the thousand objections screaming in her mind, and focused on cleaning his cock as pleasurably as she could. As she felt his cock begin to harden again in her mouth, she knew she was in for a long, degrading, painful weekend.

She just hoped she did a good enough job cleaning his cock. A break from having her ass drilled, to feel him pounding away at her cunt, that would be almost as good as getting an 'A' on the final.

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