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The Coffee Shop - Free Anal With Every Purchase 2 - Sunny's Ordeal

Summary: Businesses regularly sell the sexual services of their workers to make extra profit, usually at a high mark up, but this particular coffee shop has decided to try an experiment. Will the coffee shop earn more by offering the hot little asses of its baristas with every purchase? Sunny has been taking cocks up her petite ass all week, but it's not over yet!

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Sunny splashed a bit of cold water into her boyish face and ran her wet hands over her nearly bald head. She held onto the one long braid she kept just behind her left ear while she looked into her blue eyes in the mirror. Where her braid met her scalp, almost as sore as her tight, little asshole. She stepped back a few paces and plopped down onto the cushioned bench with all the force her tiny body could muster, which sent a shock of pain up her spine from her brutalized asshole.

"How long is this sale going to last? I mean, who thought up offering our assholes for free with a cup of coffee?" she asked her reflection. "Fuck, my break is almost over. I swear, they could give us a bit more than a ten-minute break every four hours, and that's only if the shop is empty."

She stared down at the oversized watch on her slender wrist and sighed. She'd barely had time to clean the cum from the back of her clothes and to wash her angry, red asshole.

"At least there's only two more hours left of my shift. I'm going straight home and relaxing in a bubble bath for a few hours," she said to her reflection.

She washed her hands one last time, dried them, and pushed back through the brown, wooden door of the women's restroom out into the coffee shop. A few seconds later, she was standing behind the counter, almost completely hidden behind the glasses stacked on one end, but visible to anyone walking in through the front door.

Sunny busied herself with wiping down the counter and sweeping the floor while she waited for another customer to come in. She used to hate cleaning the place up, but at least it was a rest from constantly being bent over and fucked in the ass.

The bell on the front door chimed and pulled Sunny from her thoughts back to the present. A lanky man, dressed in tight jeans, with a long brown beard bumbled in through the open door and looked around, blinking, before his eyes settled on the sign behind the counter.

Sunny tried not to roll her eyes at the smile that spread across his face, she'd seen it so many times that week that she could tell exactly what he was going to ask.

"Is that sign for real? What's the catch?" he asked.

Sunny sighed. "Yes, sir, we're running a promotion for a limited time."

"No fuckin' way! My friends told me about this place, but I thought they were just fucking with me. Damn!"

"So... would you like a cup of coffee?" Sunny asked.

"What? Oh, yeah, yeah, the coffee. Sure, give me a small cup of, uh, medium roast," he said while stroking his beard and eying her up and down. "I bet you're ass is tight as hell."

"It used to be anyway," she said. "I guess that means you'll be taking advantage of our free promotion."

"You're not my usual type, but how can I pass up a chance to fuck one of you coffee shop girls for the price of a cup of coffee? Most places charge a hundred bucks at least," he said.

"Well, if you come back later, one of my coworkers might be more your style," Sunny said, hoping she'd spare herself at least one ass fucking that day.

"Naw, you'll do fine, plus I bet fucking that tiny ass of yours will feel awesome," he said. He nodded as if conceding defeat in a debate he only had with himself.

Sunny pumped coffee out of a carafe into a tall glass mug while the lanky man continued to leer at her over the counter. Her heart pumped out a few extra beats as the sharp scent of the coffee hit her.

"Here you go, one cup of medium roast. Do- do you want the promotional service now or... or after your coffee?"

"Hmmm. You know, how about with?" he asked.


"Yeah, with," he said

He sat down at one of the small square tables, pulled his thick, long cock free from his pants, and stroked it while waving Sunny over.

She walked around the bar and looked at one of the larger cocks she'd seen that week, before swallowing her trepidation.

"Have a seat," he said.

Sunny pulled a small bottle of lube from her apron pocket, hitched up her skirt to reveal her pale, bare ass, and worked a large dollop of the cool gel around and into her already well-fucked asshole. Then she spread as much as she could on the lanky man's cock. He moaned as she worked her hand up and down the shaft.

After she was sure she'd made things as slick as she possibly could, she turned away from him and backed up towards his lap. On of his hands, bony and slender, yet strong, took hold her waist and slowly guided her to his waiting cock.

Sunny gritted her teeth, but a whimper still slipped out as the head of his cock stretched her ass open. Then his hands were on her slender shoulders, pulling her down the length of his cock before she had any time to adjust.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! God, fucking damn!" Sunny shouted as his rod shot up her tender ass and his balls slapped her dripping cunt.

"Fuck yeah! I knew your ass would be the tightest fucking thing ever!" he said.

He pushed Sunny's face down to the table, the cool smooth surface distracted her for a moment as he began to slowly work his cock back and forth in her tiny asshole. His strokes were almost absent minded as he sipped at his coffee and read a book he'd brought. Sunny had been fucked in the ass rough, fast, gentle, furiously, and in at least a dozen awkward positions that week, but this was one of the most trying. It was as if she were nothing more than a mild amusement, to be enjoyed while he paid more attention to other, more important things.

Despite the languid pace of his strokes, Sunny found herself moaning as a small puddle of drool formed under her cheek and the hot juices of her cunt trickled between her slender legs, onto his balls, and pooled on the faux-leather of the chair beneath them. One of her hands reached down between her legs and she began to stroke her clit in rhythm with his thrusts.

He took one last, long draw from his coffee, finishing it and set his book down on the far side of the table. Then reached under Sunny's tiny frame with both hands and lifted her back against him, his palms cupping her perky, petite breasts. He began to thrust into her gripping ass faster, harder, and more recklessly. As Sunny worked her aching cunt with her diminutive fingers, he began to piston his thick cock into her ass with fierce abandon. The tendrils of pain from her abused asshole spread out through her body a little further with each passing moment, barely matched by the waves of pleasure from her pussy.

Time seemed to repeatedly stretch out and then suddenly snap into moments so short, she wasn't sure they were real. Her entire world had been replaced by the feel of his corduroy pants on her bare ass and thighs, the aching need of her cunt, and the nearly unbearable pain of his thick cock up her narrow ass.

"Fuck yeah!" he shouted as he drove the length of his cock up her ass one last time. She felt his body tense, every inch of it still for a moment, before the length of his rod began to spasm within the confines of her stretched ass.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god..." Sunny moaned out as she tipped over the edge, cumming along with him as he emptied his balls into her slender body.

He slumped over her and she over the table, both panting for a few minutes before he pulled his softening cock free from her twitching ass and let her slip down to the floor in a rumpled mess. He stood, tucked his dick back into his pants, and zipped them shut. Sunny heard the sound of a few coins landing on the table and then the lonely echo of the door chime fading after he'd left her alone in the coffee shop once again.

She wasn't sure how long she stayed on the floor, her ass slightly pushed up into the air, but a chime from the door and two deep voices woke her from whatever dream world she'd slipped into.

"Rock! She's ready and waiting!"

"Are you sure, I mean-"

"Check the sign, dude. Free Anal with every purchase."

"But, I mean she seems kind of out of it. What about the coffee?"

"Fuck the coffee! What is it, like two bucks a cup? Just drop a five on the counter."

Sunny felt the warmth of a body kneel down behind her, a pair of hands pull her ass higher into the air, and then the familiar sensation of a cock-head pressing against her battered asshole.

"She's tight, but I bet we can fuck her ass at the same time."

Sunny wondered when the free promotion would be over. She wasn't sure she could take much more, but she had to admit, she'd had the best orgasm she'd ever had, thanks to the lanky man.

"Wait, did he say both of their cocks? Up my ass? At the same time? Fuck!" she thought. "This job just keeps getting better, doesn't it?"

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