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Claire at the Store - Free Fuck with Every Purchase

Summary: Claire, a hot, skinny, bubble-butted blonde works at a store that offers free sex with every purchase to the customers. She loves her job and is ready to get her firm, round ass fucked by a series of men after ringing up their purchases.

What's Mr. Addams, her boss, up to with Emily in HR? Could this lead to a surprise for Claire before the day is over?

(Finally getting around to some requests)

The tresses of her hair fell down the length of her slender back in soft waves of bright blonde. In the morning sun, it seemed as if a thousand tiny rivers of light flowed past her petite shoulders. She wore a teal cut off t-shirt, which showed off her tight midriff and a pair of denim shorts so spartan, they barely covered her tight bubble butt. Claire looked at herself in the mirror as she spun and nodded in approval.

"That, right there, is a hot piece of ass."

She ran her hands over her petite breasts, down past her narrow waist, and along the sides of her tight, round ass. She turned around, looked back over her shoulder at the perfect curve of her perky ass one last time, and bounced into the living room.

Her hot-pink sneakers and tall white socks completed the look and she left for her morning jog to the grocery store where she worked as a cashier.

When she'd first been hired, just a couple months after turning eighteen, she'd been a little shy about the extra services she and every other woman working at the store were required to provide to the customers. After three years of offering her mouth, cunt, or ass to every paying male customer - whether he was buying a cart full of items or a single pack of gum - and then being fucked in front of the whole store repeatedly five days a week, she'd not only grown used to it, she even enjoyed it.

The thought of forty or so cocks pounding into her every day made her constantly wet and ready to fuck. It didn't hurt that she was employee of the month for the last two years and that it helped with her reviews, scoring her top raises every six months.

Her jog seemed to vanish into her daydreams and anticipation of the day ahead and she found herself though the front doors of the store, into the employee locker area, and sliding her ID through the punch-clock before she knew it.

"Looking good, Claire! I bet you get bent over your counter and fucked up that ass at least ten times before lunch today," Mr. Addams, her shift manager, said.

"Thanks! I bet I can get most of them to fuck my ass with this outfit. Not like yesterday when they all went for blowjobs," Claire said, pouting her pink lower lip playfully.

"Can you blame them? I mean, you have a great ass. Everyone who sees that little bubble-butt of yours wants to get their cock up it, but since you're behind a counter, most of them only see your cute, little mouth and want to face fuck you right then and there." Mr. Addams pulled his growing cock from his pants and stroked it slowly while talking to Claire.

Claire figured he was in his late thirties or early forties. His dark hair was thinning a little in the front and greying at the temples. His face was still young though and barely had a single wrinkle. The soft, warm brown of his eyes was always inviting and reassuring, especially when he was looking her up and down.

"Do you want me to suck you off before I go down to my lane, Mr. Addams?" Claire asked, licking her lips.

"Hm? Oh, no. No. I've got to go down to HR in a few minutes. Another meeting with Emily. You know how she is, I'll have to cum up her ass at least twice before the meeting even gets started." He rolled his eyes and tucked his rock hard cock back into his pants.

"Okay. I'll see you down on the floor later. Don't let Emily wear you out too much!" She called back to him while heading out to the main floor.

She signed into lane eighteen and turned on her light to let customers know that she was ready to service them. While she waited, she let her fingers drift between her thighs and watched the action around her.

Two lanes over, Carol had her lips wrapped around a dick as long as her forearm and nearly as thick. Her light brown skin and black hair blurred back and forth as the young man used both hands to slam her face all the way to his crotch, burying his massive cock into her bulging throat, and then pulling her nearly completely free again, only to have her back down the length of his cock again in a flash.

At the Service Desk, Janette was apologizing to a customer that was double charged for a box of cereal. While he slammed into her cunt, making her large tits shake with every thrust and knocking loose the tight bun her red hair had been in loose, she explained that he would receive a refund and would be allowed to take any girl at the service desk home, at the end of her shift, for the night to make up for the trouble.

"Excuse me, Miss? Are you open?" a young man holding a candy bar at the end of her lane asked.

"Yes sir! Open all day! Let me ring that up for you. Did you find everything you were looking for?"

"Umm.. ye- Yeah. I, uh, found... found everything." He was blushing the entire time he spoke to her.

"That's great. That'll be $0.89 for the candy bar."

He handed her a dollar, wet with the sweat of his palms, and she handed back his change.

"Thank you for your purchase. Now, would you like to fuck my mouth, cunt, or maybe my ass?" She brushed her fingers past her lips, pressed them into her cunt, and then turned around to let him see her perky bubble-butt.

He leaned forward slightly while looking at her firm, round ass and licked his lips. "I... I uh think I'll go with your ass."

"That is an excellent choice, sir. would you like me bent over the counter, on all fours on the floor, or gripping my ankles?" She made her way around the counter to his side while unbuttoning her shorts and stepping out of them. She then spun around to reveal her pantiless bottom.

"Uh, over the- the counter will be great. Do you have lube or something?" he asked.

Other customers in line behind him looked around at the other lanes, working out whether they wanted to wait or to find someone else to service them.

"Right there, in the pumper," she said, waving at what looked like a soap dispenser labeled 'lube' at the end of her counter.

She bent over her counter, spreading her legs slightly, her pert breasts pressed against the cold counter-top, and reached back with both hands to spread her shapely ass cheeks apart. Her well shaved and waxed cunt and ass on display for her customer and the entire store.

He pumped four or five shots of the lubricant unto his right hand, and stroked his rock solid cock with it, rubbed the remained against her puckered asshole. The cool gel made her shudder with anticipation.

The head of his thick cock pressed against her tiny asshole and one hand pushed down between her shoulders. As she tried to relax, he pressed forward, burying the first few inches of his cock up her ass.

The heat of his rod seemed to burn inside of her and she let out a high pitched squeal followed by a low moan. He drew back his cock a little, then thrust in harder. She whimpered and pushed back against his driving hips. Soon, the length of his cock was rocketing in and out of her aching ass, his hands reaching between her body and the counter to grip onto her tits, adding two new webs of pain to the tendrils of shock and power emanating from her battered ass.

"Fuck! It hurts so good, sir. God, fuck me harder!"

He threw his weight behind each thrust, driving her thighs against the counter with enough force to bruise them for days. A moment later he rammed his cock in, his balls slapping against her dripping pussy, and his thighs tensing. A low growl passed his lips and Claire moaned as she felt full length of his cock twitching, pulsing, and cumming up her tight, round ass.

He panted above her for a moment, one hand on her back and the other against the counter-top, then leaned back and pulled his softening cock from the firm grip of her asshole.

Claire heard his zipper close and slowly stood up, turned to face him, and smiled.

"Thank you for shopping with us, sir. I hope you had a wonderful experience." She loved quoting the suggested phrases from the employee manual.

"It was fucking great! I'm shopping here every day from now on," he said, while walking towards the exit.

She pulled her shorts back on, being sure to give a clear view of her dripping cunt and well fucked asshole to the next few customers in line, then took her place behind her register once again. She was sure a few browsers had picked up candy bars, just to have a go at her.

"You are one fucking hot piece of ass. I wasn't going to buy anything today, but I sure as hell am not going to pass up a chance to fuck that little bubble-butt you've got goin' on," a tall black man, her next customer said. He had a candy bar and a small soda for her to ring up.

"Thank you, sir. We're always glad to make the customer experience a fantastic one. I love it when you guys know what you want before I ring you up." She winked at him and rang up his order.

That day she was fucked up the ass by almost every single one of her customers. A few wanted blowjobs, tit-fucks, and one or two had wanted to cum up her shaved cunt. She was sore, aching, a bit bruised, and overjoyed when her shift finally ended.

She was just about to clock out when Mr. Addams showed up and stopped her.

"Hold on there a second, Claire. I want to talk to you about something," he said.

"Sure, Mr. Addams, what's up?" she asked, brushing a stray lock of her blonde hair behind her ear.

"We might as well get comfortable for a minute," he said.

He spun her around, pressed her against the wall, and pulled her tiny shorts down to her knees. Then, with barely a moment to adjust, he crammed the entire length of his cock up her already abused ass. His thrusts were slow, almost leisurely after that.

"Claire, you are an amazing employee. Always willing to go the extra mile to make the customers, your coworkers, and everyone happy."

"Than- uh! Thank you, Mr. Addams," she said between moans as he worked her aching asshole.

"And that's why we're going to give you a promotion." He thrust up her ass as hard as he could and pinned her to the wall with his cock.

"Promotion?" she asked, her voice quivering with pain and tears.

"Yes! I had a long discussion with Emily down in HR and we both agree that it's time for you to move on to corporate. Next week, you'll be placed with a mid-level manager as a personal assistant. You'll be getting fucked by the big-wigs now!"

"Oh God! That's awesome! I mean, I will miss you guys and being fucked by random strangers all day, but-"

"No, you've earned this, be proud," he interrupted her.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Addams!"

He began thrusting in and out of her brutalized asshole at full speed, then pulled out, spun her around, and pushed her to her knees. She pulled the length of his cock, bitter and musty with the taste of her own ass, into her mouth and sucked as he began to cum in the confines of her mouth. The salty, savory taste of his cum overpowered her senses as she swallowed and looked up into his eyes.

"Of course, we'll all be fucking the hell out of you this week, as a goodbye gift," he said.

She let his softening cock slip from her lips. "I'm looking forward to it, sir."

Claire wondered if her new boss would be into anal. She figured that HR would be sure to place someone with a hot, little, bubble-butt like hers with someone who would make the most use of it. After all, Human Resources was focused on making sure the right people with the right talents ended up in the right places.

"Would you like me to stay late, so the other employees can fuck me in the break room?" she asked.

"I think you can go ahead and get some rest at home. Tomorrow, we'll start you on twelve hour shifts, break room duty only, so everyone who works here can get a chance to give you a proper send off."

"You're the best, Mr. Addams!"

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