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Morgan's Mansion

Summary: Morgan is a powerful, rich young woman who collects pets, but not the kind of pets that you and I are used to - Morgan collects pretty young men, who she keeps at her estate, to be used by her, as she chooses, at any time. We join her as she surveys her property and her pets while having her newest, and possibly brightest, pet serve her desires and passions.

First female dominant story here. If you like it, there may be more chapters.

Morgan looked out her window and watched the handsome young men milling around her spacious backyard. There were a few dozen of them on the grounds of her estate. She had chosen each personally, some for their looks, some for their personalities, and more than a few for their physical endowments.

She leaned forward, lifting her shapely round ass from the face of the young man laying beneath her. She had decided to start the day with Miles worshiping her ass while she enjoyed the view out of her bedroom window.

The golden light of morning streaming in through the open window, the billowing white curtains, her silky olive skin, and the deep red backless settee, which allowed her to straddle Miles' face easily created a picture both elegant and erotic. Morgan loved playing with her boys, but she was always mindful of the "art of fornication" as she called it.

Her hand idly slide up and down the length of his thick and rock hard cock while she leaned forward and looked between her legs at his blushing face, framed in sweaty blonde locks of his short cropped hair. Her own light brown hair, fell in soft waves and tickled his tight, but not overly muscled abdomen.

"Are you enjoying yourself down there, Pet?" she asked and gave a soft kiss to his hairless teardrop shaped belly button.

He moaned at the soft touch of her lips and nodded, his hair tickling her dripping pussy, before finding his voice. "Yes, Morg- Mistress. To be your seat, to be used for your rest and your pleasure... I... I know you have a lot of men to choose from..."

"You're right. I could have chosen any of my pets to service me this morning, but you've been such a good boy lately, I thought you deserved a little bit of a reward," she cooed the words and kissed the head of his twitching, throbbing cock.

"Mistress," Miles said, his voice overtaken by a moan midway through.

Morgan pulled her knees up to the settee and straddled Miles' blushing face. She felt his soft yet strong hands grip her thighs to steady her and smiled at how well trained he was already. He'd only been a boarder at her estate for a month, but he had learned how to please her faster than anyone else had so far. She swiveled her hips in a slow arc over his face, just close enough to feel the heat of his panting breath. "Should I let you eat my pussy, Pet? Do you think you deserve that?"

"I... I think I deserve whatever you want from me," he said without taking his eyes from her soaking wet pussy as it floated just beyond the reach of his mouth.

"That's a good answer. You're a clever little pet, aren't you?"

Morgan continued her game of teasing, slowly moving her cleanly trimmed pussy within finger's breadth from Miles' face, then pulling away like a cat arching her back. Every so often, she would flick her sharp tongue just under the head of his straining cock, sending lovely shudders across his fair skin.

She loved the way he squirmed in tiny, restrained movements, his desire to stay still until she command otherwise fighting against the urges and instincts of his body. She ran her middle finger across the slightly bristly area above his rigid cock where he'd shaved himself clean, for no other reason than that she'd commanded it.

"You're such a good little pet. Are you a hungry pet?" she asked and then kissed the very tip of his cock.

"Oh! Mistress! Yes, I'm starving! So very hungry," he said in something between a whimper and a panicked madness.

She brought one hand between his slightly parted thighs while continuing to work his cock with the other. Her middle finger circled the rosebud of his perfectly round and toned ass. She kissed up and down the length of his cock slowly while speaking to him. "Beg me. Beg to eat."

"Please, Mistress! Please let me eat! I'm so hungry. There's nothing I want more than to eat your hot, beautiful, perfect pussy! Let me eat? Let me eat! Please, please, please..."

"You shameless thing you. I guess I'll just have to feed you then," she said and wrapped her legs under the settee, clamping her hot, dripping cunt down on his face.

No sooner was she wrapped around his pretty ace, then she felt his tongue work deep into her, his soft, full lips opening and closing across the folds of her pussy, and then his barely bristled, almost fuzzy chin sliding back and forth across her clit, like an army of feathers tickling her perfectly.

She ground down on his face, smothering him just until he began to struggle a little, then she would arch her back and let him suck in air with greedy lungs. The sound of his desperate breaths, and his never yielding grip on her thighs, sent shivers racing through her body.

Within a few minutes, she felt the beginnings of the wave that would crash through her body, then, time stopped as the familiar rush of a thousand tiny shocks raced across her body. She moaned, her hot breath on Miles' cock sending him into tiny spasms of nearly going over the edge himself, yet still he waited.

Morgan slouched down, resting her head on his belly while she continued to idly grind her exquisitely sensitive pussy on his face and play with his cock and balls.

"You are such a good little pet. All this excitement and you're still waiting." She let one hand trace up the side of his body and back down before sitting back up shifting forward, so his talented mouth could work her ass for a while again.

She looked out her window again. The day always seemed more peaceful, idyllic, and properly paced when she started it off with one of her boys servicing her.

They really did have it pretty easy. As long as they obeyed her every whim, they were allowed to live at the mansion, room and board were free, and access to the gym, which was mandatory every day, was free as well. The library kept them well read and the cooks, trainers, and other staff kept them in prime shape.

Morgan's hands danced up and down Miles' cock, caressing his balls, gliding up and down the shaft, and swirling her fingertips just below the head.

"You're all my obedient little pets, but some of you seem extra clever, extra willing. Isn't that right, Pet?" she asked Miles and gave a soft squeeze to his cock.

He moaned into her round, perky ass and then she felt his untiring tongue flick deep into her asshole for just a second.

She let out a giggle and a moan all at once, then leaned forward and looked back between her legs once again at Miles' panting, blushing, pretty face. "You're even good when you're being bad, my clever little Pet."

She knelt down, her full, red lips less than an inch from his cock and said, "You may cum now."

Her lips wrapped around the tip of his cock as it began to spasm, with all that he had been holding back, all that he had restrained, waiting for her to command his release. Morgan swallowed the flood of salty, sweet cum and let out a deep purr.

After a few more minutes of swiveling her hips and letting Miles' lap at her slowly grinding pussy, she leaped off of the settee and him like a ballerina dismounting a horse.

"Mistress?" Miles' asked, confused for a moment.

She leaned down, gave him a quick peck on the forehead, licked his salty sweat from her lips and turned to walk out of her bedroom.

"You rest there. You've been a perfect pet this morning, so you deserve your rest. I'm going to go check on a few of my other pets before I go to the office."

She tossed one last wink back at the exhausted young man and disappeared in a flurry of silk robes, long brown hair, and rosewater perfume.

[To be continued?]

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