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Syndee's First Annual Oral Review

Summary: Syndee is a tiny, tight, hot little eighteen year old woman working at DynGlobe Electronics, a consumer electronics store. It's Syndee's first time being reviewed at work and her boss, Mr. Field, will be evaluating her oral skills by thrusting his cock, which is as thick as a twenty ounce bottle of pop and quite a bit longer, into her teen mouth and down her tight throat. Will she be able to handle it?

It's a world where women are subject to sexual prowess reviews as part of their annual reviews at every company. Women are also required to participate in sexual escapades as part of their regular job duties. The managers are allowed to decide which sexual assets to review each year.

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Syndee brushed a stray lock of her long blond hair back and pushed her ponytail holder a little higher up as she walked up the stairs to Mr. Field's office.

She stopped just outside the door for a moment and took a few deep breaths, then opened the door to his office just wide enough to poke her head in.

Her boss was perched on the edge of his desk, nude from head to toe. Every tiny movement seemed to set off an ripple of his toned muscles. She found herself staring at his partially hard and already massive cock while she spoke to him.

"Um. Hi, Mr. Field. Lindsay said... said you wanted to see me for my review."

"Ah, Syndee! Come in and leave your clothes there by the door. I understand you've never had a work review before?" he asked.

"Yes, sir- I mean.. no I haven't... this is my first time."

Syndee stepped into the office gingerly and began taking off her clothes. She left her pants, shirt, bra and socks in a tiny pile on the small table near the door. She started to pull down her sheer pink panties, but Mr. Field looked up from his paperwork and interrupted her.

"You can leave those on. I'll be reviewing your oral skills today."

The petite blonde stood at eye level with Mr. Field's broad and powerful chest. Her tiny, goosebump covered, perky breasts barely moved as she walked towards her boss.

Syndee was only vaguely aware of what her boss was saying while he went over the normal parts of her review. He was impressed that she always showed up on time, her sales numbers were great, and her co-workers all thought she was a fun person to work with. She nodded her head while staring at his cock, which was easily twice the size of her boyfriend's, and was still only half-hard. She wondered how much of it she'd be able to handle.

"Well, it looks like you're fitting in just fine here at DynGlobe Electronics. And the way you've been staring at my cock, I think you're ready for the female employee sexual standards portion of the review."

Mr. Field chuckled at the bright red blush that rose to Syndee's cheeks.

"I... I... I'm sorry, sir. I just-"

"Don't worry about it. It shows a lot of initiative on your part. You know that you should be paying attention to a man's cock," he said and flashed a charming smile down at her.

"Thank- Thank you, sir. I'm just a little nervous. Um, so... should- should I start?" Syndee asked.

"Just a moment," Mr. Field said.

The tall, muscular man stroked his cock with one hand and titled his head back a little. Syndee was entranced as she watched the rod grow thicker and longer, until the very head was nearly at her lips even though he hadn't stood up from his desk. She glanced into her own eyes in the wall of mirrors behind her desk and realized how excited she looked. Then she noticed an unusual and earthy scent.

"It smells a little funny," she said without thinking.

"It should. I've just had it buried in Lindsay's ass," he said.

Syndee wrinkled her tiny nose and furrowed her eyebrows. "Should- should I clean it off?" she asked.

"That's exactly what you're going to do."

He grabbed hold of her ponytail with one hand, held his thick cock in the other, and stood up from this desk.

"Start by licking the head, then up and down the shaft for a while. I'll let you know when to start sucking," he said.

"But it's-"

"I wouldn't want to have to give such an otherwise great employee a bad review, just because she couldn't clean a dirty cock properly."

"No sir. I mean, yes sir," she said and then thrust her pink tongue out, lapping at the head of his cock like a starving cat at a bowl of milk.

Mr. Field kept a hold on her ponytail. His strong arm guiding her head up and down the length of his shaft. At first, the bitter taste and smell of Lindsay's ass on his cock was nearly more than Syndee could handle. She'd never let her boyfriend go ass to mouth on her, let alone tasted another girl's ass before. A mixture of excitement, shame, and desire flooded her body as Mr. Field lead her mouth across every wonderful inch of his massive cock.

After a couple of minutes, Mr. Field's cock was clean and then he shoved her head lower than he had before. The weight of his cock pressed against her face, covered one eye, and she felt a tiny drip of what she figured was pre-cum land on her head. She lapped at his balls for a moment and wondered if she was going to get a good review.

"I thick we've got that just about clean," he said, then pulled hard on her ponytail.

Syndee gasped at the sudden pain on her scalp, but was cut short as Mr. Field thrust his rigid cock into her wide open mouth. Her lips stretched thin around his hug cock, she pushed her jaw to the limits to keep her teeth from touching him, and though she tried to suck, she found it nearly impossible.

"Relax your throat," he said.

She moaned around his cock and did her best to relax, despite the jaw achingly thick rod in her mouth.

His hand never left her ponytail. He timed the thrust of his hips with the push and pull of her head to drive his cock further down her throat each time. Tears welled up in the eighteen year old blonde's eyes as his cock pushed into her throat and she felt it stretch to accommodate the girth of his cock.

The tiny spasms of her throat, as she tried to time her breathing for his thrusts, and fought her gag reflex, seemed to drive him into faster, rougher, and more exhilarating thrusts. She felt giddy and wondered if the lack of oxygen was turning her on just as much as Mr. Field's wonderful cock.

Her nose rammed into his abs with each thrust now and she could feel his thick rod plumb the depths of her throat. She was surprised with how well she was doing. She had worried that she'd never be able to take his cock even half-way, but thanks to Mr. Field's guiding hand on her ponytail, she was deep throating his cock with every thrust, like a pro. She decided to call her mother after work and tell her all about it, she'd be so proud of her little girl, all grown up and taking a cock all the way.

Mr. Field's thrust sped up and then began to slow. Each stroke in and out of her throat seemed to take longer, until at last he pulled her from his cock, let go of her ponytail, and took the dripping rod in own hand, aiming the thick head at her still open mouth.

"That's right. Keep your mouth open just like that and tilt your head back a little. Perfect." he said as he stroked his cock and she obeyed his demands. "You are very good at this, Syndee. You're boyfriend is a lucky man."

"Thank you, Sir," she said while trying to keep her mouth as open as possible.

"Now, cup your hands in front of you, like you're getting a drink of water."

Syndee held her hands in front of her, pushing her tiny, pert breasts closer together with her arms and waited.

Mr. Field tilted his cock down towards her waiting hands and, a moment later, groaned deeply as he shot load after load of thick, hot, creamy cum into the tiny teen's cupped hands. The musky scent filled Syndee's nose. Her tongue rolled and she tried to swallow as her mouth became wet with hunger.

"Lap it up, like a good little kitty," Mr. Field said. His eyes were intense and held hers completely.

Syndee raised her hands to her mouth and began lapping at the pool of cum, taking in as much as she could with each thrust of her tongue. The salty, bitter, slightly sharp taste of his cum filled her with a supreme sense of satiation. Within a few seconds she had sucked the last few drops from her fingertips.

"Very good. Very good! I have to say, I've never seen anyone with so much potential. You keep up work like this, and I'm sure you'll go far an DynGlobe. And not just here at the electronics store. I can see you getting a position at the main branch someday,. I'm making a note of it here in your review," he said while he wrote notes down on Syndee's review.

"Thank you, Sir. For the review and... and everything," she said.

"You're welcome, of course. Well, it looks like your shift is over."

"Oh, um... yes... I can go now?" she asked.

"Absolutely. Go have a nice night. See you tomorrow."

Syndee felt a little shy as she put her clothes back on while Mr. Field continued to jot notes into her review. She wondered if she'd be able to live up to the potential Mr. Field saw in her. She hoped so. At the very least, she felt like she'd try for a higher position at the store. Maybe she'd apply for the next assistantship that came up. After all, spending the day filing papers and serving her boss's cock would practically be a dream job come true.

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