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Honor Student Avena - The Coffee Date

Summary: Avena is an honor student, but not just any honor student, she's the President of the Honor Society of her college. She was recently chosen by her first period instructor, Mr. Cadwell, to be ass fucked in front of the entire class, which had its downsides, but did score her a coffee date with her crush, Cole. Will she actually get to drink the coffee? (Not directly a part of the Kinky College series, but in the same vein.)

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Avena Johanne looked at herself in the mirror. Her shoulder length red hair was teased into soft curls that framed her face and accentuated her round cheeks and her green eyes behind her thick-rimmed glasses. She'd picked out a slinky blue dress that hugged her curves with a deep neckline that showed off her ample cleavage.

"Well, I am absolute proof that an honor student can be a sexy beast! Rawr," she said to her reflection while scratching at the air like a cat.

Her crush, Cole, had called her the night after she'd been assfucked by her instructor in front of the entire class. He'd gone on forever about how impressed he was with what he'd seen.

He'd said, "I've never seen such a perfect ass and the cute way you bit your lip almost the entire time - You were absolutely amazing!"

He eventually asked if she wanted to have coffee together that weekend. At first, even though she'd been crushing on him the entire semester, she'd hesitated. She wasn't sure she wanted to go on a date with him, if he only wanted to because he'd seen her get her ass fucked.

However, the more she thought about it, the more comfortable she was with the idea. After all, they'd been flirting all semester and she'd caught him checking out her ass several times. It really wasn't that different.

A knock at the door jarred her out of her memories and brought her back to the moment. She checked her outfit one last time, seemed to float to the door, and opened it while striking what she hoped was a cute and sexy pose with one hand on her hip.

"Wow! You look absolutely, fucking awesome!" Cole said while running his eyes up and down the curves of her body.

"Thanks," Avena said and then looked down to his hands. He was holding two cardboard cups of coffee from a local coffee shop. "Oh, you... uh... you brought coffee here."

"Yeah. I got to thinking, that maybe we could just stay in and really get to know each other. You know, rather than feel inhibited by going to a coffee shop."

Avena felt her heart sink a little, she'd spent the afternoon getting dressed up to go out. She bit her lower lip and thought for a moment while getting lost in Cole's deep blue eyes. His smile made the decision easy.

"Actually, that sounds like a great idea," she said. "Come in. We'll have our own little world to us here."

"Rock! We're going to have a blast," Cole said as he stepped inside.

She led him to the living room of her small apartment, motioned for him to set the cups on the coffee table and patted the cushion next to her.

He sat down with a thump that shook the couch a little, wrapped an arm around her slender shoulders, and pulled her close. The heat of her face blushing made her feel as if she might burst into flames and she wondered if he could hear her heart racing out of control.

"Oh, the coffee. Is... is there sugar in it? I like mine sweet."

"Actually, I wasn't sure what you liked, so I just got it black."

"That's okay. I have sugar and milk in the kitchen."

She hopped off the couch, grabbed the steaming hot coffee cups, and made her way to the kitchen. Cole followed close behind, but far enough back that he could enjoy the sway of her perky ass under the sheer fabric of her dress.

He leaned against the counter while she pulled the sugar container from a cupboard and the milk from the fridge. His eyes followed her everywhere she went. Avena could feel her entire body vibrating with the intensity of his obvious desire.

She stood next to him, facing the counter, and scooping sugar onto a spoon. In a swift movement, he was behind her, one hand caressing her soft round ass, the other circling and gently gripping one of her pert breasts.

A soft moan escaped her slender throat. The stroking of his left hand ignited the nerves of her tender asshole, still throbbing lightly from the anal pounding her instructor, Mr. Cadwell, had given her earlier that week. The touch of Cole's lips, so much softer than she expected, on the back of her neck sent a cool shiver down her spine.

She moaned and said through panting breaths in a throaty whisper, "Cole- Oh God, that feels so good! But... but-"

"Exactly. The sight of this perfect, round, bubble butt of yours has my cock just about ready to bust my zipper," he said as his hand left her ass for a moment and she heard the sound of the zipper on his pants.

A moment later he pressed his thick, hard cock into the sheer fabric covering her tight little ass while his hand reached between her legs and he began to stroke her clit through already soaked panties. As he ran th length of his cock up and down the crevasse between her soft ass cheeks, she was sure his cock was thicker and longer than Mr. Cadwell's by far. She wasn't sure she'd be able to handle it in her pussy, let alone her ass, which she knew was what he really wanted.

"Please fuck me," she heard her own voice say, though she hadn't realized she was speaking.

"Exactly what I'm gonna do, Babe," Cole said.

His hands moved away from her breast and cunt in one fluid, fast motion. Then she heard the sound of fabric tearing and looked down to see the tattered remnants of the dress she'd picked out to impress him. The cool air of her kitchen seemed to blow across her skin, now covered in goosebumps.

Cole's hands slid down the sides of her body, echoing her curves, and drawing from her a guttural moan, before grabbing the edges of her panties. The snap of the fabric flicked at her flesh and she gasped with unrestrained lust.

"This'll work," Cole said and grabbed hold of a bottle of cooking oil and poured it on her ass while she arched her limber back.

Avena felt the head of Cole's massive cock pressing against the still aching entrance to her tight ass. She bit her lower lip, then gasped as the head of his cock slid into her aching asshole. She felt as if her entire body were wrapped around his cock. With every pulse of his heartbeat, every twitch of his thick cock, a wave of pain rolled up her spine and exploded in her mind.

"Oh fuck! You're huge!"

"Yeah, you 're gonna feel this for a long time," he said and then drove the entire length of his massive cock up her ass hard and fast.

Avena gasped, let out a low whimper, and then began moaning as Cole pistoned his thick cock in and out of her over-stretched asshole. His left hand worked her dripping cunt, while his right moved up to her slender neck and gripped just tight enough to slow the flow of blood without stopping it. Within the complex sensations of the pain roaring up from her abused ass, the aching of her thighs as they crashed into the counter, the waves of pleasure from each flick of his fingers on her throbbing clit, and the pulsing numbness of her lips, she felt the world growing dim and distant.

Her vision clouded and grew dark. She wasn't sure if it was the hand on her neck or the cock decimating her tender asshole, but she felt the world spin beneath her and then vanish as her mind dived into dreamless darkness.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she finally became aware of the cool linoleum floor of the kitchen pressed against her naked flesh. She slowly pushed herself up and tried to sit, but her asshole screamed with pain, so she propped herself up sideways instead. A few feet away, the tattered remnants of her dress and underwear reminded her of what had brought her to this moment and, despite herself, she felt a familiar aching need between her legs.

She stood back up slowly, using the kitchen counter to keep her balance and looked around, wondering where Cole had gone. Then, on the counter near the untouched cups of coffee, she spotted a small scrap of paper with sloppy handwriting in blue ink.

It said:


I had a really great time! That was the best coffee date I've ever had. Man, you're ass has to the the tightest, hottest, sexiest ass I've ever fucked. Thanks for the date. I left both cups of coffee for when you wake up.


P.S. - I gave your number to my roommate. He totally wants to 'get coffee' with you sometime."

Avena was a little irritated that Cole hadn't stuck around after fucking her ass and that he'd given her number to some other guy, but she figured it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. After all, she'd had a date with her crush and had another date practically already lined up.

"Of course, they only want me for my ass, but at least they're honest about it. Plus, I can kind of see why they'd want a piece of this sweet caboose." she said. She picked up one of the cups of coffee, walked into the livingroom, and gave her tender ass a playful slap.

"This coffee is ice cold! I must have been out for at least an hour."

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