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Taylor Is A Human Urinal - Part 3

Summary: Taylor has been working as a urinal in Kenya for the last few months. She lives in the restroom of a cafe, where one of the stalls serves as her bedroom at night. She had always wanted to travel, but all she's seen of Africa are giant cocks pissing down her throat and fucking her holes raw. Will she ever see home again?

Taylor never bothered to read the contracts she signed, but that has caught up with her. Thanks to signing a contract with a coffee shop, she's been serving as a urinal to cover for the broken one for over a month! She also finds out that every one of her orifices, crevices, and every inch of her flesh is open for use by the managers, staff, and customers of the coffee shop, as they see fit. She can't even get out of it by quitting, because the contract stipulates that she is still responsible for all "extraneous duties" if she quits, but without pay.

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Taylor woke up as the first rays of dawn peeked in through the tiny window in the east wall of the mens restroom. She hadn't seen the outside from anywhere other than the bathroom windows since she'd arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the stalls had been converted into a tiny bedroom for her, with a large pillow just big enough for her to sleep on, a bowl of water for her to drink from, and a bowl of small, round, brown food pellets for her to eat. They tasted terrible, but the label one of her managers had shown her made it clear that they were at least nutritious.

She pushed through the stall door into the main part of the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror above one of the sinks. Her long black locks of hair were gone, they shaved her head every week, which kept her looking cleaner than she felt. She spent her days barefoot and dressed in a super-short miniskirt that became little more than a belt when she knelt down on the floor and a small white t-shirt that said in bold black letters "Public Urinal" through which her almost always hard nipples on the ends of her perky little breasts could be easily seen.

She started her daily cleaning ritual, using a wash cloth they left for her and some soap from the dispenser to scrub away the sweat and cum from her lithe body. After a few minutes of scrubbing, she looked into the mirror closely and sighed.

"Your a public urinal in a country where almost no one speaks English. You spend your days drinking piss and cum from giant black cocks, unless one of them is pounding into your cunt or ass. You thought that degree from college was going to get you someplace? Well, you're someplace," she said to her reflection.

"Ah, you're already awake! Fantastic! I've been holding this piss since I woke up," Thomas, her manager, said.

She watched him from the mirror as he walked up behind her. Thomas was a tall, beautiful, black man. He was just little less than seven feet tall, kept his hair buzzed close to his scalp, and had muscles that seemed more like steel than flesh. He pulled his limp cock from his trousers, a cock which was as big limp as Coulter's had been when it was hard, and spun Taylor around by one of her shoulders before gently pushing her to her knees.

Taylor took his thick cock between her lips and began to suck gently, waiting for him to piss. Within a few seconds, she felt the hot rush of his urine splash against her tongue and the back of her throat. She began to suck harder and deeper to make sure she drank every last drop. Soon, the stream slowed and then stopped. He pulled his now half-hard cock from her lips and shook the remaining drops of piss onto her face and hairless scalp.

"If I'd known American style urinals were like this, I would have had one transferred sooner," he said.

He grabbed hold of her neck and pulled her up until she was standing on the tips of her toes, then spun her around and bent her over the sink, with her face smashed against the mirror and the faucet digging in between her small tits.

With his hand still gripping around her slender neck, her used the other to get a few pumps of soap from the dispenser and coated his massive and completely rigid cock. She felt the head of it, which seemed to be nearly the size of four of her fingers, if not more, press against her asshole and then the sudden rush of him driving the entire length up her tender ass without taking the smallest amount of time to let her adjust.

She had thought that the pain Coulter had shown her when he fucked her ass had been the ultimate level, but here it seemed like there was always a bigger cock ready to abuse her ass, cunt, and mouth. Almost every man that used her to relieve himself of piss also took advantage of her in other ways. Most often they fucked her narrow ass or pounded deep into her tight throat. Almost none of them used her pussy for anything more than a place to hook their fingers while they plowed her aching asshole.

She stared into the eyes of her reflection while Thomas pounded into her tiny ass with every muscle in his strong legs and waist. His hand was just tight enough around her neck that she became a little dizzy, but not tight enough to let her pass out. Every thrust of his cock pushed her face up the mirror, only for it to slide back down with a squeak when he pulled back again.

She lost track of time as the waves of pain crashed through her, but then she felt his legs stiffen. He pulled his cock free of her gripping ass, spun her around again, and pushed her to the floor. His massive, filthy cock pushed between her panting lips and deep into her throat. The taste of her own ass and the cheap pink soap they used as lube was familiar to her, as was the sudden spasm of his thick cock and the load of cum shot down her open throat. She sucked and swallowed as he pulled his now withering cock from her lips. He tucked his cock back into his pants and walked back into the main room of the cafe.

He popped his head back into the restroom and said, "Oh, one more thing. I've got a surprise for you this afternoon."

She remembered the last time he had a surprise for her. He had a friend visiting from another city and had offered to let him stay in her room. There wasn't any rest for her day or night that week. Every night that week had been spent getting her ass and mouth drilled by a man who spoke a language she couldn't understand and every day was spent working as a public urinal for all the male customers and staff at the cafe.

"With my luck, he'll be letting two men stay in my room for a month this time," she said to herself.

She spent her day kneeling next to the porcelain urinal, just like she spent every day since she'd been transferred. Men used the normal urinal just as often as they used her mouth. Even when they fucked her, it seemed more like they were shoving their cocks into an object, a flesh-light or a blow up doll, rather than fucking a woman. She had to admit though, she spent almost every waking moment wet and horny.

After the cafe had closed for the day, the manager walked into the restroom with two tall men she was sure she'd never seen before. She wondered if she'd been right about him lending her room, and her holes - and to two men this time.

"The good news is that you're being transferred back to the States tomorrow. The even better news is that we're going to give you a real send off tonight," Thomas said.

"I'm going home?" Taylor asked.

"Yes. We're getting two new urinals tomorrow and you're services won''t be needed here anymore," Thomas said.

He and the two other men were stripping off their clothes as he and Taylor talked over the news. They all had massive hard-ons that Taylor thought must be close to the width of her wrists and just a little shorter than her forearms. They were some of the biggest cocks she'd seen, even in all her time as a urinal in Kenya.

One of them laid back on the floor and pulled her over his veiny cock.Taylor started to lower her dripping cunt onto his cock, but he pressed her hips forward and drove it up her well fucked asshole. She gasped as her tender hole stretched to take it in.

Thomas moved around in front of her and pressed his cock to her lips. She sucked his cock in eagerly and began to work her tongue around the thick head while bobbing up and down on the cock in her ass. A moment later she felt the third man grab her hips and hold her still. The familiar feel of cheap pink soap being slathered on her ass made her wonder for a moment, but then she felt the second cock pressing against her already stretched asshole alongside the cock already fucking it.

"Wait, what are?" she tried to ask, but Thomas grabbed her head and shoved his cock back down her throat.

"There's no way two cocks are gonna fit in my ass," Taylor thought to herself.

The wave of pain that lanced through her body as the head of the second cock squeezed into her ass made it clear to her that both cocks were going to fit, no matter how much it hurt.

She began to drool around the cock in her mouth, her jaw went slack and her eyes rolled back into her head. The two massive cocks in her ass began to stroke slowly, gradually working up speed. Within a few minutes, both cocks - each as thick as one of her wrists - were pounding in and out of her asshole in unison, while Thomas continued slamming his rod down her open throat.

She came to her senses just in time to feel all three men stiffen their legs and thrust deep into her ass and throat. The massive cocks spasmed in her obscenely stretched asshole and she felt twin floods of heat empty deep in her bowels. The cock in her throat began to twitch shortly afterwards and pulled free just in time to drop a load of cum onto her tongue, which she swallowed without thought.

The two men pulled free of her ass and joined Thomas standing over her. She turned over, so she was laying on her back and stared up. They pointed their now half-hard cocks at her face, her mouth open and waiting. Within a moment, three thick streams of yellow piss were pouring into her mouth and splashing across her face. She swallowed every time her mouth was full until they had finished.

"You are one hell of a fine urinal, Taylor," Thomas said. "We're going to miss you here."

"They walked out and she heard the sound of the cafe door locking behind them. They would go back to their families, their homes, their beds, and she'd sleep in a converted restroom stall next to a toilet on a pet pillow. She still smiled, while she lay in the floor, cum leaking from her gaping ass beneath her, and piss pooled around her bald head.

"I'm going home tomorrow," she said to herself.

The next day, she was loaded into a large metal box, just like the one she'd been shipped to Kenya in, with a small chemical toilet, bottles of water, and a bowl of the food that looked like dry dog food. It took about a week for her to be flown across back to the United States, loaded on a train, then into a large truck, then into a smaller truck. At last she felt her box being carried from the truck into a building that smelled of coffee and baked goods.

When the door to the box was opened, she saw Coulter standing in front of her. He had his pants around his ankles, behind him Jessica's blonde hair peeked out. It took Taylor a moment to realize that her old roommate was eating out Coulter's asshole. She shrugged, smiled and crawled to her old manager on all fours. She wrapped her mouth around his rigid cock and sucked hard while moaning deeply.

"Well, someone is glad to be home," Coulter said.

"Yes! Yes, I am! I'm glad to see a familiar cock, I mean face, again," Taylor said, "Though I'm not sure where I'll live now."

"Don't worry, your paycheck has been covering the rent at your old apartment. You can move back in. Of course, I've moved in, so I can use Jessica whenever I feel like it. So, you'll have to make yourself available to me after work hours too, if you want to move back."

Taylor thought it over for less than three seconds. "Yes. I'll let you use me anyway you want, whenever you want!"

"I thought having my own little slut to fuck anytime I want and not having to pay rent was the best, but something tells me having two sluts is going to be even better," he said.

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