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Taylor Is A Human Urinal - Part 2

Summary: Taylor has decided to try to strike a deal with Coulter, her boss, to get out of her contract if she gets her roommate, Jessica, to work at the coffee shop. However, can Coulter really be trusted? What's the big travel surprise that Taylor is in for at the end? Will her life ever be normal again?

Taylor never bothered to read the contracts she signed, but that has caught up with her. Thanks to signing a contract with a coffee shop, she's been serving as a urinal to cover for the broken one for over a month! She also finds out that every one of her orifices, crevices, and every inch of her flesh is open for use by the managers, staff, and customers of the coffee shop, as they see fit. She can't even get out of it by quitting, because the contract stipulates that she is still responsible for all "extraneous duties" if she quits, but without pay.

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Taylor lapped at her roommate's gaping asshole while Coulter plowed his cock into her own. The curvy blonde ground her thick ass back into Taylor's cute face while pinching and twirling her own hard, pink nipples.

"Yeah, you skanky ass piss-bitch! Lick Coulter's cum out of my asshole! Clean it all up," Jessica said and then reached back to shove Taylor's face so hard into her ass that Taylor could barely breath.

She wondered how she had ended up in an even worse situation than before, even after convincing Jessica to get a job at the coffee shop as well and getting Coulter to promise to let her out of her contract if she could get Jessica for him to use and abuse. She knew it was because she'd trusted Coulter to hold up his end of the bargain. The only thing he ever held up was his cock.

It had all started last Tuesday. Taylor had come home to find her rocky road ice cream completely gone and had decided then to make Jessica Coulter's new urinal.


Jessica was lounging on the couch, her soft, round ass curving gently into her tiny waist and leading to her large, yet somehow firm, breasts. Her long blond hair was draped over the lavender pillow and she was looking up at the ceiling with dull blue eyes. Jessica always looked like she was posing.

Taylor had been telling her all about how fun it would be to have her work at the coffee shop. She'd never told Jessica that she had served as a urinal there for the last month, it was too embarrassing, but that omission would make it even easier to convince her roommate to take a job there.

"You really think I can get in at the coffee shop?" Jessica asked.

"Totally! Coulter, the manager, he's totally all over you being there," Taylor said.

"Can you pick up an application for me tomorrow while you're at work?" Jessica asked.

"Sure! You are going to love working there!"


The next day she had brought it up with Coulter, after her first ass fuck of the day and before the morning rush of men who needed to use her as a public urinal. They were still in the mens room. She was on her knees, looking up at Coulter and he was idly stroking his half-hard cock in the direction of her face.

"Coulter, you know my roommate, Jessica?" she asked.

"The curvy blonde who comes in here every so often? Yeah, she's got a great pair of tits and an amazing ass," he said.

"Well, if... if I could convince her to apply for a job here, would you be willing to let me out of my contract?" she asked.

"Well, I can let you out of your contract anytime I see fit. She's a much hotter piece of ass than you, but I don't know how well she'd work as a urinal," he said while stroking his chin with one hand and his cock with the other.

"Well, I could get her to apply. She never reads contracts, so you could have her do whatever," Taylor said.

She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, resisted the urge to pull away at the taste of her own ass which still clung to it, and instead began slowly sucking and flicking her tongue across the sensitive spot just under his cock's head.

"You make a compelling case," he said.

Coulter grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head and began to fuck her face up and down his rigid cock. Taylor had gagged the first few times anyone had throat fucked her in the bathroom, and Coulter was one of the roughest, but she'd done it so many times by then, that she knew exactly how to relax her throat. She let him bang down into her throat with the force of his hips and his hands guiding her head back and forth. She was a rag-doll, a fuck-doll, until he pulled his cock free and came into her open mouth.

"That's a good girl. Tell you what, you get her to fill out an application and, if I hire her, I'll get you out of your contract," he had said.

Taylor had believed him, she'd always trusted people more than she should. That was precisely the same reason she'd signed the contract without reading it first and how she'd fallen into this whole mess to begin with.


The next day, she brought Jessica in with her to the coffee shop to fill out an application. Coulter interviewed her, hired her, and had her signing a standard contract before she'd been there for thirty minutes. Taylor's heart sank and skipped a beat at the same time. She'd given up her roommate to a horrible situation in order to escape it herself, but Jessica did have a tendency to eat all of her food all the time, so maybe she deserved it - just a little.

After Coulter faxed the contract to the main office, he pointed out to Jessica all details he'd waited a month to point out to Taylor. He had wanted to use and abuse the vivacious blonde's body for months and was wasting no time.

"I- I have to what? You can do what to me?" Jessica asked, her eyes wide with shock.

"You're entire body is at the disposal of the company, your manager, the customers, and anyone else I decide," Coulter said.

He grabbed Jessica by the wrist and dragged her of to his office in the back. Taylor heard moans, whimpers, and squeals pour out from the thin wall between the office and the shop for at least an hour before Coulter and Jessica came back out.

"Your ass is every bit as sweet as I thought it would be, Jessica," Coulter said and then gave it a slap that echoed off the walls.

"Tha- thank you, Sir. I'm glad it's to your liking," Jessica said.

"You learn quick too! Very nice," he said, and gave her thick ass another slap.

"Thank you, Sir," she said, and looked down at the floor.

"Taylor, come with me," Coulter said.

He grabbed Taylor by one of her pigtails and pulled her to the mens room, then shoved her down onto the floor on her knees against the wall and facing him. He unzipped his dark blue pants and pulled out his cock. Taylor could see the gleam of lube, sweat, and Jessica's ass still fresh on it - and the smell also made it clear he hadn't washed it off yet.

He shoved his half-hard cock against her pouty lips and she opened almost instinctively to take it in. She began to suck gently and soon felt the rush of his piss flowing into her mouth and down her throat. She figured he wanted one last use of her before he let her out of her contract, so she just went with it. When the piss stopped, she kept sucking, while he thrust the length of his hardening cock down her throat. she knew he loved having his cock cleaned by her mouth after fucking her ass. She realized, a little late, that she now knew exactly what Jessica's ass tasted like, at least what it tasted like on Coulter's cock.

"You're such a perfect little urinal," he said.

He pulled his cock from between her sucking lips and then shot a load of hot cum directly into her slightly open mouth. When she was sure he'd finished, she swallowed and then licked the tip to clean off the rest.

"So, when will you sign the papers to let me out of my contract?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm not doing that," Coulter said.

"What? But you promised!"

"Funny thing about that, there's no record I ever said any such thing. So, now I get to fuck you and your hot little blonde roommate as much as I like. And that's going to be a lot," he said and then winked down at her before tucking his cock back into his pants.

Taylor started to stand up. "This isn't fair! You-"

"Get back on the floor," he said.

Taylor knelt back down right into the space next to the porcelain urinal, which she had begun to think of as her spot.

"Good. You're on urinal duty until further notice. If you're lucky, maybe I'll have Jessica fill in for you a few times next week," he said as he pushed through the bathroom door and left Taylor with her thoughts.


In the week and a half after that, Coulter had scheduled both her and Jessica for twelve hour shifts at the cafe every day. He'd bring Jessica back to his office as soon as she clocked in and fuck her ass, then again just before she left. She was often stuck under the counter, sucking his cock while he served up drinks to the customers. Jessica seemed completely dominated by Coulter and Taylor was sure she'd seen her playing with her wet little cunt more than a few times while sucking him off.

Just when it seemed like he'd started to get bored, he'd spent the day dragging Jessica into the mens room and ass-fucking her in front of Taylor. He'd look into Taylor's eyes while shoving Jessica's face into the hard tiles and pounding into her abused asshole. Then he'd pull free and cum across Taylor's face and tits. The last time though, he'd tossed Jessica to the floor and then dragged Taylor's face over to her roommate's ass and shoved her face deep between her thick ass cheeks.

"Eat her ass out while I pound yours, you piss-bitch," Coulter said.

He'd shoved his veiny cock up her ass with the smallest amount of soap for lube and began pounding as fast and hard as he could without waiting for her to adjust. She was a little glad he'd been so rough with her asshole so many times before.

"Get that tongue up there, Piss-Bitch!" Jessica said.

Taylor stuck her tongue as far up the curvaceous blonde's asshole as she could manage and wriggled it as fast as she could. A moment later she heard Jessica begin to moan, as her legs wrapped back to drive Taylor's face even deeper. Then she felt Coulter's legs stiffen and the hot flood of his cum deep in her bowels.

When he'd pulled out and Jessica finally let Taylor pull her face free from her ass, Taylor lay on the floor panting for breath.

"Girls, I have some great news," Coulter said. He grabbed Jessica by her thick blonde hair and pulled her face down to his filthy cock. She began to suck on the rod that had just been in Taylor's ass with only the slightest of sneers. "Good girl. Now, where was I? Oh yes! News! We've got a new girl being transferred in tomorrow. Jessica, you're being put on urinal duty until further notice."

"What?" Jessica asked, but Coulter shoved her face back down on his cock. Her eyes grew wide for a moment, then she began to swallow with a certain desperation that Taylor knew well.

"Getting your first taste of piss, huh?" Taylor thought to herself. "Who's a piss-bitch now?"

"As for you, Taylor, I've got some even bigger news. We're opening a store in Africa and you're being transferred," Coulter said. He pulled Jessica's mouth free of his cock and draped her over his lap, where he idly pushed his fingers into her ass and cunt as he continued to talk.

"Africa? Transfer? Am I getting a promotion?" Taylor asked.

"Not exactly. You see, they're interested in trying out 'American style urinals' over there, so you'll be doing the same job there that you do here." he said.

"I'll... I'll still be a urinal? But... but..."

"I'm sure they'll use that hot little ass of yours too, don't worry about that," he said.

"Is there at least a raise?" she asked. She was sure she couldn't say no to the transfer, she remembered something about placement being up to the company.

"Not exactly. More like a pay cut, but you'll be taken care of. Living quarters and meals will be provided," he said.

'I'll have to... get packed and-"

"Don't worry about it. You'll be shipped this afternoon. In fact they should be here right about now."

He pulled his fingers free of Jessica's ass and cunt and stood up, dropping her to the floor. She crawled to where Taylor had been kneeling for the last couple of months and waited for the next man who would use her.

Taylor followed Coulter out into the main room of the cafe. A couple of men in pale blue coveralls stood waiting.

"Is this the urinal? She ready to ship out?" the taller one asked.

"Sure is! Just had to use her one last time, you know," Coulter said.

They lead her outside and loaded her into a small metal crate in the back of a truck. Inside, there was a bowl of something that looked like dog food, several bottles of water, a large round pillow about the size of her body, and a tiny chemical toilet.

"You'll be comfortable in there until you get to Africa. All the comforts of home," the shorter one said before locking the crate closed and then slamming the back door of the truck shut.

As she felt the engine roar and the truck lurch forward, she wondered if she'd ever have a normal life again. She also vowed to read contracts and get proof of deals from then on.


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