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Lauren And The Invisible Man

Summary: Lauren gets a phone call from an unknown number telling her to wear her shortest skirt, her tightest and most revealing shirt, and to come to the laundry room in her apartment complex. At first she decides not to go, but talks herself into it while trying to talk herself out of it. Once in the laundry room, he gives her demands from some unseen location, blindfolds her, fucks her hot, wet, pussy with his massive cock and then her tight little ass. He leaves without letting her see him, but is there more in store for her?

Lauren looked at the clock next to her bed and wondered how it could be right. She ran her slender fingers through her light-brown hair and closed her soft-brown eyes again. Her small nose wrinkled and her sculpted eyebrows pushed together while she thought.

"12:30? But it's sunny ou- Shit! 12:30 in the after-fucking-noon!"

She leaped out of bed, nearly fell over, grabbed her dresser for stability, nearly knocked that over, and stumbled into the bathroom.

She stared into the mirror and considered her bed-head with a none too critical eye. Her hair stuck out in all directions, but since she kept her it short it worked just as well as spending hours priming it. She pushed a few locks here and there, then shrugged and brushed her teeth.

"You're hot and you know it," she said with a wink to the mirror.

The trilling ring of her cell phone dragged her away from her reflection and back to her bedroom. She tossed the covers, pillows, and random debris on the bed around until she found her little pink phone.

"This is Lauren. Speak and be heard," she said.

"Come down to the laundry room. Wear the shortest skirt you have. No underwear. No bra. Make sure you wear a shirt that your perky little tits are visible through. I want to see your nipples trying to pierce the cloth."

"What? Who is this?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter who it is. You know you're excited. You want to do what you've been told. It's part of who and what you are, an insatiable slut who craves to be used. Now, get dressed as instructed and come to me, come get what that little gash between your legs is telling you you want."

His voice was a deep baritone and she couldn't help but notice the growing heat between her legs, but she wasn't about to cave in.

"Look here, buddy, I don't know who you think you are or who you think you're calling, but I'm not about to just do what some random guy on the phone tells me to do," she said.

"You really think you can resist?" he asked.

"Think? I know I can resist. I don't know what makes you think you're so irresistible, but I have a busy day ahead of me. I don't have time for this shit," she said, but her fingers slid down to her wet pink panties.

"If that's how you really feel, then stay in your apartment, go about your normal day. I'll be here, in the laundry room, for another fifteen minutes. After that, you'll have missed your chance," he said and hung up.

"Psht! Like I'm going to go down to the laundry room and get fucked by some completely random guy. Some guy who might be someone I know or a complete stranger, or someone I've had a crush on, or anyone at all. He's probably down there in s black ski mask, just waiting for me to show up in my tight little skirt. My hot little ass just waiting for him to flip the fabric up, my tits just visible through my shirt. Like I'm going to have any part of that!" she said to herself

She let the fingers of one hand idly flick and play along the lines of her now soaking wet cunt. The other made gentle circles around her sensitive and hardening nipples. She bit her lip, looked towards her closet door, and wondered exactly which of her skirts was the tightest.

"Maybe just a peek. I'll just pick the tightest one I can find and I have plenty of see-through shirts to choose from," she thought.

She stripped off her panties, threw them onto the pile of clothes on the floor and padded over to her closet. Near the back, she found the skirt she'd worn as part of her 'slutty schoolgirl' costume last Halloween. She hadn't sat down or bent over the entire night, because the skirt barely covered her ass when she was standing. Next to it was a worn out white t-shirt that had been cut in half to make it a mid-riff shirt.

"These'll work," she said and dressed as quickly as she could. She didn't want to miss the fifteen minute deadline.

She stepped out of her apartment and walked barefoot down the concrete steps to the laundry room on the bottom level.

She stepped a few feet into the apparently empty room and said, "Hello, is there anyone in here?"

Behind her she heard the door slam shut and the distinct click of a lock snapping into place. She spun around, but saw no one at the door. Lauren waled over to the aluminum door, and jiggled the handle back and forth, but it wouldn't budge.

"Alright, really funny! You got me, now let me out," she said and gave the door a few thumps with her fist. She was sure someone had stepped out and locked her in.

"You're not in here alone. We're locked in together," his voice said from behind her again.

She spun to look, but again was greeted with only the sight of an empty laundry room.

"Okay, where are you? You hiding in one of the machines?" she asked.

She flipped open the lids of a few washers and peered into a couple of dryers. She sighed after the last one and wondered if there was some secret room in one of the walls.

"You won't be able to find me that way," he said.

"No, it doesn't look like I will. Are you getting a good show? You like watching me bend over to look in the dryers?" she asked.

"Watching you struggle with trying to figure out where I am, while I'm close enough to smell the scent of your arousal is most enjoyable," he said.

"Oh, well good for you. What do I get out of all this?" she asked.

"Will you do what you're told? If you will, then I can reward you," he said.

"Maybe, if it's something I want to do anyway, that is. What do you have in mind, Mr. Voice?" she asked.

"Mr. Voice, I like that. I think you should call me that from now on."

"You got it, Mr. Voice," she said.

"Will you do what I tell you? Anything I tell you?" he asked.

"I'll do whatever you say, Mr. Voice," she said, breathing heavy into every word, like the girls in the porn videos she spent most of her time online watching.

"Good. Now that we understand each other, you can start by bending over that dryer," he said.

Lauren looked around one last time to see if she could spot her mystery man, but didn't see as much as a shadow on the floor. She turned around slowly and bent over the still warm dryer. The cool air of the laundry room brought goosebumps to her exposed ass and cunt.

"Are you getting a good show, Mr. Voice," she asked.

"You are always lovely, but especially so when you are obedient," he said.

She thought it sounded like his voice was getting closer, but she heard no footsteps, no brush of clothes against each other. If he was moving around the room, he was supremely agile.

"Anything else you want?" she asked.

"Reach both hands between your legs and spread your pretty little cunt wide open,"

Lauren reached down, her arms pressing her pert tits together, and began spreading the folds of her now freely dripping cunt wide for the man who's face she hadn't even seen. She wondered for a moment what, if anything he'd do to her, since so far he seemed happy just watching.

"Very good. You're a very obedient little slut, Lauren. Do you think an obedient little slut should get a nice big reward?" he asked.

Lauren thought she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck, the tickling of his leg hair on the back of her thighs. It was as if he had pressed as near to touching her as he could, without yet letting an inch of his flesh meet hers. She started to look back, but stopped after the slightest twitch of turning around.

"It's only natural to want to look. Let me take away that temptation."

Her world went dark and it took her a moment to realize that a silk blindfold had been tied in place. She hesitated, uncertain of what she wanted to happen next, but then the growing heat between her legs demanded that she cooperate.

"I- yes, I think an obedient slut like me deserves a big reward, Mr. Voice. Will you give me a big reward?" she asked.

"Beg me."

"Please, Mr. Voice. Please give me a great big reward for being an obedient little slut. Please, sir, please give this obedient little slut a nice big fat reward."

She felt something press against her tightly spread cunt. It had to be as wide as one of her fists and at first she thought it was one on his, but her grasping fingers made it clear that a massive cock was standing strong at the entrance to her ever sweating pussy.

She felt one of his hands grab both of her tiny wrists with iron like strength. With her hands pulled aside, he lunged forward with his massive cock into her aching cunt, pounding up into her so hard she felt the dryer tip up only to be caught by the wall.

"Fucking hell, that thing is huge. Ah, Mr. Voice, please sir, please slow down. I can't take something like that so fast."

His answer was to swing his hips back, pulling his cock nearly free of her grasping, stretched, aching cunt, and then slamming back into her body with more force than anyone had ever fucked her before. He seemed to be trying to break her in half with every thrust, but within the pain, Lauren felt something growing, something familiar and yet unlike what she'd known before.

He grabbed hold of her short hair and began pulling her back by it with every thrust up into her screaming pussy.

"Mr.- Mr Voice- Oh, fuck! Oh God! Fucking hell! YES!" Her shouts drowned out the clanging of the dryer as she bore back against his cock and an orgasm that seemed to tear through not only her body, but also her mind, and someplace far deeper, took over every sense she had and left her in a deeper darkness than the blindfold had or could.

He pulled his massive cock free of her with a swift and unceremonious motion. She felt the huge rod lodge between her supple ass cheeks and stoke up and down slowly while she panted against the cooling metal of the dryer. It must have been nearly as long and thick as one of her forearms, if not thicker.

"That was a really big reward, Mr. Voice. Can I keep it?" she asked.

"Do you still want it?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah! I want it forever and always," she said.

"Let's see if you can really handle it first," Mr. Voice said.

She felt the massive rod of his cock slide down her ass crack and then the fat head press against her tiny asshole.

"I can't take that in ther-"

He shoved forward with every bit of strength he'd used to pound into her pussy and the entire length of his massive member shot up her tiny asshole, stretching it beyond anything she'd imagined it could stretch. She tried to let out a scream, but only a soft whimper escaped her lips. The massive cock drove in and out of her gripping ass with and ever quickening pace.

With every thrust in she felt the air escape her lungs, but only with the lightest croaking whisper. As he pulled the gigantic pole back, she felt as if her entire torso were turning inside out. The cool tiles of the laundry room floor pressed against her perky tits and her hard nipples flicked back and forth across the grouted space between, sending waves of intense pleasure through her to meet with the waves of pain from the brutal cock pounding her ass.

Her mouth hung open in an expression of shocked awe, only changing as she mouthed parts of unspoken words. Drool fell from her open lips and pooled on the floor beneath her head where it cooled against her slightly sliding cheek and soaked into her hair and the blindfold.

As she adjusted to the massive member pounding her tight ass harder than it had pounded her dripping pussy, she became aware of his something slapping against her cunt with every thrust. It took her a while to realize it was his enormous balls smacking against her bare and steamy cunt.

The agony coursing through her body mixed with a growing heat in her loins and just as she felt his strong thighs stiffen, his cock plunge deep into her ass, and the twitching of his massive pole deep within her bowels, she screamed out as an orgasm tore through her body and met the waves of pain his cock sent through her body with every twitch of his own orgasm emptying his hot cum deep within her.

She felt his amazingly long rod pull slowly free from her gripping ass. Then felt him step away from her shaking body, heard the solid click of the door unlocking, the brush of the aluminum door opening and the slam of it closing tight again.

"Mr. Voice? Did you leave? Oh god! Who were you. Fuck!" she said to the empty room.

She lifted the blindfold from her eyes, pressed up from the floor, and looked around the laundry room one last time. She'd hoped he'd left some note, a clue to who he was, but Mr. Voice and his amazingly huge cock had left without so much as a kiss goodbye.

She adjusted her skirt as well as she could, but there was little to cover his cum leaking from her gaping ass and her own juices flowing down her shapely legs. The thin fabric of her shirt had torn on the rough tiles of the floor, exposing her pink nipples to the cool air, so she turned it around and wore it backwards.

She padded up the concrete steps to her apartment, leaving dark little spots where she dripped on her way up. She wondered what her neighbors would mark it up to. Groceries? Kids with water guns? It didn't really matter.

She swung open the unlocked door to her apartment and stepped inside. Her body tired and sore from the intense fucking she'd just received, she stumbled to the couch and fell onto it face first. The throbbing of her tender asshole and the sweet ache of her cunt drew her into daydreams of finding Mr. Voice and fucking him again, or rather having him fuck her.

"You've been a good little slut," she said to herself.

"Yes, Lauren, you are a good little slut," she heard his voice say.

Another blindfold was thrown over her eyes before she could open them all the way. The darkness, the scent of sex, and the thrill of this man and his massive cock invading her home kept her from removing the blindfold.

"You broke into my apartment?" she asked.

"I didn't break in, the door was unlocked. I can leave if you like. If you tell me to go, you'll never hear from me again. Is that what you want?" he asked.

"I- no. No, I don't want that. I want you to stay," she said.

"Why do you want me to stay?" he asked.

"I- I want you to keep fucking me. I- I want that huge cock of yours to use me over and over. I want you... I want to be your good little slut. Please, let me be your good little slut?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Oh, yes! I want to be yours! Your little slut!" she said.

She reached out to touch him. Her hand wrapped around something long and hard. At first she thought it was his arm, but it was soon clear it was his massive cock. She began to stroke it slowly up and down, then cupped his huge balls in the other and began massaging them gently.

"You want to be my good little slut? Prove it. My cock is filthy from fucking your dirty little holes. How do you think you should clean it?" he asked.

"I should- I should-" she hesitated. She knew what he wanted her to say, but she'd never thought she could do it. "I should suck and lick it clean."

"It seems you know what you should do. Will you?" he asked.

She answered by darting forward and taking the head into her mouth. It was like wrapping her lips around an apple, but she managed to take it deep into her throat. Every inch was covered in the salty taste of her cunt and bitter musk of her ass. She choked for a second, but pressed the pole deeper still into her throat.

He took hold of her slender wrists and pulled her hands behind her back. Leaving her only her mouth to manipulate and clean his veiny cock.

She pulled free of his rod and darted down to his balls, licking and sucking her way back up the rod to the tip again, being sure to clean every inch.

When she was sure she'd cleaned all of her juices from his meat, she began to kiss and lick the thick head. A moment later she felt his cock spring up sand down as he shot loads of hot wet heat into her face, hair, and on her gently arched back. She licked the thick cum from her lips and let out a deep moan.

"Thank you, Mr. Voice," she said.

"You're welcome, my good little slut. I have left my number on your phone. You can text me anytime and I will come to fuck your slutty little brains out, but you must be wearing the blindfold before I arrive and your door must be unlocked. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Voice, I understand. I'll always wear the blindfold when I ask you to come over," she said obediently.

"Very good. I'm going to leave now. You may take off your blindfold five minutes after you hear the door close."

She felt him stand up from the couch, heard no footsteps, but heard her door creak open and clam shut again. She kept the blindfold on for at least an hour after he'd gone, her fingers and mind finding myriad ways to tease more orgasms from her body, until she fell asleep.

When she woke the next day, she looked at her phone, saw the number for Mr. Voice listed at the top of her contacts, and smiled.

"I'm so texting you after work."

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