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Taylor Is A Human Urinal

Summary: Taylor never bothered to read the contracts she signed, but that has caught up with her. Thanks to signing a contract with a coffee shop, she's been serving as a urinal to cover for the broken one for over a month! She also finds out that every one of her orifices, crevices, and every inch of her flesh is open for use by the managers, staff, and customers of the coffee shop, as they see fit. She can't even get out of it by quitting, because the contract stipulates that she is still responsible for all "extraneous duties" if she quits, but without pay. Her boss, Coulter, is ready to finally fuck her ass, but she's never been fucked there before. Will she be able to take it? Her contract says she better.

Taylor had long black hair, a svelte body with tiny, nearly non-existent breasts, a little upturned nose, and bright green eyes. She was absolutely cute and occasionally sexy. She had big plans for her life, but had managed to get tangled up with one of the new contracts at a coffee shop.

She'd been working at the coffee shop for about half a year. She'd thought about quitting, but realized her contract made that nearly impossible. Even if she quit her job as a barista, she'd still be required to provide "extraneous services" which covered a lot of areas, without pay!

The worst "extraneous service" so far had been the month she'd had to spend drinking piss out of cocks in the mens bathroom. Every size, shape, color, and stank of cock shoved into her mouth, where she had to suck just gently enough to swallow the piss without getting them too hard to piss, and since it was a coffee shop, every man in the place had to piss constantly.

"How long am I going to be on public urinal duty. I mean, aren't you going to get the urinal fixed? It's been over a month!" Taylor asked.

"Well, it's really only been a little over a month, but it's not all bad. Do you have any idea how much money we saved on the water bill last month? Having you drink the piss not only brought in more customers, but it slashed out water bill to lower than it's ever been!" Coulter said.

"Will I get a bonus?" she asked.

"Of course not. Serving as a public urinal when the porcelain one is broken is part of your contract," he said.

"But you could get it fixed and-"

"Ah, you see, it doesn't say I have to get it fixed in the contract," he said and waved a copy of the contract at her.

She snatched the copy of the contract out of his hand and read it over. He was right, of course he was right, he didn't have to fix the urinal and she had to continue working as a public urinal until he decided to repair it, if he ever decided to repair it.

"The last guy who used my mouth got hard and started fucking my throat."

"Did he cum?" he asked.

"Well, I didn't know what to do, so I just kind of went with it. He came so much, I think he came more than he pissed!" she said and frowned at the thought.

"Good. A lot of men like to jack off into the urinal to blow off some stress. Make sure you keep yourself available for that."

"But... but... but-"

"Speaking of butt. Take a look at the bottom of page twelve," he said.

"She flipped to page twelve and ran her finger to the bottom of the page. There, written in the black and white she never bothered to read was written, "shall make any and all orifices, crevices, and other flesh available to management, staff, and customers of the establishment for any use, at any time, for any duration of time."

"So this means..."

"That your ass, cunt, mouth, and basically entire body are open to any use at my discretion."

"Oh... but-"

"Exactly, I think it's about time I fucked that hot little butt of yours."


"Your ass. I think it's about time I shoved my cock up your ass."

"I've never had anyone fuck me there before!"

"You'll get used to it. I'm going to be fucking your ass several times a day from now on," Coulter said.

"Every day?"

"Pretty much. I've scheduled you for shifts six days out of every week. Your contract says I can schedule you for all seven, but I figure it'll be nice for you to have a little rest every week," he said.

"Where do you want to go? Your office?"

"I think we can do this in the restroom. You'll have to get back to your duties as a public urinal afterwards anyway."

He reached down the back of her jeans, into her sheer panties, and slid his middle finger down the crack of her shapely ass. She felt the tip of his dry finger press against her tight asshole and push inside. Just the tip of his middle finger sent a burning sting out from her virgin asshole.

"That hurts," she said and then whimpered.

"Just wait until my cock is pounding in and out of this tight little hole of yours," he said.

He walked her over to the mens restroom, his finger firmly in her ass the entire time, and pushed her inside. The bathroom had one stall with a perfectly working toilet in it. Taylor wondered why Coulter just didn't have men piss there instead of into her mouth, but she figured it had to do with water costs. On the wall hung the broken urinal, covered in plastic, and with a neatly printed 'out of order, please use organic urinal' sign taped above it. She could see the space where she had knelt all day for the last month. Her knees made the floor a little shinier where they pressed into the tile for four to eight hours a day.

He unbuckled her belt, popped the button on her jeans, unzipped them, and pulled them down to the floor along with her dark blue panties. The restroom air was a lot chillier than the rest of the coffee shop. She felt goosebumps covered her legs and wasn't sure if it was from the cool air or the anticipation of her first time being fucked in the ass.

"Get down on the floor, with your tits and face down, your ass up, and your hands behind your back," he said.

Taylor did as she was told, though the arch of her back to put her tiny tits on the floor was extreme and painful. She reached her hands behind her back and waited.

She heard the sound of the zipper on his pants opening, the soap dispenser clicking, and then a wet pumping sound. A moment later, she felt him kneel down behind her, something wet land on her tiny asshole, and then something rigid, hot, and somehow silky press against her never before fucked back door.

"Got us both all lubed up, so it should go in," he said and began pressing his cock forward.

Taylor felt like a fist was being shoved up her tiny bottom. She wondered how he could ever hope to get anything that huge up her ass. A second later, a wave of pain shot through her body as he finally forced the head of his cock past her sphincter.

"Fucking hell!" Her voice echoed off the bathroom walls.

"Fucking awesome!" he said.

He started thrusting his cock in and out of her burning ass, a little further in with each stroke, a little faster each time. When she started to slip down to the floor, she felt his arms reach under her and pull her back up into position. After a few minutes, he stopped and seemed to be distracted.

"Fuck! Lunch! It's almost time for the lunch rush! I'll have to finish this up quick," he said.

She hoped that meant he'd pull out and be done fucking her ass, but her hopes would soon be demolished. He pulled his cock back quickly, almost completely free of her ass, and then drove it back in as hard and fast as he could. Taylor's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned as the pain ripped through her from her abused ass to every inch of her body and mind. He pounded away at her ass, an ass that had never so much as had a finger in it just a few minutes before, as if every stroke needed to be faster and harder than the last.

She felt her body slip forward along the cool tiles until she felt something dig into the small of her back. When she looked around, she could tell that she'd been pushed half-way under the stall door. the pain in her back was the stall partition wall. He was fucking away at her tender asshole while she was staring at the bottom of a toilet.

After what seemed liked and endless series of thrusts into her ravaged asshole, she felt his thighs tighten, then his cock pull free, and then the quickly cooling heat of cum landing on her back.

"I was right, that is one hell of a fucking fantastic asshole," he said.

"You're a fantastic asshole," she murmured while climbing out from under the stall partition and sitting up on her knees to face him.

"What was that? I didn't catch it," he said.

"I said, that you're fantastic at fucking my asshole," she lied.

"I know and from now on it'll only get better. Lots of practice."


"One more thing before I get out there to take care of lunch break," he said.

"What do you-" she started to ask, but was interrupted by his softening cock being shoved between her partly open lips.

She frowned around his cock. The mingling taste of soap, her own ass, and the remnants of his cum were thick on the half-hard rod in her mouth. She wondered if he was expecting a blowjob, but the sudden flood of hot piss made his intentions clear. She started sucking as fast as she could, swallowing every last drop of the acrid water, as she'd done for him and countless other men for the last month. When the stream finally subsided, he pushed his cock down her mouth until his balls slapped against her chin and then pulled his now clean member free from her pouty lips.

"Oh my god! You put it in my mouth after fucking my ass!"

"Absolutely. It's the best way to clean a cock," he said and then walked out of the restroom.

She wondered if there was any way she'd be able to get out of the contract, but no matter how many times she read it, it seemed iron clad. She'd even sucked off a lawyer to get him to look it over, but he'd said there was simply no way out. She often wondered if he'd already known that before getting a blowjob.

She crawled back to her place next to the broken urinal and knelt down to wait for the next customer that needed to piss. She wasn't sure, after reading that section about making her body available to managers, staff, and customers, what they were and weren't allowed to do to her. One customer had already fucked her throat and she'd been told that was expected. Could any customer fuck her poor ass? Her cunt? What else?

Coulter fucked her ass four more times before she went home. It seemed like he had a sixth sense and could tell just when the pain in her ass was starting to fade. She hoped he'd get tired of fucking her sooner than later. Maybe she could get her roommate, Jessica, to apply for a job. She saw the way he looked at her whenever she came in for coffee.

"He'd probably forget all about my ass if he had hers. He might even let me out of my contract. But could I do that to Jessica?" she wondered to herself.

When she went home that night and found her prized pint of rocky road fudge ice-cream completely empty, she made her decision.

"Hey, Jessica, remember how you said you were looking for a job? I think I can get you in at the coffee shop! It's the best place ever! Everyone is super-attentive!"


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