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Lindsay's Annual Anal Review

Summary: Lindsay's a hot, tiny waisted, bubble butted, young woman. She has been regularly ass-fucked by every one of her boyfriends, though she's not sure why they love fucking her ass so much. She's also always reviewed on her ability to take an anal fucking by her boss, Mr. Field, during every annual review. It's that time of year again and Lindsay will have to take a cock as thick as a twenty ounce bottle of pop up her ass to complete her corporate review. Will her poor little back door survive the assault yet another year? It's a world where women are subject to sexual prowess reviews as part of their annual reviews at every company. Women are also required to participate in sexual escapades as part of their regular job duties. The managers are allowed to decide which sexual assets to review each year.

Lindsay had a tiny waist, perky little tits, and a round bubble butt that sometimes seemed to be the only thing men saw when they looked at her. Her dark brown hair had light brown highlights and was only long enough to meet her slender shoulders.

Her boyfriend, Tom, was a little shy of six feet tall, had broad shoulders, a slender, but powerful frame, and blond hair just long enough to look like bed-head no matter what he did with it.

He'd suggested that they take showers together every morning, to save water, but since he spent the whole time with his cock up her ass, every time, she wondered how much water they were really saving. Her boyfriend almost never fucked her anywhere other than her asshole. In fact, almost every single one of her ex-boyfriends had insisted on fucking her ass almost daily.

So, like most mornings, Lindsay's somehow still tight asshole was stretched around her boyfriend's thick cock yet again. It had been almost every night and every morning since he'd moved in. She wondered if he'd ever get tired of fucking her ass.

"Do you think I'll always be getting my ass fucked by my boyfriends?" she asked.

"With an ass like this, you'll be getting ass fucked most of your life!" her boyfriend told her while cramming his cock in her ass.

"Really?" Lindsay asked.

"Ab-so-fu-cking-lute-ly," he said, thrusting as hard as he could with each syllable.

"I'm really good at sucking cock too though."

"I know. There's nothing better after fucking your hot little ass than pounding my cock down that throat of yours."

She wondered if reminding him of her cock sucking skills had been a good idea. Now, he'd probably want her to go ass to mouth, which, despite doing it almost every week for every boyfriend she'd ever had, she still hadn't managed to get completely used to doing.

She felt his pace quicken and she knew he'd be climaxing soon. He pulled free just before, spun her around, pressed her to her knees, and shoved his cock between her pouty lips. The taste of her own ass filled her mouth, but she sucked his cock down her throat and moaned like she enjoyed it.

A couple of seconds later, he grabbed hold of her wet locks, shoved his cock as deep down her throat as he could, and groaned as his twitching member shot loads of thick cum splashing against her tonsils. After he'd finished, he let go of her hair, but kept one hand on the top of her head.

"You should just keep sucking on it, gently, while I finish washing my hair," he said.

Lindsay kept sucking on her boyfriend's softening cock while he washed and conditioned his hair. The rivulets of water washing down his body found their way into her mouth where the taste of the soap mingled with the flavor of his cock and the fading taste of her own ass.

"That's my good little slut. You're fucking built for fucking! You know, there's something I've been wanting to try. Since you're already kneeling down there," he said.

He pulled his half-hard cock from her sucking mouth and aimed it towards her pouty lips. She loved being eye level with his cock. She wasn't sure why it made her hornier than anything else, but she knew it did.

"Open your mouth and keep it open."

She did as she was told and wondered if he was going to jack off into her open mouth. She didn't think he'd be ready again so soon after cumming. It was a little unusual for him to be ready again so soon, but it had happened a few times.

Before she knew what was happening, a jet of pale yellow water shot out from the end of his cock and landed in her open mouth, mingling with the water from the shower. It took her a moment, her mouth wide open and her eyes wide, to realize that he'd started pissing into her open mouth. She started to turn away, but he grabbed hold of the back of her neck with one hand. With the other he continued to aim his cock at her face, but stopped pissing.

"Keep your mouth open. I'm not done," he said and then let go of her neck.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could again and tilted her head back to look up at his semi-hard cock. He released the stream of acrid urine, filling her mouth completely and then overflowing passed her stretched red lips. His piss coursed down her body, hot across her nipples, down between her legs and finally across the bathtub floor to the drain. She knew it was only a few seconds, but it seemed to take hours for him to stop pissing into her open mouth.

"Now, swallow what's left in your mouth," he said.

She hesitated, but then closed her full red lips and swallowed the bitter water with one large gulp. After a series of sputtering coughs, as if she'd just had her first shot of liquor, she looked back up into her boyfriend's eyes. The joy she could see played out in his smile made it all worth it. She knew she'd done the right thing.

"Do- do you want to make that a regular thing we do?" she asked.

"I'm not sure yet. It was fun. The way your little nose wrinkled up when my piss hit your tongue was way too cute. I'll probably use you as a urinal every so often at the very least," he said.

"Oh, okay. If it'll make you happy," she said.

"Thanks, for being such a hot little slut. I'm all cleaned up. See you after work," he said as he stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and walked out of the bathroom.

"Why do I let him do whatever he wants with me," Lindsay asked herself.

She washed her body again until the scent of his piss was completely gone. Then washed and conditioned her own hair. Despite her sore ass and the mingling aftertaste of his cock and his piss in her mouth, which she couldn't seem to brush away, her morning was off to a good start. She wasn't late, at least, and her boss wouldn't take it out of her ass. Which, given the way the laws concerning the workplace had changed, he could do by fucking her ass.

"Well, I am made for fucking. And I guess, if I were a guy, I'd want to cram my cock up an ass like this," she said while running her hands over the tight denim of her jeans.

"I don't know about drinking his piss, but it seems to make him happy. It's not like I haven't done it before. My boss has had me serve as a urinal during more than a few meetings so he wouldn't have to stop just to go to the restroom."

Lindsay finished her breakfast and started her bike ride to work. It was a five mile trip each way and it kept her in shape. The extra time would give her a chance to calm down. She had been dreading Monday all weekend.

It was time for her annual review and Lindsay wasn't particularly looking forward to it. Every year, she spent two hours bent over his desk, with his massive cock crammed into her tiny asshole. She didn't really understand why annual reviews had been changed to include review of sexual prowess, but it had been a nation wide change. No matter where she went to work, she'd have a cock up her ass at least once a year.

Theoretically he could review her oral skills or even how well she could flex the kegel muscles in her cunt, but there wasn't much chance of that.

To make matters worse for her poor ass, her boss had a cock about as thick as a twenty ounce pop bottle, with almost none of the tapering, and about three inches in extra length. Last year, it took a little over three weeks before her asshole stopped aching.

"Maybe he'll be worn out from reviewing the other girls this year. Mine is one of the last reviews scheduled today," she thought to herself.

"Nice ass!" a random voice called out from a red car as it drove by.

She wondered what was so fantastic about her ass. It stuck out pretty far, but wasn't too wide, what a lot of people called a bubble-butt. Her waist always looked even smaller, since her ass added extra curves, but her waist was tight and trim anyway. She figured guys just liked that there was so much of it, but that it was still firm. One of her ex-boyfriends had loved bouncing quarters off her ass after they'd fucked.

She made a right into the parking lot of DynGlobe Electronics. After she dismounted, she locked her bike to the bike rack, making sure to run the chain through both tires. She'd come out to find a tire missing on more than one occasion, before she bought the extra-long chain to lock up her bike, tires and all.

Lindsay went to her kiosk and prepared for a long day of answering stupid questions from idiot customers. Throughout the day each of the women went up to Mr. Field's office and came back looking haggard, used, and sore. Each one had been tested for whatever Mr. Field decided was their specialty or sometimes an area they needed to work on.

Cathy had the biggest, thickest, silkiest lips in the entire store. She was a bit thicker than everyone else, but still had a solidly hourglass figure. When she came back from her review, the skin around her mouth was bright red, her lipstick smeared, her blue mascara running down her face, and one of her false eyelashes missing. Her jet-black hair had come loose from the tight bun she kept it in and had a few white globs clinging to it.

"Blow job?" Lindsay asked.

"Deep throating. Had me bent over his desk backwards the whole time. My back is killing me," Cathy said in a raspy voice and then staggered to the bathroom to fix her makeup and clothes.

Adelaide's review didn't take long and she was the least ragged looking, but she kept opening and closing her mouth, bought three packs of gum, and crammed most of one pack into her mouth while paying. She had close-cropped light-brown hair, a razor thin nose that was just a little too long, bright blue eyes, and tiny, yet perky, breasts.

"He said he wanted to make sure I've been working on my ability to serve as a urinal. He pissed so much, I thought I was going to choke, but I didn't. Not like last year! No, I swallowed every drop this time! There's no way I'll get a bad review this year," Adelaide said.

"Oh, that's good," Lindsay said. She figured it would be nice to have someone else who could serve as Mr. Field's urinal during meetings. She felt a little bad for hoping that he'd focus on Adelaide for that from then on, but she was tired of it.

The hours passed with women going up to his office looking clean and professional and coming back looking worn and used, with makeup smeared, hair destroyed, staggering, and covered in a sticky residue of sweat of cum.

"You're up, Lindsay," a tiny blonde rubbing her narrow ass said as she walked by.

Lindsay hadn't realized how much of the day had gone by, but it was already a little less than half an hour before her shift ended. She wondered if all the fucking would have Mr. Field too worn out to fuck her ass. No, she didn't wonder, she hoped.

She opened the door to Mr. Field's office and saw his massive body perched atop his otherwise empty desk. Behind him, the entire wall was covered with a mirror, reflecting her own blushing face and his perfect ass. He was nearly seven feet tall, his skin was smooth and solid, and his brown eyes always intensely focused. He ran his reviews completely nude, so he wouldn't have to keep taking off and putting on his clothes for each employee. She found herself staring at his massive cock, which, even though it was only partially hard, was easily bigger than her boyfriend's cock at its hardest.

"Come on in, Lindsay, I think we can get most of this done fairly quickly. You can leave your clothes on that table there," he said.

Lindsay walked into his office, closed the door behind her, and started taking off her clothes. He didn't bother to watch, seemingly fixed on the paperwork on his clipboard. When she'd taken off her light-blue panties, folded them, and added them to the stack on the small table near the door, she took her place on the seat in front of him.

"It looks like you've been a model employee this year. In fact, I'd say you've been a perfect employee for the last four years, the entire time you've worked with us," he said.

"I take my job seriously. Do my best to be on time."

"You certainly do," he said. "Well, I think we can mark you as exceptional in all the standard areas of the review."

"Thank you, Mr. Field," Lindsay said.

"All that's left is the Female Employee Sexual Standards portion of the review. Your ass still looks as fantastic this year as it did last year," he said.

Her face was at the same level as his massive cock, which had slowly been growing in length and girth as he spoke about the review, and twitched when he mentioned her ass. A sheen of saliva, the juice of her coworkers cunts, whatever lube he used when ass-fucking them, and his own cum coated the rod and balls of his cock. She licked her lips, aware that, despite knowing how much it would hurt, she wanted that massive prick inside her.

He leaned back to pull a bottle of lube from a desk drawer and his mostly hard cock flipped up and smacked her chin. She felt a bit of the pre-cum stick to her face and was transfixed by a glimmering thread of it leading back to his cock-head. She broke the strand with a finger and sucked on it while she watched him spread a thick layer of transparent lube onto the now hard and veiny cock just a few inches from her face.

She hadn't remembered wrong, his cock was about as thick as a twenty ounce pop bottle and a few inches longer - and he was about to ram it up her poor, little asshole.

"Why don't you go ahead and bend over the desk, Lindsay?" he said while hopping down and towering over her.

Lindsay stood up, her cheek brushing against his massive meat, and bent over his hardwood desk. She arched her back slightly and looked into the wall sized mirror on the other side. She could see Mr. Field standing behind her, stoking his enormous cock and aiming it at her tender asshole. She felt the head of his cock press up against her tiny hole and as he began to push she bit her lower lip and wondered if this was what it felt like to have a baseball bat shoved up her ass.

"Very good, Lindsay, not only are you fucking tight, but you also know how to make just the right expressions when a man is fucking your back door," Mr. Field said.

She felt the head finally push past her sphincter with a rapid pop of movement as her asshole gripped around the slightly less thick portion of his rod behind the head. Then, he began to work it in and out, a little at a time, and with every stroke a little more. Lindsay began to pant with the pain, her cheeks blushed bright red, and her lips opened into a silent oh. She could see he was still only about half-way up her ass.

"Very good, Lindsay. You get a lot of practice being ass fucked?" he asked.

"Ye- yes, sir, my boyfriend fucks my ass almost every day. Almost all my boyfriends have," she said between panting breaths and whimpers.

"I can see why. Now, brace yourself," he said.

He pulled his cock back several inches and then thrust forward with all his strength, driving the entire length of his massive cock up her ass all at once. Lindsay let out a long plaintive whine, bit down on her lower lip again, and watched as tears rolled down her face in the mirror .

"Good girl. Now we'll really try out this ass," he said.

Mr. Field began fucking her sore ass with long, hard, powerful strokes that moved the desk a little with each one. Lindsay felt the edge of the desk bite into her thighs, but the pain was nothing compared to the relentless waves traveling from her abused asshole, up her spine, and into the rest of her body. She laid her head sideways on the desk, went limp, and waited for him to finish.

After what felt like hours to Lindsay, she felt him pull his enormous cock from her overworked asshole and then she felt the wet heat of his cum falling on her ass, back, and neck. She lay across his desk panting for a moment, before looking into the mirror again. Behind her, Mr. Fields was making notes on his clipboard. She pushed herself off the desk and slumped down into the chair.

Mr. Field took his place atop the desk again, his cock still leaking cum just a few inches from Lindsay's face. Part of her wanted to reach out, grab hold, and suck it into her mouth, but she knew that would be outside of the review protocol.

"Exceptional across the board, Lindsay. I think you can look forward to a raise and possibly a promotion," he said

"A promotion?" Lindsay asked.

"Yes. With marks like these, you can look forward to getting a promotion as soon as my current Anal Assistant is repositioned. There's a two dollar per hour increase over your current position," he said.

"Oh. Good. Is, uh, is there anything else sir?" Lindsay asked.

"No, we're all set here. Could you send up Syndee for her review. I think I'll test her cock sucking skills," he said.

Lindsay used a small towel that was near the door to dry off most of the sweat and cum, then dressed as fast as she could. She made her way back to the sales floor, found Syndee, a small eighteen year old blonde, and told her that Mr. Field was ready for her.

"This is my first time being reviewed, is it hard?" Syndee asked.

"It will be," Lindsay said and then went to the restroom to clean up.

Lindsay's shift ended just a few minutes after she came back down from her review. The review hadn't been nearly as long as she thought, but the cock up her ass had been. She clocked out, walked out into the bright afternoon light, and unlocked her bike.

"I should have taken a cab today. Now, I get to ride my bike back home with my asshole on fire," she mumbled to herself.

The trip back to her apartment took a little longer than normal. She stopped several times to rest and walk the bike. About five men shouted that she had a great ass while driving by and one slapped it while she walked past. She thanked him, despite the shock of pain it sent up her spine from her sore asshole, just like her mother had taught her to do whenever a man was kind enough to slap her ass.

Lindsay flopped face first onto her light blue couch and coughed a couple of times at the dust it kicked up. She turned on her TV and flipped through channels until she came to one showing a chick flick she liked. As the characters chatted back and forth, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Hey, sweety, how'd work go?" her boyfriend asked while shaking her awake.

"Huh? Oh, um, pretty rough. It was annual review day," she said.

"In your case you mean anal review," he said and then laughed at his own joke.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Let me see. I want to see how hard he fucked your ass," Tom said.

"Okay. Fine."

She stood up, took off her jeans and panties, then climbed back onto the couch. She pulled her knees under her chest, so her ass was up and spread. He sat on the couch next to her and looked at her abused asshole.

"Ah hell yeah! He must have one massive dick. He fucked you good. It's still gaping," he said and then pressed a couple fingers into her gaping asshole.

"Yeah, he's huge and fucks hard," Lindsay said.

"You know, I bet... here, I'm gonna try something, so don't move," he said.

She heard him unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, and then she felt him climb up onto the couch behind her. His cock pressed against her open asshole and then slipped in, sending a thousand tiny pains up her body.

"Fucking holy shit! I can totally fuck your ass without lube. Nice!" he said and then began pounding into her ass.

Lindsay bit her lower lip and began to work her ass in small circles around his cock while he continued to thrust in and out. In a few minutes, she felt him tense up, his thighs tighten, and then his cock twitching inside her ass. He pulled his cock free from her ass and sat next to her on the couch again, running his hand in circles over her ass cheeks.

"Thanks, Sweety, that was amazing," he said and then gave her ass a tiny smack before changing the channel on the TV.

"You're welcome," she said and repositioned herself so she was sitting next to him.

He'd certainly fuck her ass again after dinner and then again in the shower in the morning. Lindsay looked back at her shapely ass and thought that maybe, just maybe, she was beginning to understand why men always wanted to fuck it.

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