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Honor Student Avena Gets Her Ass Fucked In Front Of The Class

Summary: Avena is an honor student, but not just any honor student, she's the President of the Honor Society of her college. However, she quickly learns that this won't save her from getting her tight asshole pounded in front of her entire first period class. The college has instituted some new measures to keep the faculty happy and healthy - measures which include allowing the faculty to fuck any students they choose, in any way they choose while running their classes. (Not directly a part of the Kinky College series, but in the same vein.)

Avena sat down in her usual seat, front and center, ready for her first period college class. Her shoulder length red hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her large, black plastic framed, glasses surrounded her sharp green eyes perfectly. She smoothed out her mid-length, black skirt and checked the buttons on her light blue blouse, to make sure none had come loose.

When she was sure about her clothing, she pulled out her textbook, notebook, pencil, pen, and video camera. She had started off with an audio recorder, but she decided that the camera was a better option, since it let her go over visuals drawn on the white board if she needed. She was a model student, at the top of her game, and eager to learn.

Mr. Cadwell marched into the classroom just a moment later. He was dressed in his usual khaki pants, light blue shirt, striped tie, and thick rectangular glasses. He was in his early fifties, but straight as a road sign and moved like an old panther. He might look like a nerd to the students in the back of the classroom, but Avena and the others who sat up front could see his wiry muscles flex under his shirt with every move he made. He stopped behind his podium, cleared his throat, and pointed at the notice that had been on the board for a week.

"On the days you are chosen, you'll get full credit for any in class assignments without having to participate in them. After all, it would be a bit much to expect you to fill in those little bubbles on a pop quiz with a cock in your bubble butt," Mr. Cadwell said at the beginning of class.

The entire class chuckled at the idea of a girl filling out the bubbles of a scantron sheet while bent over and being fucked in the ass by Mr. Cadwell.

Avena had heard that the college was instituting a new system of sexual perks for the faculty, which would leverage the existing assets of the student body. She figured the faculty would stick to the air headed, blonde, bimbo sluts who came to class in midriff shirts and would fail the classes anyway, unless they got a few good grades for taking some cock up their otherwise worthless asses.

"At least the sluts will get plenty of practice. If they're chosen often enough, they might even graduate and get a job in an office someplace, getting assfucked by their bosses every day," Avena thought to herself while clicking her pen open and closed repeatedly.

"Miss Johanne, if you could step to the front of the class and bend over the desk, please," Mr. Cadwell said while unzipping his pants.

Avena blinked and shook her head. She could have sworn he just called her name. She looked around, wondering who else had the same last name as her.

"Avena, today. I need to get this lecture started," he said.

"Me?" she asked.

"Yes, you. Now hurry up!"

Avena stood up, moved to the front of the classroom and slowly bent over the desk. She felt Mr. Cadwell walk up behind her and put one hand on her back. His other hand flipped her skirt up over her waist and then pulled her pink panties down to her knees.

She heard the cap of a bottle click as it flipped open and then felt a cold gel land her exposed asshole. A tiny gasp escaped her lips and she blushed as she made eye contact with the boy she'd been flirting with before class. She felt the large head of Mr. Cadwell's cock press against her tight asshole and then with a single, uncaring, thrust he drove it all the way in to the hilt.


"Quiet, Miss Johanne! I have a lecture to give," he said and then slapped her ass for emphasis.

"Yes sir," she said and bit her lower lip as he began to piston his rigid cock slowly in and out of her ass while he lectured the class.

Avena couldn't quite believe that she was bent over a desk and getting her ass fucked while the instructor simply droned on with the lesson as if nothing were happening. What was even worse was the fact that the one plowing into her tender young ass was the instructor! She wished he'd at least pay more attention to her while he had her impaled on his cock.

"I'm an honor student. Hell! I'm the president of the Honor Society! How can this possibly improve my grades? I'm already at the top of the class," Avena thought to herself.

"As you can see in the diagram here, the easiest way to solve this problem..." He continued on with his lecture. His even pacing and monotone voice gave no hint that he was ramming his cock deep into the tight ass of one of his students.

Avena could see all the girls and guys in the class staring straight at her instead of the power point presentation. She knew that the women were simply glad it was her and not them. The men, she'd caught most of them staring at her ass before, so she knew they were certainly imagining themselves pounding away at her ass.

The guy she'd been flirting with since the start of the semester had even pulled out his thick cock and was stroking it off under the desk. Avena watched intently as his hand slid up and down the length of it, the tip occasionally bouncing up against the underside of his desk.

After a few minutes, he threw his head back a little, his eyes narrowed, and several thick jets of cum shot out from the end of his cock. One shot landed on the black leather boots of the blonde sitting next to him.

"What was her name? Mindy? I wonder if she'll notice the stain on her boot later."

Avena wondered if it would be a good idea to learn more of her classmates' names.

She tried to cradle her face in her arms, so she wouldn't have to look out at everyone, but Mr. Cadwell grabbed her ponytail and pulled back, forcing her to look out into the classroom again.

"Eye contact with the class, Miss Johanne," he said before letting go of her ponytail and continuing with his lecture.

Avena kept her eyes fixed outward, but tried to avoid making direct eye contact with anyone in particular. She never imagined that Mr. Cadwell would choose her to get fucked in front of everyone. Why not the brunette with her huge tits resting on the desk in front of her? Why not the the Hispanic slut with the huge bubble butt that always sat in the back? Hell, why not any other girl in class?

Mr. Cadwell stopped his lecture, cleared his throat, and said, "Excuse me for a moment."

The next thing Avena knew, his powerful hands were wrapped around her tiny waist and he was pounding up her sore asshole faster and harder than anyone had ever fucked her pussy. The edge of the desk dug into her soft thighs with each stroke up her obscenely stretched asshole and she knew there would be bruises on her thighs the next day. Time ceased to have meaning as she lost herself in the pain roaring up from her abused ass. Her vision blurred and went dark.

When she returned to her senses, she found herself sprawled out on the floor behind Mr. Cadwell's desk, panting and covered in sweat.

"Can I go back to my seat now," she asked after she'd regained her senses.

"That'll be fine, Miss Johanne, but I may need to use your ass again before class is over."

Avena hadn't thought college would involve such hard ass-fucking, but she figured it must be necessary. After all, why would the college put a policy of required sexual servitude in place if it wasn't beneficial to the students? She reasoned that, despite the argument her aching asshole made, it must be good for her. She sat back down in her familiar seat and adjusted her clothes again.

"You've got something on your face," the guy she'd been flirting with said and then handed her a tissue from his backpack.


She wiped something thick and sticky from her face. The scent made it clear that Mr. Cadwell had pulled out of her ass and cum on her face, in front of the entire class - in front of a guy she'd been flirting with all semester!

"You really know how to take a cock up the ass," he whispered. "Would you like to get coffee sometime?"

"S- sure," she whispered back.

She didn't know how she felt about him wanting to go on a date with her, just because of how well she could take a dick in her ass, but at least it was a date. She pulled one of her business cards from her purse and handed it to him.

"Rock! I'm going to pound your ass so hard, you'll forget what Cadwell's cock felt like!" he whispered back.

"Great, now I'm the 'go to girl' for anal. Just what I wanted for my college career!" she thought while clicking her pen a few times to relieve stress.

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