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The Coffee Shop - Free Anal With Every Purchase

Summary: It's a world where businesses regularly sell the sexual services of their workers to make extra profit, but this particular coffee shop has decided to try an experiment. Will the coffee shop earn more by offering the hot little asses of its baristas with every purchase? Willow and Sunny take cocks up the ass while serving coffee and trying to pay the rent.

Willow had taken the job at the coffee shop just off campus to make ends meet and to keep her student loans as low as possible. She was a little over five feet tall, with a small waist, perky breasts, and a perfectly round ass. She kept her dark hair cut short, which accentuated her long neck and slender shoulders. She was twenty-five, but could easily pass for much younger.

A tall man in a blue track suit walked in from the street. His light-brown hair was about shoulder length and pulled back into a curly ponytail.

"I'll take a cup of the house blend," the man said.

"Is that everything?" she asked. She hoped he wouldn't notice the sign behind her.

"Is that sign for real?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, we're running a special promotion this week," she said.

"Really? Free?"

"With any other purchase, yes, you have the option to-"

"Hell yeah!" he said and slapped the money for the coffee down on the table. "Keep the change."

"So, you'd like the special offer as well, sir?" she asked and bit her lower lip.

"You can bet your ass I do. Can I get my coffee after, so it won't be cold?"

"Sure, I guess," Willow said.

She walked around to the end of the counter and into the main section of the shop. She bent over a padded table, flipped her skirt up, reached into the pocket of her apron, and pulled out a nearly empty bottle of lube. She pressed the side of the plastic bottle and squeezed what was left onto the fingertips of her left hand, then worked the lube onto and into her asshole. Before the week of having customers pound her ass, she'd only managed to get one finger a little bit into her tiny asshole, but now she could easily fit three.

The customer was behind her and pressing his cock into her well-fucked asshole almost before she had her fingers clear. He took a moment to work the head of his large cock in, but then plunged the entire length up her tender ass as fast as he could. His cock pistoned in and out of her asshole, the weight of his thrusts driving her thighs so deep into the padded table that she could already feel the bruises she'd have the next day.

The sharp scent of coffee embedded in the coffee shop walls and furniture after years of spilled drinks, cut a path into her mind and kept her solidly in the moment. Despite the pain of the cock pounding into her asshole, she couldn't help but think about the essay she still needed to write for her History class.

"Man, I can't believe the shop is offering your ass for free with every purchase this week," the customer ramming his thick cock into her over-fucked asshole said.

"Ooph! Me either," she said.

She knew that it was standard practice for companies to sell the sexual services of women working for them in order to increase profit margins, but usually the prices were high enough that only a few men a week or even a month availed themselves of the services. However, some bean counter decided to run an experiment to see if offering free anal with every coffee would increase profits more than just selling access to their assholes every once in a while. She had to admit, she'd sold more coffee that week than she had in any month before, but the toll on her tender asshole was intense. She'd had thirty customers over the course of her four hour shift just that day.

After a little less than five minutes, his thighs tightened and he drove his cock deep into her aching ass. She felt his dick spasm as he came deep inside of her well-fucked ass, then the familiar feel of a softening cock being pulled slowly free of her.

He stumbled back a few steps, then crashed into a nearby chair before steadying himself on a coffee table.

"Woo! That is one hell of an ass you've got!"

"Thanks," she said as she went back around the counter.

She washed her hands, grabbed a cup, filled it from the carafe, and pushed it towards his side of the bar.

"Here you go," she said, "one coffee."

"Thanks. I have to head to class, but I think I'll be back for another 'cup of coffee' later," he said while flashing air quotes.

"Great," she muttered as he disappeared through the door.

She'd had so many cocks up her ass that week, that it had actually started to feel strange not to have a cock up her ass. She felt a little emptier, a little less real, anytime there wasn't someone ramming his meat up her ass. The pain of being fucked up her back door was a little less than it had been the first day, but it still hurt every single time they stroked their cocks in or out, even so, the empty twitching of her asshole almost made her wish for the next cock to show up.

"Hey, Willow, shift going okay?"

Willow realized that she'd completely zoned out and blinked her soft brown eyes a few times before she recognized who was talking to her.

"Sunny! You're here!"

Sunny was a short girl with a boyish figure. She kept her brunette hair buzzed down to the very shortest fuzz, except for one long braid just behind her left ear.

"I'm here," Sunny said and flashed her a crooked smile.

"My shift's over! Oh god, you haven't had a shift yet this week, have you?"

"No? Wh-" she started to ask why, but Willow pointed a thumb to the sign behind her.

"Oh no," Sunny said.

"Oh yes. And my shift is over. There's lube under the counter. Have fun."


"Your butt now!"

"But I've never taken a cock in my ass before!" Sunny said.

A thin man walked into the coffee shop just as Willow handed Sunny the apron.

"I heard that this shop was giving free anal with every purchase this week," he said.

"We sure are! My shift is over, but Sunny here would be happy to help you."


He slapped down the two dollars for a cup of coffee, bent Sunny over the nearest table, pulled down her jeans and underwear.

"Got any lube?" he asked.

"In the apron pocket," Willow told him.

There wasn't much left in the bottle, so he tore the lid off and squeezed what he could directly onto Sunny's tiny asshole. He pulled a massive boner from his pants, it must have been at least as thick as Sunny's wrist and nearly as long as her forearm, and began pressing the head against her tiny, puckered ass.

"Fucking hell!" Sunny screamed when the head of his thick cock had finally pushed past the tightness of her asshole.

When he had the first couple of inches in her ass he stopped taking it slow and rammed the rest in. Sunny's blue eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out from the massive wave of pain that seemed to spread out from her abused asshole into every inch of her small body.

"Fucking hell yeah! She's got the tightest ass ever," he said.

He pounded into the tiny woman's back-door for the next few minutes. Her tiny feet lifted off the floor as each thrust of his long cock bottomed out full force in her tight ass. He grabbed hold of the one long braid, and rode her so hard she looked like a marionette in the wind. After about ten minutes, he pulled out and shot his thick, creamy load all over her bare ass cheeks. As he backed away, she slumped to the floor and lay there panting for a few minutes. He didn't wait for his coffee, but he did drop a couple of extra dollars into the tip jar.

"Have a nice day, sir," Willow called to him as he pushed open the door and walked back into the street.

Willow gave Sunny a few light slaps on the face and her eyes fluttered open.

"Fucking hell," Sunny mumbled.

"Well, that's one of the biggest cocks I've seen all week. So, the worst is over, right at the start of your shift," Willow told her.

"Do you think he'll be back?" Sunny asked.

"I'm sure of it," Willow said.

She handed Sunny a cup of coffee, helped her stand back up, and then took off for the night.


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