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Serena Gets Tattoos

2014-04-22 by Broken Arrow, tagged as a2m, anal, ass to mouth, dildo, ff, insert, massive insert, master, mf, oral, rough, serena, sm, submissive

Summary: Serena, that hot little brunette slut, has been with her beloved Master for two years. She has enjoyed serving his cock with her ass and mouth nearly every day, so he decides to reward his little Fuck Toy for her devotion.

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He was reclining in a deep red chair, his legs spread to either side of Serena's body as she knelt in front of him. She had her lips wrapped tightly around his cock and was gently stroking his balls.

"I've been fucking your little ass for about two years now, haven't I, Serena?"

Serena paused from sucking his cock and looked up into his eyes. "Yes Master, you've been allowing Fuck Toy to have your cock in her ass almost every day."

He took her chin in his right hand and held her gaze. "Do you like that I fuck your ass?"

"I like anything that you do to me. I am a fuck toy for you, Master, and I always will be. Even though it hurts my tight little asshole terribly when Master fucks me hard, I love it. I love the pain, because I know that you're using me and that I'm making your- Master's cock feel good," she said before returning her lips to his cock.

"You're a good little fuck toy, Serena. A good girl," he said and stroked her long brown hair as her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

She moaned her joy around his cock, sending vibrations all along his rod, down to his balls. Though he was tempted to let her have the reward she was working so hard to get, he resisted the urge to cum for the moment.

"I've been talking to a friend of mine and she's willing to put some special tattoos on you. Would you like me to tell you about them.

Serena slid her lips down the length of his shaft until her nose was buried at the root of his cock, the head buried deep in her throat and then moaned yes while nodding slightly.

He grabbed hold of her hair near the roots, yanked her head free from his cock, spun her around, and pulled her back onto his cock, piercing her ass with only her own spit to ease the way. She cried out and gasped for air for a moment before starting to grind up and down his rigid cock.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you for letting this worthless little fuck toy have your big cock up her worthless little ass," she said between moans.

"You're welcum, pet. Now, let me tell you about the ink you'll be getting. First, there will be two arrows right here, swooping around towards your back," he said as he stroked his fingers across the bottom of her abdomen and her sides, "and in the middle it will say 'turn over' and then right here," he said as he put his hands on the small of her back and pushed her forward, "it will say 'tell me you want to fuck my ass' and then right here," he said as he pressed a thumb just above her stretched out asshole, "it will say 'spit first'."

"Oh Master... I... I..."

"You don't like my idea, Fuck Toy?" he asked as he started to pull her off his cock.

She slammed back down and gripped her ass tightly around his rod then said, "Of course I like it! I love anything that Master wants to do to me. Please, please let this little fuck toy get the tattoos Master wants her to have!"

"First, tell me why you think each of the tattoos will exist. I want to make sure you know why, before I reward you with them," he said as he let her continue to work his cock with her ass.

"Let's see, the first one is because Master has decided that I should never have my cunt fucked."

"And why is that?" he asked.

"Because it would give me pleasure and I should only worry about giving Master pleasure. The only holes that should get fucked are my ass and mouth and only if I'm a good fuck toy and work really hard at deserving it," she said and started gyrating her hips in circles.

"Okay, what about the second one?" he asked.

"Master, I'm not sure. Master never needs to ask to fuck me. He should just use my holes whenever he likes. Please, please don't be mad, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out," she pleaded as she reached between her legs and began to caress his balls with her hands while still running her ass up and down his rod.

"It's okay. I knew you'd be confused. I want every man who ever sees you naked, or even just the small of your back, from this point on to know that your asshole is available to them. I want you to immediately let any man who asks to fuck your tight little slut asshole pound into you as soon as possible. I want you to know that you're still serving me, even if I get tired of you and get rid of you. Your body will always belong to me, as long as you have your ink and you let men use you."

"Will it please Master if I do that?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"Very much."

"I don't want Master to get tired of me, but I know that since I'm just a fuck toy, he might get bored with me. It makes your little fuck toy feel a little better though to know that she can still serve you, even if you won't let her have your cock anymore. Thank you, Master," she said and started pumping up and down his cock again.

"What about the last one?" he asked.

"It's because Master is kind. He doesn't have to spit on Fuck Toy's asshole if he wants to fuck her there. He can pound into her ass dry if he wants, since her ass belongs to him, but Master is kind and wants other men to treat her gently," she said.

"Very smart little fuck toy," he said.

He stood up with his cock still buried in her tiny ass, spun her towards the chair, and shoved her face down into the rough cushion. He pounded at her well used asshole for a few minutes before pulling out, grabbing her head by the hair and spinning her back towards him again. She wrapped her lips around his cock just as it began to spasm and sucked every last drop of his hot jism down her greedy throat. Then she worked her mouth and tongue up the length of it, cleaning the filth of her ass from her Master's beloved cock.

When she was done, she looked up into his eyes with love and devotion. "Thank you. Thank you for letting Fuck Toy have your cock inside her ass and mouth today. Master is too good. Too kind. Will Master allow Fuck Toy to get the tattoos now?"

"I think you've earned it. Go get dressed in something slutty. Something that shows off the bottoms of those cute little tits of yours and wraps tight around that hot little ass."

"Yes, Master, right away," she said and then crawled off to her room to dress.

When she returned, she was wearing a white midriff t-shirt that barely covered the nipples of her pert breasts - and would not if she lifted her arms - a pair of cut-off denim shorts that could be zipped up, but not buttoned at the top, a pair of thin suspenders to hold them up, and bright red heels.

"Is this pleasing?" she asked.

"It will do."

They walked down the street from her apartment - she worked a day job and payed for everything, always saying that it was worth it to serve her Master's cock - past several legitimate tattoo parlors and then to a more run down part of town. When they came to a grey building with curtains covering every window, he lead her up the steps and knocked on the door.

A thin blonde woman opened the door and looked them both over for a moment. She was wearing a bikini top and low slung short shorts. She seemed to be waiting for something.

"I brought my pet to get her tags," he said.

"Will she pay the price we talked about?" she asked.

"She'll do anything I tell her. Won't you, Fuck Toy?"

"I am Master's fuck toy. I'll do whatever he wants." Serena said.

"Fine. I'll take my payment first though. Come in," she said and stepped aside as they entered.

"You can sit there and she can strip and climb up on the table," she said waving lazily at a padded chair in a corner and a large stainless steel table with retraining straps attached to it.

He took his seat and smiled at her. She pulled off her clothes and set them at his feet then walked over to the table and laid down on it, shivering for a moment as the cold steel met her bare flesh.

The blonde came back out into the room after a few moments. She had removed her clothes and something large, black, and shiny bobbed in front of her hips. Serena took a moment to realize that it was a strap on, an extremely large strap on, about the length of her elbow to her wrist and about as thick as a can of Coke. She sat up and looked to her Master for reassurance. He winked to her and nodded.

"I've always wanted to fuck someone up the ass with this, but everyone's afraid of it. He tells me you're used to taking it up the ass. Think you can handle this?" she asked.

"I..." she looked towards her Master and then back to the monstrous dildo bobbing from the blonde's waist, "If Master wants me to take that up my ass, then I will, no matter what."

"You're right about her. She's devoted," the blonde said.

"Bend over the table for our friend, Fuck Toy," he told Serena.

She lowered her legs off the table, turned around, and draped her body and arms over the cool surface.

"Don't worry too much, Honey, I've added so much lube to this thing, it's slicker than a politician's handshake," the blonde said as she pressed the massive tip of the strap-on against Serena's tiny asshole.

The blonde rocked her hips side to side slowly, making the dildo twist back and forth just a little as she pressed forward. Slowly, surely, Serena's tiny sphincter stretched, until at last the tip of the giant dildo was firmly in her agonizingly stretched asshole. Serena's eyes had shut tight, tears were pooling beneath her cheeks on the table, shivers rocked her body, and a sheen of cold sweat covered every inch of her skin.

"That's a good Fuck Toy," she heard her Master's voice say.

"Now, brace yourself, Darling, I'm gonna start fucking you," the blonde said before lunging forward with the massive rod. It went three quarters of its length up Serena's ass on the first stroke and despite herself, Serena let out a soft wail.

"Oh, your pet makes some nice noises," the blonde said before jerking back with her hips and thrusting hard into Serena's battered back door again.

Serena lost track of time as the thin blonde woman worked the fake cock further and further into her tiny ass. Only her thoughts of how much this would please Master kept her from trying to run away. She gripped the edge of the stainless steel table and let the waves of pain crash through her body. Then she noticed something warm, rough, and soft pressing against her ass-cheeks - and that the thrusting had stopped for a moment.

"Well, I'll be, she took the whole damn thing all the way up that tiny shitter of hers," she heard the blonde woman say.

Serena craned her neck back and looked at her tiny ass stretched around the very end of the giant dildo, just barely visible between her and the blonde woman's hips. She couldn't believe that monstrous thing had disappeared into her aching asshole, but the pain told her it had.

"Well, I guess that's enough. I'll get this thing pulled back out of her and start on the ink," the blonde woman said as she started to back up.

"Actually, could you do the lower back ink and maybe the asshole that with that up her ass?" her Master asked.

"Well, yeah, I supposed that's doable. What do you think, Fuck Toy?" the blonde woman asked Serena and shook the dildo playfully in her ass, sending a wave of desperate pain up her spine.

"If... If Master wants it that way, then I want it," Serena said.

A few moments of Master helping the blonde woman prep the ink gun passed and then Serena felt the needle bite into her back. With the giant dildo twitching with every move the blonde woman made, the needle barely felt like a tickle. When she was done there, she moved to just above Serena's stretched out asshole. She placed a local numbing agent on it, but Serena felt the needle bite deep into her tender ass.

"Oh god. Master! Master! It hurts! Thank you Master! Thank you for making the blonde woman hurt your fuck toy!" Serena called out over and over.

They loosened the dildo from its straps long enough to turn Serena over and then drove the needle into her soft belly as well. When the last bit of ink was in place the blonde woman slowly pulled the massive fake cock from Serena's asshole. Her sphincter gripped tight to the rubber sides before letting go with a deep pop. Serena could feel her asshole winking open and closed, mostly closed anyway, as she lay panting on the stainless steal table.

"You're a good fuck toy, so Master will let you suck his cock when we get home. I think I'll also see what it's like to fuck your ass when it's this loose," he said as he pushed four fingers up her brutalized hole easily. She squirmed for a moment and then looked up into his eyes.

"Thank you, Master, should I get dressed now?" she asked.

He nodded, pulled his fingers from her ass, and let her go to her clothes.

While she got dressed, Master and the blonde woman discussed the various lotions and ointments that would have to be put on her ink every day until they healed. The blonde woman had said that usually tattoo artists would say that he shouldn't fuck her ass until the ink had set, but that really it'd just hurt her a lot more than usual, so Master should go ahead and fuck her if her liked. Serena smiled, knowing that Master would make use of her ass.

"Serena, I want you to watch this," he said to her before bending the blonde woman over the stainless steel table and pounding his hard cock into her ass. The thin blonde woman squealed and thanked him for fucking her ass so hard. She begged him to cum. Begged him to treat her like a piece of meat. He finished quickly and then called Serena over to him.

"You stay bent over that table until we leave," he said to the blonde woman and then, "and you clean it off and we'll go," to Serena.

Serena wrapped her lips around Master's softening cock and cleaned off every bit of the blonde woman's ass. While she worked on his cock he continued to idly push his fingers into the dripping asshole of the blonde woman. He offered his dripping fingers to Serena as they walked back out onto the street and she smiled as she pulled them into her mouth.

Serena was happy that she had a master who was so kind to her.

[To be continued?]

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