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My Little Sister Sadie

This is a story about how I started fucking my little sister not how we said good-bye for the summer. It all happened when I came back from school. I’d been away at college. It was the first time we had been apart for such a long time. She is my half sister and she is just as hot as her mom, my stepmother, who my dad snagged about 10 years ago.

Chapter 1 Homecoming

“Come on big brother, Mommy and Daddy are going to be out really late tonight and I want to play! I won’t see you after tomorrow and this is our last chance for you to fuck me!” said Sadie as she crawled up between my legs and rubbed my cock.

“I don’t know sis, I keep telling you that this is wrong. I mean really wrong and if Mom and Dad find out we are fucking each other Dad will kill me. Not only that but he’ll kick me out and stop paying for school!” I said to her and she kept rubbing my cock in my jeans. She was no dummy. We had been fucking for months and she was not one to take no for an answer and she knew exactly how to make me say yes to her.

“Oh come on big brother,” she said as she stood up in front of me. Sadie is only 8-years-old but she is the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen plenty. She is thin but not overly skinny like I’ve seen. She has long brown hair and she learned very early how to style her own hair so she was not always wearing it the same way. She has big brown eyes and a petite little nose and sexy lips.

She was dressed in a cute little white top that had one shoulder covered and the other side was a strappy thing that showed her bare shoulder and flawless skin. She was also wearing a pair of super skintight shorts that were very short. She turned and faced the television that I was no longer watching and she bent over in front of me and stuck her little bubble but up into the air and smiled at me.

“Come on big brother, I’ll let you fuck my ass again! I know you love sticking that big, hard cock in my ass. You know you do too!” She said as she put her hand on her ass and rubbed it up and down the crack of her ass it was an unbelievable sight. “Mmmmmmm come on, please? Don’t make me beg for it!”

I was doomed. I was about to fuck my sister for what had to have been the 50th time this summer. We were about to go back to school, she into the third grade and me back to college. I would be a sophomore.

But wait a minute; I am getting way ahead of myself. This is a story about how I started fucking my little sister not how we said good-bye for the summer. It all happened when I came back from school. I’d been away at college. It was the first time we had been apart for such a long time. She is my half sister and she is just as hot as her mom, my stepmother, who my dad snagged about 10 years ago. I had pretty much ignored my sis when I was away, she sent me some emails and I missed a few calls but I spoke to her at Christmas over the phone.

She was always a little bratty and she usually got anything she wanted from my dad and that pissed me off. We can’t afford me to fly home all of the time so I didn’t see her all year. When my step mom picked me up at the airport when I came home for the summer she was with her. I almost fell over when I saw her for the first time.

She had grown about 6 inches since I last saw her and she was dressed like a girl. Before I left for school, she always dressed in just shorts and tee shirts but now she looked like a girl and a hot one at that. She wore a pair of tight jeans with a snug fitting top that showed that she had no breasts to speak of; but her little girl nipples were pointy and bigger than I remembered. But it may have been that she never wore skintight clothes before and I just never noticed.

“Oh Joey!” She cried when she saw me and she ran towards me and jumped into my arms. She hugged me so tight I was not sure what to say. She kissed me on the neck and on the cheeks covering me in little girl kisses. “I missed you big brother! I missed you so much!”

“You have been all she could talk about this week. She was very excited you were coming home.” My mom said.

“I guess so!” I said as we started walking and she was still straddling me not wanting to let go. I carried her like that for a couple minutes but then our mom had her get down but she held my hand the entire way out of the airport and into the car where she begged me to sit in the back seat with her. I did and she hugged my arm all the way home gently stroking my arm and sighing occasionally.

On the drive home Mom told me that her little girl started growing up this year. She made friends with some of the fifth graders in her school and even though they tried to dissuade her from befriending the older girls she became best friends with one of them and they were inseparable all year long. They noticed her dressing more grown up and found her wearing make up at the mall a couple times and have had to take some of the clothes that her older friends have been giving her. They give her clothes as they grow out of them and some have been inappropriate for a girl her age.

When she said that I looked at Sadie and she just rolled her eyes and hugged me tighter. That first night home my dad came home and we had my favorite meal. Meatloaf! After 9 months of dorm food home cooking was what I wanted most. We ended up watching a movie in the family room and Sadie climbed up with me and I spooned her as we watched the film. She pushed cute little ass right next to my cock and she kept moving around until it got hard.

I kept moving away, but every time I did she moved closer again and I knew she could tell there was something going on back there. One time she pushed back and I groaned liking the pressure she was applying. She turned and looked at me and smiled. Then pushed back again. My baby sister was rubbing her ass on my hard cock and loving it! I was sure she knew exactly what she was doing.

After the movie we all went to our rooms and off to sleep and I jacked off thinking about my little sister and how sexy she was now even at such a young age.

I knew this was going to be an interesting summer vacation with my family.

Chapter 2

The next day was a weekday and Mom and Dad both had to work. This was one reason they asked me to come home; they got a free babysitter. I was kind of bummed before I got home but now it seemed like it would be a lot of fun. That day I decided I needed to see how much Sadie understood about wheat she was doing the night before and what she was really planning to do.

We have a nice pool and Jacuzzi at the house and Said wanted to swim. She was still a little young to swim by herself and I don’t think she would have wanted to anyways, so she asked me to go with her. I agreed and she ran off to get her swimsuit on and so did I. I have always been in pretty good shape and college track definitely was helping. So I put on my swim trunks and grabbed a couple towels and went out to the pool.

I was just getting comfortable on the lounge chair when my little sister came outside and walked towards me. The swimsuit she had on was amazing. It was so small both on top and below. Her perfectly flat chest did not need that much coverage but her top was literally two tiny triangles that could not have been more than an inch and a half at it’s widest. And her bottoms were also very small and went down so low in the front I thought it was a good thing she did not have any pussy hair or else it would have been showing. She walked to me and then turned around showing me the view of the bikini from the back and her ass was almost completely naked. It wasn’t a thong but it was close.

“How do you like my new bikini?” she said seeing the look on my face was likely enough of an answer! “Good, I love it too!”

“Have Mom and Dad seen you in this bikini Sis?”

“Oh no, this is one of those things they would call inappropriate. But what do you think big brother?” All she had to do was look down and see my cock was completely hard and excited as hell from just seeing her walk out to the pool. “It looks like you do like it Bro! You’re all hard! Did I make you hard just from looking at me?”

“Yeah Sis we need to talk. You need to stop teasing me because last night you could have given me a serious case of blue balls if I hadn’t taken care of it when I went to bed.”

“Did you beat off last night Joey? Were you thinking of me when you did it?” she asked as she smiled at me and sat next to me on the lounge chair.

“I’m not saying anything Sis. And seriously you need to stop it. I’m only a man and you cannot tease me like this.”

“Who said I’m just teasing you big brother?”

“Oh yeah? Do you know what happens to girls who get their brother’s all hot and bothered?” I asked.

“Uh huh.” She said quietly nodding her head.

“What happens then?”

She smiled down at me and giggled. “He gives it to her and fucks her silly!”

“What the fuck sis! Where did you hear that?” I asked amazed that she was talking like that.

“Mariah!” she said and she reached over and rubbed my stomach feeling all of my tight muscles there. “She’s my best friend. She’s the one Mom was talking about. She hates Mariah. She says she’s a bad influence on me.”

“Oh yeah?” I said as she rubbed my abs looking at my body. She looked down at my cock that was fully erect and throbbing in my shorts. “What else did she tell you?” She has an older brother too. He’s in high school though not college like you. So he still lives at home. She’s so lucky!” She said still running her hand up and down my upper body rubbing my pecks and stomach still occasionally looking at my hard on.

“Why is she so lucky?”

“She sees her brother all the time. I only get to se you in the summertime now. I really miss you Joey.” She said and she leaned down and hugged me. But when she did she moved her hand to my crotch and squeezed my cock feeling its size and hardness for the very first time.

“I’m telling you, you better be carful Sis. Your gonna make me do something we both regret!” I said moving her hands off my body.

“Can I suck it?” she said batting her eyes at me and licking her lips slightly.

“Holy shit! Are you fucking serious? Have you ever sucked anyone’s cock before?”

She nodded and gave me a lewd look. “Uh huh! I sucked off Mariah’s brother Marcus! But his cock didn’t look as big as yours. You look like you have a big one big brother!”

I was amazed. My 8-year-old sister was asking if she could suck my cock. How could I say no? She already had me very turned on and all I could do was concede.

“Sure Sis, you can suck my cock. But you cannot tell anyone about this. Not even Mariah and mostly not mom or dad. Okay?”

She nodded quickly and reached out and grabbed my cock. “Can I see it?”

I stood up in front of her as she stayed seated on the lounge chair and she waited anxiously as I untied the sting on my swim suit and pulled it out of the inside of my shorts. Then I moved closer to her and she dropped a towel that was on the chair in front of her right next to my feet and she dropped to her knees and pulled my trunks down seeing my cock bob up and down in front of her.

She smiled and said, “Wow!” as she reached out and touched it for the first time. “It’s so big!”

I’m not here to say I have a big dick, but it’s almost 8 inches and pretty wide. None of my girlfriends have ever complained and most of them say the same thing my sister just said so I guess I’m better than average. She touched it and I moaned as she started rubbing it in her hands.

“Ohhh shit!” I said and she moved closer and put it in her mouth. I could not believe how good it felt. It’d been a couple months since I last had sex so I was pretty horny. She started bobbing up and down on my rod and I was sure that she was telling the truth and in fact this was not the first time she sucked cock. That made me feel better. I would hat to take advantage of such a young girl but she seemed like she knew exactly what she was doing and liked it. I felt less guilty like that I guess.

She was looking at me as she sucked me never talking her eyes off me as she went deeper and deeper. Pretty soon she had me as deep as she could without gagging. She hit her throat a couple times and gagged. But she never stopped and she just sucked harder and harder as she was obviously trying to make me cum.

I was really enjoying the blowjob and I was sure to explode soon. “You know what’s going to happen soon right?” I said.

She looked up at me and smiled and said, “Are you going to cum in my mouth brother?” and she went right back and sucked my cock harder and faster than before.

“Uh huh!” I grunted and got ready to cum. When I came I pulled her face deeper onto my cock and spewed load after load deep into her hot sucking mouth. She swallowed it like a pro and never missed a drop. “Uhhhhhhh yeah Sadie, swallow it all!” I groaned as I filled her up with my incestuous seed. The site of her sucking my cock in that tiny bikini was one I will not soon forget.

She pulled my cock out and looked up at me smiling and said, “Wow Joey that was a lot! Do you always cum that much?”

“Gee sis I don’t know. But I haven’t been laid in a couple months so that likely had some saving up.”

“Yah but you jacked off last night! That’s a lot! And it was yummy! You can ask me to suck your dick anytime you want!”

My cock started getting hard again hearing her say that. I sat down on the lounger again and stayed naked. Mom and Dad had no intention of being home today so I figured it was fine.

“What else have you done with your new BFF and her brother?” I asked.

She sat next to me and smiled with her eyes all big and sexy. “Really? You want to know?”

“Yes.” I said. I wanted to know what she already did.

“Maria taught me how to kiss. That’s how it all started. I was over on a sleepover. Mom and Dad really hated that one. I only got to do it the one time. She talked about how she and her boyfriend kissed all the time and I was curious so we started kissing each other and it was so cool. That was when her big brother walked in on us. He liked little girls and as it turned out it was her brother that was her boyfriend after all. He wanted to watch us kiss then when he got a hard on he wanted Mariah to suck him off so he showed me all bout that. I loved it and he came in my mouth just like you did. But yours is so much better.

I smiled at her and asked, “So was that it?”

“That was all I did with him. But Mariah and I still do a lot with each other. She can come over here so sleep over and when we do we play with each other and we lick each other’s pussy and finger each other too!” “No shit! And you are 8 and she is 10?”

“Yeah, it’s not like it was when you were a kid. We know a lot more about sex way before you did I bet.” She said.

“Yeah I was playing with race cars and stuff like that when I was 8.” She giggled and looked back at my cock and squeezed.’ You’re still hard does that mean you want another blowjob?”

“Maybe Sis! Would you give me another one if I asked you to right now?”

“Sure!” she said and stroked my cock a couple times.

“Why don’t we go back in the house and I’ll eat your pussy! Have you ever cum yet?”

“Fuck yeah I do!” she said shocking me with her language. Mariah makes me cum good. She’s the best pussy eater ever!”

“We’ll see, I think I’m pretty good too!”

“Lets go!” she said pulling me up off the chair and guiding me into the house. I closed the patio door and we went into the family room and I stood her in front of the sofa and got on my knees in front of her to get her undressed.

I pulled the string behind her neck and her top fell down exposing her tiny pink nipples. They were perfect and I just wanted to suck them. But I removed the top by pulling on the string behind her back. It fell to the floor and I focused on her bottoms. These I just pulled down over her slender hips and it joined its partner on the floor. I leaned down and took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it making her moan. She liked me sucking her tiny undeveloped tits. I moved to the other one and gave it the same attention. She put her hand on the back of my head and ran it through my hair. She really dug it.

I lifted her up onto the sofa cushion and I positioned her tiny pink pussy on the edge and pushed her legs back to her chest. I moved onto my position between her young legs and I started licking. Her pussy was big and bulbous. Her lips were large and puffy and when I pulled them apart with my fingers I found her tiny clitoris and her inner lips were very bright pink and already moist. She tasted better than she looked too and her pussy looked amazing. I sliced her pussy lips with my long tongue and was running it up and down her crevice getting it inside as much as possible.

She groaned as I licked her cunt and soon she had her eyes closed and was holding my head in both hands as I licked her pre-teen pussy. It was when I focused on her tiny clit that she made the guttural groan as I closed my lips around it and sucked gently.

“Oh fuck that feels good big brother! Suck it!” she said as she started grinding her pussy on my mouth and soon she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. She clutched my head between her legs and she came. “Ahhhhhh yes, yes, yessssss!” she cried as she came on my tongue. I almost could not breath but I managed somehow and finished her off making her cum a second time.

My cock was very hard and now drooling pre cum as I straightened up and looked into my sister’s dreamy just came eyes. “So do you want me to fuck you Sis?”

“Uh huh” she grunted and I moved closer putting my cock against her tiny pink pussy and rubbed the head between her lips. She closed her eyes loving the look and feel of my cock between her ready lips and that urged me to push. I gently pushed into her tiny little pussy and she gasped as I entered her. “Ohhhhh yes!” she groaned as I made it inside her easier than I thought I should have been able to. Once the head was in her she opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Now! Fuck me Joey!”

I did not hesitate and I pushed easily inside her and there was no cherry protecting her womb. I was halfway inside her and I tightened my grip on her and pushed completely inside her with a single push. She grunted as I entered her completely but there was no way my sister was cherry. I got kind of pissed off that she lied but then I realized I was fucking my 8-year-old kid sister in my parent’s living room and I got over it quickly.

I started fucking her faster giving her all I had then pulling it out of her until only the head remained then back down on my cock. She was really enjoying it and I fucked her at a steady pace. She took all of my meat and was fucking me back shoving her thin hips up at me as I fucked her deeply. She wanted me to cum inside her or to give her another load in her mouth to swallow. But I had a different idea. I fucked her and when I felt cum churning in my balls I moved closer to the orgasm.

When I knew I was going to cum I pulled out of her tight pussy and jacked off and came all over her stomach and chest. It was another huge load and there was cum everywhere. She spread it all over herself. All over her flat chest and tiny pink nipples. All over her freshly fucked pussy making it glisten with sheen of cum. All over her tight stomach and then she scooped some of it that collected in her belly button and slipped it into her mouth. She did love the taste of it that was for sure. She smiled sexily at me and winked after she put it in her mouth.

Chapter 3

I decided to take Sadie out for ice cream. She was very flirtatious and while at the mall she talked me into getting some new underwear and it was a sexy as the swimsuit earlier in the day. Sadie was very sassy to people she met when she was out. When we got the panties I of course bought them and the woman asked if they were for a girlfriend? Sadie told her it was for her and she couldn’t wait to show them off to her brother and her daddy once she got them home. Needless to say she embarrassed the woman who was simply trying to make a cute comment.

The first couple days went by and Sadie and I were fucking and sucking like newlyweds. It was a good thing that she couldn’t get pregnant or I would have knocked her up for sure. On Wednesday Mom came to me and asked if I would mind if they took a little vacation. They had not been alone since I left and Dad surprised her with a little cruise to Mexico. She said they could probably get four tickets instead of two if I wanted but the thought of being alone with my new found sex goddess for a week made my cock grow as I talked to my mother on the phone so of course I said yes. When I told Sadie she jumped up and down telling me she loved it.

“We can pretend to be married!” she said and I kissed her and she ran upstairs. “Can we sleep in Mommy & Daddy’s bed? I nodded and she squealed and ran upstairs. They left on Friday and I took them to the airport with my sister and we were so sweet to them. We assured them that we would be fine and Dad slipped me a couple hundreds and we waved to them as they boarded the plane and once out of site we quickly left the airport and headed to the garage where we parked the SUV.

Once inside the truck, Sadie looked at me and said, “OMG big brother we get to spend an entire week with each other alone. I can’t wait! Can I suck your cock right here, right now?” Not being one to tell her no I put the console up and she leaned over and unzipped my cock and put it in her mouth. She was getting to be so good she had me cumming in her mouth in less than five minutes. Once she swallowed it all she sat up and wiped her mouth and smacked her lips and said “Ahhhhhhh, that hit the spot Bro.” She sat back in her chair and I lowered the console back into position and we buckled up and headed home. First stop was the drug store where I bought three big tubes of KY Jelly. The sales clerk gave me and my sister a funny look as she run it up. Sadie was not one to miss an opportunity to make someone uncomfortable, she put up a compact and acted like she was cleaning something off her lips.

We got home and I placed her on top of the kitchen table and I licked her pussy until she came all over the place where the family eats their Sunday dinner. I had her screaming and twisting from side to side as she came and came and came. We proceeded to fuck that night and I used plenty of lubrication as not to make her tiny pink pussy hurt too much. After all if she started to hurt she wouldn’t want to have sex. That night we fucked twice in a row on our parent’s bed and I ended up cumming all over her and we wiped it up with the pillow my father sleeps on. It was sick and twisted for sure but we were having so much fun.

The next day we went to the local water park. She wanted to show off the new swimsuit she got from one of Mariah’s friends and it was saucy and sexy. She made sure she showed it off to older men and she was sassy to their wives knowing that their husband was gawking at her and not their fat wife. She met one of her friends from school at the park. Her name was Mimi and she was starting her first year at middle school in the fall. She was gorgeous, she was Asian, very petite maybe 4’10”, Sadie said the was 11-years-old and she had sexy little breasts that were captured in a tight little one piece swimsuit that was so tight that when she was wet you could see every outline of her body in the dark blue suit. From her hard little nipples to the curves of her pussy; and if you looked hard enough you could even see the cleft that was where her clitoris hid at the top of her pussy.

She was at the park with one of her friend’s family and she stayed with us all afternoon. It got to the point where the father of the girl who brought her to the park came over and told her they were leaving and when Mimi said she would get home on her own he made me promise to get her home safe. I agreed and he slipped me a $20 bill and said thanks. Mimi said that he was ogling her the entire time and she was getting creepy feelings from his leering.

“You know he was only being human.” I said to Mimi as she stared into my eyes like she had a crush on me. I’ve seen it before. “I mean I was staring at your body all afternoon, it’s amazing and that swimsuit is amazing.”

“Yeah but he’s old.” She said and she leaned over and whispered to my sister and they giggled and ran off towards the restrooms. They were definitely the hottest girls in the park in my mind. Watching them walk off showed their tight asses off and my cock stirred. Mimi was a full head taller than Sadie but she was just as sexy.

They came back and they were chatting. When they got back they stood in front of me letting me look at their sexy little bodies.

Sadie got close and whispered to me, “She wants to come to the house!”

I looked at her and gave her a cross look and said, “Why?”

“She wants me to eat her pussy and she wants to suck you off!”

“Sadie we talked about this. You can’t tell anyone!” I said.

“I didn’t she just thinks you are cute and she knows that me and Mariah are doing it. Come on Joey she’s cute!”

“I know but she needs to keep it quiet! Will she?”

“I guess so. Let’s pack up and talk in the car.” Sadie said loud enough for her friend to hear.

“Thanks Joey!” Mimi said looking at me. We got in the SUV and the girls didn’t waste any time. Before we got out of the waterpark’s parking lot they were in the back seat kissing. Mimi was the more aggressive of the two but Sadie was not stopping her at all. Mimi was leaning over kissing her and I could not see much other than that they were kissing until Mimi put her hand in my baby sister’s lap and started playing with her cunt through her bikini. Sadie spread her legs wider and soon her hand was inside her bikini completely rubbing her bald little pussy. Sadie was moaning soon and then before we even got home she came under her ministrations.

I was glad the park was not far from the house because I was now hard as a rock and ready to fuck both of these kids. We finally got home and I parked in the garage and closed the door. By the time I got to their door they were both climbing out. I helped them out of the vehicle and both girls gave my hard cock a playful squeeze and a giggle as they moved past me heading inside the house. I followed them enjoying the view of their tight young asses as I followed them inside.

When I got into the kitchen and dropped my keys on the counter both girls were already kissing again. This time Sadie was the more aggressive. I moved next to them and Sadie was all over the older girl. I admired her cone shaped breasts and her nipples were hard under the thin material of her swimsuit. I moved behind her and pulled the straps of the one-piece suite over her shoulders. She helped me as she kissed Sadie and then I pulled her top down and then the entire thing dropped past her slender hips and thighs and I saw her beautiful ass naked for the first time. I rubbed her pussy and ass and she moaned as I slid my middle finger between her tight wet pussy lips.

Moving behind my baby sister getting her naked was even easier. I simply undid the two knots on her top and the two on her slim hips and the suit just fell off. I rubbed her bald little cunt as I did her friend and she moaned as well enjoying my touching. She continued kissing the Asian doll in front of her and I rubbed her pussy with my fingers gaining momentum as she began to get out of breath.

“I want to eat your pussy!” Mimi said to Sadie. Sadie smiled and nodded. The older girl moved her to the floor and placed her on the floor and started licking and sucking her tight, clean snatch. She knelt between her legs and soon Sadie was moaning as she enjoyed the older girl licking her pussy with such expertise.

Mimi looked over at me. I was watching her lick Sadie’s cunt and admiring the view of her sexy ass in the air in front of me. “Come on Brad! Don’t just stand there! Fuck me in the ass!”

“My name is Joey not Brad!” I said.

She broke away from my 8-year-old sister’s willing pussy and replied, “Who cares, just fuck me with that big cock!” she returned to Sadie’s pussy and I nodded and placed my cock at the entrance to her asshole. I applied pressure and the head slid in dry. It must have hurt her a little since she grunted as soon as it went inside and I pushed harder and it was about hallway inside her. She turned and looked at me and had an angry look on her face. She was so hot and the inside of her asshole was very moist.

I pulled out then shoved it back inside her and she grunted and squealed with the motion. She returned to sucking Sadie’s cunt and Sadie watched me as I ass fucked her 11-year-old friend. She closed her eyes and I moved faster and she grunted like an animal as I fucked her. She liked making noise this one. She must watch porn because she sounded just like a porn star as I fucked her little pre-teen asshole. She squealed loud.

“Ohhhhh fuck me Joey!” she screamed and I fucked her completely and grabbed her arms out from under her and pulled her up. I held them tight and she closed her eyes and let me use her completely. “Uh, uh, uhhhhhh ah, ah,ah aieeeee!” she groaned.

Sadie pulled her face back down enough so she could again suck her pussy. “Lick it while he fucks you!” Once her mouth was on her pussy again she pushed her pussy up higher and ground it in her mouth as she licked her. I held the little girl tight and fucked her insanely tight ass.

“Get ready I’m going to cum soon!” I said as I pushed my cock completely into her asshole. She turned her head looking at me and her face was contorted and she breathed heavy.

“Ohhhhhh it’s soooo gooood!” she growled as I fucked as deep and as hard as I could.

“Ahhhhhh fuck! I’m cumming!” I said as I spewed cum inside her hungry ass. I looked down enjoying the vision of my cock punching in and out of her tightly sucking asshole. I shoved it all the way in and felt my cock pulse as it delivered my payload. I released her arms and she fell down with her face again next to Sadie’s waiting pussy. She returned to licking my sister’s cunt. I pulled out of the tiny girl and leaned back watching her eat her out.

In another minute she was licking her pussy madly and Sadie was holding her head as she sucked her preparing to have her own orgasm. When she came she pulled her friends face tightly towards her riding her mouth as she climaxed. She opened her eyes and cooed as Mimi finished her off. When she was finished licking her cunt she climbed up and they kissed a while and then both of them looked at me smiling.

“That was fun!” Mimi said squeezing her friend tightly. “But I gotta go! Joey, can you take me home?”

“Sure Mimi. Anything for my little China Doll!” I replied.

She laughed and came next to me and said, “You’re such a tard! I’m Korean not Chinese! But you’re a tard with a big cock so that’s okay! Right Sadie?”

Sadie smiled nodding. “Yep! My big brother has a nice, big cock!” She winked at me and we all dressed and headed into the car. We drove her home and Sadie and I returned home after grabbing some pizza and we ate pizza and fooled around all night. She had been sleeping with me in our Parent’s bed. We acted like we owned the place and we were married.

Chapter 4

The next day I woke up with my little sister naked and cuddling with me. As usual, I started rubbing and touching her perfect little body and she woke up and we fucked after she sucked my cock to life. I emptied another huge load of cum into her and she smiled with her pussy full of incestuous cum. She was getting exactly what she wanted and it was about time I got one of my needs fulfilled.

Once we were showered and dressed we headed downstairs and at breakfast. She was devouring a bowl of coco puffs and I made coffee. I looked at Sadie and said, “I want to talk to you. I want you to invite one of your little friends from class to come over and spend the day with you. But not one of your older friends I want one of your friends from your class. Is there a girl who is your age but seems like she wants to get into the same things you and I are doing?”

“Oh yeah! One of my friends from class has been bugging me at the end of the school year for me to introduce her to Maria and the other fifth graders I was hanging out with. We’ve talked about it and I told her we did more grown up things together but I never gave her much information about it. I promised we’d talk about it this summer!” Sadie said.

“That sounds perfect. What does she look like?”

“She’s smaller than I am and she’s very pretty and she’s black.” Sadie said.

“Oh that’s awesome, lets get her over here!” She picked up the phone and called her walking out of the room.

Five minutes later she came in and sat on my lap giving me a sexy kiss. “She’s meeting me at the park by her house in an hour!”

“OK!” I said and she bounced off my lap saying she needed to get dressed. I poured another cup of coffee and took it and my laptop out onto the patio. About half an hour later I was looking at porn on my laptop and Sadie came out and she looked amazing. She wore a cute little top showing her perfectly flat chest and a sexy pair of tight blue denim like shorts. Her long brown hair was done in a braid and she was smiling. My cock started to swell but I knew we had to go to the park.

“Let’s go!” I said and we walked to the garage and got in the truck. She was acting really coy as we drove. She looked so good I wanted to fuck her right there in the front seat. But I restrained myself. Not bad for a 19 year old man. Most guys my age would have not been so precautious.

We got to the park and she spotted her friend and took off telling me to wait in the truck while she did her thing. Her task was to tell her friend exactly what she had been learning from the little girl’s in grade 5 and tell her that she and I were fooling around and somehow convince her that she wants to join in with her and I and have sex with her 19-year-old brother. I went to the coffee house near the park. When I returned I spotted the girls sitting on top of the monkey bars talking. I got back in the SUV and opened the windows dinking my coffee in the warm summer air.

A while later the passenger back door opened and I looked and saw Sadie climbing inside, after her was the cutest little girl. She was a light skinned little black girl with long hair and her hair was done up in braids like Sadie. I think Sadie may have braided her hair to look like hers in the park. She made eye contact with me and smiled and she took a seat and closed the door.

“She’s coming to the house with us! She wants to learn how to suck a dick! Do you mind being her teaching aide?” Sadie asked and both girls giggled.

“That would be my pleasure!” I said. This caused the girls to giggle again. “But you have to promise not to tell anyone okay?” I said asking the little girl. “What’s your name?”

“Jada. My name is Jada.” She said demurely.

“Okay Jada, it’s a deal! My name is Joey.”

We drove the short ride home and my mind was all over the place. Jada was a cute little girl but she was indeed small. I figured I could teach her how to suck cock and show her how to eat my little sister’s pussy but not much else. The girls were whispering and laughing occasionally as we drove to the house. By the time we got to the house I was already hard as a rock just thinking about what could happen.

We all climbed out of the vehicle and I helped the girls step out by holding my hand out for them. They seemed to like being treated like a lady from me. They ran out of the garage and into the house. I found them in the living room. They were on the couch together like they were waiting for me.

“So girls what shall we do?”

“I wanna suck that big old cock I keep hearing about from Sadie.” Jada said as she looked right at my cock in my shorts. I was hard as a rock and ready to show the grade school girl how to suck cock.

“Okay. Have you seen one of these like this before Jada?” I said pulling out my hard cock presenting it to her like a prize just for her.

“Oh yeah, my big brother Jake shows me his all the time. He lets me play with it all the time when he “babysits” me for my folks.” She said using air quotes.

“What?” said Sadie looking at her friend like she was being betrayed. “Does he let you suck it?”

“Naaaa, he won’t let me do anything but play with it. I jerk him off and he played with my coochee and that’s about it. He said he can’t do anything else because it’s “incest” and he said he is too big for me too.” Again with the air quotes on incest.

“That sucks!” said Sadie. “My big brother has no issues like that we fuck all the time. Maybe we can have him come over and he can fuck me while you play with Joey?” she said sending me a sweet wink.

“Oh man that would be so cool. But let’s not rush things.” I said as I walked closer to Jada with my hard cock in my hand. I was pumping it up and down in front of her and she watched every second. She never took her eyes off it. I moved closer to her and asked, “Do you want to suck it Jada?” She looked up at me and nodded then right back at my cock.

“Yes please. I always wanted to know how it tasted.” She said coming off the couch. I took her hand and led her around in a circle and sat down on the couch and put her in the perfect position between my legs after pulling my shorts and underwear down and off. She moved in and looked at my cock. She took it into her hands and started pumping it up and down. “Uhhhhhhh shit yeah!” I said as she started jerking me off like a pro.

“Yours is so different than Jakes cock. His is bigger and it’s black. Yours is pink!” she said and we all got a laugh.

“How big is it?” asked Sadie as she watched her friend.

“It’s like this big!” she said holding her hands about a foot apart. I laughed thinking she was joking. She looked at me and said, no kidding. I can barely get my hands around it when he is hard to jerk him off. He’s fucking huge! But I like your dick Joey. It will fit just fine in my mouth I think. Can I suck it?”

“Shit yeah!” I said and she leaned forward and took the head of it in her small mouth. She looked up at me and rolled her tongue around the head and started bobbing her mouth up and down trying to get more of it inside her as she bobbed. I loved it and I smiled down at her.

“Well this sucks! I’m not getting anything!” said Sadie.

“Well let’s change and get on the carpet. I’ll get on my back and Jada you can suck my cock there and Sis, you sit on my face and show her how it’s done.” I said as we started moving around and I ended up on my back on the floor. Jada moved into position and Sadie stood above my face doing a sexy little dance and started lowering her tiny bald cunt to my mouth. Once in reach I made her fall and it was in the perfect position on top of my face. I held her legs on both sides of my head and started eating her out.

“Ohhhh shit Joey. Lick it!” She said as she leaned over to watch her friend suck my cock. All I could see was my little sister’s bald abused little cunt and my cock was getting a good BJ. Jada knew how to suck cock. Her brother did not knw what he was missing for sure. I focused on Sadie’s pussy and I had my arms hooked arouns her legs and ass moving her all around getting her pussy licked as well as her tight pink asshole.

Sadie started wiggling her cunt and ass on my mouth guiding me to lick what she wanted me to lick. Another couple minutes passed and I was sucking her pussy and Jada was sucking my cock really good now. I couldn’t see her but I felt it and she was a good cocksucker.

“Ohhhh shit Jada I’m cumming!” I said as I felt the cum in my balls start to get ready to blast into her mouth.

“Get ready, he cums a lot!” Sadie said to her little black friend. I came shooting cum inside her mouth and she choked at first as I unloaded. The second shot hit her mouth and she didn’t choke this time. She swallowed as fast as she could getting all of my seed deep in her tummy. She didn’t stroke my cock while I came and Sadie saw my cock lewdly sticking into her mouth with Jada’s mouth covering just the head. She said my cock was pulsing as it fed the 3rd grader cum again and again.

Once I finished unloading in her mouth my she kept her mouth on me and I began to deflate. I sat up and moved the young girls off me and then I repositioned them. I put Sadie on the couch laying on her back with her legs spread. I put Jada between her legs and she looked at me with a wonderous look on her face and smiling.

“Now I want you to lick Sadie’s pussy and make her cum. It’s going to take a minute for me to get hard again but I’m going to stay here and lick your little pussy. Okay?” I said as I slapped her ass playfully.

“Okay!” she said and leaned forward and got on her hands and knees in front of my little sister’s beautiful pussy. She did not hesitate and she started licking Sadie’s cunt straight away. Her mouth was licking her and Sadie watched her with her legs spread wide rubbing her bristly hair and playing with her braids as she sucked her off.

“Mmmmmmmm yeah Jada. We need to have a sleep over and we can do this all night long!”

“Uh huh!” Jada said with a mouthful of 8-year-old pussy of her friend.

I moved into position behind her and spread her legs wider for myself and I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks wide and exposed her sexy dark asshole. She moaned when my tongue started licking her ass and I paid little attention to her pussy. I focused on her ass and I started shoving my tongue in and out of the tiny muscle intended to push things out. I loved the feel of her ass it was soft and luxurious and it had never been touched.

I tongue fucked the girl and soon she was pushing back to my mouth and groaning with my strokes. I loved the taste. It was dirty and bitter but I loved what it was I was doing. I lifted my mouth and took my finger and dropped a dab of my spit on her asshole and started pushing my finger inside the girl’s ass. She groaned as I did so and I paid no attention and I shoved it inside.

“Uhhhhhh nooooo that hurts Joey!” she cried as she looked over her shoulder and she looked scared.

But my sister took her face in her hands and said, “Trust me, you’ll love it in a few minutes. It hurts because you have never had anyone touch you there. He did the same thing to me in my pussy and it really hurt. Once I got use to it it was really awesome!”

She looked back at me and I still had my index finger still in her asshole. She nodded and said, “Okay. But if it hurts too much you have to stop.”

I nodded and I started sawing my finger in and out of her ass sropping more and more spit on it as I did. Soon the little girl had my entire finger pumping in and out of her tight hole and she was no longer protesting. She looked back at me and said one word that changed everything.

“More…” was all she said and she went back to licking my kid sister’s cunt. GREEN LIGHT! Was all I saw. Sadie was enjoying what Sadie was doing to her and she was about to have her second orgasm from her licking her pussy. I added a second finger and started fucking her with them. Jada’s tiny ass looked so perfect with my fingers fucking in and out of her. Her dark skin was amazing and I was really turned on.

My cock returned to its full hardness and I pulled my fingers out of her ass and ran to my folk’s bedroom where I left the lube. I came back and I rubbed lots of the lubrication all over my hard, drooling cock. I pressed my cock against her tiny hole and dropped more lube on her asshole. She looked back at me and her mouth as covered with my sister’s pussy juice and her own spit.

“Yes.” Is all she said and I shoved my hard cock inside with one swift move.

“Ahhh!” she cried as I entered her and she hugged Sadie and put her face on her stomach. “Oh God it’s so big!” she groaned as I allowed her to get use to the size of my 8-inch cock entering into her. “Fuck me Joey!” she said still clinging to her friend as I began fucking her slowly sliding my cock into her about an inch at a time.

I watched my cock penetrate her as she closed her eyes and started taking it. My cock looked obscene sticking out of her tight little ass and I pushed harder and withdrew pumping slowly in and out of the pre-teen. Soon she was gasping and groaning and my cock was about halfway inside her now.

“Fuck Jada your ass is too tight! You are going to make me cum again really fast little one.” I said as my cock slid in and out of her. She looked back at me and gave me a sly grin telling me she was enjoying it as much as I was. I pushed harder and faster and she was now grunting with every stroke.

“Uh, uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh oh fuck!” I loved hearing these little girls cussing as I fucked them It made it even hornier fucking them as they said fuck! I was going to cum soon and I knew it. So I reached down and touched the girl’s pussy finding her clitoris at the top of her virgin pussy. She reacted when I touched it and let out a long low moan as I rubbed her clit. That was all it took for her and she started to cum. “Ohhhhhhh yeah, ohhhhhh yeah, here I cum Joey! I’m, I’m, I’m….. ahhhhhhh!” she cried as she came and she tightened her grip on my hardness and that made me cum instantly.

“Ohhh fuck! Cumming!” I said as I unloaded another huge load inside her asshole this time. She groaned and squealed as I emptied load after load inside her. I was so happy to fill her ass.

After a few minutes of my cock stirring her ass full of sticky seed she looked back at me and said, “That was awesome!”

I smiled and leaned forward and kissed her over her shoulder. She took my tongue into her mouth and kissed me skillfully. I pumped my cock in and out of her a few times while we kissed and she groaned each time. “Ohhh fuck Joey that was hot!” My little sis said watching as I made her friend coo still gently fucking her ass. “It’s my turn!” she said reaching down and playing with her little pussy spreading it wide open for me to see. I was not losing my hard on so I figured what the fuck? I pulled my cock out of Jada’s asshole and moved to the couch next to Sadie.

“Okay, but you have to suck my cock and clean it up for it.” I said and she moved between my legs She gave me a nasty look but started sucking my ass covered cock anyway. She sucked me and Jada was next to her watching her suck my cock that was just inside her ass. She played with my big balls and the visual of thee two little girls playing with my cock made me get rock hard and ready for Sadie’s tight cunt again.

Sadie knew I was hard enough to fuck now and she mounted me and positioned my cock below her pussy. She was naked and on top of me and she looked into my eyes and smiled as she reached down and grabbed my cock and put it at the entrance to her tight cunt. She looked at me and leaned closer and kissed me slipping her tongue into my mouth and she started sitting down sliding my cock into herself.

“Uhhhhhhh…” she groaned as I entered her. I looked at her breaking our kiss and she had her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip. I reached up and pulled her down by her shoulders and she was as far as I could get inside her butting up against her tiny cervix.

I put my hands on her thin waist and pulled her up and then back down on my cock. She grunted when I bottomed out in her pussy and Jada was between my legs watching me fuck her pussy from underneath. She reached in and grabbed my balls gently and rubbed them as I fucked my sister. She was a sexy little doll but fucking my little sis was what I wanted to be doing right now.

She was enjoying the fucking I was giving her now and Sadie rode my cock up and down bouncing wildly as we fucked. “Oh, ah, uh, uh, uh, yeah, oh, so fucking big, oh oh, uh, uh you’re filling me up big brother!” I started pumping my hips from below and the added motion made the fucking more intense. “Oh yeah fuck me Joey!” she cried as she came. “Ahhhhhhhh shit!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as she came and came. I was still going and was sure I still had a while before I could cum after cumming twice already.

After she came she collapsed on top of me going limp. I positioned her on top of me with her laying on my chest and at just the right angle so that when I fucked up from below it made her bounce up and then back down on my cock. She was groaning and moaning on top of me and I got a rhythm so we fucked like that for a few minutes. I wanted to see her face so I pulled out of her cunt and turned her over her body never touched the floor. I put her on her back and she looked exhausted and I spread her legs wide and inserted my cock back into her cunny.

Her sweaty face was looking at me as I put it in and she groaned again. “Uhhhhhhh, yeah fuck me!” she moaned. I wasted no time and I started pounding her with her legs over my shoulders and my body on top of her. Her eyes were distant and she looked like she was heading to another cum. I moved her and hooked her legs in my arms and moved closer fucking her deeply. Her face was next to mine and I kissed her and whispered to her.

“I’m fucking you Sadie.”

“I know…” she said.

“I love fucking you Sis.”

“I do too Joey.” She replied. I kept fucking her as deeply as I could. I almost forgot her friend was there except for her hands rubbing my balls.

“I love you sis!” I said as I fucked her getting ready to cum.

“I love you too Brother!” she said and she cupped my face in her hands and looking into my eyes came again. “Ah, ah, ah, shit I’m cumming again!”

Her pussy squeezed me tighter and I started squirting into her unprotected pussy. “Ahhhhhhh fuck sis yeah!” I came and came not shooting as much juice inside her as I had little left. But the cum felt awesome and we climaxed together. I left myself buried inside her and she gasped and groaned as I stirred it inside her 8-year-old pussy. I kissed her sweetly and we caught our breath our faces just inches apart. Once I calmed down my soft cock unwillingly fell out of her cunt and I rolled over and laid on the couch next to her.

Jada smiled up at us and said, that was hot too!” she joined us on the couch and we laid together gathering ourselves. I looked at the clock and freaked out. It was almost three o’clock. We picked her up at 11:00. We have been fucking and sucking with this little grade school child for 4 hours.

“Shit we need to get you back home sweetie. She looked at the clock and said oh shit you’re right!” We scrambled for our clothes and got dressed in a hurry. The girls looked disheveled but nothing too bad. Like a fun afternoon at the park. We climbed inside the SUV and I took them to the park. Sadie walked with her friend for a few and they talked for a few minutes. Sadie came back and jumped in the front seat and gave me a quick kiss.

“She is going to talk to her brother about coming over. She thinks he might fuck me since we aren’t related. He is all hung up on the incest thing.”

“Can you handle a bigger cock than mine? She said he was bigger than I am.”

“I don’t care. I just want to fuck. Big, little who cares as long as I am fucking it!” she said looking out the front window and he drove away. His cock was starting to get hard all over again thinking about what his slutty sister just said.

Chapter 5

After dropping off Jada at the park I took Sadie out for an early dinner at her favorite fast food joint. We binged on Burgers and fries and stored up some much needed protein and carbs. When we returned home we sat down in the family room and watched a movie all cuddled up on the couch we had just fucked each other hours before. If we tried we could still smell sex in the air.

We retired to our parent’s bedroom where I fucked her one more time before passing out for the night.

The next day we got up and were downstairs having breakfast when she got a call from Jada. Jada spoke to her older brother and told him all about the afternoon. She explained that one of her friends was having sex with her brother and that if he wanted to have sex with her they could swap sisters since he had such issues with incest. He asked for a picture so Jada was calling to see if she could sent her a picture of herself for her big brother to make up his mind.

Sadie agreed and we went to the room to take a picture and email it to a secret email address he had for just situations. I was looking at different pics on my phone and she laughed and said, “Let’s send him a naughty picture!” I agreed and she took down her shorts and exposed her sexy little ass with her bald, perfect pussy exposed from the rear. I took the picture showing she was a young, white girl with long brown hair and she was showing him her pussy and ass. How could he resist?

I was all in favor of him joining in. He obviously has the same weakness I had developed with my sister. And the thought of watching my kid sister get boned by a big black guy with a huge dick made my cock stir in my pants. I sent him the picture and within minutes Jada called back and asked when they could come over. She said they were at her brother’s apartment and could come by any time. I asked if we could come there and she asked him and they agreed. So Sadie changed her clothes opting for a sexy little outfit and off we went.

He lived near the high school I graduated from so I knew the area and we got there quickly. We pulled up to the apartment multiplex and we found the building and number and we knocked on the door of #376. We waited a second and Jada opened the door and she screamed and Sadie screamed as well and they jumped up and down together. Once they calmed down Jada looked at me and said, come in Jake is very excited to meet both of you. She turned and walked inside and she was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a plan pair of white cotton panties. We walked inside and I closed and locked the door behind me.

We walked inside and she led us to the Living room where her brother Jake was sitting watching a basketball game. He was only dressed in a pair of loose shorts. He saw us come in and he nodded and looked over Sadie and me carefully.

“This is my big brother Jake.” Jada said and I leaned over and shook his hand. We sat down and Jada looked at her brother and said, OK are you okay now?” She looked at us and said, “He’s still convinced you two are cops and he’ll get in trouble. He said he wants you to start first. He’s a little paranoid.”

“That’s fine, what do you want us to do in order to prove that I and my 8-year-old sister aren’t police?” I said sarcastically.

“Have the little white girl suck your dick.” He said motioning for Sadie to move closer to me.

“Okay, but I was hoping to suck on your big black cock tonight!” She said looking at him pointing to his crotch.

“You still might, but if you suck on his cock that’ll prove to me that you ain’t setting me up.”

“I told you we sucked and fucked all day yesterday at their house. They ain’t no cops!” Jada said and she came closer to me and kissed me on the mouth. She kissed me soulfully and Sadie moved next to me on the couch and started undoing my shorts and pulled my cock out of my pants and started sucking it right there in front of Jake and Jada. Jada looked at me and kissed me again and moaned in my mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck sis, that’s pretty good.” I said and she looked up at me and winked continuing to suck my cock.

“Okay that’s cool. So you guys fuck too?” Jake said as he stood up and pulled his pants down and showed us all his big black cock. I was impressed. It was just as hard as mine was now by the look of it and he was at least 10” long and plenty fat. I got even harder thinking about him fucking Sadie with that big as dick. She was excited too.

“Ohhhhhh shit look at that thing!” she said and she let go of my cock and moved toward Jake. He sat down again and she moved between his legs and she grabbed his cock in her hands. It took both of them to encircle his cock and soon she was jerking him off.

I looked at Jada and said, “You gonna suck my cock then?”

“Hell yeah!” she said and she moved between my legs and started sucking my cock. She was doing just fine getting half of it inside her mouth right away. She sucked it up and down cupping my balls in her tiny cold hand. She groaned as she sucked it. “Mmmmmmmmm yeah.”

I looked at Sadie after Jada sucked my cock and she had the big cock head in her mouth now and her jaws looked distorted. She moved her mouth up and down as she sucked on the huge black cock that just looked massive compared to her little body and tiny little hands. She was looking at him trying harder and harder to get the massive thing in her mouth. She used her hands to pump up and down his cock that was drooling with pre cum lathering his shaft trying to get more of it moving in her hands back and forth. It was so hot seeing my little 8-year-old sister sucking such a massive cock.

Looking down at Jada, she was busily sucking my cock and she also used her hands to jack my meat up and down as she tried to fir my cock in her mouth too. While it was not as big as her brother’s cock, she still could not fit it in her mouth and throat. She looked in my eyes and took me out of her mouth and climbed up my body and straddling me centering herself on top of my cock that was sticking up and ready for her to fuck me.

“I want you to fuck me Joey! I want your bog cock in my pussy this time. You need to take my cherry! That way Jake can see that I can take a cock and he ain’t the one taking my cherry.” She said as she put her hand between her legs and grabbed my pole by the root and centered it on my cock. She did not wait for a response, she just put my dick at the entrance to her cunny and sat down and pushed my cock into her vice like pussy. She closed her eyes and sat down pushing my cock inside her.

“Uhhhh, ohhhhh!” she groaned as I entered her. Her pussy was so tight I had a hard time getting it inside her. She looked at me when she was going up and down on my shaft. The little black girl looked so determined and she was really trying to get it inside her past the crown. “Uh, uh, uh, it’s so big!” She grunted and on about the fourth or fifth try she broke thru her own cherry. I was bumping up against the stubborn barrier but then when she broke thru it she had about four inches inside her. “Uhhhhhhh!” she groaned and collapsed on top of me laying on top of me whimpering.

“Oh fuck Jada, your pussy feels amazing!” I said as she laid still on my chest with my cock halfway inside her. She was panting trying to catch her breath and use to the pain of my cock inside her.

While she rested waiting for Jada to come back to life, I pushed my cock up a little bit at a time trying to get her use to the feelings. I looked at Sadie and Jake and Sadie was on the couch facing me with her feet on both sides of Jake’s long black legs. Her pale white skin was contrasted my both his black skin and his huge black cock that she was riding it was an amazing sight. I love interracial and she looked amazing. Her long brown hair was bouncing with her and her 8-year-old pussy was swallowing up about 6 to 8 inches of his cock.

“”Uh, uh, uh, uh…” she grunted as she rode his cock. She was looking at me and she spoke, “Joey, it’s so big!...I don’t know…If I can take it all!”

“Just fuck him like you want! He’s not complaining are you Jake?” I said

“Fuck no, your sister’s pussy is so fucking good!” Jake said reaching down and putting his hands on her ass from under her helping her rise higher getting almost off his cock and dropping her on his cock. Her weight was going to help her get more of his stiff cock inside her. “Are you fucking my sis?”

Jada turned to look at him and she rose up and down and shoved more of my big cock inside herself. “Uh huh! He’s got a nice cock bro. He’s gonna break me in for you so we can fuck when I come over for you to babysit me!” she said and she rode me putting her hands on my chest and looked at me and said, “Fuck me Joey! I want to cum on it!” she said closing her eyes. Her sexy little face was skewed and I put my hands on her hips and started helping her fuck me as I pushed up and pulled out as she rode me. I was not sure id I could get all of it in her this way so I stood up and lifted her up. She put her hands around my neck to hold on and she smiled as I hooked her legs over my arms and she grunted as even more of my cock was in her.

She looked at me and then looked at my cock sliding in and out of her, my cock was covered by her cherry’s blood and it lewdly slid in and out of her childish cunt. I bucked my hips and fucked her pussy and she bounced up and down on my cock letting gravity be our friend.

“Uh, uh, shit Joey! It’s to big you are filling me up!” Jada said hanging on my neck and letting me fuck her silly.

“You feel so fucking good Jada. You are going to make me cum soon.”

“No Joey! I haven’t cum yet!”

“Play with your clit while I fuck you!”

She nodded and started massaging her clit as we fucked together. “Uhhhhhh yeah, that’s better!” she moaned as we headed to another cum. “Uhhhh oh, oh, oh yess! Cumming!” said the preteen as she came.

“Uhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!” I bellowed as I came deep inside her pussy. Only 7 inches of my cock were inside her tiny pussy. I came and came dumping a huge load inside the girl. I was not going to be able to hold her for much longer so I collapsed on the couch again and she fell on my covering me with kisses as she finished her orgasm.

Sadie was in her own world. Jake had moved her to another position. She was bent over the couch and he was fucking her doggy style now. He still could not get the majority of his big cock inside her thought. His leg was up and we were behind him and I could see the penetration of her cunt. It was hot seeing my kid sister being fucked by a stranger, especially one with such a big cock.

He started fucking Sadie harder now and it was soon he was going to cum I could tell. He grabbed her slim hips and fucked her with no worry about hurting her. She grunted with every stroke and Jada and I were amazed at the pace she allowed him to fuck her tight cunt.

“Oh shit! It’s cumming, get ready white girl!” he yelled as he got ready to cum.

“No Jake cum on their faces!” I said and I moved Jada over to him and he pulled out and Sadie dropped to his knees. Both girls were beneath him with open mouths waiting for his cum. He jerked off violently and he blasted cum on my sister’s face first. It hit her in the middle of her face on her nose. She smiled at his lack of aim. He moved to Jada and her hit in the middle of her forehead. Then back to Jada and it shot in her mouth. She moaned as he hit the target. The next landed in Jada’s mouth as well. She moaned and squealed enjoying the taste of her brother’s cum.

He finished his load on the girls and then when he was finished he leaned back and Jada wasted no time getting on his cock and sucking up the pussy juice of her friend and any remaining cum he leaked out of his cock that dribbled down the sides.

“See Jake! He fucked me now so you can fuck me too! You ain’t the one who took my cherry so now you can fuck me just like you fucked Sadie right?”

Jake smiled and laughed as he said, “Yeah sis, I guess so. As long as Dad don’t think I took your cherry he won’t beat me so bad if he ever finds out.”

“He won’t find out Jake. I promise.”

We fucked the girls one more time before we left the house that night. We kept our partners and I ended up fucking Jada’s ass again. She was a sexy little doll and I enjoyed fucking her many holes. That was the last time I fucked little Jada though that summer. She was so busy fucking Jake and he became her favorite babysitter.

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