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Daddy’s Little Slut

Once I filled her pussy with my jizz I looked into her eyes. She looked so happy. My wife was very upset with my daughter and I when she caught us the first time when Lisa was only 8. But we love having sex with each other and we both convinced her mother that she should not turn me into the police as she threatened that first time. Having sex with Lisa is just a fact around our house but it wasn’t always. I remember how it all began.

Stu Mead

Chapter 1

My daughter Lisa was on top of me and she bounced up and down on my cock fucking me like she has done for years. I loved my daughter, she was beautiful, sexy and she loved me very much. She was 13-years-old that day and she and I had been fucking since she was eight. She was a petite blonde who was still only about 4’10” at her current age and was barely 70 lbs soaking wet. She had long blonde hair that reached halfway down her back. She bounced up and down on my dick as she fucked me completely.

She was perpendicular on my cock, riding up and down on me while she looked down at me. She loved being on top of me when we fucked, she liked being in control. She looked down at me as she rode on my hard shaft with her tiny hands on my belly that was holding her up and she smiled down at me and came. I loved watching her cum. Before she came she would ride up and down on me as fast as she could building that orgasm inside her tiny body and when she came she collapsed on top of me leaving my cock buried inside her to the hilt. She panted in my ear as she relaxed and came down from the wonderful feeling in her pussy.

Then she started doing something she liked to do. Keeping me inside her pussy, she would stay on top of me and pull her legs up next to my hips and rocked back and forth on top of me rocking herself back and forth on my cock. She ground it in and out of her pussy, but she never pulled more than half of it out of her luscious pussy before rocking it the other way back into her cunt and back out all over again. Her actions were swift and she enjoyed this a lot more than I did, but I knew she enjoyed it and the fact was she could make herself cum 4 or 5 times in one session just like that. She called it rocking. She rocked back and forth, her head on my chest and she rocked back and forth and came and came and came. She built up herself to cum then she came convulsing on top of me and shuddering as she did. Then in another minute, she would start back up again until she was shaking and couldn’t cum anymore. Sometimes I came with her, other times like that day I did not. So when she was finished, she usually would roll off me and then I would roll on top of her.

I did just that and then looked up at me all hot and sweaty, she knew I needed relief too so she spread her legs around me welcoming me back inside her pussy. I inserted my cock and she pulled me down on top of me once I was inside her. Gently, I fucked her and I looked into her beautiful, blue eyes as I fucked my daughter. I got a nice rhythm going and she closed her eyes as we fucked and pulled me down and we kissed. My cock slid in and out of her lusciously snug pussy while she wrapped her legs around my back and hooked her ankles around the middle of my back. I moved my tongue all around the inside of her mouth kissing her passionately and I felt cum welling in my balls ready to splatter her womb.

I broke my kiss and looked deep into my 13-year-old’s eyes as I fucked her harder and faster completely shoving my cock all the way inside her. She grunted with each and every stroke and I said, “Daddy's going to cum baby!”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, cum inside me Daddy!” she said and I grabbed her tiny hands in mine and pushes them back and over her head pinning them on the bed. She had been having her period since before she was 12 and my wife yelled at me when she realized I was cumming inside her, but we didn’t care. I had only gotten one woman pregnant, my wife, and Lisa and I liked fucking bareback so much and she loved the feeling of me blasting cum deep inside her womb. Secretly, I wanted to get her pregnant, but I was sure that wouldn’t happen. But that night, I wanted to cum deep inside my beautiful daughter’s bald pussy.

“Ohhh, fuck, yeah Lisa, here I cum Baby!” I said and I sent blast after blast of white baby making batter deep into her. She felt the first one shoot inside her and she pulled me down on top of her and I fucked deep inside her grunting with every surge. “Uhhhh, ohhh, fuck, uhhh, yeah!” Once I filled her pussy with my jizz I looked into her eyes. She looked so happy. My wife was very upset with my daughter and I when she caught us the first time when Lisa was only 8. But we love having sex with each other and we both convinced her mother that she should not turn me into the police as she threatened that first time. Having sex with Lisa is just a fact around our house but it wasn’t always. I remember how it all began.

It started on a Thursday night several years ago. Lisa was 8-years old then and that night, my wife Alex was out with her friends. She liked those girl’s nights and I never minded that she wanted time by herself with her friends and I never thought about going with her and her friends, too much estrogen! That night, I ordered pizza and Lisa and I ate it all. She loved pizza and so did I. After dinner, she went to her room and took a shower. It was in that shower that our lives would be changed forever.

I was in the living room watching something, and I heard her call out, “Daddy? I need help!” she called out. Immediately, I got up and ran up the stairs and into her bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” I asked and at that moment I saw her. She was standing in the shower, the water was running and she had part of the shower curtain in her hands as she tried to cover her naked body. The shower curtain apparently fell down and she was trying to cover her naked body with it. She was embarrassed and upset. However, what I saw was my beautiful daughter naked and vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong, I had seen my daughter naked many times before, but after she turned about five, her mother demonized me seeing her naked and I was no longer allowed to give her baths, help her get dressed or any other activity that exposed her nude body to me thanks to her mother.

“Daddy, I thought the shower rod was crooked so I tried to fix it and it fell down on me! I’m so sorry!” she said and she started crying.

“It’s okay honey, stop crying,” I said and I grabbed the shower curtain and started putting it back up, but she had a strong grip on the bottom part that she was covering herself with. I pulled on it and she let it go and I saw the rest of her naked body. She was obviously embarrassed that I was seeing her naked but I had to pull it away to hand it up again. I finished putting it back up in its place and she looked at me as I admired her perfect little, wet body displayed in front of me. Then I was disturbed by the fact that my cock began to harden in my pajama bottoms.

“Okay, is that better?” I asked and she had placed her hands over her naked body as I looked at her. Her little body was perfect. I looked up and down her naked, wet body and when I looked at her face she had an upset look on her face.

“Daddy! Get out of here! I’m naked!” she said and I realized I was staring at her and I turned away and headed to the door.

“I’ll be downstairs honey,” I said and I closed the door and waited at the bathroom door. My heart was beating fast and my cock was at full attention. I had never been aroused by Lisa before, but seeing her naked and vulnerable in the shower made me so aroused. It was a mind-blowing experience that’s for sure. I sat in the living room and tried to watch whatever the show was that was on the TV, but my mind was not where I was. It was where I had just been, looking at my 8-year-old naked and in the shower.

She came downstairs and she went straight into the kitchen. She loved ice cream and she had a bowl every night before bed. She came back into the room as always and sat on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream in front of her. As she ate it, instead of watching the TV I watched her consume the treat. My cock swelled and I watched her. She looked at me after a big mouthful.

“What?” she said muffled by the ice cream.

I shook myself out of the daze I was in and smiled at her. “Oh, nothing baby, just looking at you.”

She went back to eating her ice cream and I shifted my gaze to the television.

Everything changed for me that night when it came to how I viewed my daughter and the events that changed our lives happened on those nights when my wife was out with her friends.

Chapter 2

The following weeks went by and I looked at my daughter so differently then I had ever before. Every time I saw her, she looked even prettier than the time before. I found myself wanting to spend more time with her. I made excuses to make her late for school so she would miss her bus and I would be able to drive her to school. So I could sneak a peek in her little Catholic schoolgirl outfit. I put her in that school, shit, we moved to this expensive house that I couldn’t afford so that she could go to that school! It was about time I was able to reap some benefit for doing that for her and seeing her in the little plaid skirt and the untucked white button-down shirt was making it almost worth it.

Day after day, I made love to Alex. She was very happy. We were having sex more often than before that fateful evening and it was because I was imagining it was Lisa I was fucking instead of her. My favorite thing had become letting her suck my cock and as I watched the top of her blonde head bobbing on top of my hard, fucking cock, I imagined it was Lisa. I even started forcing her head up and down on my cock, faster, deeper until I came in her hot, sucking mouth. In my mind, I was filling my daughter’s mouth with my incestuous seed.

My fantasy worsened and after what seemed like forever, Lisa and I were alone again on another girl’s night out. I decided to pick up Lisa at school and I would take her out for pizza. There was a pizza joint near the house that she loved because they would bring whatever fixings the kid wanted to have on their pizza to the table and let them roll out the doe and make the pizza right there at the table. She finished making her pizza and they took it in the pan to the oven and we had a great dinner. Lisa asked why I was treating her so good and I told her it was because I loved her and wanted her to feel as special as I knew she was. She smiled at that. After the pizza, she ordered her favorite ice cream and once she was done with that we left and headed home.

She was still in her uniform of course and once we were on the way, I reached over and held out my hand and she took it and smiled at me. We held hands for a while, then I got braver. Instead of resting our hands on the console, I moved them down onto her side of it until they rested on her bare thigh. I looked at her and she smiled at me with her big cheeks and her beautiful, blue eyes. Again, I stretched a boundary letting go of her hand and opening my hand and resting it on her naked flesh of her left leg. My cock stirred as I sat in the driver’s seat trying to pay enough attention to the road so I didn’t kill us both.

I smiled at her again and she put her hands on top of mine and squeezed smiling back at me. That made me braver and I spent the rest of the drive home rubbing her naked thigh as high on her leg as I dared. By the time we arrived home, my cock was uncomfortably hard. I pulled into the garage and turned off the engine. I looked into her eyes and smiled, then she asked me what’s wrong.

“Nothing is wrong Lisa, I am just sitting here realizing how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to be your Daddy,” I said and she released the seat belt and leaned up on the console and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and reached out and put my hand behind her neck with my left hand and brought her back and I kissed her. This time, however, I didn’t kiss her on the cheek. I kissed her on the lips. That wasn’t the first time I kissed my daughter on the lips, but it was very different than any kiss I had given her before. I pressed my lips against her tiny, yet supple lips and pressed forcefully and closed my eyes kissing her long and hard. She squealed a little, she was taken back from both the forcefulness of my kiss and the length of it as well. I never tried to slide my tongue into her mouth, instead, I tried to set a new boundary for a fatherly kiss.

When I released her from our first kiss, she caught her breath, she was obviously holding her breath. “Daddy? What are you doing?” she asked pulling back and sitting back in the seat and straightening her skirt.

“I am just loving on you sweetheart, just loving on you…” I said and I opened my door and she did the same and we went inside.

“I am going to take my bath Daddy,” she said and I wanted more.

“Wait honey, there’s no rush to get a shower is there?” I asked.

“No, I guess not Daddy, why?”

“I want to play a game.” I said.

“What game Daddy?”

“Follow me and I’ll tell you,” I said and I held out my hand and she took it and followed me to the living room where I sat on the couch right at the edge of the cushion with my legs open. She moved in front of me and I played with her hair pulling down both sides of her face and down the front of her body. She smiled as I played with her hair and looked at me waiting for my answer. I took a brush that was on the coffee table in front of us and I started brushing her long, luxurious blonde hair. I loved brushing her hair.

“Well honey, first, I want to put your hair up in my favorite hairstyle.”

“Pigtails?” she asked and I nodded. I brushed both sides and she handed me two rubber bands and I put her hair up in pigtails. Once I was done, she pulled them tight and then smiled at me.

“Next, I want to play runway model,” I said. She giggled and I continued, “I want you to walk back and forth in front of the TV and I want you to walk like you are a model on the runway. Do you remember how they walk honey?” She giggled and nodded so I continued. But first, I want you to dress up like a model.

“Like how Daddy?”

She was right in front of me and I pulled her top up and untucked the button down shirt from her skirt. Then I rolled her long sleeves until they were up to her elbows. Then I unbuttoned the bottom of her shirt and pulled the tails of her shirt up and tied it in a knot and her shirt was up high on her waist showing her belly button. Lisa was never very shy and as it turns out that was what got us into trouble. Lastly, I rolled the top of her skirt down on her hips until it was just above the swells of her ass cheeks and barely covered her butt. I turned her around in front of me and she looked amazing.

There!” I said.

“Do I look pretty Daddy?” she asked as she spun around showing me her pretty body.

“Oh yes Lisa, you look perfect,” I said and I reached for the tv remote and put on some upbeat music. “No, walk like a fashion model!” I said and she turned and walked to the side of the room. She tossed her pigtails up and then faced the wall and then with a lurch she started walking very sexily. She swung her hips and had her fashionista look on her face and she walked from one side of the living room to the other. When she turned around, she gave me a sexy, saucy grin and started walking again. Her belly was flat, her skinny hips moved from side to side and my cock grew stiff in my pants as I enjoyed the show.

“How is that Daddy?”

“It’s perfect! You are so beautiful!” With that, Lisa jumped on top of me straddling me on the couch and that caused me to fall back on the couch and she fell on top of me. Her crotch was close to mine and her delicious pussy and ass were tight on top f my hard cock. She was sitting on it and she leaned on forward and kissed me the way I kissed her earlier. But this time she closed her eyes and breathed through her nose. She pressed her lips harder and I decided to test another boundary. As she pressed her lips against mine, I turned my face to the side so we were slanted instead of vertical with each other. She moaned as I did that, our noses were not in the way again and slipped my tongue out of my mouth and on her lips.

“Uhhh, oh!” she said opening her eyes a little and breaking our kiss. Then she relaxed and kissed me again. She kissed my lips several times and said, “Do it again Daddy!” and kissed me again. I tried again kissing her more passionately than before. I opened my mouth and kissed her again and she opened her lips and accepted my tongue into her sweet mouth. “Uhhhh,” she groaned and I slid my tongue around hers. Her lips and mouth tasted wonderful. She was so sensual, although inexperienced. But she learned fast. I rolled mine around hers and she mimicked me kissing me and she started moving her tongue too chasing mine and moaning.

We kissed like that and she must have felt my cock move under her. She pushed her body down on me and she kissed me again moaning as she ground on my very hard and bulging cock. I don’t think she understood what she was pushing against that night, but I felt her pushing against her tiny cunt and I think she liked the feeling of me pressing against her most intimate of places.

After a few more minutes of this, she broke our kiss and looked into my eyes and said, “This was fun Daddy! Can we do it again?”

“Of course, honey. I liked it too!”

“Yeah!” she said and she climbed off me and ran to her bedroom. I got one final shot of her in her little slutty schoolgirl outfit I created. Her panties were showing and her hair bounced as she ran to her room to prepare to take a shower. That night, I fucked my wife for hours thinking solely of Lisa and how lovely she looked that night and us kissing and grinding on top of me. I came harder than I had ever cum before that night thinking of my daughter as I fucked her from behind, pulling her hair imagining it was Lisa’s pussy I was fucking, Lisa’s hair I was pulling, Lisa’s moan that escaped from her lips. I came filling her cunt with more and more baby making sperm.

Chapter 3

That became our thing. Every Thursday, I would either take her out for dinner or I would make her dinner, but then…yea, but then she would put on our special fashion show for her Daddy. I stayed innocent for a while, she would put on her prettiest outfits from school. They always got Daddy’s special touches making them as sexy as I could. Roll down a skirt here, tie a knot in the shirt making it tighter there, she would go get Mommy’s shoes too, she really liked that. She would noisily walk around in Mommy’s high heel shoes on the tile and she would do her sexiest walks in those shoes.

One week, I decided to test another boundary. I went to Victoria Secrets on this particular Thursday for lunch. I asked for the assistance from a particularly young salesperson who was really thin and very sexy. I flirted with her and she flirted back. She asked me if this was for my wife or my girlfriend. I told her my girlfriend and she perked up even more. I told her I needed sexy panties and thongs for my girlfriend who was her size or skinnier and she smiled big.

“Oh, so you like your girlfriends young and skinny huh?”

“Yes, my wife is beautiful but voluptuous. So I wanted someone nice and small. Like you! only skinnier.”

“Sir, I am a size 2, is she smaller than me?”

“Yeah, she is very petite.”

“Hmmm,” she moaned and she led me to a special section called “petite angels”. There she showed me the tiniest of clothes, all of them were in the XS and XXS sizes. I was in heaven. In front of me in plain sight was the tiniest of bikini panties and thongs that would make a grown man drool if his wife or girlfriend were to wear them and they were small enough to fit my eight-year-old daughter. The sales girl showed me item after item, then she showed me the little baby doll nighties, I got one in blue, red and sexy black satin.

“Does she need a new bra?” she asked.

“Oh, no, not yet…” I said without thinking about it. She wrinkled her brow and looked at me and I had to have blushed because she smiled at me with a knowing look on her face. “I mean, I just got her a few new brassieres, so she only needs new panties and nighties…” I said.

“Uh, huh!” she replied and I had a hard time not revealing that I had a hell of an erection.

I finished my shopping there and then I went into another store that was pretty standard for girl’s clothing. I was pretty shocked at how many options a regular store offered for girl’s my daughter’s age for clothes that were just a little more than just risqué. I bought little booty shorts, tiny tee shirts, sexy skirts and lots of other items that were all purchased a size or two smaller than her size. By the time I was finished, I had no idea how I was not only going to get all of the outfits home but how I was going to hide them from my wife and daughter. If Alex found them, she would wonder why I was buying her so many clothes and if Lisa found them, she would want to wear them all right now.

I got home that afternoon and I found a nice spot in the garage that was just high enough to be high enough so neither of them could see the box. Besides that, the garage was like Kryptonite to the girls. I could hide a body in there and they wouldn’t know it. I moved my bounty and placed the bags into a plain big brown box after I chose several items that would be fun for the evening. After hiding the box in plain sight, I grabbed the items for the evening and placed them in one of the little Victoria’s Secrets bag that was sexy on its own. I stashed the bag behind the end table in the living room in preparation for the fun evening.

I went to the school and picked up Lisa. She used to me picking her up on Thursdays and was more than happy to play along with her old man’s fun and exciting plans for the evenings together. When she climbed into the car with her dear old Dad, she leaned up on the console and kissed me a little longer than she should have in public. After she did that, she sat down in the front seat and giggled. Again, I decided to push yet another boundary of the boring drive home.

“Hi Daddy!” she said and I smiled at her and she belted herself in and I pulled away from the school’s drop off and pick up zone. As soon as we were safely away from the school, she reached over and took my hand that rested on the console and placed it on her bare thigh. I smiled when she did that, my hand on her leg was now the preferred placement while driving. I rubbed her leg with my big hand and I had gotten braver and braver with touching her leg and sliding my hands up until I was touching her tiny, cotton panties. I slipped my hand up and under her plaid skirt.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” she said and I arrived at her tiny pussy. She looked surprised as I moved the back of my hand higher and I was suddenly rubbing her tight, virgin slit. She was obviously enjoying it and I got even braver and I turn my hand around to my fingers were aimed at her pussy and I rubbed her gently. I had never touched her pussy before, I felt her tight, little lips and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my touch on her cunt. “Oh, Daddy! Ugh, yes!”

I loved making my little girl feel good. She didn’t realize it, but I pulled up and parked in the garage and shut the car off. Her eyes were closed and her legs spread wide for me. She was panting and gasping as I rubbed her tiny pussy and soon, she looked like she was going to cum. Until that moment, I not only never touched her like this, but I don’t think she’d ever cum before. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I reached under her with my other hand and used my original hand under her skirt and spread her legs wider for me.

“Uh, huh, huh, ah, ah, ah, yes, Daddy, Oh, what’s going? Ah, ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, ahhhhhh!” she cried out and when she finally came, her eyes shot wide open and she sank deeper into the car’s seat. She was amused by what had just happened, she focused a little more and soon she looked over at me and realized that my hand was not only playing with her tiny pussy, but she realized I made her feel different than she had ever felt before.

“What was that Daddy?” she asked and she sat up a little and I removed my hand from her pussy and she tried to regain her composure.

“That was an orgasm, Lisa.”

“Orgasa what?” she asked and she was quite amazed at the feelings she just experienced.

“It was an orgasm, honey. See, when a girl starts to get older, she can start to have these feelings. Daddy thinks you are ready to start learning about your body and about the feelings you can have. These are sexual feelings and they can make you feel really good. Did that make you feel good Princess?”

“Did it? Oh yes! That felt better than anything! I have never felt anything like that before Daddy!”

“I know Lisa, and the more time we spend with each other alone, the more Daddy can show you about your body. I can show you lots of things if you want to sweetheart. But only if you want to.”

“Oh gosh Daddy, I really want to you to show me more thing like this,” she said and appeared that she was just starting to get the cobwebs out of her mind and realize what was actually going on.

“Are you sure Lisa? I mean, maybe we shouldn’t do these things together…”

“Why not Daddy?”

Well, Fathers aren’t really supposed to do things like this with their daughters.”

“But Daddy, I want you to show me more!”

“I know sweetheart, but now that I think about it, maybe we shouldn’t have done it. Mommy might get mad at you if she found out I touched you like I did.”

“But why Daddy? It felt so good!”

“Well, I am only supposed to be touching your mother like I touched you. Maybe we should tell her what I did.”

“Why Daddy?”

“Well, maybe we should own up to the whole thing. You know, take our licks now and just be honest with her.”

“I don’t know Daddy, you said she might get mad at me. Would she think you were cheating on her?”

“Maybe Lisa, maybe she would,” I said.

“Then we shouldn’t tell her Daddy.”

“Well if we don’t tell her then maybe we should never do it again?”

“Why Daddy?”

“Well, we wouldn’t want to get caught would we?”

“We won’t, she goes out every week on the same day, and she always comes home at the same time or later!”

“Yeah honey, that’s true, but we would never be able to tell anyone about it.”

Lisa shook her head from side to side agreeing with me, “No Daddy, we couldn’t ever!”

“I mean, not to anyone, what would happen if you told your friends? It could get back to her; someone could talk to someone else and then she would find out. Then that would be even more terrible. Could you imagine?”

“No Daddy,” she said looking very concerned.

“Okay Lisa, let’s go with your idea. We can keep doing this every Thursday and we won’t tell your mother. As long as you think that is best.”

“I do Daddy! I don’t want to stop, and we shouldn’t tell Mommy!” I was so excited. I not only convinced her that I should continue touching her, but that it was her idea not to tell her mother.

“Let’s go into the house honey, I bought you some presents!” I said and her face lit up all over again.

“Presents Daddy? For me?” she squealed as she ran into the house and I followed her. She looked on the kitchen counters and the dinner table, nothing. She ran back to her room and came back, nothing. “Where are they Daddy?” she asked.

I smiled at her and said, “You didn’t look in the living room!” she squealed and ran into the living room and I followed her as she looked on the couch, then under the coffee table.

“Daddy! Don’t tease me!” she said and I chuckled.

“Look behind the side table super sleuth!” I said and she ran to the side table and found the pink bag with black stripes and a big heart in the middle.

“Oh, Daddy! Vitoria’s Secrets!” she said then she looked at me and asked, ‘What’s a super sleuth Daddy?”

I laughed and replied, “Never mind that honey, look inside the bag!” She squealed again and looked inside the pretty back and pulled out a couple pairs of panties, one was red and a bikini, the second was satin black and was a thong. Then she pulled out the pink, babydoll nightie I bought her and she giggled.

“Oh Daddy, you bought me panties like Mommy’s!” she said and she pulled them up to her stomach and laughed saying, “I like these the best Daddy,” holding up the black thong.

“Well, what’s holding you up? Don’t you want to give Daddy a fashion show?” I asked and she screamed and pulled her new clothes up to her chest and hugged them.

“Oh, yes Daddy! But are you sure? I mean I will almost be naked!”

“Why else did you think I bought them for you, honey?”

“Okay, Daddy! I’ll be right back!” she said and she stuffed the nightie and the panties back into the bag and took it and ran to her bedroom. I took that time to put a song on the TV making sure it was an upbeat catchy tune that she would know. She loved dancing to her favorite songs. She took a little longer than I expected her too, but when she returned, she ran into the room in the sexy little see-thru pink nightie. She had the red bikini panties on under the nightie and I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t choose the thong. I was pleasantly surprised at how sheer the baby doll nighty was. I could see right through it and her tiny, pink nipples were displayed. Her hair was redone as well, she put it up in pigtails, which I love, and tied them in pretty pink bows made of yarn.

When she came into the room, I was smiling at her and she stood there in front of me and turned around like a sexy ballerina and asked, “How do I look Daddy?”

I stood up, my cock was already hardening in my pants and I moved in front of her and I knelt down and she waited for me to say something to her. “Pumpkin, you are the prettiest girl in the world.”

She smiled and said, “Really? I thought the nightie was too thin, I mean you can see my little boobies!”

“That’s exactly what I love about it, Baby!”

“But Daddy, I don’t have any boobies yet, why would you want to see them?”

“Lisa, your body is amazing, you are so fit and your body is just as tight and strong as I have ever seen. I guess all those years of dance keep you nice and fit. Also, remember, that men like all kinds of bodies. I love your flat, tiny chest and your hard little nipples…” I said and I reached up and played with her tiny, pink nipples over the thin fabric of the nightie.

“Okay, Daddy! Can I give you a show?” she asked and when I nodded, she kissed me just like I like it. Nice and a little too long. I loved it. I sat back on the couch and put my arm over the back of the couch and spread my legs open giving my cock as much room as it needed to get fully erect. I turned up the music and she clapped, I guess she liked the song that was playing. She started her strut, she walked back and forth on the stage in front of the huge TV. She did something new that night, she walked all the way down the “stage”, then she turned around and looked over her shoulder at me and then she reached back and slapped her tight ass with her left hand on her left cheek.

I was amazed at how hard she slapped her ass. Then she walked the other way and did the same thing to her other cheek, slapping it very hard and then looking at me with a sexy, pouty look on her face.

“Lisa, that’s great, where did you learn that from?”

“I think it was on Victoria’s Secrets fashion show last time.”

“Well, that’s great. But try this, after you slap your ass raise the hand you are using and put your index finger on the side of your mouth.”

She giggled when I said that, ‘Daddy, you called my butt an ass!”

I smiled back at her and said, Oh honey, it is an ass, a very pretty, sexy ass.”

She giggled again getting a little flushed from the compliment and she asked, “Like this?” and she raised her finger and sexily placed it on the corner of her mouth and pouted.

“Oh yes Baby, just like that,” she nodded and walked to the other side of the stage and then turned and slapped one cheek giving me a pouty look, then down the other side and did it again. She did this several times and I leaned back and adjusted my cock in my pants giving it the full length in my pants and it stood out big and proud. She looked down at my hard cock and she definitely noticed I had a large lump in my pants. She said nothing, but then she walked back to the middle of the stage.

“What now Daddy?” she asked looking so sexy.

“Well, Lisa, I want to see you in the other panties I bought you.”

“The black ones?”

“Yes, honey, the black ones.”

“I’m wearing them Daddy, but they have no back. I put the red ones over them because I felt so naughty wearing them without anything over them so I put the red panties on top,” she said and she reached under her nightie and reached under them and pulled out the tiny string that belonged to the other panties.

“Okay, that’s great. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to walk to the left, and slap your little ass and give me the pouty look with your finger. Then do it again on the other side and do the same thing, then I want you to walk to the middle of the stage and then I want you to turn around and look at me. You have to look at me the whole time, then I want you to reach down and pull the red panties down over your ass and all the way down your legs until they reach the floor. Then I want you to stand up again really slow and sexy and let me look at your wonderful ass in the black panties. Okay?”

“Oh Daddy, I can’t be sexy, I’m not sexy at all! Am I?”

“Lisa, you are so pretty and very sexy. Look! When Daddy is turned on by a sexy girl, he gets a big hard-on like this!” I said and I reached down and pushed on my hard cock showing her I was fully erect.

“Okay Daddy, let me try it!” she said and she did her little dance, first one side then the pout, then the other side and the pout. Then she went to the middle of the stage right in front of the TV and did as I said and she turned and looked at me and then sexily pulled her tiny, red panties all the way down her slender legs. I watched as her hot, little ass was exposed and I loved it, seeing her ass come into view, then pulling the red panties all the way down her legs was awesome. Then once her panties were down to the floor she stood back up and smiled at me.

“How was that Daddy?”

I didn’t know how to respond to her. My boner spoke volumes, so I stood up and my cock led the way. She looked down at my crotch again and she stared, but I wasn’t sure if she knew exactly what she was staring at. So I spoke, “You are so beautiful and sexy honey. When a girl or a woman makes Daddy excited, I get hard down here.” I said and I grabbed my big, hard cock and showed her how big it was. Mind you, I am not exceptionally large in the dick department but in my pants, I looked rather large. She looked back down at my cock and she didn’t look away.

“So you can tell how sexy I think you are because of how hard it gets. Did you know that Lisa?”

“Sort of… One of my friends said she walked into her brother’s room and he was naked and playing with himself. She said he had something called a ‘boner’,” she said.

“Yes honey, exactly. What he was doing was called masturbating, and yes when we get excited we get a boner. We use the boner to slide our cock, that’s just what I call it instead of boner, we slide our cock into a woman, or a girl if she is big enough down there, in order to feel really good. Does that make sense?”

“I guess so, but how do you know if a girl is big enough to put it inside her Daddy?”

“Well, that’s the fun part. Usually, once a girl is old enough, she is plenty big enough to take a man’s cock. Sometimes, it depends on the size of the man’s cock.”

“You mean they come in different sizes, Daddy?”

“Of course honey, they are just like noses, belly’s, or feet. One size does not fit all.”

“So how big is your thing Daddy?”

“Oh, well as you can see,” I said and I reached down again and put pressure on my dick and showed it to her. I am not too big or too small. I think I am about the average size for a man like me.”

“How big is it?”

“Well, honey, when hard I am about seven inches long.”

“OMG Daddy,” she said and she held her hands out in front of her face about a foot apart. “This big Daddy?” she said amazed.

“Oh no honey, that is much bigger than 7 inches. I walked up to her and I put my hands on hers and I pushed them together until they were about 6-7 inches apart. “Daddy’s cock is about that big.”

“Oh! Well that’s not that big is it Daddy?”

“No honey, I think it is just right. And your mother does too. She once told me after we had sex that I was a perfect size.”

“Really?” she said and she looked down at my cock again and then back to my face. “Can I see it, Daddy?”

BING, BANG BOOM! Were the sounds that went off in my head. I had officially scored! Earlier, I convinced her that it was her idea that it was okay for me to masturbate her in the car to what was likely her very first orgasm. Now I had her asking me to show her my cock after I convinced her to dance almost naked in the sexiest outfit an eight-year-old girl has ever worn for her Daddy. I was quite proud of myself for these accomplishments thus far.

“Yes honey, of course, you can see it. But remember, you should not talk about this with anyone.”

“I know, I know Daddy, please let me see it, Daddy, I promised already.” I smiled at her as I realized I had her exactly where I wanted her. Standing almost naked begging me to see my cock.

“Well, okay!” I said and I looked down at my pants and her gaze followed mine as I unbuckled my pants, unbuttoned the top button, then I slowly slid the zipper down to the bottom. Then I opened them up and she got her first look at a grown man’s penis covered only by my underwear.

“More Daddy, more!” she said clapping. I pulled my pants down taking my underwear down to the floor with them and then I stood up and looked at her. I took a minute and I stepped out of my pants and underwear and then looked at her fully naked from the waist down. “Oh, wow!” she said and she bent over and got closer to it but never touched it. “Wow Daddy, that’s cool!” she said and she looked at it then back up at me. “Can I touch it, Daddy?”

BING, BANG BOOM! “Of course!” was all I said. She reached out and touched the shaft with her tiny hand and as soon as she did, fireworks went off in my head. I closed my eyes and felt her cold little hand as she gripped it tight feeling its hardness.

“Oh Daddy, it’s so hard!” she said and I closed my eyes loving the fact that Lisa was touching my cock.

“Oh Baby, rub it up and down…” I said after opening my eyes and she looked into my eyes and started pumping my cock in her hand. She couldn’t wrap her hand all the way around it, and without saying a word, she raised her other hand and with both securely wrapped around my manhood, she pumped it up and down.

“Does this feel good Daddy?”

“Oh Baby, you have no idea. Daddy is so turned on, I am about to cum?”

I said and she looked up at me and asked, “What does about to cum, mean Daddy?” The innocence of the question and speed of my response was the best part. I came immediately. The first shot hit her square in the middle of the forehead because she was aiming my cock straight at herself. She was very surprised when the first shot hit her. The second shot hit her on the front of her nightie, right in the middle of her chest.

“Don’t stop it, Baby, keep pumping it up and down. She was a good girl, so she did as she was told and the third and fourth shots didn’t go far, and the last shot dribbled down her hands that were still sealed on my cock as she slowed her movements and then eventually let go.

“What’s this Daddy?” she asked as she investigated the white fluid that covered the fingers of her right hand.

“That’s Daddy’s cum. When Daddy get’s really excited, first, he gets hard, but then when he is even more excited, he cums. The cum is what makes babies Lisa. It goes inside a woman’s pussy and then makes a baby.

“So it’s okay to be on my hand isn’t it Daddy? I mean you won’t make a baby in me if it’s just on my hands will it?”

“No Baby, it can only make a baby if it gets inside your pussy. And you are too young for me to get pregnant anyway.” I assured her.

“Oh good, because then we would definitely have to tell Mommy!”

“Oh yeah, we’re safe Baby. But your mother loves to swallow my cum. She told me once, I have the best tasting cum in the whole wide world.”

“Really Daddy?” she asked in amazement. She had never heard about cum before nor what it would taste like before. “Can I taste it, Daddy?”

BING, BANG BOOM! I didn’t say a word to Lisa, she just stuck her tongue out and touched my cum that covered her little hands. She made a funny look on her face, then she went for more of the slimy stuff. She licked it all up until it was all gone from her hands.

“Daddy, that was neat!” I looked at the clock and realized how late it was.

“Oh Lisa, you need to go change, hide these clothes from your mother, if she sees them she will take them for sure. Then go take a bath and get ready for bed.”

“Okay Daddy, can we play like this again?”

“Of course honey, of course.” That was needless to say just the beginning.

Chapter 4

Alex came home again that night, and without even saying a word, she climbed into bed and began sucking my cock. We fucked very hard that night and she had stopped worrying about being quiet because Lisa was in the house. She came several times and so did I. I was fantasizing about our daughter and I had no idea if she was fantasizing about me. But we fucked again.

Thursday was taking forever to get there that week. It was all I could do not to sneak into her room at night and lick her pussy or have her jerk me off again. I fucked Alex every night that week. She never complained once, she just figured we were on a hot streak I guess.

Nonetheless, every time I saw Lisa we would exchange a goofy smile and whenever we were alone in a hallway or in the kitchen pantry one time, we would kiss each other and she would reach down after we kissed and feel my cock to see if I was getting hard. She loved the fact that she had that effect on me. One morning, we were in the kitchen having breakfast and my wife was still getting ready for work. She climbed on my lap at the breakfast table and kissed me better than she’d ever done before. She found my tongue in my mouth and rolled hers all around mine it until we were both so excited, we forgot where we were and who was still home. Alex called out to Lisa as she got closer to the kitchen. Lisa climbed off my lap and straightened her clothes as she ran toward the refrigerator and opened it up. Alex came in the kitchen and I had to deflate a huge boner before she noticed I was so aroused without her. That was a close call.

Thursday finally came. That day at work had to be the longest day ever. I sat at my desk thinking about Lisa and her sexy body and I got hard all day. So much, that I was tempted to go into the men’s room and jerk off so I could get some work done. But I didn’t. Instead, I tried to focus. One time I had convinced myself to go to the school and fake a car accident or a sick grandparent or any other excuse I could think of in order to get Lisa out of school early and take her home so we could start our night of fun early. But I didn’t. I patiently waited until it was 3:30, then I drove to her school and picked her up.

“Daddy!” she yelled as she climbed into the car and hugged me and kissed me as she belted herself into the seat and I smiled at her. She looked down at my cock an saw that I was already hard. Daddy, you are already all big and hard!” she said as she closed the car door. “Awesome!”

“Baby, you were all I could think about all day!” I said and she took my hand and put it on her leg as I drove off. Then without me prompting, she pulled my hand up to her pussy and let me cup her little bald pussy as I drove away from the school. She had no panties on. Once I felt her cunt, not only did I notice that she was naked under her little plaid skirt, she was also soaking wet.

“Daddy, I was imagining you touching me like you did last time all day too. I got so wet, I had to take off my panties because they were just too wet to keep on,” she explained.

I felt her lusciously wet pussy and I explored her pussy folds and then I found her little clitoral hood. When I touched her there, I made her moan.

“Oh, Daddy!” she said and she took my hand and rubbed it up and down her little cunt and used my hand to make herself feel good. I needed no prompting and she rubbed my middle finger up and down on her pussy.

“Does that feel good baby?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I started touching myself when I went to bed at night. I was trying to make myself cum like you made me do, but I couldn’t do it. Will you do it for me, Daddy? I want to cum so bad!” I smiled and with my hand as I drove home I ran my fingers along her sexy little quim and she closed her eyes as I pleasured her. My daughter pulled my hand closer to her delicious cunny and I rubbed her pussy crack with the middle finger of my right hand and I found her clit again with my thumb.

“Oh, yes Daddy, right there, you found it! Rub me right there!” she moaned. I guessed that the reason she wasn’t able to cum on her own was a lack of finding her clitoris. Not from a lack of trying, but just a lack of experience. Once I thumbed her clit, she was headed to her cum deliciously fast.

“Oh, oh, yeah, Daddy, ah, yes, ahhhh, oh, oh, oh, ahhhh!” she moaned writhing on the car’s seat. I was close to home. I followed the final street to our house and pulled into the garage and closed the door. I turned off the car and unbuckled my safety belt and was finally able to focus completely on my 8-year-old’s body as I had her ever so close to cumming. First, I withdrew my right hand and turned towards her and replaced it with my left. I licked the fingers that were previously stroking her clit and pussy and she tasted wonderful. My mouth watered thinking about licking her pussy later on. I wanted to taste her more now than ever.

I strummed her pussy and clit then with my right hand I reached into her blouse and unbuttoned it starting from the top button. I unbuttoned one after the other and she opened her eyes. When I had it open enough to touch her nipples, I found her right one and squeezed it in my fingers.

“Ohhh Daddy! You make me feel… oh my gosh, ohhh,” she groaned and I continued rubbing her tiny nipple and stroked her clitoris continuously making her grunt and groan as I led her to her cum. When I switched to the left nipple, she reached down with her hands and pulled my left hand into her pussy and closed her eyes and started to cum.

“Ohhh, yesss, Oh God Daddy, cum, cum cum, I’m cumming Daddy!” she cried out as she spread her legs completely and ground her pussy on my fingers and came deliciously. “Oh, oh, oh, ahhhh,” she moaned as she started coming down from the high I led her to. Opening her eyes, she looked into mine and smiled. I withdrew the hand that was touching her cunny and she pulled it up to her mouth. I wondered if she realized what she was doing. Gently, I pulled my hand from her breast and she took my middle finger that was stroking her pussy crack and it was frothy with her own little girl juice. My heart beat faster and I waited to see what she was about to do.

She pulled my hand to her mouth and she looked into my eyes as she pulled my hand closer to her nose and she smelled my pussy coated fingers. “Be careful Lisa, they are covered with your own juices,” I said and she looked up at me and smiled.

“I know silly, that’s what I wanted,” she said and she pulled my fingers closer and took one of them into her mouth and gently sucked the tip of it into her mouth. She tasted herself and she looked at me with a curious grin. “I like the way I taste…down there…”

“You’ve tasted it before Lisa?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy, is that bad?” she asked seductively.

“No, I love it, you should love it too!”

“Is that the way Mommy tastes Daddy?”

My stomach dropped as my daughter tested her own boundaries. “Well, no. She tastes differently than you do. But she’s older. I’m so glad you like it though. It shows a level of maturity I didn’t expect from you right now. She continued licking my fingers and she cleaned her juices off my hand completely and then she let me have my hand back. “Do you want to go into the house now honey?” She nodded and I unbuckled her safety belt and she sat up and opened her door. I turned to my door and opened it and got out and waited for my lovely daughter to meet me by the door to the house. Once she was at the door, I held out my hand and she took it and I opened the door and we walked inside hand in hand.

We walked past the kitchen and I asked her, “Are you hungry for dinner Lisa?” She nodded and I found something to whip up and I fed us. Once we were finished with dinner, I didn’t even try to act like I was willing to wait for the dishes to be cleaned. I took her hand and admired her beautiful body as I knelt in front of her and spun her chair towards me.

“Uhh!” she gasped surprised at the quickness of the movement. “But Daddy, we should clean up!” I moved up and kissed her gently on the lips and she kissed me back.

“The dishes can wait, I cannot!” I said and she watched me as I kissed her sweetly. I thought her taste was exquisite. I slid out my tongue and focused on rolling mine around hers inside her mouth. She copied my moves and soon we were wrestling each other’s tongues as if we were jockeying for position on a racetrack. I reached under her skirt and I felt her naked quim that was hidden just beneath. She gasped as I touched her again and it was like we were right back in the front of the car like we were 30 minutes before. My appetite for her flesh returned, this time with a vengeance. I wanted her like I had no other. I kissed her on the lips and she had buttoned her blouse up when we came inside. So I returned my fingers to the buttons and again I unbuttoned them, one at a time. She looked at me as I unbuttoned each one gasping as I did one after the other. She looked into my eyes and once I had the last button undone, I spread the shirt open admiring her flat, perfect chest and flat tummy. I took one arm and unbuttoned the long sleeve’s cuff and then moved to the other and unbuttoned that as well. Once done, I pulled her left arm out of its sleeve, then moved to the other and slipped the shirt off her. She looked down demurely as I made her naked.

Part of me wanted to tell her to go into her room and change into some of the sexy clothes I knew she had hidden in her room so the visual side of me could see her looking even sexier than she was simply naked. But the animal in me wasn’t about to stop. I had her topless and gently, I pulled her into a standing position and she stood before me in just her plaid schoolgirl skirt, her long knee-high socks and a sexy pair of Mary Jane shoes. I decided that was sexier than anything else she had for me at the moment.

I stood up and picked her up, “Oh!” she moaned surprised by the swift action and the weightlessness of being held in my arms. She always loved it when I picked her up and held her. She leaned towards me as I walked towards her bedroom. She looked up at me and kissed me as I walked with her. I loved my daughter and would never do anything I thought would hurt her. At that moment though, I wanted nothing else than to make love to her pussy with my mouth. My goal was to make her cum over and over. My body ached for her, but I was only interested in making her feel fantastic. When we entered her bedroom, she broke our kiss and watched as I placed her gently on her bed.

She turned towards me and face me on the edge of the bed. I started moving towards her and she stopped me as I knelt in front of her. I was going to start eating her pussy right there in her bedroom and I was sad that she was stopping me.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? I just want to make you feel good,” I said and she smiled at me.

“I know Daddy, but I want to see you naked again.” She whispered like there was someone in the room she didn’t want to hear it. I want to see your cock Daddy!” I smiled at my sexy child and I stood up in front of her and started to unbutton my shirt. I removed it and pulled the polo I wore over my head revealing my chest and stomach to my little mistress. She gasped as she saw me and I reached down and unbuckled my belt and then reaching in and undoing the button and letting my slacks fall to the floor. That left me with a pair of silk boxers that tented out significantly in front of my young daughter. She smiled as she looked at me and said, “Take them off, Daddy!”

“I want you to do it,” I said an she looked up at me and then dropped to her knees in front of me and looked at me as she admired the sexy silk boxers I wore. I wore them special, just for her and she reached out and touched my cock and rubbed it under the boxers material.

“Uhhh, shit!” I said and she looked up at me knowing she made me feel good. Then she reached up and put her hands on the waist of my boxers and quickly, she pulled them down and in one swift movement, I was naked in front of her. She looked up at me and then she looked back down at my cock that was before her. I could tell she liked looking at me and at the moment I wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to do. She hesitated, so I knelt down and was again face to face with Lisa. She kissed me and gently, I pushed her back and she laid back down on her bed and I pulled her feet up on the bed next to her beautiful legs and spread her wide open.

She looked so fucking sexy as I had her there waiting for me to touch her. Her sexy plaid skirt, her long white, knee-high socks that stopped just below her knees. Her black leather shoes that were shiny and I could smell the rich leather. She leaned up on her elbows as I pressed her legs up and exposed her cunt completely to me.

“Uhhhh,” she gasped when I did that and when I leaned down touching her lower stomach that was high and under the waistline of the skirt. “Daddy,” she moaned and I started making my way down. She pulled the skirt back that had fallen down and covered my face, she looked at me watching me kiss my way down her tight tummy and headed towards her sex. When I got there, I was face to face with her delightful cunt.

Her pussy was beautiful, she was immature and her vulva was bulging and her outer lips were so full. The cleft to her cunny since I had her legs spread wide for me was open a little so I could see the inner lips of her virgin pussy. Leaning down, I inhaled her scent and she felt me smelling her pussy. “Ohhhh, touch me Daddy!” she begged and I smiled up at her. I had her right where I wanted her. Nearly naked, laying on her bed begging me to touch her.

“I’d love to slut. But I want you to beg for it, slut. Tell me that you are Daddy’s little slut.” I said wanting her to talk dirty to me.

She looked at me and asked, “What is a slut Daddy?”

“A slut is a woman who wants nothing more than to please her lover. She will do anything he asks, without question and she wants to please her lover by doing anything he asks. Do you understand Lisa?” She nodded.

“I want you to touch me, Daddy, I am your little slut. I’m Daddy’s little slut!”

That was all I wanted to hear. I covered her vulva with my mouth entirely. She gasped when I did that. My tongue went wild, I started sliding my tongue all around her lips, up and down the crack and she tasted fantastic. I moved my mouth down to the tiny hole of her pussy at the bottom of the crack. When I did that I pulled my mouth off her completely and used both hands to spread her lips open. I looked inside and she was so tiny. I could see the barrier of her youth, set there to protect her from letches like me. Her virginity screamed at me, she groaned when I spread her lips wider and her pink insides looked so good and I licked the inner lips of her cunt and she pulled me closer by the back of my head loving what I was doing.

I slipped my tongue into her pussy lips and she started drooling more and more of her delicate juices into my mouth directly. “Uhhhh, Daddy, yes, lick me! I love it, Daddy!”

“Tell me you want more slut!”

“I want more Daddy! Your little slut wants much, much more!”

I moved my fingers into her pussy crack, trying to be gentle and not go in too deep. I moved my mouth to the top of her pussy and I found her clitoris again and she really started to squirm. “Oh, Daddy, uh, uh, uh, yes, Oh my God, Daddy, yes, you’re gonna do it… You’re gonna make me cum again Daddy… Oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh!” Lisa cried out and then with no further warning, she came. She bucked and using her feet on the bed for leverage, she bucked her hips like a tiny sexual bronco. It was all I could do to stay on her pussy.

When Lisa finished her orgasm, she fell back down on the mattress and her legs split wide and open. I busied myself cleaning up all the extra pussy juice and she let me do my thing. I spread her wider knowing just how to take her cherry if I wanted to. Her maidenhead shown loud and clear like a genuine target just for me.

I raised up and moved to her face. She cupped my cheeks with her hands and rose up and pulled herself up to kiss me. When she did, she tasted herself all over my mouth and face. She got more aggressive kissing me as she obviously loving her taste on my lips and smelling herself all over my face. She stuck her tongue all in my mouth and I loved the aggressive nature. She stopped after a minute and looked into my eyes and reaching down, she grabbed my straining cock and that made me moan.

“Oh Daddy, you are so hard. How can I help you? I want you to cum like you just made me cum. What can I do to help you feel good Daddy?” She kissed me again and started stroking my cock in her tiny hands. She used both hands to jerk me off and I groaned letting her do that. As I kissed I thought about it for the first time. I honestly never thought about her doing anything to me all week. My thoughts were always just on kissing her, licking her pussy for the first time and pleasuring her, so I thought for the moment on how she could pleasure me.

I thought she was too small to take my cock, at least yet. So I imagined her just doing what she was doing and jerking me off again like she did last time, I was so horny that wouldn’t take very long. She could also be taught to suck my dick. That would feel really good too, I thought. But then I decided that the best, most efficient way to fulfill my needs at the moment would be to simply lay her on her back and use her pussy to rub my cock on it and dry hump her. That would feel amazing, I thought and she was so wet it would make us both feel amazing. I decided on option #3.

I Pushed her down on her back again and I looked into her eyes. “Lay back and I will rub my cock on your pussy Baby. That way we will both feel really great!”

“Okay, Daddy! Anything…” she said and I loved that she said that word to me. Anything was a great word to hear her say. I moved her on her back and positioned her cunt at the edge of the bed and I lined my cock on her luscious, bulging pussy and I started slow, sliding my cock between her bold, underdeveloped pussy. It was white and amazing, her lips were so soft and I slid my head between her lips at first. I wanted to go deep and penetrate her cunt and make her a woman. It took all of my inner strength not to do it right then let me be honest.

But I stayed on the outside and she closed her eyes and let me do whatever I pleased. She was no longer on her elbows, she as on her back so I moved up and mounted her little body and started pumping her pussy sliding my huge looking cock up and down on top of her. I had a nice rhythm going and she opened her eyes and we kissed as I pumped my dick up and down on top of her.

“Daddy, Daddy, oh my, Daddy!” she groaned and hoping that I would make her cum again made the cum well up in my balls and body as I felt my orgasm building up and preparing to cum. I stroked longer and harder and then I started cumming. She looked down getting up on her elbows again and watched as I covered her pussy with my baby making batter. I splashed spurt after spurt on her pussy and the new sensation and all the added friction made her cum again this time with me. When we were done, I heard the door slam and I looked at Lisa and we both freaked. Honey? Where are you I want my Thursday night action!” she said. It was then we saw her as she looked into Lisa’s room and saw us on her bed, naked and covered in cum.

Chapter 5

“Honey, wait! This isn’t what it looks like!” I said and then realized how fucking stupid that sounded as it came out of my mouth. I looked at Lisa and she was crying. ‘Don’t worry Lisa, I will take care of this if I can.” I said as I jumped up and grabbed my clothes and said, “Go take a bath and go straight to bed!” she nodded and ran naked to the bathroom and slammed the door still crying. I went into the kitchen with my pants pulled on and buttoned up, and I pulled on my shirt. I found Alex and she was doing the dishes we left from dinner.

“Alex, don’t to that, I will clean those up,” she didn’t respond. “Did you hear me? I said stop that?” I repeated and I turned her around and she turned with my motion and then slapped me as hard as she could right in the face. Pain spread across my cheek and I put my hand on it trying to absorb the pain. “Ow!”

“You bastard! I cannot believe you did that to our little girl!” she said screaming at me and then she burst into tears. “You son of a bitch! She is only 8-years old! How could you do that to her?” I looked at her and I had no defense. I knew what we were doing was wrong, I thought about blaming Lisa, I even started to do just that, but then I stopped myself. “I’m sorry honey, I don’t know what to say to you. We started getting closer with Thursday nights together, and I didn’t know how to handle it, but I can tell you that it was all done for love, not for any other reason but for love.”

“Bullshit! Is that why I was getting so much sex with you? She would get you all worked up and then I would get all of the sex?”

I nodded, “Yes honey. Is that so bad?”

“No, it’s not, but you were just fucking her weren’t you?”

“No Alex, I was dry humping her. Nothing more. I have not put my cock inside her in any hole, no matter how much I wanted to.”


“Yes, really! We kissed, she touched me, jerked me off a few times, I licked her pussy, but that’s all. I swear!” She looked at me with a scowl that frightened me. Then she fell towards me and cried on my chest.

“I cannot believe you betrayed her like that!”

“Alex, she was an active participant. I never forced her to do anything. She felt good and I felt good. Please believe that.”

She looked at me and said, “Really?”

“I swear to you.”

She turned back and returned to the dishes and soon we had the kitchen clean in silence. I walked to the bar and asked if she wanted a drink. “Yes, I’ll have a double!” she said. I nodded and poured her and myself drinks and we went into the kitchen.

“I never told you something honey. I guess now is as good a time as any. When I was a little girl, my mother died, you knew that.” I nodded and she continued. “But what I never told you was that about a year after my mom died, Daddy started drinking quite a lot. When he did, he started going into my room at night when he was really drunk and he would watch me sleep, stroke my hair and hum little songs until he got tired and went to his room. Well, one night all of that changed and went from sweet and innocent to gross and disgusting.”

“Oh no, what happened?” I asked.

“Shut up and listen!” she said and she put me in my place. “Anyways, one night I woke up as I had several times before, but this time he was not just stroking my hair. His hand moved down to my butt and he started playing with me ‘down there’. He was rubbing my cunt and playing with my ass. When I looked over at him his right hand was busily playing with my 9-year-old body and his other hand he was jerking off.”

““What are you doing Daddy?” I asked and he never looked at me. He said just look away until I finish.” I did as he said and I started crying. Daddy finished, he must have cum so he got up and stumbled out of my bedroom. Later that night, I looked in on him and he was passed out on his bed. He seemed fine so I covered him up and went back to my bed and tried to fall asleep. Soon, that became the new normal. Whenever Daddy was really drunk, he would sneak into my room and play with me as he jerked himself off. Then as the weeks went by, he no longer made me look away. In fact, he would turn me onto my back and then he would look at me as he played with my pussy and I would watch him as he touched me. He was never very good at it, in fact, it usually would hurt me. Then one night when he was being particularly rough in my vagina, he would stick his fingers into me and sometimes he would go very deep. He had broken my cherry with those same fingers many months before then and I decided to say something to him.”

“’Daddy? Not so rough. If you do it like this, it makes me feel good Daddy,’ I said and he looked at me and instead of inserting his fingers, I had him rubbing them along my pussy and on my clitoral hood.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” I moaned and he took note of what I was doing and when I started feeling better and he was actually making me feel good instead of in pain it was better for both of us. After that, he stopped feeling like he needed to be wasted to touch me and I got used to his occasional visits. My sisters were several years younger than I was and he kept visiting me until Theresa turned 10. Once he switched to her, I turned into the mother hen. But he molested us until we were all in college.

“So did you start to enjoy it?” I asked.

“No, but I dealt with it. Don’t get me wrong, after I showed him how to make me feel good, he gave me many orgasms after that. Sometimes, I looked forward to him coming in to see me because I wanted to feel good. But then I realized I could make myself feel good and it became just one of the things Dad and I did together. No matter what though, we never spoke about it. Not even with my sisters, we have never once discussed it with each other.”

“Isn’t that strange…” I said.

“I don’t know. I never went to a support group, never have I told anyone, you are the first soul that I spoke to about this and we have been married for 12 years. But I don’t know how to feel about you and Lisa cat tailing around sneaking it. I’d rather know about it and let it be just one of those family traits that we know about. Especially if she is okay with it and we know that if she wants to stop, she just says the word and she can stop. Have you said that to her?”

“Well…no. I never have.” I admitted.

Well, let’s get her in here and let’s get it all out in the open. I mean why hide it? I can handle it as long as we are open to it all and we can all have fun together.”

My heart dropped. I was hoping that she meant what I was hoping she did. “What does that mean?”

“Well honey, that means, why should you get all of the fun. When Dad started fooling around with the girls, I took advantage too. We spent many nights crawled under the covers together kissing and fooling around with each other. Have you asked her if she would like to get me involved?”

“No,” I admitted.

“Well, then let's see what she says and let the chips fall where they may.”

“She does like the taste of her pussy though, when I ate her out tonight, she really enjoyed kissing me after.

“Hmmm…” Alex remarked. “I would like to talk to her about this, alone. You don’t mind do you?”

“No, why would I?”

“Good, she said and she left me in the kitchen after finishing her drink.

Alex went to Lisa’s room where she had already climbed into bed and closed the door and turned off the light. “Lisa?” she called as she opened the door slowly and looked into the dark room. Lisa are you asleep already?”

“Uhhh, no not yet Mommy. What’s the matter?” she asked shielding her eyes from the bright light of the hallway, her eyes were adjusted to the darkness and she could barely see the outline of her mommy’s body with the bright light behind her. Alex walked into her room and closed the door. Lisa looked at her mother, the light from the night light in her room lit her up enough so she could see her as she sat on her daughter’s bed.

“I wanted to talk about this evening’s activities with you, can I or would you rather wait until tomorrow?” she asked.

“No, I can talk now mommy.” She said and she sat up in bed.

Alex leaned closer to her daughter and hugged her quietly. “First of all, I want you to know that I am in no matter upset with you. Do you know that?” Lisa shook her head from side to side answering her mommy. “Well, I am not. I don’t blame you for anything that happened her tonight or any time before. Your father was the responsible party and you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.”

“But Mommy, what did we do that was wrong?”

“Like I said, you did nothing. Your father had no right to take such advantage of you. He should know better and I want to know some details.”

“Like what Mommy?”

“Did your father force you to do anything you didn’t want to do?” Lisa shook her head no. “Okay, did he ever make you feel like you had done anything wrong by doing the things he did with you either if you wanted to do them or if he did?” Again, she shook her head from side to side saying no. “Okay, did you father ever do anything to you that caused you to hurt? Even if it felt better later if it hurt at all, I need to know.”

“No Mommy, never?” she said and she started to cry. Daddy and I did things together and I know they aren’t right, but not once did Daddy hurt me!” she said and she continued crying and Alex pulled her face into her chest and let her cry there.

“Okay honey, it’s all okay. I just want to make sure that you are okay. Trust me when say, I understand. My father and I did naughty stuff with each other when my Mommy died that we shouldn’t have done, but my Daddy hurt me many times and I want to make sure that your father was telling the truth.”

“He was Mommy, not once, cross my heart mommy!” she said crossing her chest with her finger.

“Good.” Now I am going to let you go to sleep, we will talk more about this tomorrow night. We will discuss this then and this weekend, but keep it in mind, you are not in trouble.”

Lisa hugged her mother again and then Alex got up and went to the door and opened it up and went through it closing it behind her. Lisa fell asleep right away, her talk with her mommy made her feel lots better.

Chapter 6

The next morning, no one spoke of the events of the night before. When Alex came out of Lisa’s bedroom, she went into our room and showered then went to bed herself. We got up, had breakfast as usual then went to work and school like nothing ever happened. I had no idea what was on her mind. I worked all day, I was sort of looking forward to the night after work, I was curious what would unfold at home that evening. Alex texted me and told me she would pick up Lisa like normal and I needed to pick up something to eat. She stated bluntly, she was not going to be making dinner and I needed to get it and take care of it. SO I stopped and got a bucket of chicken and all of the fixings.

I pulled into the garage, Alex’s car was already in its spot. I parked the car remembering the night before when I fingered her to a delicious orgasm in the front seat of my car. It was her first orgasm and a sign of much more in her future. I walked into the kitchen and I dropped off the food and I wasn’t sure where the girls were. So I walked past the empty living room, then Lisa’s room that was equally empty but lights were on but I continued past it. I entered my bedroom and I heard the girls in our bathroom. They were talking and giggling and when I opened the bathroom door, I startled them a bit.

“What’s going on in here?” I asked and Lisa giggled and Alex turned and sat up in the tub.

“We are just taking a bath, we want to take a bath and get nice and clean. We’ll be out when we are good and ready darling.” She said and we will be dressed for an evening of fun and games.”

“Really? You aren’t going to call the cops on me honey?”

“No, I should but if I were to call the cops on you, I would have to call the cops on my father too. And he wouldn’t last very long in prison at his age now would he?” I shook my head from side to side and agreed with her. “So get the fuck out and wait for your girls to come out when we are damn good and ready!”

I nodded and went back into the living room. I wanted a nice stiff drink. Seeing both girls naked, wet and soapy made my cock hard as hell. I drank my drink and watched Sports Center and waited for them to come out. It was a nice long time and when they finally came out, let's just say it was well worth my while. I saw them as they turned the corner and entered the room. I turned off the TV immediately and what I saw made my erection come back in a real hurry.

Alex was dressed in a sexy pink nightgown that reached the floor. It was nice, tight and very sexy. It had a nice long slit on the side that showed her naked legs that were nicely tanned and in great shape. Alex was always fit. She did not appear to be wearing anything underneath and her supple breasts and hard nipples shown through perfectly. She gas her long blonde hair made up and her makeup was perfect. She has never looked more beautiful.

Then I looked at my sexy little daughter Lisa standing next to her. She wore, her new pink baby doll nightie and the tiny black thong under the sheer nightie that stopped above her knees and also showed off her sexy legs. It looked like her mother made her up too, not a lot, but her lips were a little pinker and shinier and she had a little blush in her cheeks. Her hair was up un my favorite, pigtails with big baby blue bows holding them up. I was very excited and could not wait to touch both of them. Lisa had also never looked better.

“So honey, what do you think?” Alex asked.

“I think I am a very lucky man and I think you both look amazing.”

“See honey?” Alex said to Lisa as she took her hand and led her to the couch Lisa sat on my lap, climbing up and sitting on my crotch and moving towards me. She sat on my hard cock and moaned as she felt it pressing on her little bum.

“Oh Mommy, I think Daddy really does like the way we look tonight.”

“You do huh? How can you tell?”

“His cock is nice and hard, I can feel it pressing against my bum Mommy.”

“Oh, that is a good sign isn’t it sweetheart?” Lisa nodded and started grinding on my hardness and she smiled as she enjoyed the feeling of my cock on her tiny pussy. With only the sheer thong between us, she looked at her mother and moved her tiny cunt back and forth on my cock.

“It’s really nice Mommy…” she said and she leaned back on my chest and continued grinding on me.

“So I take it this means you are not only okay with me and Lisa playing with each other, but you are joining in?” I said and Alex looked up at me and smiled.

“Is that a problem dear?” she asked and she came close to us and she reached down and touched Lisa’s panty covered pussy making her moan as she slid back and forth on her Daddy’s cock.

“Oh, don’t be silly Alex, I am a damn lucky man. Being blessed with such a lovely family is wonderful. I count my blessings every day.” I said and I reached around and put my hand on her flat little chest as she closed her eyes as I rubbed her nipples in my hand.

“Oh, Daddy…” she moaned as I reached under her nightie and rubbed her little nipples making them stand at attention. Alex leaned down and raised Lisa’s nightie up and she pulled it up completely exposing her titties and her tight, flat tummy. Gently, I pulled it up and over her head leaving her nearly naked in only a silk, black thong. Alex took her time, she kissed Lisa and they rolled their tongues around each other. I loved watching them kiss. Lisa always cupped her lover’s face when she kissed them. She was adorable and sexy all at the same time.

Alex broke their kiss and inhaled deeply as she smelled her. “Mmmm, Lisa you smell so good, I could just eat you up!” she said.

She looked at me and I said, “Then what is holding you back? Eat away!” I said and she got a devilish look on her face and she started moving down her slim body. She stopped at her nipples and I let them go so she could take them in her mouth. She looked into Lisa’s eyes and she sucked them one at a time making my daughter squirm on top of me. I held her on top of me rubbing her sides and listening to baby moans escape her lips as we pleasured her.

“Ohhhh, uhhhh, yes Mommy, that feels nice,” she moaned as she rolled her tongue around her tiny, pink nipples and she licked and sucked them. Alex moved down past her tummy kissing her all the way down. When she reached her pussy, Lisa turned to me and looked at me and smiled as her mother started licking her pussy. “Ohhh, Daddy, Mommy is licking me!” she said coyly and I kissed her over her shoulder.

I looked down over Lisa at her mother and smiled at her and I had Lisa’s right breast in my hand and I focused on rubbing her tiny, pink nipple. With the other hand, I rubbed her from the top of her stomach to the crown of her naked vulva which is where Alex was licking her pussy. Lisa remained on top of me and she writhed and moaned as her mother and I made her feel good. Alex reached up and pulled the tiny, black thong over her tiny hips and off. She wanted complete access to her little girl’s charms.

“Get off Daddy for a minute honey, I want him to be naked!” she said and Lisa pouted. “It will be just for a minute then you can lay back on top of him I just want to be able to see his cock while I lick your little pussy,” she said and that made Lisa get up.

“I like seeing Daddy naked!” and she jumped up and I stood up and looked at her in all of her naked glory. Once I was standing, Lisa stood in front of me and I started unbuttoning my shirt as she worked on my pants. Her mother just watched as I was undressed and she stayed put on her knees willing to watch her daughter undress me. Once my shirt was off, Lisa was still trying to get my belt unbuckled. I helped her and then I undid the top button and she slid the zipper down and pulled my pants down to my feet and then I stepped out of them.

She stood in front of me smiling as she rubbed my hard cock through my boxers and she smiled up at me. Then in one swift movement, she hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled them down and looked at my cock. She rubbed it for a second then looked over her shoulder at her Mommy and said, “All done!”

“Oh Baby, we are far from over. Have you learned how to suck your father’s cock yet?” she asked as she pulled her over and turned her around and put her back on my lap. Once she was on my lap, Lisa felt my cock under her ass, it was touching her naked flesh and she liked that.

“No, Mommy, he licked me and I played with his cock and he rubbed it on my pussy and we both came.”

“I saw that, was that last night when I found you too?”

“Yes, Mommy,” she said and she leaned back on my naked body and I put my hands back in place on her breasts and tummy.

“I will have to show you how to make Daddy feel good, he is very horny.” She said and she went back to licking Lisa’s pussy. Lisa turned to me again and she kissed me taking my tongue into her mouth and driving me wild. She reached down and grabbed my cock in her tiny hand as she rubbed it pumping her hand up and down. I was getting more and more aroused and so was she. She kissed me feverishly and I continued rubbing her tiny, hard nipples. Still kissing me, Lisa held my hand on her immature breast and with her other hand, she put on top of her mother’s head. Alex licked her pussy always looking up at her. She hadn’t eaten pussy since her college days, but she was loving it.

“Oh fuck, your pussy tastes so fucking good Lisa! Cum for me!” she begged our little girl to fill her mouth with her tasty juices. “I need you to cum for Mommy!” she said and she returned to her pussy and licked her.

“I will Mommy, I am cumming soon! Ohhh, oh, oh, ah, ah, yes Mommy!” she said and she tightened her hand on her breast and I squeezed her nipple tighter making her gasp. “Oh Daddy, I’m cumming!” she said and I smiled at her and kissed her again. “Uh, uh, uh, ohhhhhh!” she cried out and came while we kissed. She bucked and jolted her little body and Alex had to hold onto her so she didn’t get away. She drank her juice and pulled off her clit and focused don her little pussy’s hole. She never relented on Lisa’s pussy though, she continued her sexy assault and Lisa looked into my eyes and then back to her mother.

“She’s going to make me cum again Daddy!” she cooed as she sexily ground her pussy on her mother’s tongue. “Oh Gosh, yes, she is gonna…ahhhhhhh!” she cried a second time and she kissed me again as she climaxed for the second time. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, ohhhhhh, Daddy, again!!!” she cried out and my wife had her rolling in orgasm. Just as soon as she thought she was finished with the orgasm, she led right into another one, then another, and another. In the end, I lost count of how many times our little daughter came that first time with her mother, I would say over 10 times. Her mother finally stopped and I watched her rise up and settle on top of Lisa’s still spasming, panting little body. Lisa’s eyes were closed and she was out of breath. Alex dropped to her tiny breasts and licked and sucked them into her hot mouth and Lisa pulled her head into her chest loving the torture her mommy gave her.

“How was that sweetie?” she asked Lisa.

Lisa was barely able to open her eyes. When she did, her heavy-lidded eyes took in her mother’s beauty and she looked at her differently after that night. “Mommy, that was so good!” she said and immediately she closed her eyes and shuddered in sexual bliss. “Mommy, can you show me how I can make Daddy feel good? You promised,” Lisa said and my wife smiled down at her and kissed her on her supple lips.

“Of course, Baby, do you want me to show you right now?” she asked.

“Yes please, Daddy is awfully hard and I think he needs to cum too. Don’t you Daddy?” she asked and I kissed her on the lips and nodded.

“That would be great sweetheart!” I said and she looked back to her Mommy for instruction.

“”Why don’t you climb down off your father’s lap and join me here between his legs,” she said and patted the plush carpet. Lisa rose up and stood, then she turned around and joined her mother.

“I’m sure we can all figure out how to make everyone happy Mommy!” she said and she kissed her mother on the mouth seeking her tongue in her mother’s mouth.

“Hmmmm,” Alex moaned and she kissed her 8-year-old daughter. When they finished kissing Alex wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and groaned quietly. “I think you’re right, joining in with you was a better choice than calling the cops! Now let’s get started, first of all, be careful of your teeth. There is nothing worse than giving your man a toothy blowjob. You are down here to give him pleasure, not to hurt him. Do you understand?” Lisa nodded and giggled looking at me.

“Okay, so you’ve touched his cock before, right?” Alex asked. Lisa nodded and she continued, “Okay, so grab it in your hands and start jerking him off.” Lisa waited no longer than to get it into her hands and she started pumping it up and down in her hands in unison. She looked at it jacking it up and down and she smiled at me as she did it. I groaned as she began making me feel really nice. She was right when she said I was awfully hard and ready to cum, I was indeed. But I wanted her mother to teach her how to suck it before I came.

“Teach her how to suck it, honey! Just like you do it, you’re the best!” I said and that made Alex smile.

“Don’t you believe it, Lisa, all men say that anyone who is sucking his cock is the best, they always say that…” she said with a chuckle.

“No, honey, it’s just that you truly are the best!” I said.

“Awwww,” said my wife and she turned back to Lisa shaking her head.

“Like I said, don’t believe it. Are you curious what he tastes like? He has a good amount of pre-cum on the head. Do you know what that is?” She shook her head no. “That is what makes it easier for a man to fuck a woman… or a girl,” she said smiling. “It makes everything slippery. But you can taste it too, I love the way your father’s precum and cum taste for that matter. Go ahead, stick out your tongue and taste it!” she said and my daughter again wasted no time in moving up and putting the head of my cock in her mouth. She rubbed the crown of my cock with her tongue and she lapped up all of the slimy pre-cum. I could tell she tasted the tangy flavor of my cum. She looked at me and seemed to swirl the flavor around in her mouth. She smiled and went back to sucking my cockhead in her hot, little mouth.

“Oh, good, Honey, your daughter looks like she is a natural!” Alex said as she watched her bob up and down on the head of my cock taking it all the way into her inexperienced mouth. “Remember, no teeth, now go further down on him, take more of it in your mouth.” Lisa nodded looking at her then opened her mouth wider and took more and more of my meat into her mouth as she looked into my eyes and tried harder to please me.

“Oh fuck! You are doing great Honey!” I said and it was that moment I came. “Oh, fuck, yeah cumming!”

“Pull it out Honey, he’s cumming! You’ll choke!” Alex said, but my dutiful daughter kept my cock in her mouth and started swallowing. Spurt after glorious spurt shot out of my dick and into her mouth. I watched her as she took all I had to offer.

“Oh, Christ!” I said and I watched her swallow the last of my jizz. When I was finished, she pulled off my cock and smiled.

“That was yummy Daddy!” My cock was in heaven and I was ready to let her suck me off once again. But I thought better if it and her mother pulled her up and off my still stiff cock. “Let’s let your father rest and you can come back in the bathroom with Mommy and I can show you how to make Mommy feel good too! Ask your father, I just love having my pussy licked in the shower…” she said and she took her hand and led her off to the master bedroom.

Chapter 7

That night was probably the best night of my life, at least sexually. Alex and I taught our daughter the basic of oral sex for both men and women that night. Then when Alex had enough, she turned her little girl over onto her back and at her pussy as I pounded her from behind on our marital bed. Alex came several times, but our daughter came so many times that time that she passed out. Alex noticed before I did, she came so hard and then she was just a limp noodle, laying on her back with my wife’s mouth on her pussy as I pounded Alex from behind. I never stopped fucking my wife until she came one more time and I pulled out jerking off my cock. Then I moved over to our sleeping daughter and jerked off cumming all over her unconscious body until she was simply covered in the stuff.

We walked to the door wanting to have another drink, and we laughed at the fact that we fucked our daughter silly. We had one more drink then headed to bed. Alex cleaned her up and she barely moved as she washed the jizz off her naked body. Then we cuddled with her until we were both asleep.

I woke up the next morning to quite a surprise, Lisa was comfortably situated between my wide spread legs. I felt her sucking my cock as I woke up and she saw I was awake and she laughed and said, “Darn, it! I bet Mommy I could make you cum before you woke up! Go back to sleep Daddy!”

I smiled and closed my eyes and faked like I was asleep as she went back to sucking my cock in her hot, little mouth. I didn’t like closing my eyes though, I really wanted to watch her suck my dick. So I opened my eyes again and she whined slapping me on the stomach.

“Go back to sleep Daddy!” she said with a giggle and I had no intention to close my eyes again. Lifting my legs up, she crawled even closer between them and got up onto her knees as she started sucking harder and faster.

“Oh God, Lisa, you suck cock so good! Don’t stop!” I said and she laughed taking my cock out of her mouth and focused on sucking me deeper into her mouth. I was very surprised as she sucked it deeper making me groan louder and I reached down and put my hand on the back of her head forcing her to suck me deeper and faster. “Oh, fucking Christ!” I said and she ended up getting up on her hands and knees and I pushed my cock into her mouth and she took it all. She looked at me as she sucked me, on her hands and knees, she used one hand to play with my balls as she sucked my dick. I was in heaven. I didn’t want to, but she was sucking me so fucking good, I was going to cum. I think she kind of sensed it, her eagerness and her wanting to please me made me begin to cum in her mouth.

“Ohhhh, Lisa, I’m cumming!” I said and instead of pulling off she sank all the way down on it and I started blasting deep into her sucking mouth. The first load hit and she had me so deep in her mouth I probably shot straight into her tummy. She pulled off and my cock was still in her mouth. I shot a second spurt in her mouth and this time it shot into her mouth. She looked at me and I could tell she tasted it that time, she swallowed fiercely and just in time I shot another then another and she took it all. I loved that she was a swallower. Watching my little girl, naked on my bed swallowing all the cum I had to offer was amazing.

Lisa finished sucking my cock, she felt it starting to soften in her mouth. She didn’t want to stop sucking me, but reluctantly, she stopped and looked up at me from her sublime position between my legs. “Was that good Daddy?” she asked.

“Oh yes baby, that was the best!”

“Really Daddy? Really the best?”

“Oh yeah, no one has ever made me cum like that.”

She giggled and put her hand over her mouth hiding her smile from me. “Mommy was right, she said you always say that every blowjob you get was the best ever.”

I smiled at her and she climbed up my naked body and hugged me then she kissed me sexily on the lips. “Would you like me to return the favor before we go down for breakfast?” I asked.

“That would be amazing Daddy! Mommy woke me up eating my pussy, it was awesome!” she said and she rolled off me and laid back spreading her legs open for me.

“No honey, I want you to sit on my face,” I said and she smiled and sat up and rested on her knees next to me.

“That sounds fun Daddy, what do I do?”

“Just what I said, climb up here and put your sexy little pussy on top of my face. Face that way so You can look at my cock while I lick your tight little cunt, I promise to make you cum better than you have ever cum before honey,” I said and I patter on my chest with my hands trying to entice her to sit on my face. She giggled and crawled on her hands and knees up my body and she stood up when she got to my chest, turned around to face my cock and slowly, she descended her body, putting her knees on either side of my head and lowered her pussy until it was within reach of her father’s waiting mouth. I loved watching her as she sat on my face, her lovely, immature pussy. Once she was in reach, I pulled her down wrapping my arms around her sexy thighs. She relaxed her legs, spreading them wider so I could start licking.

I put my mouth over her childish pussy and I looked up at her as I licked her vulva, “Uhhhh, oh Daddy, lick my pussy!” she groaned and using her hands she spread her pussy wider for me. Now I was able to get past her fleshy outer lips and into her ripe, sweet pussy. “Oh Daddy, this is so good, just like that, uh huh, yeah!” she continued moaning as I licked and sucked her cunny searching for her tiny hole. Once I found it, I shoved my tongue as far as I could making her groan once again. Looking down, she put her hands on the back of my chest steadying herself and grinding deliciously on my mouth and lips. She guided my tongue exactly where she wanted it. I just wriggled my tongue all around her impish pussy and focused on the spots she wanted me to lick.

“Oh God, Daddy, you’re making me cum again, oh Gosh, yes, You are so much better than mommy, you are just so good, oh, oh, oh, yes ahhhhhhh!” she cried out and came hard and long on my face then her body went limp and her shoulders collapsed and I felt that she was barely able to stay on top of me. She dismounted myself and turned around and laid back on top of my chest and she kept her eyes closed and laid there for a while catching her breath. After a few moments, and I could smell the lovely aroma of fresh coffee and bacon sizzling on the stove made me get up. She joined me, we didn’t wear any clothes going towards the kitchen, little did I know that would be the norm soon enough.

Our lives changed that weekend for the better. Alex and I never hesitated to bring our daughter into our bed and we both lived to give her individual attention whenever we were alone with her. There was one territory I was not allowed to breach and that was her pussy. Alex told me that she didn’t want me to take her cherry. She said we could do anything else with her but that was forbidden. I told Lisa that one night when she and she was okay with that boundary.

Alex did continue her girl’s night out with her friends and Lisa and I were okay with that because it continued to afford us one night a week for just us. Don’t get me wrong, she loved her mother deeply and she enjoyed spending time with her as well as time with Daddy, but she really loved sex and I decided that it was time to introduce my 9-year-old girl to the wonders of anal sex. She was really great at oral sex and we both gave each other wonderful, blissful orgasms every time we were together, but she wanted more. She wanted me to fuck her in the worse way and we agreed that fucking her in the ass was going to have to suffice in order to make her mother happy.

I decided to make her favorite meal that night for dinner, it was fish sticks and fries. She decided to wear one of the outfits I bought her at the lingerie store that night, she came in the kitchen smelling the food and seeing me cooking in black silk boxers, also her favorite for me to wear. When I saw her enter the room in her tiny little baby doll nightie, shiny royal blue this time. She wore a matching black and blue thong underneath and the blouse was tight on her body. Her hair was pulled tight in two twin tails that she wore on both sides of her pretty head, that was my favorite and she knew that.

I served up dinner and we ate. We didn’t say much while we ate, I watched her and focused on her mouth and her eyes loving her sweet sex appeal. Her big blue eyes kept looking at me and she looked away and down demurely as she ate her meal. I must say, it was the sexiest meal I had in a while, my cock strained under the dinner table the entire time. I found myself looking at her body and trying to see her nipples under her baby doll. We finished and she collected the plates, I helped and cleared the table with her and when we had the table cleared and all the dishes in the sink, I went to the fridge and pulled out the chocolate syrup that Lisa used to make her favorite chocolate milk. I sat down at the table and motioned for my daughter to join me.

She sat down across from me and then she decided to stand up and move in front of me and she turned towards me and sat on my lap. “Ohhh, Daddy, you are so big and hard,” she said and she ground her tiny ass on my hard boner.

I closed my eyes loving the feeling of her sitting on my cock and I reopened them and she was a wriggly rabbit rubbing her ass all around my dick. “I want to try something different for dessert honey,” I said and she smiled at me.

“Is that what the chocolate syrup is for Daddy?”

I nodded enjoying the sensual way she teased me with her tender, young body. “Uh huh,” I said barely able to acknowledge her. She would have made me cum right there in that chair if I didn’t stop her. I picked her up off my lap and she protested.

“Oh Daddy, I was having fun teasing you!” she said and she tried to climb back on my lap.

“No honey, I want my dessert but I don’t want to get your new sexy clothes all messy, so I want you to stand there and I want you to strip for me.”

“Right here Daddy?”

“Sure honey, why not? But remember, taking your clothes off for a man needs to be slow and sexy. So take them off for me now.” I said and she giggled and jumped into the middle of the floor.

“Hold on!” she said and she ran over to the small radio that was on the counter and turned it on and found a song she liked. She turned her face and looked at me over her shoulder and she started moving to the beat shaking her hips and starting her tease. She turned around and danced back to the middle of the floor and moved her hands and arms around in a sexy rhythm. She reached under her nightie and as slow and sexy as she knew how, she pulled it up and over her head showing me her perfect, juvenile body. Her pink nipples were hard and bulging and her stomach was sexy and tight. She tossed the top towards me and I caught it and smelled the garment and rubbed it all over my face enjoying its sexy softness. Dressed only in the thong, she turned around and looked over her shoulder at me showing me her tight, perfect ass.

“Like this Daddy?” she asked as she hooked her thumbs under the tiny waist of her panties and bending down at her waist, slowly she pulled her panties down showing me her perfect pussy. Once they were at the ground she stood up and stepped out of them and spread her legs wide for me and shook her tiny ass to the music.

“Oh Pumpkin, that was so sexy, now come over here so I can have my dessert!” I said and she giggled and ran over to me and stood in front of me. I stood up and her eyes went to my crotch. Reaching out, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it in her tiny hands and her eyes lit up.

“Oh Daddy, what are you going to do to me?” she asked continuing to massage my member in her hands. I lifted her up and she squealed as her feet left the ground. She hooked her legs around my waist and she kissed me as I maneuvered her over the family dinner table and lowered her down and rested her on the table. She released me and laid in front of me on her back with her legs spread wide. She was just waiting for me to take her. “Oh Daddy, I don’t know what you are going to do to me, but do it already, I can’t take it!” she said smiling at me and she pulled her long pigtails over her shoulders and played with her long hair pulling them down over her chest hiding her perfect little nipples.

I didn’t want to speed up my pace, slowly teasing your lover was the best way to make them want more and more. Slowly, I reached for the bottle of syrup and opened the top with a little pop. “Oh Daddy, what are you gonna do with that?” she asked. I didn’t answer her with my mouth, instead, I turned the bottle over and hovered over her tiny pink left nipple and gently squeezed. The second the liquid landed on her nipple, she squealed feeling the cold liquid on her warm body. She looked up at me and said, “It’s so cold!”

“Oh your so hot, it’s warm it right up,” I said and I squeezed more directly onto her engorged nipple then I moved to the right one and did the same thing. Once it was covered in chocolate goo, I made my way down her thin frame and dribbled the syrup all the way down to her sexy little belly button.

“This is gross Daddy, you are getting that stuff all over me!” she said giggling and gasping as I filled her tiny button to capacity. Then I started descending to her luscious pussy. When I headed that way, she opened her legs and put her feet down on both sides of her ass and presented me with her untouched pussy. I squirted some at the top of her pussy where her tiny clit was hidden, then I moved down her crack pouring syrup all the way down her pussy crack and near her hole.

“Spread yourself, open honey, I want to get as much as I can inside your little pussy. I want to make it even sweeter.”

She did as I asked and using both hands, she spread her cunt open and showed me deep inside her impish vagina. I could see the barrier that protected her from her Daddy. I lowered the bottle down and when I was close enough, I inserted the tip of the bottle inside her.

“Oh!” she cried out surprised that I pushed it into her. “Be careful Daddy, if you pop my cherry with that, Mommy and I will never forgive you. I want it to be your cock that makes me a woman, not some silly plastic bottle.” She said smiling at me. With that, I squeezed the bottle filling her up with the cols, sticky substance. “Oh God Daddy, it’s all inside me. Now what are you going to do?” she said watching my next move. Putting the bottle down, I leaned down over the top of her and we kissed. She chased my tongue around with hers.

I pulled off her mouth and said, “Now I get to clean you up!” She nodded and pushed me down towards her titties. I landed on her right breast and captured it in my mouth and she gasped as I swirled my tongue all around it. She pulled my head tight to her chest and I cleaned up all of the syrup and she writhed underneath me as I moved to the other one. I gave it the same treatment and soon she was panting under me. I looked into her eyes and she said, “Don’t stop now Daddy!” I chuckled knowing that she was enjoying the little game.

I moved down her belly, licking and kissing the chocolate off her skin, I did it in small licks and long slippery ones. “Oh God Daddy, you are driving me crazy!” she said pushing my head down aiming me to her pussy. But I had to stop at her tiny belly button first. She was very ticklish and she laughed and giggled as I continued cleaning her tiny button making sure I got it all. Once she was sufficiently clean, I moved down kissing her delicate skin down her lower abdomen and Lisa spread her legs wider for me. I ended up between her legs looking at her sweet cunny. She was panting and out of breath, I kissed the top of her inner thigh where it joined her leg to her body. She took a breath, I was only inches from her pussy. I moved to the other side and did the same thing kissing the most intimate of areas and she took a sharp breath again.

“What do you want Honey?” I asked.

“I need you to stop teasing me Daddy!” she said and she watched as I came devilishly close to her pussy and then I kissed her vulva on the left side of her pussy. She closed her eyes and groaned. She looked at me and I could taste more chocolate on her pussy. I kissed the other side and she gasped again. “Please Daddy, please!” she begged.

“Please what honey?” I asked, I knew what she wanted but I liked making her beg for it.

“Please, eat my pussy Daddy! Please!” she begged and with that, I put my mouth over her delightful pussy and started licking her outer lips. I tasted both chocolate and her delightful pussy juices. They mixed to give me an exquisite flavor. “Yesssss…” she moaned and I attacked her pussy. Using her hands, she spread herself open for me and I watched her face as I licked and sucked her childish pussy. “Yes, Daddy, yes, please suck my pussy. I want to cum so bad, you are driving me wild Daddy!” she said to me and I found her little hole and I started licking and sucking all of the syrup I squirted into her. She closed her eyes and focused on nothing but the pleasure I was giving her. She bucked her hips, releasing her pussy with her hands and wrapping them around my head pulling me closer to her.

I was sucking her for all I was worth and she bucked and while I almost lost contact with her pussy, the second she realized that she pulled me into her groin and ground her pussy tight on my mouth as she began cumming.

“Oh God, yes, oh, Daddy cuuuummm!” she cried out and came filling my mouth with sweet nectar only a eight-year-old could produce mixed with the chocolate syrup, it was definitely a treat indeed. I loved it. She bucked and pulled and I remained on her pussy and she may have had more than one. I stayed on her pussy until she stopped bucking and her legs relaxed and her breathing returned to near normal. I stood up and admired my prize on the dinner table. She had her eyes closed and cooed as she began to realize where she was.

“Turn over,” I said and she looked up at me and without hesitation, she turned over and I saw her amazing ass. I wasted no time as I bent down once again and put my mouth onto her tiny, pink asshole. “Now I am going to fuck you in the ass baby, are you still on board with that?” She nodded and looked over her shoulder at me and said only one thing.

“Just don’t hurt me Daddy…” she said and I smiled and went back to licking her ass.

“I would never hurt you, Baby, I have a big bottle of lube right there on the counter for us, we will be so slippery, you’ll love it I promise,” I said and I went back to licking and sucking her asshole. When I had her moaning, I went to the counter behind me and snatched the lube and squeezed a liberal amount onto it and rubbed it all around her rosebud. She lifted her head and turned looking towards me as I rubbed it with my fingers and she moaned louder.

“Ohhhh Daddy…” I rubbed my index finger on her butt hole and once I had it nice and greasy I slid the tip inside to the second knuckle. ‘uh, oh, Daddy,” she groaned and I looked up at her and her eyes were closed tight and her mouth opened as I fingered her tiny ass. I had about half of my finger fucking into her ass at that point and she started panting. I forced more and more of it in and out of my young daughter and she had her hands flat on the counter in front of her and she spread her legs wider for me. She looked over her shoulder at me and she reached behind herself and with her left hand, she pulled her butt cheek open for me as I fingered her ass. “Uh, uh, uh, oh Daddy, that feels so naughty!”

“Oh Baby, it is naughty but you look so sexy. Does it feel good? I am fingering your little ass.”

“Oh God, yes. Don’t stop Daddy.”

“Do you want more?” I asked I had one finger completely inside her fucking it to the hilt.

“Uh, uh, oh yes Daddy,” she said and pulled it out and she gasped when I pulled out of her. I grabbed the lube and squeezed another glob inside her gaping ass before it closed up when I removed my first finger. “Oh, it’s so cold!” she cried out as she felt it go inside her. Then I added a second finger inside her ass and began working it into her tight, little ass with both fingers. “Uhhhh, yes, yes, yes Daddy!” Lisa moaned and I continued fingering my daughter. My cock strained as I witnessed her getting more and more turned on by her Daddy’s lewd activities. She kept her hand on her cheek and then she added the second one to the other cheek, spreading herself wider and wider for me.

“Lisa, your ass is ready, are you ready for me to fuck you?” I asked and she opened her eyes watching me as I finger fucked her ass with two fingers deep inside her ass.

“Yes. Yes, Daddy, I want you inside me now!” she moaned and I pulled my fingers out of her and stood up and pressed my straining hard cock against the rosebud of her tiny ass. She never took her eyes off me as I pressed my dick against her waiting hole. I pressed and I did not get anywhere. She flinched and closed her eyes tight in pain. So I pulled back and added more lube onto her puckered hole and then added more to my cock completely greasing my cock shaft and applying an extra portion to the crown of my cockhead. This time I moved a little closer, getting my cock close and pressing down and that time her asshole opened and accepted about half of my cock in one push.

“Uhhh,” she groaned, her eyes still closed tight and she took a deep breath as she took my cock inside herself. “Oh, God, Daddy, it’s so big!” she moaned still her eyes were both still shut tight.

“Oh, Fuck Lisa, your ass is so incredible, I can’t take it, it is so fucking tight!” I said and I pulled it out almost completely then slid it back inside. The tight, hotness of her ass enveloped my dick completely and it felt so good. I fucked my daughter’s ass and the vision of her spreading her butt for me as I slid my cock back and forth in and out of her tiny pink asshole was incredible. Her eyes were closed, her hands behind her holding her butt cheeks wide for me making it feel better as I fucked her.

|I reached under her and with my hand, I started rubbing her pussy. “Ohhh, Daddy!” she groaned and I gave her more pleasure as I fucked her. I wanted her to cum. I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm so I had to get her off quickly. I leaned over her fucking her and rubbing her cunny and she grunted with every stroke.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh, uh, uh, uhhhhh, yeah, uh, uh, oh my God, Daddy, ahhhhhhhhhh!” she grunted and groaned and then it happened. Lisa came as I fucked her tight ass. Her asshole clenched and grabbed my cock as she climaxed. That made me cum too. I shot my first load into her and that greased her up even more and then I was able to get father inside her. I was only about halfway inside her and she continued cumming and she was very loud.

“Oh, uh, yeah Daddy, uh, oh!” she continued climaxing and I filled her little body with all of my baby making seed. I finished and leaning down I kissed her on the back and side of her long neck. She looked at me and opened her eyes for the first time in a while and kissed me and she slid her tongue into my mouth. This made me realize she was still enjoying the fucking we just finished. Since she had her eyes closed the whole time, she made me worry she was in pain, but her orgasm and now she seemed okay. If she enjoyed it, it meant much more fucking was to come.

I broke our kiss and I asked, “Did you like that Baby?”

She was still catching her breath but when she could she replied, “Oh yes Daddy, You are so big but it felt so good. You didn’t hurt me at all. It only hurt when you first put it inside me but then it made me feel so good. Did you notice I came, Daddy?”

“Oh yes, I did notice honey. I’m so glad you liked that.”

“Can we do it again Daddy?”


Chapter 8

Alex and I learned to enjoy the new activities with Lisa over the next few weeks. Thursday night was our time and the weekends were for Alex and I to play with her whenever we wished. Alex would frequently scamper off to Lisa’s room on Sunday morning. See, we almost always had sex with her in our bed on Friday night but Saturday night we usually slept in our bed alone. But in the morning, Lisa would wake up early and slip into Lisa’s bedroom and cuddle with her. Their cuddling always turned into oral sex and as I found out from my daughter, Lisa started fingering Lisa when they were on their own. She also told me that Alex was preparing my daughter for me, she knew how much pain could be involved when she was fucked for the first time and she wanted Lisa’s first fuck to be with her Daddy and very special. So she began fingering her and she took her cherry for me. Then she fingered her every Sunday in secret stretching her so she could take my cock with ease.

Ass fucking Lisa became part of our Thursday ritual after a few weeks of letting her recover. She said it felt really good when we were fucking, but the next day she could hardly walk. I even stayed home with her that day and she was indeed very sore. I licked her to orgasm twice that day and she thanked me for making her feel better, but she didn’t feel good. Weeks later on our date night, that’s what we called it, we had already eaten and we were in the living room. I tried to watch a movie, but when she walked into the room in only her t-shirt and panties I lost interest quickly.

She was in front of me on her knees as she sucked my cock. She had her hair up in pigtails and I watched as she shoved my dick into her mouth as far as it would go. She loved sucking cock, she was jealous that her mother was able to take my entire cock into her throat, she hoped she would be able to do the same someday, but until then she was content hitting the back of her throat with the head of my cock. It wasn’t her lack of trying, her throat was just not big enough to take my cock without making her gag terribly. Her mother even tried to shove it down deep, but there was no way it could fit.

She looked up at me and bounced up and down on it and I always loved the way she looked as she served me. She shoved it in and when she hit the back of her throat, it would make her eyes water. So I watched my lovely daughter as she sucked it and tears streamed down her face. I put my hand on her face and bent my knees and fact fucked the hot little eight-year-old mouth and she just opened wide and let me ravage her mouth. She liked it when I face fucked her, she told me one time it was because I was in so much control and she liked it when I was in charge.

Soon, I was ready to fuck. But we had a process. Once I was ready, I undressed Lisa pulling her t-shirt over her head after getting her off her knees. Then Lisa turned around and spread her legs in front of me just a bit. I reached up and pulled her panties down over her slim hips and she giggled as she was exposed in front of me. She bent over and spread herself open for me. She steadied herself with the sofa and spread her legs wider for me. I moved into position behind her and spread her butt for me. She looked back at me and I licked and sucked her completely. I began with her pussy, I licked her and shoved my tongue as deeply as possible into her tiny hole her mom was stretching out for me.

Then I found her clitoris with my hand and started rubbing it making her pant and moan. I focused on her asshole for a few minutes, making sure to get as much spit into her tight little hole as possible. She loved it when I tongue fucked her ass and pussy. She loved sex. I was happy to oblige and she knew it. Soon, I was fingering her ass and pussy at the same time. I started with one finger in her cunny and she smiled and I fucked her slowly. Then I licked my middle finger and slipped it into her ass.

“Uhhh, God!” she moaned and I started sawing both fingers in and out of her simultaneously. Oh, Daddy, you make me feel so good,” she groaned. I wanted nothing more than to make her feel good. I pulled out my digits and turned her onto her back laying her on the sofa in front of me. She got comfortable on the cushion and with her legs spread wide open, she reached out for me to continue playing with her. I attacked her young pussy with my mouth, this time sucking it head on while I watched her pretty face contort and smile as I licked her tiny cunt. She loved me, she loved me, even more, when I ate her juvenile pussy. Later, she told me that I ate her pussy better than her mother did. She begged me not to tell her mother that she told me that.

I figured she was just trying to manipulate us both, making each of us feel that we were her favorite. It was something she would get very good at later in life. I continued licking her pussy and I decided it was time to fuck her again. But this time, I left her on her back and she got nervous when I reached down, grabbing my cock in my hand and aimed it straight at her tiny pussy hole. Her mouth opened and she was about to say something when I gently pushed the head inside.

“Oh Daddy, but Momma said no!” she said and I smiled down at her and leaned down and covered her mouth kissing her long and hard.

“Your cherry is already gone. She took it herself, that was all she wanted. She wanted it so I couldn’t have it. But now, why does it matter? Don’t you want me inside your little pussy?” I asked and she looked down and saw that the head was firmly inside her tight cunt.

“Do you promise not to hurt me, Daddy?”

I nodded, “Of course, Honey, I love you, I would never intentionally hurt you.”

“And you won’t tell Mommy? I mean she said, I shouldn’t let you fuck me until I was 12.”

“She did, huh? Well, sure. We can keep her in the dark if that is what you want. Does that mean, it’s okay to fuck you, Lisa?” She nodded and I kissed her again and shoved my way inside. She was hot, wet and ready. She wanted this almost as much as I did.

“Uhhhh, oh Daddy!” she moaned and I was about halfway inside her pussy. I looked down at our union and I was deep inside her, I looked back into her eyes and she was looking at my cock in her pussy too. She looked back up at me and she pulled me closer and kissed me again. This time she took the lead and sucked my tongue as I licked hers. “Ugh!” she moaned and I kissed her hard and pulled my cock almost completely out of her and slowly pushed my way back inside.

She moved her legs up my chest and I hooked her tiny ankles over my shoulders and pushed. I spread her pussy with my cock as it made its way inside her for the very first time. She looked at me as I fucked her and she pulled me by my ass grabbing each of my butt cheeks as she pulled me deeper into her. She bucked and pulled me bumping her pussy up and down on my cock.

“Oh God, Daddy, you feel so good! I can’t believe it, but you are filling me up!” she said and I pulled out then fucked her completely with my dick. I was on my knees fucking Lisa and she closed her eyes and laid beneath me naked and panting, she was loving the feeling of my cock in her pussy almost as much as she loved it in her ass. Laying down on top of her I filled her completely and picked her up. I stood there in the living room and she dropped her legs slightly and I hooked them in my arms, she hooked her arms around my neck and I continued fucking her.

“Oh God, Daddy, you are so beautiful. I love you so much, I love you fucking me!” she said and she bounced on top of me taking my cock inside her tiny little cunt completely. She was so wet, so warn, do sexy… I never wanted her to stop fucking me. We were like that for a while, I was not getting tired, instead, I was trying to fuck my daughter harder and faster. I wanted to release a load inside her she would always remember. She grabbed the sides of my face and we kissed again and that was when I wanted it all.

I released her from our coupling again and this time I let her fall to the carpet in front of me. I dropped to my knees behind her and she looked up at me and I took my cock in my hands and aimed it at her tiny, asshole. The pink muscle puckered and moved as I slid my cock on top of it.

“Yes, Daddy, take all of my holes…” she said and that made me push my dick into her willing hole. “Uhhhh, God, yes! I am your’s Daddy. I am still your slut, fuck your little girl slut Daddy!” she said and I pushed all of my meaty prick inside her tiny ass and she groaned when I did, “Oh yes!”

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her onto my cock. She threw her head back and moaned as I entered her. She loved me and she loved my cock, I was so happy, she was all mine, no matter what her mother thought, she was mine and mine alone. She gave in to her mother so we could be together. I was sure she not only wanted me, she needed me as much as I needed her. I pulled on her hair, grabbing her twin pigtails in one hand and pulled her back to meet my thrusts. That made her back twist and her flat chest was up and I used my other hand to touch her tiny, hard, flat breasts. I loved her body and I loved her immature chest. She groaned when I touched her there and she pushed back on my cock fucking me as much as I fucked her.

“Daddy, uh, uh, oh Daddy, I want you to fill me up, oh, uh, uh, I want you to fill me up.. with your cum Daddy!” she grunted and groaned and I fucked her hard. She groaned only the way that an eight-year-old girl could as I fucked her ass. She had a hand down on her pussy rubbing her clit and she knew she would cum soon as well.

“Oh Daddy, oh God, yes… FUCK ME Daddy!” she cried and she bucked and flexed, her tiny cunt was spasming and cumming as I abused her tiny little asshole for my pleasure. Hearing my daughter cry out begging me to fuck her made me spill my load. I shot load after load deep inside her bowels. She screamed as she felt me filling her up with my hot, sticky cum. I fucked her completely and left all of my jizz in her tiny ass. I finished and then pulled my cock out of her tiny hole and watched as she panted and her ass convulsed and tried to return to its normal size and shape. Some of the cum I had inserted in her leaked out and dropped to the carpet making a little pool. She looked at me and while gasping, she said, “Oh, God, I’m your’s Daddy. I am yours!”

The End

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