Sister In-Law (Wife's Sister)

Story Codes: Mf, sister, wife

A guy seduces and fucks his wife's sister.

I really can't remember when it started. Somewhere in my 8 years of marriage, though, I had become infatuated with my wife's younger sister. Twenty seven years old, with an athletic build and wonderful smiling eyes, Ginny was anyone's definition of a knockout. I was captivated by the beautiful shape of her ass, and I found myself stealing glances at it whenever I could. Wrapped in a skirt or barely hidden by a bikini bottom, my eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

Six months ago, while expecting our third child, my wife and I went on vacation to the Delaware shore. On our second weekend there, Ginny came down to join us. I can only say that it was forty eight hours of torture. Unaware of her effect on me, Ginny strolled the beach in front of me and frolicked at the water's edge with the kids. She was wearing a stone-washed french-cut bikini. Her nipples jutted through the top, and her ass appeared wonderfully inviting in the damp, clingy bottoms. I sat in a beach chair, the latest Grisham novel strategically placed in my lap to hide the swelling length of my cock. I couldn't believe it. If my wife noticed this I could end up going without sex for the rest of the millennia. Still, I couldn't stop watching.

Two months later. My wife was off on a business trip that would keep her in San Francisco for the weekend. I objected vigorously. She was, after all, now five months pregnant. She told me that Ginny had quite a few boxes to move from her old apartment to the townhouse she had recently purchased and if I was any kind of brother-in-law I would get a sitter for the kids on Saturday and lend her a hand. My objections tapered off. I arranged for a sitter and told Ginny I was available to help her move in.

Saturday arrived. I had butterflies in my stomach as I rang Ginny's bell. I realized this was approaching absurdity, but I didn't much care. She answered the door in faded jeans and a mans white oxford shirt knotted at the waist. She smelled . . . like spring. As I looked into her eyes, I realized they were red-rimmed and very sad.

"Ginny, what's wrong?" I said. "Come on inside. I'm OK, it's just that asshole John. As boyfriends go, he's a total shit."

She explained how she had walked into his apartment last night and caught him in the middle of getting a blowjob from the divorcee in the apartment below. She had really thought he was special, that he cared for her, and that he could trust her. Besides, she said, I give better head than that bitch any day.

I was in some kind of state of sexual tension. She needed comforting. I was there for her. She needed to be held. I was there for her. She gives great head . . . I was there.

"Sit down on the couch, Gin, and get a grip. You are a gorgeous, smart, sexy woman. If John cant see that then tell him to pack sand right now."

"Andy, you are so nice. How come Janice found you and not me?"

She opened her arms for a hug, and I obliged. I cradled her in my arms, gently rocking to and fro. I could smell her brunette hair and feel her breasts against my chest. She suddenly began to sob in great heaving gulps. She looked up at me, with a fawns brown eyes. I held her face in my hands, stroking her cheeks, brushing back her hair.

"I love you, Ginny."

She didnt say a word. She just arched forward, and pressed her lips against mine. Her eyes closed, but almost imperceptibly, her lips parted. I was starting to wonder, it was a very long kiss for brother and sister-in-law, when a hot tongue parted my lips. It was hers. She wanted me. My cock was already straining my shorts. I kissed her back, softly at first, but soon our mouths were mashed together as our tongues worked at each others.

She pushed me back on the couch, my back against the arm and my legs still on the floor. She broke the kiss for a moment, a long moment, and just looked at me. The her lips came down again, crushing against me.

Her legs were straddling my waist now, and I ran my hands up the outsides of her thighs, feeling their tautness. I slid them back, and had my first contact with that beautiful ass. She murmured in my mouth, just a purr really, but I understood. I slid my hands up her back, beneath her shirt. She was rubbing my hair, my face, my chest. With no bra to stop me, I slid my hands around to her breast, and took a nipple between my fingers in each hand. They were erect and hot. They felt like live nerves in my hands. I twisted slightly and pulled. She moaned in my mouth and then, suddenly, broke our kiss, stood up, and walked out of the room.

I didnt know what to do. I sat bolt-upright on the couch, rubbing my sweaty palms on my thighs. Holy shit. I am in serious trouble here. I should just walk right out now. Except my cock is so hard I can feel it pulsing. Ginny must be in a rage. My wife is going to kill me. My mother-in-law . . .Ugh God.

She walked back into the room. She came around the couch and stood in front of me. Naked. The top of her feet tan, her legs lean and brown, her stomach muscles creating an hour glass on her torso, her round tits jutting out towards me, her eyes staring at me, full of lust.

She stepped closer, and reached out to grab my hair.

"Make me feel like you make Janice feel, Andy." She whispered. "Show me how I should be treated."

Her stomach was even with my mouth. I kissed her belly button. I slid my hands around her and kneaded both cheeks of her ass. I looked up at her face. She had dropped her head back and was looking up at the ceiling. I kissed lower, and ran my tongue along the top of her black pubic hair. I could smell her pussy, and I wanted to taste it. I pulled her left leg up, so that her foot rested on the couch next to me and her legs were parted. I slid forward on the couch and ran my tongue lightly from the bottom of her pussy to the top.

"Hmmmmmmm. Don't tease me."

I ignored her. I teased her carefully with my tongue, just parting her lips and just grazing her clit. She pulled my head in tighter, wanting satisfaction. It was my turn to start giving her directions.

I pushed her back, so that now her ass was resting on the coffee table. I slid forward onto my knees and went to work on that pussy with a gusto. I began licking, slurping, and sucking as best I knew how. Her hips were rotating and pumping forward now, and there was a look of hunger on her face. But I wanted more.

"Get up on the couch, Ginny. Kneel on the couch, facing away from me."

She stood up silently and climbed onto the couch. She kneeled as I had asked, her knees spread apart, her upper body resting on the back-rest of the couch. I got up and walked around the other side of the couch. I pulled my tee shirt off, kicked off my sneakers, and rescued my cramped cock from my shorts. With no underwear on, I was fully exposed as soon as I dropped the shorts to the ground. Her concentration was fully on my member. I moved closer to her, so that my stiffness was just inches from her mouth. I started stroking myself slowly, squeezing the head on every pass. Another long, low moan came from her lips.

"Give me head, Ginny. Show me how good you are."

She reached out and grabbed my dick with her left hand and my ass with her right. She pulled me into her, sucking with delightful moistness and heat. Now she cradled by balls in her hand, weighing and squeezing. Christ. She really was good. She was good the way a woman is good when she really likes giving head. It means alot more than technique.

I took as much as I could, until I could feel the heat building in my balls. I pulled back, and she just looked up at me while shed held my cock in both hands, squeezing gently. She had a small smile on her gorgeous face.

"Dont move, Ginny, Im not done with you yet."

I moved back around the couch, and now I really had what I had been fantasizing about. There was that ass. I dropped to my knees and began to run my tongue along her lower back. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and ran my tongue right down her crack. As I passed over her anus, her back arched and her legs spread wider apart. I concentrated on her asshole, licking and probing until my whole tongue disappeared. I slid my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. It was burning. I slipped two fingers into her and she grunted loudly. I slipped the middle finger of my left hand into her ass and the thumb of my right hand into her pussy, and circled her clit with two fingers of my right hand. I worked in rhythm, and she responded to my rhythm and matched it. She was bucking and grunting on the couch now, and was twisting her nipples with her own fingers. I slipped a second finger in her ass as she began a long, drawn out orgasm.

As she came down, I stopped my hands and pushed her over roughly. My cock was aching and my mind was fogged with lust. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and that hot wet slit was ready. I pushed all the way in, and just stayed that way for a moment. Then, I started pumping, slowly at first but building up speed. Her eyes were glazed with the power of lust.

"Uggh . . .Andy . . . let me . . . uggh . . . ride . . . your . . . cock . . . uggh . . . now. . ."

I pulled out as she scampered up and made room for me to lay on the couch. The she straddled me and reached between her legs to guide my cock back into her. She lowered herself about halfway, and then all the way down, pulling my cock into her. She leaned forward, and those wonderful tits were in my mouth. I sucked and bit on her nipples, alternating one to the other, as she picked up steam and began to pump on me. She put her hands on my chest and straightened her arms, and then she squeezed and pinched my nipples as she rode me.

"Jesus Christ Ginny I'm close I'm so close I'm gonna cum" "Come with me Andy. Do it . . . come with me."

As I pistoned my hips forward to meet her she reached back behind her and started squeezing my balls. Her back was arched and her tits stuck out and her eyes were locked with mine. As I started to come, her eyes closed and she gritted her teeth. I pumped into her each time she rode back down my shaft, and her squeezing hand milked each drop from my aching balls. Finally, she collapsed forward, sweaty, hot, and wonderful.

Today. Things haven't been as awkward around Ginny since that day as I might have thought. She shares a smile with me on occasion, and that feels good. Shes hoping to find a new boyfriend. Im hoping to stop dreaming about her. It's only worse now that Ive had that ass for real.

(I found this story on from 2001. It didn't say the author, but I liked it.)

About Amy

I'm a midwestern girl who lives in the big city now. People here think I'm so sweet & innocent, but I've always had a secret obsession with adult stories and now I've started writing some of my own. I hope you like them. I have a lot of different fantasies and fetishes. I hope to share them with you soon.

I get this alot, so I'm telling you now Amy Fox is just my pen name (of course.) For those who want to know, in realy life I'm in my mid 20's and work as an illustrator. (I learned web page design in college. I'm glad it's finally coming in handy :) When I'm not working (or surfing the internet for dirty stories when I should be working ... lol) I enjoy cooking, travelling and staying active ... in that order. If I could just find someone with the same 'real life' interests as me and someone who apreciated my fetishes, I'd be set!

xoxo Amy

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I finally starred in my own I felt so sluty, just like the girls in my stories! . My stage name is Daisy. Search for it.
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