Andrew Webber (Webmaster)
The Kristen Archives

(Pardon any typos, I've had to proofread this myself, and you know how that goes.)

Some of you may think I'm totally off base when I say that this archive is maintained as a public service. But that's exactly how I see it.

Over the years since I became the Webmaster for The Kristen Archives I've received many letters telling me how much enjoyment the reader has experienced from the stories, and some complaints about the subject matter too.

I know that saying this archive is a public service when some of you would say it's nothing more than pornography is quite a statement. But for a portion of our visitors, erotic stories are, or have become their total sexual experience.

A few months ago I received a letter from a 54-year-old man and after asking his permission I want to share his story with you. His experience strikes at the heart of the archive philosophy, and for that matter, my reason for maintaining this archive.

Dear Webmaster
February 14 2003

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your efforts and to tell you that this archive has made my life and relationship with my wife a lot easier to take.

My wonderful wife experienced a condition called vaginal atrophy about 5 years ago. This condition makes intercourse painful for her and I've been as good as celibate ever since.

I tried other forms of sexual contact like heavy petting, lots of foreplay and even simulated intercourse with my sweetheart. She tried to please me but sexually we drifted apart.

What was I going to do? Was I going to go without sex for the rest of my life? I suppose I could look for sex elsewhere, I could cheat. I could even pay for it I suppose. I knew that cheating would ruin our relationship because I'm not the kind of man who can do one-night stands. If I cheated with another woman I would become involved with her.

I also knew that paying a prostitute to relieve my needs was a dangerous proposition and I didn't really want to take the chance of a sexually transmitted disease. But I knew that if I didn't do something I'd end up exploding.

Then I came across The Kristen Archives. What a wonderful thing it was too. All of a sudden I had a world of sexual experiences and fantasies at my fingertips. I've masturbated to stories on this site so many times I've lost count. I can put myself into each situation and experience things I would never have the nerve to do in real life.

It occurs to me that the amount of people who masturbate to stories on this site must be staggering. I noticed the hit counter on the main page and it's showing over 44 million visits. Just imagine the amount of cum that has produced. It boggles the mind.

I've been visiting this site for over two years now and the stories have helped me to live with our lack of sex. I love my woman, and I feel that a real man should stand by his wife even when things aren't going well. The Kristen Archives have made my situation easier to take, and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.

A faithful reader,



I am troubled that younger folks who should be playing out in the sun, or who should be experiencing adolescence, are viewing this site.

Because of the founding principles of ASSTR, The Kristen Archives are a free access - no password - archive and, that in its self makes it available to anyone, including underage visitors. But freely accessible, non-censored content is what makes this site a real resource for someone just like Art.

This conflict will continue until technology has become sophisticated enough to sort out younger people from the people who are old enough to understand what erotica is, and who are able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

We have registered the site with all the major blocking services, and hopefully parents have become a bit more sophisticated about computers and Internet services. (If you have children, hopefully you're taking advantage of your ISP parental controls.)


I've also gotten complaints from readers about subject matter that offended them. I know that some of the contents in our archives are about subjects that could and maybe should offend people. But when reading erotic fantasies, sometimes the outrageous and weird is a real turn-on even to the law abiding normal person.

I have to take it on faith that our readers for the most part can distinguish between what can be performed in real life and what cannot. I have no intention of restricting the contributing author's content. As a matter of fact, if it ever becomes necessary to do so because of changes in the laws, I'll take down the archive and walk away from it.

All I can advise those who are offended by a particular subject, pass it over, ignore it. That's why every story has codes to let you know what it contains.

If you think there are too many incest or non-consensual stories being posted, keep in mind that fantasy is fantasy and sometimes it's good to have an outlet for ones fantasies other than in real life actions. If you like, you can always write a story about what you think is sexy and that contains subject matter that you feel is acceptable.


I felt it necessary to offer my personal philosophy to the readers simply because I've been getting questions and complaints and I feel that this letter will answer most of them adequately. Also there are probably many readers who would have written but didn't want to unlurk, so hopefully the above information will answer their questions too.

A Webber (Webmaster)
The Kristen Archives

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