I'm a long-time lurker and consumer of erotic stories who finally got the urge to explore some of my own fantastical ideas in late 2013. I neither condone acting out the stories I describe nor encourage anyone to try anything in my tales. I write pure fiction and expect the reader to understand the difference between controversial literature and crossing unacceptable lines in reality.

My Primary Story Codes: Mf MF Mff MFf MFg MFfg anal creampie inc father/daughter mother/daughter

Often, my approach to the 'payoff scene' (for instance, a father and daughter's first time together) will not happen quickly, but there is usually a great deal of sexual content, including at least one sex act of some kind, in most every chapter.

I tend to serialize my stories, breaking them into many chapters. With some series already well over 100,000 word counts (and one, Shipwrecked, now heading towards 500,000), I think this makes it easier to story code the content and help readers pace through the narrative.

I only post my works on the Web side, the FTP in not in use because I like using italics and bold fonts and style sheets.

Most of my stories involve teen or late-preteen girls at some point. These are not the A-type nympho stereotypes often found in these sorts of tales. I like to include a romantic element in these story lines. Frequently, my narratives also involve anal sex, incest, and/or pregnancy. The vast majority of my stories are heterosexual males with heterosexual or bisexual females, though instances of lesbian encounters are explored at times. I tend to populate my stories with few males and many females.

A few (not all, and not my main stories, such as Shipwrecked and Flower Petals) of my stories include scat in them. Scat stories will always include the 'scat' keyword and the Author's Intro will also provide notice of this fetish content. Scat usage tends to be the act of shitting solo or during a sexual act, and in a few story lines, sometimes a bit more. Eating, smearing, and other types of more aggressive scat play are not what I enjoy reading or writing, so only very, very rarely will my scat stories involve those acts. Some stories do not feature full scat but do involve some dirty anal, dirty ass-to-mouth, dirty anal cum, and/or soiled panties: a scene where fecal matter is present. These will be noted with the 'mild scat' keyword.

My stories tend to focus on soft touches, difficult intimate choices, the rush and confusion of new experiences, and the sounds and smells of sex. Smells feature prominently in most story lines, things like the aroma of anal sex and wet pussies, dirty panty sniffing, and unwashed genitals.

Most of the story lines feature several characters and important relationships, so to provide some clarity on who is who in each plot, I often include a Chapter Cast list at the beginning of each chapter.

I generally like reading and writing erotica where characters are mostly content and enjoy the experiences, even though they may battle deep conflicting emotions and struggle to understand those experiences. This is about escape to Fantasy Land, not a road map for reality.

Thanks for reading my profile and if you like my stories, please contact me below or through the comment form on each story or index page. I love hearing from readers!

Chase Shivers (web)

Last updated: 2016-06-16

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