I grew up in a small house in a suburb of Detroit. It was just mom and me and my 13 year old sister Danielle who we affectionately called Danny. Mom worked for Ford Motor Co. on the third shift, which was 10 pm to 6 am. She installed the interior door panels on Mustangs and always hoped to buy one someday. Until then, we were content in our used LTD station wagon complete with fake wood on the side. Danny was always embarrassed of the wagon but I liked the rear seat and all of the room it afforded.

Being fourteen and having to share a bedroom with my younger sister was a huge drag, especially when my friends came over. Fortunately, Danny was the cutest girl in school and my friends always wanted to come over after school to study Danny.

Mom would tuck us in at 9:30 and remind us that Aunt Debbie was only a block away if something was wrong. She would kiss us goodnight and leave the house by 9:45 to get to the plant by 10:00.

Often Danny and I would get out of bed and watch tv in mom’s room which had a king size waterbed and a vcr. Danny would pretend that she was grown-up and this was her bed and would writhe around in her panties and t-shirt on the silk sheets. I was usually transfixed on Leno or Letterman.

This changed one night when I happened to press the play button on the vcr and a sex tape began to play. Danny laying next to me in her pink panties and tiny white t-shirt became silent and still as the man on the screen licked at a young lady’s pussy before turning her over and pushing his cock in from behind. “Are they fucking?” Danny asked. I said, “yea, he’s fucking her pussy.” Danny said, “I wish somebody would fuck my pussy.” I looked at her and she had one hand in her panties and was fingering herself. Her tiny nipples were poking through her t-shirt.

The man on the screen pulled his cock out of his lover’s pussy and was now pushing it into her mouth. “He’s gonna come, I said as Danny watched the man’s swollen cock pump the young girls mouth full of hot cum. Danny was breathing heavy and I could see her body quiver. “What does a boy’s cum taste like?” I could smell her ripe young cunt from across the room. “It’s salty, I think.” I said as the woman on the screen spit the man’s cum back into his mouth.

“Did you ever imagine me sucking your dick like that David?” Danny said. “Have you ever thought about fucking your little sister? “You know mom leaves us alone every night and you could easily make me do anything you want. You could easily rape me.” The sad truth is that I thought about it constantly. I would masturbate with her dirty panties on my face. I would follow her to the bathroom in hope of smelling her taking a shit. I fantasized about sucking her hairless pussy since she was eight.

“As a matter of fact Danielle, I have thought about it. I have thought about climbing into your bed in the middle of the night and pushing my hard cock up your tiny ass. I have thought about waking you up in the middle of the night and fucking your hot little mouth.”

“Oh David, I want you to be the first to fuck me. I want you push your dick in my butt, too.” The tape ended and the tv and the room went dark. I leaned over and kissed my little sister’s mouth. The feeling of her little tongue in my mouth set me off. “David, she said urgently. I need to go poop before we do this.” She was face down on mom’s bed with her ass in the air. I said “Danny darling, I want you to poop in your panties just like when you were a baby and I would change your diaper.” I pressed my face against her pink panties and she moaned “I’m gonna shit in my panties, David. Will you clean my bottom?” “Of course, sweetie” I replied as I slid a finger up my kid sister’s cooze. Danny grunted as she unloaded in her panties. I caressed the squishy mound and she asked me a question that took me by surprise. “Will you feed it to me David?” I pulled her panties down and grabbed the small ball of shit from my sister’s ass. “You want to taste it?” I said as I lovingly placed it in her open mouth. She closed her lips around the tiny turd and spit it back into my hand. “Fuck my bottom, David. Fuck me real hard.” Danny begged, pulling her stained panties off and offering me her dirty little ass. I rubbed my handful of saliva and shit on my cock and slowly began entering my sister’s ass. I told her to relax and to push like she was going poop. Her sphincter relaxed and I was soon able to thrust in and out with little discomfort to the girl whom I loved above all others.

Mom’s bedroom quickly began to smell of sex and shit and her silk sheets became increasingly soiled, for every time I pulled of Danny’s butt there was a small eruption of feces and semen. When mom came home we had to tell her that the cat shit on the bed and she had to take her fancy sheets to the cleaner. Later, Danny and I were careful enough to get dirty in the bathroom and sometimes we fucked in the bathtub until four or five in the morning and would clean up and erase any trace of our dirty incest before mom would come home.

Twenty years later, Danny and I still regularly meet at a hotel for a weekend of dirty incest fantasies. Every night, I dream of the next time I will taste my kid sister’s ass and she and I will be lovers again.

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