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The Other Tom Brown's Schooldays

(Eunuch version)


In the England of 1803, the newly orphaned ten year old Tom Brown is sent off by his uncle to a 'distant and cheap' boarding school for boys ages 10 to 18. A school where uncaring parents send their boys to be 'out of sight and mind' and the boys are a 'perk' to keep the underpaid staff happy and loyal. Liberal corporal punishment, sexual abuse, and humiliating public nudity are all mainstays of the curriculum.

Publ. Oct 2001-Apr 2002 (Eunuch); this site Jul 2007
Finished 42,500 words (83 pages)


Tom Brown (10yo)

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If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.
If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?
This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.
It is just a story, ok?

Archivist's note

For those not familiar with English classic literature: Thomas Hughes' classic novel Tom Brown's Schooldays was published in 1857, and deals with life at Rugby School in the 1830's. Hughes himself was educated at Rugby under Dr. Thomas Arnold, and many people have supposed that he himself was Tom Brown. The novel describes the schooldays of the eleven-year-old Tom Brown, who after his arrival is looked after by a more experienced classmate, Harry "Scud" East [Christopher West in Pueros' version!]. Tom and East become the targets of a bully named Flashman [in Pueros' version Flashmale / Flashmember]. A summary of this story you'll find on Wikipedia.

There are two versions of this story. The first one – starting on this page – was first published on the Eunuch Archive in 2001-2002, and includes, as the theme of that archive prescribes, the castration of a minor boy.
In 2005 Pueros started a revised version for Nialos Leaning. This version will not include castration, and includes many new scenes. It is, however, not yet finished.


If you don't like the castration theme, click here for the Nialos version. Otherwise, scroll down and start reading this page.

Table of Contents

Eunuch version

1 - Conspiracy
2 - Arrival
3 - Introductions
4 - Initiations
5 - Lessons
6 - Examinations
7 - Chastisements
8 - Studies
9 - Balls
10 - Fags
11 - Sports
12 - Christmas
13 - Heirs
14 - Geldings

Nialos version

1 - Conspiracy
2 - Arrival
3 - Introductions
4 - Initiations
5 - Lessons
6 - Examinations
7 - Chastisements
8 - Studies
9 - Balls
10 - Fags
11 - Sports
12 - Christmas
13 - Hogmanay
14 - Newts
15 - Birthdays
16 - Cellars
17 - Arches
18 - Herodotus

Chapter 1

A youngster's boyhood seems threatened in more than one way!

(London, England, September 1803)

"Have him castrated!" suggested the conspiratorial solicitor.

"Don't be ridiculous," retorted the conspiratorial uncle, "you can't unman an English public schoolboy."

"You forget," replied the solicitor calmly, "I know the school doctor very well. We shared lodgings at university and became, er, quite intimate. I know that, for an appropriate fee, the good doctor could discover, during the checks of the pupils' genitalia that he conducts regularly, especially those on the prettier specimens, some horrible infection affecting the boy's organs. You, as the orphan's kind and caring guardian, would be compelled to authorise immediate emasculation to save the lad's life but, alas, not his reproductive capacity. The boy will therefore be unable to fulfil the terms, laid down in his father's will, necessary to acquire the huge fortune that represents his inheritance. He will be incapable of propagating the family line with which his late father was so strangely obsessed that the lad was required to marry and produce a male heir before he reached twenty-five years of age. The money and property would then pass to your own son instead if he can accomplish the deed."

The uncle thought about his rather effeminate offspring, now at Eton, and asked "What if his tastes disincline him to such a feat?"

"That would be no real problem," responded his co-conspirator confidently, "I'm sure that, for a tiny proportion of the fortune, a compliant wife and miraculous baby boy could be produced to prove his manly virility. They could be quietly paid off and divorce affected once the formalities had been completed and the money was in your hands or, should I say, those of your son."

The uncle smiled for his submissive son would receive only what his father allowed. "Ingenious!" he remarked. The solicitor, smirking in anticipation of another large commission for his advisory services, asked "Do you therefore want me to arrange the boy's castration?"

"Yes," responded the happy uncle, "but not yet. I would love to be present when it's done to the spoiled brat. However, it's a 3-day journey to the bleak school, of which you speak, although I was happy to accept your recommendation to use it. It was certainly the cheapest that I could find that still complied with the requirements of his father's will for a public school education for the brat. As you know from your share, that handily leaves much of the substantial allowance, received from the estate for the boy's upkeep, left to compensate me for the time and trouble I spend, as the brat's guardian, considering his welfare." Both men laughed before the uncle continued " Allowing a day's stay in the remote location whilst the task is carried out, it would be a week away from London to view the delicious spectacle and I can't afford that time at present. Therefore, leave him be for the moment. I'll let you know when I can travel!"

Chapter 2

(Northumberland, England, same time)

Tom Brown had just been delivered, by one of his guardian's servants, for the first time to Soddomhall School, two miles from the village of the same name. It was a large residential establishment for the sons of less wealthy gentry, located in a remote part of the desolate Northumbrian countryside because the property, a former stately home fallen on bad times, had been cheap. It consisted of a large red brick four-storey building surrounded by small out-buildings and playing fields, beyond which was woodland. Access was via narrow winding tracks. It was home for most of the year to almost 650 boys, aged from 10 to 18, and a staff of 30, strangely all unmarried men. The majority of the boys returned home for the main holidays at Christmas and Easter and for the long summer break. However, some stayed at the school all of the year. These were usually sons of families serving abroad in the army or navy, or for such concerns as the East India Company, or orphans whose guardians did not want to bother with them. Tom was to be in the latter category for his mother had died whilst giving birth to him and his father more recently of fever.

Tom had just turned 10 years of age. He had straight brown hair and hazel eyes. Even the deep sadness that he felt at the sudden awful change in his fortunes could not disguise his beauty for he had the face of an angel. He had arrived at the school later than most of the other new intake of about seventy 10 years olds and found himself in the headmaster's study with just one other newcomer, a pretty fair-haired lad with blue eyes. The two side-walls of the room were taken up with ceiling-high bookcases full of worthy tomes and most of the wall behind the headmaster comprised a large bay window, overlooking a vast grassy playing field with trees beyond. However, both boys had shuddered when they noticed that the wall behind them was home, both sides of the central entrance door, to several paddles, straps, canes and even whips hanging from hooks.

"Flashmale here will take you to your new dormitory, which you will share with those other new boys who do not return home for holidays;" announced Dr. Strapam, from behind his huge wooden desk, at the end of his welcoming talk, "he will later show you round your new environment and introduce you to some of its ways, traditions and personalities. I'm sure that you will enjoy your 9-year stay with us and will learn much. I look forward to becoming more intimately acquainted with you both later. You may go. You'll take good care of our new pretties, won't you, Flashmale!" For some reason, both boys did not like the new title awarded to them by the middle-aged headmaster, nor the smirk borne on his rather ugly face.

Flashmale replied only with a smile and escorted the two new boys out of the room. "Leave your bags where they are;" commanded the 18 years old, "the headmaster will look after them, for you won't be requiring the contents. Now, follow me!" Flashmale was really looking forward to the year ahead, the last of nine that he would spend here as a pupil although he had ambitions to stay on as part of the staff. Flasmale had finally reached a position from which he could exact revenge for all the humiliation and abuse, both physical and sexual, that he had suffered over the previous eight years. These two handsome 10 years olds looked as if they would make ideal material on which to start. As well as their pretty faces, he particularly liked the appearance of the sweet round mounds that comprised their bottoms, the deliciously curvaceous shape of which was delightfully revealed by the tight breeches they wore under their under-sized jackets. Flashmale's smile broadened when he thought of what he and others would do to those bums over the years ahead.

Flashmale escorted the two youngsters, very uneasy at leaving behind the carpet-bags that contained their soon-to-be sold spare clothes and other personal possessions, along a myriad of cold unwelcoming corridors and stairwells, quiet at this time of day because most pupils were at lessons of one kind or another. The threesome eventually came to a third floor passageway with many doors and passed through one. Inside was the newcomers' new dormitory, empty because the other 14 occupants were currently elsewhere. It was a long room with a tall window at the far end and 8 beds spaced evenly on either side. Each bed had one pillow, clean but off-white with age, and, neatly folded on top, several similarly clean but old blankets. A small narrow wardrobe was to the left of each bunk.

Flashmale showed the boys to their own beds, adjacent to each other and nearest to the door on the righthandside. "You make your own beds every night and leave them like this every morning" he informed the newcomers. You will find everything you need for your life here in your wardrobes. Please remove your clothes and put on the garments in the wardrobe, which should fit. You see, Dr. Strapam likes all pupils, except those in the final two years, to have a uniform appearance. I shall return in about half an hour to collect what you have discarded. Like the contents of your bag, you won't be needing them again. Once you're dressed in your new attire, I'll introduce you more fully to your new world."

When Flashmale had gone, the disconsolate 10 years olds both sat on their beds facing each other. Tom saw tears begin to form in his companion's eyes and asked what was wrong. "I want to go home," groaned the boy, "I want my mother and father alive again and be with them in our lovely house in Yorkshire. I'm now so alone!" Tom deeply sympathised with the sentiment and replied "Well, I feel the same but it can never happen. We're here, so let's make the best of it and you're never alone if you're with a friend." Tom reached his right hand out towards his soulmate, into the 1-yard gap that separated the beds, and said "I'm Tom Brown, it's nice to meet you!" The other boy wiped his tears away before extending his own hand. "I'm Christopher West," he declared, cheering up a little, "it's nice to meet you too!"

"We'd better see what they want us to wear," advised Tom, and both boys stood up to look inside their wardrobes. It seemed that their attire was to consist of simple buttoned grey shirts with black shorts, underpants and socks and, a rare luxury for the school, black leather shoes. There were also black bobbled caps and short string ties. They were all laundered but had clearly been used previously. "They look a little on the small side to me" suggested Christopher. "We won't know until we try them on" advised Tom. The boys smiled at each other and began to take their jackets and footwear off.

As both boys were inherently shy, they turned away from each other when it became time to remove their shirts and breeches but could not avoid having quick regular sneak peaks at the other whilst doing so. Both experienced tingles in their groins when the other's underbreeches had to be removed to be replaced with the black underpants, and both felt that their new friend's briefly revealed light pink bum was very nice.

When they had finished, the duo looked at each other and laughed but uneasily. Their shirts, shorts and underpants were all very tight and displayed the immaculate contours of their bodies to perfection. The very short shorts were particularly revealing for they extended no lower than the groin and were sufficiently close fitting to highlight the curves of their buttocks and the bulge created by their genitals. However, both boys thought that the other looked very exotic in the uniform and felt the tingling in their loins intensifying.

Flashmale then re-entered and inspected the two new boys, having them turn slowly before him so that he could feast his eyes on their sublime forms. He considered them more erotic than exotic, a feeling illustrated by his hidden erection. 'Yes,' he thought to himself as he temporarily departed with the boys' old attire, which would be disposed of, along with their other possessions, at the next weekly market in the village, 'I'm going to enjoy the next three terms.'

Chapter 3

Tom and his new friend are introduced to school life.

(Northumberland, England, September 1803)

Dr. Strapam, whose Oxford doctorate was in theology, actually ran Soddomhall School very well, sustaining economic soundness and good scholastic accomplishment despite the low fees. He had achieved this by various means. The large number of boys, sent by parents grateful to pay bargain rates for such an academically successful establishment, had brought economies of scale. The Doctor had obtained property that was very cheap to buy, because of its desolate location, and to run because he paid poor remunerations, even by the standards of the time. He also employed comparatively few staff for such a large and complex facility, compensating by utilising pupils to help with chores. However, the low wages had had no affect on the quality of the exclusively residential male staff, many of whom were former pupils, for they had eagerly sought positions here because of the other rewards that were on offer. In fact, Dr. Strapam had been spoiled for choice.

The good Doctor himself was happy not to seek great profits from his enterprise for there were plenty of non-pecuniary riches to keep him more than satisfied. Amongst these was the maintenance of a strict disciplinarian regime in respect of the boys to ensure that they upheld the required standards in their lessons and other work, as well as in appearance and behaviour. Such an atmosphere was very much to his tastes, especially when the prettier of his charges occasionally lapsed and needed appropriate chastisement.

The eighteen teaching staff, excluding the headmaster who only taught as part-time cover, comprised four Housemasters and twelve Form-masters, giving a ratio of 1 teacher to roughly every 36 pupils, so the sizes of the two classes per age-group were large. The eleven ancillary staff were made up of three cooks, two caretaker/handymen, two laundrymen, two groundsmen, a clerk and a physician, who also acted as the part-time Master of Natural Science. The prettiest of the boys would only assist the ancillaries in their work as punishment for they were usually assigned other, more personal, tasks.

Dr. Strapham's fetishes had encouraged him to introduce certain innovative customs into the school including, despite the cost and his normal thrift, the luxury of providing the standard uniforms, which were unusual for the period. Adding to the expense and rarity was the fact that two sets were issued to every boy and they could each be worn for only one day, before being laundered, because the headmaster insisted on cleanliness, again unusual for the times. Parents had been asked for their children's measurements before they started so that appropriately sized garments could be secured, in readiness for their arrival, from the vast collection worn by earlier pupils, who had either outgrown them or left the school.

Tom and Christopher had just discovered this particular practice and would soon learn about the others, some much less agreeable, as Flashmale returned from his errand and began to show them the key elements of their new home. First, he told the newcomers that they should not be wearing their bobbled caps at present. They were for special occasions and should therefore be returned to the wardrobe for now. Second, he discussed their dormitory. He suggested that the boys established a rapport with the other 10 years old residents because they were likely to be sharing this room with most of them until 1812. All the boys were responsible for its cleanliness and tidiness, under the direction of the dormleader, already appointed by the Housemaster. All the tools required were located underneath some of the beds. They were also obligated to ensure that social order amongst themselves was maintained. There were punishments for any infractions. Both Tom and Christopher immediately thought of the devices they had seen on the headmaster's wall.

Flashmale continued by reiterating that they were responsible for making their own beds every night and unmaking them, in the manner already shown, every morning. They would take their blankets and pillowcases to the laundry every Friday evening and collect washed replacements. He advised the boys about the daily change of uniform, informing them that, as they would be allowed to sleep only in their underpants, they should place that day's attire in the laundry basket, located in their toilet/bathroom, before retiring. The baskets would be taken to the laundry the following morning by two boys, nominated by the dormleader, and they would return with the second sets of clothing, cleaned the previous day. The boys' shoes should be cleaned by themselves whenever needed for it was essential that the footwear was kept spotless.

"I'll now show you the other locations in the school that will play an important part in your lives from now on," declared Flashmale, who proposed to repeat the discourse that he had made to the newcomers who had arrived on time, "so follow me!" The threesome went through the dormitory door into the corridor. "This passageway, and another that runs to the right at right angles at the bottom there," continued Flashmale, pointing to the right, "represent the accommodation provided for the boys of Phaeton House, now your own. There are four Houses within the school and the others are named 'Adonis', 'Ganymede' and 'Narcissus', all beautiful youths in Greek mythology." Flashmale paused to see what reaction this latter revelation caused in the latecomers and was happy to detect a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. He recognised the former from their blushing and the latter from their eyes.

"You are expected to take almost as much pride in your House as you do your School;" advised the 18 years old, "each contains about 160 boys and the Houses exist to foster healthy competition amongst us all, both in study and play. Phaethon is made up exclusively of those lads who live here all year and we take particular pleasure in proving to the other, mother-pampered, pupils that our House may be last alphabetically but is first in everything else. You will both be counted on to keep up this proud reputation. There are eight other dormitories within the House, one for each year. They're all similar to your own with between 15 and 25 boys, depending on the nature of yearly intakes. As well as these, there are, around the corner, the Housemaster's and Senior Houseboy's rooms."

"Who and what is the Senior Houseboy?" interrupted Christopher. "This year, I am," Flashmale proudly answered, "I am responsible, under the direction of the Housemaster, for the efficient running of the House. I am also School Headboy." He did not tell the 10 years olds that he had obtained the posts for the next three terms because he had been one of the favourite bed companions of both the Headmaster and the Housemaster for a lot of the time he had been at Soddomhall. At 18 years, the handsome dark-haired, brown-eyed youth still served both men, even the former who usually preferred younger boys. His face and body had maintained their lovely smooth boyish looks, the latter helped by supplementing the daily shaving of his chin with similar attention to his armpits and genitalia. The rest of the young man's torso would remain naturally smooth for several more years.

"You will therefore call me 'Sir', as is custom, when you address me," announced Flashmale, "as you have to do to the ancillary staff and Boyprefects. The latter, of whom there are traditionally nine per House, selected from the final year, help each Senior Houseboy by keeping an eye on a dormitory each. I shall introduce you to your own dorm's Prefect later. The teaching staff you will call 'Headmaster', 'Housemaster' or 'Form-master', depending on their positions."

"Sorry, sir," said Christopher respectfully, not wanting to cause offence to such an important person. "You're excused your mistake on this occasion," replied Flashmale, "I anticipate them from new boys but you must learn to correct them quickly because, once you've been told something, you're expected to remember it and you won't be forgiven next time. It is one of the reasons why I, and not your Prefect, have personally taken on the task of introducing our House's new boys to the School. I want you to be well versed in what to expect and do so in order that the traditions of Phaeton will be continued during the year that I am Senior Houseboy."

The threesome next entered the door directly opposite that of their dormitory. The large room inside was the toilet/bathroom. The big laundry basket, to which the Headboy had referred, was next to the door on the left along with another. A further basket was on the right. The toilet arrangements began with the left wall, which had a urinal channel at its foot. Water streamed constantly from a pipe above into this channel, and ran away down a hole at the far end. It was supplemented nearby by a long line of chamberpots, the contents of which would be emptied down the urinal outlet. Each chamberpot had a clean cloth inside, for an obvious purpose and which were placed in the other leftside laundry basket after use. There were four large stone baths against the right wall, with cheap but effective soap on the surrounds and, on nearby rails, plenty of clean towels, for which the third basket had been provided.

As Flashmale was describing these facilities, he declared "I'm afraid only cold water, for the Headmaster believes that a daily cold morning bath helps not only to cleanse a young body but to invigorate it for the tasks ahead!" Both newcomers looked appalled and the Headboy failed to assuage any of their misery by adding "Don't worry, you'll become used to it, even at the height of winter when you might have to break the ice to get in! Sometimes far worse are the morning runs for which you'll only wear your underpants. Unless the Physician excuses you, and you have to be dying for that to happen, or you have authority to perform other tasks, the first thing you'll do when your arise at 6 o'clock will be to go on a three-mile run on a standard track through the surrounding woods. The Prefects from the four Houses take weeks in turn to stand at different parts of route to make sure no-one cheats by taking shortcuts. If you want to have breakfast, you'll need to complete it, have your bath, get dressed, pass a Prefect's inspection and make the schoolhall, all by 7 o'clock. You're expected to run every day, Christmas and other holidays included, regardless of the weather. The Headmaster believes in keeping boys fit and hardy!"

Tom and Christopher remained aghast but said nothing. Flashmale recognised their horror for he had felt the same when he had first been told these requirements eight years previously. Since then, he had made the run almost 3000 times for he had rarely been excused, even after a severe beating or spending the night with the Headmaster, both of which sometimes occurred simultaneously. He remembered several times when his bum had been so sore and bloodied that he had been forced to run without underpants, much to the amusement of others. On one of these occasions, he had had to run naked through a blizzard although, to avoid hypothermia, the route was considerably shortened for all participants, a rare exception to the rule that the full distance had to be completed. The Headboy, whilst looking at the two newcomers, was also thinking that the 10 years olds could now look forward to plenty of these sort of pleasures over the forthcoming years.

"There are three toilet/bathrooms like this within the House," continued Flashmale, "each shared by three dormitories. Yours is also used by the 13 and 16 years olds. You will notice how spotlessly clean it is. It is the responsibility of the youngest age-group to keep it that way. Now let's progress to the schoolhall."

The Headboy led the newcomers along another myriad of cold unwelcoming corridors and stairwells, still quiet at this time of day because most pupils were at lessons of one kind or another. As they proceeded, both Tom and Christopher wondered whether they would be able to find their way back to the dormitory without a guide. The threesome eventually arrived at the huge hall, in the main body of which were 36 foldable long wooden tables, each with benches against the two long sides. There was a platform at the far end, with a row of twenty seats facing the main body and a lectern in front. "Each dormitory has one table each," explained Flashmale. "Yours is that one," he announced, pointing to one of those nearest to the stage. You will come here at 7 o'clock for breakfast, always porridge, at 12 o'clock for your midday meal, always bread and cheese, and at 6 o'clock for your evening meal, always stew. Everyone collects and returns their food and cups of water from the hatches in the left wall. The staff eat in more salubrious surroundings and, I'm sure, consume better fare. However, we mustn't grumble for what we get may be tasteless and monotonous but it's also filling and seemingly healthy, the diet having been devised by the School Physician in the interests of our welfare!" He neglected to mention the interests of economy and ease of preparation.

"After breakfast every day," Flashmale continued, "we have assembly. The teaching staff and the Physician will come on stage and sit on the chairs whilst the Headmaster gives us his daily sermon, after which we have to stand to sing some hymns and pray. Music is provided by a small organ to the left of the platform, played by one of the Housemasters. Afterwards, the Headmaster makes some announcements and certain other things go on. You'll see what these are for yourselves in the morning." He added, mischievously, "Of course that depends on whether you make it after your first runs!"

The Headboy smiled broadly before progressing with his description of school life by saying "The religious element is much longer on Sundays and other matters are usually curtailed. Excluding the Sabbath, which is reserved for private studies, of one kind or another, you are expected to be in class by 8 o'clock. There are two classes per age group. Phaeton always shares with Narcissus. Let's go to your classroom now and meet your new Form-master and fellow pupils!"

After another series of passageways and steps, the threesome found themselves in front of another door. The Headboy knocked and waited for a response. "Enter!" shouted a rather annoyed-sounding voice and the 18 years old opened the door. "Excuse, Form-master," he said, "but, on the Headmaster's instructions, I have brought the latest new boys to introduce them to you and the class." Tom and Christopher saw over thirty-five 10 years old heads, located at individual ancient wooden desks in four rows, turn to look at them. However, that was not what intrigued the newcomers at first because the Form-master had a cane poised in the air, its imminent victim a 10 years old bottom bent over the teacher's desk. The sweet shape was not covered by shorts but only by the skimpy high-sided taut underpants. "Come in; Headboy;" invited the Form-master, adding by way of explanation, not that he owed one to anyone present, "failing to pay attention by looking out of the window. It's his first time, so I'll allow the miscreant's backside some protection from his undergarment whilst I remind him four times to remain focused on the wisdoms that I am imparting about the glories of the Latin language!" As the threesome moved down one of the aisles between the desks, stared at by those sitting at them, they could see that the soon-to-be chastised youngster's shorts were around his ankles.

The Form-master lowered the tip of the cane to the floor and rested the curved handle against the buttocks it would soon be striking. "I'll proceed later," declared the teacher, "but you remain in position, Jones D, for this won't take long." The visibly trembling youngster reluctantly maintained his demeaning posture. The handsome Form-master, a fair-haired, blue-eyed 27 years old former pupil, observed the three boys approaching down the aisle. He knew Flashmale well, both from his own time as Headboy, when the then 10 years old was his fag, and from his previous two years as a Form-master in this paradise, for his tastes in boys encompassed most age ranges as long as they were pretty and not hirsute. However, his attention was attracted to the Headboy's two young companions, who caused an intensification of his erection, originally created by his imminent infliction of the cane across his new boy favourite's backside and well hidden under the flowing university gown worn by all of the teachers.

Pretty young Jones was completely unaware of his status in the Form-master's mind for it had not yet been consummated. The blonde, blue-eyed boy thought instead that he was just being picked on as there had been others not paying attention in the long and very boring Latin lesson. However, his imminent chastisement was actually the start of the carefully planned pathway that would inevitably lead to the man's bed, as the lad would eventually prefer to provide sexual services rather than continue to be a target for frequent public humiliation and infliction of pain. The latter would still occur, especially as the tastes of most of the adults and prefects included such activities, but usually, as reward for his co-operation, only if he had genuinely been negligent or naughty, at least in the eyes of his superiors.

The Form-master had waited patiently for the fortnight since the start of term to strike the beautiful boy, both with the implementation of the previously well-practised scheme and the cane that launched it. He himself had been a victim of the strategy seventeen years previously and was now very happy to be able to perpetuate the tradition. The Form-master had waited two weeks to allow the object of his desires to become acquainted with his new environment and to make sure that neither the Headmaster or Housemaster, or any of the more senior Form-masters, selected him as their first choice from the newcomers. Selection was made according to a strict hierarchical system, with the ancillary staff coming lower down the pecking order. Employees could select more than one favourite, but only after everyone had made their first choices, with teachers generally restricting themselves to boys within their own Houses for convenience, although transfers could be arranged if they particularly fancied an unclaimed lad in another. Chosen boys would become part of the coterie of lads selected from previous years who were regularly required to satisfy their particular overlord's various desires. They would serve until they became too old, or in some other way unattractive, for the man's tastes, when they would either be passed on to others or assigned non-sexual tasks. Boys would often be swapped with other staff for variety and supplemented by other non-assigned but pretty specimens. The Form-master was especially happy to have boys from Phaeton House amongst his charges because of their all-year-round availability.

None of the boys ever related any of their experiences to their parents or guardians. They were indoctrinated with the idea that the practices they were forced to endure were normal, which was correct in terms of the beatings but perhaps not in respect of their frequent ferocity and the variety of punishments which often accompanied them. Sex was never mentioned, particularly between generations, in respectable families in Georgian England. Soddomhall School had happily been a paradise for sadistic pederasts for many years and would continue to do so for much longer, especially as it generated many more from the ranks of its pupils. Flashmale and the prefects were a perfect example of this tendency, for they had been deliberately selected from amongst their peers on account of their now fully developed preferences. They were permitted fags, a practice common in most British public schools. Fags were juniors who were required to provide services for the seniors. These included such activities as the tidying of the seniors' rooms, making their beds, organisation of their laundry, shoe cleaning and maintaining their coal fires. At Soddomhall, the youngster's services were much more comprehensive.

Flashmale was pleased that he had patiently left his choice of new fag until the belated appearance of Brown and West, despite the temptations provided by the many very beautiful boys within the latest House intake, for the latest arrivals were even lovelier. He had satisfied himself instead with a pretty 11 years old, now well-versed in the full range of fagging duties for he had been the previous Headboy's selection. However, Flashmale preferred even younger fresher boys. He knew that the two newcomers were bound to be selected by one of the adults, one possibly by the Headmaster for he had recognised the man's lecherous attraction to them. However, that did not matter as staff favourites were still allowed to be fags as long as priority was given to the needs of the adults and it was accepted that the taking away of the boys' virginity was exclusively their reserve. The Headboy now hoped that Dr. Strapham would permit him two fags and that the duo would subsequently acquiesce to including three-in-a-bed within their range of duties.

As Flashmale contemplated this, the Form-master had given himself over to the same thoughts, especially when his eyes drifted slowly downwards from the two boys' faces to the little bulges in their tight shorts. Nevertheless, as the threesome arrived at the head of the class, the man somehow composed himself, informed the newcomers that he was Mr. Younglove and asked the lads for their own names. The boys replied "Brown, Form-master" and "West, Form-master", respectively remembering the Headboy's instruction about how to address staff. "Welcome to form 1b" the teacher said pleasantly; "now turn round so that the rest of the class can see you." However, his main motivation for this instruction was that he wanted to observe the lad's rears. "Boys," he ordered the wider class, "you may tell our new friends what your own names are and what House you're from." The 35 young heads now disclosed their own surnames and either Narcissus or Phaeton House, in practised order. Both new boys noticed that there were several Smiths, pairs of Davieses, Mercers and Wrights and another Brown and Jones. These boys had also appended their initials to avoid confusion. Meanwhile, the Form-master's cock was pressing uncomfortably against the confines of his underwear as he gazed at the magnificent curves of the newcomer's bottoms, clearly perceived through their tight shorts.

Mr. Younglove had to cough to clear his throat and wipe some sweat from his brow before continuing the introductions. "This miscreant is Jones D," he informed Brown and West who, as a result, turned again to view of the lad's delicious backside. "After I have beaten him," the teacher continued, "I shall require him to stand in the corner for the rest of the lesson. Then, he will stay behind whilst I test him on what he's learnt. Each wrong answer will be punished by another stroke of the cane. I hope that you new boys will learn from his example when you start in class tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you then but meanwhile the rest of us must press on with the lesson, now involving the declension of the Latin word 'puer'. Younglove signalled to his former boy favourite that he and the two newcomers were now to go. The man's penis was craving to press on with the chastisement of Jones D in frustration at recognising the likelihood that both Brown and West were bound to be destined for the beds of men more senior, although he knew that the Housemaster would not yet be one of the candidates. The Form-master contented himself instead with thoughts of the little group of boys from other years that were currently pleasuring him, of the forthcoming delights of breaking any resistance that Jones D might have in joining them and, hopefully, later opportunities to swap some of his catamite collection temporarily for both newcomers.

Once the threesome had exited, they heard the loud noise of wood striking flesh, very familiar to Flashmale but previously unknown to his now scared young companions. It was followed by a loud scream and, eventually, by three more as they progressed down the corridor. The Headboy smiled when he saw the consternation in the new boys' eyes. He led them to another large hall, which he called the 'gymnasium'. "This is where you will exercise for an hour every other day except Sundays," declared Flashmale, "you will find some white shorts in your wardrobes to wear for the purpose." As he opened one of the entrance double doors, Tom and Christopher saw about forty boys, all aged about 14 and dressed only in tight short shorts, engaged in various hectic activities. Some were climbing ropes suspended from the roof whereas others were ascending and descending wide vertical wooden ladders attached to the walls. Some were jumping in various ways over wooden obstacles, which the two newcomers were later to discover were called 'horses'. Some were wrestling with each other on mats. Some were simply racing each other around the hall. There were also other activities taking place that the new boys did not immediately recognise but would later learn to perform.

"I told you that the Headmaster liked the pupils to keep fit," Flashmale reminded the newcomers, "and on the days when your class isn't here, it'll be exercising on the playing fields for two hours, regardless of weather, although you may be permitted to wear a little more clothing if conditions are very bad. There is a toilet/bathroom similar to the one you have seen, but much larger, through a door on the far side of the gymnasium where boys are required to change and wash. A similar facility is provided in an out-building for the outdoor activities. Again, cold water only in both!" The Headboy noticed the clear return of the newcomers' consternation with this latest revelation before smirking and continuing "The word 'gymnasium' comes from ancient Greece and sometimes the exercises both in the hall and outside are conducted, for a certain group of elite boys, as they were in the original gymnasia."

"What do you mean, sir?" asked Tom politely. "You'll find out soon enough" was the mysterious reply.

"Right, where to now?" Flashmale asked himself before providing his own answer with "The Physician's rooms are nearby but he's conducting a Natural Sciences class for form 3a and, as you two will be busy tonight, he's set aside time for your health checks tomorrow. Instead, we'll go to see the Housemaster who's with 8b."

"What are we to be busy doing tonight, sir?" enquired Tom and "What does a health check involve, sir?" queried Christopher, as they walked along another corridor, but they both received the same mysterious response as before. Tom experienced a shiver when Flashmale added "By the way, Brown T, I understand that the good Physician is a friend of a friend of your guardian." The boy knew that his uncle hated him, presumably the reason for him being despatched to this abyss for nine years, and the loathing had become mutual. The thought that his uncle knew someone amongst the staff deeply concerned him.

The threesome eventually came to yet another door and Flashmale again knocked at this one. A stern voice on the other side advised "You may come in" and the Headboy opened the door. The two newcomers were amazed at the sight that was now revealed for two of the thirty-six 17 years olds within were with the teacher at the front of the class, facing towards them and completely naked. They were both very handsome and, with the exception of that on their heads, were completely without hair. They also sported full erections. Tom and Christopher were stunned for they had never seen anything like it.

"I've been expecting you, Headboy," said the Housemaster, "these must be the two new boys. Bring them forward so that I may say hello in the proper manner." As with form 1b, the newcomers advanced down one of the aisles between desks intrigued by what was on display next to the master in charge of the form, oblivious to the fact that 37 fresh pairs of eyes were feasting on their delicious forms, including the clearly humiliated nudes, whose penile hardness intensified as a result. "We're discussing reproduction in male mammals," declared the Housemaster, "and I have volunteered these two, who decided to talk in class without permission, to provide specimens of semen, which of course is essential to the process. The new boys here can help. What are your names?" Tom and Christopher, with no understanding of what the man meant about reproduction, replied sheepishly but in the correct manner. "Welcome Brown T and West," the Housemaster said whilst carefully appraising the newcomers and deciding that they would make splendid additions to his own little harem in a few years, for they were a little young at present for his tastes. "Well, Brown T, you take the youth on the left and West the one on the right. I presume you both know what a penis is?" The two 10 years olds blushed whilst the rest of the class, except the two nudes, chortled, knowing that, in these circumstances, their teacher, clearly intent on shaming his two favourites for some reason, would allow such a demonstration of amusement.

The Housemaster answered for the embarrassed youngsters "Of course you do, but you probably won't know what semen is. Well, you're both going to produce some now!" He gave Tom and Christopher a bowl each and instructed "Hold these at the front of the miscreants' penises with one hand and start stroking their rigid members, up and down between your thumb and forefinger, with the other. Stand to their sides so that everyone in class can see. Notice how hard, throbbing and verging on the vertical these particular sexual organs are. This is because they are sexually aroused. In nature, this usually happens when the male is in the vicinity of a female so I'm unsure why this has happened to these particular male specimens." The local giggling increased with this remark. "Carry on with your action until the resultant output stops," instructed the man, seemingly interested in only the science of the activity, "it shouldn't take long to show you what semen is or how it's harvested!"

The Housemaster was right in his assumption for the already shamefully excited 17 years olds soon came as a result of the attentions of the beautiful 10 years olds, and spurted copious amounts of white fluid into the bowls. In fact, so much was ejaculated that the youngsters had great difficulty in collecting the full quantity, some falling on to the floor. Tom and Christopher were shocked at the result of their administrations for they thought that dicks were only used for urinating, although they had wondered why, in certain circumstances, their own became hard, particularly recently. The rest of the form just laughed merrily.

"Thank you, Brown T and West. Look after them Flashmale for I'm sure that they will both be of service to me again in future!" The Headboy knew that they were being dismissed, as well as the fuller implications of the teacher's phraseology. This actually meant that the Housemaster would want to have little to do with the newcomers for at least four years, by when they would have begun to acquire the physical and mental characteristics he particularly liked. The two newcomers were to be proved sadly incorrect in their own interpretation.

"Now, let us see how long it takes for these particular examples of masculinity to re-perform their reproductive duties," were the final words heard from the Housemaster as the threesome left the classroom. Flashmale had already asked the teacher the time before departing and, glancing at his pocket-watch, the man had replied "forty-five minutes after four."

"Time for a quick look at the quadrangle before returning you to your dormitory," announced the Headboy, "for your Form-master has kindly agreed to release his class early so that you can acquaint yourselves with your new room mates for an hour before evening meal."

Another mystifying walk brought the new boys to the quadrangle, a large courtyard at the centre of the main building. It was mainly grassed but had a path running around its perimeter and another two running cross-like across the middle. However, it was what was located at the middle that terrified the 10 years olds because situated there were four sets of adjustable stocks. Flashmale relished the explanation. "You will have observed," he advised, "the chastisement that your Form-master and Housemaster were rightfully giving to those who had been naughty. Well, punishments for misbehaviour can take many forms within the school, depending on the mood of the staff or prefects who first become aware of it. It can be private or public and its severity depends upon the offence. Someone who is placed in these stocks has obviously been very bad and their deserved castigation will be observed by most of the school for the windows of many dormitories and staff-rooms are above. Many boys located in outer quarters invade the inner ones to enjoy the spectacle but, if you are really evil, you will be sent to the cellars where……..No, I don't want to scare you too much on your first day. I'll tell you about what's there on some other more appropriate occasion." However, this compassion, as Flashmale knew only too well, was misdirected for Tom and Christopher were already shivering in fright. The Headboy therefore decided to make their terror worse.

"A few more things to tell you about before I take you back to your dormitory," Flashmale advised to his horrified charges, "your dormleader likes obedience from his peers. So be prepared! Also it has been the custom in this school for many years that new boys are formally initiated, a tradition that the Headmaster encourages. The initiation is in two forms. First, the new boys race around the perimeter of the quad, with most of the school watching, and the one in last is placed in one of the stocks for caning. He receives the same number of strokes as the years he has lived. The Headboy is given the honour of inflicting the blows. You two missed the initiation of the 62 boys who joined us two weeks ago, so you'll have to compete against each other to avoid this humiliation." Tom and Christopher were not only crestfallen but speechless. The smirking Flashmale therefore continued "Second, you have to spend the night, until dawn, in the nearby woods. It is also sanctioned that, all of the time, initiates remain naked!"

Chapter 4

(Northumberland, England, September 1803)

The equally appalled Tom and Christopher were escorted by the grinning Flashmale back to their dormitory, paying a quick visit to their bathroom en-route to clean some spilt gooey white liquid from their right hands. When they eventually entered the dormitory, the lads were confronted with the fourteen other 10 years olds with whom they would intimately live for the next nine years, all standing and seemingly eagerly awaiting the new boys' arrival. At the forefront of the group stood a pretty boy, with straight black hair and dark brown eyes, who was taller than the rest. Flashmale introduced the newcomers to this boy. "This is the dormleader," the Headboy announced, "he's called Morton. Morton, this is Brown T and West." Three 'Helloes' were quietly uttered from three lovely 10 years old mouths. "I'll let Morton make the other introductions," declared a smiling Flashmale, "and I'll leave whilst you get acquainted. I look forward to seeing you both in the hall for our evening meal, and of course later for your initiations!" The Headboy left joyously for he was really looking forward to seeing the two new boys in the nude later and caning the one who lost the race round the quadrangle. Meanwhile, he would spend part of the next hour enjoying his fag's anus, for the 11 years old would have been released an hour prematurely from class to attend to the Headboy's early evening needs.

"Well," Morton asked rhetorically, as he approached the two newcomers with an evil look on his face, "what have we here? Two ugly little brats by the look of it! Now, you two new snots, let's make things clear. I run this dorm as I see fit and what I say goes! Understand?" He then prodded Tom in the chest. Tom recognised a bully when he saw one and also recognised that this was a defining moment for, if he let the taller lad cower him now, he, presumably like the others, would have to bow to his bullying authority in future. Tom therefore returned Morton's push but with more force and said "I don't think so!" Morton immediately lunged at Tom and soon both boys were wrestling with each other on the ground, with the bigger lad beginning to gain the ascendancy. Christopher decided that it was time to intervene to help his friend but, before he could do so, the door opened.

"What's the commotion?" asked an 18 years old. The fight stopped and the two dishevelled young combatants regained their feet. Morton answered "Just a misunderstanding between me and one of the new boys, sir."

"Fighting, eh," commented the 18 years old, "you know that I'll have to report that to the Headboy. I'm disappointed in you, Morton, for, as dormleader, I expect better behaviour from you." The 18 years old paused, whilst he carefully appraised the newcomer's delicious forms, before continuing "So, these are the two new boys. I'm Cox, the prefect for this dorm. Introduce yourselves!" Tom and Christopher complied.

Cox retorted "It looks as if I'm going to have my hands full with you, Brown T. Fighting and earning yourself a thrashing on your first day! Now behave yourself or else!" Cox began to leave but, before he closed the door, he added with a smirk "I look forward to seeing you two new boys later, or should I say nude boys?" The door closed to the sound of laughter from the prefect. Tom and Christopher both blushed.

Tom turned towards Morton. He expected the bully to try to claim supremacy over him in another quieter way, possibly with the help of the others. However, he was faced by a boy whose expression had changed for his eyes now showed esteem. "Well, we're both in for it," Morton remarked sadly, "the Headboy's bound to punish us for fighting but I hope there's no hard feelings between us. Sorry to have started out on the wrong foot but I need to gain the respect of the others in order to do my job properly." He held out his right hand and requested "Please call me Jonathan!"

The dormleader introduced his new friends to the other thirteen boys and then sat next to Tom on the new boy's bed and chatted with him and Christopher, sat opposite on his own. The sixteen later set off as a group to consume their evening meal, although the new boys had little appetite and gave most of their stew away. The group eventually returned to the dormitory just as the school clock, set in the top of the wall high above the main entrance, was chiming 7 o'clock. Jonathan announced "I'm sorry to have to say this but the Headboy's instructed me to get you ready for your initiation. You're both to toilet and have a bath before redressing in your white gymnasium shorts, which you'll find in your wardrobes. I know that it's not a nice school tradition but we've all been through it. I'm also sorry that you're not as lucky as we were. There were over 60 boys in our race and I'm glad to say that none of us came last. A poor lad from Adonis house, who had tripped, did that. He's small and only looks about 8 years old. Nevertheless, Flashmale didn't spare the cane on his bum afterwards. I don't want to worry you but, at the same time, I think that you should be prepared for one of you will suffer likewise."

Tom and Christopher looked at each other with deep dismay for the victory of one would entail the caning of his friend. They reluctantly agreed that they would both go all out to win so that it was the slower on the day who had to suffer. They then went with the dormleader to the toilet/bathroom, empty at this time of day, taking their gymnasium shorts with them. Jonathan, after inserting a plug and turning a tap to start filling one of the baths, advised "Place your clothes in the laundry basket, for you won't be needing them again today, toilet and then wash. Do so thoroughly because you'll be beaten if your cleanliness doesn't satisfy the Headboy. I'm sorry about the cold water. It's horrible to bathe in and I don't think that any of us will ever get used to it but it's one of the many unpleasantnesses we're all going to have to put up with here. After you've dried, put your shorts on and return to the dorm. Don't worry about the shorts being rather tight, they all are and, anyway, you won't be wearing them for long. Try not to spend too much time because I'm to deliver you to the quad by 8 o'clock or else the punishment I'm now due from the Headboy could become worse. See you later!"

Jonathan left the new boys to perform their toilet and ablutions. Tom and Christopher looked at each other with abashment until the former suggested "Look, it's obvious that we're going to see each other naked very often, so we have to learn not to be shy of undressing in front of each other." He then began to strip in front of Christopher, who quickly followed. Tom was soon reduced to just his underpants and waited for his friend to reach the same situation. "Together!" he recommended and both boys pulled their underwear down to their ankles simultaneously. Two little erections popped into view and both lads giggled at the sight, their embarrassment receding at viewing their mutual excitement.

They both used the urinal but did not need the chamberpots for they had eaten little in days because of their trepidation at coming to their new home. They then stepped into the relevant bath where the cold water was now about a foot deep. Both boys immediately developed goosepimples through the chill surrounding their lower legs but their little cocks remained hard. Tom turned the tap off and said "I suggest that we wash each other's backs." Christopher replied, in a noticeably eager tone, "Good idea!"

"Let's get the bath over with then," continued Tom, "or we'll die of cold standing here." He then sat down. Christopher hesitated as he saw that Tom was now shivering but was enticed to his own sitting posture when his friend teased "Come on scaredy cat!"

The boys obeyed Johnathan's advice and washed thoroughly in the chilly liquid, although both momentarily seemed to forget the cold when the backs of their bodies were being washed by their companion. They stood for this assignment to be accomplished and both penises became even more rigid as the administrations proceeded, particularly when attention was applied to the lovely curvature of their buttocks.

The bodily cleansing was eventually finished and the new boys dried themselves. They both encountered difficulty in putting their tight short shorts on, especially as they were still sporting erections, but finally managed to complete the task. Tom and Christopher then checked each other to make sure everything was fine. They waited for a few minutes afterwards to try to let the hardness in their penises, clearly outlined under their shorts, subside so that they could return to their dorm with the minimum of embarrassment. However, both boys could not achieve the feat. Strangely, even thinking of the shame and possible pain to come did not help. Instead, it only increased the size of their problem. In the end, they gave up and returned to the dormitory in the hope that no-one would notice. Jonathan's smile and tease that "You seemed to have enjoyed your baths", along with the chortles of the other thirteen boys, quickly showed how vain that hope had been.

The school clock chimed the three-quarter hour and Jonathan declared "Time to go!" The threesome reluctantly set off. The other thirteen proceeded to the 11 years old dormitory, located on the other side of the outside corridor and where the window overlooked the quadrangle, to ascertain whether the older boys would permit them to watch the fun. When Tom and Christopher, escorted by their dormleader, emerged into the autumn twilight, they were amazed at how many boys were peering down at them from the candlelit windows above, which shone sufficient light down to illuminate the scene nicely. A number of men were also taking in the view, including the headmaster.

Both boys shivered when they saw Flashmale standing by the central stocks for the 18 years old held a long cane in his right hand. Jonathan led Tom and Christopher towards him. Flashmale's mouth dried when he saw the angelic visions approach. He was enthralled by the immaculacy of their now revealed lithe upper bodies and legs, a feeling considerably intensified by perceiving the clearly defined evidence of their guilty arousal. However, the Headboy, now with his own rampant erection, somehow managed to compose himself sufficiently to say "Welcome, Brown T and West to the first part of your initiation into school life!"

Flashmale went on to explain the race rules "You are to start in the north-west corner of the quad and, at my signal, are to run clockwise around the surrounding path. Anyone who steps onto the grass will automatically lose. The first to return to the starting point will be the winner. If the race is very close, I reserve the right to use my own judgement in declaring the victor. The loser will be placed in the stocks to receive ten strokes of this cane across his backside. If I decide that a tie has occurred, you will both receive five strokes." Tom and Christopher looked at each other and recognised each other's thoughts. "Any questions?" asked the Headboy. "No, sir," the new boys answered in turn.

"Good!" responded Flashmale, "Now remove your shorts, give them to Morton and assume your starting positions!" Tom and Christopher moved their hands either side of their shorts but hesitated to proceed further, being acutely aware of the many eyes fixed on them. "Hurry up!" ordered the Headboy impatiently, "we haven't got all day and you've got nothing underneath that I haven't seen before." Tom glanced again at Christopher, smiled and again mouthed "Together!" but silently this time.

Both blushing boys pushed downwards on the sides of their shorts, which slowly slid down their loins. When their hard cocks popped into view, a couple of the watching men, alone at their windows above and with their own erections in their hands, orgasmed. Tom and Christopher gave their shorts to Jonathan, who was also red-faced but with pre-adolescent desire not shame. The new boys covered their embarrassment with their hands but Flashmale did not mind for he knew that they would be unable to maintain this cover when running.

Tom and Christopher walked gingerly across the grass, keeping their hands carefully in place, to the required starting position, where a white line had been painted across the path just before the corner. Flashmale followed, his hard-on intensifying at the view he now had of the lustrous 10 years old virgin posteriors. "I shall hold the cane in the air," the Headboy advised the new boys, "and, when I bring it down again, the race can start." Flashmale raised the cruel implement, which had tasted many boys' bums over the years, and commanded "Ready!" He was happy to observe that both newcomers were now compelled to remove the protection afforded by their hands to their hard cocks whilst assuming their starting postures. "Steady!" he instructed and paused for a moment, feasting his eyes on the magnificent scene. He excitedly noticed that both sets of exposed smooth genitalia were beautifully proportioned, with lovely small ball sacs dangling under horizontal little penises, before reluctantly bringing this delicious observance to an end by bringing the cane down and ordering "Go!"

Tom and Christopher were both fast runners and sprinted round the quadrangle with estimable speed for ones so young. The naked boys were soon on the home straight, with Tom slightly ahead. However, as the winning line approached, he deliberately slowed a little to let his friend catch up and they were inseparable as they crossed their objective to resounding cheering from above. Flashmale was delighted to declare a dead-heat for he could now cane two young bottoms, albeit with only five strokes each.

Flashmale ordered the now frightened 10 years old to the stocks and swung up the tops of the two smallest on their hinges. He told the new boys to place their heads and wrists in the relevant semicircles on the lower parts of the wooden contraptions. Tom and Christopher reluctantly moved their hands away from the still excited genitals that they were again trying to cover in order to fulfil the instruction. When they had finally attained the required stance, the Headboy lowered the tops of the stocks and locked them in place, to accompanying laughter from above. The new boys now found that their heads and hands were securely encased and that they were slightly bent over, their bums nicely presented for their punishment. Flashmale then tied the initiates' ankles, with rope from his pockets, to metal rings embedded in the stocks' wooden bases, so that they were about two feet apart.

"Right," Flashmale wondered aloud, "who should I start with? I know, I'll alternate but you'll have the honour of the first blow, Brown T, because you're first alphabetically." The Headboy assumed the requisite position and tormented the scared newcomer by rubbing the cane up and down the boy's sublime bottom, causing the 10 years old penis to quiver visibly. Flashmale laughed at the sight of the young cock's reaction before finally removing the cane from the smooth skin to a position above his head. Although he had only recently been at the delivery end of the process, as opposed to the receiving end, he had, with relish, become rapidly proficient at inflicting this particular punishment. "Ready……steady……go!" he teased before landing the first vicious blow across Tom's previously unchastised posterior to renewed cheering from above and loud screaming from the victim. As a nasty red stripe began to form across the middle of the boy's previously immaculate and unblemished bum, the watching Headmaster climaxed in his rooms above. "The first of many, I think, that you'll receive over the next nine years, Brown T," Flashmale cruelly but correctly observed before moving to take up position behind the other terrified new boy.

Flashmale practised the same ritual on young West as he had on Brown before also achieving the same result. The Headboy proceeded with the rest of the sobbing boys' punishment with great deliberation for he wanted both to appreciate fully every blow and to mark both lovely backsides with a neat pattern comprising five parallel red stripes. As he proceeded to accomplish both aims, he was happy to observe that both newcomers appeared to be enjoying themselves as much as he was for their little erections seemed to become slowly bigger.

When Flashmale had finished, he gave the cane to Morton and ran his fingers over his handiwork, feeling the heat now present along segments of the four lovely buttocks. "Good!" he commented to himself before announcing "I'll leave you both now so that you can cool down after your excitement. I'll be back at 10 o'clock to guide you to the woods where you're to spend the night. While I'm gone, you'll probably find that some of the staff might just happen to stroll across the quad and will take the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. However, you needn't worry about your fellow pupils for the quad's out of bounds to them at this time of night. See you later!" Flashmale then departed with Morton, with the Headboy's rigid cock in desperate need of his 11 years old fag's mouth.

Flashmale was correct that many of the staff would, coincidentally on purpose, find themselves wandering across the quadrangle over the next hour and a quarter, something they only seemed to do when the stocks were in use. However, the Headboy, as he knew he would be, was wrong about the adults introducing themselves. All, coming individually, in pairs or in larger groups, said things only to their companions as they walked round the tearful newcomers, closely scrutinising the boys' delicious still-aroused bodies, vividly displaying Flashmale's ministrations. Most left to gain relief for their own sexual arousal from their boy favourites.

Flashmale returned, as promised, at 10 o'clock. All the windows above were now devoid of onlookers for it was candles out time for years 1 to 8 and most of the older in-mates of the school had also taken to their beds, although usually not alone. Whilst he had been gone, the Headboy had had to sodomise his fag again. The 11 years old's act of fellatio had, on its own, not been sufficient to satisfy the acute passions accumulated within the 18 years old's body as a result of overseeing the first part of the newcomers' initiation. After walking round the new boys for one final visual treat in the moonlight, Flashmale released the tear-stained youngsters from their demeaning and discomforting restraints and, after allowing them to rub their arms and legs to remove the intense stiffness that had developed in the limbs, ordered "Follow me!" Tom and Christopher tried to hide their now semi-erect cocks from view as they complied.

Flashmale guided the nude boys out of the quadrangle, along some empty dark corridors and out of the school's main entrance. The threesome walked across a wide playing field, still damp from recent rain, and this caused goosepimples to return to the 10 years old bodily complexions. Their way was illuminated only by the moonlight but it was sufficiently full to allow them to see where they were going. The threesome eventually came to the edge of the woods. "Your bed for the night!" announced the smirking Flashmale "I suggest that you find somewhere nice to sleep. Don't try to return to the school or sleep anywhere else because, if you're found out, the punishment for not fulfilling the full requirements of the initiation rituals are very severe. Anyway, you're lucky tonight for it's dry and not too cool. When I was initiated, it rained all night and was very cold. Don't try to go too far into the wood because it becomes very dark, even in this moonlight, and you might have an accident. Morton will come to find you just before 6 o'clock. Sleep well!" The Headboy then made his way back to the school and his quarters, the room warmed by a coal fire and his bed by his fag. He took the opportunity to have a quick last glance at the newcomers' nicely patterned bottoms as he departed and his cock again grew. Flashmale wondered how, on this occasion, he would require the 11 years old to attempt to alleviate the hardness.

Tom and Christopher stared back at the rapidly disappearing Headboy. Both were shivering but mainly from apprehension rather than cold. "We'll have to do what he says," Tom eventually suggested. "You're right," replied Christopher before asking "but how's your bum? It was very kind of you to sacrifice it to five strokes of the cane to save me from the full punishment."

"That's what friends are for," declared Tom before adding "but it's still stinging!"

"So's mine," advised Christopher. Tom then took his friend's left hand in his own right hand and said "Come on, let's find our bed!"

The two naked boys carefully picked their way through the dark leaf-covered entrance to the wood, trying to avoid standing on twigs or nettles or encountering bracken. They had to backtrack a few times before they came across a small leaf-lined hollow, illuminated by a shaft of moonlight filtering through a gap in the covering tree branches. "How about this?" asked Tom. "We're unlikely to find anything better in this darkness," remarked Christopher. Tom knelt in the hollow and commented "It looks as if it's been used for this purpose before, which isn't surprising when you consider that sixty or more boys a year have to go through this ridiculous ritual. Come on join me!" Tom then lay face-up on the cool, slightly wet surface, and his goosepimples became more prominent. When Christopher had joined him, Tom asked sheepishly "Would you let me hold you for warmth for I think that the night'll only get cooler."

"I was thinking the same thing," his friend replied and the two boys wrapped their arms and legs around each other, smiles simultaneously returning to their faces.

They lay together silent for a while, eyes wide open, listening to the strange sounds and rustles around them and feeling their friend's hard cocks pressed against their bodies. Tom eventually broke the silence by boldly asking "What do you think makes our cocks become hard?"

"Don't know," was Christopher's slightly embarrassed reply. "When it does become hard," continued Tom remorselessly, now shedding all reticence over the subject, "I get a tingly feeling down there and have a strange urge to rub it."

"So do I," confessed his friend beginning to warm to the topic. "However," Tom proceeded with abandon, "I'd prefer to rub yours!" There was a pregnant silence before Tom felt his friend's thumb and forefinger gently grip his little erection and begin to slide themselves up and down. Tom happily reached for Christopher's hard-on to return the compliment. The two 10years olds were soon to experience the pleasures of their first dry orgasms, which enabled them subsequently to drift swiftly into a deep sleep, exhausted by the day's events and fearful for the future but also content for now in their mutual embrace.

Chapter 5

Tom and Christopher begin their first full day at their new school.

(Northumberland, England, September 1803)

Jonathan, dressed in just his underpants and shivering slightly because his lovely body had not yet become accustomed to spending part of the autumn mornings outside in such sparse attire, found his naked new friends, as Flashmale had promised, shortly before 6 o'clock. The night had fortunately not become too cool because the sky had clouded over. This diffused the moonlight but that did not matter to the young nudes as they slept soundly in each other's arms. The dormleader did not find his friends' intimacy strange or embarrassing for most of the other newcomers had been forced into such embraces in this wood in order to keep warm during their own initiation two weeks previously. Some, including himself and his newly acquired best friend, Timothy, had afterwards secretly maintained their intimacy.

Jonathan gently shook Tom and Christopher on the shoulders to wake them and, when the boys broke their embrace, smiled at the little erections that they had maintained despite their slumber. He welcomed them to their second day at Soddomhall School by saying "Wake up, sleepy-eyed lovers, it's time for our runs!" Both newcomers blushed when their senses realised what they had just been called, remembered that they were unclothed and told them that they were still humiliatingly hard. They immediately covered their embarrassment with their hands. The dormleader tried to alleviate his friends' discomfort by advising "Don't worry, I seem to get like that quite often these days and so do the others. Some of the 13 and 16 years olds, with whom we share our bathroom, have enormous, seemingly constantly hard, cocks. You'll see for yourselves soon when we have our baths after completing our runs. You'll eventually get used to such sights, as well as making your own contributions to them!"

Tom and Christopher stood up, still hiding their genitals despite Jonathan's words. The dormleader was holding two pairs of underpants and explained "They're yours, retrieved from the laundry basket. However, you can't put them on until we reach the main door. Only then is your initiation complete. So, let's get going or we'll be late for our runs!" The two newcomers temporarily used their hands to brush the leaves off their bodies before returning them to their protection duties. They winced when they rubbed the foliage off their still-sore red-striped bums.

The threesome walked rapidly across the dew-covered playing field towards the imposing main entrance of the school. The wet grass brought goosepimples back to all three sublime bodies. As they neared the double doorway, they all observed that the clock above indicated that it was five minutes before six. They also saw that there were many faces peering out of the multitude of windows along the school's front fa?ade, both men and boys. The newcomer's little erections both intensified.

Once the doors were reached, Jonathan gave Tom and Christopher their underpants, marked on the inside, like the rest of the school uniform, with a tiny white label indicating their names in indelible ink, and the boys were more than happy to redress. "Initiation successfully completed!" declared the dormleader with a smile, which was reciprocated by the newcomers. "We now have to go to the playing field at the back of the school," Jonathan advised, "for that's were everyone assembles at 6 o'clock for the run." The threesome now strolled round the exterior of the main school building to the rear field where they were soon joined by almost 600 other, similarly clad, boys, aged from 10 to 17 from years 1 to 8. Prefects from Adonis House had already taken up positions around the route of the run to prevent cheating.

Flashmale emerged from the school's back entrance and shouted, through a megaphone, "Ready, steady, go!" The refrain immediately brought back bad memories to both Tom and Christopher and the dull pain caused by the 5 red stripes on their delicious 10 years old bottoms seemed to increase. All boys now ran slowly across the field towards the far wood on the opposite side of the school complex from the one where the newcomers had spent the night. There was soon the usual stationary bottleneck, whilst almost 600 boys funnelled into a path only about two yards wide, before Tom and Christopher, accompanied by Jonathan, found themselves running along the muddy track, a well-trodden route that they would follow many times over the next eight years.

The threesome was led in front by some 16 years olds who quickly outpaced them. They were later overtaken by a number of older boys, most of them eager to complete the morning preliminaries in order to have breakfast. However, there were some who were less keen for they were dreading morning assembly. As during the gathering on the playing field, many took the opportunity to ogle the newcomers and regretted that they did not have the time or opportunity to acquaint themselves with the youngsters, particularly their bodies. However, all knew that the delicious forms were undoubtedly, like certain parts of the school, out of bounds for pupils and that the repercussions of disobeying this restriction would be very severe if caught.

It took forty minutes for the threesome to complete the run amongst the younger stragglers and, guided through the maze of corridors by Jonathan, they had to rush to their bathroom for the delights of cold ablutions. Many of the faster 13 and 16 years olds from Phaeton House, who shared the bathroom with the 10 years old, had already finished, although a few did dally in order to see the new boys in the nude more closely than they had been able previously. They chose to risk the wrath of the watching prefects in order to do so. When not required to guard the route of the morning run, three prefects were allocated to each of the three House bathrooms to make sure that the bathing took place proficiently and without hanky-panky. Most liked the task because it gave them the opportunity of checking the nude forms of their younger brethren in case any of the otherwise unallocated boys were developing into the types who would find favour in the 18 years olds' beds.

Tom and Christopher, exhausted from the run and rushed by the time, followed Jonathan's display of uninhibited bravery and quickly stripped, placing their underpants in the appropriate basket, and plunged into one of the cold baths. It was crowded with other 10 years old from their dormitory and some older boys. Most were at least semi-erect, despite the cold water, through the stimulation provided by being seen naked and being surrounded by many handsome nude boys. A couple of the 16 years olds, accidentally on purpose, brushed their hands against the newcomers bare backs as they left the bath, gaining a sweet intensification in their hard-ons as reward for their daring.

After first cleaning their teeth with their fingers, smeared with the white paste provided for the purpose in large jars, the shivering threesome speedily washed, dried and returned to their dormitory, the three prefects and others enjoying the sight of their gorgeous young bare bodies as they proceeded. The three boys redressed swiftly and ran to the main hall. They arrived at the hatch to collect their filling but unappetising porridge and cup of water just as the school clock chimed 7 o'clock. All the dishes and cups of all the boys in the hall had been returned to the hatches by twenty past the hour when the headmaster, teachers and physician entered onto the hall platform, with the exception of the organist who assumed position next to the musical instrument.

Dr.Strapam stood at the lectern to deliver his daily sermon whilst the others on the stage sat on their chairs. The Headmaster's short monologue concerned the Godliness of being pure in mind and body. The organ then started the music for the opening hymn, very appropriate for this harvest time of year. When Dr.Strapam heard the refrain "We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the ground….", he, as usual, substituted certain words in his own mind. For 'fields' he thought 'boys' and for 'on the ground' he thought 'up their bums', as it was the time of year to harvest the latest crop of 10 years old human males as well as farm fare. Another hymn, the Lord's Prayer and another short prayer, in which the Headmaster included a wish for a particularly bountiful harvest, followed before the pupils were allowed to sit back on their benches.

Dr.Strapam now turned his attention to school announcements. First, he confirmed the arrival of two new boys. Brown T and West were made to go to stand beside the Headmaster so that everyone could see the newcomers, even though most present had already happily spied them without the cover of their school uniforms. The blushing new boys were eventually allowed to return to their table and Dr.Strapam continued with some unspectacular news before announcing "Finally, as usual, matters of discipline!"

"The Housemasters have informed me about the serious misbehaviour of ten pupils since yesterday's assembly." Both Tom and Jonathan gulped in fear that they would be two of the miscreants. Dr.Strapam read out a list of six names and ordered them to the platform informing them that "As you're the least misbehaved, you can receive your chastisement now!" Six boys stood up from four benches and walked, with obvious reluctance and apprehension onto the stage. There were two 16 years olds, two 15 years old, a 13 years old and a 12 years old. "Usual positions!" commanded the Headmaster and the six turned their backs to the watching throng of fellow pupils and bent over, firmly gripping their lower shins. The Headmaster had grouped the 16 years olds and the two youngest boys together. "Caught as a foursome in the woods, shorts and underpants round their ankles!" Dr.Strapam declared to loud giggling from the youthful spectators. "As you like to remove these garments so much," he continued, with a smirk, "I shall oblige you!" The Doctor proceeded to pull down the humiliated and frightened boys' loin covering, revealing bottoms barely hidden by their shirt tails.

Dr.Strapam produced a cane from behind the lectern and took up position behind the first 16 years old. He lifted the boy's shirt tail and folded it on top of the lad's back to expose the naked bum before announcing "Each will receive the same number of strokes as the years they have lived. I hope that this well-merited punishment will help them to absorb the wisdom of my earlier sermon!" The Doctor firmly believed that his pupils should keep chaste by refraining from sexual practices with their peers, as their bodies should be the exclusive preserve of their elders and should be kept pure for such purposes. However, the call to the beds of the staff and of year 9 only came to the very prettiest and many of those who were neglected became fed up with solo masturbation as a means of gaining sexual relief, particularly with so much young beauty around them. They therefore regularly risked relationships with others. The four now being punished considered themselves very unlucky as what they were doing in the woods was such common practice, occurring frequently in quiet places within the school complex, mainly during the evening or on Sundays, or in dormitories at night. However, the prefects were instructed to perform sporadic spot checks of likely locations for such liaisons and, although most had engaged in such habits themselves, they were expected to find the occasional miscreants or the staff might think that they were failing in their duties. Some of the more sadistic prefects went about this work with enthusiasm, and the unlucky foursome had been discovered by such an 18 years old. He had reported the younger boys' offence to their Housemaster despite being tempted by the offer of enjoying any or all of the defaulters' bodies in return for remaining silent. However, he declined for he was already regularly pleasured by two even prettier 12 years olds.

Dr.Strapam landed the first hit across the quaking 16 years old backside. As was the custom, the victim had to declare the number of the blow and thank the Headmaster for kindly inflicting it across his reddening buttocks. After he had delivered the requisite 60 stokes across the four backsides, Dr.Strapham's arm was a little weary but not too much so because he had years of experience performing such much-needed lessons. He had been forced to land an extra three strokes because the 13 years old forgot to provide a number once and the 12 years old had repeated the offence twice.

Each boy had been allowed to stand, redress and return to their tables after the completion of their punishments, but only after the Headmaster had carefully inspected and felt the results of his efforts to improve the boys' sadly reprobate characters. None of the red-faced tearful pupils, now with bottoms displaying a criss-cross pattern of vicious bloodied stripes of various dark hues and with shamefully fully aroused penises, sat down on their benches.

Dr.Strapam approached the 15 years olds and informed the wider audience "Caught fighting for the second time in a week. The Housemaster has already chastised them once but sadly to no affect and he has referred them to me. I understand that the Housemaster allowed the miscreants to wear their shorts when he strapped them. I shall permit no such protection!" The Headmaster then undertook the exposure of the two boys' naked bottoms, still showing the evidence of the Housemaster's earlier attentions, to general view before advising "I think 10 stokes each will be appropriate on this occasion, double if there is a repeat offence." The 15 years old bums then received their appropriate admonition. No-one had bothered to ask why the boys were fighting and they would have lied if they had been for they had discovered that they were both sharing the favours of the same 11 years old.

After the sobbing boys had returned to stand next to their own benches, Dr.Strapam walked to the lectern, returned the bloodied cane to its former position and wiped the redness from his hands onto a handkerchief. He then continued his disciplinary pronouncements by commanding a very pretty blushing 11 years old to his feet. "Wetting his bed regularly," he informed the chortling audience, "a practice that has not been stopped by earlier chastisement by the Housemaster or, on this stage, by myself. You obviously require some private tuition to learn to control your bodily systems correctly. You will report to my study at 7 o'clock tonight. Meanwhile, as we don't want you repeating your mishaps in the expensive clothes that I kindly provide for you to wear, you will return them to your wardrobe after assembly and report to your class without them!" The Headmaster did not advise the audience that the physician suspected that it was the regular sexual and other attentions that the boy was receiving from his Housemaster that had caused his embarrassing accidents.

Having instructed the now tearful 11 years olds to sit down again, Dr.Strapam ordered another two boys to stand. Tom and Christopher were relieved that the 8th and 9th names announced were not their own as, with only one to come, this meant that their fight of the previous day was being dealt with in-House. "Theft," the Headmaster thundered to the two petrified 14 years old, "will not be tolerated. Caught eating morsels of food whilst on kitchen duty. You will therefore be placed at 7 o'clock this evening unclothed in the stocks to receive a comprehensive strapping across the full rear of your bodies from the Headboy." Flashmale, sitting at year 9's table smiled, for the two boys, despite not being any of their elders' favourites, were not unattractive.

A tremulous 13 years old from Phaeton House was on his feet next. "Running away for the second time, supposedly homesick for a home you haven't seen for three years. You should know that such attempts are worthless. You won't get far in this remote bleak area and the sparse local populace know that it is in their and the runaways' best interests to return such confused youngsters to our care whenever found. I was assured by your stepfather, after your first attempt, that, even if you had miraculously succeeded in achieving your aim, you would have been immediately returned. I informed you of these facts then but neither that nor your subsequent experience in the stocks seem to have dissuaded you from retrying. We'll see whether a week in the cellars will make future similar adventures unattractive. Your House prefects will make sure that you report there after assembly." The 13 years old burst into tears. Dr.Strapam was pleased with the boy's reaction because the reason for the lad's runaway attempts was that he had been one of the sadistic headmaster's favourites for the past year, after his beauty had really blossomed. The Doctor had not managed to break the boy's will fully, hence the failed escapes, despite subjecting him to many indignities and much pain, but he felt that a week in the dreaded cellars should finally do the trick. Dr.Strapam's happiness with the 13 years old's reaction was only shared by the staff and those at year 9's table who were immune from the horrors inflicted within the confines of the underground chambers.

Tom and Christopher were certainly not amused but were instead appalled at the humiliating and vicious punishments being meted out for what they considered trivial offences, although they did wonder why four boys had their shorts and underpants around their ankles whilst in the woods. The assembly was discharged and Jonathan escorted the two new boys to their classroom and the two front desks that they had been allocated by the Form-master, which were adjacent to each other. The whole form soon gathered and eventually Younglove arrived. "Good morning, boys!" he said, receiving "Good morning, Form-master" back from all the 10 years olds. However, Younglove then lied "I didn't see you returning my greeting, Jones D." The boy replied "But I did so, Form-master."

"Stop lying, Jones D," instructed the man, "you know what I do to liars. You have offended again and the lesson isn't even a minute old. I'll have to beat your bottom further in another attempt to try to teach you manners, this time with a strap and without any protection to cushion the blows!" The boy, whose bottom was still very sore from the previous day's caning, pleaded "Please, Form-master, I did greet you, honestly." Younglove responded "You're just making things worse for yourself, Jones D, by speaking without permission and continuing to lie. I was going to give you ten strokes of the strap but I'll now make it twenty. This will be too many to apply to such a young bottom, particularly after yesterday's deserved admonishment, so I'll also target your bare back. However, I haven't time to punish you now. Report to my rooms this evening at 8 o'clock!" He set this time because he wanted first to watch the Headboy's earlier strapping of the 11 years old food thieves to further stimulate his appetites.

Youngmaster had sprung his trap and his cock was rigid at the thought of finally ensnaring his prey. The poor pretty terrified10 years old would worry all day about the impending punishment but, when he arrived at the appointed time in the Form-master's quarters, the boy would be offered an alternative method of apologising for his fictional misdemeanour, linked to a tempting promise of greater mercy towards any future lapses in conduct. Younglove liked compliance when he deflowered a virgin. The Form-master now happily settled into conveying the lesson, with pleasant thoughts about the night of bliss ahead occasionally passing through his mind, his contentment enhanced by viewing the beautiful newcomers to his class. Tom and Christopher were again deeply disturbed about the possible consequences of making minor errors. The worries of the former were increased when he reflected that he and Jonathan had still to pay for yesterday's tussle.

The rest of the morning, spent being introduced to the delights of English and Latin grammar, followed by mathematics, passed uneventfully, as did the midday meal at 12 o'clock. Most of the 16 Phaeton boys in class stuck together afterwards on a side playing field to play a type of tag game, traditional at the school amongst boys in years 1 and 2 and called 'filching'. Both newcomers were at first worried that, in order to catch their target, the boy declared to be the hunter had to grab the others' genitals but, in the event, found the activity both exciting and pleasurable. The highlight was when the hunter succeeded in capturing them, within the permitted tight perimeters of ground, and they had their already stimulated cocks and ball sacs fondled. In fact, so much did all enjoy the game that most of the boys, who had to retire after being caught, carried on their own private versions.

Two full games were completed before it was time, at 1 o'clock, to return to class. However, Tom's euphoria at having indulged in such an exhilarating pastime was to have a painful consequence for he was soon daydreaming about the lovely feelings he had experienced. Younglove happily noticed and proved the boy's distraction by asking the lad a question relating to what he had just said. He ordered the now frightened youngster to his feet. "I hope, Brown T," he declared, "that I'm not going to encounter similar problems with you as I have with Jones D. Hold out your right hand, palm upwards and flat." Tom complied with reluctance and well-placed anxiety for the Form-master picked up a wooden 12-inch ruler. "I hope, Brown T," Younglove continued, "that this will be all that will be required to gain your interest in future!" The Form-master then struck the ruler hard across the boy's palm. Tom yelped in pain and removed his stinging hand to the leftside of his chest, holding it carefully against his body with his left arm. "I didn't tell you to remove your hand," said Younglove, feigning annoyance to this natural reaction, "bring it back to its former position at once as I haven't finished. I was only going to strike you twice, as it's your first offence, but I'll double that for your presumption. If you remove your hand again, I'll further redouble the number of blows due!" Tom somehow managed to keep his hand in place to receive the remaining three hits but his eyes filled with tears as he endured the excrutiating torment.

Younglove was happy to see that the miscreant's palm was nicely reddened by the time he finished. "Sit down, Brown T," he then ordered, "and pay attention or it'll be the cane on your backside next time." The Form-master subsequently tried to catch the boy out on a couple of occasions when he thought that the lad's thoughts might have drifted again but he was to be disappointed for the 10 years old had obeyed his order to concentrate on the lesson. Caesar's campaigns and the geography of Europe occupied the afternoon until the class was dismissed to return to their dormitories to prepare for the gymnasium. However, Flashmale was waiting outside Tom and Christopher's room.

"No gymnastics for you two today," the Headboy informed the newcomers, "because, as I told you yesterday, the school physician wants to perform your health checks. I'll take you to his rooms. Follow me!" Tom and Christopher obeyed and, as they proceeded, a smirking Flashmale said "By the way, Brown T, your dormitory prefect informs me that you and Morton have been naughty. As it's the first report on you both, I shan't inform the Housemaster about the incident but shall punish you both myself. I've got some strapping to perform on our food thieves in the quad at 7 o'clock, so you and Morton can report to my rooms an hour later. I hope that my right arm will not be over-stressed with all this sadly necessary work!" Tom's body quivered.

The threesome eventually arrived at the physician's rooms. A sign on the door gave the man's name as 'Dr.Ballsoff.'

Chapter 6

Various school examinations take place.

(Northumberland, England, September 1803)

"Come in!" invited Dr. Ballsoff in response to Flashmale's knock on the door. The Headboy entered the school physician's rooms with the two new boys. Tom and Christopher were shocked to discover that the Doctor was apparently attending to a naked young patient, a handsome 14 years old, strapped spreadeagled to a leather examination couch. "Ah," declared Ballsoff, "these must be Brown T and West. I've been looking forward to meeting you both personally. However, just bear with me for a moment until I finish!"

"This young miscreant from your own House," the Doctor announced, "has been sent to me by your Housemaster for frequently soiling the Housemaster's……er……sorry……I mean his own bedclothes with involuntary penile emissions. I'm therefore examining his penis to see how much it can produce." Ballsoff happily held up a glass jar which was half full of white liquid. "I've been masturbating him on the hour, every hour, since breakfast and he's not failed to produce." Both Tom and Christopher were not sure what 'masturbating' meant but now guessed from their experiences of the last day or so and from observing that the 15 years old's rigid cock was as red as his face as the Doctor continued to rub. The presence of three new young spectators seemed to energise the 14 years old penis further and the experimental subject was soon raising his bum from the couch and adding a fresh contribution to the jar. "Remarkable," declared the Physician, "that's the eighth time today. I wonder how many more times he'll be able to produce the stuff. I'll be up all night and so will his penis at this rate! I'm afraid that the only cure for this malady may be surgery. I'll have to consult with the boy's guardian."

Ballsoff, after washing his hands in a nearby sink, now turned his attention to the new boys. "Right, come forward, Brown T and West, so that I can get a good look at you." Tom and Christopher complied and the Doctor strolled round them, fully appreciating their sweet clothed forms and looking forward to viewing soon the uncovered variety. The Physician eventually held each boy by the chin and moved their heads from side to side as he studied their sublime facial features, followed by a check of their temperature by placing his right palm on the lad's foreheads. He finished by inspecting the boys' perfect white teeth.

"Right," ordered Ballsoff with undisguised relish, "off with your clothes as I need to examine your bodies. Place your garments neatly on the floor. It's been cleaned as usual this morning by my young assistant." He did not add that the 11 years old had completed his morning chores after spending the night, as usual, in the Doctor's bed. The faces of Tom and Christopher became as red as that of the boy bound to the couch as they slowly and reluctantly began to unbutton their shirts. The Physician sat on a chair next to the couch to observe the spectacle and noticed that the adjacent 14 years old's soft cock was beginning to harden again as he too watched the 10 years olds disrobing. "Remarkable!" Ballsoff repeated whilst his own penis, hidden under his trousers and gown, grew in sympathy. It was to continue to increase in size as Tom and Christopher placed their shirts on the floor, followed by their shoes, socks and shorts. The erection became full when the underpants were removed and the boys stood naked before him, hands shielding their privates.

"Right, Brown," ordered Ballsoff, "you first. Come here!" Tom obeyed and the Doctor reached out for the boy's left hand, which he proceeded to examine carefully, checking the clean neatly trimmed nails before progressing to the rest of the outstretched limb. The Physician then placed the hand on top of Tom's head, telling him to keep it there, and proceeded to conduct a similar inspection of the right arm, so revealing a nicely excited 10 years old cock. Having placed the boy's right hand next to the left, Ballsoff continued his meticulous and, for him, delicious intimate visual check of the new boy's beautiful body, turning it around when the sides and rear required his attention. Tom's cock quivered noticeably when he was bent over to ascertain his virginity.

Ballsoff reserved the delights of Tom's genitalia for last. "Did you know, Brown T," the Physician asked as he weighed the deeply humiliated boy's balls in the palm of his right hand, "that I am acquainted with a friend of your guardians?"

"I had been told, Doctor," Tom replied, his face blushing more than ever. "He's asked me to take extra special care of you," Ballsoff continued whilst squeezing the boy's nicely hung ball sac, causing the lad to wince and utter a low "Oh!"

"Sorry," the Doctor said as he reduced the pressure on Tom's testicles, "if that hurt. Please cough!"

Ballsoff concluded his genital examination by masturbating Tom. "Do you ever do this yourself, Brown T?" the Doctor queried. The shamed boy replied truthfully "No, Doctor."

"Well, don't be tempted," advised the physician as he continued to rub Tom's small erection, "as it's a nasty naughty habit. Reduces life essences, making people tired and unproductive!" Tom quickly uttered another "Oh!" but not with pain. His body shuddered and a little drop of colourless liquid fell from his engorged cockhead. "No semen yet, then," declared the Doctor as he stood to wash his hands at the sink; "I'll want to monitor your progress on a regular basis until you do begin to produce, especially as you have a larger than normal scrotum for a boy of your tender years. I'll need to keep an eye on it to make sure that there's nothing untoward!" The happy Physician regained his seat and, after taking in one final view of the gorgeous, deeply embarrassed, form in front of him, said "You may redress, Brown T, as otherwise you seem fine. Now, young West, come here!"

Tom and Christopher, with Flashmale, left Ballsoff's rooms just before the school clock chimed 4. The Headboy's cock had fully appreciated the last hour. Flashmale returned the newcomers to their classroom to join up with the rest of the form, who had been to the gymnasium. Before departing, he reminded Tom "Don't forget, you and Morton, my rooms at 8 o'clock!" The 10 years old shivered.

The next two hours were spent learning about Aristotle and Plato before class was dismissed for the day and most of the pupils made their way to the main hall for their evening stew. However, Tom was ordered by Younglove to remain behind. "Now, Brown T," announced the Form-master, holding in his hand the ruler with which he had hit the boy earlier, "let's see whether you have really learnt to pay attention. One stroke of the ruler for every question you answer incorrectly!" Younglove then conducted his examination of Tom's knowledge by asking the scared boy twenty questions relating to the day's lessons. He was disappointed to discover that the lad only responded incorrectly four times. Nevertheless, the four heavy stinging strokes of the ruler across Tom's right palm added nicely to the existing redness and set up the evening pleasantly for the Form-master, who now happily contemplated Jones D's later arrival in his rooms.

Tom, Christopher and Jonathan, with five other roommates, had returned to their dormitory by 7 o'clock. "Where are the others?" Tom asked Jonathan, whilst examining his sore hand. "They've been assigned chores," replied the dormleader, "but I don't know why them and not us."

"What would normally happen now if we didn't have an appointment with Flashmale?" continued the inquisitive Tom, trying to hide his apprehension at what the assignation entailed. "I believe that eventually we'll all be given chores of some kind as well as, when we're more settled in, private study to perform before candles out at 10 o'clock. However, until that happens, there's nothing in particular to do other than talk and play."

"We could try to see the food thieves being strapped," suggested Christopher unthinkingly. He quickly realised his mistake by observing the looks of consternation that immediately appeared on his friends' faces. "Perhaps not!" he said belatedly and sheepishly.

Tom proceeded with his questioning by asking "Do we have to stay in the dormitory?"

"No," replied Jonathan, "we are allowed on the playing fields until dark and can exercise in the gymnasium if we want as long as there's no evening activities taking place there. However, it's already pretty gloomy and I've had enough of the gym for one day. I also think that something happens there at this time every week. Exactly seven days ago, I went with my other friend to see what might take place in the gym of an evening. We popped our heads round the doors and were quickly chased away by some staff, but not before we saw that they and the twenty or so boys who were with them were all naked."

"Wow!" Tom responded to the revelation, "I wonder if that was what Flashmale meant when he told us that the word 'gymnasium' comes from ancient Greece and that sometimes the exercises both in the gym and outside are conducted, for a certain group of elite boys, as they were in the original gymnasia." His two companions joined Tom in blushing at the thought.

The boys' chatter eventually became less fulsome as the school clock struck the half hour. It ended when the quarter hour before their appointment with Flashmale chimed and Tom and Jonathan reluctantly left the dormitory to stand early outside the Headboy's rooms. As they departed, Christopher, lost for sympathetic words, rather incongruously wished them "Good luck!" Tom's bum was still sore from his humiliating experience in the quadrangle on the previous evening. He wondered how much more it would hurt after Flashmale had inflicted the punishment. The 10 years old's buttocks tightened in trepidation.

Chapter 7

Tom and Jonathan experience the results of Flashmale's displeasure.

(Northumberland, England, September 1803)

Flashmale was pleased to see Brown T and Morton waiting for him when he returned to his rooms after the delight of strapping the two young food thieves in the quadrangle. The hardness of the Headboy's cock intensified at the sight of the two clearly apprehensive beautiful 10 years olds. He opened his door and, smirking, invited the boys to follow him inside.

Flashmale's pretty 11 years old fag had earlier lit the candles and coal fire of the main room, which now pervaded a warm cosy atmosphere. The flickering flames illuminated a couple of easy chairs close to the fire to the left, with a small low table in between, and a comfortable bed situated under a window straight ahead. A large square floor mat occupied an otherwise empty space in front of a door on the right, which led to the Headboy's personal bathroom. Tom and Jonathan were told to stand in the middle of the mat.

Flashmale collected a cane that rested on the mantelpiece above the fire before joining the worried quivering new boys. "Right," announced the Headboy, "for a first offence four strokes are customary across covered backsides. I don't like breaking traditions, so that's what we'll have. However, I feel a little weary after my exertions in the quad. Therefore, as you dislike each other so much that you fight, it seems appropriate for each of you to cane the other and no holding back. I'll recognise it if you do and will beat you myself if it occurs, despite my tiredness. Brown T, you can suffer initially as you're first alphabetically. So bend over, hands on shins, and don't forget to count and thank Morton for his efforts." Flashmale handed the cane to the dormleader and went to sit on his bed to enjoy the spectacle.

Tom reluctantly obeyed the Headboy's instruction and soon felt the cane rubbing against his bum as his friend took aim. He tensed as the horrible implement was withdrawn for he knew that it would soon be returned with venom. Morton, unused to wielding a cane, missed his intended central target, striking Tom instead at the bottom of his uplifted short shorts, across the very sensitive junction of upper legs and buttocks. Tom yelped in agony and stumbled a pace forward before eventually reclaiming his emotions and returning to his position. "One, thank you Morton," the tearful youngster then uttered.

Jonathan, observing the red stripe that he had inadvertently created on bare skin, took more careful aim with the next three strokes to ensure that they received some cushioning from Tom's shorts and underpants. Nevertheless, the blows still smarted and produced muted cries of anguish.

It was now the dormleader's turn to suffer and, unlike his friend who had already felt the cane on his bum the previous evening, he was about to be introduced to the pleasures of physical chastisement for the first time. As the red-faced Tom said "Four, thank you Morton" and stood up, Jonathan noted that the bulge at the front of his fellow 10 years old's shorts had noticeably and embarrassingly increased, as had his own.

Jonathan handed the cane to Tom and adopted the required humiliating stance. Tom was as na?ve as his friend in the use of a cane but managed to inflict the first blow on the small expanse of taut cloth presented to him. Despite Flashmale's warning, he withheld some of his power from this first strike, which still caused his friend to shriek and begin to sob. "Not good enough," declared Flashmale, experience helping him to see through Brown T's attempt to disguise the reduced power behind the hit. "Do it again and I'll personally give you one more for trying to fool me!" Tom was forced to add a further additional strike when Jonathan, in shock, forgot to utter the required words after his virgin posterior had gained its first stripe. However, the subsequent four blows were delivered to the Headboy's satisfaction.

"Come here Brown T," Flashmale ordered with a smile whilst regaining his feet, "give me the cane and bend over the bed. Morton pull his shorts and underpants down to his ankles." Both 10 years olds reluctantly complied. The Headboy folded Tom's shirt tail onto the boy's lower back, revealing the delicious curvature of smooth white buttocks decorated with five dull brown parallel stripes and four more vivid and haphazard red ones. He was looking forward to adding a further, even more distinct, adornment.

Flashmale raised the cane and, using all his strength, delivered a vicious blow to Tom's naked rear, securing a loud scream for his efforts. However, he was disappointed that the newcomer subsequently remembered to thank him for adding to the collection of red stripes. "Alright, stand up Brown T and redress," the Headboy commanded before adding "I hope that will teach you not to try to fool with me for, if you don't learn that lesson, there'll be many more beatings to come!" Flashmale was then amused to see, before it could be hidden again, that the new boy's little cock was rigid.

"You may go," instructed Flashmale, "to reflect on your misbehaviour and deserved chastisement. Try to make sure that they are not repeated too often!" As the two tearful 10 years olds departed, the Headboy undertook his own reflections. He knew that both boys would suffer many more beatings even if they acted in line with their angelic forms for excuses could always be found. He also now knew that he would definitely ask the Headmaster to allow Brown T to become his new fag.

The school clock chimed the half hour and there was a knock on Flashmale's door. 'On time as usual' the Headboy further reflected as he issued the invite to his present 11 years old fag to enter to meet the urgent needs of a rampant 18 years old cock.

(London, England, one week later)

The conspiratorial uncle and solicitor dined together in the former's grand home. "I have received a message from my friend, the school doctor," advised the latter; " he's examined your nephew and says that the boy's ideal castration material as his scrotum hangs perfectly for easy removal of the testicles and should mend equally as easily afterwards. My friend wants to know whether you still want him to wait until you can travel to the school to watch the surgery or should he go ahead now. Apparently, he has another gelding to perform and could do two at once." The uncle contemplated the answer, upon which the immediate welfare of his exiled nephew's testicles depended, whilst chewing his steak. He eventually replied, after sipping some red wine, "Please ask him to wait. There's no hurry and I would really love to see the brat lose his balls!"


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