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Subject: {ASSM} Femdom creampie story - The Skank-Snatch Game
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Femdom creampie story - The Skank-Snatch Game
Joan's short leather skirt rode up to mid-thigh, nicely contrasting
with her smooth olive skin. Her sensuous and beautiful knees were the
object of attention from guys. Her black fashion boots accentuated her
attractive dominant look. She smiled at her blonde friend Michelle
while she slowly sipped white wine.
"Did you do Jerry today, Shelley?"
"Who else?" she grinned. "Twice in the last hour. He was ready, and I
got a couple of good loads. And you?"
"Three times today. Alan volunteered for edging practice for the class
last week. They about drove him crazy. One week of being edged every
day for a couple of hours. (giggle!) I just laid there with my legs
spread. Twice earlier, and again just before I left for here."
Joan looked around the saloon. "See anyone that you want to play
skank-snatch with?"
The pair of dominas politely rebuffed a few aggressive guys who came
on to them. After almost an hour of scanning the clientele, Michelle
put her hand on Joan's arm and said, "There's one that just came in -
let's skank him."
The guy they spotted looked a little unsure of himself as he ordered a
beer and looked around. Michelle looked at him directly from across
the room, caught his attention, and waved to him.
"Perfect," Joan whispered.
Michelle beckoned the guy to join them, and since the scene had become
crowded, he was grateful that he didn't have to stand and awkwardly
look around. He introduced himself as Carl.
"I'm Mistress Michelle and this is my friend, Mistress Joan,"
Carl was taken aback by the 'Mistress' titles, and mumbled some
pleasantries as he nervously shook hands with the two women.
"We've been here about an hour, and were getting ready to leave," Joan
lied. "A few jerks have wanted to join us, so we were glad to see that
you came in. Tell us about yourself."
The two mistresses skillfully found out what they wanted to know about
Carl and put him at ease with their subtle touches and smiles. Their
attention also ensured Carl an almost constant erection from their
suggestive innuendos. They went to the next stage, which was a well
rehearsed script.
"We don't find many guys who are really good at eating pussy,"
Michelle stated. "Do you like to eat pussy?"
Carl squirmed and mentioned that women have liked his attention.
Joan put her hand on his arm. "Did you bring a friend, Carl? We'd like
to go have some fun." When he mentioned he came alone, she suggested
to Michelle, "Maybe we can share him."
Michelle shook her head and played her part of the rehearsed script.
"No way."
"I'll make it worth your while."
"You can fuck me with your strap-on. In the ass. Long and hard."
"That's not enough. I want to give you a dozen with the cane."
Joan pressed her lips together. "Oh god... Okay!"
"A deal?"
"A deal," Joan said, and grasped Michelle's face and drew her close.
They kissed, long and passionately, while Carl looked on in amazement.
"Are you ready to come with us, Carl?"
His desperate cock was in control, and he immediately assented.
"We like to get kinky!"
Whatever that meant, he wanted the chance to serve these two beautiful
mistresses. They had him drive them ten miles out to the building they
used for their clinic. As soon as they entered the clinic room, they
ordered Carl to strip completely.
His insides fluttered as he removed his clothes. A little
self-conscious about his raging erection, he looked at the two dommes.
Michelle had a wooden hairbrush in her hand.
"Before we let a guy taste our pussies, he has to submit to spankings.
We're each going to give you 25 swats." She sat down and placed her
legs together. After slowly and teasingly raising her skirt to bare
her lap, she beckoned Carl to get across it. 
Joan walked around in front of Carl and said, "Mistress Michelle gets
very aroused when a guy stays in position for his spanking. And so do
Michelle tickle-touched Carl's balls for a moment, and then began his
paddling. Alternating sides, she swatted the hairbrush hard every
three seconds. Carl gave a surprised shout every time the hairbrush
made contact. He jerked his head and kicked several times, as the
dommes knew he would.
"Stand up now. No touching your bottom. I'll give you a one minute
rest, and then it's Mistress Joan's turn."
Joan bared her thighs and ran her hands over her knees for a moment.
"Okay, get over here. See if you can take it better without kicking."
She paddled hard, and gave the swats faster than Michelle had. Of
course, there was no way that a novice submissive like Carl could keep
still. Not only did he kick frequently, he also twisted his hips
against Joan's lap throughout the final half of his paddling.
"you didn't do too well that time," Joan said. "I'm not turned on
enough to let you taste MY pussy."
"Me neither," Michelle said. "With practice he could learn to take his
swats like he should."
Carl's mind raced during the awkward silence that followed. He had
disappointed the two beautiful dommes that he met. He desperately
wanted to see and taste some pussy that night, and wondered how, or
even if, he was going to get any relief from the sexual pressure in
his balls.
"There is something we could do," Michelle mused. "Carl, come over
here and lie back on this bench." When Carl quickly complied, she
bound his wrists and ankles so that his arms were out of the way. Joan
and Melissa then pulled up chairs and seated themselves by Carl's
midsection. They oiled their hands and proceeded to skillfully edge
him over the next hour. Time after time, as Carl approached
ejaculation and his cock gave a telltale twitch or a pulse, the women
suddenly stopped their handling, and in mock surprise, gasped and made
comments about how much Carl must want to cum. Both women mentioned
several times that the choked and desperate sounds that he made were
getting them creamy.
After Carl was sure that he would never have relief, Michelle said,
"We're ready for you to eat our pussies. If - only if - you do a good
job, we'll finish what we started with you."
Carl was eager beyond words.
Mistress Michelle stood up, removed her panties, and stood over the
bound male's face with her legs straddling the narrow bench. "Get to
work now," she giggled, and bent her knees until her creamy snatch
contacted his mouth. 
The first thing he noticed about her pussy was how wet and slippery it
was. Almost concurrently, he was aware of her skanky scent. As he
lapped on her matted slit, he was amazed at the amount of creamy juice
that came into his mouth.
"Come on, suck it like you mean it," Michelle commanded. "I want you
to swallow everything!"
Carl renewed his efforts. "Gmmmmf!" he swallowed, and continued to
perform oral servitude until he'd gotten another wad to swallow.
Michelle paused and removed her skirt. As she presented her pungent
pussy to Carl, he noticed more beads of translucent cream at her
"Yes, suck it!"
More thick cream oozed from her joy hole. In spite of her skanky scent
and his increasing suspicions about what he was extracting, he
appreciated her attractive beauty - her firm smooth thighs, her
inviting hips, and most of all, her pussy - her feminine entrance with
dark blonde matted hair around it, the entrance from which massive
amounts of cream emerged into his mouth.
When Michelle was satisfied that Carl had indeed extracted and
swallowed most of the mixture of her boyfriend's semen and her own
cream of arousal, she let herself climax.
"You weren't very eager to suck it at first," Michelle stated when she
recovered from her climax. She stood with her pussy a few inched from
Carl's face. "You have one more chance, with Mistress Joan."
Joan took her skirt off. She presented a picture of attractive sensual
dominance - her shirt covering her chest, her bare hips and dark
haired pussy, her smooth thighs and black boots.
Joan handled Carl's cock for a moment, and then brusquely pumped it
several times. She straddled his face, placed her hands on her hips,
and commanded, "Suck!"
Her pussy, even if more sensuous than Michelle's, was far more
pungent. Carl was sure he'd never voluntarily suck on a pussy that had
such a skanky scent. He did apply himself to the task, since
Michelle's words about his eagerness made him want to please Joan
enough so that he would get relief.
The profuse cream that Joan had inside her convinced Carl that it
could not possibly all be her own. Even so, his own arousal from the
extended teasing he had endured, spurred him on and he fervently
kissed and sucked on her skanky dark-haired pussy. After he gulped
down several wads, Joan surrendered to her climax, and had Carl suck
her through a second one.
"That wasn't bad," Joan remarked. "Maybe I'll hand-job you. But it's
not polite to cum in a Mistress' hand without licking it clean
afterward." She stood with her hands on her naked hips, looking in his
eyes. Michelle did the same.
All was silent for a full minute, except for Carl's deep breaths of
arousal. His nuts felt enlarged and distended from his anticipation
and the ladies' extended teasing. His cock screamed for relief. Then
he surrendered to her. "Yes... Mistress." The quaver in his voice
indicated his nervousness and his submission.
"You'll clean your spunk, then?"
"Yes! I mean, yes, Mistress!"
Joan had all the encouragement she needed, and grasped Carl's cock
with one hand. While she cradled his nuts in her other hand, she used
her skill as a semen extractress and Carl quickly popped off. As he
spurted and spurted, Joan cupped her hands around his member to catch
every drop. She squeezed his cock to milk it, and then ordered, "Open
up -- and get every drop from my hands!"
Carl knew that he had to perform his task without thinking about it.
He licked his spent seed from Mistress Joan's hands. First, one hand,
both sides, and then her other one. While he did that, Michelle
skillfully extracted more residual semen by squeezing and pulling on
his cock. Then she presented her hand for Carl to clean up.
They let him up and watched as he got dressed. Mistress Michelle gave
him an appointment card with the clinic phone number and told him to
call at least ten days in advance if he wanted to have another
experience. "You need training to take your spankings without kicking
and wiggling," Michelle said. "You will have a very sore bottom when
you come back. And, you'll have to be fitted for a cock cage and wear
it for more than a week before the session."
Carl was about to leave when he turned around and told Mistress
Michelle that he wanted to make the appointment. She had him pull his
pants and briefs down enough to bare his pubic area and stand in the
center of the room. He had to wait in that humiliating position
several minutes while Michelle found the right cock cage. She smiled
as she locked it in place. Joan made a note of his appointment time
for him and sent him on his way.
"What are you going to do later?" Michelle asked.
"I'll let Alan fuck me all night to reward him for letting the other
dommes edge him. He still has to eat the pie - every time. Then in the
morning the cock cage goes back on. Can you edge him a few times next
week? I like to watch his reaction when other women handle him."
"Sure, if you'll edge Jerry. He says your hands drive him wild. I like
to jill myself when he's being teased. When I cum, he so much wishes
his frustrated cock was inside me. (giggle!) How are you going to
prepare for Carl's next session?"
"No douching, of course. I'll let Alan fuck me once midweek, and he
won't have to eat the pie then. On the day of the Carl session he'll
give me all he can after all that time wearing the cage and all the
Michelle giggled. "I'll do the same with Jerry. Let's use the cane on
Carl and make him take it without kicking. And we'll make him cum at
least three times. By hand."
"A caning before each time," Joan added. "We can jerk him off on our
legs and feet and have him lick everything up."
"I can't wait," Michelle said, and pressed her lips on Joan's for an
extended kiss. When she pulled back, she asked, "Are you ready for my
strap-on? Long and hard?"
Joan's eyes shone.
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